Amazing girls have fun on the beach

Amazing girls have fun on the beach
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This is rather a short opening, not as much sex as you may want but I'll upload more of the story in future depending on the response Kelly's Awakening Part One Kelly Richmond was having a very bad day.

It had been about 20 minutes since she had hung up the phone and she was still in shock. Jennifer, her girlfriend for the last 9 months, had ended their relationship with a phone call!

Not only that, but Jennifer had admitted that she had been having an affair with a man! To rub a little more salt into the already wide open wound, the man she had been seeing behind Kelly's back was there with her while she was on the phone, laughing quietly in the background!

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Finally, the last part of bad news was that Kelly actually knew who the man was, in fact, she knew him very well. It was Josh, her brother! * * * * * * * * * * * * Kelly had first met Jennifer a little under a year ago when, at 20 years old, Kelly was still struggling with her sexuality.

She had 'come out' when she was 18 and immediately wished she hadn't, her parents weren't supportive of her and fully expected her to grow out of this phase as they saw it. However, much to their disappointment, it wasn't simply a phase she was going through.

Kelly had become shy and withdrawn after that, her parents never treated her the same way and her younger brother tormented her about it.

She hadn't wanted Josh to know about it but her parents kindly filled him in, much to his amusement. He's only a year younger than Kelly but sometimes he acted like a child. Two years after telling her parents about it she decided to move in with her long-time, Ariel.

Kelly was just as excited to be moving in with her best friend as she was to be getting away from her family! Because of her family's reaction to her sexuality Kelly hadn't been able to meet anyone, her only friend in the world was Ariel and, unfortunately, she was straight. Ariel had been the very first person Kelly had told when she realized than she was 'different' and, in stark contrast to her family, she had simply accepted her friend's preference.

In fact they became even closer to each other, Ariel had told her, jokingly, that she felt closer to Kelly because she wouldn't have to 'compete' with her to get the attention of guys and, of course, no man would ever be able to come between them. Ariel had been very frustrated with Kelly's family when she learned about their reaction and as time went on, Kelly became more and more of a recluse; she wore drab outfits and never accompanied her best friend to clubs hardcore threesome fucking with hot babes inside the tow truck even just to go around the shops.

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The reason, Kelly admitted to her after a while, was that she felt ashamed. Ashamed of herself and embarrassed by the way her body reacted around women and particularly the way it didn't react around men. Of course, Ariel had known the moment Kelly mentioned it that it was because of her parents, they had made her feel like something was wrong with her and convinced her that she shouldn't even think about being intimate with another woman. Kelly's whole attitude towards herself had slowly begun to improve after she got away from the family house and moved in with Ariel.

She rarely spoke to her mother at all and her brother totally ignored her anyway. No great loss, that's what Ariel had said. That was the start of a new life for Kelly; she could be the person she wanted to be and didn't luna star anal fun with an extremely hot latina to hide anything anymore. When it was just her and Ariel in the house she felt great, but when people came to the house she still got pretty shy and despite her new freedom she still couldn't find it in herself to get out and be around people.

That changed the day Jennifer came into her life. That morning Ariel had gone out with her boyfriend leaving Kelly on her own, it took all her willpower to stop herself going back to bed for a snooze. Instead she went to the bathroom and cleaned her teeth, still half asleep she decided to have a cool shower. It was a hot day, the kind of day that made you uncomfortable all the time and Kelly thought a nice shower would make her feel much better, first she opened all the windows hoping the house would be cooler by the time she finished her shower.

In the bathroom she stripped out of her clothes but before getting into the shower she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror.

Kelly's confidence had slowly come back to her since moving in with Ariel who told her many times that she was a beautiful woman and she should start believing in herself. For a long time Kelly refused to believe her friend, convincing herself that Ariel was just being friendly but, over time, she gradually starting thinking that maybe she was good looking.

What had also helped was that, at Ariel's insistence, Kelly had uploaded a picture of herself to a dating website and the response she got was very encouraging! Unfortunately all the responses were from men and, of course, there wasn't much point answering them, she had decided it wasn't fair to keep her picture on there because it was for straight people. So today, while looking at her naked image in the mirror, Kelly smiled and looked at herself a little more favourably than usual.

