Toe ring cuties feet jizz pornstars and hardcore

Toe ring cuties feet jizz pornstars and hardcore
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L.I.S.S.A. C. So, I'm a techno geek. But in this day and age who isn't right? I guess you could call me a slave to the cyber/techno age in that I am always doing something with some kind of electronic device.

From my hand held I-Pad to my latest generation X-Box I have it all. And I am always playing something which explains my lack of social interaction with those around me.

To me it does not matter because everyone else is boring to me. But to my dad, well…he seems to think I should get out more. Here is a little bit about me. My name is David and I am 18 years old. I was the poster child for your techno geek society if there ever was one. I'm 6 foot 1 with straight brown hair that I like to keep a arab slut reverse cowgirl amateur fucks riding bit long and I have deep blue eyes.

I might be what you would say is a little skinny but it is not something that I really concern myself with. As long as my thumbs work, who cares? My dad and I live alone in this big house in a gated community.

Mom left us a few years ago saying that she needed something more than what dad had to offer, so she ran off with her fitness trainer and is now out in California. Dad is an executive with a huge electronics company that makes all of the nice electronic devices that I love so much. That is why I have the latest generation device almost a year before they hit the open market. X-Box, Play Station, even all the way back to the times of the old Saga systems I have always had the newest and best gameing systems that were available.

My friends love the fact that they get to see all of the new tech a long time before it hits the streets. I just like the peace and quiet I have sitting in the house by myself. I love getting to play HALO or some other game without all of the interruptions that seem to pop up. You could say that I had it made in the shade. All the games I could ever want along with the high speed internet for multi-player games, and a big house with my own rooms to mess around in and a fully stocked fridge.

But my ideas of the "sweet life" came to a sudden turn in the road on the day of my 18th birthday. What happened then has changed my life.

L.I.S.S.A. C. Birthdays are supposed to be a grand day. You're supposed to wake up in the morning and find your family doting over you and wishing you well while your breakfast is being made and the delicious smells draw you out of your restful slumber. At least…that's what I have been telling myself for the last few years. I woke to the familiar sights and sounds of my room and an empty house.

But what should I have expected? It was already 9:30 in the morning and the sun was already shining brightly outside. Dad was gone to work, and with mom having been gone for more than two years now, it was up to me to fend for myself.

But I really wasn't surprised. Almost all of my days started this way, so why should my birthday be any different? The floor was a little cold as my bare feet came to rest on the Slutty kinsley anne fucks huge cock in various angles marble, but the routine trip to the bathroom was necessary to first pull one out so I could then pee.

I had my favorite magazine in the second drawer of the bathroom vanity so my imagination did not have to work too hard. A few flips of the pages and a minute or two of some fast stroking and I was launching my load into the toilet. It was relief, but not satisfying. I longed for a real girlfriend, or at least a girl with a somewhat casual attitude about sex. In either case it was not very likely to happen. My world usually rested in the palms of my hands.

The 4g sex stories xstorys 3g sex stories of internet gaming. I grabbed up my PSP and headed for the kitchen. I liked playing World of Warcraft as I walk through the house. It kind of made me think that I was walking through the virtual world of a castle and I was doing the fighting.

So in passing through the house there could have been an elephant standing in the living room and I probably would not have seen it. But my nose still worked, and as I approached the kitchen a strange smell caught my attention.

FOOD!! And it smelled YUMMY! I rounded the corner from the hall and stepped into the kitchen only to have my jaw drop to the floor. Standing in front of the stove, with her back to me, was this young blonde girl with the most perfect ass that any guy could ever hope for. She was wearing a white T-shirt, an apron and blue jean shorts that looked like they had been painted on her slim but athletic looking legs.

Her slender waist accentuated the smooth roundness of her hips and shoulders making her look to be proportioned perfectly. She was cooking something on the stove and humming something very quietly as I stood there staring at her appealing barefoot form.

When my PSP slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor she quickly spun around. My gosh, the front looked even better than the back! The first thing I noticed were those bright green eyes on the cutest face I had ever seen. I am guessing that she was either 18 or 19 years old and about 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her face was nice and round but it definitely reflected that she was lean and trim.

Her mouth was a little small, but it quickly turned to the friends valentina and natalia having lesbian sex pornstars brunette smile as she spun around and saw me. And then there were those small round breasts hiding under her apron. I could not tell how big they were but they definitely appeared to be very firm. Instantly I could feel Captain Wood begin to stand at attention.

"Good morning sleepy," she said as she set the spatula down and took a step in my direction. "Happy birthday." "G…g…good…morn…morning." I stammered as I was taken aback by the soft silkiness of her voice. "I'm Lissa C." she said as she turned back around to give the eggs she was cooking a quick flip. Holy shit is she gorgeous! My heart instantly began pounding at a million miles per hour as I looked at her in disbelief. I was having a really hard time even speaking due to the absolute beauty that was standing only a few feet away from me.

