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Amateur australian babe fucked on the bed pussy licking and cunnilingus
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Fat Dad Pt 1 What I have done with my story writing is realize that a sexual fantasy is a process that takes place in your mind. A fantasy is fiction, yet within our society there are rules that can make an act of fiction seem criminal.

While normally it is only within dictatorships and religion that we create thought crimes, those crimes can still exist even within fantasy.

For that reason I omit ages at times and allow the reader to develop what they will, with their own mind. This story has a buildup, then they get going My name is Alex, this story is about me and my mom, and how it got this way. This started around the end of summer vacation when I was, I'll just leave my age out of this russian blogger vlad saveliev and hot moscow prostitute savelyev and dogstyle case someone figures out who we are.

But anyway, my moms name is Janice, really attractive, well to me anyway especially after things got going even more so. Mom has really large breasts, the kind that you just can't hide. Originally she also had a little more in the hips and tummy but less than most women her age with really big breasts. Well this all started because of my dad Bret. When I was younger my dad wasn't so big but as I got older he just kind european big booty blanche bradburry anal fucking faded out of my life, he was still there, just sitting in a chair either eating or drinking.

He got so fat that he lost his job. I don't know how, but he managed to claim some sort of disability and now he just gets paid to sit on his ass, drink, eat and get bigger. Mom first started by cooking more healthy food, dad would have tantrums, so me and mom ate healthy. Then mom brought home exercise equipment which went in the basement, this is where it got good. I remember seeing mom wearing something that she wouldn't let me see.

It was under her bathrobe and she was asking dad if he would go work out with her. Dad wouldn't even look at her, I said I'd work out with her and she closed her robe before I could see inside. Dad still wouldn't look at her but told her to work out with me. I went and changed into sweats and so did amateur lesbian teenies get their juicy pussies licked and pounded mom.

At that point mom obviously had her bra on, easy to tell when they are as big as hers. My Mom looked like she was ready to cry though and said that she was trying to entice dad into getting into better shape.

I started talking fast cause I didn't want to see her cry. I said that I didn't get it, that she was really attractive and that any guy should want to jump at the chance to work out with her.

She reacted like I had slapped her, head jerked, any signs of tears gone. She smiled and took my hand in hers for a second and just looked at me. Then she laid down on the weight bench and called out "spot me" Her boobs were sticking straight up from her bra but my attention was drawn to her crotch, the way she had scooted down the weight bench I was looking at my first camel toe ever!

I stammered a little, set up a bar for her with like 20 pounds on it and when I put it on the rack, she hadn't fixed her sweats. I could see her navel from where the sweats had tugged down. While that wasn't really a forbidden zone my my mind was working overtime. I was clearly seeing my moms slit, her belly above that was open to see and I was realizing she must not have any panties on to show that cleft off so well.

Well mom finally commented on where my eyes were glued. I snapped back to reality but had to have her repeat her question.

"do you see something you like?" oh shit, how do I cover this? Umm your tummy? I said it like a question almost, my brain barely kept up with supplying my mouth with bullshit to spit out but I managed it.

I admitted that her sweats pulled down to show off her tummy. She kept lifting, she didn't shift to change her position, finally she said "even moms like to be appreciated, I guess I really don't care if you see my tummy" I almost started babbling, I said that if we made a routine of working out together that maybe dad would feel compelled to join in.

Mom smiled and said it's a date, then said "I won't object to you looking, as long as you're a gentleman about it". With that she wedged her butt down some to show more of her tummy, the effect was fantastic. The material from her sweats really dug in and showed off her slit even better. Mom suddenly announced that her bra was digging into her back and that as long as I would show some restraint then she would take it off. Of course I agreed.

So now it was my turn to exercise while mom took her bra off. She went upstairs to take it off and I realized that there was no way I could lay down and bench anything without tenting my sweats so I adjusted the seat into an incline board for sit ups and was just starting when I heard dad yelling at mom. " you took your bra off to workout with your son?

What the hells the matter with you anyway?" mom came slowly down the stairs. Nervous look on her face with her arms crossed. She started to stammer something blonde milf with big tits getting fucked would have led to her backing out of this so I blurted out "maybe this is what it will take to get dad to join in" silence.

The silence ended with mom smiling, dropping her arms to her sides and proudly walking back to me at the bench. My god you could see them swinging back and forth inside her sweatshirt, I was in heaven!

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She gave me a grin and said maybe you're right. Mom then bent over resting her hands on her knees bringing her breasts closer to my face while looking me over.

She asked me what I was doing all while turning her body to look at my feet, then back up. The sweat shirt fell forward hiding much of what I could see, except that her turning motion caused her breasts to sway up against the sides of her shirt showing me right where they were and that they were swinging back and forth.

I groaned a little hoping my raging erection wasn't too visible. Mom smiled and stood up, they were visible, not like I would have hoped but they were still on display.

Nothing much else happened that day except for when it was her turn to lift again. She laid down and as I put the weight bar on the rack her face was facing up at my crotch. No way for me to hide the tent in my sweats, as I placed the bar on the rack while looking at my lump, she asked if I liked working out with my mom.

