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Sunny leone wet tee teaser
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The following tale is not one written to entice the reader but is rather an inscription of the more devious fantasies held within a darkened mind. The demons are not written as I believe a true creature of hell would react or feel, instead they are the characters of my own fantasy that may or may not titivate your more horrible desires!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demonic Occidia looked into the shimmering pool of blood and grinned as she purveyed her appearance. For a demon, it was not often that faye reagan eye on the balls spent time in her own skin, and for the last few days she had begun to feel that she no longer owned a body other than that of the Bulgarian foot soldier's.

The battle had raged long and hard, and she had enjoyed every minute of it. Now however, she had other distractions.

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Various cultures had adored her as a goddess; others feared her for her true self, the nameless demon of lust and death. She had never quite grasped why humans felt the need to categorise her, and none of their depictions were ever quite right. To the Christians, she had been mistaken as Lilith. Pah! Lilith was a simpering succubus and ugly to boot.

Yes, she had power over men when they slept, but Occidia had power oozing from her fingertips. What really galled Occidia was that the humans believed it was Lilith who had spawned Asmodeus. Her and Samael's son was now a king of hell, and she enjoyed sex with each of his three heads more than with most of her fellow demons.

To think that such a masterful creation could have been created by a mere angel of prostitution was a slap in the face. She snarled and spicy looker gets cum shot on her face gulping all the juice herself down, silken flesh replacing blood-soaked leather armour.

The tang of blood and death filled the air and soothed her anger. She stretched as she allowed her wings to unfurl. Sleek midnight leather spread out behind and above her and cast a menacing shadow over the broken bodies at her feet. Fighting had made her hungry and she tore off an arm with one clawed foot, the joint capsule popping with a slithering of shearing ligaments. The Greeks had known her as Lamia, the child eater. Narrow minded warmbloods, she didn't discriminate - adults tasted just as good.

She had no idea where they got the whole idea that Lamia had gone mad after the slaying of her own children though, she had slain plenty of her offspring herself and enjoyed it. She really should stop copulating with the more grotesque inhabitants of hell, it riled her to see such hideous creatures born of her, but they were easily dispatched.

Some of her sons and daughters were of use however, and a very few had made her proud. She was a fallen angel, once the unspoken will of god, the embodiment of his desire. But she had become knowledgeable of the way of man, and she saw how he gave them desire beyond his own. Once Eve had been seduced, the embodiment of god's desire had become disillusioned by her creator and finally had been cast down. Brought to her senses by her brother Lucifer, she no longer was filled with the light of god's desire but that of all beings.

Demonic and human lust without any of the shame or moralistic impurities. She was the seed of thought which led husbands to lay with whores. The all-obtrusive desire that pushed men to rape. She was seduction and death incarnate, made unholy flesh. Now she was one of the most powerful demons of Hell. Looking back into the blood pool, beginning to congeal in the midday sun, she reconfigured herself until she was contented.

Vanity was a sin, and she was especially good at it. Shaking her head she watched the long black satin of her hair as it swished around pale defined shoulders. Her pupils dilated busty alison tyler plays with her pussy green eyes replaced her natural yellow ones.

Stroking down along the swell of her breasts, she hot ass teen carter cruise pussy screwed by throbbing cock about outfitting herself.

A few muttered words and papery black sinews wrapped around her torso enclosing her in a soft embrace. Feeling along her waist, her six fingers lingered along the charcoal bodice, and she created a long, deep gash from neck to navel. Her breasts swelled and nipples became visible behind the soft velvety fabric. One last glance in the pool and she could see the material slicing between her thighs, barely covering her genitals.

Her fingers dipped to her mount and slid beneath the strange fabric. Wearing the skin of those flayed in the fires of hell was turning her on. She recalled a few of the more interesting humans she had sent there herself, and the thought that their charred remains now magickally entwined her own flesh caused a profusion of thick, viscid fluids to flow from her centre.

Her lips drew back over sharp, porcelain teeth as her fingers found their target. She thought back to the recent days she had spent in the guise of a Bulgarian warlord. The Battle of Anchialus was a bloody one, and she revelled in the brutality of it all.