She was the living creation of my ultimate fantasy girl with her blonde hair pulled back into one big ponytail, green eyes, slim athletic figure and a voice that seemed to drop right out of the heavens. Talk about a birthday! She spun back around and gave me a quick look up and down before her gaze stopped at my face. "I'll bet you're wondering what I'm doing here." she said with a little bit of a ruffle to her brow as her left hand come up to rest on her hip.

"You could say that," I said as I stood there like a deer caught in the cars head lights. "Your dad offered to let me stay here for a while," she responded as she scooped the eggs and bacon out of the frying pan and set them on a plate.

"What for?" I asked as she stepped across the kitchen and set the plate down on the counter in front of the first bar stool. She looked at me sideways with a bit of a troubled look on her face before she responded. "Gee," she scoffed as she set out a fork next to the plate, "not much in the way of manners," she said in just a barely audible tone.

What the fuck was she talking about! This was my house! I went from gorgeous blonde lisey sweet gets a hard anal fuck to pissed off in an instant.

Just who in the hell does she think she is?! She glanced over at me for an instant before she turned to get a glass from the cupboard. I could not tell if she saw that she had really pissed me off because she just kept at her task until a glass of orange juice sat next to the plate. But it seemed like she was oblivious to the rage that was coursing through my veins.

"Come on," she said as she turned to the stove to start cleaning up, "Eat before your food gets cold." I was flabbergasted! I didn't know how to react to this woman who was in my kitchen. Without even thinking I stepped over and sat down on the bar stool. The aroma coming up from my plate smelled heavenly. Two eggs over easy with 4 strips of bacon that appeared to be cooked to perfection, with toast and orange juice.

I looked up just in time to see her looking at me with a big smile before she quickly turned her head and continued her clean up. "Is this some kind of joke?" I asked as I picked up the fork and poked at the eggs a bit, causing the warm yellow center to flow out over the perfectly cooked whites. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," she responded with her back still turned to me while she continued her cleanup of the kitchen.

"You should never skip breakfast," she said as she casually looked over her shoulder to see if I was eating. The delicious smell coming up from my plate was starting to get to me in a big way, making my stomach growl as a reminder that I had not eaten a thing since yesterday afternoon. I glanced up quickly to see her back still turned to me before I scooped up one of the eggs and shoveled it into my mouth.

It was fantastic, cooked exactly how I like them. I tore into the rest of the food with an almost reckless abandon, shoveling, chewing and swallowing all at the same time. In just a matter of seconds I was sopping up the rest of the egg yolks with my toast when I old husband watching she fucks with another man her speak again.

"It's a good thing you weren't very hungry," she said as she reached across the counter and picked up my virtually spotless plate, "I was afraid I was going to have another dish to wash." She held the plate up and turned it toward me with a very nice smile on her face.

I smiled back at her as I swilled down my OJ with just as much enthusiasm. She certainly had a pleasant way about her, even though she was a stranger. Jamie elle knows exactly how to become the teacher pet damn, could she ever cook!

I set my glass down which she picked up immediately before turning toward the sink. "And to answer your question I am here as a guest of your father." she responded while scrubbing the plate and then glass in the sink. "What," I said as I looked her up and down a few more times from behind, "as a maid." When she spun around the nice smile was not on her face, having been replaced by a rather serious but still casual look.

"No, I am not a maid," she answered as she reached behind her waist and untied the apron. "I am just a house guest." As she pulled the apron off those beautiful breasts came into full view, standing out proudly from her chest with just the slightest hint of her nipples standing anal fucking the new secretary at work under the white cotton of her T-shirt.

"Your father was nice enough to let me stay here for a while," she continued as she folded up the apron before setting it neatly on the counter. "At least he has some manners," she said as she turned and walked out of the kitchen. As she got to the edge of the corner, just before she stepped out of sight, she said the last infuriating thing that morning, "and by the way…you're welcome for breakfast." WHAT!!!

I was pissed, I mean really fucking pissed! Just who in the fuck did this little girl think she was! This was MY goddamn house and this was my fucking kitchen!

To have this little prissy tell me that I didn't have any fucking manners when she was clearly in the wrong was unbelievable! I knew what I had to do, and there was simply no way around it. I had to call my dad. He was going to fix this and send this little strumpet packing.

I grabbed up my PSP and stomped off to my room. I had no idea where she had gone and I didn't really care, I was going to have her tight little ass thrown out and that was the end of it! Pounding on the touch pad I called my dad's office. "Hello, this is the office of Kalvin Klaymar," his secretary said, "How may I direct your call?" "Denise," I said as I paced back and forth in my room, "I need to speak with my father." "Just a moment," she said just before the line switched to some really crappy elevator music.

I was really going to give my dad an ear full, I thought to myself while I waited for him to pick up the phone. The fact that some strange girl had just insulted me in my own house was unbelievable. Add to it that she was only a guest and the whole thing just reeked of a bad set of circumstances set into motion by a bad decision. I was going to get this taken care of in short order and set things right. "David," my dad's voice suddenly sounded out as the elevator music abruptly stopped.

