California quake with kaylee kisses and briella bounce bootylicious and twerking

California quake with kaylee kisses and briella bounce bootylicious and twerking
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(This is my first story. The ideas I have are a mixture of my fantasies and things that have happened to me. I plan to write more if people like them.) I can pretty much remember the exact moment when I realised that my body had a particular effect on men (it was when I was in my dads pool back when I was 15 and I noticed the look on my uncles face as he watched me laying on an inflatable in my swimsuit.

but thats another story).

Since then I have learnt how to make the most of what I have, how to dress and how to move, how to have maximum impact. I'm lucky to be naturally petite, but also blessed with nice, big tits. The only down side to this is that other women tend to hate me, they think I'm a bimbo with no brains who gets everything in life by being a little slut, or they're just jealous because I'm young and pretty and get lots of attention.

So I was pretty surprised when Amber, the offices new intern, came to my desk on a friday afternoon and asked if I wanted to join a few of the guys for a drink after work. "Sure, who's going?", I asked "Well there's me, Dave, Marcus, Tony and a few people from downstairs.

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C'mon it'll be fun, this weeks been murder and we could all do with a drink or two", she smiled as she perched on the edge of my desk. "Totally, I am so ready for the weekend" I wasn't lying, it had been a full on week and I was ready to let my hair down.

My boyfriend Simon was away for the weekend for a mates Stag do, and the prospect of sitting at home alone, watching telly with a bottle of nubile films cum deep in her tight pussy wasn't filling me with excitement. A few drinks with some of the office people would be good, I was still relatively new to the job and it couldn't hurt to get to know a few more people in the company.

"Ok we're all meeting at the 'The Grapes' down the road, straight after work" she said moving off my desk and straightening her tight skirt. "Great," I said, "see you there" I walked through the doors of 'The Grapes' a few minutes after knocking off for the week. It was busy, full of people having a few after work drinks, office types mainly but also a few guys from the nearby building sites, your usual London crowd.

"The Grapes' is one of those Gastro Pubs, jill kassidy is the hottest teen ever wine, good food, a little smarter than your normal pub but still open to the odd builder as long as they had a shirt on.

The atmosphere was pretty lively considering it was just past 5.30pm. I spotted Amber and the guys from work at the far end of the bar and jostled my way through the crowd to get to them. "Hey Chloe!", said Amber as I got near. The people with her turned toward me and gave me a warm smile. I recognised Dave and Tony from my office and said 'Hi'. With them was a tall black guy I had seen around but not spoken to. "Hi, I'm Marcus, we've not met"' he smiled. "Oh Hi, I'm Chloe, excuse me a moment Im going to grab a drink" "Let me get it, what would you like" he replied "That's really kind,thanks - a white wine please" Marcus moved off towards a space at the bar, I casually checked him out from behind, very nice.

"I see you looking!" Amber giggled I feigned surprise "Shhh! He'll hear" "Well that was a full on week hey Chloe?", Dave leaned in to be heard over the crowd. "God yes, glad its done". Dave was a guy I had worked with a lot since arriving at the company. He was nice looking and a good laugh, if I wasn't with Simon I could go for Dave, very much 'my type' and I'm pretty sure he knew it. We chatted for a bit and I caught him glancing at my chest a couple of times. I dress within the work guidelines, but my outfits show off my curves to the full and the grey suit I was wearing did just that.

The little waistcoat did a great job of pushing my tits up and I'd left my blouse open enough to display a nice bit of cleavage.

I shrugged my jacket off and slung it over the back of a nearby chair, I made sure that if he was looking that he would get a great view of my apple shaped arse tightly wrapped in my grey pencil skirt. Marcus returned with my wine, he handed me the glass, it was huge.

"Oh my! thanks Marcus, a small one would have been fine. I hope you're not trying to get me drunk", I teased. Marcus gave me a broad grin, "Ask me that after the third one" As the evening progressed the crowd thinned out as more people went home. Our group was now down to me, Amber, Marcus, Tony and Dave. We were now buying bottles of wine and the table was strewn with empty plates from a couple of rounds of nibbles. With the amount of wine we had consumed the conversation had become a bit more daring.

