Petite girl masturbate with long black dildo masturbation amateur

Petite girl masturbate with long black dildo masturbation amateur
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My first and only Threesome PART ONE My name is Barbara and I had just turned twenty four. Since I was sixteen I have wanted to have a threesome, to know what it would be feel like to be fucked by two men at the same time. I got married when I was eighteen.

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My husband who is quite a bit over weight at 5'6" and 280lbs has a heart condition and we rarely have sex. He had turned 28 that year and the only sex we did have is occasionally he would eat my pussy. Most of the time I was giving him a blow job, consequently I was not a happy camper. We seldom went anywhere because he was working all the time. He owns a motorcycle shop and when we do go somewhere it is always on the bikes with a bunch of his biker buddies.

One night he surprised me and told me he wanted us to buy a house. He didn't want me working and he felt that having my own home would give me something to do.

I was overjoyed and gave busty milf with vibrator and orgasm on webcam a blow job that night to thank him. He told me to find an agent and start looking. I spent several days reading about different kinds of agents and decided that I wanted an "Exclusive Buyers Agent" to represent us because one of their themes was "Never a Conflict of Interest." I called an organization called NAEBA, The National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agent's and they gave me three agents who were EBA's.

After meeting with all three I decided on one we will call Peter. I liked his personality and everything he said about what I should expect from an EBA, plus he was 6'4", weighed 210lbs and nice looking.

I was looking at houses in Venice CA because they were still cheap. The Marina had not yet been built and was in the planning stages. My husband and I liked living near the Ocean where we now rented. I noticed that when I was with Peter I always seemed to get turned on.

If he accidentally touched me my pussy would get wet. One day we stopped for lunch because we had looked at several houses in the morning and still had several more to see. Peter ordered a bottle of wine and we sat and talked.

Eventually the conversation got around to sex. I found it so easy to talk to him. We talked about different kinds of sex as well as the different positions. I was feeling the wine and getting turned on as we talked. I let my knee touch his and when he didn't pull away I began to rub my knee up and down his leg.

The next thing I knew was feeling his hand slid under my dress and between my legs. His hand continued up my inner thighs until he reached my panties. I sucked in my breath when his fingers went in thru the side of my panties and into my pussy. First one then two fingers and he slowly finger fucked me. I leaned back in my chair and scooted my ass forward so that he had better access. I began breathing faster as my pussy started flowing. I was already wet from all the sex talk but when his fingers went in my pussy I had to suppress a loud moan.

I had not been fucked in over two years. He continued to talk to me as if nothing was going on under the table. I put the napkin in my mouth to keep from screaming when my cunt exploded into a wonderful climax. I reached down and pulled his hand away because I didn't think I could hide another one.

We finished eating and when I stood up to leave my legs were so weak I almost collapsed. When we got into his car he leaned over and french kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and shoved my 44eee tits into his chest. We sat there shoving our tongues into each others mouth for about ten minutes. On the way to the next house we were going to look at he had me lay on the front seat on my back with my head in his lap.

He reached over and pulled my dress down to my waist and shoved his hand inside my panty. He found my wet pussy and returned those two fingers into my hot hole. It only took about eight minutes to reach the house but I came twice. I was shoving my hot cunt up to meet his every thrust.

I thought, shit I can't go into that house looking and feeling the way I did. He said it was vacant and that no one was there. I staggered up the walk because my legs were so weak and leaned against the side of the building while he got the key out of the lok-box.

We went in and he re-locked the door and kept the key in his pocket so no other agent could get in. He hardly had the door closed when we were in each others arms. Kissing and exploring each other. He pulled my dress off and undid my bra. My huge tits sprang up and he buried his face between them. I undid his belt and slid his pants and underwear down to his knees. I felt something huge on my stomach. I looked down and saw the biggest cock I had ever seen.

It had to be at least eight plus inches standing there at attention. It was as big courtney cummz model house cum facial p tube xvideos as my wrist. I thought christ; no way will he be able to get that thing inside me. My husband only had a five and a half inch cock.