"What's the problem?" He actually sounded a bit concerned. "Who the hell is this girl I found in the kitchen this morning," I stated straight from the hip. "Oh…" he responded quickly, not giving me a chance to continue. "That's Lissa C. She's going to be staying with us for a while so I want you to be polite." "POLITE!!" my exasperated response echoed in the emptiness of my room, "she just told me I didn't have any manners!" "Really?" my dad responded. I could hear him pounding away on his keyboard in the background as he spoke to me.

"And what happened to make her say this?" he asked as his end of the phone was suddenly muted. "I don't know!" I responded, still thoroughly pissed off at what had happened. "She just stormed out of the kitchen and told me I didn't have any manners!" "Is that so? And just what was she doing in the kitchen?" my dad queried further.

"She was cooking some food," I told him. "For herself?" my dad asked. "No, she gave it to me." I responded. There was a pause from my dad before he spoke again. In the background I could hear him typing on his keyboard again. "Was it any good?" he finally asked. "It was good." I responded to my father's question, "really good." "I see," my father answered as the typing in the background stopped. "Did you tell her thank you?" "No," I responded in exasperation, "I thought she was a new maid." "A new maid?" My dad now sounded a little upset.

"Didn't she tell you who she was when you first saw her?" I thought for a moment before I spoke again. "Well…yea…she did say that she was a guest here at the house." "Uh hmm," my father replied. "And she made you breakfast, 'a really good breakfast', to use your own words, and you didn't say 'Thank you'?" Now it had donned on me what had transpired in the kitchen and the point that my father was digging at. "Well son," my father continued as the typing in the background stepped up to a fevered pace, "I can't say that I blame her for being a bit upset with you.

Whether she was a maid or not that was rude on your part…" "But DAD…" I started to exclaim before he cut me off. "But you are right," he continued as the typing in the background came to another abrupt halt, "she should not have said that out loud. I will have a word with her when I get home." "That's all I ask." I responded as I prepared to hang up the phone.

"In the meantime," my father stated with a rather good amount of sternness to his voice, "You go and tell that young lady thank you for the meal. Do you read me?" I could tell that my father was not playing around. Whenever he speaks like that he means business. The last time he spoke to me like that was when I used the credit card to buy $600 worth of junk food and have it delivered to the house when I had a big gaming night here with my friends. Dad was unimpressed, and I lost my x-box for a week.

So I knew my father was not kidding around with his request. I also know that he will check with Lissa to make sure I thanked her. It looked like I was going to have to eat a bit of crow on my birthday.

"Yes sir." I responded. "Good man," my dad answered with an air of confidence in his voice. "I'll be home around 6.

I have given Lissa a few tasks to do today so you help her as needed. Be a gentleman David, she really is a nice young lady." And with that said my father hung up the phone. Wow…this was going to suck. Not only was she going to be staying with us for a while but I had to thank her for the breakfast I did not even ask for. What else was going to happen on my birthday? I tossed my phone onto my bed and headed out into the house looking for Lissa. Knowing my luck she was probably sitting in some corner somewhere pouting because I had not told her thank you.

This was really wicked massage therapist organizes sex hardcore handjob to make the plate of crow I had to eat taste really bad and I did not look forward to this at all. I looked into the two guest rooms we have to find them both empty.

The den and the kitchen were also empty leaving only the reading room and the living room to contain our new guest. As I walked past the breezeway to the living room I spotted an arm hanging over the side of one of the sun loungers out by the pool. So much for pouting in a corner. Stepping out onto the pool deck in the bright sun began to unveil a story hamil sex java hihi that any 18 year old young man just absolutely dreams of.

LEGS! And I am not talking about some little skinny and scrawny drum sticks, I am talking about some prime time, oiled, tanned, and slenderly delicious stems that improved more and more the farther around to the side I walked! Immediately I could feel my heart start thumping harder in my chest as more and more of her athletic form was revealed from behind the chair. Her knees and silky smooth looking thighs were next to come into view as my approach unveiled more and more of her like a woman doing a slow strip tease.

When her hip came into view and the bright yellow string of her bikini bottom showed up contrasting drastically against the walnut brown tone of her tanned waist, I thought my heart was going to skip beats. In a microsecond the rest of her delicious body came in to view, revealing those fabulous B sized tits cupped under the matching top of her iridescent yellow two piece bikini. Instantly my dick went from semi hard to titanium steel. My god she was gorgeous! "Lissa?" I half choked out as I stepped up to her chair by her feet.

I was really hoping she would not notice the huge bulge I now had in my pants while I stood and waited for her reply. She opened her left eye and raised her hand up to shield her face before she made any kind of reply. "Yes David." I felt like I was on a stage in front of a thousand people as I looked down at the scantily clad beauty in front of me.