She was happy with her light blonde hair; she'd grown it for a long time and now it just about reached down to her shoulder blades. While perusing her reflection she gently caressed her small breasts which, Ariel had assured her, were about the right size for her 5 foot 4 inch frame, Kelly was satisfied with how much of a good handful they were. In the right kind of bra or top she could still get a pleasing amount of cleavage.

She had a flat stomach which was a result of her involvement in the school's running team; she had ran in the 800 and 1200 metre teams for 2 years and at the time her stomach and legs got quite muscular. Japanese mom and dughter blackmail was a few years ago now and she had lost the muscle definition she used to have, in a way she was pleased because her 'abs' had been a little too prominent but now it looked much more natural.

Kelly turned to the side so she could see her naked rear, thanks again to the exercise she'd got from running so much her buttocks were nicely rounded but not too 'cuddly.' Next she examined her legs which, in Ariel's opinion, were her best feature. They were proportionately long compared to her small frame and gentle curves had replaced the hard muscle, they were very shapely from her thighs right down to her calves and ankles.

It was plainly obvious that she had taken good care of herself and she didn't look a day older than her 20 years. After her brief naked modelling show Kelly turned her back on the mirror and entered the shower leaving the door open so she'd be able to hear the phone if someone called. After being hot and muggy all day the cool shower felt great, the powerful jets of water massaged her neck and back instantly relaxing the young woman.

She put on a pair of exfoliating gloves and began rubbing all over her body, Kelly loved how soft her skin felt after using the gloves. After doing the top half of her body she lifted her right leg so she could rub her thigh and shins then did the same with her left leg, as she brought her hands up to her face she accidentally caught her right nipple with the rough glove which caused her to gasp out loud, both nipples were erect due to the coolness of the water which made them quite sensitive and, despite the roughness of the contact, she enjoyed the brief sensation.

Kelly had used the gloves on her pussy before, dragging the rough material gently over her virgin lips had felt pretty amazing and had inspired her to take her gloves off and finger herself to orgasm; she never penetrated herself while wearing the gloves because of bizarre fucked-up porn 18 tube porn sensitivity down there.

The memory of that day in the shower made her feel hot and before she realized it one hand had found its way to her shaven groin. She allowed herself a few strokes but stopped before going too far, even though she was horny she just didn't have the energy yet. Kelly got out of the shower a few minutes later and dried herself on a soft towel and got dressed, it was still hot so she selected her outfit based on the weather.

Most of her clothes were baggy trousers and jeans so she borrowed some of Ariel's instead; she picked out a short denim skirt and a thin white top and pulled them on. Because she was alone, and because of the weather, she didn't bother with underwear. Before going back downstairs she once again caught sight of herself in the mirror. At that moment, with her long damp hair, thin top and mini skirt, she looked like an advertisement for sex!

Kelly realized that she had never dressed this way before; the little skirt showed off her legs right up to her upper thigh and the top clung to her breasts with her nipples poking through the thin fabric. Kelly smiled at her reflection and ran her hands over her breasts and down to the hemline of the top and slipped her hands beneath it and felt the soft skin on her stomach. She took hold of the skirt's waistband and slowly eased it up, raising the hemline higher and revealing more and more of her sexy soft legs.

She kept pulling until the hemline was only a few centimetres below her bare rear; the waistband had gone over her navel so she rolled it down until it sat against her lower stomach.

While she had been playing with her clothing she noticed her nipples were sticking out even more! Kelly had surprised herself; she never realized wearing clothes like this could make her feel so sexual. She decided to leave her clothes the way they were as no one could see her and walked downstairs, swaying her hips to and fro playfully.

When she got downstairs Kelly sat on the sofa, when she did her skirt raised itself up even further but she resisted the urge to cover herself up again, instead she sat back and lifted her feet onto the sofa. With her knees apart her pubic area was fully exposed, she lowered her eyes and looked at herself. The short skirt that had been made even shorter looked more like a thick belt and only covered a thin section of her lower stomach, the sight of herself like this again made her feel excited.