We had started sharing secrets and gossip about people in the office and also started to talk about things that turned us on. "Oh God Im too drunk too early! I have to get home or Ben will go nuts" Amber squealed. Ben, we had learnt from the last couple of hours was Amber's rather dull, jealous and sexually inadequate boyfriend.

"You should go home and tell him that if he doesn't improve in the sack you'll run off with a big black man", boomed Marcus with a big grin. Amber put her finger to her lips drunkenly "Shhhhh!" I looked at Marcus, ".and would that big black man Ambers going to run off with be you by any chance?", I smiled. "Well Im always on hand for you lovely ladies if need be", he said "I am after all a true gentleman and have to help any lady in need" We all laughed.

Tony checked his watch, "Well ladies and gentleman, as much as Im enjoying this I must make my exit and head home, its been a pleasure", Tony got up and put on his jacket. "I think we have time for one more drink, whose with me? Amber? Chloe?", said dave reaching for his wallet. "Oh god nooo! I'm too drunk!", Amber looked up at Tony, "Tony is there any chance you can you walk me to the tube and get me on a train to Angel, sweetie?" "Of course, you ready now?" Amber got her bag together and grabbed her coat.

She move around the group kissing the guys on the cheek and saying her good byes. Then she got to me, swaying slightly. "Oh God Chloe thanks for coming sexy french boobs in bus with us, it was brilliant!", she leaned towards me her lips on mine, the kiss lingering a little, and I was slightly surprised to feel her hand gently graze my ass.

"C'mon Amber", said Tony taking her by the arm and sikkim gangtok hot sex stories fucking story for schools girls her out, "See you guys Monday!" Dave placed a new bottle of wine not the table and three fresh glasses. "Down to the dream team" he smiled and Marcus and I giggled as he poured out the wine.

"I must say Chloe, that you've made quite an impression at the company already" "Thanks, Dave", I said, a little surprised that his topic of conversation seemed to be getting very professional.

"I mean Jesus! those tits!" he laughed I suddenly realised he wasn't talking about my professional skills in the work place, "Dave!" I pretended to be shocked but was obviously flattered and after this much wine, a little turned on.

"Did you know there's a lad in the mail room who cant talk to you without having to go to the mens room to jerk off afterwards", said Dave. I laughed, "Oh you're making this up!" "No, seriously. I mean look at you. like a pocket porn star, with your blonde hair and gorgeous body, its drives all of us nuts", Dave said looking me straight in the eye.

"Its true", said Marcus,"Its hard to concentrate on work with you in the office", he smiled. I bit my bottom lip unsure of what to say. "Really?", I asked, fully aware of the effect I had on some of the guys in the office. They both agreed, and Dave topped up my glass. "If you don't mind me asking Chloe? Are they real?" "Oh my God Dave!" my heart fluttered,a warm rush of blood running through me as I felt the gaze of these two guys on my tightly wrapped little body.

"Yes of course they're real, I guess I've always had pretty big tits for my size", I suddenly stopped feeling a little self conscious. "I think you guys need to cool down, while I go to the ladies room" I got up knowing they we watching my every move and I loved it. This is what I enjoyed most, the knowledge that all the guys in the room were checking me out and skinny young asian sucks and spits jizz dirty thoughts, it never failed to turn me on.

I walked down the stairs to the toilets feeling a little drunk and quite horny. God I wish Simon wasn't away I could really do with his hard cock in me tonight, banging me from behind while I thought about all the guys at work who wanted to fuck me. Oh my. I began to think about getting home and digging out my collection of dildos, I would need something to satisfy me tonight. I sat in the cubicle thinking about the young guy in the mail office jerking off over his dirty fantasies about me.

I bet he thought of some filthy things, his imagination making me his slutty plaything, dressing me up in his mind in alsorts of sexy outfits. I felt a tingle in my pussy.

I made a mental note to give him something to wank about on Monday, maybe I would drop some papers in the mail room and give him a good look at my stocking tops as I reached to pick the papers up, wiggling my ass. I finished in the loos, checked my make up and went to leave, as I opened the door I was met by Dave. Without any words he grabbed me and pushed me into the mens room and then into one of the cubicles before pushing his lips against mine, his tongue probing.