"Um…I just wanted to say thank you for the breakfast this morning. It was really good." She paused for only a moment before a very pleasant smile came across her face. Opening her right eye as well she responded back with that piss in mouth melissa ashley silky voice of hers that seemed to flow like cream out of a glass.

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"You're welcome." I felt like I was slipping in to a dream or something as my gaze slowly ran down over her oil slickened body, drinking in the beautiful sight of this very athletically fit girl. Her smooth round breasts appeared firm and attentive as the faint outline of her nipples came into view. Her stomach was toned and flat revealing the telltale signs of a well-cared for six pack.

The French cut of her bikini bottoms left only a few options for her hidden secret. Either she had a landing strip or she was shaved completely smooth. In either case I had the immediate desire to find out if the opportunity ever presented itself. And then there were those thighs. Smooth and round; but appearing to be firm. I don't think she has an ounce of fat on her anywhere. It was only when I heard her clear her throat that I realized that she had raised her head and was looking straight at me while I drooled over her fantastic body.

"Are you ok?" she asked with a bit of a coy grin on her face. Instantly I felt my face get hot and I felt really uncomfortable. "Um.uh…yea." I stammered as I brought my eyes back up to look at her face again.

She was smiling pretty big now and her eyes cut down toward my waist once before her grin got even bigger and her nipples stood up really hard. "I'll say," she stated before she looked back up into my eyes with that very pleasing smile and gave me a wink.

I instinctively looked down to see that my boner was sticking straight out milf cuckold amateur anal xxx domestic disturbance call a very noticeable tent in my pajama bottoms. There was absolutely no way to hide it. "Oh my god!" I gasped in embarrassed exasperation as I tried to cover my raging boner with my hands while pulling my knees in close together.

She had definitely got a good look at king stiffy while I was standing there with my mouth hanging open. "I am so sorry," I stammered as I began to back away from her in a defensive retreat. "It's ok," she responded with that silky smooth voice as she raised herself up on to her elbows. "Don't be embarrassed." "That's easy for you to say," I retorted as I spun around so that I was facing away from her.

With one quick move I jammed my hand down into my pajama bottoms and straightened out the 'situation' that had caused all of this. When I had 'him' repositioned I turned back around to see Lissa sitting upright on the lounger with her feet on either side.

Her legs were spread wide apart causing her crotch to be mashed down into the fluffy towel she had spread out underneath her. She was also sitting with her back straight, causing her breasts with her nurumassage jessa rhodes slippery suck and fuck hard nipples to stand out notably.

"You're right," she responded with one eyebrow raised, "it is easy for me to marsha may must endure outdoor bondage rough sex domination for a r pornstars hardcore. I'm sorry David." The way about her was so pleasant and so kind.

I could tell she was a very gentle person. My guess is that she had not so much as killed a single fly in her whole life. Her whole demeanor was just pleasant. As I gazed into her beautiful green eyes I felt all of my anger and embarrassment fade away. "It's ok," I was finally able to say. "I just didn't expect to find you out here in a bikini." "Oh?." she said as she looked down at herself then out and around at the pool.

"And just what did you expect" she asked as she took another quick glance down at my boner, "me to be naked?" "Uh…well…I…uh…I don't know." I was at a complete loss and sounding like an idiot. It was time to cut my losses while I still had some dignity. "Excuse me," I said before I turned and almost bolted for the door. "But David…" I heard her say just before the patio door swung closed behind me. I know it was probably wrong to run away like I did, and I was probably going to get chewed again, but I was now in the comfort of my own home and recovering from the most embarrassing situation I had ever been in during my whole life!

She would just have to get over it. I went straight to my room and closed the door. My heart was pounding in my chest not only from the run through the house, but also from the encounter with Lissa. At least now I would have the chance to recover from the ordeal at the pool.

But man, WHAT A BODY!! There was no need for my favorite magazine this time. I just tossed it onto my counter top and took up my position saucy blonde sucks on a massive shaft some instant relief as my hand wrapped around my super hard meat. Just the one clear memory of her sitting with her legs spread wide apart and I was launching a full load into the toilet almost instantly.

My goodness was she ever gorgeous! I flopped down onto my bed and just stared at the ceiling with my PSP lying on my chest. All I could see were those bright white teeth showing at me through that wonderful smile while those green eyes twinkled at me.

WOW! I was losing it. I had just met this girl, been rude to her, got my ass chewed, and embarrassed myself in front of her with a King Kong stiffy and now I was day dreaming about her. What was the matter with me?!

I lay there for almost 20 minutes dreaming about the blonde beauty lying out beside my pool when I heard the water turn on in the house. We might live in a three and a half million dollar home, but when the water gets turned on anywhere in the house this one pipe in my bathroom clanks a few times.

I roused myself from my bed and stuck my head out my door and into the hall to have a listen. It sounded like there was some noise coming from the guest bedroom immediately to my right where the door was just slightly open. Lissa must be staying in that room. I opened my door and took the few steps necessary to step over to the open door. As I approached the open door the sound of the shower running in the guest bath became louder and clearer.

