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Motorkyburg erod un divertidy electricjuguete suizohtml
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My Sister Ashley Omnibus: Von Armand My name is Tim Donovan, I live in New Hampshire and I'm 18 years old. I live with my mom, dad, and my twin sister Ashley. The events that follow happen a week or so before Christmas break of last year. I am about 5'10" and about 170lbs (it was the off season for ultimate Frisbee club at my school so I had nothing to keep me busy and I just sat on my ass for work, so I was gaining a little too much weight).

I have close cropped blond hair and brown eyes, I've been told I am handsome but I don't really see it. I've been in a relationship once before but it ended before it ever got intimate, therefore, and I'm ashamed to say it, I am a virgin. Then there is my sister Ashley, she is about 6'2" and about 150lbs (I'm guessing because she has never told me), however all that weight is pure muscle, it's the middle of the hockey season and she is in peak physical condition.

She has brown eyes and blond hair as well, but she streaked it with brown highlights. Now on the contrary, my sister is hot, and hot some more, she has large round breasts which she hates, because they interfere with her hockey.

Any weight that she actually gains goes straight to her ass, which is nice and round and kind of plump, by all standards the kind of ass that guys just drool over. Unlike me she has had several relationships that have all gotten intimate, but for reasons I will soon discover, end shortly thereafter. However, she was in between relationships at the moment.

She works part-time as a waitress as well, so she remains active preet singh xxx frist time story most of the year. However this Saturday morning our parents had taken the weekend to go to Maine for their anniversary, so we were alone together.

I was still asleep when Ashley walked into my room, turned on the lights and ripped the covers off my bed. That woke me up as well as any cold shower ever could, I was only wearing a pair of boxers.

She was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and a pair of black and white house pants with the stretchy waistband. "What the fuck Ash!" I shouted.

She ignored me and moved to my windows, opening the shades. "Timothy," she sighed, "breakfast is ready and waiting." She deliberately calls me Timothy to piss me off. As she moved past I shot a leg across the space between my bed and the wall and trapped my incredibly hot sister next to me. She sighed again and moved to crawl over the bed, when she was directly over me I brought my other leg around and knocked her backwards onto my chest. She was now facing up, laying on my chest, her luscious ass was on my now enlarging cock and her head was next to mine, I wrapped my arms around her chest directly under her large breasts and wrapped my legs around the inside of her calves.

"What is that?" she asked quietly with a hint of annoyance in her voice. I didn't respond. I planned on holding her like that until she started screaming for me to let her go instead. I had done this when we were younger (except for you know, the sexual innuendo) and it usually actress kajal agarwal sex fucked storys with me getting in trouble after she screamed for mom.

She said softly in my ear as she started grinding her ass into my now raging hard-on. "Ashley…uh.what are you doing?" I said as best I could. "I'm merely helping it pass." She whispered directly into my ear. Suddenly she hooked her arms under mine and threw them off of her as though they were nothing and quickly spread her own legs, forcing me to do an awkward kind of split. She then gracefully rose and pivoted on my crotch which was still stinging from the split and now had 150 some odd pounds of girl rotate on it with clothes in between.

She was now straddling my waist, facing me with her hands firmly planted on my chest. Before Heavily pierced pregnant slut fucking huge toys could react or recover from my aching crotch she had pushed her house pants down to her thighs and had opened my boxers so that my raging hard-on was exposed to the air.

"Don't do it Ashley, you know this is wrong!" I said my voice breaking. I was getting nervous now. "Timothy you'll never learn otherwise." She giggled. She widened her eyes and mouth in mock surprise, tilted her head to one side, and shoved her ass backwards right onto my cock burying about an inch in her ass before she stopped and screamed. I gasped as my dick was forced into her ass, it was very tight, incredibly warm, and a little wet.

She regained control of herself and closed her eyes, bit her lip, and moaned softly. I moved my arms to try and throw her off of me but she grabbed my wrists in each of her hands and pinned me to the bed. I started to struggle but the only result seemed to sex addicted teen goes insane light as a feather stiff as a that she moaned a little louder and that her ass tightened around my cock. I couldn't fathom how painful it must have been for her.

"I am not loosing my virginity to my sister's ass!" I said, struggling some more but eventually resigned to the fact that she had me pinned, so I just lay there and glared at her. "Don't worry.uhnn…this doesn't have…uh…have to count." She grunted, slowly opening her eyes and looking down at me.

"Like hell it"…SMACK! She let go of one of my wrist for a fraction of a second and slapped me clear across the face before pinning my wrist again. "Shut up Timothy. No more talking.

Eddy luscious miyuki nonomura is delighted in foursome second boyfriend) got me hooked on this anal stuff and I haven't been able to get any real relief since he left me." She said as tears involuntarily formed in my eyes.

She then started to move her hips forward and back then left to right as though stirring her ass with my cock trying to force more of my shaft into her ass. It felt amazing not that I was going to admit it to her, and I found my eyes closing as I tried to push up into her. I hated myself for enjoying it, but realized there was nothing I could do, and gave in to her. I stopped resisting and she let go of my wrists only to clamp onto her own tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples through her t-shirt.

With my arms free I let my hands roam over her hard body and let them rest on the only soft spot available to me, her soft glorious round ass cheeks. She squealed in delight, obviously a source of intense pleasure for her.

She was able to force herself to take my entire dick up her ass after a few minutes and she sat immobile for a while trying to catch her breath. Her movements were slow, graceful, but I could still tell that she was uncomfortable; I was surprised that she hadn't just given up. "Keep it up Tim," she gasped, even though I wasn't doing anything. "I'm gonna cum!" And cum she did, she stopped moving and sat there and just before I thought nothing was going to happen she exploded all over my stomach.

Warm clear liquid shot everywhere sending me over the edge; I shoved my cock as far as it would go into her anal cavity and blew my load. I had no idea I had that much cum in me, it just kept shooting load after load into her tight ass.

"Oh my&hellip.god&hellip.Ash!" I shouted as she bent forward and sealed her lips against mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth and she screamed into my mouth as the pain caught up with her. We lay there for what seemed like an eternity as she lay breathless on top of me. When my slowly shriveling dick escaped from her ass with an audible squelching sound, my own cum seeped out and flowed down my inner thigh.

She lay on top of me for a few more moments before kissing me passionately again and rising from the bed. She made her way to the door after pulling up her pants and grabbing her t-shirt she stopped before exiting my room. "I'm taking a shower then reheating breakfast because it's definitely cold now." She said glancing at the clock on my nightstand.

"You probably want to clean this place up a bit." She added. I looked at the clock and she was right, it was ten o'clock and she had woken me up at around nine. I struggled to sit up and stand after she had left, my hips and thighs would definitely be sore in a while. I replaced all the sheets and tossed the dirty ones in the washing machine for later, and after taking my turn in the shower and getting dressed I made my way to the kitchen still unable to believe what had just occurred.

She was sitting at the dining room table eating a Belgian waffle, when she saw me she pushed a second plate across the table to my seat. I noticed with some amusement that she was shifting uncomfortably. "I can't believe that just happened." I said sitting down, still shocked. "What do you mean?" she asked around a mouthful of waffle. "How can you say that? We just had sex!" "And we will again." She mumbled.

"What?" I asked. I hadn't quite heard her. "Nothing." She smiled disarmingly and batted her eyes at me. I new nepali mms porn story mine at her and continued eating my waffle. I finished eating and put my plate in the sink.

"I'm going out for awhile I'll be back in an hour or so." I stated, not giving her a chance to respond I snatched my keys from by the door and headed out to my car. I drove on mental autopilot to the mall and bought a DVD that just came out; I didn't want to go home right away so I sat in the food court for a long time just staring at nothing at all.

My cell phone rang and startled me out of my stupor. "Hello?" I asked. "Tim, where are you? You said you'd be back in an hour." She sounded worried. I looked at my watch and realized I'd been sitting there for two hours at least. "Sorry, I'm at the mall I think I'll get some lunch here. Do you want me to get anything here for you?" I asked.

She asked if I could bring home some Japanese food for her, I said okay and cut the connection. I bought the food and some for myself and drove home. Stepping through the front door I called her name and she responded from the living room.

I brought her food to her and then told her I was going to my room. Safely back in my room I noticed it still smelled like sex and I used some aerosol to fix that. Damn her I thought to myself, why did all of this have to happen. I opened my new DVD and started watching it on my TV.

I lay on my bed eating my Japanese food and watched the movie, after finishing my food and tossing it into the trash the light was blocked from the door and I looked up. "Well, well, well," I sneered. "Look who it is, and what do you want?" "Guess." She said with a hint of a smile on her face. I noticed there was a wet spot on the crotch of her pants and as she saw me looking she slid a hand down and started rubbing her pussy through her pants.

"No Ashley! No, don't you think it's bad enough as it is?" I exclaimed shooting out of bed amazing girls have fun on the beach standing next to it. It was a struggle between what my body wanted and what my mind told me was wrong and my body was winning, despite it all my cock was once again straining at my jeans.

"You think you can deny me Timothy?" She hissed. She had stopped rubbing herself as the smile left her face and I could clearly see she was going to get her sex from me one way or the other. It also appeared that the wet spot on her pants was expanding. "I'll give you one chance to drop your pants and get on the bed by yourself or I'll do it for you." She said her voice full of menace. I didn't move and I couldn't believe what was going on. My own sister was going to force me to have sex with her AGAIN!

"Fine have it your way." She said stepping forward into my room. She covered the distance between us in a few steps and bodily threw me back onto the bed. Then she was on me, she swung a leg over my head and sat directly on my face as she worked furiously to get my jeans off. I couldn't breathe and the musky smell of her soaking hungarian hottie deep throats in the public park pussy invaded my senses. Is she trying to kill me I thought to myself, I screamed into her ass but that only made her push harder onto my face.

Finally I freed one of my arms and punched her in the kidneys. She grunted and fell forward lifting her ass off of my face long enough for me to gulp down some fresh pussy scented air. "Are you trying to kill me or something?!" I shouted at her ass seeing as that was the only thing I could see.

"Perhaps." Was the giggled return I got from my groin area. I felt my belt being cast off and the button and fly being opened and knew she had reached her goal. I was still heaving big breaths of air and was in no condition to resist. Suddenly she had me in her mouth. From that point on speech became impossible for me; the only thing that could come out of my mouth was the occasional grunt and moan and coherent thought became a challenge to maintain as well.

She had me now I wasn't going to resist her any more she was too good and gave me too much pleasure for my body to resist her any more. This must have been what had gotten her so many boyfriends, her skill at blowjobs and her willingness to dispense them. "Why am I doing all the work Timothy?" She asked from around my cock. I realized she had been wiggling her ass in my face for a few moments now. I reached a hand down underneath her sliding along her smooth skin until I reached the fly of her jeans I quickly undid the snap and fly.

I couldn't pull down her tight jeans however, not with her legs spread like they were. I tugged on the back of her pants for a second until she realized what I wanted and squeezed her legs together on my head. Her legs were like a vice as her squeezed harder and harder until it became painful.

"Ash," I croaked, "let go!" "Oh, sorry." Was the response, completely lacking sincerity. She released my head and raised her legs and I was able to shimmy her pants down around her ankles before she brought her legs down again and shoved her pussy strait onto my face.

The smell coming from her was intoxicating and I found myself starting to drool a little. I slowly started to lick around the perimeter of her hairless pussy (I wondered if she expected this event to happen or if she always kept it shaved, but I suspect it was the latter reason) teasing her with the light touch of my tongue.

I sought out and located the little nub of her clit and caressed it ever so slightly with my tongue.

"Ohhhhhh Timmy oohhhhh!" she moaned loudly. I smiled at the reaction she was having to this just before she bit down on my cock. She came like a fire hose onto my face, the amount of liquid that came out of lad cums on his sexy adorable gf girlfriend and hardcore was amazing. I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much of my sister's sweet cum as I could.

She then went into overdrive sucking my cock, trying to make me cum as well. "Timmy…mmmfff&hellip.why wont you.mmfff…cum already?" she whined. "Maybe," I managed to say, "You're just bad at this." She wasn't by any stretch of the imagination and I was close to blowing my load into her mouth, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to taunt her.

Her response was to bite down on my cock again, this time harder. That did it, the pain coupled with the intense pleasure drove me over the edge. I arched my back and pushed my cock deep into her mouth and to her credit she didn't gag as I shot my second load of the day strait down her throat. She never missed a drop and swallowed it all before slowly rising and sitting on my face once again with my nose buried in her still soaking wet pussy.

"Well Timothy, I have to say you taste wonderful." She stated flatly as I started to push on her again for lack of oxygen. She responded by putting all of her weight on my face. I was panicking, she was trying to fucking kill me! I could barely see past her ass and up her back, she was looking down over her shoulder and smiling at me. There wasn't any hate in her eyes just a look of amusement as she watched the fear in my eyes grow into terror.

The edges of my vision started to blacken and my chest heaved trying to draw oxygen where there was none. I soon passed out and my world turned to black. Slowly I opened my eyes, thank God I was alive, and I thought that crazy bitch was going to kill me. My head hurt but after performing a mental check of my body, that seemed to be the only problem. I went to move my arm but found I couldn't, I couldn't move any of my limbs! I rotated my hand and felt cloth rub against my wrist; I looked around and realized that she had tied me to my own fucking bed!

"Ashley!" I shouted my temper flaring. "What." She asked softly, innocently, from behind my head. Her face appeared hovering over mine; she was chewing on what looked like a piece of toast, crumbs fell onto my face as she took another bite.

"Why am I tied up and how long have I been out for?" I asked calmly trying not to yell. "Well," she said taking another bite as more crumbs fell onto my face, "I was sick of having to restrain you myself when you were struggling before and plus I thought this would be more fun.

And you've been out naughty slag is down for some dp pornstars cumshots about ten minutes I think." "And why, pray tell, did you find it necessary to suffocate me?" I asked as she finished her toast and rubbed her hands together causing still more crumbs to fall on me.

"Umm I thought it would be fun." She replied girlishly with a big smile on her face. "Fun! You thought it would be fun! I thought you were trying to fucking kill me and you thought it would be fun!" I screamed making her jump a little.

"Now Timothy, there's no need to yell, calm down. Sister Ashley will make it better." She cooed. She walked around the bed, she was naked and her tits bounced with every step she took, I could feel my cock starting to get hard again just watching her.

As she walked around me she dragged her hand along my body ever so gently, I started to develop gooseflesh almost immediately. While her other hand she kept firmly implanted in her pussy. When she came to the left side of the bed she stopped. I eyed her warily not knowing what she would do next. She smiled at me and then got onto the bed and straddled my waist again, she took her fingers out of her pussy and slowly sucked them clean one by one as she eyed me from her position of dominance.

She finished cleaning her fingers and bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, I could still taste her pussy in her mouth. She then started licking my face with long wet strokes, removing all the bread crumbs and dried cum from our previous encounter. Under normal circumstances I believe I would have found this disturbing, but now it was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. My cock was raging, and felt like it was burning and about to explode.

"Ash please." I moaned. "Huh, you want something from me?" She asked softly, sliding up and down my chest leaving a wet trail of pussy juice along my abdomen. "Ahhhh please Ash ahhhhh." I nearly cried.

"So now you're the one who wants the sex eh?" she said. "Well I think I want to play around a bit longer don't you?" "Nooooo!" I practically screamed. She slid up and down my chest for a few more moments then she leaned down and planted one of her gorgeous tits on my mouth.

I took it in greedily, happy for the distraction. She then started pulling away; I bit down hard on her tit not wanting to feel the pain of my unattended to cock. She screamed and ripped her tit out of my mouth.

"You cut me you little fuck!" She shouted, looking down at her tit. There was a small but deep looking gash right above the nipple that was already bleeding. I could taste the blood in my mouth as I ran my tongue along my teeth smearing her blood across the front of my teeth and smiling at her. "Give me my goddamned sex bitch!" I seethed. She looked from my blood stained face to her tit and back again. She leaned down only inches from my face, "I think not." She said slowly and got off of me "I think I'll just leave you two here for a bit while I decide if you are worth my time or not." She gotta play a little rub a little sologirlcontent touching the tip of my cock as she headed for the door.

"Ashley! Don't do this to me, please!" I was crying now. She left the room and I could hear her opening the door to her room and then closing it again. I couldn't believe she had left me in that condition with an extremely painful erection that I doubted would go away easily. I struggled against my bond with ever ounce of strength I had. Finally the piece of cloth around my left wrist ripped and I nearly punched myself in the face as my arm came loose. I quickly untied myself and leaped from my bed, it was painful to walk with my cock so incredibly hard.

As fast as I could I ran down the hall to my sister's room and nearly smashed the door down entering. She was lying on her bed, still naked listening to her mp3 player. As I entered a look of astonishment came over her face which only made my cock harder (if that was even possible) obviously she thought she was better with knots than she ought to have been.

"You're cunt is mine whore!" I screamed as I threw myself onto her knocking the breath from both our lungs and jamming my cock into her hard abs which almost caused me to black out again with pain.

Before she could react I scooted down a little and rammed my raging cock into her pussy as hard as I could. Somehow our lungs both found the air to scream.

She wrapped her legs around my ass and clawed at my back, I was positive I was bleeding but I didn't care. I mercilessly pounded her tight pussy until I was sure she was bleeding too. For someone who is very sexually active her pussy was remarkably tight. At first she just lay there holding me with her nails dug into my back and her legs resting on my ass as I pounded her.

But then she started meeting my downward thrusts with her own upward ones and pulling my ass down into her with her legs. She also started painfully scraping my back with her nails and I feared that it would look like some wild cat had attack me or something. I could feel the blood running down my sides as she opened me up with her nails. I didn't care though it felt too good to care. She brought one of her blood stained hands around for me to see, and then she licked her hand clean and smiled.

"Every part of you tastes good doesn't it Timothy?" she said through bloody lips. I couldn't respond I was too busy slamming my cock into her cunt. I would completely withdraw from her pussy and then slam it back in hard causing her to cry out. It woman gets stuck with driver and penis as though I would never be able to cum even with the intense speed at which I fucked her.

Finally after what must have been hours I could feel my balls tighten up and I slid my arms underneath her and squeezed her as hard as I could in a bear hug. I shoved my cock as deep as it would go but still didn't seem like enough and shot my load deep inside her. I lay there trying to crush her in my grip as I completely emptied myself deep inside her pussy.

It seemed to take forever for me to stop cumming and when I did I was spent I loosened my hold on my sister and went limp. I lay on top of her for what felt like hours, in that time I never felt closer to my sister than I did now, of course that feeling would most likely fade quickly after this. We were both breathing harder than we ever have before and we were both also bleeding all over the sheets of her bed but we didn't care in the least.

I let my head rest on her soft tits while she stroked my hair. "We better clean you up." She whispered into my ear after awhile.

I moaned into her breasts in response and let her push me off of her. She got off of the bed and sort of dragged/carried me to the bathroom. She sat me down on the toilet seat as she started the shower; she looked down at my back and shook her head. "I tore you up good." She chuckled. "I could say the same." I said. She looked down and gasped. The was blood all along the inside of her thighs and more dripping strait from her pussy along with a thin but constant stream of cum.

She gasped again as she spread her legs to get a better look and a huge blob of cum girl next door manipulated and sexually hardcore blowjob her pussy and splattered on the floor. Despite the fact that we were both in pain we broke into laughter, not that it was terribly funny but it just had to be done.

After a minute or so the shower was ready and she helped me to my feet and escorted me in. The warm water felt incredible but the presence of my sister behind me felt better. I turned so the water hit my back and almost collapsed as it did, fortunately she was there to catch me. She held me to her with one arm and used the other to dab at my back with a wash cloth. I put my chin on her shoulder and ran my hands up and down her slick back.

She finished washing my back and asked me to switch positions so she could clean up too and I obliged. She moved in front of me and took off the shower head and directed it at her still bleeding pussy. I was still leaning heavily on her shoulders as my hands roamed up her chest and to her tits. "That's not going to get you anywhere now Timmy." She said not looking back at me but continuing to concentrate on cleaning her pussy.

She cautiously inserted a finger into herself apparently assessing the damages I had wrought. I stopped finally loosing the urge to go further at the tone of her voice. "Go into the kitchen and wait for me so I can put some bandages on you. I'm going to clean up some more and then I'll be right out." She said, I stepped out of the shower and toweled off gingerly patting down my back. I went into my room and put on some pants and then went into the kitchen and sat down at the bushy teen hope howell double stuffed in her pussy and ass. About ten minutes later she entered the kitchen wearing her pink bathrobe and carrying the first aid kit.

She took out the roll of bandages and the anti-septic spray to ward off any possible infections. "I can guarantee this will hurt." She said as she sprayed the wounds on my back. It did and I closed my eyes in pain. When I opened them again her face was inches from mine staring strait into my eyes. I could see in hers that she seemed to be getting a kick out of busty milf likes hard young dick big tits and big butt pain.

"You're some kinda sick aren't you Ashley?" I said "It could be said." She smiled at me, making me shudder slightly. She giggled and tweaked my nipple before moving behind me and starting to wrap the bandages around my chest. She finished and allowed me to stand up, the bandages were tight and made it harder to breath but I didn't care too much. It was still relatively early so I suggested we go into the living room and watch a movie together. Oldnanny old mature women licking teen girl lesbian and granny agreed and we made our way to the living room.

While she popped in a movie I slowly sat down on the couch, almost every move I made seemed to aggravate the cuts on my back. As the movie started she sat down and scooted up next to me so that we were touching. I suddenly felt more tired that I ever had before. I slowly lay myself down with my head in her lap, yawning as I did so. She sighed and started to stoke my hair when she too stifled a soccer mom with big boobs fucks herself with two dildos. "Love you Ash." I said falling into a deep sleep shortly there after.

"Love you too Tim." She yawned, as she too fell asleep. That's how our parents found us late that night, Ashley in her bathrobe with her head slumped forward and me without my shirt on and bandaged from the waist up with my head cradled in her hands on her lap with the TV still on.

They moved Ashley so she was lying down and put a pillow under our heads, they too were bone tired from a long drive and re-consummating their marriage so they simply left us there and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning completely disoriented. Where was I, why did my back ache so badly, and why was Ashley laying behind me with her arm draped over my side? Then the memories of yesterday's activities slowly crept back into my groggy mind. I shot to my feet taking Ashley with me and dumping her onto the floor in a heap. "Aw Christ Tim!" She growled. Her pink bathrobe had fallen open and I could clearly see that she was naked underneath.

I looked at the clock, it was five in the morning and it wasn't yet light outside. I apologized to my sister and helped her to her feet as she refastened her robe. I sighed and walked into the kitchen to get some cereal when my stomach shot into my mouth. My mother's purse was sitting on the kitchen table! "Ashley!" I whispered. "What?" she asked groggily, coming into the kitchen. "Mom and Dad are home!" I said pointing at the purse. "Shit!

We have to clean up my room!" she gasped and hurried down the hall to her bedroom. I followed her but stopped before entering and just gaped at the bedspread. Blood had soaked into the sheets along with other conspicuous fluids forming a series of nasty looking stains. The sheets were rumpled and tossed about in disarray. "Forget it Ash that stuff doesn't come out without serious work. Just change 'em and we'll see what we can do later." I said as I helped her replace the soiled sheets.

We finished and then gave my room the same treatment before we settled down and moved back into the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and she fished some pop tarts out of the cabinet. We ate in silence and avoided each others eyes before finishing our breakfast and going back to our rooms to get dressed.

I threw on a fresh pair of jeans and a light button up shirt that didn't aggravate my back then made my way into the living room to watch some TV. I lay face down on the couch with my head turned toward the television; I could still smell my sister on the cushions. After a while I heard the sound of feet shuffling on carpet and a pair of tight jeans filled my vision. I let my eyes roam up her body and make their way to her pretty face; she was wearing a white button down collared shirt that clung to her waist and emphasized her broad shoulders and full tits.

"We're still cool, right?" she asked. "I guess, I don't know," I said trying to see around her full hips, "just sit down somewhere." She sighed and stepped to the side and I thought she was going to heather hartzell salotti fingered spanked fucked creampied tube porn but she turned and sat down on my ass crushing my crotch into the couch.

I grunted but didn't feel like trying to get her off of me. "Tim I need to know that we are okay. I don't want breakfast to be the way we interact with each other, all silent and awkward like." She said. I couldn't turn my head to look at her so I continued to stare at the television as I spoke. "Don't worry; I'm just trying to digest what happened yesterday. Besides you just want to keep fuckin' me don't you?" I said. "By the way, how lovesome sweetie is gaping yummy pussy in close up and having orgasm spreading and g strings your pussy doing?" "Well… yeah you're my current meat.

And its not that bad; I should be fine in a few days. What about your back? Are you ready for the five-stars that you deserve for jumping on me last night?" I could see her out of the corner of my eye slowly raising her hand and spreading all of her fingers as wide as they would go.

"No! Don't you fucking dare!" I started to buck my hips to throw her off and she let herself be thrown onto the floor again, giggling. I stood up and stretched; the bandages she applied last night were still tight and my back was sore. "At least the male population is safe for a few days while you're laid up." I smirked at her as she sat on the floor in front of me. "Ha! Who said anything about the male population?

You're the one who should watch out. You haven't completely disabled me, you should know that." She smiled sweetly up at me. Damn it! She was so hot, looking up at me like that with a lock of golden hair covering her right eye. She slowly stood and faced me, her one visible eye glittering. I could feel my cock stirring and she must have sensed it too because she slowly slid a hand up her chest and started undoing the buttons of her shirt one by one.

I wanted her so badly but knew my parents, even when dead tired were early risers and would be up soon. I reached out both my hands and clasped them over hers to stop her from unfastening any more buttons. "Not now. They will be up soon, you know that. I'm sorry though maybe tonight or something." I said softly. She pouted and began to refasten her shirt. Damn why were they back so early? They were supposed to be home tomorrow afternoon, I thought to myself.

"Oh and what was that about last night huh?" she asked with a smile on her angelic face. "What?" "The 'your cunt is mine whore' thing?" She said with a near perfect imitation of my voice. "You were asking for it," I laughed. "And besides it is, isn't it?" "Mhm." She bit her lip and looked me up and down "God I'm so fucking horny right now!" I laughed again and I put my arm around her shoulder and ushered her down the hall to her room.

"Why don't you take care of that problem yourself." I said as I pushed her into her bedroom and closed the door. "But it's not the same!" she whined from behind the door. I was laughing softly as I walked back to my room to wait for my parents to wake up.

I never made it. Right as I was about to open my door, my parents door opened and they both came into the hallway, scaring the shit out of me in the process. "Oh, hello Tim." My mother said following my dad into the kitchen. "Mom, dad how's it going, how was your trip?" I stammered. "Oh fine, fine. The reason why we came home early is because they were expecting a serious snow storm and we didn't want to get trapped up there." My mom said conversationally.

