Well come back thome sister

Well come back thome sister
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This story / fanfiction contains sex between a Human Ranger and all sorts of Female Pokemon. This story includes Femdom, Reverse Rape, Forced, Sex, Female Pokémon x Male Human Ranger.

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Chapter 09 - A Bugs Lament "You're… sorry?" I didn't know how to take that. I'd already been tricked by the Eevee and, up until just now, this Leavanny was so eager to use me that she took a hostage. Though I could feel the pangs of guilt at seeing someone prostrate themselves before me, there was no way I was going to let my guard down again.

Still, she responded to me with a gut-wrenching stammer, lifting her head to me to show her wet eyes and sniffling face. "Yes! Yes, I'm s-so sorry! I di-didn't m-me-mean to go so far… I didn't want to hurt anyone, I yonitale hot teen olivia y has incredible orgasms frowned, feeling anger well up in my chest.

It wasn't even for what she had tried to do, but at the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to believe her. I was assuming her deception, and that's not the kind of person that I was.

I liked to believe people, but. "I can't believe that," I finally said, palm still sore from how tightly I was gripping the crystal. "I can't risk you attacking us again." My fingers itched, like tiny bugs were running across them, and their tendons felt stiff, refusing to relax no matter how much I'd tried to loosen them. That attack I had used did something to me. I wasn't sure if I could do it again, but I'd do something if she came for us.


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I had to. But a small voice broke from behind me and snapped my attention away from Leavanny. "No, it's okay," it said, the words coming from the Espeon, who was approaching me at a slow, exhausted clip. "She's telling the truth." Barely registering the words, my body turned and and my knees bent to drop me to her level, my hand touching her shoulder. Her weight immediately fell into my side for support.

My concern barked out of my throat. "Hey are you hurt!? I don't think you should be walking!" "Nn, no, I'm alright," she grunted, her hazy eyes focused on the Leavanny. "Just… tired." I whipped my head back to the Bug-Type, who recoiled at the sudden movement and fell onto her thorax with a fearful expression.

"What's your problem, anyway," I growled. "Why did you-" "Shhh," hissed the Espeon, shushing me. "Don't. She couldn't help it. That's just how this place works." "This place?" I cocked my brow at the Pokemon leaning against me. "What, the forest?" "No. This whole island. It… changes… ugh…" She shook her head, as if trying to rattle the thoughts back into place. "It's hard to explain. Her mind was poisoned by lust.

The crystal. cleaned it. She should be fine now. I think…" I felt my confidence dissolve a bit, suddenly reminded of my position. I knew nothing of where I was, or what was going on. My mind wanted to rebel against her words in favor of my own experience, but that same experience pulled me in the other direction, reminding me that I was a survivor in, for all I movs porn hub sxsi clip xx tell, was a foreign land… "You think?" I looked back to the Leavanny, who was breathing heavily, eyes still wide as though she were staring down a predator and wet with fat, beading tears.

She looked up and down my body, then her leafy arms went to her mouth with a gasp. "Oh!

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You're hurt!" There was sharp, genuine worry in her shaky voice. "L-let me help you, okay? I can bandage your wound. I-I can even make you new clothes! I'm very good at that! Um, I know I can't make up for what I did, but, but-" I followed her eyes to my legs, my knee having badly scraped one of the roots. There was a fresh, wet coating of blood on the rough bark, and only after I noticed it did the pain sting its way into my mind. "Let her," sighed the Espeon tiredly before I could reply.

My aggression faded as it was replaced by bewilderment. I was again reminded by just how alien I was to all this, my mind having helpfully ignored the absurdities around me to focus on, if not my survival, then my decency at the very least.

".Are you sure it's safe to trust her? I mean." I looked to the Espeon, whose eyes were on my leg. There was some concern in those dark pools, though I noticed mam and sun xxx sex story glance slightly upwards towards my groin and that worry snap into a bashful blink, her a little cough breaking out of her lips as she looked away. Her cheeks fluffed up as she spoke.

"It's. unwise for a human to walk around naked here. You need to protect yourself from the elements, and. other issues." Knowing my only other alternative was to walk away with the wind between my legs into the unknown, I looked to Leavanny and nodded. "Okay. If she trusts you, then I'll give you a chance." The Leavanny's expression immediately brightened, showing a smile that surprised me with its honesty.

Gone was the conniving confidence it had once shown. There was a genuine nature to it as she hopped to her slender legs and placed her twin leaf arms together, as though clapping. "Yes! Okay! Good! Let me show you my home.

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It should be safe from the others. They. tend to leave me alone." The "others". There was a comforting thought. I hardcore college teens all out orgy fun, my hand still on the Espeon's shoulder as I asked her if she could walk. "Y-yeah. As long as I'm not running, I should be fine." I stroked her shoulder, warmth filling my chest at the thought of her being uninjured. Standing, I rolled the tension out of my back with a stretch and ran my hands through my hair, feeling the sweat at the tips of the strands.

This day's been a workout from start to finish. First the hike to the forest, then the Eevee, and now.

.The Eevee. I looked back into the clearing and saw the brown lump of fur there, breath still steady as she slept. "Is she going to be okay?" I asked the other two females, gesturing towards the little one.

"Out here by herself, I mean." The Leavanny furrowed her brow. "Huh? Oh. Well, yes, I think. She'll likely be found by some of her sisters soon." "Will that. infection come back?" I asked, my tone somber as my doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories turned to the Bug-Type. If the Eevee could get reinfected, then what was to stop her from reverting back to that dangerous state of lust?

The Leavanny's eyes bulged a bit with the same fear she showed earlier. "Uhm, probably. you can get infected if you spend too much time around others who are already under the influence of the Mistress, but it's not really an issue unless there's a.

ah. a male nearby. And there aren't any other males here. Only, well. You. I think." I looked to the slumbering Eevee, thinking that if I don't take her with me, there's a chance she could come after me again.

She's not a threat, but I couldn't stomach the thought someone having to go through what she did. If this rampaging lust was as serious as it seemed to be, then. I made up my mind. Stepping away from the other two Pokemon, I approached the Eevee and cautiously lifted her into my arms.

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"Let's take her with us," I asserted, her warm, furred body heavy against my arms as she wiggled and pushed against my warm skin, trilling in her slumber. Leavanny raised a leaf. "Um, are you sure that's a good idea? I really don't know how she's going to react when she wakes up. She might be fearful, or violent. I don't think this is the safest choice." "Neither do I," I told her, stepping over more roots as I made my way back.

"But I can't leave her there. Not if there's a risk of her getting infected." "But as long as we keep you away from her she should be fine either way. Really, it's kind of a natural thing around here." I frowned, feeling my ranger instincts echoing through my mind. "Forest fires can be caused naturally as well.

So can floods and hurricanes. It doesn't matter what the source is; a disaster is a disaster. I'll protect whoever I can." "Ah. Um. okay?" Leavanny cocked her round head at my outburst, her leafy crown twitching with her antennae.

I realized then that my statement may have carried far more bravado than I had meant it to. I caught a small smile from the Espeon, however, before she looked to our Bug-Type guide. teen dirty talk compilation brazilian player fuckin the referee. To your home, then." Said the Psychic dryly, tail flicking with either anticipation, annoyance, or a hint of tension finally being relieved.

Whatever it was, I couldn't help but feel the same way. --- We hope you've enjoyed reading this chapter. More chapters will follow as soon as they are ready and will be published on here.

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