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Blonde whore bambi diamond blowjob glory hole
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Chapter 2 Kate I awoke with a smile on my face and a plan in my head.

At the last minute I realized I had absolutely no money, and I knew Colin wouldn't pay for my way in, so I made an early trip to Uncle Ron. I found the slob in the kitchen, eating as usual, his face buried deep in his plate. I crawled under the kitchen table, and unzipped the fat man's pants. He jerked violently, and realized it was my hand in his pants.

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"Katie, I need you to s-stop. You can't be doing this; you're my niece!" Uncle Ron stammered as I pulled his small prick out. It was small, maybe five inches, but it was really thick. "Shut up, fat man. You can stop pretending to give a fuck that we're related now.

And stop calling me Katie; I'm not a child. I need some money for this trip, so you're gonna give it to me right?" Cut girl hot xx sex stories said as I gripped his tiny cock and jerked it fast.

He winced a little from the friction, so I spit on his shaft and continued my stroking. "Uh&hellip.Yeah, Katie- I mean, Kate. Whatever you want." He replied as I continued my effort. I heard rustling at the door as Colin & Henry walked in.

I instantly took my hand away from my uncle's cock. The girls had left after their movie, but Henry stayed the night. "Fat man, you can't demand that I take Katie with me!" Colin yelled. I don't think he noticed me under the table. I had to get money, so I continued to jerk him off to Uncle Ron's surprise. "Um…S-she needs to be around her b-brother, Col. If she d-don't g-go, you don't. Have it your…shit…Your way. Now you guys are gonna be drinking anyways…Fuck…so she'll be your designated driver.

It's a good thing I taught her how to drive at such an early age, eh?" Uncle Ron managed to get out. It took everything I had in me not to laugh.

The boys grabbed breakfast and went back to Colin's room. "You're a bad girl! I think you need to be spanked!" Uncle Ron said as I pushed the chair from under the table. "Tell you what, dear uncle. If you can last three more minutes, you can punish me however you want." I stated as I jerked his cock faster. I started talking tight french girl vs bbc him as I stroked his thick cock.

"You love how your little niece is stroking your cock, don't you, you sick fuck???" "I do…" "Your fat little pecker is easy for me to stroke isn't it? Because it's so small." "Yes it is…" "Tell me you want me fat man." "I want you." "Tell your niece you want inside of her underage pussy!" "I want inside of my niece's underage pussy!" "You fucking pervert. You're getting off on me talking to you in this way, aren't you?" "Yesss…" "I have such a dirty little mouth for a fourteen year-old, don't I?" "Yes, you do…" "I think you should try to fuck it out of me." I told him as he stood up.

I put his thick dick in my mouth and let him go nuts.

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He grabbed my hair as hard as he possibly could as he attempted to literally fuck my brains out. Uncle Ron was too small to make me gag, but his thickness was making my jaw sore. I swirled my tongue around his prick as he humped away when suddenly he pushed in as far as he could and unleashed a stream of cum that shot down my throat. I pulled out his cock and licked it clean; he really did have some tasty babies. Uncle Ron pulled out his wallet as I put his softening cock back into his pants and zipped it back up.

I snatched his wallet and took the first credit card I saw. "Thanks Uncle Ron!" I yelled as I left to go get ready. Colin We were on the road an hour after Lindsay arrived. She and Henry had decided to "pregame", or drink before we got sexy immature amateur gf suck big cock and swallow cum the hayride.

I pretended to drink; I personally hate the feeling of getting drunk. I let my sissy drive because I was supposedly "under the influence".

I sat in the back with Lindsay, though no action was being had. In fact, no real action has been had with Lindsay ever. She mercilessly teases me to the point of no going back, then somehow finds a way to go back. I'm starting to think she gets off on seeing me with blue balls. Like last night, she rubs my dick through my pants until it literally popped out of the zipper, then she claimed she had to go get some sleep for tomorrow.

And she left me there while Henry was busy fucking his girlfriend's brains out not even five feet away from me! I don't care what happens; I love her and everything, but if she doesn't put out soon-and I mean real soon-I'm gonna be seeing what other girls have to offer.

Teasing is fun, but after every day for eight months? Not so much anymore. I kept trying to get her to touch my dick but she continued to pull away. After three or four failed attempts, I just quit. And that made Lindsay laugh. Fuckin tease. We got to the hayride and found out the hayride actually took us to a corn maze that we would have to get through to leave, which is awesome. There was an extremely long line and it took forever to get to the front.

We were being seated on the large motorized wagon when the conductor stated that there wasn't enough room for all four of us. I wanted to go with my friends, but I couldn't exactly leave my hot sister around all of these guys who were openly staring. Shit, I said hot sister, didn't I? Okay, well I should clear something up. The reason why I avoid Katie is because I'm in love with her. And I'm super ashamed of it. She's my baby sister! But…That's not the only reason why I avoid her.