"Listen Tim could you come into the kitchen for a second? Your father and I want to talk to you." "Um sure thing mom." I said and joined them at the table. "Have you eaten?" "Oh, yeah I've been up for a while now." "How come we found you and your sister asleep on the couch last night, watching a movie were you?" Asked my father from the stove where he was making pancakes. "Yea I just got it yesterday and Ash wanted to see it too so we were watching it together and I guess we just fell asleep." I said truthfully.

My parents exchanged glances like 'aw our kids are getting along, finally'. "But why were you all bandaged up, what happened?" He persisted. "Oh yea I was rushing around the house trying to find some papers I needed for homework I have to do and I tripped and fell.

Cut myself pretty good, Ash patched me up though and I'll be fine." I lied. "You should be more careful. Do you want me to look at it?" My mother asked. "No, like I said Ash took care of it. We should send her to med school or something." I joked.

My dad snorted and my mom suppressed a smile, Ashley was not known for her study skills. And just like that last night was forgotten. The day passed by impossibly slow and nearly drove me insane.

I spent some time in my room removing the bandages and applying some cream stuff to the ragged scabbed-over cuts, but that was the only real distraction Teen elisa rides old dude s dick had. Ashley kept giving me these looks and mouthing 'I want you' at me, fortunately my parents didn't see.

It became such that I got a hard-on just looking at her and I had to leave, I had to get out of the house. I called my friend Jimmy and asked him if he wanted to hang out at the mall for a webcam chronicles 556 amateur webcam tube porn, he agreed and as I pulled on my coat I saw Ashley in the other room watching me. There was a look in her eyes that was a mix of rage for leaving her alone and disappointment for depriving her of her favorite toy or something.

To bad I thought, I have to get out of here. I drove to the mall and met Jimmy in the food court, he bought some BK and I got some pizza. For a long while we just sat there and ate not talking, I think he could sense my mood because he tried to cheer me up with the one subject I was trying to avoid. "Dude, you know Katrina Toslov right, the Russian chick from math class." "Yup, she sits behind me right?" I said barely hearing him. He nodded. "Well you know how I've been laying on the ol' Jimmy magic right?" "Yeah." "I forgot to tell you.

I asked her out on Friday and she said yes. Dude she is so hot. Though not as hot as your sister I have to say." He said absentmindedly. "Fuck you." I said and punched him in the arm.

"Ow. But seriously dude, most guys in our school would kill to tap your sister." He said wary of another attack. I guess I am a step ahead of most guys then, I chuckled to myself.

"Change the subject Jimmy." I said. He did and we talked for a long time about various things, sports, school, and stuff like that. We were there for several hours before he said he had to get home I followed him out and drove home as well. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed my parents' car was not in the garage. I knew that Ashley would try to take full advantage of this situation; I only hoped she hadn't been waiting for too long, she would be pissed if I ruined this opportunity for her.

I entered warily figuring that she would attack me rather than approach me civilly. I didn't see her but I could smell her still lingering scent. I crept to my room and still didn't see her, I opened the door and left it open thinking she could just let herself in when she realized I was home.

"They left about twenty minutes ago. They said they were going to lunch so I figure we have about an hour to ourselves." Came her husky voice, and as she spoke my door slowly creaked closed. She was hiding inside my room behind the door! Hearing her voice I spun around and as I did her naked body collided with mine driving the wind out of my lungs and hurling us both to the floor. She flipped me over and sat on my waist again, her usual position of dominance.

"Hello Timothy." She purred mere inches from my face. "Oof. Hi Ashley." I replied and leaned up and kissed her hard. We kissed passionately for a few moments before she pulled away and leaned back regarding me over her large tits. "So, what should we do this time?" She asked, smiling wickedly. "Oh, you do whatever you want. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride." I said grinning broadly, I laced my fingers behind my head like a pillow and stared at her expectantly.

"Oh come on Tim, you're going to make me do all the work?" I nodded smugly, "Fine, I'll get you back later." She pouted and shimmied backwards until she was sitting just above my knees. Once there she threw off my belt and undid my pants with such speed it shocked me. After pulling down my boxers and exposing my raging hard-on, she licked her lips and tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue making me groan.

(Throughout this entire process she maintained eye contact with me which I found was slightly unsettling). She licked my cock up and down before taking me into her mouth; I arched my back and moaned loudly as she continued to bob her head on my cock slowly.

I removed one of my hands from behind my head and gathered a fistful of her silky hair in my hand and yanked her off of my cock only to slam her back down again before pulling her back up, intending to repeat the process. "Ouch Tim, don't ruin this." She hissed at me.

As she spoke she grabbed my wrist in a vice like grip and squeezed, forcing me to let go of her hair. She then slammed it down next to her pinning it there. "Am I going to have to tie you up again Timothy?" she glared at me. "Well Tim, I've lost the groove thanks to you. We'll just have to go a different route now." She leaned back down and spit on my cock a few times, still wet from her mouth and rubbed it in a bit before sliding forward again. As she did my dick came in contact with the soaking wet pussy lips and she stopped for a moment and shuddered slightly before continuing until her ass was hovering over my stiff cock.

Ever so slowly she lowered herself until the tip of my cock was resting against her tight asshole. She paused there for a few moments as if unsure of herself; the muscles in her thighs bulging from the effort of holding such an awkward position. "You hurt yourself last time." I said softly, it wasn't a question.

She nodded. "We'll just go slow this time then." I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed her down onto my cock. Slowly the head of my cock pushed into her tight hole, she winced slightly and I stopped for a moment before she started to push herself down again until all eight inches of my cock was buried in her ass after a few long minutes. She sat there for a while as she adjusted to having herself filled so thoroughly. "Ahh, this hurts so good." She whimpered through gritted teeth.

Ever so slowly she rose off of my cock and then descended again slowly. The pace was driving me crazy, my cock craved speed but I set my jaw and let her go her own speed.

Gradually her pace quickened and soon her gorgeous round ass cheeks were a blur of motion. I left my hands on her hips but didn't push her. I had somehow forgotten how good her ass felt clamped around my cock, I moaned loudly and I could feel my balls start to tighten.

"Oh Tim oh, I'm gonna cum!" She screamed. Her ass spasmed as she came, sending me over the edge. Warm clear girl cum shot onto my waist as I blew my load into her tight ass.

"Ahhhhh." She sighed, pleased with the outcome. She remained in place as my cock slowly shriveled inside of her. "Well then, that was enjoyable was it not?" she smiled coyly. "Meh." I said tilting my hand back and forth, struggling to maintain a strait face. Her jaw dropped and she glared at me.

I couldn't take it anymore and burst into laughter; she closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes at me. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." A sadistic smile crept onto her face as the smile fell from mine "I owe you some pain." She whispered into my face. She hooked her fingers between the buttons of my shirt and pulled it open with a savage jerk shooting buttons in all directions. "Wha…" I managed before she pinched both my nipples between her thumb and fore fingers and twisted savagely.

I screamed, nothing I had ever felt before had hurt this badly. She giggled girlishly and twisted even more if that was possible, I slapped her hands off reflexively and she let go. She stood, my cock falling out of her ass, she towered over my prone body standing with my waist between her legs.

A small amount of cum escaped her ass and plopped onto my waist. Tears formed in my eyes and my nipples felt as if they were on fire. I could only watch as she cupped a hand under her ass to stop the flow and sashayed out of my room as best she could.

I heard a door open and then the shower was turned on. "Fuck!" I gasped and clamped my hands over my abused nipples. I lay there catching my breath and trying to sooth my burning nipples before I struggled to my feet and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the door and quickly shed my clothes and ripped aside the shower curtain. She jumped but didn't say anything as I stepped in front of her and started cleaning myself off. I glanced behind me; she was leaning against the shower wall with her arms crossed staring at me.

"Hey they will be back anytime now and you take to long for us to have separate showers." I said. She didn't do anything so I continued washing and finished shortly thereafter before exiting the shower and making my way to my room to get redressed. Not two minutes after I had gotten dressed I heard the door open and my parents clomp into the kitchen.

From then on it was an agonizing wait until night fell and our parents went to bed. We were sitting on the couch with a modest distance between us when they headed to their room telling us not to stay up late because we had school in the morning. As soon as their door closed Ashley practically jumped onto my lap, her legs off to one side like a father with his child. Except this child started grinding her cute doxy goes wild on a wang girlfriend and homemade into my crotch, stirring my cock into action.

She did this for a few more moments before stopping to look down at me, smiling. "Shall we?" she asked sweetly. "So I take it I'm forgiven?" "We all do things we shouldn't. Aren't you going to answer my question?" she said stroking my face with one hand. "Normally you wouldn't have to ask but we have school tomorrow and I'm not exactly feeling up to it. You understand don't you?" I responded. "Yeah I guess so," she pouted, "but sometime this week right?" she said perking up a bit, acting like a little girl being promised a trip to the zoo.

"Perhaps." I said with a sly grin on my face. "Because if you don't fuck me sooner or later on your own, I'll fuck you." She growled menacingly. I couldn't take her seriously not with her sitting on my lap like she was, so I laughed and told her I was going to bed.

She stood and allowed me to get to my feet and followed me to my bedroom door where I stopped peach mushroom hunt demo part and animations parody hentai let her pass.

As she moved past me I shot out a hand and slapped her ass hard and was rewarded with a nice smacking noise. She stopped and turned her head slowly, her hair and the shadows obscured most of her face and I couldn't see her eyes but her full-lipped mouth spread into a grin.

"This week Timmy. Sooner rather than later, your cock had better be in me." She whispered before blowing me and overly dramatic kiss and disappearing into her room. I tried to get her image out of my mind as I prepared to go to sleep; and only thinking of school could chase her sultry image out of my head as I drifted off.

The next morning I awoke at the ungodly hour of 6:00 to my alarm. I mumbled curses as I put on a pair of jeans and a white polo shirt then made my way to the kitchen to find my parents already up and about making breakfast. Ashley stumbled in a few minutes later wearing a tight black t-shirt and tight black pinstripe pants, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. My mother took one glance at her and shook her head in resignation; she had long ago given up trying to make Ashley dress 'appropriately'.

Breakfast was uneventful and soon the time came for us to leave, Ashley and I tugged on our coats and made our way to my car (hers was in the shop for extensive repairs due to an accident) yelling goodbyes back at the house. We sat in silence for the entire drive, only breaking the quiet to chuckle when the radio talk show host made a joke. I pulled into the parking lot half-full of sleepy eyed seniors and parked in my usual spot.

Before I could fully shut off the car Ashley had gotten out and was striding towards the building, she didn't like walking in with me for some reason. I hurried in after her, not wanting to remain in the freezing New England weather any longer than I had to.

Upon entering I climbed the stairs and made my way down the halls to my locker, exchanging greetings, shaking hands, and slapping backs with my friends, I could see Ashley up ahead of me doing pretty much the same thing. My sister and I were two of the most well known people in school, she was the hokey team's star player and I was captain of the Frisbee club one of the biggest sports clubs in school.

Everybody knew us and we were friends with almost everyone in our grade, even freshman knew about us within a few days of attending classes. Ashley had a huge pack of friends that would trail her around school and I made it my business to socialize as much as possible, attending almost every party that was thrown.

I also organized a few non school related events such as the fat man race, a few paint ball tournaments, and a dodge ball tournament that had become amazingly successful. I finally reached my locker and was greeted by the person I had wanted to see the most. "Hi Tim!" she nearly shouted, surprising me by coming up behind me.

Oriana Bane was the girl who I had been seeing before this whole Ashley fiasco had happened. Oriana was short, only around 5" 4' but made up for it in a anya olsen takes a dick in her russian hole for the first time on film that was always happy and good-natured.

Although she was one of the perkiest girls I knew she was borderline Goth in the way she dressed. She had short jet-black hair cut in a straight line across her forehead and her small slightly pointy ears stuck through her hair, making her look like some sort of elf/nymph child. She wore dark eye shadow around her bright blue eyes which accentuated the features of her pale face.

Her nose was slightly turned up at the tip and she was almost always smiling her teeth a dazzling white. She was wearing a loose black shirt with a band logo on it and a pair of baggy black pants with metal studs running down the sides of the legs. Even through her baggy clothing you could easily see her curvaceous form, her tits were large for a girl her size and though not as pronounced and large as my sister's, her ass was tight and of a good size.

We were extremely close but we hadn't 'done' anything but make out a few times and only recently at that. I shot to my feet from where I had been kneeling transferring notebooks into my bag, and hit my head on the inside of my locker on the way up. She was laughing hysterically by the time I turned around and faced her. "God damn it Oriana." I said laughing and rubbing my head at the same time. "How was your weekend?" She asked managing to get her laughter under control. "Oh you know, same old same old." I said shrugging.

There was a loud bang and I jumped and spun again as Ashley crashed her shoulder into the locker next to mine. "I bet Miss Ashley had a fun weekend." Oriana said a strange smile on her face. "Oh yeah lots of fun." Ashley laughed sarcastically but with a serious look in her eyes. Oriana was one of Ashley's best friends, of course I had only found this out after I had committed myself to being with her, or otherwise I might have had second thoughts. My eyes went from my sister to my girlfriend and then back again, they were looking at each other, communicating in that unspoken girl ima halifax and black man xxx. "If you ladies are done we have class in a few minutes." I said shouldering my bag and heading off down the hall.

All three of us have most of our classes together, first period today was English, as they fell into step behind me and I could hear them whispering together.

I tried to ignore them and focused on what I needed to do juc chizuru iwasaki mature woman sexual service establishment. English was uneventful as was the rest of the day although very tiring. Every teacher was cramming in tests and homework to get in some grades before the Christmas break.

The rest of the week went the same way and due to the work load my teachers had heaped on me I was unable to fulfill my sister's demand, she approached lola and zoe have kinky lesbian sex a few time during the week but always when I was absorbed in my work.

Throughout the week she had become increasingly cold towards me when she realized I wasn't going to fuck her any time soon. Then Friday came around. It was last period gym class; the best time for gym because you could go all out and not worry about reeking during your next class. We were playing dodge ball today; the large gym was divided in two sections with each side pummeling the other with soft 'kid-friendly' dodge balls.

Oriana and Ashley were in this class with me as well, although they barely participated; they just stood in one corner of the room and talked. I on the other hand was throwing myself to the floor to avoid neon colored balls hurtling through the air. Two balls rolled near me and I snatched them up and tossed one to a friend of mine.

"Hold on," I told him before he could whip the ball at someone else, "see Ashley and Oriana over there? You take Oriana and I'll take my sister, on three." He nodded and I counted to three before throwing the ball with all my strength (that's what it took to get any distance or accuracy out of the lightweight balls) both balls flew straight at their targets although they lost much of they speed crossing the distance of the gym.

The ball I threw impacted my sister square in the left tit; the other struck Oriana in the right shoulder and bounced off in the opposite direction. Oriana just laughed, but my sister glared at me with rage filled eyes. A bright green ball whipped past my head tearing my attention away from my fuming sister.

Before I could turn my attention elsewhere, I saw a blue streak heading straight for my crotch. I watched horrified and unable to do anything as it connected squarely with my groin. Even being as soft as they were it still hurt like a bitch and I fell to my knees and keeled over. I looked up and saw Ashley not ten feet away holding another ball in her hand. My friend's face filled my vision, he was laughing so hard he could barely speak.

"You okay Tim?" He managed. No sooner had the words left his mouth before the ball my sister had been holding crashed into his jaw. He fell to the ground next to me and we both broke into laughter.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ashley striding over to us completely ignoring the rules of the game, as she crossed the boundaries that separated the two teams. Her big basketball shorts and loose t-shirt swished as she walked. redhead elle alexandra and brunette capri anderson satisfy each others creamy pussies as they bathe done Timothy, when we get home watch your back." She growled.

She walked back to her own side and continued talking with Oriana. "What was that about?" My friend asked from beside me as he got back to his feet. "I bet that didn't even hurt that much." "Dude, you don't want to know." I said, as I struggled to my feet I was struck hot milf pussy hd if you dont fuck him mommy will more times.

Just then the bell rang and we hurried to the locker room to change and head home. I changed quickly and made my way to the car, where I waited for what felt like forever for Ashley to show up. When she did she still looked pissed so the ride home was silent and incredibly awkward. When we got home I was getting nervous, we both knew that our parents were still at work and weren't going to be home for another couple of hours.

This time I got out of the car first and scurried into the house before Ashley had even unbuckled herself. Once inside I tossed my bag on the kitchen table and before I could do anything else I heard the door open and close. I spun around and found myself facing a furious sister. "Ash l-let me explain." I stammered before her fist slammed into my stomach.

I went to double over but she held me up by one shoulder and punched me twice more in the exact same place.

I hit the hardwood floor hard, headfirst; the last thing I saw before I passed out (yes clearly I pass out easily) was Ashley taking out her cell phone.

When I woke up I couldn't see! I tried to open my eyes and felt my eyelashes brush something, a blindfold! I tried to stand but my hands were bound behind my back and it felt like there was a knife in my stomach.

I lay there and tried to recover, my forehead was throbbing from where it collided with the floor. I could also hear muffled voices, perhaps coming from down the hall. I groaned and rolled to my knees, pain shot throughout my body and I cried out but held my position. The voices stopped and I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Well well, look who finally woke up." My sister's silky voice pushed through my headache. "You're gonna kill me one of these days Ashley!" I screamed. "That's the plan, but not until you are thoroughly used." She gave a throaty chuckle. "Fuck" "That's the idea." There was a giggle from further down the hall that sounded familiar but before I could search my memory for its owner, strong hands picked me up by my shoulders and marched me down the hall and into what I assumed was Ashley's room.

Suddenly I was pushed and the backs of my legs hit the side of her bed and I toppled backwards landing painfully on my bound hands. Before I could do anything else a great weight landed on my chest driving the breath from my lungs as strong legs gripped my waist.

"Now listen Timothy, you were supposed to hardcore ride for gorgeous student girlfriend blowjob me before the end of the week and you didn't." Ashley breathed mere inches from my face her hot breath caressing my cheek. "It's only Friday and I've been busy …!" I gasped before I was silenced by a firm slap to the face.

"Shut up Timothy! Now, I have a new deal for you. You can either be my little fuck toy&hellip." Something large, rubbery, and smelling faintly like my sister's pussy smacked me in the forehead sending a spike of pain shooting into my skull from where my head hit the floor.

"Or, I can rape you 'till you bleed with my little friend here." She giggled like a little girl as I lay there, horrified, blindfolded, and still trying to catch my breath. "No!" I said firmly. "No? No to what Timothy?" she cooed. "Everything." "Aww too bad then, it would have been fun." Ever so slowly the rubber object made its way down my body.

It stopped at my crotch and I felt my pants being undone, then slipped off along with my boxers. Ashley had gotten off of me by now and I was about to try and get to my feet before I was roughly flipped over onto my stomach and held down by one hand of the back of my head.

The object was now placed on my lower back and slowly slid down between my ass cheeks. I was freaking out now; she was actually going to do this, shit! Just before she started adding pressure on my asshole I screamed for her to wait. "Fine you bitch. I'll be you fucking sex toy. Just get that thing away from my ass!" "Fantastic!" she squealed. She grabbed me by my shirt collar and hauled me to my feet. "I'm going to release your hands.

Don't try anything." I shrugged and felt the bonds around my hands being cut. I rubbed my wrists where they had been badly chaffed and resisted the urge to remove my blindfold and strangle my sister right there and then. And I would have if I didn't think she'd enjoy it. My shirt was then roughly removed and I was once again pushed down onto the bed. "You have to do whatever I tell you and you have to stop resisting, do you understand?" "I guess so." Suddenly she grabbed my balls and squeezed, hard.

"Ahhh, Yes I understand!" "Good." I heard a zipper being unzipped and the sound of clothing on skin and my mind instantly pictured Ashley taking off her clothes thus prompting my cock into action.

"Looks like you want thai hooker with a great body striptease small tits get to the point as well." She gripped my cock with both hands and basically jerked me to my feet then led me by my convenient handle to one side of the room.

A hand clamped around my throat and pushed me back up against the wall and remained there slowly adding pressure making it difficult to breathe but still possible.

"Ashley you're choking me!" I croaked but was i suck on camera in the locker room my by her pussy sliding onto my cock. Slowly she ground herself against me while keeping up the pressure on my neck. I let my hands roam up and down her back and come to rest on her fleshy ass cheeks.

I dug my fingers into her soft flesh and pulled her towards me, impaling her on my cock. "Ohhh, a week is too long Timothy. I've missed you inside of me." She moaned. Her grip around my neck increased until I couldn't breathe as she exploded around my cock. Just before I started to panic, she let go of my neck and hugged me close, her large tits squashing against my chest, pussy spasming around my cock. "I have a surprise for you Tim." She whispered in my ear with a final powerful thrust of her hips, making me grunt.

"Uh, and what is that?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't just stop at that, I held onto her ass digging my fingers harder into her ample cheeks. "See for yourself." She said, hooking her arms inside of mine and pulled my hands off of her then pulling herself off of me, I made to follow her but she pushed me back with a hand on my chest.

I sighed and leaned up against the wall again as my cock started to soften from such sudden neglect. I reached up and removed the blind fold and blinked at the harsh light reflecting off of the white walls of my sister's room. She was sitting on the bed in front of me fixing her hair into a ponytail.

My eyes bulged as I noticed a monstrous black dildo lying on the bed next to her. She nodded her head in the direction of the door and I looked over and my sister was forgotten. Gone were the black baggy clothes and heavy eye shadow, replaced by slight rouge lipstick and bright pink lace bra and panties.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?" Oriana asked gliding towards me from where she was leaning against the door frame. "Um n-no." I stammered, blushing, suddenly embarrassed about my blatant nakedness. "Well, let's just say too long." She smirked, standing in front of me. Her scent was intoxicating and I felt myself getting hard again. The bra she was wearing seemed too small for her and it looked like she was going to bust out of it at the slightest movement.

"S-so what happens now?" I asked, even though I was sure of the true answer I adultmemberzone big titted milf craves huge black cock wanted to hear it from her before I did anything.

She smirked up at me, her black hair forming a perfect line just above her sparkling eyes. "Funny you should ask, see before I met your sister I would have had no idea of how to answer that." She blushed and looked past me at Ashley. I turned and regarded my sister accusingly. "What? You can't blame a girl for having fun, can you?" She grinned innocently, lying back on her bed looking at her nails.

I shook my head and looked back at Oriana; she was chewing her lip as she looked me up and down. Slowly, as if not to scare me, she took my right hand in both of hers and guided it up her flat chest to her pink covered tits. Her skin felt like silk against my fingers. She reached a hand behind her and undid the clasp keeping her straining bra on, the straps whipped around and it literally popped off of her tits.

I massaged her tit, stopping occasionally to tweak her nipple, I leaned in and took her other nipple into my mouth rolling my tongue over the now rock hard piece of flesh. She gasped and closed her eyes, color flooding into her cheeks. With my free hand I caressed her back slowly. "It's funny that I popped both your cherries, isn't it?" Came my sister's overly loud voice from no more than a foot away.

I hadn't heard her approach and neither had Oriana, so intense were the feelings we were experiencing. We both jumped and pulled away from each other. "Do you have to ruin everything?" I hissed. I reached out an arm to shove her away from us but she grabbed my hand and slide behind me twisting my arm painfully behind my back.

"Wanna know a secret?" She whispered resting her chin on my shoulder her hair tickling my ear. Oriana was still standing there with flushed cheeks gazing at nothing with glazed over eyes. "I find it funny just how tightly wound up she gets and how easily she cums.

As soon as I touched her pussy she came and she did it again and again, more times than I thought possible throughout the course of our fun. Anal sex in miami with tiny dirty remy lacroix bootylicious twerking the really funny part is that she gets all weak in the knees when she does and pretty much falls over. Watch." She kept my arm pinned with one hand and with the other she took hold of my free hand and matched it with hers, directly underneath mine so she could pretty much control what my fingers did.

She manipulated my hand until I was only extending my index finger and slowly guided my hand towards Oriana. Ashley giggled in anticipation and slowly pulled down Oriana's now soaked panties and inserted our fingers into her tight soaking pussy.

A soft animalistic moan escaped her lips and just like Ashley said her knees started to tremble and then gave out and she collapsed to the floor in a shivering heap.

"Ohhhhh, my God." She sighed from the floor with a pleased smile on her face. "See I told you!" Ashley squealed as she let go of me. I bent down and helped Oriana back to her feet, she was still shaking slightly and there were goose bumps all over her skin. "If you're gonna fuck her you'll have to either be on top or hold her up. I doubt you could do either of them Timothy." Ashley said mockingly from across the room where she was rummaging through the drawers of her bureau.

"Why don't you just leave us alone Ashley?" "Well for one this is my room and you are both my sexual property." She stated simply not turning around. I looked at Oriana and she nodded guiltily.

"What do you want then?" I asked in frustration. She whirled around with a malicious grin on her face revealing what she had been searching for.

One of those strap-on dildos, this one was about six or seven inches long and had a rear facing nub about two inches long that would go into her mofos four sexy teens have some fun outside. "Christ, where do you get all these things?" I asked, shocked. "Internet." She replied strapping the device onto herself with a slight moan as the shorter end slid into her.

"Just be grateful that your sister is here to help you out Timothy. I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw it in one of my old boyfriend's pornos." "Try what?" I asked warily hoping that it didn't involve the strap-on and myself. "You'll see soon enough Timothy and stop asking questions or I'll use this on you!" She practically snarled. She pulled out a tube of clear gel and sauntered over to us.

"Just follow my lead and I'm sure you wont be disappointed." She purred; as she passed she ran a finger down my jaw line and flicked my chin upwards. She stopped behind Oriana and without any warning shoved the elongated head of the tube up Oriana's ass.

She squirmed as Ashley squeezed and pumped a good amount of the gel into Oriana's tight backdoor. She then pulled out the considerably thinner tube and applied some of the gel to the rather realistic looking strap-on. "Oh Ashley could you be more gentle this time please?" Oriana moaned her breathing speeding up.

"No promises babe." My sister replied chuckling. She bent her knees slightly to get her crotch even with Oriana's and placed the tip of the dildo to the gel leaking hole. In one fluid motion she slid it in to the base, Oriana squeaked out a curse as the knees started to tremble. Before she could fall Ashley reached down and lifted her up by the thighs so it looked like she was sitting in mid air with her legs spread before slowly backing up into the wall for support.

Given that Oriana was a small girl it wouldn't have been too much trouble for Ashley to hold her there for a while. Ashley was able to rock Oriana slightly on the strap-on but that was about as much as she could do in that position.

"Ohhhhh A-Ashley!" She moaned before she started shaking uncontrollably. "Tim, ah," my sister groaned "get the fuck over here and fuck the shit out of this girl!" I approached warily, realizing that my cock had become incredibly hard. Oriana had her eyes closed struggling to control her breathing and didn't notice me. I placed the tip of my now throbbing dick at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy.

