America housekeeper mother xxx story

America housekeeper mother xxx story
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Fbailey story number 468 Rent A Wife My boss invited me to a party and said, "Bring your wife." He caught me off guard.

It took me a moment to remember that I had let everyone believe that I was married. That way I had an excuse not to go out with the guys after work and the women were diminutive marina angel sucking dick and dicked trying to play matchmaker.

I mentioned my problem to my neighbor and he said, "Take my wife. I'm sure she'll do it. Sylvia likes you and she could use a night out." When he told Sylvia about it she came right over and asked me to tell her about this party. I told her that it would be at my boss' house, that it was a formal gathering, and that it might run late. She said that she would do it and told me to buy a new suite for the occasion and that she would buy a new dress.

I told her that I would cover any costs involved.

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She said that it could get expensive. I assured her that it would be okay. Instead she insisted that I go shopping with her and see what I was getting into. The next day was Tuesday and the party was not until Saturday so we had plenty of time.

Apparently not! Sylvia got an appointment for her hair and her nails on Saturday morning. We went shopping for a dress but she couldn't find one that she liked; however she found a strapless bra and a pair of panties that she did like.

I liked them too. They were black and purple with plenty of lace. Sylvia insisted that if I was buying them that I should at least see them on her. When she opened the changing room door and pulled me inside I was shocked. She was standing there in just the bra and panty set.

The panties were transparent in the back and clearly showed her ass crack, then she turned around. The front of the strapless bra was transparent too and I could see her areolas and nipples. The under wires were strong and really held her big breasts up nicely.

Her nipples were hard and sticking out through the material. Then she pushed me down onto the bench. Her pussy was right at eye level and the front of her panties were transparent too. I could see her pubic hairs sticking jada blows us away bubble butt brunette all over the place. She noticed and said that she would need a Brazilian wax, but that I could watch since I would be paying for it.

I paid for her underwear and went with her to make an appointment to get waxed on Friday evening. She wanted the redness to go away before the party. I just went along with her on that one. Wednesday we went shopping for her dress again with no luck. We were running out of time.

On Thursday we went shopping for a dress again and she finally found one that she liked. I must say that it was the perfect dress for her. It was black, it was strapless, and it was very sexy. She said that it would look even better with her new bra holding her breasts up and with the dress smashing them together to give her fantastic cleavage. I could actually imagine that. She stood on a short platform and turned around slowly as I sat in a chair. The dress was several inches above her knees and excited me immensely.

Before she took it off she had me stand while she sat down in my chair. The dress rose up enough to be embarrassing but Sylvia did not seem to mind. She said that I was getting what I was paying for and little show came with the price of admission. Lucky me. Then Sylvia opened her knees as she stood up. She was wearing white panties under that black dress and they showed quite clearly. As a test, she asked me what color her panties were and was pleased when I knew the answer.

Friday I took her for her waxing. When she said that I could watch I had no idea what I was getting into. She removed her dress and her panties to stand there in just her bra. She got on the table and waited for her attendant to come in. Meanwhile I got to stare at her hairy pussy and that made me quite hard.

When the attendant finally came in she apologized for taking so long. I watched as she took a Pop Sickle stick and smeared hot wax along the top of Sylvia's pussy mound, pressed a piece of cloth into it and waited a few seconds. Then all hell cut loose, the girl ripped the cloth off from Sylvia taking all of the hair with it, roots and all.

Sylvia then screamed out in pain. The attendant waxed below that area and repeated the procedure, causing Sylvia to cry out again. Could this possibly be worth it? Then Sylvia spread her legs wide, the attendant waxed her outer pussy lips and ripped out all of the roots on that side.

I felt sorry for Sylvia and asked her if she wanted to stop. No, not after she had gone that far. So I watched as Sylvia endured several more very painful pulls. After it was over the attendant asked Sylvia if it were all right for me to stay. She told her that I was paying for it and that I should get to see it all. So the girl poured a lot of baby oil on Sylvia's pussy and started rubbing it in.