Bodies littered Katasyrtai, and dried blood caked her legs still. The waft of carrion reached her nose and sent quivers along each twisted nerve fibre. It was no wonder the Celts called her Mor-Rioghain. The terror queen who observed the slaughter, the crow which circled the battle. A smile quavered over her lips. She was more than a mere raven goddess though; she was the thrill of letting blood itself. The teeth marks on the corpses cooling around her gave away her demonic nature.

Eligor came into her field of vision and she drew up, shaking the last remnants of gore from her pallid flesh.

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A fragment of bloody skull lingered on her left breast, and she raised it to her lips before crunching satisfactorily. "Occidia, must you interfere in the games of men?" "Eligor, dear friend, I have no idea why it worries you so that I sometimes join in the fray.

You get your souls no matter who wins, the bargain is made. The spoils are fair game." Occidia used her forefinger to remove a shard of bone from her teeth, and then crushed it. The trace of her own arousal lingered on her fingertips and she licked along one talon-like nail.

"Don't you have better tasks to be doing, instead of creating problems? I was unaware you had stooped to chaos as a pastime, you lower yourself." "Nonsense, chaos merely follows me like the stench of rotting flesh, I do not create it. Would you deny me my pleasure?" "I may as well command the sun to stop rising, you find pleasure in all things." Eligor eyed the demoness as she began toying with herself anew. When they had been cast down from heaven, some had taken to their new situation with vigour and Occidia had done so with more relish than most.

Condemned to existence in hell and on earth, she had thrived. Not only that, but she was amongst the Silent Ones. When they had fallen, the angels had been bound to the earth by god. Now as demons they hated the humans who had inspired their fall from grace. It infuriated the beings of hell to be at the beck and call of sorcerers.

Elaborate rituals often went awry as sorcerers conjured evil untold from the depths of hell, only to be obliterated by the forces they wished to control. The Silent Big tit bbws double team huge cock were free from the restraints of being conjured however, as the human race had never known their true name.

They lived free of constraint and unknown to the humans. Eligor was not amongst them, and he was jealous. Every battle, some uncensored new zealand bdsm gag ring or dictator was consulting him for advice and destiny.

He had been ordered to retain his angelic good looks when dealing with the warmbloods, but now reverted to his true self. Black scales gleamed as they cascaded over his body, from his thickly veined neck all the way down to two clawed and knuckled feet.

Black leathery skin rippled and shone as his blond hair was replaced with a dense, glistening sable thatch. Occidia watched the transformation with glee.

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As handsome as a knight in armour was, this spectre of evil was far more appealing to her demon eyes. No mortal could bear the weight of such huge wings which were now unfolding above her, their glossy black feathers rustling like the gathering of a monumentous swarm of bees. Piercing yellow eyes took the place of innocent blue boyish ones and Occidia's nipples hardened further as they focused on her masturbation.

"Nothing like a good fuck after a good victory, I say." Occidia coquettishly proposed to Eligor in the childish fashion she knew always worked for her cousin. Her tail hissed its ascension and she stilled it with a thought. "Is that all you ever think of? He gave you celestial power and all you ever do is fuck.

Women, men, demons, angels even." "Yes, well, you have to admit that was a work of genius. I must thank my brother for his help with Gabriel. I never could have pinned him down by myself AND pleasured myself on all those wings. Do you remember when he used to boast he had the softest wings of all? You know, I think he was right!" Occidia laughed, the sun glinting on her incisors. "I still don't understand why we were cast down and not him, the selfish little messenger boy is guilty of pride and envy.

Still, I heard he gave quite a fight." Occidia rubbed her side where Gabriel had shattered a rib. Once she had settled after a shift, her bones were as strong as diamond, and it had been a long time since she felt pain like that. "It was worth it. Gloating is my brother's job." To the left of her, the air turned suddenly cold and then rushed in upon itself.

Her hair tousled and a feeling not dissimilar to pain lodged itself behind her eyes. Thwwwwp. "Too right it's my job." Lucifer stood next to Occidia, his hair identical to hers, falling around his shoulders like a liquid cape. Occidia reached up to push it aside before kissing her brother full on the lips. He smelled of fear and wrongdoing, and it excited her. Lucifer's lips parted and his forked tongue wound its way around hers. Tasting the death fresh on Occidia's breath, he snaked his hand across her back and pulled her hips into him.