Year old first timer naomi clark roughed up to extreme had not even made it to the door when it suddenly swung open and Lissa came walking out toward me wrapped in only a towel. "Oh hey," she said abruptly as she stopped just one step into the hallway. "I don't have any shampoo, can I borrow yours?" I couldn't move.

I mean it felt like my feet were glued to the floor and my whole body weighed thousands of pounds as I stood frozen in place while staring at her. The very noticeable smell of coconut drifted up to my nose, further hindering any rational thought process that I might have had while replacing them with visions of screwing this gorgeous girl's brains out on some tropical beach.

"David," her voice suddenly snapped me back into the here and now of the moment. She was readjusting the tuck of her towel by her left breast and twisting her foot back and forth a little when she said, "it's not polite to stare." I was lost, disoriented, and completely unable to speak. "Um…uuhh…" was all I was able to get out before I stepped to the side and gestured toward my open bedroom door with my hand.

She gave a quick look to her left before her eyes came back up to meet mine. With a little smile she said "Thanks," before scooting off through my open door in her bare feet. 'You fucking idiot!' I thought to myself as I stood there in the hallway like a real dumbass.

'What in the fuck is wrong with you? She's just a girl. What's the matter? Can't you remember any fucking English?' I was giving myself a thorough beat down when I suddenly remembered that my favorite magazine was on my bathroom counter!

I'm dead, I just know it. She's going to see that magazine on my counter top and freak out in a huge way. She's probably going to be so pissed off at me that she will not ever say anything to me again.

But what would be worse is that she would tell my father! I'm sure that being a guy he might understand my having the magazine.

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But the ass chewing I was sure to get halloween sex action with these very horny ladies leaving it out was going to be one for the record books. I stood quietly and just waited to hear the scream. But nothing happened. I did not hear a sound, and Lissa did not come back right away either.

I had to know. I had to find out what was happening as I took a few steps over to my door. I looked in to see Lissa standing in front of my counter in my bathroom with the magazine open to one of the pages.

She looked at the magazine before opening her towel toward the mirror to look at herself. Damn it, her back was turned toward me! Her head moved back and forth between looking at the magazine and then at herself in the mirror.

She closed her towel before reaching over and doing something with the magazine. It almost looked like she was writing. She then turned a few of the pages, pausing momentarily at each one before continuing. Again it looked like she wrote something. When she turned the last page she reset the magazine back to the position it was in before she came in to the bathroom and grabbed up the shampoo bottle.

Immediately I jerked my head back and took a few steps back out into the hallway before she abruptly rounded the corner of my bedroom door with the shampoo bottle in hand.

"Oh, you found it." I her parents dont know about this interview blurted out. Lissa flashed that pleasant smile up at me before she responded. "Oh yea, I found it alright." she stated as she stepped past me in route to her own room. When she reached her door she stopped and turned sideways.

"You know," she said as she casually turned her head to the right and looked at me over her right shoulder. "I'll bet that after today…you won't need it anymore." She then smiled very provocatively at me before taking one step to disappear through her doorway. My heart stopped…literally.

I died and I didn't even know it. In a flash I was stumbling my way into my bathroom, tripping over almost everything that was even remotely in my way. My magazine was right where I had left it, wide out in the open on the top of my counter.

But there was also a pen sitting right next to it. Picking up the magazine I quickly flipped through the pages. On one particular page the model is sitting on a sofa wearing only black high heels, black gartered thigh high stockings and a bow tie. She has her legs spread wide open and is gently cupping both of her breasts upward with a very sultry look on her face. Written in pen in the lower right hand corner of the page it said "Black Heels" in beautiful cursive hand writing.

Flipping through a few more pages was a different model wearing a black dress on the title page of her pictorial. She was leaning over a table while setting out some wine glasses with her ass pointed at the camera.

The short skirt had pulled up enough to show her naked pussy between her spread legs while her breasts hung out from her top over the table. Her hard nipples are pointing toward a tall bottle of wine on the far side of the table while she looked back at you over her right shoulder. She had a nice smile on her face, similar to Lissa's, but the definite look of a woman wanting to be ravaged.

On the bottom corner of this page it said, "Black Dress". If I had thought that my heart had stopped before when I saw her in the towel, it really began skipping beats a few pages later in the same pictorial where the woman was squatting down on the wine bottle. In the bottom corner of this page it said, "Maybe". I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My hands started shaking just knowing that Pervcity inari vachs upherasshole butt fucking and deepthroat had looked through my adult magazine and not totally flipped out.

And not only had she not flipped out, but she had written some comments on some of the pages. I flipped through to the next pictorial to find her cursive writing on my favorite picture of the whole book. It's a picture of a blond woman leaning back in a lounge chair with her legs spread wide apart. Her legs are bent at the hip bringing her knees up near her chest but her elbows are keeping them spread wide open to provide maximum exposure to her womanhood.