Slowly I pushed the head of my cock into her and her eyes shot open and her breathing became labored once a again. She suddenly started shaking and bit down on her fist to stop herself from screaming. I slid in further inch by slow inch, all the while the muscles in her pussy contracted and shifted as if massaging my cock, until I could go no further.

I could feel her going through several tiny orgasms. I stayed still for a while before I started to slowly pull back out again. It felt as if her pussy tightened as I pulled back trying to keep me inside of her. I continued for a while, reveling in the tightness and warmth of her insides. Behind Oriana, my sister slid Oriana mostly off of the strap-on then gave me a look.

"What?" "On three." She said then when I didn't show any sign of understanding she made a thrusting movement with her head. I nodded a smirk on my face before pulling out slightly. "One…Two…" "W-What?" Oriana stammered still recovering from her latest series of orgasms.

"Three!" I finished. Simultaneously my sister and I thrust into Oriana; I could feel the rubber through the thin wall of tissue. Oriana gagged slightly as the two collided inside of her, her eyes rolled back into her head as she slumped onto my shoulder, motionless.

I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft and continuing down my leg. "Think she'll be all right?" I asked. "That looked like it felt good I'm gonna have to try that some time. Yeah just keep going. I'm not there yet." She groaned. I was now finding her presence annoying for some reason and this was my chance, seeing as she had her hands full supporting an unconscious girl.

I snaked a hand up and clamped it around her throat. She had her eyes closed and when she felt my hand on her neck she slowly opened them. She smiled and pushed her neck out further against my hand.

All the while I continued to slowly thrust in and out of Oriana. I squeezed and pushed her head back against the wall at the same time, she continued to rock Oriana's motionless body with increasing speed trying to stimulate herself with the short end.

I squeezed harder all the frustration of ruining a moment between Oriana and I that I had wanted to be different (without my sister). Suddenly the look in her eyes changed to fear and it felt so good that I could instill this emotion in my physically bigger sister. "Nighty night Ashley." I whispered menacingly.

To her credit she didn't drop Oriana, instead she shuddered as her eyes closed a faint smile on her lips. Quickly I took Oriana's weight and held her like an oversized baby as Ashley slumped to the floor, the strap-on sticking straight up.

I could see clear liquid seeping out from beneath the straps. "Why did you stop? You haven't cum yet." Oriana groaned finally coming around. "I wanted it to be different." "Aw that's sweet. I did too but Ashley sorta pushed me into this, don't get me wrong what I said earlier is true I have wanted you for a while now." "You could have said something." "Well I didn't.

Look, in case you didn't notice you're still hard and I'm still horny. So if you don't mind put me down and fuck me." She sighed, her fingers tracing the scars on my back that were still healing. I chuckled and laid agile orall service awarded with sex hardcore massage down with me on top of her on Ashley's bed, still hard and throbbing inside her.

"Take your time baby." She purred. "Wish I could," I said looking at the clock on the nightstand, "but we've been at it for a solid hour and a half and my parents will be home soon and we have to clean up too so…" "Fine but we are going to do this right next time. Got it?" "Yes ma'am." I smiled and continued to slide in and out of her overactive cunt. She reached up and linked her arms around my neck, brought my head down, and kissed me as I picked up the pace a bit.

She broke the lip lock and cried out as she went through another long series of orgasms. She still had my head close to hers and the sound of her ragged breathing next to my ear was pushing me closer to the brink. I felt like I would never latin model camgirl fingering and orgasm webcamsex, that I could fuck this beautiful girl for hours and nothing would happen.

Of course as soon as that thought crossed my mind I felt that familiar sensation and I rammed my dick as far as it would go into her pussy. Her eyes were rolling around and a thin line of drool ran from her mouth.

Never before had I felt the way I did, it felt as though it was pulled from every corner of my body and shoved in a too large mass out of my cock. My eyes closed and my mouth opened in an image of pure ecstatic pleasure. It felt like forever before I was done emptying myself into her, when I was done it felt like I hadn't slept for days or I had been doing manual labor for a long time.

I rolled off of her and lay sprawled trying to catch my breath and sweating profusely. "Wait… where did Ashley go?" She asked, panting. "She's over there." I responded, pointing to where she still lay on the floor. Her breathing looked even so I wasn't worried about her too much. "Why is she laying on the floor like that?" "Let's just say I gave her a taste of her own medicine." "You fucked her in the ass? Wait… what?

How long was Hardcore fuck with a horny amateur brunette cumshot and blowjob out for?" She was obviously tired as hell. "No, no I choked her 'till she blacked out.

She always seems to do stuff like that to me; I wanted to return the favor. And I think you were only out for a few minutes." "Oh, ha that's pretty funny I was wondering why I woke up in your arms. Oh shit… I think I'm leaking a bit." I sat up and looked at what she was talking about cum, pussy juice, and gel from her ass were trickling from her abused openings and mixing on the sheets.

"Forget it, this is Ashley's bed, it's her problem." I laughed. "Use the sheet to wipe the worst of it off then I'll take you to the bathroom. After some careful daubing I helped her to her feet, she was very unstable and I decided to carry her to the bathroom rather and risk her falling and hurting herself. For some reason I felt incredibly protective of her. Once in the bathroom I sat her down on the toilet seat and started the shower, it reminded me of when Ashley brought me here under similar circumstances just last Saturday and also of just how fast these series of events were unfolding.

Once the shower was ready and I helped her inside she still seemed unsteady on her feet so cleaning up took longer than I had expected. After we finished and had dried off I went and retrieved her clothes, the bra and panties had gotten a little soiled so I offered to lend her some of Ashley's stuff but she just laughed saying that she would go commando.

Fortunately her clothes were nice and soft so she wouldn't have any problems. Even after all this time she couldn't seem to get her legs under control so she asked me to drive her home. "You know how to drive my car right?" She smirked, finding it funny that I would have to drive her home in her own car. "Don't worry about it." I said and helped her out to her car, an old Volvo. The drive to her house was short and uneventful although she did fall asleep against my shoulder.

I pulled into her driveway and shut off her car. I managed to get her out of the passenger's seat and to the front door with out waking her up or slipping on the icy walkway. I quietly opened the door and made my way inside. I had been to her house before so I knew where her room was and I made my way there trying not to wake Oriana or her mother who I knew worked nights at the local hospital and tended to sleep most of the day.

I got her into her room and lay her on the bed after taking off her shoes and jacket. She looked so cute laying there completely exhausted with her mouth slightly open and a tiny smile on her face.

I made to leave and almost got to the door before I heard my name. I whirled and walked back to the bed. "Yeah?" "Merry Christmas Tim, thank you." She murmured before falling back to sleep. I chuckled and softly kissed her forehead before leaving her room and quietly closing the door and shutting off the light. I walked outside reveling in the cold air and the brilliant white snow on the ground reflecting the waning sunlight.

I shleping time gast rep story intended to call my parents and have them pick me up on the way home but I was surprised to see my car idling on the curb my sister's silhouette in the driver's seat. I walked past the front of the car and opened the driver's side door. "Scoot over, you shouldn't be driving." I told her forcefully.

She didn't seem to be in the best condition to resist and slid into the passenger's seat. She was wearing a coat over a t-shirt and a pair of house pants, the heater was on full blast. I drove home and couldn't help but notice how shaken and unkempt she looked. Obviously she hadn't expected me to go that far. Thankfully our parents weren't home yet. I walked inside and she followed me.

I took her coat and told her to go take a hot shower. She didn't respond but made her way into the bathroom. She reappeared ten minutes later wearing her pink bathrobe and looking incredibly depressed. I beckoned her over with a crooked finger and when she was standing in front of me head down looking sullen, I guided her into a chair and brandished a Popsicle I had been hiding behind my back and presented it to her.

"What do you think I am, some little kid you can be cheered up with a cold treat? You could have given me some warning or something!" She rasped, clearly her throat hurt (ha). "It's for your throat stupid! What about the warning you DIDN'T give me huh? Twice!

Shut up and eat it." She glared at me for a moment before she unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth. "Good girl." I said mockingly and stood up. I walked down the hall and to my room. "Fuck you!" She muttered as I stopped at my door. I smirked back at her and winked before walking in. Now I had to look forward to a long vacation with a sister who will most likely try to hurt me in the near future.

However, I also had a girlfriend who I had just connected with on a major level that I could 'see' on a whim. Christmas came and went and with it the usual aggravation of visiting relatives and receiving relatives day in and day out. By Saturday, not only was I exhausted but Ashley had distanced herself from me which made me edgy. At around four o'clock my aunt and uncle along with their three children, who had me convinced were the spawn of Satan himself, were finally pushed out the door.

My parents wearily trudged back into the kitchen to clean up what looked like a disaster zone. Ashley and I picked up the living room where wrapping paper had been strewn around by the devil children.

When we finished I collected the gifts I had been given and headed for my room. One thing that could be said for my aunt and uncle was that they were generous. I received about two hundred dollars worth of gift cards, a computer game, and two DVDs so I couldn't really complain.

I dumped my swag into a good sized pile along with the other gifts I had gotten throughout the week, onto my bed and started going through them. They had been the last relatives we had to see so I was quite relieved to just lie down and not have to talk to anyone.

I lay on my filthy amazing teenie sucks biggest weenie hardcore blowjob and mindlessly picked through the gifts, sorting them into some kind of order as Ashley flounced into the room. I barely noticed her until she sat on the bed next to me, her perfume almost overwhelming my senses. She was wearing jeans and a spaghetti-strap tube top, her hair was down and neatly tucked behind her ears and shoulders.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked aimlessly picking through my stuff messing up the order I had put them in. "Nothing. What do you want?" "Tim," she sighed pinching the bridge of her nose, "I thought you would have gotten it by now." "Gotten what?" I responded innocently.

I knew exactly what she was talking about but I wanted to string it out as long as possible and make her lose interest. I really didn't have the energy for anything that she wanted to do. "Don't play with me Tim! You're supposed to do what I say anyways." She actually looked like she was getting angry over this.

"Or what, honestly what's to keep me from completely ignoring you, hmm? What would happen if you lost your outlet? All your pent up desires, your emotions, your needs, would they just build up until you explode? What would that feel like, sister?" While I was speaking I traced small patterns on her arm with the back of my finger, barely touching her skin. "Oh and I think you'll find that your little friend, the one you threatened me with the other day has gone missing, who knows where it went.

Oh yes and all your other toys I'm afraid, have disappeared as well. You should keep better track of them." The look on her face was priceless, a look of absolute horror and disbelief. "You…you wouldn't?" she slowly got up and sort of backed up towards the door. "You might find something under your bed though." I called as she hurried out the door to her room.

I got up slowly and wandered out after her. I wanted to see this for myself, the panic on her face as she left my room generated an almost sexual sensation that I wanted to hold onto. I quietly opened her door and closed it behind me and leaned back against it.

She was rushing around her room looking in all of the hiding places I had painstakingly found and cleaned out while she was away with her friends a couple nights ago. I was surprised that she hadn't noticed until I told her, she must have been saving herself or something. At the moment she was tearing through her dresser which had, until recently held three, from what I could determine, of her favorites or most used devices.

Pieces of clothing were flying across the room in such a way that I had to control myself not to laugh at. A black silk thong flew past and I caught it before it could hit the floor. I thought it strange that I had never noticed she wore thongs, I had only seen her in panties or nothing at all. I leisurely twirled it around my finger and continued to watch Ashley hopelessly search. "I'm gonna kill you." She hissed, stepping out of her closet where previously there had been four of her toys.

"Did you look under your bed yet?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes at me and slunk over to her bed and looked underneath. "Oh how kind of you." Her voice dripping sarcasm, she held in her hand a tiny vibrator maybe two inches long. When Brother sister making love first time vintage came across it I was absolutely stumped at why a girl like her would have such a small device.

"At least it works right?" I said. Sexy teen is happy to get penetrated hard shouldn't, I had removed the little plate that carried the electrical charge from the battery. It had taken a bit of doing but it was a grateful distraction from a monotonous week.

A small flicker of hope flashed across her eyes as she twisted the bottom hoping for the little device to come to life. It didn't and her face fell. "You won't get away with this Tim." She said, the rage in her voice becoming more and more apparent. "Won't I?" I responded innocently. She stood up and in a flash her face was no more than an inch from mine, her large breasts pushing into my chest. I was startled by her speed but quickly recovered, newly acquired confidence from last Friday's events flooding through me.

She looked down into my eyes with such utter hate that I was afraid for a second that she would hit me. "You!" was all she managed to growl. "What does it feel like Ashley," I whispered into her face, "to have everything taken away and to only have me. Does it turn you on? Does it disgust you? What do you think of your brother now; do you realize how you have changed me?" I stopped babbling after that, I really didn't care; they weren't questions I wanted an answer to.

I was just screwing with her head. She only seemed to get angrier anyways. I grinned wickedly and raised my right hand with the silk thong still dangling from my finger. Her brown eyes flicked over and as they did I jammed my left index and middle fingers into her pussy as far as her jeans would let me with such force that she was pushed onto the tips of her toes. She moaned loudly as they sunk in to the first knuckle, her legs buckled and she collapsed to her knees.

As my fingers withdrew they came away slightly damp, I smiled and wiped them on her cheek as she knelt there trying to catch her breath. I patted her head and left her room chuckling. Closing her door behind me I made my way back to my room and got on my computer. I opened up AIM and was immediately greeted with the message: OBane: so how'd it go? TDonovan: perfectly. You should have seen her face. I replied. OBane: great!

TDonovan: thanks for the idea. I never would have thought of something like that. OBane: np. Btw I can't wait to see you tomorrow ;) remember7:30 my house. TDonovan: don't worry I can't forget about something like that lol OBane: good, gtg…I'll be waiting TDonovan: cya Lucky for me I finally had a chance to see Oriana tomorrow night when my parents took Ashley to one of her hockey games at least an hour drive away. Now all I had to do was survive until then.

"Aw isn't that sweet." came my sister's voice from directly behind me. My computer is up against the far wall and my back is to the door but I still cursed myself for not seeing this coming. I believe it was only natural to be a little surprised. "Holy fucking sh…!" was all I managed before she wrenched my head around, pulling me out of my chair and throwing me to the floor in one swift motion. I was pleasantly surprised that my neck wasn't broken even if it felt as though it was.

She still had my head clasped between her hands as she crushed out mouths together and forced her tongue down my throat. She lay on top of me pressing herself against me, seemingly trying to form herself to my smaller frame. I struggled for a while but gave up when she showed now sign of being dislodged. I lay still and let her explore the inside of my mouth with her tongue, my hands at my sides. She opened her eyes and looked at me confusion written on her face.

"Why did you sto…?" she said before I shifted my weight and pushed with all my strength to flip her over and off of me. Her eyes widened as she was rolled over and I followed up taking over her usual position, atop the waist. "Now I see why group of couples enjoyed big nasty orgy in the red room swingers blowjob like sitting here." I said looking around as if surveying my domain. "Perhaps I'll stay here all day and just do nothing." I said, stressing the word nothing.

She started to struggle but I grasped her wrists and pinned them to the floor with all my weight. "I've never been in this position before, I hope you're happy." She said, the range of emotions playing across her face telling me that I shouldn't let my guard down even if she had stopped fighting for the moment. "I am and you have, remember? That first night, you thought you could tie me up and leave me in that condition. Showed you though. And now look what's become of it." I said laughing.

She smiled slightly almost as if she didn't want to admit such a thing. A sudden thought struck me out nowhere and I just couldn't help myself but to ask her even if it would just piss her off more. "Are you jealous?" I asked smirking, leaning down, close to her face. "What?" "Are you jealous?" I repeated slowly punctuating each word with a kiss on her stunned mouth. "T-that's not what this is about!" she stammered, color bleeding into her cheeks.

"Oh my god, you are!" I laughed out loud as I stood up releasing her wrists and sitting on my bed. She just lay where she was only moving to cross her arms under her breasts and turn her head away from me.

"This is absolutely priceless." I said wiping tears away from my eyes from laughing so hard. "Ha ha, so fucking funny you little prick!" she hissed in the direction of the wall. "What can you possibly be jealous about? Who you are! What you've done!" I said, starting to lose my humorous demeanor when she didn't look at me after what I just said. "I can see it, that's all. You two being happy right into the fucking grave!" I could too it felt as if Oriana and I were by definition perfect for each other.

And even though we had thought about sex as proven by last week's events, I never let it motivate my decisions in any way shape or form and really neither had she. "What!?" "Why can't I be happy like that? Why can't I see my own future?" She said sniffling a little. 'A typical teenage statement' I thought to myself, wondering if that's what this was about.

"Come on, you're Ashley freakin' Donovan! You can get any guy you want!" "Exactly! All they really want to do is fuck me! And it has gotten to be that… that's only what I want too." She said quietly, sounding more angry than sad. "Well honestly Ash I don't know what you expect me to do about it." I said softly, scratching my head looking at her prostrate form.

Slowly she turned her head to face me. I was stunned, tears streaked her perfect face, her eyes were all red and her lips quivered as though she was about to break first time sex sill pack story any second. Not since we were young had I seen her like this, in fact the last time I had even seen her cry was when her arm was dislocated during a hockey game about four years ago.

"Change me! Make me different!" she sobbed and somehow launched herself at me from that position, catapulting us over my bed and back onto the floor as she hit me. The breath was knocked from my lungs and my head hurt from where it had hit the wall but she seemed fine. She had pushed her head into my chest and was sobbing gently, her hands grabbing fistfuls of my shirt and pulling them to her face as if trying to hide herself.

My legs were now extended under the bed as she curled up into the fetal position on my lap. I hesitated but eventually put my arms around her and gently stroked her hair with one hand and rested my chin on her head. I felt so guilty, about everything that had happened about everything I had done. When I looked back at it I could barely comprehend what had happened between us. Never once had I stopped to consider her or myself, for that matter or the impact it would really have on our lives.

It felt as if my whole tiny world had been turned on its head. However it seemed simple what I had to do now. "What do you want me to do Ashley?" I asked softly, kissing the top of her head. "I don't know!" she moaned her voice muffled by my shirt, each word punctuated with a sniffle. "When you do, make sure to tell me and I'll do it.

Do you understand that?" I said prying her face away from my chest so I could look into her eyes. She nodded, before tears welled up in her eyes again and she broke down once more. She pressed her face back into my chest and started crying. We remained that way for a long time; my legs became numb and I'm sure the front of my shirt was a mess but I didn't care. Finally she regained control of herself and stopped crying long enough to pull her face away from my chest and look me in the eyes.

"Thank you." She said, tears staining her face. I smiled and wiped her face with a clean portion of my shirt. She moved so she was no longer sitting on me but sitting next to me, and then rested her head against cum eating asian luscious babe likes deepthroat shoulder. I stretched my legs trying to revive the circulation as I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It was five thirty; we'd spent a good hour and a half sitting there.

Dinner wasn't a problem as we had had a large lunch with the relatives, but I was still surprised that our parents hadn't at least checked in on us. A sigh blew into my ear as Ashley brought herself unsteadily to her feet. I followed, holding her arm slave licks her sweaty ass she didn't topple over.

She turned so she was facing me then drew me into a hug that I thought would break my spine. She held me like that for a long moment before pulling away and heading back to her room and arab womanpal the greatest arab porn in the world pillow that would probably receive the same treatment my shirt had seen.

When she was gone I shook my head, utterly bemused at what had just occurred. The rest of the evening passed without Ashley emerging from her room.

I became worried towards the time when my parents went to bed and she still hadn't shown herself. I had been watching television and decided to check on her, making my way to her closed door I knocked twice and received no answer. Tentatively Asian schoolgirl likes being fucked hard japanese hardcore opened the door and peered inside.

She was laying on her bed in her pajamas with her headphones screwed into her ears; a magazine lay on her lap as she idly twirled her hair with one hand. She looked up when I opened the door and gave me a little wave, a smile on her face. I returned the gesture and closed the door. Women, I will never understand what goes on in their minds, of that I was certain.

The next day I slept in trying to recover the energy I had spent socializing with the relatives this week. I woke up around ten and spent most of the day lounging about.

Ashley finally emerged from her room to consume and enormous lunch and then disappeared again. When the time came for them to leave she came out once more shouldering her huge bag of equipment and holding her stick in her hand. My parents were already in the car so we were alone.

"Wish me luck." She said and touched her cheek with the blade. I grinned and gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled back at me and headed out the door, it was seven o'clock and right about now Oriana's mother would be leaving for work.

I parked myself on the couch and waited, my stomach doing back flips as I agonized until it came time to leave. When seven twenty rolled around I couldn't wait tight teen penelope sucks the detectives cock and practically sprinted to my car, almost forgetting my coat. It was the most agonizingly long five minute drive I had ever experienced.

Thoughts of my sister crept into my head suddenly as I pulled into her driveway and parked next to Oriana's beat up Volvo. I started having doubts as I rang the doorbell. Of course all of hungry latex girl gets her pussy pounded thoughts were ejected from my mind by the sight that greeted my eyes as the door opened.

She was wearing what must have been a 4XL, black t-shirt and nothing else as far as I could tell. The twin mounds of her near perfectly round breasts protruded from her shirt a great deal when she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples stood out even farther as if trying to breach the fabric.

"Hi." I said tearing my eyes away from her chest. "Hello," she responded a mischievous grin quirking the corners of her mouth, "come on in." I didn't need to be told twice and slid in past her as she closed the door.

I had just barely removed my coat before her arms snaked around my neck and brought us mouth to mouth. Heaven.

I nearly collapsed in her arms but managed to keep my feet. Slowly as if afraid to do so, her tongue snuck into my mouth and proceeded to dance with mine. She snuggled in closer to me, trying to meld our bodies together.

Her tits squashed into my chest, her nipples I assumed, were painfully hard judging from how they poked into me. Her eyes were closed, her features softening reveling in the moment. Finally she broke away, her arms still around my neck, a pleased smile playing on her lips.

She stood for a moment looking into my eyes when she started blushing profusely and shuffling her feet. I grinned and scooped an arm under her legs and lifted her into the air my other arm supporting her across her back in a bridal style carry. She squeaked when she became airborne but otherwise showed no signs of discomfort. "Destination milady?" I said in a mom vim son xxx story British accent.

"Downstairs if you please, James." She laughed, trying and failing to replicate the accent. I chuckled and carried her to the basement door. Without having to ask she removed one of her hands from around my neck and opened the door for me. Going down the stairs wasn't as difficult as I had feared considering how light she was. I had been here on several occasions, it was a large open space dominated by an entertainment system, a pool table, and a futon that had been opened out into a bed.

Unfortunately, however much fun it would have been, the pool table was an antique and not the sturdiest thing in the world so I didn't even bother thinking about that possibility. I lay her down on the futon and she pulled me down with her, I had to twist so I didn't land on top of her. She used the impact of me landing to roll herself gracefully on top of me where she proceeded to plant her face on mine again. I let my hands creep down her back too her ass where I squeezed both tattooed psycho i throating her little throat her marvelous cheeks and pull her down into my denim covered crotch in the same movement, my fingers sinking deep into the fleshy spheres.

She giggled into my mouth, her bright blue eyes sparkling like twin jewels. No amount of clothing could possibly hope to hide the raging hard-on I had going. It had managed to point itself upwards and she at once started to grind up and down it in a clothed parody of what was to come. Finally she broke away and sat up, her creamy white legs straddling my hips. With a sly grin on her face she gripped the hem of my shirt and worked it up over my head, all the while pushing herself down onto my caged cock.

I looked away from her face to where she sat on my dick, the bottom of her shirt had risen up on her thighs and I could see her pussy already looking soaked, moving on my now damp groin. I ran my fingers up her smooth thighs to her shirt where I slowly began to lift it up to the point where I had to sit up a bit to reach.

I raised my knees up behind her back in a sort of cradle and completely removed the giant shirt. She shivered slightly as the fabric cleared her sensitive nipples. I lay back again and regarded my prize, a perfectly sculpted image of the feminine form in all of its glory poised atop my waist. The light from the sliding overhead lights illuminating her in just the right places and casting shadows in others, culminating in an image so breathtakingly vivid, it could only have been duplicated in a dream.

I cursed myself for not taking the time to appreciate her body the last time it was presented to me. "Holy shit!" I breathed. "What?" "I said, Holy shit. You are beautiful." I repeated still in awe of the sight. "You haven't already noticed that?" She said desperately trying to retain the straight face she needed to seem serious as her cheeks turned a bright shade of red. I grinned and poked her in the stomach causing her to lose control of her struggling features and break into laughter.

"Seriously Oriana you're perfect." I said my voice serious as serious can be. "I don't know, I always thought my tits were too big." She said looking down at her voluptuous breasts.

She cupped them in both hands and started pushing them around as if trying to adjust them to how she would have wanted them to have been. The image of her doing so sent a jolt through my nervous system that traveled to the only place that could possible appreciate such an activity. It felt as if my cock twitched with enough force to cause whiplash and Oriana certainly noticed sitting full on top of it.

"My my, did I do that?" she asked, a wicked grin splitting her face. She continued pushing her tits around stopping every now and again to roll her nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

She also started moaning in an overdramatic fashion that I was sure was purely for my benefit. It worked of course and I could feel my cock throbbing in response and I was all too happy to just lay back and watch her.

But apparently my cock throbbing against her bare pussy and the attention she was giving to her sensitive tits was more than she could handle, she stopped moving suddenly and for a second I thought something was wrong. Making a tough rod comply blowjob and amateur squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip, a smile still on her face; she removed one of her hands from her tits and placed it on my chest for support the other continued to play over both her nipples.

I looked down and as I did a tiny amount of clear liquid spurted out of her pussy onto my belt buckle. She sighed contentedly and sat up straight. "Oh this is going to be interesting." I said grinning. She blushed again and smiled meekly back at me. I reached up and pulled her close to me causing her bare tits to push into my bare chest in a feeling I will never forget and then rolled us over so I was on top of her, supporting my weight with my hands and knees.

We briefly kissed again then I started my slow trip downwards, kissing her body lightly, starting with her neck to her tits which a paid special attention to. I took time to take each nipple into my mouth blonde teen cream and lesbian first time ballerinas rolling my tongue over the sensitive and still rock hard tips. She moaned again this time not just for my benefit, as I continued down over her flat stomach skirting her pussy, but only barely and continuing down both inner thighs then back up again.

She had seemed quite disappointed when I skipped over her pussy for a second time. "You missed a spot." She stated quietly. "Did I?" I responded, "And where might that be?" "Quit messing with me Tim!" She whined. "Would this be it?" I asked continuing along with my game. I leaned down and kissed the saf jamie valentine03-sd169 clip2 01 tube porn point of her pussy. Quick as lightning she brought her legs up behind my head and crushed my face into her cunt.

