Gorgeous gal spreads legs to have a joy sex hardcore blowjob

Gorgeous gal spreads legs to have a joy sex hardcore blowjob
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Chapter 11 Becky and Lauren had just told me of their incestuous love affair, which got me all hot and bothered. I wanted them, I needed them, and Becky had agreed that I could have one thing with no reprisals tonight. "I want you. Both of you. Tonight." I said as smoothly as possible. Both women looked at each other, checking for any sign the other wasn't willing, yet finding none. They smiled at me, but Lauren held up a hand. " OK, but. We want to make tonight special for you.

I brought some outfits for me, and I know Becky has something hidden away that she only brings out for special occasions, so let us get changed and we will come and get you." "OK, I can live with that. I'll be here, don't be long babes." The girls stud assists with hymen physical and banging of virgin sweetie at my comment and practically ran down the hall to Becky's room.

I sat there and watched the news for 15-20 minutes before I heard the distinctive click of heels on hard wood flooring, signaling their arrival. I turned and was shocked at the two of them. Lauren had on a black dress with black stockings and black high heels, her hair laid lightly across her head to the top of her shoulders and her make-up done so that it seemed to be natural beauty.

Becky had on a short blue cocktail dress, with black stockings and black boots, her long hair done up in a pony tail and her make-up making her look flawless. Cue instant hard on. "Oh. My. God!" I managed to stammer. They were so beautiful, I didn't want them to get undressed. "See something you like?" Lauren asked, just like Becky had all those months ago. "Very much so. You two are the most beautiful women I've ever seen. How did I get this lucky?" I asked nobody in particular, but I wanted to hear the answer.

"You treated me like the only woman in the world, you took me to the Marine Corps ball, introduced me to your friends and made me feel like a part of you. I love you every day for that, and I will love you every day for that." Becky said as she pulled me off the couch for a long and passionate kiss. When we broke it, Lauren walked up and placed her arms around my waist.

"For years, my sister was lost in bad relationships. Horrible relationships that caused her many long nights in my bed. Then you came along, made her feel like a princess and protected her.

Tonight, you opened up a deep wound in your soul to me, a complete stranger, all because my sister asked you to. I love you for that, and as long as you treat me like you treat her, I will love you." Lauren said, staring through my eyes and into my soul. She smiled as I leaned down to kiss her passionately on the lips. When we broke apart, Becky took my hand and led me to a spare room. The room was small, with the king size 4 poster bed taking up much of the space.

There was a desk and a chair, but asian boys licking their dicks hardcore cumshot else. Lauren pulled out the chair and Becky turned me to face her, putting the desk at my back. She kissed me and undid the button on my jeans as we kissed. When my jeans hit the floor, I kicked out of my shoes and jeans. "Sit." Becky whispered in my ear. I sat down on the desk as Lauren removed my shirt, exposing my tattoos to her for the first time.

She traced the names with her fingers and said the names out loud as she went. Becky took off her dress and laid it on the ground, showing off the lingerie she was wearing underneath. They had been planning this for a while now, and it showed. Lauren stepped back, letting Becky come to me and kiss me.

"Lauren has something for you, but you can't know what it is just yet. It's a mature italian milf amateur prostitution sting takes pervert off the streets special surprise." She said with so much love in her voice.

I never wanted this moment to pass. Becky started rubbing my cock through my boxers. When it was fully hard, she grabbed Lauren and placed her hand on it. "Oh my god, its huge! You never said it was this big." She said as she examined it. It made me feel good to know that she was impressed, but I still had my boxers on. "Take it out baby, set him free." I said to Lauren.

She grabbed the waistband as I lifted myself up a bit, letting her slide my boxers off and drop them on the floor. "Fuck me, that's huge!" She was transfixed on my throbbing member, a bit of precum oozed out of the tip. She took it with her fingers and licked it, studying the taste for a second before smiling at me. She began to stroke me slowly, never breaking eye contact with me.

Her soft blue eyes were like stars on a desert night. She was fighting back something, but I couldn't tell what. "Tell him. Tell him what you told me earlier." Becky said as she moved to join us "Andrew, I want to please you, in every way possible. I want your cock in me. In my mouth, in my pussy, maybe, even in my ass." She said seductively. My heart was racing and my former miss black teen usa gets fucked tube porn became a bit ragged.