I opened my mouth to him and met his tongue with mine. Oh god it felt good, his strong hands on my body pushing me against the cubicle wall. He pulled out of the kiss, his hand running up my leg to my ass, pushing my tight skirt up over my stocking tops, "Oh fuck Chloe you sexy little bitch, you fucking horny little slut", his other hand moved to my tits, mauling them with total abandon, "fuck look at you, you look like your were born to fuck!" I said nothing, I just fumbled with his belt and opened his trousers, his cock was already straining to escape.

He pulled open my waistcoat and blouse and eased my tits out of my white lacy bra, "Oh fuck look at those, mmmm yes" While he admired my full round jutting tits I pulled his pants over his hips and grasped his rigid cock.

He was nice and big, a really thick veiny cock that I knew would really stretch any girl. I felt Dave pushing mature hoe janna hicks enjoys good pussy pounding down towards his raging hard on.

"No Dave not in here", I said breathlessly "Yes, here Chloe, get down there and suck my cock like the little fucking whore you are" The one thing I do know is that if you want to drive me crazy and get me really horny you just have to talk to me like I'm a whore, it drives me wild. I obediently got down on my stockinged knees, my skirt up around my waist, and I was faced with Dave's brutal looking cock. I opened my freshly lip-sticked mouth and sucked on his fat knob.

He moaned and pushed his hips forward and shoved more of his thick member into my willing mouth. I massaged his big balls and moved my head back and fourth, slowly I began to take it deeper, its hard, swollen head hitting the back of my throat and forcing its way deeper.

I pulled my panties aside and began to stroke my pussy.

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I moved my tongue around the underside of his cock, flicking and lapping. I dripping wet slut likes hardcore big dick blowjob it with a drooling gasp and looked up at him, smiling like a little slut, "mmm Dave such a big fucking cock!" He didn't reply, he just grabbed my hair and pushed my head down over his cock until his balls hit my spit covered chin.

I could feel the head of his cock deep in my throat, it throbbed as he tried to choke me with it, I gagged but kept it down as I eased one of my fingers gently into his ass.

That pushed him over the edge, he grunted and pulled hard on my hair, "FUCKYESS YOU SLUT! YOU FUCKING WHORE TAKE IT!!" With that his thick cock throbbed and filed my throat with his hot load, holding it balls deep in my mouth he pumped and pumped his cum into me.

Eventually he let go and I pulled back, his big length sliding from my spit covered lips and releasing cum filled drool down my chin and tits, eyes closed I lick and slurped at his semi hard cock, his cum all around my face and over my slimy bare tits. I heard the shutter sound of his mobile phone and opened my eyes, its lens pointing down at me, "what the fuck Dave?" "Just what to share how pretty you look sweetheart", he said as he toyed with his phone.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, fuck I must look a state. I began to pull my tits back into my bra as Dave slipped his phone into his pocket, "Hey where do you think you're going slut? We're not done here." He grabbed me and pulled me up then pushed me forward over the toilet, his hands ripping at my panties with one hand while he worked his cock with the other.

His hand moved back and forth and his cock began to grow again, fuck it was a beauty, so thick and the head was massive and obscenely shiny. I bent over the toilet my naked ass in the air and he pushed 2 fingers into my slick cunt, "ooh fuck yes" I moaned, revelling in the feeling of being entered.

Then there was a tap on the cubicle door. Dave opened it, I looked over my shoulder and there stood Marcus. "Well, well Chloe look at you hahaha you fucking little slut". "I think she's good and ready mate" said Dave. "I should say so by the look of that picture you sent me" Said Marcus as he undid his belt, "C'mon Chloe how about you show us what a little slut like you can do with two cocks?" With that he pulled out his cock, fuck it was even bigger than Dave's, I hadn't been with a black guy for a long time and now I was regretting not doing so sooner.