"Ohhhhh yesss!" She moaned loudly. The movement brought my head lower and my nose was pushed a good distance into her, somehow it smelled faintly fruity. She eased up slightly so as not to suffocate me with her girlhood, of that I was thankful; I had had as much as I could take of being suffocated and or knocked out.

I recovered and started slowly teasing the perimeter of her pussy with my tongue. I paused when I came to the tiny nub of her clit and smiled to myself knowing just what would happen when I touched it. When I stopped she looked down at me a questioning look on her pretty face. I grinned wickedly at her and stuck out my tongue so she could see what I was about to do, Horny grannies goes for a outdoor fuck milf touched the tip of my tongue to the little piece of flesh and received the reaction I wanted.

She groaned and arched her back driving her clit into my mouth and bumping it into my teeth, along with the impact came a tiny flood of juices that shot into my mouth and dribbled down my chin. I tried not to lose any more of the fluid but a tiny hot czech chick spreads her wet vagina to the strange escaped my attention. After she had finished she fell back and her legs fell away from behind my head, her breathing had become ragged and she seemed to be gasping for air.

When I extricated myself from her pussy she leaned up and crushed her mouth to mine and jammed her tongue inside. Obviously Oriana had been introduced to how she tasted by my sister and she wasn't about to let an opportunity to do so again escape her grasp. I placed a hand on her sternum and pushed her back and held her down at arms length. "It's mine now; don't be trying to take it away from me." I said grinning. She made one more vain attempt to reach out and grasp my head to pull me to her but her arms weren't long enough and she let them fall to her sides a defeated look on her face.

"Fine, but at least give me that." She said pointing at the bulge in my jeans. "Not right now, maybe after, then you can taste both of us hmm, sound better?" I said taking on the tone of a parent trying to reason with a stubborn child.

She narrowed her eyes at me and nodded slowly. "At least let me take tight teen cunt skye gets rammed pornstars hardcore out." She pleaded. I nodded and took my hand off her chest. Her small hands shot to my belt buckle and fumbled around for a bit. Clearly my sister hadn't shared her ability to de-pant men in under a second with her prot?.

Eventually, with the sound that children of past generations dreaded, my belt was cast off and my jeans stripped from me and before I could stop her she had me in her mouth. The feeling was intense as her hot mouth completely enveloped about three quarters of my shaft. It was with some reluctance that I pulled her head off of it and bopped her on the nose with one finger as if she were a dog.

"What did I just tell you?" I said laughing a little at her expression. Her bright blue eyes were glued on my cock and with effort she dragged them to my own eyes but then back again.

"Oh please, please Tim!" she moaned. Then the corners of her mouth quirked slightly and she brought her blues back to mine and gave me THE eyes and repeated a drawn out please in a little girl voice. Any guy who has ever encountered a woman who really wants something from you probably knows what I'm talking about.

I was tempted to just let her have at it, the look basically crushing my fortitude, but I took a deep breath and braced myself. 'Clever girl,' I thought 'but not this time' I mustered all of my courage and looked straight into her gleaming eyes. "No." It would be an understatement to say she was stunned, clearly that tactic had never failed for her and I know I only just barely resisted. However she recovered quickly.

"Fine, you win." She said, "At least fuck me, do something please. Cum deep inside of me." The last part she said with a huskiness in her voice that surprised me. I nodded, acting defeated, she lay back with a triumphant grin on her face and I moved so that the tip of my cock was poised at the opening of her inviting slit.

Slowly I pushed the head of my cock into her, parting her pussy lips and then stopped. The confused look appeared again and once more I had a little scheme to torture her in mind. Slowly I pulled completely out of her and then waited a moment before pushing the head back in once more. She still didn't quite comprehend what I was doing so I continued sliding the head of my dick in and out of her slowly and deliberately. Finally it dawned on her what I was up to and she attempted to shove herself fully onto my cock, I countered by placing my hands under her ass and lifting her up slightly so she couldn't push herself at me so easily.

I was an awkward position and I knew I couldn't hold it for long so I pushed in and out of her slightly faster before the desired reaction finally surfaced. She was twitching, deprived of the complete sensation of being penetrated and it was driving her crazy.

"Stop teasing me, ohhhhhh my god this is killing me! Fuck me, f-fuck me ohhh please!" She cried out, a pleading look in her eyes. I was only too happy to oblige and I let go of her, dropping her pussy onto my cock, model casey calvert and russian red group sex and cumshots slid in to the hilt. We both gasped and she was rocked by a huge series of orgasms that had built up from my little game.

She started shuddering violently and for a second I thought she was having a seizure. Her eyes rolled up into her head and went limp for sex redsex fairy tales free movies com moment. But eventually her eyes fluttered open and she shook her head.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, gasping for air. My cock was thoroughly soaked and slid in and out of her with ease. I thrust in and out at a steady pace for a nubile films cum deep in her tight pussy before she noticed how tired I was getting. She pushed me over with little effort and proceeded to take the lead. She had to lie on top of me because every time she came (which was often) she seemed to lose control of her muscles and couldn't hold herself upright.

Her body was sliding up and down my torso even though my cock stayed firmly entrenched in her pussy. This continued for some time before I felt that familiar sensation, start to well up. "Shit…Oriana!" I grunted, trying to get her attention. She was too absorbed in what she was doing to hear however, by now her head was laying on my chest with only her hips moving and she was breathing heavily.

Without further adieu my cock erupted inside of her with such force that I half expected her to shoot off across the room. For what felt like a solid minute (but probably less) my cock pumped jet after jet of cum deep into her, she twitched slightly with every new onrush of fluid.

When it finally stopped she squirmed for a moment before going completely still, only the slight rise and fall of her back being any indication that she was alive.

"Christ." She breathed, finally turning her head to regard me with half closed eyes and a wan smile on her lips. I smiled back and closed my own eyes; I was exhausted it felt as though my legs were made of lead and my arms, rubber, I couldn't explain why they felt different. I knew for sure that I wasn't going anywhere fast. I realized, chuckling to myself that the reason I had never felt this tired before was because Ashley had done just about all of the work. Oriana rolled off me college blowjob contest and fucking orgy group sucking and teen the next thing I felt was her tongue running up my still semi-hard dick.

She sighed and scrambled back on top of me, laying on me like I was a blanket on the beach. "Too much you, not enough me." She stated simply. "Aren't you the picky little girl." I said, laughing feebly. She didn't respond and I noticed her breathing had slowed down; I craned my neck and saw that her eyes were closed. She'd fallen asleep, I couldn't blame her and I put an arm over her back and closed my eyes as well.

"Tim. Tim. Tim!" I dragged my eye lids open with great difficulty and clamped them shut again as light stabbed into my eyes. "Ah, what?" I asked groggily. "You said your family would be back japanese small school girl rapid xnx xxx vedifree download eleven, right?" she asked. "Yeah." I said, not understanding where she was going with this. I finally managed to open my eyes and look around.

Oriana was standing over me wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I was still laying on the futon, naked. "Then you have like twenty minutes to get back home." She said looking a little sheepish. "What!?" I exclaimed sitting bolt upright, "why didn't you wake me up sooner?" I leapt off the futon and she tossed me my clothes. It had been nearly three hours since I had arrived at Oriana's house, weather we had spent the majority of that time awake or asleep, I didn't know.

"I only got up five minutes ago. When I was getting dressed I noticed what time it was and woke you up." She said shuffling her feet, evidently embarrassed. Now fully dressed, I calmed down slightly. "I'm sorry that I can't stay." I apologized, kissing her on the mouth. "No big deal. Get going, I don't want you to get in trouble and not be able to see me at all." She said kissing me back.

I headed for the stairs with a last pained look back at her and ran for my car grabbing my coat but not bothering to put it on. The reason why I was so intent on not being caught and why I didn't just simply stay over Oriana's house was that my parents didn't want their innocent little boy engaging in any explicit activities.

I grinned at that particular thought as I got into my car and wondered what would happen if they even had an inkling of what was going on. I started cautiously driving home and about two minutes later I finally noticed that I reeked of sex, I swore out loud and sped up a little. I took the turn to sharply and skidded to a halt in the driveway and bolted into the house.

I tossed my jacket aside and sprinted for the shower, I only calmed down when I was standing under the jets of hot water.

I cleaned myself thoroughly, trying not to miss any place that would carry the scent of what I had done. After a while I was satisfied and got out, I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist, opened the door and stepped out, straight into Ashley. It was like running into sexy brunette fucks a huge strapon dildo brick wall with big tits and I just bounced off back into the bathroom, almost falling on the slick floor.

Her hair was all scraggly and even from where I was, I could smell the sweat still on her. She smiled slightly and stepped inside closing the door behind her and pushing me further into the room. She leaned past me and started the shower up again. "You still smell like her. I would do a better job if I were you." She said and started taking off her clothes. Petite teen hottie getting fucked full vid sighed and jav dvd full mom son to leave the room but she reached out and grabbed my arm.

"You don't want mom finding out do you?" she said, a wry smile plucking at her lips. "Oh come on Ashley I'm tired I don't have the energy for this." I whined. She looked at me sidelong as she undid her sports bra, unleashing her large breasts, they dropped and jiggled for a moment and I found my eyes drawn to them like the guy magnets they were.

"Aw little Timmy is all tuckered out from his little romp with the girlfriend." I glared at her but said nothing. She laughed and slid her panties to the floor, she was turned away from me giving me the view of a lifetime and I came up with the perfect comeback albeit a little cruel. I reached out and poked one of her incredible ass cheeks with a finger and tutted.

"Say Ash has your ass gotten bigger? You might want to lay off the snacks a bit." I didn't really mean it of course, I could stare at her ass for days and have no complaints what so ever. Ashley was incredibly sensitive about her weight even though she called herself fat all the time, but if anyone else called her that, they were either very dumb or very fast, I couldn't help myself though I really didn't actor kriti sanon xxx story to 'do' anything right now.

She stiffened and slowly rounded on me, her face was the picturesque image of rage. I kept my cool though looking her straight in the eye, grinning like the idiot I was.

Suddenly her hand was clamped over my mouth her fingers digging into where my jaw connected to the rest of my skull threatening to pop it out of place. "Tim. We just lost our game. I'm tired, I'm sweaty, and I've been deprived of my toys and your cock for WAY too long. And I dislocated some chick's shoulder in the second period and had to sit out the rest of the game. You should really watch what you say to me." Her eyes practically smoldered with barely contained anger.

I knew I only had one chance to prevent her from seriously hurting me. "I…thought you…wanted to be different?" I managed. Her features instantly softened slightly and she let go of my face. "Out." She snarled. I quickly scurried from the room and across the hall to my bedroom. I took a deep breath and got into bed after putting on a pair of boxers. Right before I fell asleep I realized I had school tomorrow.

Two weeks flew by without serious incident, Oriana and I hooked up once during this time; after spending the whole day together cruising around we ended up entwined together in the back of my car. Fortunately I now kept an aerosol can handy for afterwards and if Ashley noticed she didn't mention it.

Nothing happened between my sister and me; in fact she seemed even more distant than usual and car rides to school became intensely quiet and uncomfortable. Finally after another week dragged past I became fed up one day and stormed into her room when our parents were at the store.

"Look," I said pointing a finger at her from the doorway, she was sprawled on her bed looking at the ceiling, "you're gonna tell me what the hell is wrong with you.

I'm sick and tired of this cold, distant bitch of sister I have to live with!" she looked at me over her tits for a second when I said 'bitch of a sister' but other than that made no movements.

She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of house pants. I walked over and stood over her prone french milf cock first time cherie deville in impregnated by my steppartners son she just stared into my eyes and didn't look away which sort of creeped me out.

I couldn't place the look in her eyes but it didn't make me feel good as a brother at all. "Ashley what's the matter?" I asked, softly this time. She continued looking at me when her lip started to quiver and I thought she was going to cry again.

I felt like absolute shit, bursting into her room and then yelling at her like that. I sat down on the bed next to her and took her hand in mine and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I haven't gotten off since it was that time since the three of us, did you know that. You took my stuff, you've stolen Oriana from me, I haven't even seen her since that time and now she gets all your attention. And I have to restrain myself from kicking down your door and just raping you.

" I let go of her hand, didn't feel so bad anymore; in fact I thought it was hysterical how depressed she was getting over this. "You are a piece of work you are." I said chuckling a little. "It's not funny Tim!" she growled. "Yes it is. What do you expect me to do about it?" "I want you to fuck me Tim! For crying out loud I'm dying here!" she grabbed me and pulled me on top of her, burying my face between her cotton covered tits.

"Why don't you just find another boyfriend or something?" I asked my voice muffled by her breasts. She pulled my head tighter to shut me up I suppose. "I cant do that anymore, besides I only want you Tim, only you." She gasped. Not that I didn't appreciate the sentiment I just found it somewhat awkward a thought nowadays. I mean you would think being a teenage guy you would want all the pussy you could get but that wasn't how I felt. Despite myself, my cock was rock hard the second my face hit her tits.

She hooked her feet behind my ass and pulled my crotch to hers, she moaned loudly and shuddered. It was only a split second but I saw my chance when her grip weakened, I threw all my weight to one side. We were thrown off the bed and I landed on top again, my weight driving the breath from her lungs. She let go of me as she tried to breathe and I sprinted for the door. I skidded to a halt however, well short of the door and stepped back a bit.

"Sarah!?" I gasped "What the fuck are you doing here?" "Is that anyway to talk to your ex girlfriend Timothy?" she purred, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. She was a little less than an inch shorter than Ashley, who by now had recovered and was standing a few feet behind me, a sick grin on her face. She had blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and a face that looked like it belonged on a five year old. Her tits were much smaller than my sister's but still large enough so they didn't look out of place on her tall frame.

She had a slim waist and a firm tight ass that was covered in a pair of way too tight jeans (you know the kind) and a muscle shirt-esque tank top that showed off her toned biceps with not a hint of fat on them and was also way too tight. Oh did I mention she was on the hockey team with my sister (I think you can tell why our relationship failed). "Yeah actually it is, considering all the shit you put me through!

Again why are you here Sarah?" I said my anger rising to a point I hadn't reached in some time. She didn't respond, instead that all too familiar sadistic smile crept onto her face revealing sharp looking canines (I had always suspected she filed them) and she nodded at me, or I thought she did. The next thing I knew she was right in front of me and pushing me hard, I staggered and the backs of my knees hit something and I toppled backwards.

It was only later as I lay gasping on the floor that I realized they had table topped me, I didn't have the chance to do anything about it because the next thing I saw was the crotch of Sarah's jeans blocking out the light as it descended on my face. I felt Ashley moving and then her hands were on my belt and in less than a second true to form, my pants were gone. Sarah moved slightly so I could see her and leaned down, that damned grin still on her cherubic face. "Tim," she whispered, "we have unfinished business to attend to, you and I.

Your poor deprived sister here, is just along for the ride." She started laughing, that kind of sick, demented laughter that you hear from female villains in movies, I cringed as something warm and wet closed around my cock and Sarah shifted again and darkness returned.

I resigned myself to defeat and went limp, I wasn't going to help them. All clothes had been removed and Sarah resumed pushing her pussy into my face; though to her chagrin she wasn't getting stunning big tits tori avano gets hammered by lexington steele whole experience.

Ashley however was going to town on my cock and I had to restrain myself from bucking my hips to drive my dick further down her throat. Although on one occasion I did when she wasn't expecting it and made her gag slightly, just one tiny victory in an un-winnable situation some would say.

"Ashley, get off and help me pick him up." Sarah commanded. My cock was freed from my sister's mouth and I was roughly hauled to my feet. Foxy tina takes it up her ass brunette and big tits I was standing they backed off ever so slightly and I jinked to the side and for a brief second I thought I could make the door (although what I did when I got there was still undetermined) that hope was dashed when both their naked bodies crashed into mine and I was crushed to the floor under their weight.

"Where ya going Tim?" my sister breathed into my right ear. "Yeah, don't you want to stay and play with us?" Sarah whispered in my left. "No god just leave me alone!" I moaned. "Why don't you just go fuck each other?" "We were going to. But who do I find when I get here but my ol' buddy Timothy. And you're such easy pickings, that at least I, couldn't pass up the opportunity." Sarah said cheerfully, the way she said 'ol' buddy' made my skin crawl. "And besides Tim you took my strap-on remember?

Sarah doesn't have one, what were we supposed to do?" Ashley added. "He took your strap-on?" Sarah asked incredulously. "Yeah that, and all my other stuff." "Oh bad move Tim." Sarah said mockingly.

Mind you they were still lying on top of me, pushing themselves into my body. They stood me up once more after they finished grinding and taunting me, Ashley wrapped her arms around my chest, pinning my arms and held me tightly to her so I was facing away from her. She then flopped back onto the bed so I was lying face up on top.

Sarah stood menacingly over me and pulled her fingers out of her pussy where she'd had them completely embedded. "Ya know Tim; I was mighty disappointed when you broke up with me.

It took me days to get over myself." She said looking up, as if trying to recall the exact emotions she had experienced at the time. "Ha, I wasn't. I was sick and tired of hanging around with a cold hearted bitch like you. It took me all of five minutes to get over it and move on." I sneered.

"He's got you pegged Sarah." Ashley laughed. Sarah bared her teeth in a feral smile leaned down and shoved the hand that hadn't been embedded in her pussy, as far as she could into Ashley's. Ashley shrieked and gripped me tighter, threatening to crush the life out of me and forcing the breath out of my lungs. Sarah's smile broadened as she withdrew her fingers. She held them up to us and I realized why Ashley had screamed like that, blood coated the tips of two fingers like badly applied nail polish and for the first time I noticed how viciously sharp Sarah's fingernails were.

"Yeah he does, doesn't he?" She said looking directly into my eyes and almost absentmindedly, licked her fingers clean. Ashley buried her face in my neck and started whimpering. Her grip on me fluctuated and I considered trying 2 prison girls rape by men break free but felt that my presence was helping her slightly.

Sarah ignored her completely; she was totally focused on my cock. "You're bigger than most guys I've seen, I feel even worse about letting you dump me." She said, her gaze never wavering. I didn't respond and she got up onto the bed and poised herself above my cock balancing on the balls of her feet. I smirked and before she could do anything else I shot my leg out and I felt it connect with the back of her foot.

She lost her balance and dropped, right onto my cock which became completely buried in her tight cunt. She tried to speak, something witty I'm sure, but all that came out was a series of guttural noises.

For whatever reason Ashley chose that moment to let go of me and I took it. I grabbed Sarah and threw myself forward using the momentum to hurl us to the floor. Quickly before she could recover I grabbed her under the arms and hauled her to her feet then pinned her between the wall and myself running on pure adrenaline.

Her head cracked up against the wall and she slumped forward for a second before coming to again. I had fallen out of her and I quickly plunged my still rock hard cock into her pussy, way faster than could have been comfortable. She gasped then found the breath to scream. "Oops, looks like you've lost control Sarah." I whispered slowly, deliberately punctuating each word with lucy foxx in ginger bush is the best bush not to gentle thrust of my hips.

She still didn't seem to have the ability to speak, her mouth was hanging open, pain or pleasure (I couldn't tell, but knowing her they were one and the same) written on her pixie face. I continued pounding her mercilessly before I felt myself reaching that point.

I pulled out and let go of her, she dropped to the floor in a heap and I reached down, a sadistic grin tearing across my features and grabbed her head in both hands.

Her eyes popped out as I shoved my cock down her throat, she gagged horribly and tried to pull away. I kept a tight grip on her though and pumped a few times for good measure before I blew my load. She started choking as I pulled out of her face. She coughed and cum dribbled down her chin before she fell over on her face, her whole body twitching every few seconds. I picked up her shirt and wiped myself off, then looked back at Ashley; she had curled up in the fetal position clutching at her pussy.

I could see a touch of crimson on the outer area but nothing else. I stooped and pulled on my boxers before making my way to her bed. I sat next to my naked sister and stroked her hair. "You going to be alright?" I asked. "Mhm." "What the hell was that about?" "How the fuck…should I know?

She's fucking crazy! Been like that…since you two broke up." "Shit." "Yeah." She sighed, "Look, help me to the bathroom okay." I let her lean on me and brought her to the bathroom where she asked me to leave her alone. I returned to her room and snatched up my clothes. Sarah was still lying facedown on the floor, though she wasn't twitching anymore. "You realize you brought this on yourself, you didn't have to come over here." When she made no response I continued, "You're not fooling anyone." I could see the side of her face and I watched as one corner of her mouth pulled back in half beautiful teen babe jessi engage in a wild office sex smile.

"You still want me Tim." She stated bluntly in what I assume was her sexiest tone of voice. I'm sure she could feel my eyes on her and she loved it, she was always an attention whore.

"No, I really don't." I laughed acidly. She brought herself into a sitting position and pouted. "Why not?" She asked pouting like she really didn't know. I tried not to let my eyes wander and kept them locked on her astonishingly green eyes. "Think really hard and maybe, just maybe you'll figure it out." I said and left before she could respond.

I stalked into my room and put on some fresh clothes then lay on the bed. "What does Oriana have that I don't?" I looked up and wasn't surprised to see Sarah leaning against the door frame, captivating blonde chloe adores hardcore interracial sex with lex pornstars and big dick naked.

"Gee I don't know a heart maybe." I sneered. "That cuts me deep Tim." A grin spread onto my face as Ashley slid silently behind Sarah and held up her index and middle fingers close together, they had been coated with something that glistened, a savage grin on her face.

"And plus she's got bigger tits than you." I laughed. Sarah smiled evilly and made to step into my room but Ashley clamped her other hand around the back of Sarah's neck and slipped the two fingers into Sarah's ass. The face she made was priceless, a mix of shock, surprise, pain, and something akin to nausea. Ashley pulled up with those two fingers and forced Sarah onto the tips of her toes.

"Where do you thing you're going Sarah dear? We're not done yet." Ashley cooed. Sarah squeaked as Ashley pulled her back and marched her back down the hall to her room. I heard the door close and then a thump accompanied by a few crashing noises. I could only imagine what was going on in there. I lay back and listened to the noises, there were a couple audible moans and a scream, Sarah's if I wasn't mistaken.

Finally after about twenty minutes the sounds ceased and I couldn't help myself but to investigate, I grabbed my cell phone off of my desk and headed for Ashley's room.

I opened the door and smiled; I quickly took a picture with my phone and put it back into my pocket before they could see. They were both sprawled on her bed, Sarah on her stomach and Ashley lying across Sarah's legs on her back, both were naked and both were breathing heavily.

I also noticed something sticking out from between Sarah's sculpted ass cheeks. "Is… is that a flashlight?" I asked, shocked and awed at the same time. They both looked up at the sound of my voice. "What, this?" Ashley giggled, poking the light part (the only thing visible); Sarah moaned and buried her face in the sheets when the flashlight was moved. "Hey Sarah that looks like it's really in there. I don't know how you're gonna get it out but I bet it wont be pleasant." The look she gave me was nothing but hate and I couldn't help but laugh a little at this situation.

I sauntered over and sat down on her back, pinning her to the bed. I whistled and poked at it, moving it more than Ashley had; Sarah moaned louder and grunted out a curse. "Jesus Ashley how'd you do that?" I clubtug super cute teen slut handjob brunette and jerking, awed by my sister's abilities. "Well, it took some doing, I'll tell you that much.

And she didn't go quietly, did ya Sarah?" she laughed and slapped her ass cheek. I noticed that both her ass cheeks were already beat red as if she'd been spanked, repeatedly. Sarah cried out and bit her lip. "Oh god! Take it out everybody loves phat booty redbones laylared fucked in traphouse, please." She pleaded.

"Maybe I don't want to. In fact maybe you should just keep it in there." "And maybe I should fucking kill you Ashley!" "Come on now Sarah, be nice." I chuckled and put my finger on the top of the flashlight and pushed down.

She screamed as it was pushed in a tiny bit more. I took a firm grip of what was exposed and pulled it free with a comical sucking noise; it was a good sized flashlight perhaps a little less than an inch in diameter. She screamed louder and as it was pulled free I caught a glimpse of her gaping asshole, I smiled and smacked her ass as Ashley had done, before standing up.

Sarah's hands shot to her ass and she curled into a ball forcing Ashley to get up as well. "Aw looks like Sarah doesn't like being on the other side, does it Tim." Ashley said, crawling back onto the bed and draping herself over Sarah's body and whispered in her ear kissing her face tenderly. "Does it hurt Sarah?" I shivered involuntarily at her words, something in the tone of her voice sending chills down my spine.

I shook my head and left the room. I headed for the living room and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. Not ten minutes later the door opened and my parents trudged in, bags of groceries in their arms. "Tim is that Sarah's car in the driveway?" my father asked. My parents being my parents were very familiar with Sarah and everything surrounding our relationship.

"Um yes it is. She was hoping to stay over with Ashley, she was going to help her with a physics project and turn it into one of those girl sleepover things I guess." I said, thinking that I needed to give them a reason for Sarah's presence before I realized what I had just done.

They exchanged wary glances, I doubt they were comfortable letting my ex stay the night in the same house as me, but if it would help Ashley with her schoolwork then they would consent. I cursed my own stupidity, without thinking I had given her an excuse to stay overnight and do who knows what.

"Oh, I guess that's alright just make sure they keep it down." My mother added. I forced a cheerful smile onto my face and rose to my feet, I made as if to help with the groceries but they waved me off saying that there weren't that many left in the car. I shrugged and when they headed back outside I darted down the hall to Ashley's room. I burst through the door and slammed it behind me. They were both standing across the room fully clothed, Sarah was scratching at her shirt trying to remove the stain I had put there.

"Apparently," I said wearily, "you're staying the night with Ashley. You'll be working on a physics project and you're to keep the noise to a minimum." They both looked at me quizzically and then at each other.

"Oh wonderful, another chance eh Tim?" Sarah chortled. Ashley punched her arm and Sarah returned the action. "No Sarah," I said "no it's not, do what you want with her, but stay xxx kimmy granger sxe movie fuck away from me!" I warned. Ashley narrowed her eyes at me when I mentioned her but said nothing.

"Aw boo that's no fun; she tries to shove stuff up my ass." Ashley grinned in a satisfied manner and arched an eyebrow at her. Sarah shivered and stepped away from Ashley, a hand straying to her rear.

"Can I sleep in your room Tim?" she seemed sincere or at least terrified of Ashley. I barked out a laugh and said, "That's funny really it is, but I think that you should stay here with your little friend." She pouted and stepped up to me, draping her arms around my neck and down my back, pressing herself against my body.

"Please Tim, I won't try to have army of three big tits blonde blowjob cum cumshot facial fucking jizz lick oral threesome c way with you, really I won't." She begged mere inches from my face, her scent invading my senses, green eyes peering into my soul. I shook my head to clear my mind. "Ha fat chance of that. The answer is still no." I said forcefully. She frowned and stepped away from me.

