Breathtaking centerfold is showing off her opened spread cunt in close up

Breathtaking centerfold is showing off her opened spread cunt in close up
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It started with these e-mails. The first one was sweet, like a secret admirer. He told me I was beautiful and that he longed to be with me.

I had no idea who he was, but I mailed him back. I told him I thought he was sweet and even though I was married, I wouldn't mind having a new friend. Later that day, I got the second. It was a completely different tone. It was so angry.

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He called me names, accused me of teasing. He said that I didn't deserve his love and he would get me back. The next one was worse. He threatened me. He said he would make me his and break me.

He said I would beg for him and he would laugh. He told me he couldn't wait to see me, lying on the floor, naked, covered in his cum, crying as he abused my body more.

I deleted the rest, mailing him one last time to tell him he was sick and needed help. Then, I started getting typed letters in the mail. There was no stamps on the envelopes.he knew where I lived.

I only read the first few lines of one of the letters. "Slut, how dare you do this to me! I will make you pay for this. I will make you mine and you will beg for my cock to fill your cunt, but I'll shove it down your throat instead. I'll hold it there until you turn blue. You'll beg for my caress, soft and gentle, but I'll slap and beat you instead. When it's finally all over, you'll beg for more." I threw away the letters. After a while, they stopped and I thought it was over. I began to wonder.

What would it have been like to be at the complete mercy of a dangerous one girl five boys sex story What would it have been like to have his thick cock pushing down my throat, blocking off my air?

What would his hands have felt like, on my body, around my throat? Would my cunt be as wet for him as it is now? The fateful day came not long after my wonderings. I was home alone; everyone else was gone to church. I loved days like this, where I could lounge around and relax. As I was doing just that, I heard strange sounds from upstairs.

I ignored it, thinking it was the cat, but then I heard the familiar creak of someone coming down the stairs. I got out of bed and moved to the living room to see who stayed home. A large man stood in front of the stairs, blocking my escape.

His eyes greedily roamed over my form which was covered by a flimsy silk nighty. "Take it off," he growled. "N.No!" I squeaked, fear tightening my throat. He moved to me quicker than I expected and pulled it over my head as though I were a doll. His eyes roamed over my body and tears began to slip sunny leony new sexey story xxx my cheek. I realized I had been a fool for wondering and now I was in trouble.

He smiled darkly, "Yes, I love it when they cry. Beg me. Beg me to let you go!" I fought not to sob, "Please, let me go. Please!" "I'm not convinced. Maybe you should do it on your knees, slut." I recognized the order for what it was, but I had no choice. I sunk to my knees and looked up, "Please, please, don't do this. Please, just let me go!" He grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand and undid his pants with the other.

He let his pants fall to his ankles and I was face to face with his thick erection. He ordered me to suck it, placing the tip at my lips. I shook my head. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed my nipple, twisting viciously. I winced, gritting my teeth. "Suck it," he growled, "Or I'll rip this fucker off!" He twisted again and I cried out. As I did, he thrust his cock into my mouth, all the way back to my throat, gagging me.

I tried to pull back, but his hand held me in place. I flailed, panicking, and slapping at his legs. "I told you I would fucking kill you if you ruined my fun. Is this how you want to die? Choking on my dick?" He pulled back long enough for me to gasp out a no and thrust deep again, aiming to go down my throat. "Then will you suck it like the slut you are?" He pulled back again and I gasped out a yes. He waited for me to catch my breath, and then placed the tip at my lips again.

I opened to him, using all my skills to suck and slurp at him. He groaned and moaned at my actions, both of his hands gripping my hair. I thought I could make him cum and then he would leave, but he suddenly thrust his hips forward, holding my head in place. He was fucking my mouth, long slow strokes. He was enjoying the sight of my eyes watering each time his cock slammed into the back of my throat.

His balls slapped my chin as he continually embedded the full length of his shaft into my mouth. I whimpered, which only seemed to drive him on. "When I cum, slut, you better swallow every fucking drop or I'll kill you.

You will suck on my cock until it stops spewing or it will be the last thing you ever taste." I made a sound that he ignored and pressed deep into my mouth, shooting his hot cum down my throat.

I reflexively swallowed, wanting to throw up instead. His grip loosened as he spurted, grunting into me. Remembering his threat, I sucked on his cock as though it were a special treat, milking it of the thick, salty cum. He finally pulled his cock from my mouth and bent down. He put his hand around my throat, squeezing, but only enough to scare. "This is just the beginning bitch.

You will take my cum in every hole and be covered with it by the time I am done with you. You will be my willing little cunt and I will make you regret ever having refused me." He smiled and flicked my nipple, laughing as I cried out. He left me there for a while, simply staring down at me as I cried. He watched me as he slowly stroked his cock and I wondered what he would do next and if he would let me live.

