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Nikki capone and lexxxus adams horny ffm threesome session
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This is a continuation from my last story of my mother visiting me at my basic training graduation. If you want to know our first time then please read that first. She said she would see me at my graduation from AIT but things fell through and she wasn't able to attend.

It wasn't so bad because she made sure she was there at my Airborne graduation at Fort Benning Georgia. This is about our first night together after Airborne school and before leaving on our 3 day journey back home. After my graduation from AIT I was shipped on a bus with 6 other soldiers from Fort Jackson South Carolina to Fort Benning Georgia for Airborne training. I was gun ho and ready for anything. We off loaded the bus and checked into the Airborne school.

Got my ass chewed out with in 10 minutes of being there by not calling an instructor by his right title. I soon found out that you never just call them sergeant but always say "sergeant Airborne" Stupid I know but this is the Army. I spent the next three weeks running everywhere and learning how to fall out of a perfectly good airplane. Yes I said fall because the parachutes the army has is not the ones everyone sees on T.V.

with the guy floating onto the ground. When you hit the ground in an Army parachute you know the impact and it never feels great.

Our last week we spent jumping out of a C-130 and every time I made a jump I was sorer from the previous one. But I knew I wanted to graduate and finally wear my wings. Graduation day came and I was in my pressed uniform, looking sharp, proud of my accomplishments. But I knew what I was really excited about was that my mother would be in the crowd cheering me on.

I called her and told her that I had made the finally jump and she told me that she already had her ticket and would be there for graduation day. My dad of course would not be coming since he had prior engagements for work and couldn't get out of them. I had 14 days of leave time to use before I went to my permanent duty station at Fort Bragg. We had planned on my mother to fly down and meet me then we would drive back home together.

I stood in formation and waited for my turn to receive my wings. Our CO slowly made his way down the line shaking hands and slapping wings pussy longstocking and the pervy old man julia reaves each soldier's chest.

He approached me and I knew what was coming. He held the wings to my chest and slapped the pin on my chest. I felt the two pins go through my uniform and into my chest. I made it; I just earned my blood wings. The rest of the ceremony was a blur. I kept looking into the crowd and saw my mother standing there with a big smile on her face. Next thing I know our 1st sergeant is horny young teen with tigh pussy gets fucked on her vacation dismissed.

I moved quickly among the crowd looking for my mother again, we met in the middle of the crowd and she hugged me so tight. It was a welcoming feeling as I felt her breast pushed against my chest and the smell of her perfume in my nostrils.

She moved back from me and I saw my mother in all her beauty. She was wearing a light blue blouse that fit tightly to her breast, she had on a nice skirt that accented her round ass and went to just above her knees showing off a beautiful set of legs. We walked quickly back to the barracks so I could grab my bags and sign out on leave for our road trip back home. I was happy to get out of there.

Once in the rental car, me in the driver's seat and mom in the passengers I took a deep breath and finally relaxed. Mom looked at me and leaned over, our lips met and I felt our tongues entwine. Our passionate kiss felt like it lasted forever but I am sure only about 10 seconds. Mom sat back and said "I missed that so much" I agreed and told her I had been waiting for that all day. And wanted to feel her touch so badly when I first saw her that my head was spinning. She asked if I wanted to hit the road tonight or just leave in the morning.

I said "I thought we could leave in the morning since I had other plans for tonight." She laughed "saying I thought you would say that." I started the car and to drive off post towards her hotel.

Pulling out of the parking lot we ran into everyone else that was pinky xxx threesome ebony fucking with her horny mate the ceremony and the traffic was back up. Neither of us cared slowly we moved forward holding hands as I made my way through traffic. Mom kept giggling and moving in her seat.I asked what is wrong and she told me that she had a surprise for me.

I asked her what it was. Mom didn't say a word but pushed up in her seat sliding her skirt up slowly to reveal no panties and the most beautiful pussy in the world shaven to the skin and bald as a baby's behind.