The only other cock I had ever had in side me was when I was twelve and I let the neighbor kid stick his dick in me. I wasn't impressed so I never did it again until I was married and I still had my maiden head. Peter was sucking and squeezing my tits. The nipples were hard and protruded out from my areolas about 5/8 of and inch. We lay down on the floor and he got between my legs and placed the head of that cock at my pussy entrance.

I whispered, oh Peter I want you in me so bad but I think it is too big. He just smiled as he shoved the first two inches into me. I reached down and spread my pussy lips as wide as I could as another two inches entered my dripping hot love hole. I felt like my whole insides were being stretched to the point of splitting me wide open.

Just as I thought I could take no more he shoved that whole thing in and bottomed out against my cervix. I let out a muffled scream it hurt so bad. He began to very slowly pull out of me and then back down deep. Bbc sucking in the back of cab gently continued to pump that enormous cock in and out of me. The pain began to subside and be replaced by pleasure. He increased his tempo and that strong desire returned to me.

The more he stroked my pussy with that wonderful cock the hotter I got. I let out another muffled scream as I climaxed and then I climaxed again and again as his powerful cock drove in and out of my pussy. I was cumming about ever fourth down stroke.

My pussy lips were locked so tightly around his cock that it was a wonder he could move at all. I knew he was close to cumming as I felt his cock swell even more. When he erupted directly into my cervix hole it felt like a faucet had erupted inside me. I playgirl gives a ride gets creamed girlfriend hardcore huge amounts of sperm being pumped into me and into my cervix. The head of his cock had spread the tiny opening of my cervix as spurt after spurt pumped into me.

I think I felt some slide into my uterus. I started cumming again with every spurt of his hot cum. I almost fainted I was cumming so hard and fast.

He collapsed onto my chest and we just laid there exhausted. We couldn't move for about a half an hour. My tail bone was sore from scraping it on the carper as he was pounding me with that beautiful cock The next house was occupied and I hardly looked at it.

Then we came to another house that was vacant.

We hardly got in the door when I pulled his cock out and began sucking it. I could hardly get my lips around it as he took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth. I could taste the dried pussy juice mixed with his sperm. He tasted good but I was really struggling trying to suck that enormous cock. I finally pulled away and told him he was just too big. He just smiled and led me into the kitchen; he bent me over the sink and shoved that marvelous hunk of meat back into my pussy.

He fucked me doggy style like that for close to half and hour. I again came multiple times. Peter had a great appetite for sex, and his stamina was amazing. For the next two weeks we fucked several times every day. He came over to my house while my husband was at work and fucked me at least three times a day before he would leave. The first time he came over he came at about nine am.

He fucked me five times before he left at five o'clock. I was so sore I could barely walk.

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It was a real effort to keep my husband from suspecting. My pussy lips were swelled to twice their normal size. I'm glad my husband didn't want to fuck or eat my pussy. I don't think I could get even his small dick in me I was so swelled up. At the end of the two weeks Peter said it was time to really start looking for a house to buy. We looked at three of the ones I had already been thru but didn't really see.

We finally found one I liked and Peter showed it to my husband. He like it too so we made an offer. After negotiating back and fourth, Peter got the seller to accept an offer $7,000 less than the seller was asking, plus $4,000 credit for nonrecurring charges. We moved in two months later. The house was a mile and a quarter from the ocean and we got it for $42,000.

Peter and I christened every room in the house including the closets and the bathroom that first week. We had to be very careful now because there was no real reason to see Peter.

I still loved my husband who was very good to me. I think he almost worshipped me. I confessed to Peter my fantasy of wanting to participate in a threesome with two guys. Three days later He said he could make arrangements with a friend who would love to join us in a three way.

It scared me but the thought also excited me. I said ok and we agree to meet at his friend's place of business in Hawthorn. His friend arranged to borrow an old high school friend's apartment for the day. The apartment building was next door to Peter's business. PART TWO, the principal reason for the story.

I told my husband I was going shopping and might be home late. I called a girl friend that I trusted and told her that if anyone ever asked we had gone shopping together. She wanted to know what it was all about but I told her I would tell her all later.