Finally, he bent down and yanked me to my feet by my arm. He pushed me back to my bed room and grinned cruelly at me. "I know that you and your husband play at bondage, bitch.

Where are the supplies?" I trembled and shook my head. He growled angrily and reached out, jerking hard on my nipple. I cried out again and pointed to our closet. He tossed me down on the bed and I dared not move.

I buried my head against the soft sheets and cried softly as I heard him varjinity lost teen age x the closet and rummage around. "You are a slut! Look at all this shit!" He came back over to me and grabbed my arms, forcing them behind my back painfully. He tied them with the soft silk rope my husband had bought, but he tied them tight enough to cut into my delicate flesh. He flipped me over so I was lying on my arms and he grinned.

"I like the sight of that, but I think we can improve it." He pulled out a large ball gag that we hadn't used yet and he grabbed my jaw, forcing it open as he put the gag in place and secured it tightly. "As much as I like your screams, slut, I don't want anyone else hearing you." He moved back to the closet again, coming back with nipple clamps, dangling them in front of my face teasingly.

He grabbed one of my breasts and knelt down, sucking at it hard. To my horror, it instantly responded. He smiled knowingly and put the clamp on it, tightening it much farther than I'd ever had. I screamed against the gag, crying freely.

He took no notice and did the other the same way. He stepped back to admire his handy work for a moment and nodded to himself.

He attached a chain between the two clamps and tugged at them, enjoying the way I cried and arched my back, trying to lessen the pain. "I told you I would make you pay…" As he kept the chain taught, he slipped a hand between my legs, feeling my cunt.

He smiled as I flushed, ashamed of the wetness he found there. He brought his wet fingers to his mouth and licked them slowly, while staring blonde hottie with big naturals gets fucked big tits teen my eyes.

"Your body already begs for me slut. It won't be long now, before you cry for me to fuck you. But you know what will happen if you do…" Tears ran down my cheeks as I prayed that he would tire of me and leave. My shoulders were beginning to burn and my nipples were in agony. He let go of the chain and knelt on the bed, bringing his hand down to my cunt again. I squeezed my legs together, desperate not to let him touch me anymore.

He frowned and balled his hand into a fist, driving it into my stomach. My eyes opened wide and I screamed into the ball gag before gasping for breath through my nose. "If you don't open your legs for me, things will get much worse for you, whore. Do you understand me?" I gave a quick nod and he motioned for me to open my legs.

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I opened them for him, earning a hard slap to my inner thigh for moving too slow. He pushed two fingers into me, smiling at my whimper. He thrust them in amateur webcam brunette masturbating pussy naked and juicy out quickly, watching the way my breasts moved back and forth, the clamps shining in the light.

"You're so fucking tight. I can't wait to tear you open." His face brightened as he thought of something and he pulled his fingers out of me. My relief was short lived, though, as he forced four of them into me. I moaned softly in pain, but I was beginning to stretch, so the pain was lessening. He thrust his fingers deeply into me and I thought he would begin fucking me with them like before, but the pressure didn't let up.

The pain began to intensify again and I realized he was planning on pushing his entire fist into me. My eyes widened with fear and I shook my head, whimpering.

He smiled and let up on the pressure. I started to draw in a breath of relief, but he slammed forward and I screamed as his hand slipped in.

He paused a moment, curling his hand into a fist inside of me. I felt like he was ripping me apart and I began crying freely again. He began to piston his arm back and forth, fucking me roughly with his fist.

I cried out each time his fist rammed into me. He was beating me from the inside! My screams, even muffled as they were, seemed to egg him on and he began to thrust into me harder and I was convinced that he would kill me. He finally ripped his fist from my cunt and viciously slapped it with an open palm.

His hand was covered in a reddish pink mixture of my juices and blood. He wiped his hand clean on my skin, pausing a moment to pull on the chain attached to the nipple clamps to renew the pain there. "Now, let's really see what a whore you are." He knelt between my legs and lowered his mouth to my cunt. Blonde anne only does it down and dirty licked at my clit in quick sudden strokes, causing me to gasp.

He sucked at my clit and my legs began to shake. I wondered if he had watched my husband and me; he seemed to know exactly what to do to bring me to the edge of cumming. I moaned as he continued to suck and lick at my clit, my body tightening in response. My breathing grew harder as I grew closer. He latched onto my clit, sucking hard at it and I arched my back as I started to cum.

He must have sensed me cumming, because he bit my clit as hard as he could. Pain mixed with the pleasure of my release and I screamed, wondering which sensation was causing the scream. He rose up and laughed at me as my body trembled in confusion. His cock was hard again and he moved forward, thrusting himself into me without warning.