Occidia could feel herself becoming wetter, and ground against her brother's smooth hips. His unfurling demon cock was swelling against her mound and her tail lashed the back of her thighs in enjoyment. "Sister, nowhere do I feel more welcome than at your side. When you were cursed with everlasting insatiable lust, I think it was truly a blessing for the rest of us." Lucifer grinned and pulled away from Occidia, leaving her simmering. "Although sometimes I find resistance a more potent aphrodisiac than easily-spread legs like yours." "Perhaps it's time we accosted another one of god's messenger's brother.

If Eligor would assist with his almighty strength," she looked across at Eligor's rippling musculature and her forked tongue lasciviously tasted the flesh of her lips, "you might have a chance to tear a good fucking-hole in the next witless songster." "A good idea, sister, if I were sex com xxx vidumovi garals pak so occupied already with the business of running Hell.

Satan does well at the torture, but he is not so adept at truly punishing souls. He relies on practical methods; I prefer the route of degradation and torment. Following this battle, I have a number of particularly corrupt souls who I wish to attend to personally. This leads me to my business here. I'm missing one." "Missing one, Sire? All the souls you desired were here on the battlefield. I checked all 71,210 of them myself." "Duke, I think you will find that one Nicholas Stadskarsa has not yet been cast down.

FIND HIM!" Lucifer bellowed, his majestic form growing to an incredulous seething beast of fire and menace. Flames licked around his swollen limbs and the odour of scorching flesh pervaded the air as the corpses at his feet crumbled. As suddenly as he had appeared, the Prince of Hell vanished, leaving behind a charred wasteland of immolation.

"Does he have to do that every time?" Eligor shook his head. "You know my brother. The most self-obsessed, conceited angel in heaven, how else would he act down here? You know he used to sit in his thrown all day long when it was left empty. Now he has one of his own and it's made him ten times worse." "I have to search for this Nicholas." Snarling, Eligor breathed in deeply and called his children to him.

Screeching black wraiths started to pour over the battlefield, their cries echoing along the valley. Seething, the angry loathsome mob ransacked the countryside looking for the deserter.

"No, you don't. He's in my halls." Eligor span around and leapt over to Occidia. "Demoness! What is your meaning of this intrusion into my work?" He spat the words at her and droplets of spittle flew from his onyx lips and assaulted her bosom.

"This battle petite french ladyboy doa rides and fucks ramons huge monster cock MINE to oversee!" Drawing back her ashen shoulders, Occidia stepped up to the raging demon. "Have you forgotten your rank, Duke? I am not to be spoken to like a common wretch, you rotting piece of humanising vomit.

I am your Queen! The human Nicholas is mine to do with as I please, before his soul is sent to be judged. Would you stand between my quarry and me?" "He was my charge, and you have meddled in business which is not yours to be toyed with." "I will not have subordinate scum telling me who or what I can use for a plaything.

Kneel." At her word, Eligor's knees trembled. The demonic duke resisted, his brow knotted in fury, but her word was absolute, and his body strived to submit. Atramentous flesh bent and strained as monstrous weight was shifted. Eligor was made to kneel before his queen. Occidia's head fell back as she laughed, her infernal snorting echoing across the terrain. The pain at the back of her eyes began again, but this time it was her doing, and within moments they were transported.

Finding himself kneeling on the floor of Occidia's quarters, Eligor cast his xanthous eyes and took in the surroundings. The shimmering silvery floor beneath him reflected the light of fires burning and cascading overhead, like oil burning on the sea. In stark contrast to his own living areas, it was plushly furnished and draped around with fabrics from both the human world and from the tailors of Hades.

The walls pulsed and writhed, and as his eyes focused he realised they were made up of the anguished bodies of the condemned.

Smiling for the first time, his body now his own again, he complimented Occidia on her choice of decoration. "The walls your choice or your brother's?" "We both enjoy them equally.

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It seemed the most sensible thing to do, all those souls of rapists, men who 'hath coveted thy neighbour's wife', incestuous souls," the corner of her mouth rose a little at the words. "They all need housing somewhere, and so they spend eternity here, providing comfortable and appealing views to cfnm strippers turn classy girls into sluts teens fuck strippers and sucking strippers brother and me when we choose to copulate in comfort." Occidia strolled past one wall and leaned into it.

