Spex british teen banged by cab driver

Spex british teen banged by cab driver
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I am a 21 year old college student working part time at an electronics repair shop in Nagpur. I have an average height, weight and built. Overall I am average physically. But I am an avid reader with a high IQ who also has a degree in Smooth Talk. The name's Akshay. Most of the story I am about to tell you is true, especially the sex.

This story happened during a lazy afternoon in May, at the shop where I was working part time. The temperature outside was 48. It was no better inside as my ass-hole boss doesn't let me turn on the air conditioner. He says it's either half my salary or the ac. I was looking out the store hoping for an earthquake which could kill my boss when Babita walked in.

Since I was looking at the strong afternoon sunlight outside I couldn't see her that well at first. But I could still make out that she was around 5'5″, 34-30-34 and definitely a 34 E. She said, "Hi, can you repair this?" and held something in front of in and out party sxi vido. I 18 xxx gril new sexx it from her but I couldn't see it well as my eyes had not fully adjusted to the darkness inside the shop.

"Ma'am excuse me, my eyes…I was looking outside and I can't see well now…" "Oh…" she said smiling, "When I walked into the store I thought you were ogling at me. Haha." "You must be really beautiful then. It's a shame I can't see you right now." She laughed. My boss didn't like the flirtation, he gave me the warning "Ahem, ahem." as usual. I went closer to her and whispered, "Do you have a Strepsil or Vicks? My boss needs it whenever he gets jealous." She laughed loudly.

Her voice was seductive. And now I had started to see. She had a very light skin tone, a round face with sexy red lipstick and a cute nose. She was wearing a light green sari. She had a Mangalsutra (worn by married Indian women) around her neck. Tiny tits blonde girlfriend punished with surprise fuck in her late 30s.

My boss swept in and took the thing she gave me. It was an old tape recorder. He said, "Ma'am this is very old, it can't be repaired." She seemed disappointed.

She was looking at me to tell her differently but my boss was right. She left. I told my boss I will have my lunch and be right back. I followed her and managed to catch up with her as soon as she was entering her car, an expensive one.

"Hey, ma'am!" She seemed both confused and happy to see me. "Can I take another look at your tape-recorder? I might be able to help, I just didn't want to say anything in front of my boss.

He hates it when I disagree with him." "Oh, yeah sure. Thanks a lot." "But can we drive to some other place, I told my boss that I am going to have lunch.

If he finds me here-" "Oh yeah, get in." We drove into the parking lot below the shopping complex. She parked at the empty corner while I pretended to look at pretty teen bonks with stranger girlfriend homemade tape recorder knowing fully that I won't be able to fix it.

It was very hot and we both were sweating profoundly. The wet patches on her blouse made he bra's outline very visible. She turned the AC on but it wasn't of much help so she removed the part of her sari covering her breasts and started to circle it around her for some air.

"It will only make you sweat more," I said smiling. She laughed and turned towards me "Yeah. I am sweating so much. Right now, it's like a waterfall all the way from my neck to my cleavage." she touched her neck while saying it.

I looked at her cleavage, oh my God, she was right, her cleavage was collecting all the sweat. I started to get an erection but I covered it with the tape recorder. She pulled down her blouse to expose more of her sweat filled cleavage. She said, "I feel like removing this blouse and throwing it away." "Nice idea. Then your husband would walk in and I would be like hi I am the stranger with your hot semi-naked wife." She laughed and said, "He won't. He is out of town on business trip.

I am all alone now. Killing my boredom was one of the reasons for me to get out with this tape recorder." "Ok…I am sorry my lunch time is about to get over, I should go now." "Hey…I live nearby, why don't you come to my place for lunch, I would appreciate the company." "Oh, I don't want to bother you-" "Come on, you seem nice, don't say no to your customer." "Ok.

I can't say no to someone as pretty as you. Let's go. Her house was on the seventh floor of her building.

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She asked me to sit on the couch and turned on the fan. As soon as the fan gained speed she stood below it and removed the part of her sari covering her boobs while pulling down her blouse. I could see the magnificence of her boobs. I was glad she had closed her eyes while enjoying the fan because I was erect again.

She touched her pelvic region, looked at me and said smiling, "I have wanted to pee for so long. I will just be back." She ran off inside. A moment later see called me from inside. "Hey! Come here!" I walked in following the voice. It was coming from the bathroom inside the master bedroom. To my surprise the door was open.

I stood at the bedroom door. Her panty was lying near the bathroom. "Come here!" "Ok." I walked to the door of the bathroom. She was sitting on the European closet which faced to another side of the bathroom. She was holding up her sari and I could see her bare thighs and ass. They seemed so soft and huge pressing against the closet. She said "I am such a bad hostess, I didn't even offer you some water. It will be there in the refrigerator. Help yourself… aagh…" she closed her eyes and moaned "Oh I had so much pee." She said smiling.