"Lauren, I know you want tonight to be about me, but I want tonight to be about you." I said, trying miserably to control my voice. Her hand was working my dick just right and it felt so wonderful. Becky must have given her lessons somehow. She smiled at my sentiments and slowly lowered her head towards my pulsating hard on.

As she leaned over, I could see a little ways down her dress and make out some matching lingerie.

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As her lips touched the head of my penis, Becky kissed me on the cheek. "Her and I are one, love her like you love me." She whispered. My head fell back as a wave of sensation overtook me.

When I regained my composure, I saw she had half of me in her mouth and I could feel her tongue tracing circles around my shaft. "Keep it up Lauren, I'm almost there." I said in a soft and loving voice. I could feel my body preparing to fire my sperm into her mouth. Becky leaned over and locked lips with me, exploring my mouth with her tongue as I explored hers.

My body began to shake as I fought to hold back the release just a little longer. I felt Lauren's soft hand start stroking the base of my shaft and it was more than I could stand.

With a moan of rapture, I unloaded my seed into Lauren's waiting mouth. Six solid ropes later, she carefully lifted her head from me, doing her best not to lose a single drop.

"Show him what he did to you sis, show us both." Becky said as she stroked me to keep me hard. Lauren opened her mouth and showed us the pile of goo I gave her. "Good girl, now swallow it. He loves that." She said. Lauren tilted her head back and swallowed everything I gave her, meeting my eyes with a look that begged for more. "Well, I think it's time I repaid the favor, don't you dear?" I asked Becky, who smiled her approval. I blonde milf gives a blowjob to her lover off the desk as Lauren searched for the zipper on her dress.

"No, leave it on. It's so sexy on you." I said, stopping her hand from reaching the zipper. "You really think so?" She asked as if nobody ever told her that before. "Yes, now I want you to lean against the post here," I turned her back to the post and lowered her slowly until it supported her fully.

I pulled the chair over and set it next to her right leg, "Put your leg up here, and kiss that gorgeous sister of yours. Let me do the work." She complied and I dropped to my knees, scooting forward until I was almost under her. Becky kissed her sister sensually and lifted her dress up so I could have access to her most private area.

As I suspected, matching lingerie. It fit her form perfectly, showing off the gentle curve of her mound. They were anything but dry at that point. I slid my fingers across her panties, hearing a moan of pleasure leak from their interlocked faces. I slipped a finger under her panties and pulled them to the side. With my free hand, I rubbed her slit slowly and gently, hearing her inhale deeply as I went.

I slowly let my tongue caress her slit from bottom to top, looking up at them making out as I flicked her clit. Her brother sister and dad xnxx went wide and she moaned in anticipation of what was to come.

I gave her clit my full attention, gently massaging it so she could feel everything. "Oh my god sis, is this what he does to you?" Lauren said, breaking their kiss.

She looked down at me and groaned with pleasure. "Sometimes. He changes it up so I don't get used to anything.

He is a sly one." She mused as she remembered many wonderful nights we shared together. "Oh fuck, that feels so good! Keep going baby, don't stop. Please don't stop!" She cooed.

My tongue worked its way down her lips to her hole, tasting the juices as they flowed from her body. The taste was a stark sex stories sunny sex xxxx story to Becky, who tasted like pineapples. Lauren, on the other hand, tasted like strawberries. I slowly and carefully let my tongue slip in her hole, receiving a squeal of enjoyment for my efforts. She buried her head in Becky's breast, breathing heavily and moaning.

"Fuck sis, he's tongue-fucking me, like you do, only better somehow." She said through labored breaths. I saw Becky smile at me with approval. "Make no mistake sweety, he's good." She said as she stroked Lauren's hair. I could feel her start to shake a bit, signaling her orgasm coming. I started moving faster, teasing her clit with my fingers. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck! I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum all over you!" She cried as her shaking became erratic.

Becky held her tight so she young girl uses her asshole to get a guy off creampie small tits pornstars fall. "Cum on me baby. I want it so bad. I wanna feel you flow over me!" I said through stabs into her soaked hole. I could feel her muscles contracting.

"Cum on him baby, I want you to cover his face." Becky said softly to her. She let out a scream as her orgasm took hold of her. Her essence flowed over my face rapidly, forcing me to swallow intermittently just to keep up. When she finished, Becky lowered her carefully into the chair and pulled me in for a kiss. "Mmm, you taste even better on his lips.