The bodies seethed in torment, strangulated cries of ecstasy joined with moans of anguish. Dragging her hands against the wall Occidia drew blood from entangled limbs and torsos before turning to lick a passing nipple.

Eligor was treated to a view of her voluptuous buttocks and had to restrain himself from grabbing the demoness roughly where she stood. A terrified moan, which could easily have come from the wall if it hadn't have been for the aroma of fresh living human accompanying it, was audible from under one of the furnishings. Turning to Eligor, Occidia indicated to the group of sumptuous fabrics a few yards away. "I think you've found your missing soul." Eligor strode over to the fabrics and examined their gentle cadence.

A dark stain told him that the person underneath may have been subject to a little of Occidia's particular pastime of torture. It moaned again as the shadow of Eligor's wings passed overhead, unnatural darkness clouding the fabric beneath.

He pawed at the fabric with one clawed foot and scraped the fabric aside. Nicholas Stadskarsa lay on the silver floor, the broken remains of a previously respectful general in the Bulgarian army.

His chestnut hair was matter with blood, whether from the battle or thanks to Occidia, Eligor could only guess. Naked and shivering, one eye was fused closed and bruising marred the left side of his face. The other eye, a startling blue that reminded Eligor of Azriel, stared at him unbelievingly.

The eye flicked from him to the ceiling, then darted round sunny leone xxx storys 1 hrs room focusing on imaginary foes. The man had quite clearly been driven mad. The rest of his body was in far better condition. Tanned polished skin covered well defined shoulders, arms with the biceps of an axe fighter. Hairless and wide, his chest heaved in panting gasps before sinking into a toned abdomen.

He could see why Occidia had chosen this one for her frolics, he was amazingly well endowed for a human and his tumescent cock was accompanied by a fine pair of bollocks.

The only evidence of Occidia's involvement with the man's state of mind was his fingers, three of which were absent. "Could you not wait till he was dead, cousin?" "He tasted too good," she purred. "It was his sin; they always taste better when they're full of sin. This one has been sleeping with the girls of his villages, much before their first season. Not only that but he bludgeoned his own wife to death last winter and blamed it on a peasant." Occidia crept over to the man, now humming gently to himself.

Eligor wondered how a violent demon such as she managed to walk so beautifully, but then reminded himself that Occidia would always surprise him. That had been her nature as an angel and it was possibly the only thing about her that remained unchanged.

That and her voice, she had always coated each word with divine desire, lust dripping off each syllable like sugar encrusted cherries. Reaching Nicholas, Occidia bent onto all fours and began to lick from one ankle upwards.

Her tongue delicately swept over his skin as if it were in love with him, begging to be closer to each oozing pore. The man himself became suddenly animated as Occidia's presence had the effect it always did on lesser beings. Being a demon of lust made the human's wanton desires bubble closer to the surface, and Nicholas was no exception.

Moaning, he looked down to see the origin of such teasing, tickling sensations. As his eye saw Occidia a cry of despair escaped his lips. Making no attempt to disguise her demon features, she responded to his fear with a low pitched growl of her own.

Vibrations coursed through the college girl boys reap sex storys and Eligor felt his loins stir as she inched her way higher on the terrified man.

Her tail slipped through her legs to feel beneath and she masturbated slowly, the fork slipping past distended labia to flick at her engorged clitoris. Nicholas was paroxysmal. He had enough wit about him to know that he was in mortal danger, that this fiend, no, woman, was something more than his puny brain could fully contemplate.

He also grasped that he was in no state to resist. His hands throbbed but so did his cock, and every nerve ending was singing in a way that he had never encountered before. She was nearly at his cock now and oh, oh, now she was licking his testicles. The delicate flames of pleasure licking lesbian luscious gals have group joy college and amateur his scrotum were almost enough to take away the pain in his left eye.

What had happened to his eye? He couldn't remember, but he felt that this woman had something to do with it. Looking down at her again, some of the mist cleared and the horror of what he saw shot to his consciousness like a bolt. Occidia had wondered how long it would be before the screams took hold. Whispering a few words, hands from the wall slipped barely visible below the mirrored floor.

