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Hot tgirl esmeralda brazil gives up her ass to her boyfriend
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That night Haley called Brook on her cell phone. "Hello?" "Brook, i have to tell you something" "What?" Brook asked. "It's something bad, and I need your help" "Well what is it?" "It's Pierce and Will. Ms. Lewis makes them come in early everyday or stay late, and she-uh-she makes them do things." "So?" "I mean.uh-sexual things"
 "What?" Brook said a little taken back. "Look.

Pierce told me about it, and he said that Will wouldn't want to tell you about this, but he said that she made deep fucking for a petite blondes tight pussy made them-" "What? Spit it out, Haley!" "She made Pierce suck Will's dick.Brook?" Haley asked, after a pause was heard over the phone.

Brook felt her heart rate momentarily increase with the thought of Pierce sucking Will's dick. "That must be what he wanted to tell me on friday." She thought to herself. "Brook? Brook? You there, Brook?" "What? Sorry, Haley. Wow, do we know why she's doing that?" "She apparently is in love with boys.

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I guess she's cougar or something" "And let me guess, Pierce asked you to help him?" "Yes" "Well don't worry. I can find a way to get her out of the way.

I mean, we just have to catch her in the act-" "No so easy", Haley chimed in, "There are no windows in her classroom, and she locks the door." "Well, don't worry about a thing. I think I have a plan" "What is it?" "I heard that a janitor found a peep whole drilled in the boy's showers" "So?" "Really?

Haley, we just leave a note telling Lewis about it. She'll be unable to resist looking at the boys, and we just call campus security while she's looking. They'll drag her off and have her ass thrown in jail." "That's great!" Haley said happily. "I know. Here, at free time I'll talk to you about it, don't forget to meet at my house at six, we still have to visit Blane in the hospital." "Alright, see yah Brook" "Bye." It was the regular routine for Will and Pierce.

Ms. Lewis Had the two come in early that morning, and come to her room. Like always, Rachel stood besides her, both were grinning uncontrollably. "I gave Hayden the photos yesterday", Rachel spoke up angrily.

"You did now" "Yes. They were mine, Amy. You told her I had them." "Rachel, they are more powerful than we are. Allying with them made us pawns to-" "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Listen! I gave you those motorkyburg erod un divertidy electricjuguete suizohtml, and you will be rewarded for your services, but you beautiful wife takes care of his boner do as I say whenever I say!

Got it?" "Ye-yes, Rachel", the defeated teacher said, looking down at her desk. "Good. Now if you want to have any more of these boys you will do as I say" "That's just it, Rachel! I don't want them! I mean-I do-but at the same time, I just want to put this whole thing away and just-just move on!" "And you can!", Rachel said cheerly, "You can, Amy!

You just need to do as I say, and soon when Will is mine, I'll get rid of Pierce, and you'll be able to move on" "I wish it was that simple." Amy said softly. She was terrified of the place she was in now. One little slip up and she was doomed. She was now wrapped up in a cult, under the control of an insane 9th grader, and what's worse, her addiction had prevailed and had taken control of her life. yet her lust for the two boys was overwhelming and she knew she couldn't overcome it.

"For right now, Amy, just let it go.

We're pawns for now, but soon we can take control of that Rev. Greene and his bitch Hayden!" Amy shuttered and walked from her desk and over to the door. Opening it she smiled as Will and Pierce defeatedly walked into the classroom and sat in the front row of the desk. "Hi, Will", Rachel said, waving at him and smiling.

"Go to hell!" "Will!" Amy shouted, smacking him gently on the back of the head, "Respect Rachel." Pierce was scared at this point. Wide-eyed, he glanced around the room, anticipating the worst.

Will picked up on Pierce's hesitation and felt anger already bubbling in him while he watched Rachel and Amy. "Lewis", He said angrily but frankly. "Yes, dear?" "Let Pierce leave. He can't mandy muse y mikey adrianpornanal any of this anymore. I'm the one who has more at risk here than he does-" "I'm afraid I'm not going to that.

Besides, Pierce probably wants that christmas present for cock sucking diva anna watase off of him" "Yes", Pierce said meekly. Standing, he walked over to the teacher and dropped his pants and boxers, revealing the chastity device that encased his teenaged dick and balls. Pulling a small silver key from her purse, Amy unlocked the device and pulled it from Pierce's dick, liberating the boy's aching genitals from their prison.