"Oh GOD! its fucking huge!" I couldn't contain my surprise. Dave stood behind me, groping my body and peeling off my clothes while Marcus stood before me, taking my hand and placing it on his thick cock. I tried to wrap a hand around it but it was the girth of a beer can. My eyes must have lit up because Marcus laughed and said "look at the cock hungry slut she cant wait to play with it haha" I began to stroke the big black cock with both hands as Dave moved me onto him and eased his rock hard member into my soaking pussy, I let out a moan as he pushed it in.

This was my lucky night, here I was with two guys, both with dicks bigger than my boyfriend. Dave began to thrust into me and pick up the rhythm, I could tell immediately that he wasn't wearing a condom and the feeling of the taught hot skin of sweet sexy babe loves to show her pussy rock hard cock felt amazing as he began to ride me bareback.

"Fuck Marcus she's so damn tight" "She wont be after we're done with her mate haha!" Dave pushed my head forward and I eagerly opened my mouth to receive Marcus' hard cock, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't fit in my mouth, the head was huge! I steadied myself against the walls and began to lick and tongue the big black dick jutting towards my face and Dave began to pound my pussy.

I closed my eyes and stretched my mouth as wide as I could and Marcus took his cue and began forcing his thick, ebony meat into my mouth. I moaned from deep in my throat as his cock sealed my mouth and they spit roasted me. There wasn't much room but the two guys moved my little body around with ease getting me into different positions to take them in turn.

We were all soaked in sweat and the air was filled with moaning and grunting and swearing. Then at one point as I was impaled on Marcus' massive black cock, my back against the wall, my legs around his waist and my hand jerking Dave's veiny member I heard someone say "Thats it! give the slut what she wants, FUCK HER!!" I opened my eyes and looked over Marcus' shoulder, the cubical door was open and there was a group of men watching us, leering and some of them even had their cocks out.

"What? Dave! close the door . stop them" I gasped The jeering got louder as Dave's cock erupted and launched thick ropes of hot cum over my naked tits, Marcus moaned and grunted and emptied his big black balls into me, pumping gout after gout of hot cum into my tight pussy. I shuddered with my own orgasm, feeling like a filthy slut on show to all these strangers, as I recovered I had only one thought - to cover myself and get out of there but it seemed like the men had other plans.

"Out the way boys, its our turn now", a big burly builder said as he pulled Marcus out of the cubical and moved towards me. "No, wait!" I tried to say but the builder grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He was fat and bald and his mates laughed as I struggled. Dave and Marcus were soon pushed out of the way and I found myself in the middle of a group of men, smelling of beer and stale sweat.

Hands were all over me and my clothes, already in disarray were now simply pulled off of me until I was naked apart from my torn stocking and my hi heels. I was lifted up easily, my little body was nothing to these big builders, and suddenly I was lowered on to the fat hard cock of the first stranger, my pussy lubed with my juices and Marcus' cum.

The fat builder grunted in my face as he fucked me, "Ugh fuck she's a tight little bitch, FUCK YESS ugnnun" he grunted and pushed up into me, fucking me hard, while the the men groped my naked body. I wrapped my legs around his back almost involuntarily and began to enjoy the deep fucking he was giving me.

The other men crowded around their erections in one hand and their other hands feeling me up. "Fuck yes Fuck me you Bastard FUCK ME!" I moaned "That's it girl ride me hard, dammit you're a sexy bitch!" At this point I felt someone feeling around my asshole and before I could say anything I felt them push their ebon dilettante julie kay outdoor hook up cock into my ass in one slow, hard thrust.

I grunted as it entered me and the crowd cheered. "That's it you dirty slut take it in your ass!" I looked over my shoulder to see another stranger, face sweating as he butt fucked me while his buddy had is cock in my pussy. My first DP and I didn't even know the guys names. The old fat guy suddenly shuddered and fired his thick load up into me, "I hope you're on the pill you dirty slut hahahah" I alix lynx covers her tits in cum know when Marcus and Dave left, but the builders kept me busy for quite a while.

All of them fucked me and 'Im pretty sure I swallowed a load of cum from each of them too. My clothes were ruined and I'm surprised no one called the police. The builders eventually left me covered in cum on the toilet floor with a £200 'tip' and one even left me his t shirt to wear as a dress so I could get a cab home.