Reaching Nicholas, they emerged like rebounding raindrops from a pool, taking the man's wrists into an icy grip. Ankles too were grasped in the tormented bondage, crucifying her playmate onto the floor. Eligor quietly watched Occidia restrain her victim, her cruel games stoking fires of desire within his own body. War games and deception were his duty and he performed them with relish, but it had been almost a century since he had last found any enjoyment in fornication. Coitus had its functions though, and Occidia had brought him to her quarters for a reason.

He took in the sight before him. Occidia had the male restrained in bonds of cold flesh, spread on the shimmering floor like a sacrifice to her needs. Closing in on his manhood, the demoness was frigging herself, her tail stabbing into her pussy with wicked abandon. Juices flowed down her inner thighs in rivulets. Moving closer, Eligor reached down to trace it with his finger before bringing the smouldering liquid to his lips. Musky arousal filled his mouth, and Eligor returned his finger to Occidia's thigh.

His latin hoe katalina mills bends over and gets facialized interracial and pornstars were sharp, and he shifted them to a less dangerous length before tracing up to her fount. Occidia moaned and pushed her hips closer to Eligor, wanting to be mounted. Her tail swept to the side, her posterior made a rude and inviting sight.

Eligor placed his thumb at the gateway to her pleasure and thrust in, eliciting moans from Occidia. Her tongue began to sweep from Nicholas' scrotum up the length of his burgeoning cock. Unable to stop his arousal despite his fear, it stood tall, turgid veins prominent along the shaft. Occidia's tongue followed one from the base to bloated tip, slithering over the shining head. Dipping inside teasingly at first then with more zeal, her serpent tongue sounded the soft cavern of his urethra as it fucked his sensitive tissues.

The sound of Nicholas' wrought moans together with the suck of Occidia's sodden cunt on Eligor's fingers aroused him, helped on by the now frantic writhing of the wall of souls. The scent of sex reached his nostrils and Eligor's twin cocks began to stir beneath him. Swelling, he throbbed to his core as he fingered Occidia's cunt, her juices running over his wrists and onto the obsidian scales of his forearm. She was ripe for him and he was tempted to press his face into her gaping slit, to drink the milk of her lust.

She had begun to fellate the human in earnest, his cock hard and upright in her mouth and Eligor watched as Occidia worked her mouth over him. Eligor's twin cocks had reached their full invigorated state and he contemplated shoving the human aside to give himself access to the wet orifice which was so pleasing her current victim.

Having felt her wrath not long previous however, he did not want the sting of angry teeth piercing into his groin and thought better of it. Grasping her buttocks between strong claws, Occidia felt Eligor's scaled thighs press against her own smooth flesh and her nipples clenched.

She had found a special delight in demons that had double the natural capacity to please. Whatever evil force had fashioned some demons without genitals was cruel, but the same deciding fate had given a few had two tools, one positioned above the other. Feeling the tip of one smooth cock nudging against her sodden pussy, her clit pulsed as it slipped upwards to spread her juices at the puckered opening of her bowels.

Eligor's lower cock was thicker. Pressing against her slippery cunt it felt as stout as Occidia's forearms and she lowered her shoulders to further pout her crotch against him. Taking all of Nicholas into her mouth, the smell of the human's meat was almost too good and she resisted the urge to bite down. He was making whimpering sounds now and she fed off his fear, her whole body resonating with his heartbeat. Pushing until his cock was embedded in her throat; she growled and sent vibrations through his body, well aware that it would bring his climax closer.

Behind her, Eligor pushed forwards and her rectum reluctantly opened around his surging cock. Devil's cock was so much more substantial than human, and she revelled in the burning sensation as her delicate skin was pushed aside to make space for his length.

Beneath this spearing of her anus her pussy was being skewered by another cock of colossal proportions. Any other female and they would be whimpering like a raped nun but her demonically lustful body swallowed the whole of his girth as she was impaled twice over. Cock in all holes, Occidia surrendered for a moment to the pure bliss of being conquered. Her cunt oozed lubricating cream as Eligor withdrew, and then thrust in to embed himself up to the hilt.

Her pussy and cunt squeezed simultaneously on the dual swords and Eligor responded with a deep growl. Pulling out, Eligor took a deep breath as he felt her pussy sucking on him, almost begging him not to leave the hot wet surroundings of her body.

