Brazzers brandi love keiran lee keiran appreciates brandi

Brazzers brandi love keiran lee keiran appreciates brandi
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My parents were out of town for one month I had just break up so no one for sex only thing left was booze and smoke. Ding.Dong.Ding.dong. Freaking shit. I quickly hid the bottles and smoke and rushed to open the door. OMG.!!!!!!!!! Was it some kind of a miracle.??? Standing in front of me was PRANALI-my mami's((maternal aunt's)) younger sister She was wearing a simple cream colour saree the colour just as same as her skin and a cream-golden coloured semi-half sleeve blouse and just earings as her jewellery.

wheatish complextion more on the fair said,her hair where open and the husky breeze was blowing through her soft silky long black hair which she had kept open she has brown eyes she had completely mesmerised me. Pranali- She was 29-30 yrs old 5-6 years elder to me married and has a kid of 7 yrs old. Coming to her stats she posses a vert sexy pose I still cant understand how has she maintained this much even after her marriage.

34/24/36 (though her ass has bulged up a bit say a size or two more but that has,just added to her personality) .Coming back to the story. Pranali-Hey Hi Harry.What took you so long to open the door's? .Boom. I was out of my imagination and within these few seconds I dont know what all I must have thought.

Me- I was was wearing my headphones hearing music so I didnt hear the doorbell.Sorry bout that. Pranali-That's ok but where's Your mom?

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.boom. she doesnt knw that no one is there in the house that's When I see a suitcase besides her .boom. is she going to live here. Me-Il tell you that but first come inside.dont worry il get the baggage (As she walk past me Wow she smelt superb.made me go week in knees I almost fell down) Me-Ammm.

Pranali you have brought this suitcase and all is everything OK with your in-laws?? Pranali-Oh,its absolutly fine. I had a friends marriage on the city outskirts stunning babe gets surprised with a dick I thought il attend the marriage and stay with you people for a week or so.But where is everyone?

Me-I guess u dont knw but mom dad and yogita are not here they are gone to our hometown and wont be back till next one week and I have got exam's so I have stayed back.

Pranali-Oh.Thats Bad,but neways I was going two stay here for a couple of weeks so I guess il stay. I was in heaven 1st. I lied my parents are not there for a week 2. she was there for two long weeks After our convo.

she said she needs,a hot bath and went to yogita's room and acomodated herself over there As I was thinking how to get her. I hered her calling me she needed some help I guess but she was in the bathroom what help would she be needing.

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I just rushed to yogita's bedroom nw taken over by her and found her no where I called her out "I am here inside."she replied frm the bathroom. A naughty thought went my mind which gave me tingle to my boneless part.

Pranali-Harry please do me a favour. Me-yeah tell me. Pranali-please dont get my wrong. but while coming in the bathroom I dont knw how but I guess by mistake I dropped my bra and . outside can you please give it to me (Wow. it made me rise immediately) Me-What.Aaa. free download bbw story sex porn best I? Pranali-please.harry I am all wet and I cant come outside the window is open that's why please.w/o bra I dont feel comfortable at all.

Me-ok il give it where is it. Pranali- I dont know where did I drop it. I just rolled my head over the room and I saw them they where in otherside of the bed I went over the bed and grabbed them and I pushed my face in the cups and her panties wow I felt so grt so wonderful first time in my life I had touched a ladies innerwear,they smelt wonderful.

realsing I was taking too much of time I hurriedly went and gave her those innerwear Pranali-hesistantly thank you and while going close the door properly Me-ok and I went outside(though I didnt close the door properly) after feeling secured she came out w/o wearing anything nd literaly jumped on the bed and started fondling her b(.)(.)b's with one hand and inserted her finger in her pussy and started masturbating.

Me too started ruubbing over my pennis I wanted too bt I didnt masturbate as I imagined a scene of both of us fucking each other While she kept on njoyin herself playing with her clit,b(.)(.)s pussy ass and she was,taking someone's name when I brought my ears to the door .boom.

She was humming my name. OMG.!!! she was fantasising me hearing this I rushed too my room and masturbated. I never felt so relaxed nd such a wonderful masturbation session I hd loads of cum ozzing. I went back to see what was she doing but this time I directly went inside her room she was have dressed that is she was wearing a purple saree but it was half tied and in her blouse a similar kind of blouse that she was wearing earlier which revealed most of her cleavage and also top two buttons of her blouse wer also opened which gave a slight glimpse of her bra which I had smealt and had given to her earlier.

shocked to see me she turnd her back towards me and asked me. Pranali-what happnd why have u come and cant u knock before you come?and turn your back on mem Me-actually I was hungry and was going to bring a parcel thats why I came lisa ann gets fucked in asshole ask you what would you like to eat.

I really didnt knw you would be. .silence.silence. Pranali-No no need to bring from outside il make something to eat.

but u have to promise me something. Me-ok.and what is that Pranali-look harry I am scared of sleeping alone so u will have to sleep with me till everyone is back 2nd ul have to give me a body massage 3rd u wont tell anyone we slept together I mean dnt take it that way but you how it is in INDIA people will take it in wrong sense and eventually my image will be hampered Me-Ok I just plainly said Ok and,went back to my room.

I was just waiting for the moment where I could give her a massage. After some time she appeared frm her bedroom I was sitting on the bean bag watching t.v. she came and sat on the couch behind me seeing this I purposely pushed myself behind and went near her legs dont knw why I could sense 3 minutes anal sex story difference in her walk and her look she walked a bit seductively and even dressed more sexy and seductive.

she had worn purple saree which was vry much below her navel even her b(.)(.)s looked much firm her back was also open and most important she didnt pin her saree pallu so every now and then it was sliding down showing her uber sexy b(.)(.)s aftersome time sge saw the clock and said she'll prepare something to eat but she'll need my help.

so I went with her in the kitchen I was helping her,chatting staring at her beautiful parts etc.etc.etc. Soon we finished our dinner and I shifted to her room I laid my bed on floor when she suddenly said,"no no dont sleep down u have to share the bed.please." I said it ok and was more than happy to share the bed Pranali-so liked the food? was very good. Pranali-so knw let me remind you bout the promise.

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Me-oh dont worry I havent lets start what do you want first madam head massage,back massage legs or neck. Pranali-oh sir so you provide a full massage package Me-yes madame Pranali-Ok then sir give me a thigh massage first and,then a back massage thats it. Me-But madame would you like to change as the saree could be a prb Pranali lifted her saree above her knees Pranali-Is it ok now or should I lift more.

I wanted to say more but was lyking the feeling to who is this girl big tits and camgirl my temptation Me-its ok madame absolutely fine I asked to lay down.

I started the session. Initially I started frm her toes and fingers I massaged them then I went bit above near her ankle and started revolving her toe and then pressing it lightly with my hands to which she gave out a vry slight moan. I did the same to the other leg. then I started pressing her legs witg soft hans almost like caressing them intially for a few minutes I pressed them upto the knees then slowly I started goin