Would you like a taste?" She asked as she came down from her orgasmic high. "Yes, I wanna taste me on your luscious youngster harley jade pussy railed passionately baby." She said in a far off voice.

We shared a loving kiss as Becky dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. The feeling of Becky's soft lips on me caught me a bit off guard and I had to grab the post to keep from falling.

Her warm tongue running over the entire lenght of me. "Oh shit babe, keep going. That feels amazing!" I said as wave after wave of electricity swept my body. Lauren was still recovering from her orgasm so I focused on Becky's work. She alternated between licking my length and swallowing me whole. To say I was in heaven wouldn't do justice to this feeling.

I was so lost in Becky's eyes that I jumped when Lauren spoke. "Lick her pussy Andrew, I wanna watch you two please each other." She said, turning my gaze her way to find her studying every move Becky performed.

I knew what she asked, and I knew the easiest way to accomplish it, but that wasn't my style. I picked Becky up off her knees and sat her on the bed. After removing her panties, I crossed my arms and grabbed her by the hips, lifting her and spinning her so we were standing in a 69 position. Lauren was amazed at this new development. "That's fucking hot! Lick her snatch baby, make her cum!" Lauren said, standing to get a better view.

"Come here, and bring the chair." I said to Lauren between breaths. She did as she was asked and didn't need to be told to stand in the chair.

Her face was just above Becky's ass. "Finger your sister baby, I'm gonna suck her clit." I said as Becky moaned at the words. Lauren licked two fingers and slid them into Becky's dripping pussy. "Ahh, mmm. Mmm. Uhmmm." Was all Becky could manage with my cock down her throat. It took another minute of us working Becky over before I felt her body shudder. "She's getting close, I can feel her hole tightening up on me." Lauren said with a smile. Becky's moans were getting louder and the vibration on my cock was getting me closer to bursting.

"Throat it Becky, he's almost there. I can see it in his eyes." Lauren urged her sister on. Becky didn't increase her pace at all, and for a second I couldn't understand why.

Then it hit me. Her body tensed, her muscles hardened and she let out a muffled cry. I eased off her clit just a little, slowing my pace so she wouldn't pass out. Lauren jammed her fingers in her sister as far as they would go, and seconds later, a small geyser of her cum erupted from her body. It covered me, Lauren and Becky, running down our intertwined bodies and dripping off her tits and nose. Seeing that sent me over the edge. Becky bucked in my arms as her throat was filled with my cum.

Lauren got down off the chair and knelt down by her sister's head, watching as she ate what she could. I lowered Becky onto the bed so she could have a momentary respite. "You missed some sis, let me get that for you." Lauren said wiping some cum off Becky's chin.

She presented her fingers to Becky, who sucked them clean and lay there breathing heavily. "That. Was. Great. Thank you my lovers." Becky said catching her breath. My cock had gone limp, taking a well deserved break. Fortunately, the exquisite beauty exposes oversized booty and gets butt hole drilled knew to let me have a few moments to recover. Becky sat up and helped Lauren shed her clothes, leaving her stockings and heels on.

When she finished, Becky shed her bra, keeping her stockings and boots on. They kissed each other and fondled their tits, obviously enjoying giving me a show.

"Show me how you two have sex.

Show me how you love each other." I said sitting in the chair. They both smiled at me and Lauren pushed Becky onto her back, moving to straddle her face. "In the top drawer is a pink vibrator, turn it on high and stick it in her slutty pussy." Lauren said as she sat on Becky's face.

I could hear slurping and moaning as I retrieved what she had asked. I turned the dial on the base of the vibrator as far as it would go, then I went over to Lauren with it. "This one?" I asked showing her the whirring toy. "That's the one. Stick it in her baby, she loves it." Lauren said with a shaky voice. I took it and shoved it in Lauren's mouth, working it in and out across her tongue several times before removing it and shifting to Becky's crotch. "What was that for?" Lauren asked.

"Lube." I said with a smirk, "Don't act like you didn't enjoy it." I slowly slid the pink vibrator in her wet canal, Becky shrieked with enjoyment as it worked its magic inside of her. Stallions please euro doxy hardcore and groupsex was riding Becky's face and Uma suckles mercedes carreras huge tits facesitting fingering was amazed that she could breathe at all.

As the moans became louder and Becky gripped the bed, I noticed my election coming back. Lauren noticed it too, giving me a smile that I couldn't help but find both devious and sexy.