She is completely naked and has two fingers from each of her hands inserted knuckle deep into her pussy and she is pulling it wide open, allowing you to see all the way inside her up to her cervix. The woman looks to be very horny in that her nipples are standing up at full attention and the look on her face is one of obvious wanton lust.

In the bottom corner it said, "Desert". As I started to flip through a few more of the pages I heard the pipe clank in the wall, indicating that Lissa had turned the water off in her room.

Not wanting a repeat of the embarrassment that I was already feeling my magazine was safely tucked away back into its storage place. Once was enough. I definitely did not need to go through that kind of embarrassment again. Taking up a position face down across my bed I began playing world of Warcraft.

The added distraction might just help me forget about the mornings events and bring back the sense of 'normalcy' that had been blown clean out of my day. I must have played for about 5 minutes when I saw Lissa's sock clad feet appear just in the top of my view. Looking up made me forget completely about the game I was playing as I again drank in the fabulous form in front of me.

She was wearing a semi loose pair of Levi's that had numerous holes in the thighs, making her tanned skin underneath look very appetizing. Again she had donned a snug fitting white T-shirt which she had tied just below her breasts, leaving her tight mid-drift exposed while her braless breasts stood up proudly with her semi hard nipples pointing the way. "Hey," latina nympho gets cum all over her face tube porn said as she stepped right up to my bed before stopping.

"I have to go to the mall for a bit and pick up a few things at the store. Do you mind going with me?" She smelled fantastic! "N&hellip.n…no&," I stammered while my eyes remained locked on her breasts. "Great!" she said sex brazzers mom and son com a smile before she looked down at her own breasts.

Seeing her nipples standing up she rolled her arms in together toward her front, making her breasts stand up even more before she looked back at me.

"You like?" she asked playfully as she rocked her shoulders from side to side a bit. I was beginning to have another issue with Captain Wood as I looked up at her smiling face. I swallowed hard before I answered, "Yes." "Thanks," she said with a smile before she spun around and started toward my door. Her long blond hair came to rest down the middle of her back as she sauntered away from me.

"I'll meet you out front in five minutes," she said just before she left the room and disappeared from my sight. Here it is I had just met this girl this morning in my kitchen. And yet, from that very first instance, I have wanted to jump on her and try to fuck a hole all the way through her body and up to the top of her head.

I could only think of what it would feel like to have my hard dick stuffed all the way into this girl, with my balls slammed against her ass and the head of my cock delving into the deepest places of this hot little yummy while a live load of ammunition readied for a blast through a welcoming defense.

Let's be truthful here, I wanted to fuck her like a play a toy from the moment I laid eyes on her. Five minutes later I stepped out onto the front steps just as Lissa pulled up in her car.

She was driving a blue BMW Z4 convertible with the top down and the radio pumping out some good sounds. "Come on," she said as she shifted the car into gear and gave the engine a rev. "Let's go." What a day! It had started out rather crappy, but now I was going to be chauffeured around in a hot car by an equally hot chick!

How could it get any better! I raced around to the passenger's side and just jumped in over the door, landing in the seat with a bit of a thump.

I just barely got my seatbelt buckled when Lissa looked at me and said, "Ready?" I did not even get the chance to answer her before the car launched from the front of the house with squealing tires and the loud roar of the engine.

"WAHOO!" I hollered at the top of my lungs and Lissa laughed out loud as we wound our way down the hill toward our main gate at a breakneck speed. Pressing the remote button in the center console the heavy iron gates at the entrance to the driveway began to slowly swing open.

"Hang on," Lissa said as she floored the accelerator, propelling us at incredible speed toward the slow moving barrier. "This is passion hd tyler nixon fucks riley reed and aidra fox in threesome to be close!" She wasn't kidding. The gates had opened just enough for the car to fit through when we sailed through them at almost 80 miles per hour.

I would swear that my side view mirror lost all of the paint on its outside edge as we rocketed out into the road and out toward the main entrance of the neighborhood. I might have had my doubts about Lissa before, but now…she was turning out to be pretty cool. For the rest of the way to the mall Lissa conducted her driving just as anyone else would on the road, obeying all of the speed laws and traffic patterns. When we got to the mall she hit the switch and put the top up before walking in to the mall at my side.

"I just love coming to the mall," she said as she stopped at the door and waited for me to open it for her. "Thank you," she said with a smile as I pulled the door open and allowed her to enter first, "that was very polite of you." It did make me feel a little different knowing that I had opened the door for her.

I can't really explain what it is but it just made me feel different, and not in a bad way. Once we were inside she allowed me to catch up to her before she laced her left arm around my right elbow and placed her hand on my forearm. Now I did feel different. "Ok," she said as she surveyed the mall from left to right, "I need to head up that way first," and she pointed toward the main intersection ahead of us to the left.

"Lead the way big man," she said as she looked up at me before pulling herself up tight against my arm. I don't know if it was because of the way we were walking or the fact that she was hanging on to my arm, but I noticed immediately that we were drawing a lot of looks from the people around us. Maybe it was because I usually didn't go to the mall, or maybe because when I did I was always playing games; in either case I noticed that people were looking my way while I walked with this hot girl hanging onto my arm.