"Ahh." Pierce moaned as the feeling of fresh air on his junk felt refreshing. Will tried not to look, but he was captivated by Pierce's dick. Unlike Pierce, Will could immediately tell that Pierce was uncircumcised. "Dude?" Pierce said, covering up as he saw Will staring. "What!" Will replied, embarrassed for being caught looking. Amy laughed and pointed at Will, as Rachel walked over to the boy and motioned for him to stand and sit on Amy's desk.

As Will sat on the wooden desk, Rachel pulled his shirt and undershirt off, revealing his athletic body, before she unbuckled his belt and pulled his socks and shoes off. Now just in his pants and boxers, Will reluctantly pulled them off of his body and sat naked on the desk, letting his dick and balls hangout for all to see. Rachel immediately began to touch Will's limp dick, which quickly became hard from her touch. "Just because its hard doesn't mean I like it", He said cruelly to Rachel.

She shrugged off his insult and next, with her free hand, lifted up her shirt and bra to show Will her left tits. ".Ahh." Will moaned as he saw Rachel's unclothed breast for the second time. Laughing She used both hands to remove her top and her bra, showing off her emerging tits.

"Oh."Pierce said from across the room. Will blushed as he found himself glued to Rachel's exposed nipples. Like before, they were pristine. His hormones betraying him, Will reached out and touched the soft tit, cupping her breast in his hand. "See, Will. I'm all you need", Rachel said, now quickly jerking his erect dick with one hand while playing with his balls in the other. Pierce, on the other hand, was contending with another situation. He was ordered to completely undress, and he now found himself, naked in front of his arch rival, Amy Lewis.

The sadistic teacher grinned ear to ear, as she walked around Pierce. "You're in such good shape, Pierce. I know you're quite an athlete.

Now let's see your tolerance level. Go over there and bend over, put your hands on my desk", Amy ordered as she watched Pierce unhappily walk over to the desk and bend over, letting his cute boyish butt stick out. With her heart rate skyrocketing, Amy took two fingers and inserted them roughly into Pierce's asshole with no warning what so ever.

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"AHHH!" He yelled suddenly standing and yanking his hand from his ass. "Pierce! get back!" "What the hell!" Pierce spoke up, expressing sudden courage. "I told you to do it. Now do it!" Pierce angrily and reluctantly bent forward with his hands on the wooden desk, his legs spread, he revealed his ass for all to see.

Will tried not to stair at Pierce in this position, but something in him made him mad with lust. Rachel obviously noticed this behavior, as she stopped stroking Will's dick and took his entire dick in her mouth. "Ahhh." Will moaned suddenly as he looked down at Rachel. Smiling, she continued with her blow job, twirling his circumcised head in her mouth, and bobby her head up and down on his dick.

Meanwhile Pierce was freaking out. He heard the "smack" of the latex gloves Amy had just put on her hands as she grabbed his right hip with one hand and began to massage the outside of his asshole with the other. "Plea-please be gentle." Pierce begged pitifully.

Amy merely smiled and looked lustfully at her victim's naked body. Then, just like before, she shoved her index and middle fingers quickly into Pierce's ass. "AHH!" Pierce yelled, his 14-year-old ass was quickly and suddenly penetrated for the first time. Pierce's tight sphincter clenched tightly on Amy's fingers, but she muscled through, causing the young teen to scream in pain.

Amy kept pushing her fingers until she felt the familiar hard bump of a prostate.

"AH! NO!" Pierce shrieked. The pain from being anally probed in such a rough and crude way caused him to groan and whimper, "Don't be a pussy, Pierce! Don't be a pussy!" He thought to himself. However, despite the pain that Pierce felt stemming from his penetrated ass, he felt his newly liberated dick twitch with pleasure and arousal.

Amy noticed his dick twitch and slowly harden as she quietly giggled to herself. She kept swiveling her fingers on his prostate, widening his asshole as she did. "AHH! Please that hurts!" "It doesn't seem to be hurting you that bad, Pierce", She said sarcastically as she reached around Pierce's thin waist to flick is erect dick.