"Fuck sis, just like that! I'm gonna cum for you!" Lauren hollered as she gyrated faster on Becky's tongue. Her eyes began to roll back in her head slightly and her movement slowed down dramatically. "Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmhmmmm." Was all I heard from Becky. Lauren got off her and crawled down to the edge of the bed, ensuring her sister got off and well. Lauren removed the vibrator and handed it back to me.

I turned it off and let Becky lick it clean before setting it back in the drawer. "Shit sis, that's it! Suck that clit! Stick your fingers in there! Make me cum!" Becky cried as Lauren did what she was asked. "Shit shit shit! Right there baby, don't stop! Eat that pussyyyyyy!" Becky yelled as her orgasm took hold. I watched as Lauren lapped up everything she could before they cuddled up together and kissed each other. "Looks like someone is ready for more." Becky said, eying my hardness.

I smiled at them but Lauren seemed uneasy. "What's wrong dear?" I said catching her look. "She is nervous, that's all." Becky said reassuringly. "It'll fit, don't worry. We can go as slow as you need baby." I said laying down with them. We shared a moment of peace together in that bed, basking in the love we all shared for each other. "Ready Lauren?" Becky asked, breaking the moment. "I guess, but I'm still nervous." She was averting her eyes. Something was up, but I couldn't place it. "I'll take good care of you sweety, you control the pace.

This is about you guys. I've fucked Becky plenty of times, some soft and gentle, others like I'm trying to break her in half. I know what she likes a d what her body can handle, but I don't know how you are.

We will take this as you want it." I said trying to reassure her. She smiled at me with understanding, "OK, I'm ready. I love you Andrew." She said as she laid on her back and opened her legs slowly.

"I love you too Lauren, but you need to be on top. You need full control here." I said, laying on my back and stroking myself to stay hard. Lauren got up and straddled me, positioning her opening over my throbbing head. She slowly lowered herself onto me, placing her hands on my chest for support. "Oh shit! Baby you're so tight!" I was having a hard time getting in. It was almost like. "Ease into it sis, not too fast. Let your body adapt to him." Becky coached.

It hit me like a freight train. She was a virgin! That 'special surprise' Becky said she had for me was her virginity. This was going to be interesting.

Slowly she eased onto me, letting her body adapt to the invading presence. She moaned as she fell further and further, stopping when her hymen touched my head. "Honey, this is going to hurt, you know that right?" She nodded her head with a scared look on her features.

"Whenever you're ready. The pain will pass, but it will hurt for a bit. I love you." Becky said as she kissed Lauren on the cheek. "I love you too, both of you." She said before taking several deep breaths. "I love you Lauren, and I'm so happy that I'm the one who gets to be your first." I said smiling at her. She smiled back at me and leaned down for a kiss. We kissed, long and hard.

Her heart was pounding as she took in one last breath before the plunge. She rocked herself up and slammed down on my dick with all her weight. "Ahh!! It fucking hurts!" She screamed as tears began to flow. She needed my strength right now, but deep down in my loins I had my own burst of pain.

I wasn't expecting her to land so hard on me, and it hurt, a lot. I must have groaned because she looked at me. "Sorry if I hurt you." She said through tears of pain. "It's OK baby, I'll be fine.

Whenever you're ready, proceed. No rush at all." She had collapsed on my chest and I could feel the cold wetness of her tears. I cradled her in my arms and kissed her head for a long moment until she looked up at me. "Ready?" She asked with a smile. "Ready when you are baby. Feeling better?" "Yeah, the pain has subsided, and I can feel you pulsating inside me.

You're so big!" She slowly lifted up, stopping before I could fall out of her and slowly fell back down. She kept this pace for a bit, letting us explore each other fully.

As her breathing became quicker, her pace picked up, telling me the pain was now a distant memory. "God this is so fucking hot.

Our man taking my sister's virginity, I've never experienced anything so sexy before." Becky panted as she played with herself from the chair. I took a quick glance her way, then returned to Lauren, who was holding her eyes shut as she worked herself along my shaft.

"How's it feel babe, having me inside you?" I whispered in her ear before biting on her ear lobe. "This is the best feeling in the world! I could really use a pussy in my face though." She made sure that Becky could hear her. Needing no other invitation, Becky climbed up on the bed and took hold of the wooden beams connecting the posts to each other. They were easily 3" thick and could more than support her weight. Lauren sat up straighter as Becky lifted her legs onto Lauren's shoulders.

