Big monster cook pron story free download

Big monster cook pron story free download
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The Conference Part 2 My alarm went off at 6:30 as it had the day before and I put on my robe and headed downstairs to see what the morning had in store. I went into the kitchen to find the coffee already brewed and the bagels on the dining room table, but there was no sign of either Jeff or Tom. I poured my coffee, grabbed a bagel and went to sit in the living area to read the local newspaper that had been left out. I opened the entertainment section but was having trouble concentrating on anything but the events of the previous night.

I had slept naked and had only thrown on the robe, titillating myself in the hopes of a repeat of the previous morning. I was getting pretty worked up when, after a few minutes, I heard someone coming down the stairs. It was Jeff and he was dressed in his SWAT uniform again. My pussy tingled at the sight. "Good morning," he said as he sat babysitting teen jizzed pornstars and big dick to me on the couch.

"Good morning officer," I cooed, "more SWAT drills today." "Yeah, last day. Next week it's back to my regular beat." He paused, and then said sheepishly "Are you OK with everything that happened last night?" "Jeff," I said with a smiled "I'm fine with it, trust me." "OK," he continued on "it's just that I'm a cop and I run this business and…" "Jeff," I said as I cut him off, "I was great." And as if to prove to him I was telling the truth, I took his hand and slid it into the slit in my robe.

shleping time gast rep story I spread my legs and put his hand on my pussy and glided his middle finger into my wet slit. I started pushing my hips up to meet his touch and I let out a little moan as I bit my lower lip.

The moan wasn't just for him, his hand felt wonderful and I was hoping it would let him know not to stop. "Allie, there's nothing I'd like more than to continue, but I have to get to drills. The instructor is a real hard-ass." he said as he slowing withdrew his hand.

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"OK," I said with a pouty look on my face. "I guess I'll need to take matters into my own hands." "Well," said Jeff, "Tom went for a run. He should be back soon and all he has on his schedule is a rock." I gave him a big smile at the thought of Tom's huge cock and slid my own hand into the busty lucie goes wilde with an anal gangbang in my robe. "Any plans for tonight," he asked as he watched my hand moving under my robe.

"Just another happy hour. I should be back here around 8 or 9," I replied as I continued playing with myself. "Well, Tom and I may be going to a party tonight. Was wondering if you'd like to join us?" My eyes perked up and I stopped diddling myself. The thought of hitting a party with some local guys sounded like a lot of fun, especially with my two hot escorts. "That sounds great, thanks Jeff, I'd love to." I said. "Great, I'll see you tonight, I gotta fly," he replied as he bent down to kiss me.

I was a little surprised since there had been no kissing the previous night. But the kiss on the lips lingered long enough that we both opened our mouths and started making out. One of his hands untied the robe and he spread it open, fully exposing me. I spread my legs as his hand once again found my pussy. I started moaning and thrusting my hips, totally turned on by, well, everything.

I reached up, grabbed his SWAT vest and started pulling him down towards me, or me up towards him, I didn't care which; I just needed to be closer to him. He had two fingers expertly working my g-spot and I was already getting close to an orgasm. He gently broke our kiss. "I'm sorry Allie, I really have to go." He stood up and gazed admiringly at my body. I closed the robe and gave him a teasing look as I said, "Fine, I'll just have to wait for Tom." "You can tell him he owes me for getting you warmed up," he said as he headed for the front door.

"Bye, see you tonight." "Bye," I said to myself as I slumped into the couch, very frustrated. After a few minute cooling off period, I grabbed my coffee and headed upstairs to check the days schedule at the conference. There wasn't much going on until after noon and I was thinking about going to a yoga class when I heard the front door slam.

I assumed it was Tom coming back from his run and I suddenly had other ideas for how to spend the morning. I listened as he went into the kitchen for a few minutes then bounded up the stairs. I had left my door open and I was lying in my bed, still in my robe. He was headed for his room when he saw my door open and made a sudden stop. We looked at each other and we both knew ours plans had just changed for the day.

He stood in the hall, coffee and bagel in hand, completely covered and dripping in sweat. "Well, good morning Allie," he started, "how's everything this morning?" He had the same quizzical look on his face that Jeff had had. "Things are wonderful. Please tell me you don't have the same concern about me that Jeff had," I said trying to get ahead of the conversation. "Well, I did," he replied "until I got a text from Jeff a few minutes ago." "Oh really," I said as I shifted my position to face him, slightly exposing my breast, "what did he have to say?" "He said I should reconsider my plans to go climbing today," he said as he moved closer to the bed, the bulge in his running shorts moving very close to my face.

I looked down to see his massive cock as it twitched just a hair. "Well," I said as I reached up under his shorts, grabbed his cock and started stroking it, "I just canceled my plans for the morning and was hoping to find someone to play free sex stories black kendra lust His cock was wet from the sweat but still felt amazing as I stroked in in his shorts.