She put her hands on her knees and slowly stroked her legs from there to her beautifully exposed thighs, the soft touch of her hands ran over the soft skin of hot looking hot goldie rush love huge massive dick smalltits and pornstars inner thighs. Not since the few first times she'd touched herself intimately in her bedroom, when she had sat on her bed as a teenager, had she caressed her skin in such a slow and deliberate way.

Feeling out every curve of her soft skin she seductively ran her hands over every inch of her inner thighs, exploring herself.

She took one hand away from her thigh and ran it up underneath the delicate material of her thin top, doing so caused the fabric to move across her fully erect and sensitive nipples making her gasp. She gently caressed her left breast under the top and, unable to wait any longer, dragged her other hand between her legs. Then, using the pads of her forefinger and middle finger, stroked the sweet and silky lips of her damp pussy. Swapping from one to the other, she gently kneaded the flesh of her breasts, her breathing got shallower as her arousal grew and soon she started feeling the urge to penetrate herself.

Her juices continued to flow, lubricating the entrance to her young body. Then, just as her fingers began to sink into herself, she was suddenly brought back down to earth when the sound of four or five bangs filled the room.

It took a moment for her to realize that someone was knocking on the door, she desperately wanted to ignore the noise and continue pleasuring herself but she knew it might be something important so reluctantly she stood up, vowing to finish what she had started later.

Now Kelly had some problems; her nipples stood erect and proud and were pushing against the thin top she wore and her skirt was around her waist. She quickly tried to arrange herself to look slightly less slutty. There was no time to get changed or to even find some underwear! She would have to just poke her head around the door and try not to show the visitor anything. She arranged her skirt to cover herself and tried to stop panicking (she was in such a rush that she totally forgot that the reason why her skirt seemed so small was due to her own modifications.) Kelly straightened her hair and hurried towards the front door, her breasts moved inside her top as she walked causing her nipples to rub against the fabric which kept them erect.

Despite the rush and panic she still felt turned on and, when she opened the door and poked her head outside, her arousal didn't subside, in fact, it just got much worse. "Hi, I'm Jennifer," said one of the most beautiful women that Kelly had ever seen.

It was obvious that, like her, Jennifer had dressed for the hot weather. She was a little taller than Kelly and a few years older, her long wavy blonde hair almost came to her backside. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts that were more like hot pants with the curve of her buttocks just about visible, she also wore a small black top that just barely covered her breasts.

It was her breasts that most caught Kelly's attention, they were huge! At least, in comparison to Kelly's small B cup breasts they were. And aside from a pair of sandals that's all this gorgeous woman had covering her body, compared to her, Kelly felt like a prude, she still only poked her head around the door because, despite Jennifer's state of dress, Kelly still only wore a tiny skirt, thin top and no underwear and, to top it off, her pussy still felt damp and her nipples poked through the thin top.

"Are you ok?" Jennifer asked. "Yeah, sorry," Kelly responded, embarrassed she had been caught staring. "What can I mom and sister father usa online sex stories story for you?" "I'm here to see Ariel Calver, is she here?" She asked. "No, sorry, she's gone out with her boyfriend somewhere," Kelly answered "Oh right, do you know when she'll be back?" "I don't know, it could be anytime, I could give her a call and see if she knows how long she'll be," Kelly offered, secretly hoping the blonde bombshell would stay a while longer.

"Yeah that would be great," Jennifer smiled. "Ok, you can come in if you like and I'll try her phone." Kelly was quick to present the solution but suddenly her shyness reasserted itself and she was more aware of her appearance than before. "Sounds good," Jennifer replied as she walked into the house and her eyes lit up when shy asian slut poses for the livecam japanese hardcore saw Kelly's body.

"I'll just be a moment," Kelly said as she closed the door and quickly hurried through to the living room where the house phone was.

Jennifer nodded and smiled as she watched the sweet woman almost run away from her. The second she had stepped through the door she knew that she just had to have her! Jennifer was pretty sure; from the way she had been ogled by her on the doorstep, that Kelly would like a taste of her pussy.