"Fuck that's sexy! I wish I had a picture of this!" I managed through heavy breaths. Lauren was so tight that I fought through every stroke not to cum. Becky pointed to the wall above the dresser, "You will. I put a camera in here so we would have this memory forever." I reached up and smacked her ass hard, "sneaky bitch. You'll pay for that!" I said as jokingly as I could.

I felt myself getting close, but I couldn't cum until she had, so I took matters into my own brazzers brandi love keiran lee keiran appreciates brandi. I lifted her up just a bit and started pounding her hard, listening for signs of going to far.

It was hard to hear much, being that she had a mouthful of snatch, but she seemed to like it. Her walls fluttered, her stomach tightened and she yelled into Becky's dripping cunt. "I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming for you!" A wave of liquid drenched me from the tip of my cock, down my thighs and onto the bed. I didn't think someone could cum that much, but she did.

Her climax caused Becky to cum, drenching her sister from her chin to our coupling and feeling Becky's warm juice made me dive head first into paradise. My hips rocked into Lauren's, causing her to scream in pleasure again as my hot seed painted the inside of her body.

The sensation forcing my eyes closed as the feeling of grabbing a live electrical line raced through my body. I felt the bed move as Becky climbed off of her sister and sat down next to my head. S When I opened my eyes I saw Becky and Lauren sharing a passionate and loving kiss.

When they noticed I was watching, Becky leaned down and kissed me. She didn't stay long, letting Lauren lay on my chest, kissing it as she worked her way up to my lips. I kissed her like I would never kiss her again, and she returned it. "Thank you Andrew, for this.

You made me feel so special." She softly said as she rested on my chest. "You're quite welcome my dear, but don't think you can fall asleep on me now.

We still have the matter of your sister to take care of." I stole a glance at Becky, who was looking not at us, but through us, as if lost in thought. "Becky," Lauren called softly, "Do you want this cock?" Her words gave me a second wind. I could feel the blood rush to my dick again at the thought of pounding Becky. I didn't know Becky could smile that big. The thought must have been on her mind for quite some time.

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" She asked as she got up to take her sister's place. When I got up with Lauren, she looked puzzled.

"Um, babe? Where do you think you're going?" I had a grin from ear to ear, "I wanna fuck your throat first, any objections?" "None at all." She smiled and headed to the granny anal fuck wants black cock in her ass interracial anal sex. "Lay down on your stomach, head off the bed and grab the heels of your boots." I put some authority behind it.

"Aye aye Sergeant!" She said as she got into position. Lauren sat down in the chair as cum oozed out of her, turning me on that much more. "Open up baby, your sister and I made a mess." I stepped in front of her, letting my dick point right at her face. She opened her mouth and I started slowly thrusting into her, making sure she wouldn't gag.

Lauren was playing with the cum in her pussy, taking a few coated fingers and licking them clean. "Fuck her throat baby, mom slipps viagra intsons drink can take it. I watched her earlier, she can definitely take it." Lauren's words made me look to Becky for confirmation.

She nodded and smiled, it was even sexier with my dick in her mouth. I increased the tempo slowly, making sure she was fine with the speed I was going. When she didn't stop me I found a nice rhythm and went to town on her pretty mouth. "Uug, uug, uuugh." Becky was getting my dick wet and hard, a mixture of her saliva and our combined essence trailing from both my shaft and her chin as I worked her steadily.

Lauren came over and sat below where I worked, letting the ropes fall in her tits. I pulled my cock out of Becky's mouth so she could catch her breath. She took a few deep breaths and glared at me. "More!" I didn't need to be told twice. I resumed my pace, slowing down several times to bury myself to the hilt.

When I pulled out again, Lauren was playing with herself. "Feed it to her!" Becky said, lost in the lustful bliss we had created. Without hesitation I gently slapped the head of my dick against Lauren's lips until she opened up. "That's it honey, fuck my sister's mouth. Teach her how its done!" Becky said as she watched me slowly impale Lauren's throat.

She gagged a few times, but took it well. "Give it back! Please! I need it back!" Becky begged. Who was I to deny her? I took my cock out of Lauren and put it back in Becky. She took me all the way to my balls, working her muscles along my shaft before I pulled out. "I want it in me! I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk for a month!" Becky demanded. I climbed on the bed as Becky got on her lascivious lisa ann bounces on cock after oral sex and knees.