Peter picked me up at the end of the block and we drove over to his friend's place of business arriving about 9:30 that morning. I blushed from my head to my toes when he introduced me to his friend Bill. Bill was a good looking almost pretty guy who obviously was Italian. At 6ft and 180lbs he was something to look at. He smiled and shook my hand and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you. It took only a couple of minutes for him to wrap things up and then led us over to the apt.

Just before we went in he stopped and said there is a small problem. He said Bob, who's apt we are using had the day off and wants to join us as a condition of us using it. I looked at Peter and said "I, oh fuck I just don't know." Peter said it's up to you Barbara, but what's the difference two or three? Then the thought struck lia lor and brandi love share boyfriend and fucked on turns, I could for once in my life have a dick in every hole.

The thought sent a chill down my butt and I squeezed my pussy lips tight together. Bob answered the door and we went in. Bob was of Mexican decent about 5'8", maybe 160 lbs. I was nervous as hell and when we went into the bedroom I almost decided to change my mind.

Peter said we will start off slow and allow you to get comfortable with this. That eased my mind a little. He took off my dress and undid my bra. I heard Bob say, "Christ, look at the size of those tits. Now I am no small women, at 5'6 and 190lbs. My 44EEE's are very firm as is the rest of me. Peter had me lay down on the bed with my legs hanging over the end.

I said, "Before we start Peter hand me my night blind fold in that bag. I want to use my imagination as to what is happening to me." Peter handed it to me and I put it on and laid back on the bed. Peter began french kissing me as one of them began caressing and sucking my tits. The other parted my legs and started eating my pussy. What a sensation, Peter and I were kissing passionately and the youporn granny gives young lesbian lover the platinum treatment who was sucking squeezing and kneading my nipple knew what he was doing.

The one between my legs was eating me like it was his last meal. I was getting hotter by the second. As he slid his tongue up and down my very wet pussy and sucking my clit I exploded in a powerful orgasm. I shoved my ass hard into his mouth and screamed Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, Ohhhhh shit yesssss. Peter stopped kissing me and then I felt his huge cock enter my pussy ever so slowly. He was beginning to plunge in and out of my hungry pussy when I felt someone sit on my chest and push a good sized cock into my mouth.

It was not as wicked and fleshly blowjob pornstar and hardcore as Peters but certainly was not a small one. He began to fuck my mouth and was hitting my throat opening. I started to choke and he pulled a little of his dick back out. I heard him say Relax breath through your nose. So I started sucking that nice cock as it was shoved in and out of my throat.

Sex xxz beautiful hit teacher really was enjoying the rhythm of both cocks when I felt my legs being lifter up and wrapped around Peters back. Then I felt a hand shoving a wet and gooey substance into my ass hole. I thought, "Oh shit, someone is going to fuck me in the ass. I had never been fucked there even though I had fantasized about it.

My sphincter muscle was really tight and he was having a tough time getting past it with his finger. After a short while he got two fingers than three into that very sight hole. He finger fucked my bung hole for about two minute before he withdrew his fingers and I felt him shove his cock into my ass hole.

I tried to imagine what it must look like if someone was watching us. It would be one hell of a sight with one guy sitting on my chest with his dick in my mouth; another with his cock in my pussy and another with his prick up my ass. I was beside myself with passion. I was cumming like a fountain. The feeling of two cocks rubbing against each other thru the lining between my ass cavity and my pussy cavity is sunny leone cum complication story indescribable.

(Ladies, if you have never had two cocks in you at the same time, one in your pussy one in your ass you don't know what you're missing) I felt the one in my ass shoved deep and his hot cum spurting into my rectum. He pulled out of me and was replaced by another cock about the same size. It began to pump my ass hole fast and hard. As soon as I felt that cock up my ass and before I could question it the cock in my mouth exploded with a huge amount of cum.

I was choking and coughing but also swallowing his thick cum down my throat. He pulled out of me and got off my chest. Before I could say Jack Rabbit another pair of legs straddled me and a semi hard cock was shoved into my mouth. I began to suck it hard, wondering if this was the one that had been in my ass.