"So what kind of things do you like?" Lissa asked as we turned the corner and headed out onto the 'main street' of the mall. "I like playing video games and stuff like that," I responded as Lissa aimed me toward a big women's clothing store on the right hand side of the mall. "No silly," she said as we got to the entrance and stopped.

Turning to face me she said, "Like what's your favorite color?" I thought for just a moment while running the day's events through my head before I said, "I kind of like black." Her smile changed to one that was definitely hiding a bit of mischief as her right eyebrow rose up. "I see," she said before she turned her head toward the store.

"Well why don't you have a seat over there," she said as she turned her head back around. Pointing to a bench next to this big planter filled with fake plants, "I won't be but just a few minutes." "Ok," I sighed as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my I-pad. I had the sneaking suspicion that this was going mma cage fighter teen fucks blonde with nice tits take more than just a few minutes.

As I sat down on the bench I watched her delicious ass disappear into the store while my I-pad booted up. I guess I really shouldn't complain. It's not every day that I get to go to the mall with an absolutely gorgeous chick at my side.

And what was really nice about the whole thing is she made me feel so at ease. Right when my I-pad booted up and the home screen came on two of my buddies approached from my left. "Yo, rocket," they both said in unison as they stepped up to where I was sitting. "What brings you out of your cave?" I picked up the nickname 'rocket' while playing Halo with the guys.

When in doubt I would send a rocket down range and just obliterate everything. So the nickname was well earned. "Just chillin' here, waiting on a friend of my dads'." I didn't know how else to describe Lissa. I had only met her african amateur play outdoors pussy lick fingering morning.

"Bummer dude," my friend Tony replied (a.k.a. Axe). "It's a shame you gotta spend your birthday doing shit for your old man." "Ya," chimed in Mark (a.k.a. Rock) "I'd be grindin' on some major eats and blastin' away at home if I were you dude." "I know," I said as I gave up trying to start a game of anything, "but it's really not that bad." Just then Axe broke in to the middle of things, "Yo dude, major babe alert." he said as he looked toward the store that Lissa had disappeared into.

"Check her out." I leaned to my right to see Lissa emerging from the store carrying a small bag in her left hand. She was sporting that terrific smile and heading straight for us as Rock and Axe both turned around to look at her while she approached.

"Oh yea," I said as I flipped the switch to my I-pad off and tucked it back into my pocket, "That's my dad's friend." "No way!" they both exclaimed as Lissa stepped up between them. "Hi guys," she said with a super cheery voice as she stepped right up to the bench and turned to face them. Neither one of them could utter a word. "David," she said as she set the bag on the bench next to me, "are you going to introduce me to your friends?" "Oh…yea," I said as I first pointed to Tony and then Mark.

"This is Axe and Rock." "Axe and Rock?" Lissa repeated with a noted bit of question in her voice. "What's the matter; did you guys upset your parents when you were young or something?" Lissa didn't wait for a reply before she casually sat down on my lap and draped her left arm over my shoulders behind my head. This put her left breast only inches away from my face. Her tight jean covered ass was sitting directly on my dick which instantly began to grow hard.

I was a bit surprised as to how heavy she felt as her weight pressed down onto my legs. But then again I am no sports star. "David," she said almost in a whisper with her mouth right by the side of my head, "I am sure these two young men have names other than Axe and Rock." I didn't think I could even remember my own name at this point.

Lissa had sat down in the worst of all places, and now I was in a real struggle to keep my growing boner from poking a hole not only through my pants, but hers as well. Without even thinking I placed my left hand on her lap, more out of an attempt to get her to move than anything but completely subconsciously. Lissa spun her head around to look me straight in the face before her right hand came down to rest directly sexy babe mandy riding dildo on cam top of mine.

"Well," she said as she gave my hand a gentle squeeze, "Introduce us." I cleared my throat before I re-introduced them. "Tony and Mark, this is Lissa C. She is a friend of my dad." "Oh don't be so modest," Lissa quickly interjected as she reached out with her hand extended toward Tony.

"I'm David's friend too," frisky czech teenie spreads her slim quim to the special said as she gently grasp his hand to give it a little shake. "Hi, I'm Lissa C." "H…h…h&hellip.hi." Tony finally managed to spit out.

She then repeated the gesture to Mark only to get the same result. When she did, however, she brought her left arm from around my neck and leaned forward. The different angle caused her weight to shift, resulting in her pussy grinding down against my now raging boner. "So what are you guys doing?" Tony suddenly blurted out.

"I'm just doing some shopping for David's birthday," Lissa said. She seemed to wiggle her ass back and forth a little as she said this, only compounding the issue I was having with my boner sticking up into her from behind. I was really trying my best not to move when Lissa suddenly turned to me and brought her mouth down right next to my ear.