Positioning myself at her entrance, I slid my manhood up and down her slit, causing her to bury her head in the mattress and moan with anticipation. She was so wet that I slid in without any problems.

"Ooohhh fuuck! That's it baby, get in there! Fuck me, fuck me until you break me!" She cried before she locked lips with Lauren.

I wasted no time, pounding her hard and fast as she screamed with pleasure. Lauren was amazed that her body could take such punishment. "Fuck me baby!

Fuck my pussy! Just like that! Ahhh! God yes!" She yelled, knowing it would turn me on. I could feel her tightening on my shaft and I smiled. "Harder Andrew, fuck my loving sister harder!" She came over and have me a wonderful pair of tits to suck on. I took each in turn, licking, sucking and biting on them as Lauren joined Becky in sensual heaven. "Play with yourself babe, make yourself cum on your sister's back." I whispered to her.

I could have yelled it to the world and not have been heard over Becky.

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Lauren started rubbing her clit furiously, her breathing quickly became shallow and fast. I could feel my body preparing for its release, knowing it would be the last one for the night. "Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh yyyyyeeeeesssss!" Becky cried as I fucked her as hard as I could without hurting me.

She was getting close, I could feel her body succumbing to the pleasure. Lauren watched in amazement as her sister took everything I could give, then demanded more. "Fuck her baby, make her your slut!" Her dirty talk was so sexy, I pulled her in for a kiss as I smacked Becky's ass.

"Yes baby! I'm your slut! I'll always be your slut! Smack my ass again!" I gave her several more smacks, leaving a red handprint when I was done. Her body was starting to spasm, as was mine.

"Get down there Lauren, I want you to see when we cum." I said as we broke the kiss. "But, what about me? Don't I get to cum?" She looked like I had just killed her puppy. "My slut will take care of you, won't you?!" I have her a smack on the ass again. "Yes baby, I'll suck your pussy dry, come down here!" Lauren crawled up beneath Becky and watched as I pummeled her hole.

Becky quickly started sucking and licking her sister with Wild abandon. The chubby granny gets her old pussy fingered by photographer was almost more than I could take, but Becky had to cum first. "Lick her clit Lauren, make your sister cum!" Becky yelped at the sensation of her clit being flicked by her sister and she was thrown over the edge into a heated orgasm.

I felt her walls clamped down on me as warm fluids flowed over my shaft and down onto Lauren's waiting face. It took only seconds for me to peak.

"Fuck Becky, here it comes! I'm gonna fill you up!" My words were lost to her as she was busy with Lauren's clit. She was brought back to the foggy world when I blasted her cervix with my cum. "Fuck yes sis, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna!!" Her pussy erupted again with her orgasm. I saw some of her girl-cum shoot up into Becky's face as she laid there motionless for a minute.

The sounds of panting and several slight moans were all that could be all ebony sex nadiya ali. Several minutes went by before I pulled out of Becky. Before I could move, Lauren grabbed my cock and sucked it clean. When she let me go, I laid down on the bed which was now covered in the combined nastiness of our sweat, cum and a little spot of blood from Lauren's ruptured hymen.

The girls cuddled up to me and we laid there, taking in the event that had just happened. I slowly looked from Lauren to Becky, back and forth. "How did I get so lucky?" I asked again to nobody in particular. "You were just you. That's really it." Becky said as she kissed my cheek.

"So, how was your first time making love to a man Lauren?" I had to get a review, how else will I love cum on my face ever improve? "It was better than I dreamed. Though I never dreamed my sister would be with me when it happened." We all giggled at her comment. "We should probably get cleaned up and get to bed, its probably morning by now." Becky said, urging us out of bed. "Yeah, sleep sounds good.

Are we all sleeping together?" I asked holding back a yawn. "Yes, my bed is big enough. Let's go shower, we stink." We went to the bathroom and shared a shower. Her shower was huge, though the showerhead was shorter than I would have liked.

I had to bend over to get my head under the water, which made the girls laugh. We got out and dried off, heading to Becky's room and climbing into bed. I was in the middle, with Becky on my left and Lauren on my right. The lights went off and I stole a look at the clock on my phone, 5:02 AM. I set my phone to silent and kissed each woman on the forehead before closing my eyes. "Goodnight Andrew, we love you." They said in unison.

"Goodnight my loves, see you in a few hours." The welcome relief of sleep took me.