Horny blonde nympho lilly banks fucks her toy

Horny blonde nympho lilly banks fucks her toy
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Not the longest story, but one I enjoyed writing. Hope you like it. Me and my wife Jess had been talking about having a threesome for awhile. She was into the idea she just wanted to find the precious bodies at the casting show hardcore blowjob person. Well it was a Friday early afternoon, I had the day off Jess was at work and our 12 year old daughter Kim was at school.

I was sitting on the couch thinking about a threesome with Jess. It was making my cock rock hard. Me and Jess had always been on the naughty side and I got an idea.

I grabbed my cell phone and pulled out my cock. I snapped a picture and sent it to her. The thought of her checking it with one of her female co-workers around to accidently see it got me even hornier. My phone chirped. "Nice!!!!!!" It said back she was in a naughty mood. this was going to be fun. "I wish your lips were wrapped around it right now!" I texted back "So do I!!" the reply came back "Anyone nearby want a taste?" "Sarah said she wants to suck it to" I didnt remember her mentioning a Sarah, she must be new.

I wonder how hot she is. "I cant wait to watch you two pass it back and forth." "Neither can I!!" "So who gets it in there pussy first?" I asked "Oh god ME!!" "How do you want it?" "I want to ride it!" "Very nice! How does Sarah want my cock?" "She wants to ride it to." "Mmmmm cant wait!" "Neither can we!" "where do I get to cum?" "In Sarah's pussy she's on the pill." "I cant wait to shoot my cum deep in her pussy." "She says she's already wet just thinking about it!!" "Can she come over tonight?" "Yes" "Mmmm see you when you get home." "Cant wait!!" I put the phone down.

This was going to be so hot! It would be easy to get Jess to spend the night at a friends and hot threesome here we come!! The next hour crawled by. I made sure to not play around so I'd have plenty stored up to blast inside Sarah's pussy. I heard the car pull in the driveway.

Jess always picked up Kim from school since she had to drive by there anyways. I was hoping Jess already made up a cover story for why Sarah was with her and maybe even already dropped her off at a friends house.

The door opened and Jess walked in. "This sucks!" she said as she walked in. "What sucks?" My phone chirped in my pocket.

Hmm wonder who was texting me. "I have to go back in and work a double. I just came home to bring Kim home from school." "Aww that sucks." No threesome! damnit! I pulled my phone out of my pocket. "Where here!!!" the text said "Umm honey where's your phone?" "Huh? Oh Kim took it for the day." She turned for the door "Oh I picked up her friend Sarah to.

She said you said it was ok for her to come over. Well gotta run!" She gave me a kiss and rushed out. "dont cause any trouble girls." she said to the girls as she passed them on the way out. Kim and Sarah walked in. My head was spinning so much I thought I was going to pass out. I sat in the kitchen chair to stabalize my self. "Daddy I never knew you felt that way." Kim said kneeling down in front of me. "Honey I." I was cut off by Sarah leaning down and planting her lips on mine.

Her lips tasted like strawberry and were so soft I fell under her spell and kissed back. Part of my brain felt the tug on my shorts but I couldnt break the intoxication of Sarah's lips. I felt Kim's hand wrap around my hard cock and I pulled away from Sarah.

"Honey you can." I was cut off again by her soft little lips sliding over my swollen head and down my shaft. "Oooooooh wow!" I gasped She started sliding her lips up and down my shaft and I swear my cock got even harder. It was pure bliss. My brain was screaming for me to stop but my body gave my brain a KO punch and he was down for the count.

"You are the coolest dad EVER!" Sarah said as she knelt down next to Kim Kim lifted off my cock and Sarah leaned in. Kim pointed my cock to her and she slid her mouth over my cock. I felt the head of my cock slide into her throat as her lips almost made it to bondage dp first time did you ever wonder what happens when a hot teenager cocktease base of my cock and her tounge lapped at the underside of my shaft.

She had definetly done this before! "Oh jesus!" I groaned She slid back up then down again this time pushing harder. Her eyes squeezed shut and my cock slid further into her throat.

Her lips closed around the very bottom of my shaft. She held it there for a moment running her tounge under my cock. Then she squeezed her lips tightly and slid them all the way off my cock slowly.

She looked up at me and smiled "Girl where have you been my whole life!" I gasped Kim shot Sarah a glare then I realized I probably shouldnt have said that. "Ready to go for a ride?" Hott threesome with a chubby white georgia mia asked Kim as she reached for my cock.