Jennifer wasn't a shy person and never had been, she was beautiful and she knew it. She was also supremely confident in herself and her body, she knew that when she 'dressed to impress' she was almost impossible to resist. Still smiling she slipped a hand into her shorts and felt the warm moisture seeping from her lips, Jennifer had already decided what would happen this afternoon and, with no feeling of shame at all, she unbuttoned her shorts and let them slide down her long smooth legs onto the floor.

Then she lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor on top of her discarded shorts and, totally naked except for her sandals, she followed the little blonde into the living room. Kelly had her back to the living room entrance and never saw the naked woman approaching her; she was still dialling the long mobile phone number when, suddenly she felt hands on her hips followed by cool air on her rear. Kelly's skirt was on the floor before she even knew what was happening, she started to turn around, dropping the phone onto its hook as she did, but then there were fingers inside her thin shirt tugging it to try and force it off.

Instinctively she crossed her arms over her breasts to try and keep her clothing on but there was no denying the invasive hands, the shirt ripped and was torn away from her body, leaving Kelly completely bare and at the mercy of the stranger behind beautiful girl loves to ride up dick pornstar and hardcore. "Don't struggle baby, I saw it in your eyes, I know this is what you want." Logic should have told Kelly that her 'attacker' could only be the person she'd let into the house moments ago, but she was still moderately surprised to hear a female voice behind her.

She felt bare breasts being pushed into her back as the woman's arms wrapped around her body and her hands each found a breast. Kelly cried out as Jennifer squeezed her small breasts in her hands, unsure if it was pain or pleasure that made her react. Then, as a counter to the rough treatment she had received so far, the next thing Kelly felt were soft kisses on her shoulder, the lips travelled up her neck then she felt teeth gently pulling the lobe of her ear.

"Do you want me to stop? Tell me to stop if you really want," Jennifer's lips were right next to Kelly's ear and after she whispered the offer to stop she resumed her soft kisses around the girl's neck. "Well?" "Don't stop," Kelly forced the words out. Now she knew she could have her way with the young woman, Jennifer released her breasts from her firm grip and spun her around so they were face to face and planted her lips firmly on Kelly's mouth, her tongue separated the girl's lips and, for the first time in her life, Kelly tasted the soft kiss of a woman.

Kelly had fantasized about her first time, in fact she'd thought about it a lot. Her fantasies would always include a slow seduction followed by gentle love making, after all, she had thought, women don't fuck.

However this wasn't gentle or seductive, it was raw passion and raging sexuality, two women exploring and, in Jennifer's case, conquering. Jennifer was asserting her dominance over the smaller woman, her large breasts pushed into Kelly's small bust as she forced herself onto her.

She'd been given the all clear and now she greedily enveloped the smaller woman, her tongue thrashed around inside Kelly's warm mouth and her hands ran up and down her back before reaching down to grope at her succulent rear. Kelly felt her body being grabbed and squeezed making the experience less like making love and more like raw fucking! Jennifer's hands were all over her, first they'd be stroking her back, then they were in her hair raking, stroking and even pulling her blonde hair snapping her head back and then they were on her buttocks, squeezing and even lifting her off the floor for a few seconds, she was being dominated by the older, taller and much more confident woman.

At last Jennifer took her tongue out of Kelly's mouth allowing her to catch her breath. However the separation didn't last long and in a few seconds Jennifer resumed her conquest, she moved her hands back up to Kelly's blonde hair and tugged it back causing Kelly to cry out as her head snapped back again, then Jennifer's lips were back in the action.

She kissed and licked the girl's neck and throat leaving a wet trail along her soft skin; she released Kelly's hair but continued to taste her sweet body.

Kelly's heart raced and her scalp hurt from Jennifer's rough treatment but she was turned on, she was certain she could feel her pussy juice leaking out from between her legs and running down her thighs.

Despite the brief pain she was enjoying being kissed, licked and explored, she felt desired which was something she'd never felt before, and it felt good. Really good! Jennifer's tongue was moving again, she felt hot wetness moving along her jaw line and up over her chin, then it was back on her lips, the woman eagerly licked around her lips before forcing her tongue back in to Kelly's accepting mouth.

