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Teen katrin tequila gets bent over for anal dicking pornstars and hardcore
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"John?", Anna's sweet voice was barely audiable. I had just fallen asleep but woke up to see what she wanted. Her eyes, normally large and full of life, were drooping. "What?", I asked. Anna was my roommate, and I only let her stay since I found her at a park crying because her parents kicked her out.

She was barely 18 and fragile, so I let her come home with me. She looked so delicate and new, a strong contrast to me. I was 40 and I had been living on my own since I was 16. She had been living with me for almost a week but she barely talked to me.

I just figured she was shy or scared. To see her standing over my bed wearing nothing but a tight tanktop and a pair of pink thongs was surprising. "Can I sleep with you?", she mummbled, clearly tired. "Why?", I asked her. But she didn't answer, instead she crawled up into my bed, her tight body cuddled next to me. She was gorgeous, especially asleep.

Her cheeks were soft and her brown hair looked amazing as it flowed down her back. An hour had past and she was sound asleep, but I coudn't sleep. I was afraid to close my eyes, afraid that if I did and reopened them she would disappear like a dream. Her firm C cup breasts moved up and down with every soft breath.

I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra since her nipples were erect and showing through her tight tank top. Since I couldn't sleep I figured I'd have some fun. I gently lifted her shirt up to see her breasts. Her body was tight and perfect. I saw her as just a girl until this, but now I saw her as an object of my desires.

I could feel my cock growing hard in my boxers. I started jacking off and sucking her tender nipples, but I had only begun when she let out a soft moan and said my name. She ran her fingers slowly through my hair and moaned softly.

"John, don't stop. Please." Since she wanted it now I sucked her nipples harder and ran my hand down her soft body. Her pussy was hot and wet so I rubbed her clit slowly.

She let out a moan and grabbed the back of my head gently. "John, please fuck me." Babes katies sanctuary part starring luke hotrod and jemma valentine clip cock was throbbing hard as I slid it into her warm, tight, pink pussy. "You're so big!", she moaned out.

She was tight, the tightest I had ever felt so I let her get used to my 9 inch cock for a minute then pulled it out. She wimpered, but not in pain, it was as if she was sad I pulled out. I slammed my cock deep into her and she let out a scream and clawed into my back. "John! It feels so good! Please don't stop, ever!", She moaned out. I started to thrust deep and hard into her tight, soaking wet cunt. My dick felt like it was melting into her.

"Fuck! Anna!", I moaned out as I slid in and out of her slowly. She was wimpering and moaning. "please, don't stop.", she softly moaned.

She was holding onto my forearms, rubbing them slowly. She looked up at me, her brown eyes still tired. She needed sleep, I knew it. I kissed her neck and cheek and layed beside her. "John, don't stop.", she begged. "Please, you feel so good. I've wanted you all week and I finally got you. Please, don't stop." I kissed her cheek again and shushed her like she was a child I was trying to get to sleep. She melted into my arms and fell asleep.

When I awoke I was releaved to see her curled up in my arms. She stirred and let out a soft moan as her eyes fluttered open. "John? Are you awake?", she asked. I tenderly touched her pink cheeks. "Yeah, I'm up.", I said. She sat up and stretched out, the sun gleaming through my window onto her body. "John, can I have more?" I wasn't sure what she meant but I nodded anyways. She smiled and kissed my cheek, then rubbed my cock.

I had morning wood already, but didn't notice it until now. I moaned out and her cheeks turned red. She was so damn cute and I wanted nothing more than to see her sucking my cock. "Wanna taste it?", I asked. She didn't say a word, but just went down on me. She looked at my dick with wide eyed wonder before finally licking the head and sucking on it gently. I was throbbing hard now.

She was sucking pigtailednbspkonatsu hinata enjoys deep penetration down her holes creamed pussy shaved pussy playing with my dick with total facination. I moaned loudly when she tried to take my entire cock down her throat.

Sandra de marco and angelica kitten lesbian older younger only managed 5 inches before gagging, but it felt so damn good. "Anna, relax your throat.", I coached her. She tried again this time managing about 7 inches. I heard her gag and was expecting her to stop, but to my surprise she tried to take in more. When she couldn't she just sucked my dick as deep as she could and rubbed the rest.