Both the girls jumped up and started shedding clothes. I'm sure my jaw was on the floor as I watched there bodies come into view. It was pure perfection! Kim boobs where just a touch fuller and her hips were just a little more rounded then Sarah's. Her inner pussy lips were tucked neatly inside leaving her smooth pussy looking like two pillowy mounds with a line up the middle. Jess on the other hand had very pink inner lips hanging out. Kim swung her leg over and stood over my lap.

She looked down and put her fingers on her pussy lips. She spread her lips open and I swear I heard organ music and saw a beam of light. She was so pink and fresh looking I was almost dumbfounded. I didnt help grab friend buddy cockshove dick penis intpussy it was possible for a pussy to look that good!

I could see her juices glistening. She lowered down and moved her hips so the head of my cock met directly with her spread lips. The tip of my cock pressed gently against her wet hole and she let her pussy lips go. They closed back up and held the tip of my cock in place.

She moved her hands to my shoulder and looked into my eyes. I could see fear. She pushed down gently and the head of my cock spread her hole open. She stopped and whinced in pain. "Honey we dont have to do this." "I want to!" She almost snapped at me She started pushing down harder and bit her lip. The head of my cock pushed in deeper and I thought my cock was going to snap right off. Her pussy was so tight I found it hard to belive she could even pee.

She grunted and pushed down a little more and my cock hit a wall. She gasped and stopped. "Honey." I started to say and she shot me a dont even say it look.

She started taking deep breaths her chest was heaving up and down. Then with no warning she took a really big breath, held it and slammed down.

For a second I thought my cock WAS going to snap in two but it broke thru and plunged into her fiery hot insanely tight pussy. She landed with enough force to make her tits bounce. She was panting hard and fast and her eyes were full of pain. She started to lift up and whinced again. I put her hands on her hips and held her down. I could feel her heart beat throbbing inside her pussy.

"Just sit still honey." I told her softly. I leaned back a little and ran my hands up her sides gently rubbing with my fingertips, she let out a little sigh. My fingers traced over the top of her breasts. Her eyes were now closed. I ran them down between her breasts then back around. I continued the circles until I got to her nipples then gently but firmly pinched both of them.

She gasped loudly and her body trembled. I stole a look over at Sarah and she had one foot up on a chair watching us and shoving 2 fingers in and out of her pussy. I leaned down and traced my tounge around her nipples and moved my hands to her back. I used my nails and gently dragged them down her back from her kneck to her waist. She gasped and arched her back shoving her firm breast into my mouth. I sucked on her right nipple as I ran my fingernails down her back again.

Then traced a line with my tounge over to her left nipple and gave it a suck and a flick with my tounge. I moved my mouth up kissing as I went to her kneck.

I brushed her hair aside and pecked kisses all over her kneck. She was panting hard now. I bit down gently on her kneck and she whimpered. I felt she was ready so I stood up picking her up with me. I sat her on the edge of the table. "Lay back sweety." I told her She laid back staring up at me. I lifted her feet up over my shoulders for support and reached a hand around her leg and down between.

I rubbed my thumb gently around the top of her pussy and it got drenched. I mean she was like a lake of pussy juice she was so wet. I found her firm little clit. As soon as my thumb brushed against it she gasped and flinched.

I started to gently rub my thumb back and forth over it and she started whimpering. I slowly slid my cock most of the way out of her pussy and her eyes popped open and looked up at me, like she was pleading with me.

I had no intentions on pulling out all the way. The gun was loaded it was time to pull the trigger. I pushed my thumb down on her clit and she took a deep breath. I started to rub fast and I thrust my cock all the way into her. "AAAHHHHH!!!!" She yelled out. Her hands slammed down on the table to her aroused virgin rides and eats huge pecker and I saw veins popping out of her hands as she grabbed hold of the edges.

I pulled my cock out and slammed it back in still rubbing her clit fast. Her head tossed back and her back arched and her pussy slammed even tighter onto my cock.

She let out a primal gutteral almost growl. I pushed my cock in deep and held it as her pussy released and started to just pulse on my cock. I let go of her clit and just held my cock deep inside her. Her body released and she went limp on the table. I saw the color rush back to her knuckles as she let go of the edges of the table.

Her chest was heaving up and down and she stared up at me. I leaned over her now sweaty body and pressed my lips against hers. She parted hers slightly and we shared a slow but deep kiss. I broke the kiss and she opened her eyes looking into mine. "I love you sweety." I said softly "I love you to daddy." She said back "Awww how sweet!" I almost jumped, I had totally forgot Sarah was there.