She didn't stop. She kept rubbing more and more into her pussy. Then she rubbed Sylvia's clit and gave her two orgasms. Next she was trying to force her hand into Sylvia's pussy.

Finally she succeeded in getting her small hand all the way up inside Sylvia's love tunnel. Lastly the attendant fingered Sylvia's asshole, first with one finger, then two fingers, and finally she was fucking Sylvia's asshole with three fingers.

I could not believe what had happened. When the attendant left telling Sylvia to get dressed Sylvia said, "It hurts like hell but I really like the happy ending.

Besides I won't have to shave for two months now." She reached out and felt my erection. Then Sylvia patted her pussy and said, "You paid for it. Do you want to fuck it? After all I am supposed to be your wife. We might as well be intimate." I asked, "What about your husband?" She smiled and replied, "He drunk sleeping sister fucked hard by brother me to be your wife.

Now do you want to fuck me?" Before I could answer she had my pants unzipped and down to my knees, she lowered my underwear, and then she pulled my cock into her pussy. It slid right in easily with all of the baby oil in it.

She pushed me out, tilted her pelvis, and pulled my cock into her asshole. I easily slid in there too. Sylvia said, "I only do anal right after a good waxing so you get a special treat. You better enjoy it. It'll cost you a hundred dollars plus a tip." I had been so excited during the waxing that I hardly needed any effort to cum in her.

She could feel my hot cum splashing around in her rectum and she liked it. I paid the bill and gave the girl a good tip. Then we went shopping for shoes. They had to be black, have open toes, and heels high enough to make me notice her ass. Well that wasn't hard to do. She settled on three-inch heels and I paid for them. Saturday morning we went to school girl japani xxx story beauty shop to get her hair done.

They washed it, they cut it, and they styled it. When they were done with Sylvia she looked like a princess. Next, she got her nails done including a pedicure. Fake nails were glued onto her fingernails, then shaped, and painted maldives dhivehi oriyaan nasma tease bright red to match her toes.

I took her home, watched her apply her makeup, and then helped her into her dress. So far the entire party had cost me close to a thousand dollars but Sylvia looked wonderful. When we arrived at the party she was the center of attention. Every woman there complimented her on her dress. Every man there wanted a better look at her breasts.

Several men told me how lucky I was to have a wife as beautiful as Sylvia. I thanked them. My boss took me aside and asked me if I wanted Jim Johnson's job, that he was retiring and that there was an opening for me if I wanted it.

Of course I wanted it. Then he asked me how badly I wanted it. I was confused. He then made it quite clear that he wanted to fuck my wife. After which he would announce my promotion. I told him that I would have to ask my wife first. Sylvia smiled as I told her.

Then she asked me how much of a raise I might get. I gave her my best guess. She said that she could get me twice that amount and walked away. I mingled with the other guests and found that my boss' wife stayed rather close to me. After a while she asked me to announce that dinner was served and to get everyone headed into the dinning room. She then took my arm and led me to the head of the table. She sat on one side in the head chair and I sat on the other side saving a chair for Sylvia.

My boss' absence was very noticeable and when he returned with my wife in tow, eyes rolled. After dinner he stood up, clinked his glass, and announced my promotion. Everyone clapped and congratulated me but they all seemed to know that I had sacrificed my wife to get it.

As we had some after dinner drinks Sylvia told me that I was a much better fuck than my boss and that I got double my expectation for a pay raise. She also said that she would be coming with me to more parties in the future. The boss' wife took me aside and told me that my wife was very beautiful and asked if she could join us in a threesome sometime. Like I told her husband I said that I would have to ask her.

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Instead she took Sylvia away. Shortly Sylvia came to get me and walked me into the back of the mansion and up a flight of stairs. I found myself in the master suite with my boss' wife. The door got locked and the women helped one another out of their dresses. I watched as they both got naked and then they undressed me. Sylvia helped me put my cock in the other woman's pussy and then cheered me on. I was glad that Sylvia had insisted that I fuck her before she put her dress on at my house.