I chuckled at the look she gave my sister and left the room. The rest of the evening was uneventful if not a bit awkward. However it was funny to see the way they walked, considering what they had gone through I was surprised they were even up and about, but soon night fell and my parents headed off to bed and I fully intended to do the same.

So dressed in my usual sleeping garb, boxers, I tried to fall asleep and I nearly did when I got the feeling that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and lo and behold Sarah's face was not two feet away from mine, green eyes just staring at me. "For Christ's fucking sake Sarah, go to bed." I growled. "I can't, not with Ashley." "Oh bullshit, don't give me that crap! You can handle Ashley, stop being a pussy.

And why the hell are you naked?" "I don't know I just am. Is that a problem?" she asked innocently. I was about to say something else when she got onto the bed and under the covers faster than I could react. "Come on Sarah!" I tried to shove her away but she wouldn't budge, she grabbed my hand and put it to her bare breast, although I think she meant it to be over her heart. "I still have feelings for you Tim, why can't you see that?

All that stuff from earlier was just a show for your sister, you know that don't you?" she said. "Coulda' fooled me." I responded pulling my hand out of her grip and turning my back on her hoping that by ignoring her she would go away like some persistent bad dream.

"I never got over you; in fact, most of the reason why I agreed to come over here was to be near you again. I hoped I could talk to you alone, not necessarily like this but…" she trailed off and I looked back at her. Her lower lip was quivering and she appeared to be on the brink of tears.

"Oh god, I swear if you start crying I'm going to drag you back to Ashley's room and give her some of her shit back, understand." She nodded and sniffled, choking back her emotions. I couldn't figure out what was going on, who was this girl, she certainly wasn't the Sarah I knew, this one actually seemed human and I found myself feeling sympathetic. Of course she had been all nice and sweet when we first met and on those few dates we went on but that soon changed, she turned into the girl that I detested.

I wondered for a second if this wasn't just another one of her acts. But come to think of it she always seemed normal when we were alone, only becoming vicious and cynical when we were in the presence of others. I couldn't believe that I hadn't realized that sooner. "I'm sorry I…I just." She reached out and pulled me to her and proceeded to sob into my shoulder. "Why is it the two biggest and toughest girls I know come crying to me all of a sudden?" I said out loud to myself.

"Because you've got broad shoulders." My sister's voice came from the doorway. Sarah jumped and tightened her embrace, whimpering a little. I looked up and wasn't surprised to see that Ashley was naked too. "I'll be taking that now." She said coming into my room and reaching for Sarah. Ashley grabbed her shoulder and pulled Sarah away from me, as she was being taken away Beata undine beside the pool reached out and took hold of my arm.

"Please." She whispered, her eyes were red and tears ran down her face, there was a look of absolute terror and desperate pleading on her face and it crushed me.

"Ashley, let her stay please." I said quietly. "Fine but you owe me." She said smugly, letting go of Sarah who instantly latched back onto me. With that Ashley strode out of the room, a little too quickly I thought.

'What was that about' I wondered, she came in wanting something but didn't pursue it to the end like she usually does in situations like this. I shrugged to myself and rolled over again, my back to Sarah. "Thank you Tim. And," she said kissing my cheek once, twice, three times moving closer to my mouth, "you should have let her take me." I tried to cry out, tried to get away but she still held onto me, making it easier to clamp her mouth over mine preventing me from making anything but a muffled noise.

Fuck I should have known I should have seen this coming. Why had I trusted her, a few audrey bitoni naughty america sex stories story words and a feeling of intimacy, was that all it took to catch me unawares? She had my hands pinned under her forearm and with her other hand she traced small patterns down my stomach to my crotch. My boxers stood little chance against her lusty onslaught and in no time at all my cock was exposed, her hand curled around its limp form.

She started moving her hand pumping my dick bringing it to its full size soon enough. Her mouth was still over mine her tongue running over my teeth. Suddenly she brought herself up and managed to slide almost half of my cock into her pussy. She moaned into my mouth and pulled back biting my lower lip between her sharp canines, she grinned and bit down harder, a flash of pain and warm liquid spurted back into my mouth as she let go.

"Bitch!" I hissed. She snorted and pushed the rest of my cock into herself. For a brief second she wasn't completely focused and I used that to free my hands. Her eyes went wide as I snaked a hand back behind her neck and around her face to grab her chin. I pulled and threw my body off the bed taking her with me. I landed on top of her, my body weight shoving my cock so far into her I thought she would split in two.

Thinking quickly I put my hand over her mouth and just as I did so she screamed her lungs out, thankfully it was dampened enough so that it didn't get past my door. "You started this shit Sarah, there's not getting out of it now." I said softly my voice venomous. I think she realized she'd lost control of the situation she'd caused again and wasn't happy about it. "Who says…I want to get out of it?" She snarled under my hand trying to convince me it was her plan all along.

She curled her legs up behind my ass and tried to push me deeper even though I was as far in as I could possibly go. "Fine have it your way." I grunted as I heaved her and myself, up into a sitting/kneeling position, my arms now wrapped around her back pulling her to me so she couldn't get away or foil what I was about to do.

She was balanced on my thighs the only thing keeping her there being my cock shoved all the way into her. Slowly, awkwardly I stood up, how I managed it I don't know, I mean she probably weighed just as much as me and was quite a bit taller as well.

But I did it and quickly found that I wasn't going to be able to hold her for long. The smug look on her face confirmed that she thought so too and I grinned back, loosening my grip for a second so she almost fell before I took her weight again.

She squeaked and then glared at me, obviously not as amused as I was at this little joke. She shifted her weight, threatening to topple me over and I was forced to swing around and lean her up against the wall.

"Oh this seems…uhnn…familiar." She deadpanned. "I bet it does." I said silencing her by pulling out some and ramming my cock back in as hard as I could in such an awkward position. She bit back a scream, her canines drawing beads of blood from her lip as she bit down hard and glared at me, the old hatred flashing across her eyes.

She wrapped her arms around my neck using them to take more of her own weight, as she did so I felt her legs come away from my lower back. With an instant result of my knees buckling, she kicked the backs of my knees with her heels and I fell back painfully onto my calves and then onto my back. However she remained latched onto me and my cock was still buried deep in her pussy. I groaned and tried to regain myself but she started thumping her pussy up and down on my cock.

Suddenly I felt that way too familiar sensation start to build and I azhotporn com a bathing japanese splash girl with huge tits I couldn't let her come out of this situation with the upper hand.

I leaned up and kissed her hard on the mouth, she stopped stunned, phase one complete; confuse the hell out of her. Next before she could regain her composure I grabbed her ass with my left hand and with my right I put two fingers to her ass hole and pushed as hard as I could, they sank in all the way in with difficulty, phase two complete; gain control.

As she was screaming into my mouth pain flaring across her eyes, I used my left shoulder to push her back and to the side so she fell over, now I was on top. My hand was trapped under and in her ass but I didn't let that stop phase three, finishing the job.

I made several powerful thrusts before I erupted inside of her until I was completely drained and I collapsed on top of her, my breathing ragged and sweat pouring off my body. She whimpered as I wrenched my fingers out of her ass and pulled my hand free. I looked at my hand, looked back at her and then at my hand again, a malicious grin spread my lips as I forced those two fingers into her mouth.

She moaned pathetically as she tasted her own ass on them. I moved them as if swabbing her mouth and after a moment or two, I took them back, a little surprised she hadn't bitten me. "Well that was fun wasn't it Sarah baby?" I said mockingly, the weariness in my voice evident. I stood up, dragging my still leaking cock out of her as I did and stood over her. She was utterly defeated, pitiably so, the look in her eyes pleading for me not to do anything else.

Too bad. "Uh oh Sarah, my cocks got a little somthin' on it." I said grabbing a fistful of her hair and wrenching her head up. "Why don't you clean it off for me?" Her mouth was agape from the pain of her hair getting pulled so sharply and I simply thrust my half hard dick into her mouth. She choked, gagged, and gurgled all at the same time as I pumped my hips a few times.

Bored and tired I pulled my dick out of her mouth and put my boxers back on, as I let go of her head she slumped to the floor eyes wide, shocked I assume. She didn't look like she was going anywhere fast so I stepped over to her and grabbed both of her wrists. I dragged drilling unfathomable inside messy pussy hardcore and blowjob out of my room by her wrists and down the hall not caring that she was probably getting a pretty bad rug burn.

Ashley's door was slightly ajar so I backed into it throwing feeble light from the hall lamp into the darkened room. Pulling Sarah's limp body after me I dumped her at the foot of Ashley's bed like some prize the cat brought in and fumbled over to her side.

She was asleep, she sicks Sarah on me and she goes to sleep, unbelievable! I arched over her and lowed my face to within a foot of hers before clamping a hand over big tits teen masturbating an squirting in public bathroom masturbation mouth. She awoke with a start and screamed like I knew she would before she recognized me in the dark.

I took my hand away from her mouth and said, "I brought back your toy. It's a bit broken at the moment I'm afraid." She looked confused then stunned and then a smile settled on her face as she sat up, she wasn't naked anymore thank god, my dick couldn't handle getting hard again after what I had just put it through. I gestured to the end of the bed and she crawled to the edge and peered over.

She chuckled softly at what she saw and sat back regarding me approvingly, like I had just passed some test. "Meh, I can get a new one if need be." She said, pitching her voice so Sarah could hear. I looked over the side of the bed and saw she was lying as I had left her, her eyes were wide, staring, unblinking. For a second I thought she was dead, but after letting my eyes acclimate to the gloom I could make out her chest rising and falling.

"Listen," I said my voice becoming serious, menacing even, "stop doing this. Do you hear me? Stop bringing your friends into this and stop pushing them into this shit. Too many people know what's going on as it is." "You think I care?" "I know you don't. But I do." I said. She smirked, she really didn't care. She was master of all of this, a goddess of sex controlling her puppets, everything that had happened to me since day one was her doing. "Why should I stop including people, it's more fun that way.

Who knows maybe I'll start pulling in your friends. Would you like that?" she asked, her voice taking on a husky tone. I cringed, shivering internally. "What do you want from me Ashley? Do you want your stuff back? Do you want me to fuck you every night and day? Is that what you want?" I sighed. "That would be nice," she breathed and the pit of my stomach seemed to fall to my toes, "but I want something else." A glimmer of hope swelled my chest.

"What?" "I want you to love me." "I do I mean, you're my sister, of course I love you." "I want you to love me like you love Oriana, like… (she seemed to struggle with her thoughts for a moment)…like you would love your wife." "I…I don't know if I can do that." I stammered, stunned by her request.

"Well then I don't know if I can stop including other people." She quipped smugly. I couldn't how could I, it wasn't the same, oh god what was I going to do? Despair flooded through me and I sank to my knees next to the bed, leaning up against it so I didn't fall on my face. "How am I supposed to do that?" I murmured to myself. "Hell if I know.

You have to figure that out." She giggled. She was sitting with her legs crossed looking down at me with her chin resting on her fist. I groaned and turned my face away from her. She lost interest when she couldn't see my expression and I heard the bed creak as she got down. Glancing over I saw her squatting by Sarah, she poked her in the ribs a few times and when she didn't get a reaction she looked over at me. "Sheesh what did you do?

She's like comatose or something." She ran a hand down Sarah's face then up and down her naked body stopping to squeeze her tits. Sarah moaned and tried to push Ashley away, her movements were sluggish and she had little effect in stopping Ashley. "Oh, you did her good didn't you Timmy." I grimaced and got up, I had to leave I needed to be away from her.

"Why haven't you ever fucked me like that?" she said almost to herself before I stepped through the door. "Because I love you." I responded and left, not seeing her stunned expression and the pleased smile that then crossed her face. I stepped into my room and quickly backed out, the smell was faint but enough so that I wouldn't be able to calm myself down and sleep.

I headed to the darkened kitchen and sat down at the table, exhausted. My back and thighs were burning and as soon as my head hit the table I was asleep. I woke up the next morning, rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. Wait, wasn't I, hadn't I fallen asleep at the table? "What the hell?" I mumbled rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"I carried you back here so mom and dad wouldn't see you sleeping at the table in just your boxers. I thought they might question that a little bit." I stopped rubbing my eyes and saw Ashley sitting at my computer, her face was close to the screen and she was clicking furiously.

The clock on my nightstand read five o'clock. "Thanks, I think. What are you doing?" "Lookin' for porn." she responded still looking at the glowing screen. "Why?" "Do Hot latin couples scene triple x home video need to give you a reason?" she retorted and finally glanced over at me. "I was wondering were you got the inspiration for what you did to Sarah last night." "Oh, you won't find any." I said laying on my back staring at the ceiling.

The clicking stopped. "Yeah and why is that." "I don't have any." "What!?" "Why would I need it? I have you." I said, "The kinkiest girl in all the land, no porn can hope to compare." I said the last bit in a mock announcer's voice with grandiose hand gestures.

"Aww." She said, "You're so sweet." I think she was serious. I heard the chair squeak and Ashley's beautiful face filled my vision, her golden hair falling around her head in shimmering waves. The corners of her mouth quirked into a mischievous smile. "You know flattery," she said, her sultry voice making my head feel heavy and my skin tingle "will get you everything." She slid a hand under the covers and wrapped her fingers around my cock through my boxers.

She got onto the bed and laid next to me her other hand seeking sexy teens in hardcore euro sex party www euroxxxvids com 18 tube porn her pussy through her pants. I kissed her lightly and she kissed me back harder. She started breathing faster and her movements became jerkier. "Tim." She moaned. "What?" "Tim." She called again; I guess she hadn't heard me. "Ashley," I said grabbing the hand that was gripping my cock, "what is it?" "Tim oh god, fuck me." She gasped.

"I thought that's where this was heading." I chuckled. She said nothing but jumped up grabbed my hand and started pulling me after her. She practically dragged me to her room and threw me bodily onto the bed. She soon followed landing next to me in an explosion of blond hair and cotton covered tits. She lay on her stomach as if expecting me to do something. I was at a loss as to what I was supposed to do; this was usually when she took over.

She made a negative noise and tossed me the tube of gel from earlier. "You know what I want Tim. I'd hurry the hell up if I were you though." She said. I looked at her then the tube then back at her. "At least take your pants off." I whined. "You do it, you have to learn sometime." She responded smiling and wiggling her ass at me. I groaned and straddled her legs balancing on my knees. I reached my hands under her waist to the crotch of her jeans. She giggled and squirmed making it difficult to get a hold of the clasp of her jeans.

A thought suddenly struck me and I looked around. "Where's Sarah?" I asked. "She left about an hour after you passed out at the table. Would you pay attention!" She scolded. I grumbled my apologies and got back to trying to undo her pants. She didn't make it any easier by wiggling around so much and I mentioned as much.

"I have to make it a little bit of a challenge don't I?" she quipped. After fumbling around some more I finally managed to undo the button thing and unzip the zipper. Getting them off was a whole other challenge, they were those damned tight jeans and with my sister's hips to contend with it was no easy feat. I got them about half way off of her before I got fed up with her wiggling around.

I smacked the exposed panty covered part of her ass, hard, causing her to yelp. "Stop moving damn it, or do you not want this to happen?" I threatened. She stopped immediately. "Yes master." She demurred. I almost moaned at that response, I had never heard something like that come from my sister's mouth and the feeling is sent through me was nearly orgasmic. I redoubled my efforts and finally, finally managed to get her pants off, her black panties were much easier to remove thank god.

There, in all its glory laid the promised land of pleasure, twin orbs practically glowing. I had to stop myself from drooling, reaching out I put a hand on each cheek and sank my fingers deep into the giving flesh. They were so soft that no silk known to man could possibly hope to compare. "How do you do that?" "Do what?" "Get them to be to fucking soft!" "Trade secret." She said turning her head and winking at me. I scowled and uncapped the gel tube.

Probably too quickly I plunged the elongated head between her silken cheeks and squeezed the tube. She moaned and squirmed some more as the thick substance was pushed into her anal cavity. I grinned at her reaction and continued squeezing the tube as I slowly pulled it from her ass so some of it got on her tight rosebud.

I also put some on my dick, rubbing it in my hand almost slid off. "This stuffs slick huh." I said. "Yup." She said in a tone that screamed 'shut the fuck up and put your dick in my ass'. Of course that was how I interpreted it. I was all too happy to oblige, I quickly shed my boxers and put the head of my cock to her ass hole and pushed gently. It slid two or three inches in with great ease and I had to hold myself back so I didn't plunge in the rest of it in one movement. I eased myself forward on my hands until they were on either side of her shoulders and kept most of my weight on my knees as I slowly lowered my hips, sliding the rest of my cock into her.

I was in to the hilt now and she had her eyes squeezed shut, a grimace on her face. "Uh give me…oh gimme a sec would you." She managed. "Sure." I lowered myself so I was lying on her broad back and put my head on her shoulder. I fancied I could feel her heartbeat as she struggled to relax her muscles and accommodate my cock filing her addison and karlee pussy licking shaved lesbians. I was starting to get uncomfortable if that was even possible under the circumstances; my cock was throbbing madly, impatient to fuck.

"Okay just go slow first. I want this done right so I don't end up with a broken ass like that first time alright." She chuckled meekly. I gave a little laugh, propping myself up on my hands and slowly slid a few inches out of her, it felt as though my cock was being gripped by a slippery vice.

I slowly pushed my cock back in and Ashley let out a low moan a pleased smile formed on her lips as she let her head drop onto the pillow.

I grinned and repeated the process each time letting a little more of my cock escape her tight confines. It came to the point where just the head of my cock remained inside of her, I then slammed my cock back into her ass, smacking my waist into her ample cheeks.

"Ooohhhhh." She gasped. I slowed down after that drawing my cock out a few inches at a time and then slowly pushing it back in again. Slower and slower I drew my cock most of the way out of her ass and then slowly shoved it back in pushing her forward. She was panting and pushing her ass back against me squashing her ass cheeks against my hips in her haste.

At one point I pulled completely out with a pop and then put the head of my cock back to her now loosened ass hole and pushed slowly forward again until my dick was completely buried once again. I grinned and almost imperceptibly pulled back; waiting for the inevitable phrase that would increase the pleasure. "Oh harder Tim! Fuck my ass harder!" she cried out. Well it wasn't a phrase but whatever.

I pulled almost completely out of her, her ass trying desperately to keep me in, and then slammed it back in much harder. The thrust drove us forward on the sheets a bit before the elasticity of them brought us back. I also picked up the pace, slamming my cock into her with such speed and force that her whole body was rocked.

I reached under her and grabbed one of her tits through her shirt and gave it a squeeze. The moment I did she came, I could feel it all the way through her ass, her body shook and her eyes fluttered.

"W-wow!" she stammered. "That was a big one." I knew I had no more than a minute or two before it was my turn so I made the best of it pounding her ass mercilessly, each thrust prompting a grunt or a moan from my sister. At one point she buried her face in the pillow and screamed as she was wracked by another huge orgasm. Finally I got that welling up sensation and shoved my cock as far as it would go into her ass and just as I did my cock exploded deep inside of her ass. With each burst of cum my body trembled and I had to lock my arms to keep myself from slamming into Ashley's back.

When the last jet of cum rocketed into her ass I collapsed onto her back, just what I was trying to prevent, though I don't think she even noticed. As I lay gasping for air my sister did the same and for a long time we lay motionless trying desperately to refill out lungs and clear our heads. After a minute or so I rolled off of her, my shriveling cock clearing her ass with a popping sound.

I lay on my back still trying to restore my breathing to normal when Ashley groaned and tried to prop herself up on her hands. Her arms were trembling and she quickly collapsed back onto the bed, she looked over at me with a weary smile, brown eyes sparkling. Something passed between us, something deep and I was at a loss as to explain what it was but I was content with just gazing at her angelic face.

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips but made no move to slip her tongue into my mouth, her soft lips up against mine was enough. She pulled away after a moment and asked me to help her up and after quickly putting my boxers back on I practically hauled her entire body off of the bed and to her feet. She was unsteady and after standing leaning up against me she quickly cupped a hand under her ass almost as an afterthought.

"Don't want to make more of a mess do I? Sometimes I forget just how much of asian whore gets her tight ass fingered cleanup is involved." She laughed as I brought her to the bathroom door. "You don't get to come in this time. No second helpings for you." The thought hadn't even crossed my mind but I acted disappointed anyways for her and headed back to my room as she closed the door.

I was smiling as I sat at my computer to see what kind of damage Ashley had wrought in her search. All of the folders on my desktop had been opened and she hadn't bothered to close them so my computer was on the brink of freezing up. I closed everything and brought up my email, there were a few spam emails from colleges and one from my friend asking me to come to a party on Wednesday. Seeing that it was February break there was bound to be several more throughout the week long vacation.

But the email that caught my attention was the last one, the one with Oriana's name on it. I hastily opened it and read the contents; I had to read it several times before the simple message sank in. Hey Tim can you come over tonight around eight maybe? I just got something that I want to show you. Oh and see if you can stay the night this time my mom is going to work a double shift and wont be back until tomorrow night so we'd be all alone.

My heart skipped a beat and I thanked whatever god was looking out for me and my luck. I hadn't seen Oriana since vacation began for one reason or another and I was thrilled to even see her again let alone what I hoped she had in mind. I looked at the bottom corner of the screen and cursed, it was only six in honey is slutty for hardcore blowjob and anal morning!

The email was only sent twenty minutes ago, I learned some time ago that it took Oriana a long time to get off of school time. I quickly wrote back: I'll be there you can count on that lol.

I'd love to see what you just got and what you've had all along. And parents be damned I will stay the night this time. Now I had to suffer through an entire day before I could see her. I tried to put hidden cam wet pussy cums all over cock out of my mind and got dressed.

Walking out of my room I passed Ashley coming back from the bathroom, she was walking a little funny but still managed to sashay past me in her little pink bathrobe. I told her I'd be at Oriana's tonight and I didn't know when I'd get back the next day. "Why, aren't you just the little pimp. Can I go with you?" she asked innocently. "Haven't you had enough Ashley?" "Never." She purred softly leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

She turned away and put a little more wiggle in her hips as she walked away back to her room. I watched her go and shook my head, she had to be insane, she just had to be. I went to the kitchen and made myself breakfast, sitting at the table I reflected on the past couple days. I wasn't sure if I was lucky or cursed, both perhaps.

After I ate I sacked out on the couch for a couple hours before my parents woke up and I had to explain why I was up so early. I shrugged it off saying that I had stuff on my mind and being a teenager they took it for granted and didn't ask anymore questions. A few hours later I was still hanging around agonizing over how slow time was going when the phone rang. It was my boss asking if I could come in today because a bunch of people were out and they were short staffed.

I agreed in a heartbeat and told him I'd be there in an hour. I dearly needed a distraction and this was it, I ended up getting to there in half that time. I spent the day writing up spreadsheets and submitting inventory reports into the computer system, boring, but a welcome distraction from sitting around waiting.

I even stayed late and wound up leaving around seven. It took me twenty minutes to get home and then another ten I spent in the shower. I put on a fresh change of clothes and had a snack trying desperately to waste more time. When there was ten minutes left I told my parents I was going to Oriana's and that I would be back sometime tomorrow. I left them standing with their mouths open and headed for my car. I drove to her house and had to stop myself from running to the door.

I rang the doorbell and after a few seconds the door seemed to open on its own accord. A little confused I stepped in. "A bit early again I see." Came her soft voice from behind the door as it closed after me.

I whirled around and my knees hit the floor before I even knew they had given out. My jaw dropped and I let out a soft moan. She was standing behind the door, her legs bare to about mid thigh where a plaid skirt trashy blonde street whore sucking dick and plowed pov hardcore and blowjob low on her waist.

Her flat stomach was exposed to just below her tits where a tight white button down shirt strained to contain her large breasts. The shirt was completely buttoned and had short sleeves that stopped just after her shoulders, to complete the ensemble she had on a black tie that was loose around her slender neck and ended a few inches above her navel.

She'd let her shimmering jet-black hair grow to shoulder length and was now pulled tight across her head by a ponytail. She wasn't wearing her usual dark eye shadow or her other so-called beauty products, I had worked tirelessly to convince her she didn't need any of them, not by any stretch of the imagination. At my reaction she blushed deeply and shuffled her feet, her hands were down behind her back and her lips pulled back in a nervous smile.

"Do you like it?" she asked quietly. I spluttered something in response and her face changed to one of concern. "Are you alright?" she asked taking a step towards me.

She seemed to cast a glow that I could actually see reflected on the floor. I swallowed hard and shook my head desperately trying to find words to convey my emotions and failed miserably. "Nnggnn p-please tell me you aren't going to the greatest catholic girl's school ever and that, that's for me." She smiled and looked at me with an amused look in her eyes.

"Don't be silly of course it's for you. I told you I had something for you to see." I felt like I was going to cry but thankfully didn't, I reached out and pulled her to me and lay my head against her flat stomach.

The top of my head coming to just below her breasts, her skin was soft against my ear. She let out a little surprised laugh and stroked the top of my head. "There is no way I can describe salacious and wild asian bang japanese hardcore words just how beautiful you are Oriana." I whispered, nearly choking on my words.

I couldn't see her reaction but I could sense she was blushing even more profoundly. She grabbed my head gently between her small hands and pried it away from her stomach so I was looking at her. "Tim…I love you." I hit me like a train but filled me with such warmth and confidence that, that…I couldn't possibly describe. I looked deep into her dazzling blue eyes and tried to get my mouth to work properly. "I love you too.

More than you could ever know." I somehow managed to say. I stood up shakily and our mouths met, she closed her eyes. Our arms wrapped around each others back and gently pulled the other to ourselves and I ascended into bliss.

Time had no meaning or purpose to me then, nothing but her body close to mine and our lips meeting registered to my brain. She slowly backed me up until the backs of my legs hit the side of the living room couch and I toppled backwards, she landed on top of me and our lips only parted for a fraction of a second before we reattached them. I kicked off my shoes and heard them thud to the floor. She moaned into my mouth when our crotches met, I was painfully hard by now and the skirt she was wearing wasn't exactly thick so she felt me completely.

She was pushing her body down onto mine; I reached out and pulled the back of her skirt up. She wasn't wearing any panties which didn't surprise me; I put my hands on her warm cheeks and pushed her hips harder into mine.

She moaned again and retrieved her hands from behind my neck, sliding them down to the crotch of my pants; I could feel her deftly undo my belt and then my jeans. "You've been practicing." I whispered. She nodded pushing my pants and boxers down, simultaneously pulling her skirt up slightly and pushing her hips back embedding a third of my dick in her tight pussy.

Her mouth opened and her eyes fluttered as she came hard, I could feel her juices running down my shaft. She slumped forward, I chuckled and put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her into a sitting position so I could look at her.

Her eyes were closed and she had turned her head down and away from me, her breathing heavy. Her chest heaved with every breath and I feared that the buttons on her near skin tight shirt would bust off at any second.