They kissed a little slower this time and then, all too soon in Kelly's opinion, Jennifer stepped back and stood in front of her, grinning at her work so far. Now Kelly saw the slightly older woman in all her naked glory she suddenly felt like a little girl.

Jennifer was proportionately bigger than Kelly in every way, her legs were longer as was her hair, she was taller, her features were more prominent and her breasts were not only bigger but they were more rounded as well. However, Jennifer wasn't overweight, she wasn't even chubby, she just looked curvier.

This, Kelly thought, was a real busty anita has her wet twat hammered and, in boy seduces awesome chick for fuck hardcore and blowjob to this woman, Kelly felt like a schoolgirl again!

Jennifer stared at her and suddenly Kelly felt like she was waiting for something, although what that might be eluded her. She felt the need to explain herself to the grinning vixen. "I…I'm a…" Kelly stammered, she felt her cheeks burning and knew she must be blushing "Well Kelly, what are you trying to say?" Kelly couldn't remember telling her what her name is; she must've let it slip out.

Kelly suspected Jennifer already knew what she was going to say; maybe it would give the woman a weird kind of thrill to hear her say it out loud. "I'm…a virgin," Now Kelly was certain that she was blushing. "Not for much longer," said Jennifer, her smile becoming a wicked grin.

Then she began moving forward towards Kelly. But then she stopped and looked into the younger woman's eyes. "I guess that means you've never tasted another woman's pussy," she said it as a statement rather than a question. Kelly's heart rate went up a notch and her mouth had suddenly gone dry.

She couldn't force any words out so she just shook her as an answer. "Have you tried tasting your own?" She enquired. "No," Kelly answered. She felt more and more like an inexperienced girl with each passing second, even though, in the back of her mind a little voice reminded her of what friends said about her; an attractive 20 year old woman.

Jennifer took a step back legal age teenager hotty is banged well slowly raised her left leg, then she brought her hand down to her pussy. Kelly watched in some kind of fascination as Jennifer inserted one, then two fingers inside herself, gently moaning as she did so. She worked her fingers in and out of her body, enjoying having the awestruck girl watching her.

Then she stopped and pulled her fingers back out of her pussy, she briefly examined her now glistening fingers and lowered her leg before advancing on Kelly again. "Open wide," said Jennifer, lifting her wet fingers to Kelly's lips. The little blonde did as she was told but before Jennifer gave her a taste of her juice she traced her wet forefinger around Kelly's lips, then slowly leant forward and licked her own moisture of the girl's lips.

Kelly left her mouth open while Jennifer tasted herself, and then the glistening fingers were in her mouth. She closed her lips around the invading digits and gently sucked the wetness from them. It was a taste unlike anything she'd tried before, she thought it was sweet at first but couldn't be sure, it wasn't the taste that turned her on though, these fingers had just been inside Jennifer's body, she'd watched them slide in and out of her pussy and now the same fingers were in her mouth and she was tasting another woman.

Jennifer smiled again as she withdrew her fingers, delighted to be Kelly's first experience of lesbian lust. This would mean she would have to be the giver rather than the receiver for now; she would have to be patient. However this opened a whole realm of possibilities for them, she thought that if she asked the young woman to do something she would most likely do it, and having a sweet girl doing her bidding was an incredibly alluring idea but first Jennifer would have to show her how it's done.

Kelly wanted to kiss some more, she wanted to go slowly and gently, to be erotic and sensual; however, Jennifer had other ideas. It was as if the older woman was in a hurry or simply impatient, her movements were fast and she seemed to be running on impulse, eager to satisfy and to be satisfied. Kelly decided to just try to enjoy the experience, it didn't really matter that it wasn't happening in her ideal way but, at least, it was happening. With the taste of the curvy blonde's juice still on her tongue Kelly tried to make the next move, she moved forward towards Jennifer's pretty lips intending to passionately kiss her but as she approached Jennifer stopped her, placing a finger on her lips as if she was a teacher or a parent attempting to 'shush' a child.

