Frisky czech teenie spreads her slim quim to the special

Frisky czech teenie spreads her slim quim to the special
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We'll start by saying plenty of ladies are engulfing dicks striptease and hardcore been two weeks since the locker room. Max has gone on a vacation so the boys are all alone.Well then again there is Ringworm.

Chapter Five "Wow, look at this place it's perfect." Zack and Cody both said as they walked into their new birthday present. "Who ever would of guessed that dad would buy us our very own suite. It's so awsome." Cody said as he looked around. "Yeah it's a shame we have to fuck in it with out Max for awhile." "Yeah so how bout we get out of here and wait until tonight to chrisen the room." "Alright." Cody said as he and his brother left the room.

They went down to the game room. "Hey guys herd you got your own room. You guys are so lucky." "Hey Ring hows it goin?" "Kinda terrible actually you know with Max being gone and all." "Yeah I know what ya mean now we have fun in are knew room." "Shut up Cody." Zack whispered to his brother. "What do mean by that are you guys having a sleep over?" "Well no; But if you wanna stay over that's cool." "Hey thanks Cody you guys are the coolest I'll be there at seven.

Well see you guys then." "Nice goin dufus now how are we suposed to have sex now?" "Oh. I'm sorry I kinda got swept up in exitement. Who knows maybe he could do it with us." "You know that actually sounds like a good idea." Later that day seven was approaching fast and the boys were getting upitty about telling Worm about what they planned on doing later. Cody finally decided to tell him.

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"Hey Ring." "Yeah whats up." "I have a question to ask you. Promise you won't get mad." "Sure what." "Are you gay?" "What!" "Yeah I'm just doing a poll; Everyone knows about it; But noone will find out; Now for real I need to know." "Well to tell the truth I have ocasionally thought about guys when I whack off." "Uh, Like who." "Uh come on I already said I was.

What more do you want from me?" "Hey look Worm you can trust me ok I won't tell anyone." "Well you and Zack. I know it's wierd I'm sorry. But can I still come over? "Yeah about that, How would you like to make those fantasies come true." Zack butted in as he walked over to them.

"Why did ya tell him Cody, I told you to keep it a secret until tonight." "Wait, I don't get it. What are you guys talking about?" "Well Worm. Me and Cody have been having sex with eachother for the last two weeks." "Really, Oh thats so cool can I have sex with you guys I've always wanted to try this new thing I saw on the internet." "What's that?" Cody asked "Well I think it's called a footjob." "Huh, Well I think will let you stay as long as you don't tell anyone." "Oh No, Never I swear." "Ok, We wil begin at seven then." "Hey guys Im ready to go I brought a big box of stuff that I found in my basement." "Hey Ring come on in." He closed the door and sat with the two boys on the dude is pissing on her after sex. "Hey so when do we get started?" Zack replied "When ever you want.

But first lets go to the room and get naked." When the three got in the room Worm asked "How are we gonna fuck on single beds?" "Easy!" Cody replied. The twins then pushed the two beds together.

"Awsome. Can we fuck now?" "Hold on worm first we have to see what were up against here. Pull down your pants." As Cody took Worm's pants off a big six incher hit him right in the face.

"Oh how nice same as Zack's" "No way mines so much bigger check it out." Zack pulled down his pants and what do ya know it was the same size as Worm's.

"Mmm it looks good!" Cody said as he wrapped his mouth around his best friends dick. "Hey Cody what are you doing?" "What do you wanna get sucked or not?" "Well I just thought that you could both do it." "Well ok.

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You heard him Zack lets do it." Zack came over and got on his knees and grabbed his friends dick. "Mmm. Looks tasty." He then put his mouth over the tip. And Cody started licking his balls. Then Worm said. "Oh. You guys are so good. Just as I imagined it." Then Zack said.

"Oh this is only the begining. Wait till you get inside Cody.

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Its awsome his ass is so tight it's so hard to keep from cumming." "Well hey wait guys I still wanna try the footjob thing." "Ok then." Cody said as he took off his socks to reveal his feet.(Which for the record made me wanna start writing.But anyway.) "Wow Cody you have some nice feet." "Thanks Worm. I wonder if I'll be any good at this." "Oh it's real easy. I'll do most of the work." Worm then sat on the couch and told Cody get between his legs.

He then lifted his feet up to his dick. "Here we go Cody." Worm then took Cody's feet and pressed them up against his dick. He then started humping his feet. Then he took Cody's arches and circled them around his cock.

"Oh Cody that feels so fuckin good." "It looks like it feels good. Now let me try." "Hold on Zack there is something else I want to try." He removed Cody's left foot and replaced it with Zack's. "Alright this is awsome. I've always wanted a footjob. and now I'm getting a double footjob from the two hottest boys I know." He then started moving their feet one after another.

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This went on for a couple mins. before he started convulsing. He started cumming so he took their feet and held his dick to the center and blew his load all over their hot little feet. "Wow." They all said at the same time."Now its our turn." Cody said as he stood up and grabbed Worm's feet and did the same thing that he did to his.

"Wow Worm you were right this is awsome. I think I'm gonna." Cody then blew his load all over Worm's feet. "Hey don't forget about me." "Its okay Zack you can have his feet now." "Oh I don't want them just yet first I wanna fuck you up the ass." "That's good enough for me." Cody then noticed that Worm was hard again.

So he decided his position and bent over and put his mouth over Worm's dick and started sucking. Zack then got behind him and inserted his own dick into his little brother. The three boys went for only five minutes before Zack and Worm busted their nut inside Cody. He then swallowed and said. "Let's go take a shower now.

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