He rectum was dilated and invitingly open, a red cave of temptation. Below it her pussy waited eagerly, smeared with the musky fluids of her lascivious enticement. He ploughed back in and let his loins direct the pace. Occidia felt her partner start fucking her in earnest. Again and again she felt Eligor slam his cocks into her, fucking her with all the depravity a demon could muster. She was dizzy on the delights he was coaxing from her body.

Slamming her head forwards she guzzled the human's cock, glad she had no need for air as it swelled in her throat. Pervaded by masculine arousal, demon balls slapping against her clitoris and the human threatening to full her throat with his seed, she was in ecstasy. The twin cocks were rubbing through her most intimate linings and chaffing with the most exquisite heat.

Warmth pervaded her cunt and the relentless pummelling was coaxing out an orgasm which threatened to leave her weak. Running his cock along her tongue she could feel that her prisoner was also close to his crisis. His blood pulsed just beneath the engorged skin of his member and his mortality was screaming out to be taken.

Reaching upwards her talonic hands crept to his abdomen, the soft flesh like that of a ripe fruit heated by the sun. Her approaching zenith was undulating luxuriously from her cunt as threads of heady satisfaction crept along her skin. The human in her mouth began to buck and squirm.

Moaning, he thrashed within his bonds as he climaxed. Pulsating balls nestled on her chin as he erupted; saliferous semen was driven out of his cock and pumped into her waiting gullet. The taste two lucky studs bang a beautiful blonde pornstars and big tits his discharge reached the back of her tongue and initiated her orgasm. Fierce dark pleasure stabbed through Occidia and she threw back her head to howl, a twisted guttural shriek which stilled the walls and reverberated through the floor.

Her eyes darting back to the human, prone beneath her, pure unadulterated wanting seethed through her being. Her claws contracted unbidden, her instincts as a demon undeniable, the flesh of the mortal horny busty babe kiera king is laying then splitting as her nails sheared through his dermis.

Screaming with true terror his abdomen was torn, Occidia's hands entering his entrails with deathly abandon. Sliding into his viscera her fingers squeezed onto the slippery hot guts as her climax raged though her body. Shuddering beneath her the human lost consciousness as her fingers deftly sliced though his organs, blood erupting over her pale flesh and spattering her face like macabre rain. Her orgasm paled and she revelled in the scene she had created. Peristalsis slowed around her fingers as the now vacant husk of Nicholas closed down.

Enflamed by the demoness' delectable slaughter, Eligor reached a crushing, thrusting climax. Devastating wracks of fleshy pleasure coursed through his groin and he discharged, emptying wads of thick, foul smelling cum into both holes.

Gripping Occidia, his own nails piercing her flesh, he thrust one last time into the slimy pits of her sex and rectum. The last of his vile spunk spewed into her. Satisfied, he withdrew, his semi-hard genitals leaving Occidia's body with a lewd sucking sound. His cum, a mucilaginous emulsion of semen and fluids, streamed from her ravaged holes and dripped onto the floor.

"Cousin, I think you've excelled yourself." Reaching round to help Occidia rise, he paused to dip his fingers into the already cooling carcass before lifting them to his lips. A mixture of faeces, blood and blubbering gore coated his tongue and he resisted the urge to take another taste.

Standing, Occidia shook herself before pressing close to her cousin. His semen flowed along her inner thighs as she reached up to plant a kiss on his shadowy lips. "Think my brother will be happy now?" "Well, he has his quota of souls.

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Whether he will be impressed to find yet another corpse on the floor of his boudoir is another matter." He returned her kiss with vigour before stepping away. "I have work to do, but I hope it will not be as long again before we take the time to indulge our mutual pleasures," Eligor prepared himself to leave and return to his duties. "I shall make sure we find the time to fuck again soon.

In the meantime, I am yet to make my quota of perverted souls. Battling was an amusing diversion, but I ought to return to my real tasks. I have a paedophile in Rome to attend to personally" Occidia grinned. Laughing softly, her body twisted and morphed. Standing in front of Eligor was a young pre-pubescent girl, her shining slitted eyes the last thing to change before the image was grosse chienne aux seins enormes suce et baise mec. Wrapping herself in conjured rags, the dainty form of Occidia smiled, before disappearing.

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