Last time we were together she had a nice fur patch but she soon told me she shaved it last night as present for me. I was shocked and almost ran our car into the car in front of us. I kept staring at her bald beaver and looking how the lips were full and how her clit protruded from the top. I was instantly hard and she knew what she was doing to me. She then ran her finger up her pussy lips and stuck her finger into my mouth.

I slurped her wetness from her finger enjoying her taste. She told me "that is only the appetizer just wait until she got me out of my uniform. Grabbing my crouch she said we might not be able to wait and reached up and undid my zipper. Reaching in she pulled my cock out, sliding her hands up and down my shaft. I shook with each stroke. Then she did something I would never forget. She undid her seat belt and leaned over taking me into her hot wet mouth. As soon as her lips touch my head I felt my balls tingling.

Luckily the windows were tinted in the car or someone could have had a real good show as she started to work my cock for all it was worth. Sucking the head and sliding her tongue up and down the shaft. As she worked my cock I slid my hand around her to between her legs.

He pussy was soaking wet, as my fingers touched her she began to moan. Hot babe with big tits playing with her pussy slowly inserted one finger inside and she spread her legs further apart. I began sliding my finger in and out while my thumb played with her clit.

Within 2 minutes she was moaning loud and grabbing my legs as she climaxed. When she came down she continued her assault on my cock. I could feel the back of her throat every time she would push down. It was too much to bear. I felt my cum rising and told her I was going to cum. Pushing my fingers deep inside her I raised my hips and shot a huge load of cum down my mother's throat. She continued to suck my cock taking every drop and not leaking any.

She then cleaned my cock with her tongue and as it went soft she put it back in my pants and zipped me up.

Sitting up she straightened up her skirt and put her seat belt back on. She looked at me and said "I love you" of course I replied back the same. We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and sat in the car. Me gaining my composure and her just sitting there smiling. We finally left the car and went into her room, I laid my bag on the bed and began taking out my civilian clothes. Just what I had before I left from the Army and the swim trunks that mom bought me last time she visited.

She picked them up and laughed saying she remembered our last time in the pool. Too bad our hotel now didn't have a pool or we could relive our experience. I grabbed a hold of her and brought her to me telling me that we didn't need the pool anymore. Pressing my lips to hers I parted her lips and our tongues danced again.

My hands went down her back to her hot ass cupping both cheeks in my hands pulling her closer to me. My cock sprung to life again. Mom soon pushed me away telling me that we should get something to eat and cleaned up first before we played some more. I told her I already have what I want to eat and pushed her back onto the bed. She laughed telling me that she knew what I had in mind.

I parted her legs and looked at her glistening pussy, no hair, and smooth lips and knew I had to taste her again. I ravaged her pussy, first licking up both sides of her lips.

Blowing gently against them she squirmed as my tongue made contact with her pussy. I slowly pushed my tongue into her as she spread her legs further and further apart. Opening up her pussy to me. I nibbled on her clit; she pushed my head down so I would go deeper with my tongue. He scent was strong, her juices were flowing and she was moaning long and deep.

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I continued my assault on her pussy. He legs clamped on my head as she began to climax. Screaming as her pussy flooded my face, I was trying to drink all her juices but there was way too much. Finally relaxing mom released my head; I looked up and smiled as she continued to catch her breath. I stood up and looked down on my mother in her beauty, legs spread, and her skirt lifted over her waist, her pussy glistening in the light.

She looked up and asked if I was full yet, I told her not even close. We cleaned up and headed out to dinner. During dinner we talked about everything that was going on at home and with me in the military. My dad called and we both talked to him on the phone, letting him know that we planned on leaving tomorrow morning for the long drive back. The whole time I am talking to my dad my mom is running her foot up and down my leg. I was having a hard time keeping my attention to the conversation.

After dinner we returned to the hotel room and I told her that I redhead milf holly kiss public masturbation and british mum flashing tits outdoo to take a shower and she asked me if I wanted company.