He fucked me fast and hard. Because of him violating me with his fist, it hurt, but I knew that it could have hurt worse. It didn't take him long before he pressed forward, grunting as he shot his seed into me. He grabbed hold of the chain holding the nipple clamps again and tugged it in time to the twitching of his cock.

He collapsed on top of me, driving the clamps onto my breasts harder. He laid on top of me for several minutes as I struggled to breathe under his weight. He finally lifted himself up and glanced to the clock. "We still have plenty of time, slut. Are you ready for what will happen next?" I looked at him, not bothering to make a sound, wondering what else he could possibly do to me.

He got up from the bed and moved back over to my closet. He reached in, pulling out a small whip with several short pieces of leather. I squirmed at the sight of it.

I hadn't let my husband use that on me, the sight of it terrified me. He moved back over to me and swung it, connecting with a loud crack on the tender flesh of my stomach. I struggled against the rope holding my hands back as he lifted the whip again, bringing it down on my abused breasts. When the whip connected, I stopped moving completely, a high pitched scream coming from my throat.

He must have liked my reaction, making sure to aim the whip at my breasts for several strokes. He paused to look over his handiwork. I didn't even recognize my chest anymore. My breasts were swollen and bright red, the nipples were a dark purple. "I want you to spread your legs for me. If you close them at all, I will whip you longer and I promise that I will be sure to mark you forever." I spread my legs, whimpering.

He brought the whip down onto my cunt. I let out a shriek again, but fought to keep my legs open. He whipped me for nearly a minute, enjoying the fact that I willingly kept my legs open for the abuse.

When he tired of whipping my cunt, he grabbed my waist, flipping me over and started on my back and ass. He didn't stop until my flesh was bright red and on fire. He tossed the whip aside and got onto the bed again. He lifted my waist. "On your knees slut." I put my knees under me, my ass in the air. He positioned me where he wanted me, my face pressing into the bed since my arms were still tied.

He pressed his again erect member into my cunt for a few strokes and then pulled out. After a moment, I felt pressure on my asshole and I stiffened in shock and fear. "That's it. Fight me so it hurts more.

I think you like pain." He spread my ass cheeks and continued to push forward, sliding in bit by bit. He groaned as he continued to push forward until he was fully inside my ass, ignoring my cries and weak struggles. He reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair and began to fuck me, pulling my hair at the same time. He was soon well lubricated by my blood and it didn't take long for him to cum again, shooting his seed deep into my ass.

He rested for a few moments before pulling out and letting me collapse to the bed. "Look at this! You've gotten me all dirty, you filthy whore…" He flipped me back over onto my back and pulled me until my head hung off the side of the bed. He removed the ball gag and put his cock near my mouth. "Clean yourself off of me." I looked at him in shook and orgasms peachy pussy real amatuer couple from spain and hungary intimate sex my mouth tight, shaking my head.

He slapped me, but I refused to open my mouth. He glared at me and reached for my breasts. He pulled at the chain, but the pain didn't seem so bad, I think I was starting to loose feeling in my nipples. His face reddened in anger and he pulled the clamp off. There was no sensation for a moment, but then I screamed as blood rushed back into my nipple.

He smiled and shoved his cock into my mouth as I screamed. I gagged at the taste, but he paid no attention. He began to fuck my mouth and throat again as he grew erect. When he was fully erect again, he began to push into my throat. He would thrust in as deeply as he could and pause there.

He watched me struggle for air, my legs kicking at the bed. He would then pull back and allow me to take a gulp of air before repeating the process.

He reached down, grabbing a hold of my throat, squeezing a bit. I thought he was able to feel his cock moving in and out as he deprived me of air. Between his cock and hand cutting off my air, it didn't take long before I began to see spots.

I thought he had decided to kill me teensloveanal anal princess dakota skye fucked by huge cock large cock beautiful all, but he pulled out, shooting his cum over my face and chest.

He continued to stroke himself until he stopped shooting and then smiled down at me as I gasped for air. He knelt down to me and whispered into my ear, "You adult baby mommies diaper punish you ageplay regression what the real beauty of all this is?

With what I did to you with just my fist, you are ruined forever. You'll never get pleasure from normal sex again. There won't be a dick big enough for you to feel. Don't worry though, I'll come back and do this again." I looked at him in fear, not daring to speak. He licked my ear and straightened. He reached for the nipple clamp he had removed and put it back on, retightening it. I screamed, my entire body shaking with the pain.

"You'll get used to all this and even grow to like it. You'll beg to wear these. Just wait until your husband sees you like this. He'll like it too. Even when I'm not visiting you, he'll want to do this to you from now on. Soon, it'll be the only way you are able to cum…" He moved out of my bedroom, leaving me tied and trembling from all the pain. I would stay that way until my husband returned to find me.