Instead of kissing again, Jennifer put her hands on the smaller girl's shoulders and gently pushed down on them, indicating that she wanted Kelly to lie on the floor. Kelly eased herself down but then Jennifer's impatience shone through again and she shoved the young blonde to the floor. Kelly was already close to floor and the carpet was soft but she still felt a bit winded, it was becoming more obvious that Jennifer wasn't the sort of woman who would enjoy slow sex but, again, Kelly reminded herself that she should enjoy herself and to let Jennifer do as she wished.

Kelly was on her back and Jennifer stood over her for a moment, she expected the larger woman to follow her down but instead she stared down her.

"Bend your knees and open your legs Kelly," said Jennifer, sounding like a teacher which, Kelly realized, was precisely what she was at this moment in time and without hesitation Kelly did as she was told. "Good girl, now I want you to rub your pussy," Jennifer ordered. "Huh?" was all Kelly managed. "I want to see you touch yourself, I want to watch you fuck yourself, then I'm going to make you cum, I'll make you scream out loud. I'm going to suck your tits and lick your cunt!" Jennifer explained calmly.

She probably spoke in that tone of voice when reading out a shopping list! She didn't sound particularly excited by her plans for the young blonde but, in truth, she felt hotter, wetter and hornier every moment as she stared down at Kelly. So, with her eyes fixated on Jennifer's naked body, Kelly put her hand class six school girl porn vedio her legs and, like she had been doing a short while before Jennifer arrived, ran her index finger up and down her sopping wet slit.

Jennifer watched every move she made and mimicked the girl's movements by trailing her finger over her own wet pussy. "Are you nice and wet?" Jennifer asked. "Yes, it's really wet now," Kelly answered; her confidence rose as her inhibitions subsided and she allowed herself to enjoy the dirty talking. "Good, now put a finger in there," Jennifer urged. Yet again Kelly did as she was told; her moist finger found its way to her opening and eased inside her body. It slid inside easily thanks to the amount of lubrication down there.

Then she looked up and saw that Jennifer was copying her again with her own finger pumping inside her.

"Good girl, put your middle finger in there as well," Jennifer ordered. For the first time her voice quivered, making it obvious that she was losing control and soon she'd need to be fulfilled. Kelly slipped italian vintage porn a noble woman wildly fucked middle finger inside herself alongside her index finger as requested, her two fingers still slipped in and out of her quite easily although the extra friction against her inner walls, as well as her ever more sensitive lips, served to make her gasp with pleasure.

Slowly, shy little Kelly Richmond masturbated for the naked onlooker. "Now stop," said Jennifer. "Take your fingers out of your pussy baby." Kelly nodded and withdrew her wet fingers, as they slipped out of her body she could just hear a slurping sound, she was wetter than she'd ever been before. "Now I want you to taste yourself, suck your juice off of your fingers baby, I want you to know what you taste like." Before today, Kelly never even thought of licking her own moisture from her fingers, it wasn't because she thought it was dirty, she just wasn't that curious.

Jennifer, however, seemed to enjoy the tasting and obviously got some kind of kick from watching Kelly do these things, so, obedient as always, she brought her fingers to her lips and plunged them in. The taste was different to Jennifer's; it seemed more familiar, although she'd never tried it before. Jennifer had had enough of watching; now she wanted to get involved again. She sank to her knees and leant forward; she brought her head down in between Kelly's soft thighs and planted her lips on her foaming pussy.

Kelly cried out again, this time, however, it was purely out of pleasure. She felt Jennifer's warm breath on her wetness and her long blonde hair as it rubbed against her thighs.

She squirmed and moaned aloud as Jennifer's expert tongue ran up and down her sensitive slit. Her heart was pounding and her breasts raised and lowered rapidly as she panted for breath, she knew she couldn't last much longer.

Jennifer sensed Kelly's impending orgasm and sped up her assault on the virgin pussy. She had been stroking the girl's thighs but now she brought her hand in between Kelly's legs and roughly inserted two digits inside the sweet entrance to her young body. Jennifer's fingers were obviously bigger than Kelly's and their sudden penetration caused her to shout out in pain at first, but the shout became a long moan of arousal.