Like a dolt I blurted out "god yes" before thinking. She really seemed to like the answer though. Moms breasts fell down to her sides underneath the sweat top and nothing was really visible, mom looked down at her own chest, paused, then asked if I liked looking at her tummy. I was kind shy but nodded yes, she made me say it out loud by asking again.

Then she got kind of a funny smile, lifted up her rear and reached down. Instead of just pulling the front down a little, mom grabbed the rear of her sweats and pulled up. She cinched the sweats tight against her crotch showing busty milf brandi love threeway sex with teenie casi james oldvsyoung threesome camel toe.

This didn't show her belly though so she wiggled her hips pulling and the material slid showing some belly and really showing off her slit even better than before.

Partly now because my almost numb mind realized she was doing this on purpose, she knew! Then she commented that looking at her tummy might keep my mind off her breasts, that she knew "how men were" Our workout routine got real regular, as in every day, I kept looking at mom more when we weren't working out but for the most part she would avoid my eyes.

Only occasionally when dad demanded a beer or another bag of chips would she glance my way. On those days she would say things that could have more than one meaning, like sexual implications.

Dad on the other hand was making it clear to us that he was going to eat his way into oblivion. I started making a point of telling mom how good she looked and complimenting her progress. The sexual tension I think caused the both of us pull my knickers to one side and stick it in p work out longer and push ourselves harder than we would have otherwise. I did alot of situps to avoid showing off my raging erections.

Part of the reason for that was after the first day sunny leone sex larka story started wearing her bra down into the basement.

She told me that this was to keep dad from complaining, but once in the basement she would have me look away and she'd slip out of it. Knowing that she was secretly going braless for me and that it was a secret that I had to keep made a problem. My cock stick out from under the waist band of my shorts pretty much every time we worked out. I had to keep my sweatshirt on to keep it hidden because on the upstroke of my sit ups it would poke out from under my sweat pants sometimes.

Mom changed that. After a few weeks, while mom was on her back, pressing 35 pounds and I was staring at her camel toe, she asked me if I really did like looking at her "tummy". She had been making so many little comments that could have been taken another way that I decided to make my own. I said I loved seeing her "tummy" and I'd love to see more.

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She just smirked and I went back to complimenting her on her guten morgen janina german ggg spritzen goo girls telling her that she was really going to be developing a knockout body. Mom then asked me if she should start doing sit ups like I was doing. God I thought, the chance to see her breasts really flopping around. I gave her an enthusiastic yes and she gave me a kind look that made me wonder what she was thinking.

She told me that she couldn't do sit ups dressed like she was, that she'd have to wear a sports bra or something. But that I'd probably be able to see platinum blonde bombsheel bree daniels loves to masturbate of her tummy that way. She turned the bench over to me and I started my workout while she put her bra back on out of my view.

She told me that she really did appreciate the way I respected her privacy so she felt she could reward me some more too. God I was young I guess, why wasn't I peeking? Mom went upstairs and when I heard dad screaming at her again about not wearing a bra mom said something then dad quieted right down. Mom came back down, she looked nervous but she was smiling. We heard dad yell "you know I'm not coming down" mom said to me "yes I guess we do" then she pulled off her sweatshirt revealing a grey sports bra.

The thing is, it was almost see through! I could make out the shape and size of moms nipples, they were HUGE, just like her tits. Big dark areola that were raised up from her breasts with a center pointing out from her nip. I started sitting up faster and harder trying to distract myself from what was poking out from my sweat pants. Mom noticed that and asked if I liked looking at her. I strained out a yes.

She said that since she was showing more, that maybe I should too. While I was dumb struck mom said that I had to be sweating under my shirt, I should take it off. I knew the head of my cock was poking out. I pulled my sweats up, then took my sweatshirt off. Mom smiled. I went back to doing sit ups, I knew it was going to happen.

I figured I had been ogling moms camel toe for over a month now and she must know. Now she's showing me her nipples through her sports bra, if my cock pops out, let it. About the time I finished thinking that, the head of my cock popped out from under my sweat pants. Mom sucked in air, then since she couldn't really deny having seen it, she smiled and said "I guess you really do like seeing your mother like this" I gave her a sheepish red faced smile.

Mom smiled and stood next to me, I letsdoeit jessa rhodes rides lovers cock all over the house laying down. She traced her finger over the head of my exposed cock and repeated "yes I guess you do" Then with her other hand she reached behind herself and pulled on her sweats to make a camel toe.

Then with that one finger mom curled it around my sweat pants and pulled them down far enough to show that my briefs had ridden down far enough to show an inch and a half of my cock. She then swung her leg over me and planted the valley of her camel toe on my exposed cock.

She started rubbing her covered pussy back and forth while hoarsely whispering to me "was it my belly you've been looking at for the last month or this?" I whispered "this" then she said, while still pumping me "do you like looking at your mothers pussy?" I started shooting off, mom kept pumping just saying "I cant get any of that on me, I have to be able to talk to your father" I was still squirting when she finished saying that but was almost done.

Mom just kept grinding her pussy on me and stared at my squirting cock. When I finished she said we should take a break and go for a drive.

Mom grabbed my sweatshirt and told me to wipe up with it. We went upstairs and mom told dad that we were buying proper work out clothes. He screamed that he wasn't paying for it, she told him not to worry, she was using her credit card.