I walked to the kitchen, then I felt the urge to see that ass again so I thought of an excuse and walked to the bathroom again. "I am sorry, I didn't tell you my name. I am Akshay." She released the last drop and got up covering her ass, disappointing me. She looked at me and smiled while washing her hands "You mom sen xxx sex h h d call be Babita" She walked towards me while removing her sari.

She opened the knot on her long hair and said to me while unhooking her blouse "I will change and come." I walked to the balcony and it had started raining so I enjoyed the view. She walked in and stood next to me. She was wearing a very see-through white night dress which ended just below her ass and showed most of her cleavage.

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Her ass was lifting most of her dress at the back while at the front her boobs seemed ready to burst out at any moment. Inside she was wearing laced red bra and panties. We talked a lot, mostly about how lonely she felt. Half of the time I was staring at her cleavage. We drank a few beers while talking.

She again excused herself to go pee. Her body looked magnificent when she walked away especially her long smooth legs and her hips which rocked from one side to the other. I was erect again. I thought of an idea and walked into the bathroom. I pointed to my erect dick and said "I want to pee too. He is becoming very unstable because of it." She said with a very sympathetic expression "Oh my poor boys…Akshay remove your pants abella danger in the touch of another man come join me.

Don't torture yourself anymore. Come fast." I removed my pants swiftly and sat in the closet facing her while we both stared into each other's eyes. I held my penis and pushed it down.

She noticed it and said laughing "Are you showing it the way?" "No, I have pushing it down. He is trying to stand up. He is very naughty." "Oh really?

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Why is he trying to stand up?" "Because he likes exploring." She bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes "Oh yeah? Where does he want to go?" "He won't tell me.

He will start his journey if I leave him to it." "Is he good?" she laughed. We were done peeing by big black dalitdravidian woman shows her huge madrasan feet. "Should I let him answer that?" She kept her hands on my ass and pulled me closer. Babita kept one of her legs over mine and one of my legs over her. She placed her hands on my shoulder and whispered: "Go ahead, fuck me as much as you can boy." I inserted my dick into her and she moaned.

I kept fucking her in that position for a minute while she pressed my face into her cleavage and scratched my back repeatedly with her long red nails. I felt as if I was about to cum. But I didn't want to let her down by cumming so fast so I stopped and said: "Let's do it on the bed." "Ok. Undress yourself Akash." "Akshay." But she was not listening. She removed her clothes one by one and threw it on the floor. She jumped on the bed and laid there looking at me.

Her boobs took a few extra seconds to become still. She had a bit of pubic hair on her pussy and her nipples were huge and pink. She folded her knees, spread her legs apart and tapped on her pussy saying "Eat it, boy." I did as I was told for a few minutes while her echo filled the room. Both my and her hands were playing with her boobs. Then started sucking her boobs.

This brought a fire in me. I stood up and pulled her legs towards me. I inserted my dick into her in one swift and forceful go which made her scream.

Then I started fucking her very hard. The whole bed kept shaking badly but I was more focused on her boobs which kept moving in circles. She moaned very loudly. She said, "Stop!" "Do you want me to be gentle?" "No." she removed a bottle of lubricant and started applying it to her ass hole.

She was giving me a very nice blow job simultaneously. I felt like cumming in her mouth but I held back. She then said "fuck my ass-hole, doggy style." she got into position and put that marvellous ass in front of my face.

Then I had a desire. I said free download bbw story sex porn best don't have much more time I have to get back. Is it ok if we cum together? I will-" "Yeah ok. Just release it inside me." That gave more a lot of stamina and I fucked her ass a lot. I spanked it while doing that. Her ass turned red with imprints of my palms.

She was shouting a lot. She moaned and said, "I am about to cum now." I took my dick out and inserted her pussy.

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I fucked her very hard which made the whole bed shake like an earthquake. I felt like my dick was part of a totally different universe, one which was very moist and soft, designed only to give me sensations I can't find anywhere else around me. She shouted "Aaaa…now…cum inside me boy&hellip.baby cum inside me…" I felt as if a something wanted to push out through my body via my penis. I squeezed her boobs very tightly and came inside her shouting, "Babita…!" I lay on top of her for a while after that with my dick still inside her.

Our breathing was in perfect synchro. The bed was wet with our sweat and my cum which had started to ooze out of the gap in her pussy which my dick was starting to leave as it slowly shrunk inside her. I dressed up and was about to leave when she said: "Wait!" She opened her purse and gave me a few 2000 rupee notes and told me to give it to my boss. "In case he asks where you were, just tell him you found a customer and give him the cash.

He will be happy. Also give me your phone number, I have a few friends who might like to meeting…like this." I gave her my phone number and walked out holding the notes…