Her voice rose again when she felt Jennifer tongue flicking over her erect clitoris, the sensation of this stimulation, the penetration and the thought of a woman's pretty face buried between her thighs caused her to go crashing into the most amazing, violent and satisfying orgasm of her life. When she'd had orgasms before, after a lot of masturbation and fantasizing, they often started slowly, a warm rush through her body followed by a few seconds of climax.

Today though, with a woman's tongue on her clitoris and her fingers inside her, the warm gentle wave became a white hot pulse that tore through her body. Her pussy felt like it was throbbing with heat; it ran from her clitoris right through to her arms and legs, then her fingers and toes. Her body quivered as her senses overloaded, the waves still swept through her body causing little spasms in all her muscles followed by a warm sensation from in between her legs.

Finally, the waves began to subside and, at last, she knew her virginity was gone forever, taken away by this blonde woman who had ripped off her clothes and awakened her to what her young body was capable of.

Kelly opened her eyes to see Jennifer watching her with that grin still on her lips, those lips glistened with her juices, Kelly guessed what was coming next, Jennifer seemed to have some kind of fetish when it came to pussy tasting. Sure enough, the beautiful woman lowered herself onto her small body and they kissed, sharing the tastes of each other once stunning tiny nympho gets her narrow snatch and slim anus fucked. "Did you like that baby?" Jennifer asked after they shared the wet kiss.

"Yeah…I did, thank you," Kelly managed to reply. She still fought to catch her breath. "Good, do you think you'll be able to do it?" she asked. "I…I think so," Kelly suddenly felt very inexperienced again.

Jennifer rolled onto her side with her head propped up on her hand. "I think you'll do fine, besides, I'll help," Jennifer sat up with her back against the sofa and her knees bent and legs apart.

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She stretched her arms towards the nervous young woman, resting her elbows on her knees, and beckoned her forward. "Come here baby, get on your hands and knees and crawl to me," Jennifer's even tone was back and, apparently, so was her naughty side. Kelly rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up, she slowly crawled to the waiting woman like she had been told, not daring to disobey.

Not because she tania gets her virgin pussy slammed from behind scared of getting physically hurt, it was because she didn't want to disappoint the sexy blonde vixen, she felt like she owed her. "That's right sweetie, crawl to me," Jennifer encouraged. "I want you to come here and suck on these," she said, her hands cupped her large breasts to show the inexperienced girl what she meant. Jennifer watched Kelly nod as she advanced on her waiting body, her hair hung down the sides of her face and her small breasts gently rocked to and fro.

Drunk wife cheats at party hesitated when she was close to the large bosoms, she was worried about doing it wrong and, of course, there was no way she'd be able to get her mouth right around them. Jennifer saw that Kelly was nervous; her trembling hands gave a clear indication of it. "It's ok baby," Jennifer said.

She softly stroked the girl's hair to encourage her onwards but, it seemed, she would need more precise instructions. "I want you to lick my nipple," she said softly and cupped her left breast, offering it to Kelly. Kelly obliged and slowly used her tongue to trace circles around the pink nipple, as she did she noticed that it began to get harder. This was a minor breakthrough for Kelly, she'd thought of sex and of things she'd like to experience but, she never thought about what kind of affect she could have on someone.

At this moment, as the pink bud stiffened, she realized the she was turning this woman on, making her wet, making her groan and shiver and all this was accomplished simply by licking a small part of her body! Now she had a bit of confidence she took some initiative and closed her lips around the areola and stiff nipple, drawing on it and continuing to let her tongue dance around the sensitive area inside her mouth.

"Mmmmm Kelly, you're really good at this, do the same to my other one," Jennifer was pleasantly surprised by Kelly's natural ability. Kelly swapped breasts and took the right nipple in her mouth while twiddling the erect left nipple between her fingers and thumbs. She knew she was doing well, not only because Jennifer had told her she was good at it, but because of the way her body subtly reacted to every touch.

With the soft skin in her mouth Kelly listened to the noises Jennifer made, she moaned aloud and, sometimes, said Kelly's name out loud, which made her even more confident. "Kelly stop, I don't want to cum yet, kiss me," Jennifer pleaded. Kelly removed her lips from the woman's breast and knelt up; she was in between Jennifer's open legs with one bent knee either side of her. Doing as she was asked, Kelly brought her lips to Jennifer's mouth and they kissed, still feeling confident, Kelly stroked her gorgeous curvy thighs making the older woman moan, her voice muffled by the younger woman's lips.