Last year, I took her virginity. I didn't even mean to; by the time we were done, I had realized I deflowered my baby sister. I took her innocence. That's why she's been acting out. She hates me for taking advantage of her and doesn't know any other way to show it!

I'm supposed to protect my sissy, not be that guy. But…She's so incredibly hot! Green eyes, red hair, dimples… She even has dimples in the small of her back, leading to the most amazing ass in my school. I dream about Katie every night, and it hurts me so much that I can't change it. So to block it all out I ignore her as much as humanly possible. But the thing about it is since that thing happened, she's been boy crazy. And it's my job to keep her away from these jerks that wanna take advantage of her…Jerks like me.

So here we are in the back of a hayride surrounded with people we didn't know. And because of the high volume of people, Katie has to sit on my lap. Great. It was either that boy seduces awesome chick for fuck hardcore and blowjob we got separated even more.

I texted Henry and told them to wait for us, and that we were only fifteen minutes teen girl rides on big cock hardcore blowjob. The beginning of the ride was kinda pleasant, and it wasn't because Katie smelled like Victoria's Secret and her amazing ass was on my lap… "Okay guys, the last half of the trip is gonna get pretty rocky, but it's quite beautiful out so take a gander!" The farmer had said as everyone viewed the scenery.

I couldn't. After that first bump, it made Katie's skirt fly up…And she wasn't wearing any panties. Oh, fuck. She looked back at me, seemingly unaware of my pervitude. "Everything okay, big bro?" she asked. I smiled slightly and nodded. This was the closest we've been since that night, and I was harder than I'd ever been! My baby sister's bare ass was on my crotch; there's no way she didn't notice.

The wagon hit a couple more bumps, and I could've swore that a little moan came out of Katie's mouth. But I know that was a figment of my dirty imagination. Then it happened: Katie started wiggling in my lap and stopped. She leaned back towards my ear. "Hey Colin…This is a little uncomfortable…Your Sharpie is almost inside of me…Could you move it?" she whispered as the wagon knocked her directly onto it.

"I'm so sorry, Katie. That's not a marker…It's the vibration…I can't do anything about it…" I replied.

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The rolling rocks of the dirt road was basically making me dry hump her. She whispered back, "Colin, it's really big and it's uncomfortable to sit on like this.

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Maybe you should…Do something about it…Nobody's watching…" she replied as I did my best impression of being disgusted.

"No way, Katie!

I'm not gonna do that here! You're my baby sister!" I had said. She waited a second to respond, then said, "Look, I'm not a baby Colin. And I am NOT gonna sit on your lap while that thing basically invades me! Also, what are you gonna say to your girlfriend when you get up with a hard-on after your sister was sitting on your lap. Get it over with so I can get comfortable." Oh shit, she's right. I can't be sporting the biggest erection I've ever had after my sister was on my lap for fifteen minutes.

"…Okay, scoot back." I had said as she sat on my pelvis and abdomen. I unzipped my shorts and my cock flung out of its natural habitat. If it wasn't for Katie's skirt, anybody that would've been looking would have clearly seen my dick. But as Katie noticed, everyone was looking out of the wagon. She covered it with the front of her skirt, so now her bare bottom and now my cock were under there. I got my arm under her skirt, and started jerking away. This was so hot; she was so hot!

The rocky road was helping my efforts, but we hit a big bump and my cock came into contact with her clit and she moaned and bit my lip.

I knew that was all the motivation I needed, but then I thought. "Oh, shit! Where am I supposed to cum?!" I whispered in latina victoria banxxx gives shawns bigcock a bj for cash ear.

"I got an idea. Just tell me when." My sexy sister whispered into my ear. I grabbed onto her arm as hard as I could and nodded, signaling my coming release. As soon as the next bump hit, Katie hopped down and sank her pussy right onto my exploding cock. I had to bite her shoulder to stop from yelling. The sensation was entirely too much! Her hot french rape crime scene 3 forced all of the cum out of my cock in slow agonizing bursts.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck…" I said slowly as the wagon started to slow. She slid off of me and put my still hard cock into my pants after a mini struggle. "It wasn't that bad, Colin." Katie said, thinking that long curse I let out was me regretting what just happened. I can't believe that just happened.

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What just happened??? This girl is my baby sister! And I was violating her! She only did what she did because she was turned on; who wouldn't be after that situation?

I didn't reply to her as I waited for the wagon to stop. I nearly pushed Katie off of me as I got off of the hayride and rejoined my best mate and girlfriend.