"I need to shower, would you like to join me?" he asked, moving closer to me, his cock now mere inches from my mouth. After a few silent moments, I looked up and replied, "why don't you get started and I'll be right in." I said and removed my hand from his stiffening cock. He turned and walked to the bathroom. I heard the shower start as I grabbed my phone and texted my friends that I was a little hung over and would see them at the afternoon sessions.

Then I text Mike: Me: Good morning honey. Mike: Good morning. How was your night with the SWAT guy? I had told him about Jeff the previous day, so he was already turned on by the possibilities, not knowing if anything would happen.

I hadn't mentioned Tom yet. Me: Amazing. Want to see for yourself. Mike: Fuck yeah, I've been waiting. Me: OK, but I only have a few minutes and can't elaborate on them until later. Mike: Fine, just send them. I sent him three of the pics from last night; one of just my cum covered face, one of me with Tom's huge cock in my mouth, and one with both cocks in my face.

Awesome milf loves to play with big cock OM fucking G. Who's the other guy?!?!?!? Me: His name is Tom and he's waiting for me in the shower right now Luv u.

Enjoy. Chat later. Mike: Fuck Allie, that's cruel. Luv u 2. When I thought I had kept Tom waiting long enough, I went into the bathroom, dropped my robe and open the shower door. "Well, look at you," I said as I looked directly as Tom's semi hard cock hanging half way down his thigh.

As I stepped into the smallish shower, Tom opened his arms to embrace me. As I extended my arms, I began to realize just how tall he really was. My bbw girls excited to masturbating dp masturbation only came as high as his waist and as we embraced and his cock pressed against me just above my belly button.

The size of it and the area where it pressed into me took my breath away. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a bar of soap as I began to lather him and stroke his cock between our bodies.

I took a step back from our embrace and used my left hand to lather his balls as my right hand stroke his cock up and rubbed the head between my tits.

"Oh god, that's it Allie, get it nice and clean," he said as xxx bija andar garad vip looked down. I pick up the pace and started using both hands, up and down his massive shaft.

His cock went from being slightly hard to now becoming completely rigid. I squeezed harder as I continued with my two-handed handjob, using the soap as lube.

"Ah, that feels great," he said then grabbed my hands. "Allie, I really need to fuck you now." "Oh Tom, it's so fucking big." I said with a bit of reluctance in my voice. "I don't know if I can take the whole thing but I know I really need to try." "Don't worry, I won't go further than you want," he said, laughing at the dual meaning, as he looked down at his own cock.

We toweled off and headed into my room. He lay on his back and I lay next to him on my side, my head on his chest stroking his cock. He pushed my head down a little and I took the head into my mouth and started the lollipop treatment, something that Mike especially loved, suddenly remembering how I had left him drooling a few minutes before. "Tom," I said to his cock. "Yes," he chuckled.

"Do you mind if I take a few more pictures?" "Not at all," he said as me handed me my phone from my nightstand. The lighting during the day is always the best for photos and I was really looking forward to getting some great shoots of doggy style sex for curvy awesome hottie sucking this massive cock. We spent a few minutes handing the phone back and forth until I felt I had enough to give Mike plenty for his spank bank.

Then I had an idea to give him something that he hadn't asked for. I rolled between Tom's knees and started giving him the best head I could to get him too excited to say no to my new idea.

"Tom," I said, momentarily taking his cock out of my mouth, "would you mind if I Facetimed my husband and let him watch as you fuck me with this beautiful cock of yours?" "Wow, you guys are seriously kinky, but what the fuck. Go for it." This was going to be seriously crazy. Mike always loved to look at our personal porn, but a live porn showing starring his wife and a 11" cock was going to put him over the edge. I reached onto the floor next to the bed and rummaged in my bag for a small tripod I use for video chats, put the phone it and held it in my hand as I Facetimed Mike.

I was more than a little nervous as the phone started to ring and I waited for him to pick up. I quickly handed the phone to Tom, indicating that he needed act as a cameraman. I pointed the phone so the only thing Mike would see was my mouth on Tom's huge cock.

"Hi honey," he said when he picked up but before the video stream connected, "I thought you were…" suddenly seeing the video, he gasped "holy shit." "Hi honey," I said as I licked Tom's cock up to the head and resumed my lollipop treatment.

"I'd like you to meet Tom's cock. Tom and I were just about to see how much of it I could fit in my pussy. I thought you'd like to watch?" "Oh my god, this is incredible," he said as he watched me giving head to a complete stranger.

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The phone was facing me and I could see him watching as I devoured Tom's cock. "Don't be rude honey," I said as I ran my tongue up and down the shaft, "say hello." "Hello Tom's cock," he obediently replied. "Mike," I laughed my way up the shaft, "I meant to its owner, Tom." "Oh, hi Tom, nice to meet you.

That's a hell of a cock you have there." "Thanks Mike," said Tom as he boldly turned the camera to his face. "Nice to meet you too. Your good with this, right?" "More than good, it's every fantasy come true for me." "Ok boys," I said taking the camera and setting it up on the nightstand facing me and my latest hot wifing challenge, Tom's cock, "let's get this show going.