Peter was pumping my pussy really fast and hard. I felt him grab my ass with both hands and pushed his big cock down deep in my pussy cavity and the head again pushed against my cervix and let lose a load of cum directly in it. As he laid there on top of me I could feel his cock pulsating and at the same time I could feel that cock in my ass rubbing up and down his cock thru that thin lining.

Within a minute of Peter cumming I felt the cock in my ass let loose with its hot thick liquid deep in my ass. Peter pulled out of me only to be replaced by that other large but smaller than Peter's cock. For about the next fifteen minutes there was no one in my ass, only the two cocks in my mouth and pussy. The guy with his dick in my mouth was really pumping in and out of me. It amrika xxx sex university sex stories not as big as the other one so I could get the whole thing in.

His tip even entered my throat and I didn't choke. He shot his warm milky cum straight down my throat and into my stomach. For the next hour or so they kept rotating, each fucking me at least twice in each of my holes. Although it took Peter several tries before he could fuck my ass. He finally was able to enter my ass after the one guy that had the dick just a little smaller than his had fucked me there twice.

As Peter finally shoved his cock completely in me I thought I was going to die. It felt like my ass was being split in two. I cried it hurt so bad. He was as gentle as he could be and had moved very slowly into chithi udan sex young boy ass.

It took almost five minutes for the pain to subside. When it stopped hurting he slowly began to fuck me. In and out it went and I could feel every inch as it slid up and down my inner ass wall. He fucked me in the ass for close to twenty minutes before I felt it swell and burst forth with his semen. It felt warm and made me cum again. Peter said lets take a lunch break and give ourselves a chance to recuperate.

It was then that I lifted my night mask and as I was blinking from the sudden light I realized there were four guys in the room instead of three.

Bob introduced me to his roommate. His name was Kaz which was short I think for a long Japanese name. I just sat there shaking my head in disbelief at what had just taken place. As I looked at all four cocks I had to smile. Peter was 8 ½ inches, Bill was 7 inches, Bob was a little over 6 inches but as big around as Bill, and Kas was 6 inches. I was very glad that they had started with the smaller one when the fucked me in the ass. I felt like I had a quart of cum in my pussy and my ass.

My stomach was full of cum too. Bill helped me into the shower. He got in there with me and washed my whole body with soap.

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I washed him as well. He got a hard on when I stroked his cock with the soap. He turned me around and made me bend over as he slipped his seven inch cock up my dripping cunt. He fucked me like that for over fifteen minutes before I felt him shoot his load of cum up into me.

Then he unscrewed the head of the shower rod and douched out my pussy and then my ass. Bob order two large pizzas; one was pepperoni & mushrooms and the other Hawaiian chicken. When it arrived we ate them and drank early jenna jameson big tits blonde classic. Kaz ate my pussy while I was eating and drinking my beer.

He made me cum twice and when he stood up he had pussy juice all over his face making everyone laugh. They really slowed down after lunch. Over the next three hours they fucked me mostly one at a time.

Each time one would get hard he would decide where he wanted to fuck me. Peter fucked me three more times, each time in my pussy; Bill also fucked me three more times, once in the cuming in blond pussy is the best to do and twice in my pussy. Bob got to me four times, three times in the ass and once in my pussy.

Now Kaz was something else. I don't know where he got the energy but he fucked me six times that afternoon; twice in my pussy and four times in my ass. I also gave each of them a blow job. By four o'clock I was completely exhausted. My pussy and ass were full of cum and dripping all over the place. My jaws were sore from sucking so much cock. It took me close to an hour to douche myself clean of cum in both my pussy and ass and get dressed.

We said our goodbye's with each of them groping my tits before I left. Peter drove me to my girl friends house and before he left he asked me if I would like to do it again. I thought about it for a few minutes before I told him.

I said, no I had fulfilled a fantasy of mine and although I had a wonderful time and would never forget it I didn't think I would ever do it again. The end EPILOGUE: My husband died from a heart attack three years later.

I didn't know anything about motorcycles so I sold the business and bought a designer dress shop for women size fourteen and bigger. It is located in West Los Angeles. Peter and I got together a few times but soon drifted apart. I am now married with two wonderful kids.

My new husband gives me plenty of sex and I have never had the desire to repeat my fantasy. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE AUTHOR. [b]