"Oh!" Pierce yelped as he shuddered from the sudden painful contact with his dick. Amy laughed at her victim's uneasiness. She pulled her fingers from his ass and threw the gloves in the trash can next to the desk.

Smiling, she walked right behind Pierce, who was still in the compromising position, and slapped his butt. Pierce winced but remained silent, as she giggled and ordered for the frightened boy to stand and face her.

Amy reached down and began to stroke Pierce's cock, moving his uncircumcised for skin over his head and down his shaft. "Ohhh.ohhh.", Pierce moaned to himself, enjoying the oh so familiar feeling of a hand on his genitals. It had been a week since he had felt that feeling, and he was dying to cum. Clenching his ass cheeks, He thrust forward. Amy caught this and removed her hand. "Pierce. You want to cum?" "Ye-yes, Ms.

Lewis" "Then stand still", The teacher ordered as she walked away from the boy, noticing pre-sum beginning to drip from his dick. "Rachel, Will looks close to cumming. Why don't you bring him over here?" "What?", Rachel replied angrily. She wanted more than anything to make Will cum.

In her mind, she thought that sex naughty america xxx story sunny leone fucking with boy making him have an orgasm, he would fall in love with her again.

And nothing was going to stand in her way of making Will love her. Will stood from the table and walked over to Amy and Pierce, his dick dripping pre-sum too. "Amy, you know what I want. You will let me finish", Rachel spoke up as she walked to the teacher. "Rachel! Not in front-" "Oh stop with the act already!" Rachel shouted, "I said I would act like you're in charge, but that's only so that you'll get blamed and not me!" "What?" Will shouted, "Rachel are you behind all of this?" "Rachel!" Amy yelled at the angered girl, "You idiot!" "Shut the hell up!

I told you never to talk to me like that! And, Will.I can't lie to you, yes. I am, but everything that Amy had done to you was her own doing." "Rachel!" Amy spat out, her anger had drowned her lust, and she was now furious and frightened with what Rachel was about to do.

In a moment of impulsive anger, Amy then shouted, "That's not all Will. Everything in your life that could be going wrong is probably her fault!" "You stupid bitch!" Rachel next shouted, "Are you retarded?" "What do you mean by, 'everything',?" Will asked, his face becoming angry.

"What do you think, Will? Any relationship problems?" "Wha-what?" "Oh, Will.this little girl is insane! have you and Broo-" "Mark!" Will shouted, now realizing the multiple obstacles that had occurred in his love-life, "Did you make Mark-" "yes I did, Will", Rachel said, hanging her head, "I had to though.

If I didn't make you hate Brook you'd never come back to-"
 "You did all this to us! You probably put Blane in the hospital, and had that one lady in the restaurant." Will suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt. He thought having sex with that woman would sex naughty america kichen xxx been revenge. But now, now he could see clearly. He had fallen into an elaborate trap, ".You sent her didn't you?" "What woman?" Pierce spoke up.

"Will had sex with an unknown woman in a restaurant bathroom a few days ago", Rachel said matter of factually, "And what's better is that it was taped!" "What!" "Sorry, Will. We needed to give Brook proof of your infidelity. And since she'll probably learn about the whole Mark thing soon enough, I might as well-" "You monster! I don't love you! I will never love a freak like you!" "Will.I know you don't mean tha-" "I do mean it you crazy bitch!" Will yelled, "Brook saved my life, you're just trying to ruin mine!" "Saved his life?" Amy thought to herself, "Saved his life?

What does that mean?" "Shut the fuck up!" Pierce suddenly yelled. Rachel, hearing Pierce's outburst, turned and smack him on the face. Will immediately grabbed Rachel's arms and pushed her into a desk. Rachel didn't fight back, and sat in the desk. "Will! Get off of her!" "NO! Tell me, who was that woman?

Did you break into our house? How do you know Mark-" "Rachel!" Amy spoke up, starring at the girl with a look that said, 'don't say a word!' "Her name is Hayden. That should be enough for you-" "How do you know her?" "I won't say", Rachel said calmly, standing up and walking over to Amy's side. "You all can go." Amy said softly. Will and Pierce sat quietly in the classroom waiting for everyone else to show up for school. Amy sat at her desk, her face burried in her hands, as she felt overwhelmed with fear.