I said "yes of course" She began stripping as she moved to the bathroom, first her blouse and bra revealing her breast to me, dropping her skirt I saw she still wasn't wearing any panties. And her ass was beautiful. She moved into the bathroom and I followed suit, stripping as I walked into the small bathroom, Mom was bent over the tub turning on the water. I came in behind her and slid my cock down her ass crack.

She jumped and pushed back against me. As she stood up I ran my hand up her stomach to her breast and cupped her breast in my hand, running my fingers over her nipple it became erect. She turned around and kissed me again, I moved down her neck to her breast bringing her nipple to my mouth I sucked and nibbled on it. She pushed me back telling me that we were wasting water. I went to jump in the shower and she gave me a light smack on the ass When we were both in the shower mom began to soap me up paying real attention to my cock.

I was hard as a rock as she stroked my cock again. I took the bar of soap began washing her breast, down her stomach and to sexy dancer takes it in the ass pussy, I slipped my fingers in again and she was already wet from her juices.

I brought the bar of soap up her ass crack and my other hand following behind. My fingers crossed her ass hole and she jumped. I laughed and she said that she had never done that before but wanted to try it but my dad would never do it.

I couldn't for the life of me understand why. I told her that I would be doing it tonight turn and pushed her against the wall. She continued to stroke my cock with the soap as I prepared her. I told her I wanted to feel her pussy first and she guided me into her slowly, sticking her ass out I began with long strokes pushing deep inside my mother. Mom's pussy sucked me in not wanting to let go.

She pushed back into me with each stroke. Soon we had a good rhythm going as I penetrated her we continued our pace and mom started to moan loud telling me that she was going to cum.

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I felt her pussy clinch my cock and she reached behind her and pulled me closer to her. I felt her cum hard and even with the running shower I could feel her pussy explode juices around my cock and down my legs.

When she calmed down I pulled out for a minute, I knew if I kept going I couldn't hold back any longer. After recovering I put more soap on her ass and started to play with her asshole, first inserting one finger and then two, mom continued to stroke my cock with the soap. Telling me to be careful as I then began to line up my cock with her virgin brown hole.

I pushed forward on the balls of my feet and felt the resistance of her hole. She pushed back a little bit and the head of my cock popped through her hole. She grabbed my arm as I stood still letting her get used to the feeling. I then pushed deeper stopping again and again so she would be ok. Before I knew it I was all the way in my mom's ass.

My balls hitting below I pulled back slowly and pushed again. Each thrust my mom whimpered a bit, but then started to push back against me with each thrust.

Her whimpers tall big tits slut group sex cumshots turned into moaning as I picked up speed thrusting deep into her bowels.

She was so tight every time I would pull back I could feel her hole grabbing a hold of the skin of my cock. We picked up pace, mom meeting thrust for thrust. I knew it wasn't much longer for me. I reached around and placed my fingers between her legs flickering her clit.

Mom moaned out loud and pushed harder into me. I met her with each thrust drilling as deep as I could go. Mom Said I am about to cum and I let her know I was almost there too.

She said "fill my ass up, I want to feel you fill my ass." I kept flicking my finger across her clit. She clinched down on my fingers as she started to flood my hand once again.

It was too much to handle, I felt my seed come from my balls to fill my mom's tight ass. I unloaded stream after stream of cum into her that night. We stood there catching our breath, me still buried deep in her ass. Finally, I started to pull out slowly. Mom turned around kissing me again, telling me that I will be the only guy who gets to fuck her ass.

That it seel tod xxx story sex stories to me and only me. We cleaned up and left the shower, neither of us bothering to get dressed. We laid in bed, mom snuggled into my side rubbing her hand over my chest.

We watched T.V. and fell asleep with it still on. I woke up once that night to turn off the T.V. but and snuggled behind mom making sure that my cock was pushed into her ass. We awoke the next morning to a beautiful day, made love once again making sure that I filled her pussy full before our trip.

We packed the car and started on our journey home. Our adventure was only beginning since I knew I had at least 3 days alone with my beautiful mother to make sure I fulfilled her every desire. But that is for another story&hellip.

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Hope you all like this one.