"Ok," Jennifer said, leaning out of the kiss. "Do you think you're ready to lick my pussy? I want you to do what I did for you, fuck my hole with your fingers and suck my clitoris, lick me out baby, will you do it?" "I'll do it, I mean…I'll try my best," Kelly replied.

"Good, good girl," Jennifer said with an excited smile. She stood up and walked over to where Kelly had been before and laid down, knees bent and open again, inviting the young blonde to come and play. Kelly crawled towards the open legs and tried to remember all the movements that Jennifer had used, she had felt pretty confident until she actually was facing the glistening wet pussy.

Surprised by her own willingness she leant forward and planted a kiss right next to her pussy, just a tiny distance away from the plump lips. Then, she decided, it was time to go for it, she stuck out her tongue and dragged it from her perineum right up the centre of her soaking lips, she dipped inside and felt the entrance to Jennifer's quivering body.

Kelly teased for a moment, licking around the wet hole, and then she stabbed her tongue inside as far as she could. She could feel the inner walls on the tip of her tongue but couldn't get in any further, so she withdrew and replaced her tongue with 2 fingers, ramming them inside the dripping hole as far as she could reach, her finger tips moved around inside before being pulled out and pushed in again, getting deeper with each thrust.

"Ohhh GOD!! Kelly, wow! Don't stop…Mmmmm FUCK ME!! Kelly, suck my clit, please…oh please let me cum! I NEED it! I NEE…" Jennifer didn't finish her pleading because Kelly, with three fingers deep inside her, had taken her advice and wrapped her lips around her erect clitoris; she sucked it into her mouth and her tongue played with it, each time her tongue touched raunchy pov session with a busty blonde cumshots and big tits ultra-sensitive area Jennifer shivered and moaned.

"KELLY I'M&hellip.OHHH GOD I'M CUMMING!" Kelly watched the climax with a very satisfied smile, knowing that she had caused all of her pleasure. The beautiful blonde who had knocked on her door thrashed around on the floor, her hips rose to meet Kelly's invading fingers, and then she was limp, she laid flat on the floor and breathed heavily. Kelly finally removed her fingers from Jennifer's pussy; instead of wiping the juice off them she remembered Jennifer's love of tasting her pussy.

So Kelly laid down beside the spent woman and offered her soaking digits to her. Jennifer simply opened her mouth and licked and sucked her moisture into her mouth. Then the two women kissed and embraced. That was how it began. * * * * * * * * * * * * Afterwards they talked, Kelly told Jennifer about her family and her difficulty coping with her sexuality. Jennifer listened and said all the right things, the things Kelly wanted to hear.

Kelly didn't learn much about Jennifer; she was single, 25 years old and lived with a group of friends in a house-share arrangement. She had come to the house looking for Ariel because they were old friends from school, Jennifer was a couple of years above Ariel and they hadn't seen much of each other since.

Now Jennifer had moved house and now lived closer she wanted to pick up the friendship where it left off. That was when Jennifer invited Kelly out and, as a natural progression, they became lovers. Ariel seemed happy for her friends although she was going through a rough patch, she suffered with depression and it was hard on her. Later on she told Kelly that the day she'd spent with her boyfriend, when Jennifer first came to the house, was actually the last they shared, they'd split up while her best friend lost her virginity.

Afterwards it was like they switched roles; Kelly got more outgoing and Ariel became depressive and, in time, an introvert. Unfortunately, as the months rolled on, Ariel became more withdrawn, sometimes, when Jennifer came to visit, she went to her room saying she couldn't cope with a crowd, even though there was only the three mom change her dress and son suddenly start tfuck them.

Kelly tried to be there for her as much as she possibly could, but Jennifer occupied a mom and me in kitchen of her time and, as time went on, Kelly discovered a few more things about the kind of woman Jennifer could be, and it wasn't all good. To be continued…