That relieved the normal tension that would have caused me to erupt early. Sylvia kept telling her what a great lover I was and how I always make sure that she has her orgasm first. Then Sylvia told her that her husband was a lousy fuck and that he had better be a good boss.

She laughed and agreed that her husband was a poor fuck but she also said that he had a head for business and that the company expands every year and that my job should be safe for many years.

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About that time Sylvia was sucking on the woman's nipples and fingering her clit while I fucked her. Together we made her cum three times, then on the forth time I cum with her. Sylvia then got into the sixty-nine position and said, "I'll eat my husband's cum out of your pussy if you eat your husband's cum out of me." The woman said, "I knew he was fucking you.

That's why I started dinner early. I dad daddy father cumshot facial xxx riding the old wood wait to tell him that I let your husband fuck me." Sylvia asked, "Will it cost my husband his job?" She replied, "Not at all. It's my company. I just let my husband run it because he is good at it." Then I watched as those two women devoured each other.

Sylvia was forty-three years old and eating the pussy of the sixty-year-old woman that I had just fucked. As I thought back on the previous week, I smiled. In the beginning I didn't have a wife. Then I fell in love with the one that I borrowed. Rented would fit it better but that would cheapen Sylvia and I wouldn't want that.

When the women finished I watched them reapply their makeup and help each other get dressed. The older woman took Sylvia over to her dresser and opened up a special box. Inside was a string of pearls that she hooked around Sylvia's neck. She then said that they were a gift and to wear them with pride. She then turned to me and said, "Young man you made an old lady very happy and for that I'm going to double your pay." I didn't feel so young at fifty but I wasn't going to argue with her either.

She kissed Sylvia on the lips, then she kissed me on the lips and said, "We need to do this more often. How about every Wednesday at nine o'clock in the morning?" Sylvia looked at me and said, "That will be fine.

I'm sure my husband can get out a few meetings to be with us." On our way out my boss smiled at us. Sylvia waved and blew him a kiss. In the car she laughed out loud and said, "I guess your thousand dollar rented wife just got you one hell of a raise." I tried to calculate it in my head.

The promotion, the raise, doubling my raise, and then doubling my salary had to amount to a considerably amount. Sylvia said, "Now I'll have to be your wife every Wednesday and probably a weekend every month. I'll need more clothes. Maybe I should just leave him and marry you for real." When we got to my house Sylvia called her miya khalifa black man sex story and told him that she was going to sleep with me.

I guess he took it well. At least he didn't come banging on my door in the middle of the night. Sylvia and I made love that night and again in the morning. She invited her husband over for lunch. When he arrived all she had on was her black and purple bra and panty set, along with her high heels and her pearl necklace. He kissed her and asked her if she had enjoyed herself. Sylvia then told him about her evening, about letting my boss fuck her, and about making love to his wife afterwards.

She didn't stop there either, she told him about us making love the night before and that morning. He just smiled and said that he was glad that she was finally happy. I couldn't believe it when he offered to rent her to me for two hundred dollars a week or just outright sell her to me for ten grand.

I said, "Sold" and wrote him out a check for ten thousand dollars. A few days later he was packed and gone. Sylvia explained that they weren't really married and that when they first got together he too had rented her.

He needed a wife to impress his mother, he was good to her, so she stuck around. I told her that wanted a better commitment than that and that I wanted to marry her. Well being a Sunday didn't slow us down too much. We flew to Las Vegas, got married, and flew home in time for me to grab a few hours sleep and go to work. My boss greeted me and showed me my new office.

It was huge and he said that it would be totally redecorated to suite me. That morning my wife and his wife stopped in to make sure that I was happy. My wife let me have sex with her on top of my desk and my boss' wife made sure that I got everything that I had been promised. She also made it perfectly clear that if he fucked around on her again that he would regret signing the pre-nuptial agreement. Then she told him that to get even I was going to have sex with her every Wednesday morning and that I was to get the mornings off.

After all he got Wednesday afternoons off to play golf…and he better damn well be playing golf if he knew what was good for him.

My boss' wife hired my wife to be my personal secretary. She said that a good man like me needed to be close to the woman that he loved. I couldn't agree more.

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