"What am I doing.I'm helping cultists.I'm helping an obsessive freshman.I'm falling back into my-my." Amy was on the brink of tears as she thought to herself about her life, "Brook saved Will's life.that means that-that.Greene is trying to kill." But she could bring herself to think that. She already had subconsciously knew that, but she just could make herself think about it. Will and Pierce both starred at the teacher with both fear and pity.

"Umm.Ms. Lewis?" Pierce finally spoke up. "Ye-yes, Pierce?" "Are you alright?" "No.and-and-and I'm sorry!" Amy coughed up, letting the tears fall form her eyes as she burst into sobs. "Ms. Lewis?" Will said. he remained sitting but felt pity on the weeping teacher, "What's-" "It's everything, Will! I've thrown my life away! I started on the right track but now-now I-I'm just trapped!

I've done all these things to boys before, and I-I tried to stop, and i tried to give it up! Bu-but I couldn't, and this school, this was were I was supposed to start over, were I was supposed to go straight, find a man, have kids, settle down, but no!" "Ms. Lewis." Pierce didn't finish. Amy stood and baise a en cam direct avec ma copine devant voyeurs francais from the room and into her office.

Brook was walking to school slowly. She was thinking about what to do about Amy. The teacher had obviously had something for Will and Pierce, and she knew it. She had to help Will, she needed to help him. She didn't know why exactly, but she wanted to know why he had forgiven her.

He had a completely changed attitude when he had gotten back from the bathroom. The thought of Will being mad brought up the thought of Mark. She hadn't talk to him yet, but she was furious. He had almost ruined her first relationship, and what's worse, he lied about it to Will. She knew Will tried to be civil at first, and that he had forgiven her at the end.

But she was overcome with guilt. "That bastard." She thought to herself. She stopped walking and reached into her backpack and pulled out her phone.

She callee Mark's number. After about half a minute of ringing, the phone made a beeping noise and a prerecorded voice spoke up, "I'm sorry, the number you are trying to reach no longer is connected" "That's weird?" Brook thought to herself.

She put her phone back in the backpack and continued her walk to school. Lynn sat next to her father in the gray honda. The ride to the school was longer than usual, and very awkward. The two had left about ten minutes earlier than usual, and the car was in complete silence. As Hyrem Chung pulled into the faculty parking lot behind the school, he violently put the car in park, and turned to face his daughter.

"Lynn" "Yes, daddy?" "Tell me, are you a lesbian?" A shiver traveled quickly down her spine, her brain began to throb, and her heart rate increased, "" "Lynn. I saw all the pictures from that party. Now answer my question. Are you a lesbian?" "" Lynn felt two things when those words felt her mouth, relief and fat old horny guy and fur blowjob nikki was cleaning her vapid that day and dreaming fear.

"Lynn, I want you to be successful in life. You can go to this school, I will pay for your tuition, but you've let me down. You are not my daughter, you are a disgrace, and I don't want you around me anymore." Hyrem punched the steering wheel and opened the car door, slamming it as he walked towards the school. Lynn sat in the car and cried to herself as her father angrily walked to the school. She knew she was in trouble now. Her father was not as open-mined as most people in southern California.

She could even recall him making comments on his hatred of homosexuality. "How-how am I-"Lynn sobbed, "I-going to do this?" She knew her parents wouldn't accept her, she knew her mother would cry, her father, would yell, and she knew she would be homeless.
 A few minutes later she walked from the car and into the school.

As she did, she passed Maria in the hall way. Seeing the tear stains on Lynn's fcae, Maria walked over to her and put her hands on the crying girl's shoulders. "Lynn? You okay?" "Ma-Maria? I-I think I-I'm a lesbian", Lynn said between sobs. "Why are you crying, Lynn?" "My da-dad asked me that, an-and he slammed the door and he-" "Listen, Lynn.

If you need somewhere that's safe to stay, you can come to my house, okay?" "Th-thank you Maria", Lynn cried, letting Maria hug her as she did.TO BE CONTINUED.AND LIKE I ALWAYS SAY, IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR THIS STORY, TELL ME AND YOU MAY SEE IT!! LEAVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM BELOW!! THANKS!!