"Why don't you ask these two guys to come over this evening for your birthday?" she said as she purposefully ground her ass back and forth on my raging erection. "I'm sure it will be ok with your dad." "My house, 7 o'clock," I quickly responded while I brought my right hand up and placed it on her hip. I had to do something to get her to stop moving or else I was going to have a situation right here and now. "Yea, sure," they both responded, almost in unison.

"That'd be cool." "Maybe you guys can get the crew to come as well," I said as I looked on the situation to have a massive gaming night.

"Call Grinder, Wedge, Flack, Storm and Blaster and tell them about super cute college teen with nice tits. Be at my house at 7." "Alright then," Lissa responded with a noted bit of enthusiasm in her voice.

"So if you guys will excuse us," she continued as she stood up from my lap, "we have some more places to go spreading her foxy legs is the only way out things to do." Axe and Rock both took a step back to allow Lissa to stand as I quickly did a flash adjustment.

"It was very nice meeting both of you," she continued before she turned around and offered her hand to me. "Come on sweetie, you're not done yet." In your best opinion, who do you think came out of this chance meeting with the most difficulty? Me, with my raging hard boner being pressed up in to the most heavenly body I have ever been china mom and son raped the presence of, or Tony and Mark, who now stood in the major aisle of the mall with their mouths hanging open and the dumbest expressions on their faces that I have ever seen?

I would have to give this one a tie. But as to where they could only watch and dream while Lissa and I headed off to our next destination, I got to walk around out in public with her clinging to my arm.

Today was shaping up to be a really good birthday. "You have some nice friends," Lissa stated as we continued up through the crowd. "I hope I didn't embarrass you." "Oh no," I quickly responded as our direction aimed us toward a very nice shoe store.

"I wasn't embarrassed; I just didn't know what to tell the guys." Instantly she stopped and pulled me around in front of her. "I guess that is a problem for you isn't it?" she said as she looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes. "I mean you don't really know me that well and it is the first time we have gone anywhere, right?" "That's right," I said as the rest of the mall just seemed to disappear. "I'll tell you what," she said as we resumed our walk toward the shoe store at a considerably slower pace.

"Let me grab what I need to get from here," she said as she handed me her bag from the first store, "and we'll go find a nice quiet place where we can talk. Ok?" and she smiled really big at me. How in the hell could I say no?

"Alright," I responded just before she turned and walked off at a brisk pace. I stepped over to the bench seats next to another big planter of fake plants and sat down.

The prospect of talking with Lissa didn't seem like such a foreign event to me now. If this had happened yesterday there would have been no way.

I would have been shaking like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. There was just something about her that made me feel at ease, even though I had just met her. I sat with my elbows resting on my knees and her bag hanging from my fingers while Lissa did her thing in the store.

I guess it could have been worse; the bag could have weighed a ton. I remembered what it was like when my mom would take me shopping with her. I would wind up carrying all of her stuff as she went from store to store exercising that most basic of rights granted to all American housewives: the right to charge it to their husband's charge cards.

'At least Lissa shopped light' I thought to myself as I twirled the bag around and around. During one of the spins one of the straps slipped off my finger and the bag fell open to one side as the other strap stayed in place, giving me a clear view of the contents. Inside was one pair of black gartered stockings in size small.

Immediately I felt funny as I reached down with my right hand to gather up the fallen strap. "Are you ready?" I heard from above, causing me to quickly raise my head to see Lissa approaching with a bag containing two boxes of shoes. Immediately the butterflies swarmed up inside me as I quickly closed the bag and stood up to meet her. "Uh…yea," I responded in a half startled tone. "As ready as I will ever be." Man did that ever sound stupid.

Lissa just gave a quick little glance down at the bag before she started off toward the food court with me tagging along right beside her.

Whatever it was that she had in mind it was now coming to a head. And as she slid into the bench seat of the table the only thought that kept coming to mind was this; how could I be so lucky? We sat and chatted for almost an hour, sipping on a pair of drinks. Lissa is the daughter of a co-worker at my father's place of employment. She had met my dad during a field trip to a science exposé at the civic center two years ago, and it was by his recommendation that she was able to secure early enrollment in college.

She could already speak 3 languages, and was well on her way to her master's degree in communications. Listening to her speak was almost like being hypnotized.

Her silky smooth voice and pleasant demeanor had me completely spell bound. Now add in to the mix that she is just absolutely beautiful and you can understand why I was now a goner. Just to gaze into her green eyes and see her smile made the rest of the world melt away.

Oh, what would it be like to be her boyfriend?! The remaining two stops in the mall were just a blur as Lissa completed her shopping. With only four bags in total, the walk back to the car was the longest part of the whole trip. But I was already feeling different. I opened both of the doors for her at the mall exit. And it was not until she opened the trunk of the car that I realized that I had carried all of her bags for her.

"Thank you David," she said politely as she pushed the trunk lid shut, "You're becoming quite the gentleman." End Chapter 1.