"God! Anna! Baby, good girl!", I grabbed the back of her head and thrust my dick deeper down her throat. She gagged and looked up. "John, you taste really yummy. I never tasted dick before. I didn't think it would be so delicous." I smiled down at her and she smiled back.

"Come here.", I said as I pulled her on top of me so that we were in 69 position. I traced my tongue slowly across her clit and I could feel her tight body tense up. "John, what are you-", I cut her off right before she could ask by sucking her clit. She tasted so yummy and sweet. I could feel her squirming beneath my arms with every moan as I lapped up her sweet nectar.

She then started to grind her tight pink pussy against my tongue as she licked the slit on the head of my dick. Her hands wrapped around my base and she sucked on just the head. We continued like this for about fifteen more minutes before I had to blow a load. "Fuck! I'm cuuuuuming!" I shot of stream after stream of oozy cum in her mouth, but she kepty sucking me for a minute. "John, I'm gonna cum!", she moaned out. Her body quivered in delight and I could feel her tasty pussy juices on my tongue.

I thought she'd be exausted after that, but instead she kept rubbing my dick to keep it hard then got on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy. I let out a moan. Her pussy walls were tight around my dick. "John, will you be my daddy?", She asked innocently. I was shocked by her question, but at the same time it turned me on. "Yes, baby.", I moaned out. She started to bounce playfully on my cock, smiling coyly.

It felt so damn petra likes to a rough fucking session, almost as if my dick had melted like butter into her warm cavity. I grabbed her waist and started to thrust forcefully inside her.

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"Jooohn!", She screamed out. "Fuck! Please, don't stop!" I hadn't planned on it. "Daddy! It feel so good!", she cried out. At this point I was doing most of the work, but I didn't mind at all.

"Good, baby.", I moaned. She had collapsed on top of me and I could feel her warm breath on my neck with every moan and gasp.

I had slowed down, but she kept moving her pussy on my dick. She kissed my cheek and neck and slid off of me then cuddled next to me. "John, I have to tell you something.", she said. I smiled down at her. "What?", I asked. She curled closer to me and looked up at me with innocent eyes. "How much do you love me?", She asked. I laughed, knowing she was up to something. "What is it, baby?", I asked her. Her cheeks turned red and she looked away from me.

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"Well, um.I'm not 18.", She could clearly see the confused look on my face. "I'm only sixteen." A tear fell down her pink cheeks, it was as if she murdered some one. I thought I would be mad myself, but instead it turned me on to know how young she was. "Shhh.it's okay, baby girl.", I tried to sooth her. "But, John.I lied about being kicked out, too. I ran away.", I figured that much, but I still didn't care. "John, tight teen ass fucked by big black cocks know how I asked you to be my daddy?", She asked.

I nodded. "You are my daddy, John.", at this point her eyes were filled with tears. I looked at her, puzzled as to what she was saying.

"My mommy told me about you.so I found out where you lived and decided to watch you. I wanted to know why you left me.and I tried to be angry at you, but when I looked at you I just wanted you.", I was lost on what she was saying.

"I saw you walk to the park.and I wanted to confront you and tell you who I was.that I was your daughter.but I couldn't, so I just cried.

And that's when you came up to me.", suddenly it was all starting to click. Anna was my daughter. I didn't know I had a kid. "John, I wanted you to be my daddy finally.but when I saw you I wanted you." I shot up and looked down at her. "You mean, you're my real fucking daughter?!", I couldn't believe this! I wasn't incest.and yet.I did her.

I fucked my own daughter. I wanted to yell at her, but she rested her head in my lap and started crying. I petted her hair and shushed her.

"It's okay. Daddys not mad, baby." "John, I still want you. Can I still have you?", she asked. I wasn't sure if I should let this happen but it already had before. "Yes, hot masseuse arya faye enjoys a fuck massage few weeks past and I had called up her mother to explain that she had looked me up.

Of course I didn't tell her the full story. It was Summer, so I asked if she could stay with me until school started up again.

Her mother agreed. Every night she would crawl into my bed and cuddle with me, and in the morning she would fuck me sensless. She followed me around the house like a lost puppy and any time I got a boner she would drop to her knees and happily take my stick down her mouth till I blew loads down her throat.

Time had past and we had only a week left together. She had been at my side more often now and I even caught her crying in her sleep a few times. When I confronted her about it one morning she looked up at me, wide eyed and said, "Daddy, I don't want to go.

I love you. Can't I stay with you?"