How's the view honey, can you see everything." "Yes, babe, it's perfect" he responded.

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"I'll just be a fly on the wall. Enjoy yourself." It was a very strange but amazing feeling to be watching my husband watching me having sex two thousand mile away. I could see he was getting comfortable in his office chair and knew he would be jerking off as he watched Tom and I fucking. I became determined to give him the show of a lifetime.

I pushed Tom's legs together, straddled them and moved up his body so his cock was just at my pussy. I started to stroke if up and down on my stomach. "Look honey," I cooed, "it comes up past my belly button." I sat up and leaned forward just enough to get the tip of Tom's cock resting at the entrance spicy lesbian lookers are stretching and fist fucking butt holes my pussy.

I started to run it up and down my slit, trying to get it wet enough to slide it in. The whole situation had my pussy dripping in anticipation and I started to back down on it, grunting as I went.

"Ah god, it's fucking huge," I groaned as I sat back up, then back down again. "Ah honey, his dick is stretching my tight little pussy." "Oh, fuck yeah Allie, work my cock," Tom chimed in as he started meeting my rhythm. "Your pussy feels so good." I fell onto his chest and let him push his cock deeper into me. He grabbed my ass and spread my pussy wider and put a finger lightly on my butt hole.

Working both poles is fun for her pain of being stretched out further than I had been my entire life started to subside but was replaced by a new pain, one that I had never experienced before.

His cock was so deep into me that I felt like I was getting punched on the inside every time he thrust. "Ah, fuck Tom, it's too big. No further," I cried to him. "Ok, no deeper," he grunted as he kept up his pace but respected my limitations.

I sat up and put my hands on his chest in order to try and limit the amount of cock that he was able to push into my pussy. I looked over at Mike and saw that he was stroking his cock, now fully in view. "Ah baby, that's beautiful. Ride that cock for me," Mike panted when he noticed me looking at him, "I love watching you get fucked." "Oh yeah, oh god baby," I said as I grabbed the phone and put it closer to my pussy, "you like seeing that big cock in my pussy?

You like watching your little slut getting fucked?" "Yeah baby, I do, I love it," Mike replied in a voice that told me he was getting close to cumming, "Tom, I wanna see you shoot your big load all over her. I want to see you cover my slut wife in your hot cum." I knew they were both getting close to cumming but I wasn't quite ready for this thing to end. So I put the phone back on the nightstand and rolled off of Tom's cock. I lay on my back and pulled on Tom enough for him to know that I wanted him to get on top of me.

He did and was kind enough to position us to give Mike a great view. "You like this Mike," Tom said as he lined up his cock to re-enter my pussy, "you like to see this slut getting fucked?" "Oh yeah, Tom" stuttered Mike in response, "fuck her, fuck my little slut.

Fill her up with your huge cock." I pulled myself up to watch Tom's cock pounding in and out of my pussy. There was a small portion that wasn't going into, but I was amazed at how much of his cock I was able to take. I was getting close to cumming and needed to hear some chatter to put me over the edge. "Fuck me Tom, fuck me harder," I snorted at him, "make this little slut take your huge cock." "Fuck her Tom," Mike said, picking up on how close I was, "pound that pussy.

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Faster, harder, make her scream." "Argh, argh," I grunted with every thrust as Tom did as he was told. He was fucking me so hard that the bed was beginning to move under us.

"Do you want to see me shoot my load all over your slut wife," Tom demanded, looking at Mike. "Yes, please, cover her in cum," Mike pleaded. Suddenly, Tom pulled his cock out of me and started to shoot his cum all over my chest and stomach.

The sudden void and the hot cum combined to send me over the top and my orgasm overcame me as soon as the first rope of cum hit my chest. My whole body was quaking as Tom continued to squeeze out his huge load. I turned my head just enough to see from his face that Mike was also shooting his load. Everything was silent for a few seconds until Tom fell on the bed along side me. I looked down to see the amazing amount of cum on my chest and stomach and started rubbing my aching pussy and felt how swollen it was.

I turned to see that Mike was beginning to clean himself off. I picked up the phone and brought it closer to my body. "Look at all that cum baby, are you seeing this?" I asked. "Yes, it's amazing, take a few pics for me if sex office xxx vediof boss and his women can," Mike replied. "Ok, I will, but the day is still young and who knows what may transpire" I replied in a devilish voice.

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"I have to take the pics and get cleaned up, so I'll call you in a bit, love you." "Thanks for the show Tom, I really enjoyed sia xxx movis storys dadar said Mike.

"Your welcome, it was really my pleasure," Tom replied. "And don't worry, your wife will be in good hands while she's here." "Yes, that's for sure, goodbye". I hung up the phone and took a few quick pics as Mike had asked. I then rolled over on top of Tom, stilled cover in cum. He looked a bit surprised as I started sliding up and down on his chest, rubbing the cum into both of us.

"So," I said, "tell me about those rocks of yours."