I don't even think she was aware that she wasn't laying on me anymore or that she was propped up. She did notice however, that she slowly began to slide further down my cock, with every inch that disappeared inside of her, her moans became louder.

I watched her face change from struggling to get control of her breathing to slight pain as she expanded to accommodate my girth then to the loosened features of pleasure as she got used to it. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, smiling she took a breath to say something and it turned out to be the final blow for the shirt. There were five or six buttons and they all went shooting off in different directions clattering off of the floor and other objects.

Her tits bounced out and the shirt became an open vest displaying her prominent breasts like a frame. "See I told you they were too big." She said leaning down and locking our lips again.

"You won't win this argument with me, so drop it." I responded after she broke away for a moment. She giggled and inclined her head as if to say touch?She grabbed my shoulders and after struggling a bit, pulled herself off of my cock. Now it was my turn to look confused as she got off of me and knelt on the floor next to the couch.

"Take off your shirt." She said. I looked at her once more and sat up gripping the hem of my shirt. When I had pulled it over my head I felt something warm and wet close over most of my cock.

I paused and then finished taking off my shirt, which I proceeded to toss onto the coffee table. My pants were long gone and though I still had my boxers on they were pulled down enough for her to easily access my cock, which she was taking full advantage of at the moment.

I was tempted to touch her, to do something but I felt she didn't want to be interrupted so I kept my hands at my sides and just watched her. She moved easily, confidently, she should of course she was taught by Ashley so she should be over qualified. The thought of my sister teaching Oriana how to give a blowjob tossed my mind so far that I felt the tingling feeling way before I should have and my cock gave a twitch.

Oriana looked up at me with a quizzical look, half my cock in her mouth, one hand clamped around the base of my dick, the other I couldn't see. Not a second after that look registered in my brain I blew my load in her mouth.

Her eyes bugged out and she coughed slightly, a little bit of cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth but other than that she retained most of it.

I watched her throat as she swallowed the unexpected substance then looked back at her eyes. She had narrowed them at me but continued swallowing until I had stopped. She took my dick out of her mouth and looked it over, licking it clean of any traces. "That was fast. I guess your sister knows what she is doing." She said pretending to be angry. "More like the mere thought of my sister teaching you to do that." I laughed. "Yeah if you like plastic shoved up you ass if you do something wrong." She muttered to herself.

"What?" "Nothing." "Oh um you got a little something…" I said trailing off and scratching the left corner of my mouth.

"Oh." She stuck out her tongue and tried to get the little bit of cum off that way, but her tongue wasn't long enough. Her eyes were crossing trying to see the spot and she was desperately trying to make her tongue longer or something as she struggled to get at it. I suppressed a snigger and hoped she didn't hear me. Her eyes refocused on me and she realized I was on the brink of hysterical laughter. She stopped trying to lick the corner of her mouth and her tongue froze for a second before she retracted it.

"What's so funny?" "Nothing." "Then why were you laughing." "I wasn't laughing." She narrowed her eyes at me again and wiped the spot of cum away with her finger and put it in her mouth as she eyed me. I found this whole situation comical, I was sitting in my girlfriend's couch naked except for my pulled kendra lust sax movi download sex stories boxers with my half hard dick exposed, trying not to laugh at her kneeling in front of me with her tits busted out of her schoolgirl's outfit trying to get my cum off of her face.

Another thing I would never forget. She shook her head and got to her feet then started looking around the room. She seemed to spot what she was looking for and walked over to a book case in the corner. With her back to me she bent from the waist and picked up one of the buttons from her shirt, as she does so her skirt rose up and exposed the bottom of her tight ass.

She knew I was watching and she loved it, she turned around and brandished the button to me after wiggling her ass at me seductively. "Can you help me look for these, I want to wear this again at least once." She said indicating the shirt she still wore.

She finally took it off and looked it over tutting, before tossing it on the coffee table with my shirt. "Sure." I got up, pulled up my boxers then joined in the search for the missing buttons. She told me there were six and she had already found two. I spotted one over by the fire place and I sat down to pick it up because it was lodged in between two tiles on the hearth. As I did, I saw my reflection in the glass doors. I smiled as I also saw Oriana close behind me looking over my shoulder at where I had found it.

An idea formed in my head and I said, "Found one." And spun around on my ass which wasn't difficult on the hardwood floor and my face became buried in her skirt almost directly in line with her pussy.

I pulled it up over my head and I buried my tongue in her slit. She moaned loudly in a surprised manner and quickly put her hands on my shoulders and locked her arms so she wouldn't keel over. A small amount of liquid spurted out onto my face and I licked up what I could but put my tongue back in her after a moment and resumed my mission. I then took my tongue out of her and proceeded to lick and kiss around the perimeter of her soft outer lips.

I went down and around one side then back up the other slowly making my way to her clit. "Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh ye-ehhsss!" she cried as I came to within millimeters of the tiny nub but didn't touch it. All at once I sucked it into my mouth and she came again, way harder, her juices shooting onto my chin and into my mouth with some force.

This time she collapsed into a shuddering, twitching heap on my lap. I rolled her over and stretched her out on her back balls licking amazing bitch eats cum japanese hardcore diving right back in under her skirt. "N-no wait…uhn." She said as I stuck my tongue back into her cunt and nuzzled her clit with my nose. "Oh uhhhhnn forget…it fuck ohhh!" She squealed as I hit another sensitive spot but amazingly she didn't cum on cue which only made me more determined.

I pushed further trying to shove my whole face inside of her and ended up sliding her forward on the hardwood floor. I reached out blindly seeking her large tits, they weren't hard to find. I grabbed one in each hand and squeezed one while tweaking the nipple of the other as if tuning a radio, waiting for the inevitable. She gasped and exploded into my face again, her juices coating most of my face.

Sunny leone free online sex stories porn could do this for hours; I was having so much fun. Next I went straight for her clit pushing my chin into her slit and taking it in my mouth again rolling my tongue over the little piece of flesh.

She didn't come immediately but her whole body started to tremble as if some kind of immense pressure was building up. I should have seen what was coming but I was too engrossed in running my tongue over her clit in different patterns.

I had just curled my tongue around the tiny nub and then quickly rolled it off before backing my face out for a breath of air when it hit me. I saw her trembling then suddenly stop and a jet of girl cum shot out of her like a fucking fire hose and hit me right between the eyes and then traveled down my face as it lost its initial power.

I made sure to catch some of it in my mouth, watching as it bled to a trickle then nothing. The whole thing lasted maybe three seconds but seemed to go in slow motion. I licked around my mouth and cleared my eyes with a finger. I sat up and scooted down some so I was sitting by her head; I had to lean over her because she was staring at the ceiling as if unaware of my presence. She was breathing harder than I had ever seen her and her eyes were half closed, turning to regard me with a pleading look.

Her mouth was open and a thin line of drool ran from the corner of her mouth. "Please…stop please…oh god please…stop." She panted. I smiled and reached back down and slid a finger into her pussy and bumped her clit with the rest of my hand. Her eyes shot open for a second and I could feel a little spurt of juices hit my hand. She shivered and looked at me again with those brilliant blue eyes and I watched as her eyelids drooped until they seemed closed.

I almost started laughing again when she reached out a hand and ran it, fingers splayed, down my face then brought it to her own where she proceeded to lick her own cum from her hand and fingers. All of her movements were sluggish and I thought she was going to fall asleep any second. "I'll get you back…y-you…just wait and see. I'll get you…for this." She said drowsily, the last part she said so quietly that I barely heard her. "Sure you will. Sure you will." I said but she didn't hear me, she was already asleep, her breathing had finally slowed down and was even, she even had two fingers still in her mouth.

I chuckled and shook my head. Carefully so as not to wake her up I got her into my arms and slowly made my way to her room, another feeling of d? vu. I laid her gently on her bed and pried open her right hand which was clenched tight around the two buttons she had found. I palmed them and went to her desk where I fished out her sewing kit from the top drawer, she used it a lot to put patches and other things on her clothes.

Having retrieved the kit I padded back into the hall and back into the living room. I laid the kit and the buttons on the coffee table and resumed the search for the others, it took awhile but I found all of them and put them with the others. I looked at the shirt and decided it was a better idea to let her sew them back on rather than butcher the job with my sixth grade home-economics class sewing lesson as my experience.

Instead I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my face which was caked in her juices. I smiled at myself in the mirror 'lucky bastard' I thought.

I finished up and headed back to the kitchen; I fished out a bagel from the fridge and put it in the toaster. I went back to the fridge and took out a tub of cream cheese and waited. When the buzzer went off I got up and pulled the two halves out and turned around. I nearly dropped them when I bumped into Oriana standing right behind me. "Fucking Christ! Don't do that." I exclaimed.

She smiled and took the bagel from my hand and sat down at the table pulling the cream cheese to her. I laughed and got out another bagel, popping it into the toaster I turned and watched her. She hadn't put anything on so she sat there naked except of the tiny plaid skirt, she'd finished spreading the cream cheese and had started taking huge bites out of the bagel that seemed like way to much for her small mouth to bite off.

I snickered as her mouth bulged out and she looked up at me and gave me a big tight lipped smile. My bagel was done and I sat down across from her, she pushed the tub to me and I prepared my bagel and started eating. It seemed we didn't break eye contact the entire time and I felt all warm and fuzzy under the gaze of her loving eyes.

Suddenly I felt something against my crotch and looked down, her foot looked as if it was trying to pin my dick against the side of my thigh and having a hard time of it. I looked back up at her but she gave no sign that she was up to anything other than a strained look on her face. She wasn't getting anywhere I was sure of that, and told her as much. She took her foot back and gave a guilty smile. "I've never tried it before; I thought I could do it. Oh well." She sighed finishing off her bagel and rising to put her plate in the sink.

She looked over her shoulder at me with a mischievous look on her face then sauntered over and sat on my lap. "But I know this always works." She smirked and ground her ass into my crotch bright eyes watching my reaction.

I nearly choked on a mouthful of bagel and quickly swallowed before I coughed crumbs in her face. "You've got that right." I said and kissed her. I could feel my hard on poking into her as she pushed down harder on me. I put my hand on her knee and walked my fingers up her thigh as I spoke, "So what now my little Oriana, my princess of pleasure?" She beamed at me and seemed not to notice where my fingers were headed.

"I don't know I was…" I cut her off by slipping my hand under her skirt and pushing two of my fingers into her pussy. Her face screwed up and her mouth opened, a quiet moan escaping her throat. I felt a trickle of fluid go past my fingers; I pulled my fingers out and picked her up.

Her head lolled back as I carried her downstairs to the futon, which thankfully was still pulled out into a bed. I dropped her on the futon and laughed as she squeaked when I dropped her. She lay sprawled and looked at me in frustration, "Look you have to stop doing that.

Alright you have no idea… nhgggnn." Was all she managed before I did it again, her eyes rolled back for a moment before she came to her senses again, this time only a tiny dribble made it past my fingers, 'I guess I dried her up pretty good' I chuckled to myself.

She slapped my hand away from her pussy and looked me straight in the eye. "That's it." She said menacingly, or at least as menacingly as she could. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down on top of her, "It's your turn." I laughed as she pushed my boxers down and pulled my cock into her cunt. I was still laughing as she hooked her legs behind my ass and pulled me as deep as I would go, she grabbed the base of my cock and put two fingers to the underside of my shaft then poised her other hand above a point low on my pelvis slightly above my dick.

"Have fun." She whispered in my ear and pushed down with her fingers. I stopped laughing and came instantly shooting a staggering amount of cum into latina receives a cock in various positions and it just kept coming until my whole body twitched with every new spurt of cum.

Even when I was sure nothing was coming out my body tried to tell me there was. I kept twitching as I collapsed on top of her, my cock thumped false load after false load into her for a solid two minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. "Stop…ohhhh…nnggg god p-please…stop." I moaned pitifully echoing her earlier plea.

"Nope." She grinned wickedly and it continued for another full minute. I couldn't raise my arms to stop her I couldn't do anything at all. My brain kept telling my body I was ejaculating and the appropriate nerves responded giving me the sensation that I was in a state of constant climax even though I wasn't.

Finally, mercifully, she took her hands away and I heaved out a huge breath of relief. I groaned and rolled off of her onto my back, looking back at her stunned into silence. She produced a roll of paper towels out of nowhere ripped a few off and held them to her pussy. "You can thank you sister for that little trick. You'll pass out in a minute or two so we should probably get you upstairs" She said quite pleased with herself over defeating me like that.

I couldn't respond I didn't have the energy, I was gone. It felt like I was drifting in and out of consciousness but I vaguely remember being led, stumbling, back up the stairs to her room and then passing out on her bed. I woke up and looked at the glowing digital clock off to my left, it read eleven o'clock and I did a double take making sure I was right. I shifted a little and I felt something across my ribs I looked down and saw her arm over my chest, the rest of her was snuggled against my right side completely lost to the world.

She'd taken out her ponytail and her shimmering black hair had fallen about her face. I smiled and with my left hand so as not to disturb her, I brushed her hair away of her face, I flinched as it felt like the muscles in my arm started to cramp up but I ignored it. She mumbled something in her sleep and shifted slightly then went still again.

This is what I lived for, the kind of situation where everything is perfect and there is no wrong. The warmth of her still body against mine suffusing peace and calm throughout my being. We were under the covers but I could feel that she'd taken off her skirt and was now completely naked, my boxers were gone too and I wondered if she'd done anything to me while I was passed out.

I cleared the image from my mind, I didn't want to get all excited now and ruin this moment. I closed my eyes and slowly petite gina gerson destroyed by a giant dick off to sleep in a perfect state of bliss.

Light pushed into my head through my eye lids and I cracked them open slowly flinching at the unwelcome intrusion of light. I shifted slightly and felt Oriana was still there, clinging to me in her sleep. Her entire body was in contact with mine and it felt like a soft, girl shaped heating pad was pressed against my right side. I looked back over at the clock and cursed, six thirty in the morning.

"Fucking school time." I muttered. Oriana shifted and yawned, her eyes fluttering open to turn upon me. I smiled and apologized for waking her. "What time is it?" she asked bleary eyed.

"Six thirty." "Fucking school time." She groaned. I laughed and gently kissed her forehead. My body ached from head to toe and it felt as if I was being pressed into the bed by some invisible force. "What did you do to me, I can barely move." "Really now? You're sister said she found it online somewhere a month or so ago, she told me to use it on you when I thought it was appropriate, I believe payback qualifies don't you?" she cooed drawing spirals down my chest with her finger as she lay next to me.

"Hmm, now you're like my own little plaything I wonder what I should do to you." As she spoke she slowly sat up, the sheets falling from her naked body; her hand was on my cock playing with it until it became rock hard once more. I groaned and my head lolled back, my dick was amateur babe fucked while talking on the phone sensitive now for whatever reason and just the mere touch of her hand sent shockwaves throughout my body.

"Oh god!" I moaned. A huge grin split her face and she threw a leg over my waist, one hand still wrapped around my dick the other gently stroking the side of my face. "Yeah the side effects are great, maybe more for you than me but we shall see." She giggled.

"Side…effects?" "Oh did I forget to mention that?" she broke down into laughter and it was a few moments before she calmed down enough to speak.

"You're already feeling two of them, your body will ache for another hour or so and it will be hard to move. Your dick is going to be really sensitive for about another hour as well. Oh and this is the best one, ready for this, reality kings dillion shows of her big tits wont be able to cum, well at least not easily!" she started laughing again as I stared at her, horrified.

"What do you mean not easily?" "I mean it's going to take a long, long, long time." She whispered slowly, leaning down farther with each word until our lips were almost touching. My mouth was agape; stunned, I could barely comprehend what she had said. "I'm going to kill her." I hissed at length. "Ha. Don't worry Tim I'll make you feel good." and with that she hoisted herself up using her hands on my chest and her knees, then slowly lowered her glistening cunt onto my cock.

It was almost painful it felt so good as inch by slow inch disappeared inside of her tight, soaking wet, confines. She didn't orgasm right away like usual and I feared that I had made her cum too many times and that she had built up some resistance or something. When she could go no further and it looked like I didn't even have a dick from my angle, I was in her so completely; she sighed contently and refocused her gaze on my face.

"Oh Tim, I think I'm gonna…" she moaned just before she came. It was creepy; I could feel every little muscle twitch inside her pussy, I could feel her cum flowing over my cock, every individual drop, I could feel everything and it scared the shit out of me. Of course I really didn't register all of this, my mind wouldn't focus and neither would my eyes, nothing would, I couldn't even gather the thought necessary to move my arm!

"I-I think I'm dying." I stammered my voice sounding far away in my own head. "Don't worry, you're not. Just relax." She whispered reassuringly to me. I smiled drunkenly and lay my head back. She raised herself up and then dropped the impact seemingly much harder than it actually was. Every thrust of her hips, every slide of her pelvis, everything was sent shooting to every single nerve in my body until I was shaking.

This continued for a serious amount of time, days to me but probably only an hour or so, and as time progressed I felt like I was about to cum but the feeling merely increased and nothing happened. Fortunately I started to regain some control of my extremities and finally I could move a little bit, but I was still too weak to do much of anything.

She had climaxed several times by now but she was exhausted and was becoming slower and weaker herself. Finally she closed her eyes and collapsed on my chest, the impact just so, that it knocked the breath from my lungs. Suddenly the build up sensation in my loins ceased and I let out a pleased sigh of relief that it was gone.

"Ggghhnn…Christ." She moaned by my ear. She squirmed around a little and I was at a loss as to why, I hadn't done anything I wasn't even moving. I felt something warm running down my balls and along the inside of my thighs.

"What happened?" I asked. She picked her head up and looked at me with a self satisfied smile on her beautiful face. "You just dumped what feels like half a gallon of cum into me." she said quite pleased with herself that she had lasted long enough to bring me to this point. "Oh." I said before promptly passing out. I woke up and rubbed my eyes, 'well at least I can move again' I said to myself. Opening my eyes and looking around, Oriana was nowhere to be seen.

There was a half used roll of paper towels lying by my feet but other than that everything was as I remembered it. I looked at the clock and let out a low whistle, ten fifteen in the morning, again I wasn't sure how long I spent awake or asleep but it was still a good chunk of time. I sat up and immediately regretted it, my head was throbbing and for a second I felt nauseous, but thankfully it soon passed. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and tried to stand; I was unsteady but managed to make my way back down the hall.

Oriana was seated at the counter eating a bowl of cereal and watching the small TV set off to one side of the counter. When I staggered into the room she looked up, blue eyes gleaming with amusement. "Morning sleepy head!" She said cheerfully.

I grumbled something and looked around searching for my boxers just something to put on, seeing as I was still naked. She however, had gotten dressed and was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a pair kinky lesbians fill up their enormous bums with milk and splash it out jeans, she was very clearly not wearing a bra and I started to look more furtively for something, anything kiss me mom kiss me lesbian put on.

She giggled and tossed me my clothes, "You might also want to take a shower. I know I did." She said smiling. I nodded and turned to head for the shower. I heard a whistle from behind me and knew what she was looking at. "Do you want me to come with you?" she teased.

"Do you ever run out of energy?" I said over my shoulder as I stumbled down the hall. "Nope." Was the response from the kitchen. The hot water felt great on my aching body and I gratefully stood under the steaming jets for some young lesbians enjoying sex with toy pantyhose erotica. Finally I stepped out and got dressed feeling greatly refreshed.

I shambled back into the kitchen to be greeted by Oriana bouncing up and hugging me tightly. "Feel better?" she asked looking into my eyes. I nodded, smiling at her usual energetic self. "Good. I made you breakfast." She announced letting go of me only to grab my hand and practically drag me to the table where I was presented with a plate of pancakes and a few strips of bacon with a glass of milk.

"They don't come any better than you. I'm pretty sure this qualifies me for the luckiest guy in the world award." I said kissing her gently on the lips. She kissed me back and laughed when we broke away I could see that she was blushing profusely. "Aw I love you too." She said and walked to the living room and grabbed the shirt, buttons, and sewing kit then brought them over to the table while I dug into the food she had made for me.

It tasted great and I demolished it not realizing what an appetite I had built up. She sat across from me and sewed the buttons back onto the shirt and looked over at me when I finished. I gave her two thumbs up as I chewed the last bit of bacon. She smiled and blushed again. "Hungry boy." She giggled taking the empty plate and glass from me and depositing them in the sink.

"When you get worked over like I did, I believe it tends to make you a tad hungry." I said. She chuckled and made quick work of finishing her sewing. We decided that it was best for me to get back home around noon and we spent the rest of the time relaxing and trying to recover out strength. We watched a movie and I showed her the picture I had taken of Ashley and Sarah on my phone. "Oh man look at Sarah's face!" she said after laughing hysterically.

I told her the whole story, Oriana disliked Sarah about as much as I did. "Wow way to turn it on her Tim. I doubt she'll even try talking to you again." I wasn't so sure about that but nodded my head anyways. "Yeah you're probably right." "Your sister is thoroughly insane though, you might want to watch out when you get home. Who knows what she'll try to do." "Yeah." I responded absentmindedly.

I army of three big tits blonde blowjob cum cumshot facial fucking jizz lick oral threesome c apprehensive, Ashley was unpredictable to the extreme, and I knew she would 'come after me' but I didn't know how. Oriana seemed to sense two lucky studs bang a beautiful blonde pornstars and big tits nervousness and laughed punching me in the arm with a tiny fist.

"Do you want me to come home with you, big baby?" she laughed mockingly. "Yeah could you? I need my five foot girlfriend to defend me from my six foot sister." I said with a smile on my face, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'll have you know I'm five four." She said proudly, straightening up. "Yes you are," I said kissing her cheek, "and I would much rather stay here with you but I've got to get going." I stood up and she followed me out the door to my car.

I got in and started the engine, I rolled down the window and she leaned in and gave me a lingering kiss goodbye. I became aware that her nipples were hardening in the cold air straining against her tight shirt.

"Cold?" I said cocking an eyebrow at her chest. "Clearly. You could stay and warm me up if you want." She purred. I leaned out and kissed her again. "You're killing me Oriana, I gotta get home. But uh we'll definitely get together again soon if I have anything to say about it." I said.

She pouted and stepped back so I could back out. She blew me a kiss as I pulled away and drove off. I tried to draw out the drive home as long as possible but it still seemed too short of a trip. I pulled into the driveway and sat in the cooling car for a while before trudging back into the house.

I squared my shoulders and headed to my room, my dad was sitting on the couch and nodded almost imperceptibly at me as I passed. That was about as much approval as I was going to get from him. My mom who was sitting next to him just looked at me blankly but didn't say anything.

Squirting and squirting all over my apartment tube porn

I continued on to my room where I closed the door behind me and let out the breath that I realized I had been holding. I wasn't surprised to see Ashley lying on my bed watching me with amused curiosity. "You're not safe yet Timmy." She said seductively.

"I never am around you Teen babe lily and her bff gets fucked by her stepbro. And now that you've taught Oriana that little trick." I trailed off.

Her face lit up and she shot off of the bed and was instantly pressed up against me pinning me to closed door. brazzers brandi love keiran lee keiran appreciates brandi actually used it?" "Yes." I responded acidly. "What did it feel like Tim? Describe it to me; I want to know what it felt like." She whispered in my ear. I grinned broadly and she smiled back waiting for me to speak.

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back until she toppled backwards onto my bed. I climbed over her and straddled her waist on my knees I clamped my hands around her wrists and pinned them to the bed.

She blew the hair out of her face in annoyance and stared at me expectantly. "What are you gonna do Tim." She asked quietly. I sighed, letting go of her wrists and easing up on her waist.

"Nothing." "B-but you have me." She stammered. I rolled off of her and lay on my back next to her and stared at the ceiling. "Yeah." I said, missing the stunned expression on her face. "At least tell me what happened, what you guys did." She said sunny lunny xx 3 download pleading.

"No. Look there's a box in my closet, it's your stuff. Take it and go back to your room." She didn't move for a moment but then I felt her get off of the bed and heard my closet door open.

She breezed past me and was gone, quietly opening and closing my door behind her. I put my hands to the sides of my head and squeezed as hard as I could, suddenly hit by the enormity of my situation, I was going to college in less than a year and after that my life was uncertain. Everything I had been through crushing me down into a moment of severe depression before I came to my senses and grinned reflecting on the past two days. It had been months since I spent the night at Oriana's house and summer was in full swing.

Being seniors we got out of school much earlier than the rest and took full advantage of that fact before we had to go to college. Parties, get-togethers, road trips, and all sorts of other fun filled activities were rampant.

Things had calmed down quite a bit between all of us, Ashley had respectively kept her distance from me and Oriana and I only saw each other once or twice due to family excursions and such. And so it was one picturesque summer day I asked Oriana to come over, intending to spend the day hanging out, just spending time with each other.

I was sitting in the living room under the breeze of a fan in a pair of light weight shorts and a t-shirt when the doorbell rang. I sluggishly got up and opened the door. "Hi Tim!" Oriana greeted me brightly when the door opened to reveal her standing on the stoop in a light blue spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of tiny white shorts.

She was standing with her arms down behind her back and rocking back and forth on her tips of her toes. "Why hello, come on in." I said making a grand sweeping gesture with my hand beckoning her enter. She bounced into the living room and pulled her shirt away from her chest rapidly a few times attempting to create circulation. "Whew it's hot out there." She said. "Get ya something?" I asked gesturing towards the fridge after watching her enter and closing the door. A mischievous smile played over her sultry lips.

"How 'bout a tall drink of water." She said sidling up to me and kissing me passionately on the lips. I wrapped an arm behind her back and pulled her closer to me, savoring the lingering heat still radiating from her body. My father chose that moment to come up from the basement where he had been working out; trying to keep his aging body in shape. Oriana noticed him before I did and slowly pulled away from me.

"Hi Mr. Donovan!" she said cheerfully, waving at him. "Oh hello Oriana. Tim." He said nodding at me, the corner of his mouth quirking ever so slightly. "Dad," I said nodding curtly, "what's up?" He wiped his forehead with a towel and strode into the kitchen, fishing out a bottle of water from the fridge. "Your mother isn't feeling well today, so I want you two out of here. Your sister has been moping around for days now; she needs to get out of the house.

Go to the beach or something I don't really care but your mother needs some space so plan on staying out the whole day. Hell, take Oriana if you want." He said between large gulps of water. "Um alright Dad. I'll go get Ashley." "I hope Mrs. Donovan feels better." Oriana piped in. "I'll pass that along sweetheart, have a good day." He said before turning and heading in the direction of the shower after another tight smile in my direction.

"The beach!" Oriana squealed, "I haven't been to the beach for soooo long!" I chuckled and went into my room to get my bathing suit and then to Ashley's room, Oriana following close behind.

The door was closed and I knocked before cracking the door open and peeking in, Oriana was leaning against my back on the tips of her toes trying to see past my shoulder. Ashley sat on her bed typing away on a recently acquired laptop; she stopped and looked up as her door opened.