I shook my head and straightened back upright. I looked down and watched as I slid my cock slowly out of Kim's pussy. Kim let out a long "ooooooo" as my cock slid all the way out. I watched her pussy hole snap back shut then sat back on the chair. Kim didnt move she just laid there. "Holy shit girl!" Sarah said looking at my lap.

"You're like a friggen gyser or something!" I looked down and my whole waist and upper legs were soaked.

Sarah didnt seem to mind though and swung her leg over. Between Kim's juices and her own from her fingering while she waited, and her obvious experience, my cock pushed its way all the way inside her without much of a fight. She was still on the tight side though. "Oooo that's nice!" She cooed She put her hands on my shoulders and started bouncing on my lap.

"Oh oh oh" I grunted with each landing. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. "I looove your cock!" She almost yelled It only took her a couple minutes. "YES!!" She yelled out and I felt her pussy squeeze on my cock.

She pushed down on my lap and ground her hips in a circle letting out a low groan. Then she picked back up and started bouncing hard on my lap. The slap slap slap was getting very loud and squishy now. "Cum in my pussy!" She groaned I was almost there. "Fill me with cum!" She almost yelled "Almost there!!" I groaned She slammed down on my lap and I felt her flex her pussy muscles.

That did it!

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"Oh fuck!" I grunted My cock went into utter convulsions. I swear I almost blacked out from the pleasure. "Oh yeah! Oh fill me up!" Sarah cheered I dug my nails into her hips as my hip thrust up with every soul rocking spasm. I hadnt cum that hard in. well actually never. My cock throbbed inside her for a good several minutes pumping her full of cum. I let out a sigh of relief. Sarah leaned in grabbing my head and locked me in a sloppy french kiss.

"Well I have to get home before mom starts to freak out!" She said and got off my lap. She pulled her clothes back on and walked over by the table. "you still with us?" She asked Kim waving her hand over her face "Uh huh." I heard Kim mutter She turned back to me.

"Well Mr. G, anytime you want to fill my pussy with cum just let me know!" She looked down in my lap again. "Mmm that is one nice cock!" She said and was out the door. I got up grabbing a hand towel that I made a mental note to throw away later and wiped myself down.

I walked over to Kim. "How you holding up?" I asked her "I cant move." She said I let out a little laugh. She lifted her arm up off the table maybe 2 inches and it flopped back down. "wow you're wiped!" I said "Ok bedroom shuttle coming up!" I leaned over and scopped my arms under her back and lifted her upright. I lowered down and put her arms over my shoulder and lifted her up holding under her butt. she was literaly dead weight, luckily only 95 pounds of it.

I got to her bedroom and reached down tugging her blanket aside and laid her in bed. I two incredibly hot babes have some fun the covers over her and leaned down and kissed her cheek as she snuggled in smiling.

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"Thank you daddy." She purred and closed her eyes. I went back to the kitchen and retrieved her clothes bringing them to her room then cleaning the huge cum stain off the table and chair then I jumped in the shower. I then just sat in the living room and watched TV until Jess got home. Jess walked in dropping her stuff off and came into the living room.

She stopped midway and looked at me. "What?" she could tell there was something on my mind. "We need to talk." I told her "Oh boy." She said and sat next to me. "Ok now promise me you'll let me finish before you say anything?" "Ok promise." I proceeded to tell her the whole unedited story.

I showed her the phones and everything. It took awhile and she sat there diligently listening the whole time. I tried to read her face but she was blank the whole time. It was almost unerving. "Then you got home" I finished She just sat there a minute saying nothing. Her eyes started moving around like she was searching for a thought or a word, or maybe trying to remember a name of a lawyer she saw on a tv commercial.

She twisted her lips and got a thinking look on her face. "Yeah, I was pretty sure Sarah was a slut." She said nodding her head "Sweet little angle hah!" She continued I was confused.

"You did hear everything I said right?" "Huh? yeah why?" "that's all you have to say?" "Oh yeah sorry. I knew you'd eventually in some way end up fucking Kim. She's been writing about wanting it in her diary for almost a year now. And I knew you'd be just as gentle and caring as you said you were, so her first time would blow her mind. How could a mom ask for more. Her little girls first three guys bang them in the bar being with someone she loves and who treats her right and shows her the moon and stars." "Just next time I want to watch!" She added with a smile