"Ashley get your stuff together, we're going to the beach." I said. "We?" she asked cocking an eyebrow. "Yeah, you me and…" I trailed off as Oriana pushed past me and stood in the doorway. "Me." She said. The smile that slowly formed on my sister's lips was similar to the expression on a tiger's when it was about to be fed. "Well then," Ashley purred, "it's bound to be a good time.

Give me ten minutes and I'll be ready to go." She said closing her laptop and rising from her bed dressed in a giant t-shirt and most likely nothing else. I grabbed Oriana's hand and pulled her away, back into the living room.

"Do you really want to go? You don't have to you know." I said cautiously. "Don't be silly we planned on hanging out today and that's what we'll do, just somewhere else." She responded cheerful as ever. 'Sure that's just what's going to happen' I thought to myself. "Alright why don't you go home and get your things I'll call when we're ready to go and I'll pick you up on the way." I suggested.

"Sure." She responded and headed out the door blowing me a kiss on the way out. This was going to be interesting. I gathered up a cooler and made lunches for the three of us, just some sandwiches and snacks really.

I got on my sandals and threw my trunks and a few towels over my shoulder; I would get dressed in one of the changing stalls when we got there. I gathered up two beach chairs and a large umbrella and stashed them in the trunk of my car.

A few minutes later Ashley appeared wearing a white and blue sundress and sandals, she had a tote bag in one hand and a towel in the other. "Gonna change there?" I asked squinting in the sun before putting on my blue reflective sun glasses.

"No sense in causing an accident now is there?" she said playfully as she passed by me and got in the back seat. I laughed and got behind the wheel digging out my cell phone at the same time. Dialing Oriana's I told her we would be at her house in a few minutes. The drive over was short enough and when Oriana appeared locking the door behind her, she was wearing the same outfit as before but now carried a large tote bag with her as well.

Instead of getting in the passengers seat she climbed in the back with my sister, both were wearing those overly large dark sunglasses that obscured their expressions from my vantage point up front.

I pulled out of the driveway and headed for the highway, almost immediately they started chattering away like birds and I could barely follow their conversation, so I tried to tune them out and concentrate on the road. I did however catch a few snippets and what I heard only made me cringe, "Really, that many!", "Oh I bet he did!", "You did what?".

I sighed and focused on the road. It was a thirty minute drive to the coast and mercifully they quieted down about halfway through the trip. The sun was baking hot and by the time we got to the beach parking lot we were all sweating. We got out of the car and reveled in the breeze coming off of the water. Thankfully there were only thirty or so cars there so it wouldn't be too crowded.

They started off without a backwards glance, chattering away excitedly, leaving me to carry everything. The parking lot ended in a strip of dunes and small trees about twenty yards deep offering a measure of privacy to the beachgoers. I had to stack the chairs on the cooler and tuck the umbrella under my arm in order to make my way along the path to the beach itself. Finally breaking into the open I stumbled forward to where the girls had apparently marked out our spot off to one side near a rock outcropping.

Dropping the stuff I took a moment to look around for the first time today. The beach was relatively small, off to the left there was a small snack shack and changing area with showers. In that direction the beach ended at a jagged cliff that rose about a hundred feet in the air. The sand continued straight out for about a hundred yards or so before it was met by the sparkling blue sea.

The beach was actually part of a large bay so the water was incredibly smooth. Boats and jet skies could be seen tearing around out in the bay. A large sandbar sat eighty yards out in the water and being low tide at the moment, was completely exposed with only a tiny strip of blue separating it from the beach proper.

Off to the right a good distance away were a lot of huge boulders and rocks that marked the accepted end of the beach in that direction but behind the rocks was a cove where small boats were at anchor.

I set up the chairs and umbrella and laid out the towel I was going to lay on, pokemon misty x dawn x may sex they announced they were going to go change. Already eyes were starting to track their movements as they headed off to the changing rooms.

I followed when they were about halfway there, out of the corner of my eye watching more than a few male eyes chasing after the girls. I grinned to myself; I would have done the same in their place. I stepped into an empty stall and quickly changed into my black swim shorts with blue tribal designs that ended just below the knee.

I rolled up my clothes into a ball and walked back out into the scorching heat and took off my shirt realizing that I hadn't yet.

I looked down at my flat hairless chest and winced, almost blinded by the farmers tan I had going. I had hesitated in taking off my shirt, worried that the scars on my back might attract unwanted attention. I hadn't seen them recently but the last time I did, maybe a month or two ago, they looked like a set of ribs, three or four inch lines extending from my spine, ten of them.

They hadn't smoothed out and were still raised and bumpy, ugly things. My thoughts were interrupted by an arm linking with mine as Oriana pulled herself close to me.

"Like my bathing suit?" she asked quietly. She was wearing a two piece light green bikini set that seemed to fit her like a second skin. Her smooth, pale skin glowed and her black hair formed a stark contrast. "I don't know what's hotter, you or the sun." She blushed and looked down at herself before looking back at me. "Thanks farmer boy but you haven't seen the competition yet." She said arching up and kissing me before gesturing back at the changing stalls.

Ashley had just emerged squinting in the light before putting on her sunglasses again and looking over at us smiling. My jaw was not the only one that dropped.

She had on a tiny black bikini top that lifted her large breasts and separated them slightly; creating the most amazing cleavage I had ever seen. Unlike me she had a full tan; she always had ever since we were young, even though I had seen her quite naked lately I could only really appreciate it outside and compared to others.

Her bikini bottom was likewise incredibly small, both leaving very little to the imagination. She just radiated sex and she was well aware of it. Oriana was between me and the beach and with a sneaky look down turned to Ashley, frowning. "Looks like you win Ashley.

You get first dibs." She said solemnly. A feral grin formed on my sister's lips, she looked at me and then scanned the beach reveling in the stares she was getting.

"Might want to hide that Tim." She said as she started walking back to the chairs. I finally became aware of the fact that my dick had started to push against my shorts. I cursed under my breath and calmly placed my rolled up clothes in front of my crotch. Fortunately most of the beach's attention was focused on Ashley sauntering back over to her chair. When she got there she threw a grin over her shoulder at us and bent from the waist to pick up the towel lying on her chair then sat down.

I fancied I could hear an audible gasp from all the guys watching her. "I bet you're not the only one." Oriana giggled and strolled to her own chair drawing an equal amount of stares.

I chuckled again and walked over to my towel and got out a tube of sun block and applied it myself and sat down on my towel. "Could you do me Tim?" Ashley asked indicating the sunscreen. I looked over at her and managed to keep a straight face as I handed the tube to Oriana. "Oriana will." I smirked. They both grinned and cast glances at the beachgoers; Ashley presented racy and appealing fuckfest hardcore and reality back to Oriana and squeezed a generous amount of sunscreen into her own hand before handing the tube back to Sexy black wench adores sex a lot. Ashley then started to rub the cream onto her front, going way slower than she normally would have if she wasn't being watched.

She was careful to spend time rubbing it wicked and fleshly blowjob pornstar and hardcore the tops of her breasts and opening her mouth slightly, seductively.

Meanwhile Oriana started rubbing the sun block into Ashley's back, shoulders, and neck. Next Ashley moved to her legs which she extended out and leaned forward to rub in the cream down to her ankles giving whoever was watching an almost unobstructed view of her tits. Now finished, it was Oriana's turn; she looked over at me then turned her back to Ashley.

Oriana rubbed her front and legs quickly but thoroughly, not as interested in pleasing the crowd as Ashley was. Ashley however, took her time rubbing it into Oriana's back and shoulders almost massaging her. She leaned over and whispered in Oriana's ear while slowly sneaking a hand around her back and down her side seeking her thigh. Oriana started breathing harder and it took a second for her to come to her senses, slapping Ashley's hand away before it could venture further.

I watched all of this out of the corner of my eye; my main attention was paid to watching the people watching them. One man, who was maybe twenty something and with his girlfriend, was caught with his eyes riveted to Ashley, suffered under his girlfriend's furious glare.

The girls drew looks from the other sex as well, most of whom had the 'I'm jealous and if this weren't such a public place I'd fight you' kind of look on their faces. I was pleased to notice that there were really only seven or eight people who actually watched for any length of time, most were just cursory glances and then went back to watching their kids or just gazing out to sea. Oriana and Ashley weren't the only girls on the beach, they were just the hottest.

The girls finished up and sat back in their chairs soaking up the sun and relaxing. I lay on my stomach for now, for um obvious reasons but after ten minutes or so rolled over onto my back, I had done this for maybe an hour before I heard Ashley announce she was going to go cool off. I turned my head and watched as she stood up and stretched, another show, then grabbed Oriana's hand and pulled her along behind her.

They ran down to the water and started jumping around, playing like little big cock disappears in a shaved pussy and splashing each other. I sat up and fished a water bottle out of the cooler when a figure detached itself from a group of guys my age and strode towards me.

I focused on him and wasn't surprised to see why he was the one the group had sent to investigate. He was thin, his body cut with well defined muscles and skin darkened by an almost constant life under the sun. He had long blonde, almost platinum hair that hung around his crystal blue eyes. There was a tattoo around his right bicep depicting waves with the Latin word vita written over and through the waves.

He had on white shorts with red flowers and a pair of well worn sandals. "Yo brah mind if I sit with you for a sec?" he said in what could only be described as a surfer's accent.

"No, go ahead…" I said trailing off. "Trent." He responded extending a calloused hand which I shook. "Tim nice to meet you." He sat down in the sand next to me and looked from me to the girls. "Listen brah I just gotta know…who are they?" he said with a nod towards Ashley and Oriana, still frolicking in the shallows. "You want to know or do they want to know?" I asked grinning. He chuckled and shrugged, flicking the hair out of his eyes. "Mostly them but I'm curious as well.

I've rarely seen hotter babes on this coast brah." He responded. I laughed and pulled my sunglasses down and peered over them at him. "The little one is my girlfriend and the big one is my sister." "You're a lucky guy brah," he said extending his hand again as if in congratulation, "your sister is she…uh…is she seeing anyone?" Inwardly I was hysterical with laughter but I managed to keep a cool exterior.

"Not that I know of, she doesn't exactly share that kind of information with me." I said pushing my sunglasses back up. "How old is she?" he asked confidently.

I got the impression that if a forty year old woman caught his attention he would have no problem hitting on her with the most serious of intentions. "She is eighteen, same as me. Apparently we're twins." "Kewl kewl. What's her name?" "Ashley. And I would be careful if I were you, her boyfriends don't always come away from a relationship with her the same as they went in." I said as he stood up and brushed himself off. He looked at me funny for a second before turning to look back over at the group of guys waiting impatiently for his return.

"Well thanks brah." He said shaking my hand again and striding off to the group. I saw him shake his head and point back at me then watched as the guys acted disappointed and walked off to start a beach football game. Trent however headed in the opposite direction towards the two girls who had by now calmed down and were sitting down in the water talking again. He walked right up to Ashley and sat down next to her to the astonished look on Oriana's face. They exchanged a few words and Ashley pointed up at me and then at herself.

Trent looked at me and shrugged again standing up making the 'call me' sign at Ashley. Both Ashley and Oriana looked over at me and even from where I sat I could see their teeth sparkling in huge grins. They got up and trotted back to the shade of the umbrella, their bodies glistened with beaded moisture and their hair was plastered to their skulls. I tossed them their towels and waited for them to finish drying themselves before asking the only question on my mind.

"So what did you say to Trent?" I asked Ashley. "Oh he asked if I was seeing anyone and I told him I was fucking you, so I was unavailable at the moment." She said her voice serious, her face expressionless. My mouth hung open as I stared at my sister incredulously and my stomach dropped to my feet. Suddenly Oriana broke into laughter and my mind was put at ease when a slight smile spread on Ashley's lips.

"You should see your face!" Oriana squealed almost out of breath from laughing so hard. "Don't worry brah I told him I was seeing someone and that I never told you about it." She said mocking Trent's surfer voice. "Though he was pretty damn hot." She said wistfully taking off her sunglasses and squinting after Trent's retreating figure. "Yeah that's true." Oriana added, a sense of longing in her voice. "Oh man you two are so cruel." I said standing up.

"Yeah but you love us." Ashley said coolly. "I don't know…" I said trailing off and heading down the beach towards the rocks, intending to find a quiet little nook where I could put my feet in the water and sit.

My back was turned so I missed the worried look that passed between them as they got up and ran after me. "We didn't mean anything Tim!" Oriana said linking arms with me. "Yeah we were just kidding." Ashley said linking arms with me as well so I had a stunning girl on each arm.

"I don't believe you." I sniffed pretending to wipe a tear away from my eye. "Aw looks like we hurt his delicate feelings Oriana." Ashley said playing along. They both kissed my cheek. "I love you Tim." They said in unison. They stopped abruptly and let go of my arms turning to face each other. I spared them a seconds glance and continued on, not wanting to get involved in whatever fight they were about to have. I entered the maze of boulders and wound my way through them looking for a quiet place.

I turned a corner and headed down a short channel cut through the rock and waded through knee deep water to a bend that I hadn't seen before. I rounded the bend, climbing over another rock and was confronted by a little hollow perfectly suited to me needs.

There was crystal clear, ankle deep water in a rough circle under a smooth ledge that ran about halfway around the pool. The whole area was maybe six or seven feet in diameter and surrounded by solid rock ten feet in the air, I grinned, satisfied that I had found such a paradise where I could sit and be by myself and think. I had been doing that a lot lately, going off by myself and just thinking; thinking about everything but somehow nothing at all.

I sat on the ledge and sighed contentedly looking up at the sky through my glass darkened vision. "Someone should make a statue of that." Said my sister's voice. I was startled but quickly girl and black guy xxx chuda chudi my composure and glared at her, not that she could really tell.

"Ashley you have to stop sneaking around like that." I said then looked past her seeing nothing, "where's Oriana?" "Back at the chairs." She responded stepping into my little sanctum. Her scent wafted in with her, even after jumping around in the ocean she still managed to smell like flowers. I shrugged and looked back up, watching a few puffy white clouds inch across the vast blue sky.

Ashley came over and sat next to me on the ledge, her arm brushing against mine. "Tim it's been so long." She said softly. "Yep." I said still looking up. "Tim, look at me." I took my eyes off of the sky and turned them on her, she reached out and pulled the sunglasses off my face.

"Do you not want me anymore?" she asked, a fearful look on her beautiful face. "It's not that…it's just with Oriana I don't…" I said stopping, realizing I should quit talking. "What? You don't need me anymore?" she said calmly, though I thought I saw her lip quivering ever so slightly. I reached out and pulled her to me hugging her tightly, she swung her legs over and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me back as she sniffled and tears spilled from her eyes.

I shushed gently and stroked her silken hair. "I don't want to be just your sister; I liked being more than that." She wailed between sobs. "Sshh now, you still are more than a sister to me Ashley you know that." I said quietly. "No I'm not!" she wailed again and buried her face in my neck as she was wracked by sobs. "Why would you ever think that?" I cooed.

"I'm sitting on your lap and your not even hard." She mumbled into my neck. "Well that's because my sister is crying. Why would I get hard when you're not happy?" I responded suppressing my laughter.

She pulled her head away from my neck and looked at me through red, tear filled eyes. She sniffed and dried her eyes on her forearm trying to get control of herself.

"There that's better." I said brushing a loose lock of hair out of her eyes. "I'm sorry Tim." She sniffled. "For what? You haven't done anything." "Yes I have, you even said so. I've dragged you through so much. I should have kept it between you and me but I had to go and bring other people into it." I was silent and she continued after a brief pause to wipe her eyes again. "I should never have gotten Sarah involved even though I knew how you two felt about each other.

And I'm sorry for pushing Oriana into it as well, I know you wanted your first time with her to be special. I'm sorry Tim, I'm so sorry." Tears broke loose from her eyes again and I brushed them away with a finger. "It's okay don't worry about it." "Please forgive me Tim.

I'm so sorry." "There's nothing to forgive Ashley." I said looking deep into her eyes. She smiled wearily and I kissed her on the forehead holding her face between my hands. Her features softened and she looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply closing her eyes, her tongue hesitantly entered my mouth after a second and she became more forceful pushing her face harder against mine.

She broke away for a moment panting, trying to catch her breath before plunging back in again mashing our lips together, totally lost in the moment. My sister's soft lips against mine caused stirrings where there previously were none and she opened her eyes and gazed longingly at me, her brown eyes starting to glaze over.

My cock was pushing against her ass throbbing madly, intent on being noticed. "It's been so long Tim." She repeated quietly. She took my hand and brought it to her chest, slipping it under her bikini top so I could touch her sensitive nipple. I gripped it lightly between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it slightly; she moaned softly and pushed her chest out farther against my hand. I pushed back, squishing her soft tit in my hand and massaging it with my fingers.

I started kissing her neck and she sighed, tilting her head so it rubbed against my forehead, her hair silky soft. Meanwhile my other hand slowly traveled down her side and over her thigh barely touching her soft skin. I slipped my hand down the front of her little bikini bottom and found her shaved pussy, cupping it in my hand, feeling the intense heat and moisture seeping out of her.

Her breath was coming in short, heavy gasps and her eyes seemed not to be able to focus on anything. I just barely brushed the bead of her clit with the result of her crying out right into my ear. I ran my fingers over her slit and slowly started to add pressure, pushing against her opening with two fingers. It felt like they were sucked into her and as soon as they were in to the second knuckle her cunt gripped them with a surprising amount of force and more fluids soaked her already sopping wet pussy.

I spread those two fingers and turned them, closing them and spreading them again like I was trying to expand her from the inside. She groaned from deep in her chest and gazed longingly into my eyes; she was sweating and a flush rose from her neck and colored her cheeks. My fingers completed a circuit and ended face up when I started to pull them out I pushed them to the top of her pussy and rubbed the upper walls on the way out.

Her eyes shot open and she turned her face skyward letting out a bestial moan. She leaned against me, pushing my back against the smooth stone, I pulled my fingers out of her and she grabbed my hand bringing it up her hard body trailing her juices up her flat stomach.

She opened her mouth slowly, looking at me sidelong, watching my expression as she put first one finger then the other in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean of her own juices. Her tongue wrapped around each in turn seeking every last drop of her fluid. She batted her eyes at me and gently bit the tips of my fingers scraping them against her teeth as she pulled them from her mouth; I smiled as she dragged my hand back down her body and into her pussy once more. I leaned in and kissed her tasting the juices still in her mouth, I let my tongue wander inside her mouth tasting for more of the same.

I pulled back when it seemed I had gotten as much as I could. "Fucking addictive candy." I breathed. She grinned and pushed my fingers farther into her volcanic cunt, turning my hand as if it were the key to her pussy.

She inhaled sharply and mashed my hand against her soaking wet slit as her inner muscles contracted around my fingers, crushing them in a wet embrace. Her pussy flooded with girl cum and it flowed past my hand and onto my shorts soaking my crotch. I was astonished to say the least; I had never seen that much liquid come out of her before, even Oriana would be hard pressed to match it.

She sighed and leaned back against me where she had been leaning forward. She let go of my hand and rubbed hers along my face gazing into my eyes, her pupils huge. I had to drag my fingers out of her; it felt as if her pussy didn't want to let them go, gripping them to the last. She moaned as they broke free, her pussy super sensitive.

I realized my other hand was still cupping her tit and I pulled that away too, instead wrapping my arms around my sister's body and hugging her tightly to me, thoroughly satisfied. After a moment she said, "Tim um do you want me…" she seemed at a loss for words but I knew what she was asking. "No.

Not right now." I said. "But…but I feel guilty." She said almost whining. "Sshh just be quiet for now." I said softly trying to calm her down. I liked where I was right now, I didn't have the urge to think about the future, I didn't have the urge to do anything really. Living in the moment some would say. She was still for a time but then she started fidgeting, first she started playing with her hands, intertwining her fingers and looking at her nails.

Then she started shifting her weight on my lap, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and it was starting to get more and more intense. Her moving around wasn't doing anything to help my cooling erection and too soon it was back in full force jabbing into her ass again.

She was looking down at her hands and I watched as a pleased smile spread her lips. "Are you sure?" she purred softly, slowly drawing out each word and torturing it with her lust.

"Why can't it wait till we get home or something? I mean there's not much room in here and out there everyone's eyes are on you." I said. She looked around as if seeing this little room for the first time. She stood up and turned a full circle surveying the room with a practiced eye, a slightly stressed look on her face. Then she looked back at me sitting on my ledge pitching a fantastic tent, she suppressed a smile and hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her tiny bikini bottom.

"Lets try something." She said quietly and pulled down one side at a time, swinging her hips in a little striptease. "Ashley please, can't this wait?" I said. She finally got the little piece of fabric off of herself and tossed it on the ledge next to me.

Now she was basically naked, considering the top she was wearing. Her pussy was soaked from before and replenished by a new flood of moisture from getting all hot and bothered just now. Little rivulets of clear liquid trickled down the inside of her thighs; I sighed, wanting nothing more than to kneel before her and lick her clean. I wanted her to push my head into her fragrant cunt, to put my tongue inside her and taste her juices. What!? Why had I thought that?

"Why you got a date or something?" she retorted acidly narrowing her eyes at me, interrupting my thoughts. "No please Ashley! Look later I promise you!" I pleaded standing up and trying to get past her. She frowned and put a hand on my chest pushing juicy attractive teen cum hole is nailed hardcore blowjob back down onto the ledge.

"Just sit down and be still. Let me try something and if it doesn't work…" she said brightly but with a hint of menace in her voice, trailing off. She stood in front of me and reached down, pulling my shorts to my knees, my cock sprang up slapping into my stomach. Ashley grinned, turning her back to me and backed up pushing her ass into my chest. She looked back over her shoulder at me and breathed, "Just relax. Just wait." She slid her ass down my chest to just above my cock; I thought she was thinking of her ass again.

She grabbed the base of my dick and pulled it forward away from my stomach and lowered herself. The head of my cock somehow pushed into the little inch of flesh between her asshole and her pussy. She growled and tried to pull my cock further forward; I cried out in pain, the term painfully hard gained new meaning just then.

My cock brushed the outside of her pussy but didn't enter; it wouldn't bend, not a chance. "Fuck that kills! Your ass is too fucking big Ashley!" I groaned gritting my teeth in pain. Of course there is really no such thing but in this situation it was unfortunately true.

She shot up and turned on me, clenching and unclenching her fists in frustration. "I'm not letting you leave here without your cum in me one way or another." She seethed. "Fuck fine fine, whatever's fastest." I groaned. She grinned wolfishly and knelt in front of me in the shallow water. "Whatever you say Tim." She said seductively from between my knees. She gripped the base of my cock and licked from her hand to the swollen head.

I moaned and arched my back driving my cock an inch or so into her waiting mouth. She wasted no time in taking as much as she could into her hot mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, vacuum sealing her lips around my cock.

My breathing quickened and I closed my eyes, reveling in this pure sensation. She picked up the pace and I knew I wouldn't last much longer; she was a pro after all. "Shit…Ash." I moaned. She pulled most of my cock out as I blew my load in her mouth. She popped my cock out of her mouth after I finished and licked it clean then stood up grabbing for her bikini bottom. I sat back trying to catch my breath and pulled my shorts back up. "Tim if you don't…" "Yeah yeah." I said cutting off her threat.

"Good." She said strutting off after tugging on the tiny piece of clothing. I caught my breath and went after her, struggling into the light before putting my sunglasses back on after retrieving them from the ledge.

Ashley was striding up the beach purposefully and I stopped and watched her, not wanting to draw attention to myself by running after her. Oriana spotted us from the chairs where she had been reading a book she'd brought with her and got up, walking towards me. Ashley intercepted her about halfway to the chairs. She two cute teens elizabeth and jenna foursome on the bed hardcore brunette an arm up around Oriana's neck, grabbed the back of her head and forced their mouths together.

Even from where I stood, I could see Oriana's eyes pop out as she tried to push Ashley away but stopped all of a sudden and closed her eyes, her features softening and her arms falling to her sides. After a second Ashley broke away and continued on to the chairs where she sat, arms folded under her large breasts and stared in my direction.

Oriana wiped her mouth and walked to me smiling. I saw several stunned expressions and a few huge grins among the people on the beach. "So I see you had a good time." She said cheerily, licking the corners of her mouth. "Yeah a good time." I said sarcastically. She cocked her head, confused. "One minute she's crying on my shoulder the next she's practically forcing herself on me. She so fucking emotional it's not even funny!" I explained, exasperated. "Anyways, what was all that about?" I asked calming down.

"Oh," she said sheepishly, "she said it was a gift from you to me." Great now she's pissed and jealous again. "I see. I'm going in for a second, want to come with?" I said. "Sure thing!" I took her hand and we walked down to the water's edge. "How's the water?" I asked.

"Not too bad after you get used to it." Not too bad turned out to be freezing cold and instantly Toe ring cuties feet jizz pornstars and hardcore wished for Ashley's warm ass on my lap again, seeing as my dick was now trying to push itself as far into my body as it could.

I cringed, letting go of Oriana's hand and rushing forward to deeper water and dove in, eager to get used to it as fast as possible. I held my breath and turned underwater so I would surface on my back. Already I could feel my body acclimating to the cold water and being warmed by the blazing sun at the same time creating a very comfortable sensation.

I surfaced and looked back; Oriana was still standing there, smiling at my mad dash into the water. I motioned for her to join me and she charged forward splashing through the water before diving under as I had done. I watched her pale shimmering body glide through the waist deep water next to me and smiled when just her head broke the surface.

She blew the water off of her lips and beamed. I took off my sunglasses and caught the attention of a young pudgy kid passing by us. He was maybe fifteen or sixteen I didn't really care. "Hey buddy could you do me a favor?" I said.

He looked at Oriana first before bringing his eyes back to me. "Sure." He responded warily. I pointed at my sister sitting way up on the beach, still looking in my direction behind her big sunglasses, "See that girl up there?" He squinted in that general direction.

"Yeah sort of. The big blonde one right?" he clarified. Both Oriana and I started laughing at that description. He chuckled nervously along with us, unsure of what was so funny. "Yeah the big blonde one. Go bring these over to her." I said handing him my sunglasses. "And tell her you're a gift from me to her." He looked at me utterly confused while Oriana burst into hysterical laughter.

He turned to go but I stopped him and said, "Oh and when she asks you what you mean just tell her she should know what you're talking about then run like hell." I probably just confused him more but he nodded and waded through the water up to Ashley occasionally glancing over his shoulder at us nervously.

He stopped in front of Ashley and handed her my curly hair ghetto gives head and pounded by pawn man, she took them and it looked like he delivered the message.

She cocked her head and I assume he told her the last part because he took off running just before she shot to her feet.

I thought I could see her shaking in rage but I couldn't be sure. After a second of glaring at me she turned and stormed off in the direction of the snack shack. "You're a little bastard you know that right?" Oriana giggled next to me.

"I know I can't help myself. She's just so easy to piss off." "Oh man she's gonna get your ass." She said getting her laughter under control and slapping my arm. "Yeah," I sighed, "but not today." I stood up and took another running dive and headed out towards the sandbar.

Since we'd arrived the tide had come in quite a bit and now it was a good twenty yard swim through waist deep water to the sandbar which would be exposed until the tide came in completely a few hours from now. I reached the shallows around the sandbar and climbed up onto its sandy ribbed surface turning, I beckoned Oriana follow from where she was still sitting in the water.

She disappeared from view and popped back up in the same spot I had come ashore, striding from the water trying to wring her hair dry. Water streamed from her body making her shine and she blushed when she realized I was watching her. She walked up next to me and I put my arm around her slim waist and looked around us. We were alone on the sandbar, the noise from the beach was less apparent and the view was picturesque. For the moment the little bay was clear of boat traffic and the shores were dotted with beautiful summer homes of all shapes, sizes, and designs.

I tried to imagine what this place might look like at sunset, and filed it away as a possible romantic destination for a special occasion or even just for the hell of it sometime in the future. We stood there for a while just taking in the view before walking along to the far edge of the sandbar and sitting down with our feet in the water.

"Yeah this place would be really pretty at sundown." She said quietly seemingly not wanting to interrupt the moment by being overly loud. I looked over at her sharply, was she reading my mind or was I just that transparent?

She looked up at me with a confused look on her face, "What?" I shook my head and poked her lightly in the ribs.

"Nothing. So what have you been up to recently?" I asked. "Oh not much, my mom took a few days off a while back and we went down to Florida to visit with the grandparents.

Other than that I've just been sitting around working every now and again down at the bookstore. But mostly," she said casting a glance over her shoulder at the beach and pressing closer to me, running a hand slowly up and down my chest, "but mostly I've been thinking about you.

And how jealous I am of you sister." I looked at her and smiled, her hair had fallen around her face so all I could really see was one bright blue eye and a seductive set of lips set in a wicked smile. I let my eyes roam over her body and saw two things that set my dick pushing against my shorts again.

First, her nipples were practically spearing through the tight fabric of her top and second, was the slowly expanding patch of wetness marked out on the bright green material between her legs. "Horny little devil." I chuckled. She tossed another look over her shoulder and turned her eye back to me. "Yeah." She said breathlessly before leaping on top of me. I was knocked flat on my back in the sand as she lay tight on top of me minimizing our silhouette, I doubt anyone from the beach could hope to see what was going on even if the sandbar didn't have slight curve that hid a prone body from view.

She threw a leg over my waist and ground her hips into mine resulting in us both moaning loudly. She grabbed my head between her small hands and kissed all over my face. I put my arms over her back and pulled her harder against my body, she groaned and locked our lips together seeking my tongue with her own. She broke away for a moment and gasped, "God I'm so fucking hot right now!" However my response was smothered by her mouth over mine which I really didn't mind.

"Tim…uuhhn," she said breaking away again for a second, "Tim tell me what she did…and ohh I'll beat it." "Y-you're already beating her." "Don't lie to me Tim my mouth tastes like your cum for a reason.

I…ehhun have a hard time believing she just blew you and that's it." "What is this, some kind of competition?" "Maybe." She said sneakily. I smiled wearily, "You don't need to compete over me, you don't have to compete with each other, hell there doesn't even need to be any competition." "B-but we don't want you to get bored with us." She said tentatively, she actually looked worried or scared that I would get bored with them or something.

How that thought even entered their minds I could not even fathom. Of course she could have been worried that I wouldn't let her one-up Ashley and thus lose their little game. "You two are a piece of work, you know that? Why would you ever think that?" I asked grabbing her shoulders and lifting her up off of me so I could see her face more clearly.

We had stopped moving and she looked away from me, avoiding my eyes. "Well um…ah you've just seemed kind of distant lately. We've barely talked since B-Rob's party two months ago. And Ashley said you haven't even touched her since that whole Sarah thing." She said quietly. I sighed and pulled her back down to me hugging her tightly, the moment pretty much forgotten for now. "Look you have nothing to worry about alright?

No matter what happens, I'll always come running back to you. As for being bored with you two, well now that's just ridiculous not to mention impossible. I love you both so much it's not even funny, well you a little more than Ashley lets say." I whispered in her ear. She giggled at the last part and pulled back to look at me, eyes sparkling. "Really?" "Of course. Now I don't want you worrying about such trivial things like this ever again alright?" I said seriously and after a second, "I swear you two girls are almost more trouble than you're worth these days." I ran my fingers along her sides and started tickling her ribs, a little thing I discovered early on, just how ticklish she really was.

"No no don't you start… ahhh." She squealed before she broke down laughing and squirming trying to get away from my fingers. She rolled off of me and curled up in a ball clutching her sides; I sat up and continued, slipping my fingers between and under her hands to her barely understandable protests.

Finally after a few more minutes I stopped and stood up stretching my back, she sprawled back on the sand, breathless. "Ohh now that you're done with your devious torture, what are you going to do to me now?" she purred from her prone position looking up at me. I stepped over her and knelt down straddling her waist.

"Oh a little of this and a little of that." I responded coyly putting a hand behind me and rubbing her stomach just above her bikini bottom. "Yeah? I like this and that." She said playfully rising up, linking her arms around my neck and pulling herself to me. Her face was no more than a hair's breadth away from mine; her breath was coming in short spurts and her pupils were huge staring deep into mine. She kissed me deeply slipping her tongue into my mouth and switched her hands from around my neck to the back of my head, pulling my lips tighter against hers.

I grinned into her mouth and slowly slid my hand into her bottoms caressing her scorching slit. Her eyes had started to close but when my fingers brushed her outer lips they shot open and she broke away, moaning loudly. She wrapped her arms around my back and put her head over my shoulder.

I pushed first one then two fingers into her pussy spreading my fingers like I had done with Ashley. She cried out and tried to crush me in her arms, her tits were almost flat against my chest she was squeezing so hard. I turned my hand and used my thumb to locate the tiny nub of her clit, rubbing it gently I put my free arm around her back just as she came. Warm liquid streamed past my fingers and she gasped letting go of me, I took her weight on my arm keeping her from hitting the sand while her head lolled back and her mouth hung open.

After a second she recovered and looked back at me smiling. "Wow it's been so long since I've orgasmed; I almost forgot how good it feels." She giggled. I attractive centerfold is presenting her gaped tight hole in close up at her quizzically, cocking my head to the side confused. "I don't like doing it by myself, it's no fun." She said pouting.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'll have to make up for it." I said grinning. I started moving my fingers again and she refastened her arms around my back.

I traced a circle with my fingers as if stirring her insides and slowly pulled my fingers out, she was resting her chin on my shoulder and I felt it jab into my collar bone as she arched her neck to look down, not for the first time I marveled at how flexible she was. I extended my arm out behind me and wiggled my fingers at her, feeling her juices slick between them.

She reached out grabbing my arm but I wouldn't bend it, keeping it locked as she tried futilely to get at my hand. "Don't you want your candy little girl?" I teased. She whimpered as she desperately tried to get to my fingers.

"Gimme gimme, stop teasing me Tim!" she whined. "Say please." "How 'bout I'll fuck you sideways with a lunchbox if you don't give me your fucking hand Tim!" she hissed in my ear.

I believed from her tone of her voice that, she had every intention of trying to do just that, so I bent my arm at the elbow so I could tap the shoulder her chin was on if I wanted to. As soon as I bent my arm she grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth taking in my fingers and sucking on them greedily. "Mmff so good." she sighed finally releasing my hand. I winced and brought my arm back to my front and took my other arm away from behind her back and rubbed my shoulder grinning, as her eyes widened and she fell back into the sand.

"I think somebody is getting too big for their britches." I said accusingly. "Well maybe you should take them off of me." She retorted reaching out a hand and tugging on my shorts. I smacked her hands away from my waist and she instantly grabbed my shoulders pulling me down on top her with a surprising amount of force.

"Ooff, you rang milady?" I quipped. "Fuck me," She growled, "no more games Tim." "But I like games." I said grinning. She exhaled deeply closing her eyes, grabbing my head and slowly brought her face inches from mine.

Opening her eyes slowly she said, "Tim I am hornier that I have ever been right now, and you…you want to play games with me." Movement caught my attention off in the distance back towards the beach and as I focused I saw Trent and three of his friends heading in our direction, huge ocean sex naughty america xxx story sunny leone fucking with boy poles in hand.

"You know very well that I would love to fuck you silly but unfortunately we've got company so it's going to have to wait till later. But here's one for the road." I said reaching back behind me and rubbing her pussy through her bikini. She inhaled sharply and I felt the material dampen almost instantly.

She flopped back on the sand as I stood up and grabbed her arm, hauling her to her feet before I lowered my shoulder to her midriff. Straightening up again with a hand on her lower back to keep her from falling off my shoulder, I then headed back towards the beach.

"Oh I want you to do the dirtiest things to me Tim." She moaned. "Well like I said it's gonna have to wait." "I'm so hot right now." She whimpered. I shushed her as Trent and his friends strode from the water and onto the sandbar. "Whatcha got there brah?" he asked grinning broadly gesturing at the limp form over my shoulder. "Oh just a little something I caught." I chuckled smacking her ass with my free hand. "Ow Tim!" she cried out and started pounding on my back with her tiny fists.

"Very nice catch brah, hey sunny leon with big dick we're gonna do some fishing," he said chuckling as her watched Oriana struggle on my shoulder, "we got some beers too.

Want to join us?" "I'd love to but this one's getting cranky, I have to put her down for her nap." I said winking at them. They broke into laughter and headed back the way we'd come. "Tim!" she screamed, pounding on my back. I chuckled and smacked her ass again harder this time. She shuddered and went limp for a second, her fists falling away from my back.

I felt something trickle down my chest, I stopped mid stride and put her down. "Did you just cum?" I asked. "Yes." She said sheepishly.

"Interesting, well then…" I said trailing off and heading for the water. I almost made it before she jumped on my back, linking her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. "Carry me." She commanded. "I thought you didn't like being carried." "Not thrown over your shoulder like some trophy with my ass hanging out in the air." She said.

I laughed and strode into the water which thankfully was only chest deep, she was high up enough so that she could rest her chin on my pregnant brunette bitch loves getting wet pussy hammered and it jabbed into my skull as she talked.

"So when is later?" "Haven't figured that out yet." I said. She squeezed her legs in response, almost forcing the breath from my lungs.

"Better be soon." She hissed. I didn't respond as I struggled out of the water and made my way up the beach to the chairs. Ashley had returned and was now nursing a red slushy and a candy bar. Oriana got off of me when I stopped and sat back down in her chair, I arched my back and sprawled down on my towel. "How come I don't get rides like that Tim?" Ashley asked. "My back would be broken." I responded not even turning my head to look at her. There was a pause and then from right next to my ear came, "Was that a fat joke Timothy?" "Jesus Christ!" I yelped and scrambled away from her.

She stood, between Oriana and me but not my escape, I backed up slowly and put up my hands as if in surrender. She stepped over my towel and slowly came towards me.

"That's one to many Tim. I let it slide last time because you turned what I said to you on me. And out of the kindness of my heart let the 'your ass is too fucking big' crack this morning go as well. But that was the straw that broke the camel's back Tim or ha should I say your back." She said laughing maniacally, eerily reminiscent of Sarah's laugh.

She stopped laughing all of a sudden and lunged at me, I side stepped and she crashed into the sand, spitting sand out of her mouth she stood up and charged at me. This time I just turned and ran, she was too pissed off, even if I stopped and tried to put up a fight she would probably crack my skull open with a rock or something. I headed for the rocks where I knew I could hide, she could out run me and out last me of that I was sure, I was good for short distance sprints and slow long distance but that wouldn't help me here.

I dodged into the rocks and weaved through them until I broke out into the cove, the banks of which were almost all mud. I skidded to a halt and backed up under a rock. "You can't hide from me Tim!" I heard my sister calling not too far away. From where I was I could see her emerge from the rocks and look around, she however seemed focused on the cove itself, the empty boats and the lack of people, before she turned and disappeared. I heaved a sigh of relief but decided to stay put in case she was waiting for me.

I heard a scraping noise above me and suddenly two hands reached in and grabbed me by the arm hauling me out into the open. "Hi Tim!" Ashley said cheerfully before throwing me to the muddy ground face first. Luckily I kept my head from hitting the mud but at the cost of my arms sinking in to the elbow. Ashley landed with a squishy thump and before I could react had climbed on my back pushing my hips into the mud and linking her arms high on my chest.

"Ready?" she purred in my ear before pulling up with her arms while pushing down with her hips, cracking my back painfully. I went limp in her arms and she let go of me.

"Break your back pfft, I wish I could but there'd be too many questions. You can get up I know you're not hurt." I rolled over on my numb back and glared at her standing over me with her legs still straddling my waist. After a moment she smiled and let her hand sneak across her flat stomach and slip into her bikini bottoms. I could see her fingers moving as she looked down at me lying in the mud. "You look so innocent and vulnerable lying there like that, looking up at me." She said softly as her fingers started moving faster.

"You're more of a guy than you think you are Ashley." "Well if I'm the guy," she said biting her lip and kneeling down with her knees on either side of my chest, "that makes you the girl Tim." And after a pause and leaning down further still taking her hands and putting them on either side of my head so our faces almost touched she breathed, "Do you like being my girl Tim? Being my bitch?" "Your bitch! Bullshmmff…!" I started to say angrily before she smothered my mouth with hers.

I let her kiss me deeply for a few minutes before I grabbed her face between my muddy hands and pulled her off of me. She continued like she was still kissing me before it finally sank in that she wasn't, at which point she pouted and gave me THE tattooed babe stevie shae swallows huge cock, even quivering her lip a little.

"You don't want to make out with me?" she asked in a tiny voice. I continued holding her face between my hands because she kept up the pressure trying to push her lips back against mine. "No! For one there is no such thing as making out with you, there's you mouth raping me.

Second because this only leads to one thing with you and I don't want to fuck on the beach, understand? I already promised you and Oriana that we would do this some other time. Are you two taking horny pills or something, I swear if it's not one of you it's the other!" I vented.

This time her lip quivered with legitimate feeling and I took my hands away from her face and held them away from me not touching her. A tear rolled down her cheek and she turned her face away from me in a whirl of golden hair. "Don't start that again! Just because it worked on me earlier doesn't mean it's going to work now." She turned her head to face me again with a smile on her face, all traces of sadness gone.

"You're no fun Tim, you wont let me play my games." She said standing up again and backing up before extending a hand to help me up. I took it and was halfway to standing when she let go and I landed in the mud again. She laughed and turned to go, well this just wouldn't do so I lunged forward grabbing her ankles I pulled as hard as I could.

She let out a strangled scream as she fell on her face, though she was unable to arrest her fall with her arms like I had. After a second she propped herself up and turned her head to glare at me, eyes full of fire. I couldn't help but laugh at the mud that coated her angelic features. "I think we're even now." I said struggling to my feet and wiping the worst of the mud from my body.

I turned my back on her and made my way down to the water, I could feel her eyes boring into my back and imagined my blood boiling under her gaze. I splashed into the water and started trying to get as much of the caked on mud off of me as I could. "Fine I'll wait but for your sake it had better be soon." Ashley snarled from my side as she too splashed into the water.

"Good girl, be patient." I snickered. With her back to me she flipped me the bird and finished cleaning herself off with a dunk underwater. She stood up and started walking back towards the chairs tossing a pained smile over her shoulder, "My patience only goes so far brother." I followed a short time later and sprawled back on my towel when I got there.

Oriana was sound asleep in her chair, Ashley had already returned to hers and was reading Oriana's book. I pulled out my watch and cursed when I saw the time; we only had an hour or so left before we had to get back home. I closed my eyes and dozed off and on for awhile before checking my watch again and sitting up, ready to get the girls going.

This time they were both asleep and I packed up most of the stuff before roughly shaking Ashley awake and kneeling next to Oriana. "Oriana wake up we have to get going." I said quietly as Ashley strode past me to the showers and changing rooms.

Oriana mumbled something which ended in my name and slowly cracked open her eyes and gave me a tired smile. "Hi." She said. "Hello." I responded when she had sat up and stretched a not altogether unpleasant movement. I handed her the tiny stepsister teen fucked by her stepbrothers huge dick bag she had brought with her.

She shambled off in the same direction as Ashley as I packed up the rest of the things and carried them back to the car before heading off to the shower and changing rooms myself.

I showered and changed quickly, still making it out before the girls; I went back to the car and started it up to cool it down before they got back.

They showed up together and got in the car, Ashley sprawled out in the back while Oriana sat next to me. Half way through the drive both were asleep again, Ashley lay out in the back with her mouth open and Oriana against my shoulder. Neither one of them stirred as I pulled into the driveway and shut off the car. It was only now starting to get dark and I felt satisfied in having stayed out the whole day as my father had requested.

I gently shook Oriana awake and then shoved Ashley's leg until she woke up too. I got out and unpacked the car and by the time I finished they still weren't out yet, I looked in and to my astonishment found they were asleep again.

I shook my head and opened the passenger side door and had to catch Oriana in my arms as she toppled out. I grunted and readjusted my hold on her, hefting her light body in my arms and staggering into the house. My dad was sitting at the counter eating some leftovers, he laughed when he saw me carrying Oriana's sleeping body. She had clung to me in her sleep and had her arms wrapped around my middle. "How's mom doing?" I asked. "Better. With her energy," he chuckled gesturing at Oriana, "I can only imagine how wiped out your sister is." I rolled my eyes and carried Oriana to my room where I laid her gently on my bed and tried to back away but her arms were locked around my waist now.

Smiling I reached behind me and pulled her arms apart, freeing myself from her sleeping embrace. She rolled over and grabbed one of my pillows hugging it to her as she had done with me. I headed back out into the living room and asked my dad to help me get Ashley out of the car, she was a deep sleeper as it was and getting all worked up today meant nothing but the most extreme would wake her up.

We went back outside and wrangled Ashley from the car and carried her between us back into the house to her room where we dropped her unceremoniously on her bed. We then went back into the kitchen and I downed a bottle of water. "Did they drink enough today?" my dad asked. "Not really, that must be it huh?" I said, he nodded and told me to have them drink something when they woke up while he went on some errands.

I said I would and went back to my room as he left. Oriana had spread out a little but was still clutching my pillow tightly; I decided to try not to disturb her and got on my computer. I nothing compares to bbw dominas victorie sandra dominatrix and domination been surfing the web for a little while before I heard a tiny voice call my name.

I looked over and through a curtain of sable hair I could make out one gleaming blue eye regarding me tiredly. "I don't feel good." she said quietly, curling her knees up to her stomach.

"You didn't drink enough water today. Here." I said handing her a bottle of water. She sipped at it and I sat next to her on the bed, brushing the hair from her face. She relaxed a little and spread out again, I lay next to her and she turned, pressing herself against my side and put her head on my chest. We lay like that for awhile before Ashley staggered in holding her head in her hands. "Ah why does my head hurt so much?" she whined. Oriana jumped, she had fallen asleep again without me realizing it.

I sighed and reluctantly got up, Oriana slid off of me and flopped back on the bed looking disappointed as I marched into the kitchen and got some Tylenols or whatever they were. I brought four back with me and gave two to each and soon they were gone along with the water. I got back on the bed and laid back starting to get tired myself, Oriana reattached herself to me and for a moment Ashley stood beside the bed watching us.

Though soon enough she too climbed over Oriana and me to lay on my other side. My bed creaked, not accustomed to this much weight but soon stopped as Ashley settled down, adopting the same position as Oriana. Both had their heads high on my chest fat hairy vagina big penis fucking I couldn't help but become intoxicated by their mixed scents, a heady concoction of flowers, citrus, and who knows what else.

It wasn't long before they were asleep again, their breathing became easy and I smiled to myself at this situation. An idea struck me and I carefully reached for my cell phone on the nightstand, I selected the camera and held it high above us adjusting the picture on the front screen.

I put on an easy smile and took the picture, saving it immediately as a keeper. I put the phone back and let my exhaustion take me into nothingness. I awoke the next morning and immediately became worried by the pressure on my chest, before I remembered why that would be. I opened my eyes and grinned, they were still there sound asleep and almost in the exact same positions I remembered them being in.

I sighed contentedly and looked at the time, nine thirty; I was stunned, I hadn't realized I was that worn out. As if on cue Ashley woke up and blinked her eyes rapidly, confused as to why she woke up where she did, seeing as the first thing that greeted her eyes was Oriana's sleeping face. She sat up and looked at me with an amused smile on her lips. "Well aren't you the luckiest guy ever huh?" she said. "You got that right." I said. Now it was Oriana's turn to wake up and look around, confused.

She looked at the time and cursed. "I have to get home," she said jumping from the bed but turning back and planting a lingering kiss on my lips, "I'll see you when I see you." And just like that she was gone.

I looked back at my sister and caught a hand that had been straying down my side. "You could get luckier." She purred seductively. "Yeah." I sighed and got up grabbing a fresh pair of clothes and heading for the shower with a last look over my shoulder at Ashley still sitting on my bed.

She looked disappointed but not terribly so, as if she was expecting an answer like the one I had given. Stepping into the shower and stripping I stood under the steaming jet and let the days pass by, a week, two, and then three followed by a fourth. I stepped out of the shower and got dressed. College was only two weeks away now and I was starting to get anxious, my mood fluctuated severely and my only solace was the fact that Ashley was coming with me.

Our parents had deemed it a better I idea anikka and madelyn threesome blow fuck long dong pov we go to the same college either as support for one another or for financial reasons I wasn't sure.

I had become bitter with the fact that Oriana would be headed off to a completely different college across the state and this I knew was due to financial reasons and though she vowed that if she could get the money together she would transfer I held little hope of that.

The only thing that kept me from going insane or worse was the fact that we would be able to see each other during breaks and if we had free days or whatever we could manage.

To add insult to injury today was our birthday and though our friends would throw us separate parties later this week, today my sister and I had to suffer through the little family party.

The day had gone fine enough, with plenty of crying from my mother and remembering when 'you were only this big and playing out in the back yard' and 'I can't believe it's been so long, it seems like only yesterday'.

Finally after diner, cupcakes were brought out, each with a little candle and my dad had to take pictures of us blowing them out like little kids. We didn't expect our parents to get us anything seeing as they were paying for most of our college expenses but they surprised us by getting us a few little things. Then it was our turn, Ashley gave me a new pair of sunglasses seeing as I accidentally broke the last pair, these ones were the expensive kind too.

She also passed me a note under the table and I quickly stuffed it in my pocket to read later. Now I smiled and pulled out a slender box and slid it to her. Her eyes lit up and she looked at me excitedly and she carefully picked up the box as if it was made of glass. My parents grinned and exchanged pleased glances at my gesture. She opened it and let out a squeal of delight as she pulled out a thin silver chain, which held a small locket at the end of it.

It had taken a solid day to find just what I was looking for and a good chunk of change to get it. It was incredibly intricate, first off, it was circular in shape and the front was inlaid with two crossed roses, the stems were black, the flower part was sex vidiwith a boy and girl and the background was silver.

On the back I had her name inscribed in black and slightly raised against silver as well. I showed her how to open it and she grinned, lightly punching me in the arm when she saw the pictures I had put inside. One was a picture of her from five or six years ago in her hockey jersey posing, ready to make a slap shot. The other was the one of her and Oriana asleep on my chest. It had taken even more time to scale down the photos so they would actually fit inside the locket.

"Oh my god, thank you!" she squeaked choking back tears as she hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. "Thank you." I said when she had released me. My mom started crying again and hugged us both, kissing us profusely before my father pulled her away. "I'm going to take your mother out for awhile, if we don't get back before you go to bed have a good night. And happy birthday." He said. With that he ushered her out the door and I heard the car pull away.

I turned my attention back to Ashley who was just now, putting the locket around her neck. "It's so beautiful." she said. "I'm glad you like it, I was going to put this one in there," I said handing her the scaled down version of the picture I had taken of her and Sarah, "but I didn't think you'd like that too much." She was shocked at first, not even knowing I had taken the picture but soon she broke down laughing and it was some time before she calmed down enough to speak.

"Oh wow yeah that would have caused a few problems." She giggled. I smiled and pulled her note from my pocket but before I could read it she grabbed my hand. "Hold on a second give me that back for now." She said, I handed it back to her and she told me to go to my room for twenty minutes. I did and after fifteen minutes I got antsy and went back into the kitchen where the note was lying on the table.

Ashley was nowhere to be found, I looked around just in case she was hiding somewhere watching me before I picked up the note and opened it. Go outside. Happy birthday Tim.

Love Ashley. I put it down, unbelievably confused and headed for the door, stepping out into the warm summer night air I looked around, nothing seemed unusual or out of place except… There were three cars in the driveway, there should only be two, I looked closer and with a start, realized the third was Oriana's car! I ran over to it and looked inside but it was empty, even more confused I put my hand on the hood, it was still warm.

I walked back inside and the house still seemed to be devoid of life until something shiny caught my attention down the hall. As I walked closer I realized it was Ashley's locket on my door handle, it was swinging gently as if just placed there.

A huge grin split my face as I silently opened my door and stepped in, closing it just as quietly after me. The lights were dimmed but I could still make out two lumps under the covers of my bed and instantly I could tell which one was which, seeing as one lump was substantially larger than the other. I crept to the foot of the bed and strained my ear trying to make out the whispered voices I thought I could hear. "Why hasn't he shown up yet?" possibly Oriana's voice.

"Calm down he'll figure it out eventually. You get him first anyway." Must be Ashley's voice. "I'm so excited, shit I'm already soaked." Oriana again. Well that did it. "Does my sister turn you on that much Oriana?" I quipped. They shrieked and I thought they would have hit the ceiling if they hadn't been under the sheets. Slowly a hand appeared above the larger lump and the cover was pulled away to reveal Ashley's beautiful face, a fiendish smile playing across her lips.

Then the covers were pulled away from the smaller lump and Oriana's face came into view, though she had on a frown she could barely maintain. "What do you mean does she turn me on?" she said trying as hard as she could to sound serious. "Well being around Ashley tends to get everyone all hot and bothered so I assumed that was why you were soaked." I said laughing. "How long were you standing there?" Ashley asked. I turned to her grinning, "Not long but long enough." "Too much talk!

He's mine!" Oriana said ripping the sheets away, fully exposing her naked body and getting into a crouching position. I smiled at her, not exactly sure what she was up to when she launched herself at me. She crashed into me and sent us to the floor, I was momentarily stunned and in that short period of time she had all but disrobed me except for my socks which she hadn't bothered with.

She was all over me, kissing my face and worming herself all over my body. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her tightly to me holding her upper body still so I could kiss her back. She struggled in my arms, she had way too much pent up energy but I would fix that soon enough.

Her hips remained in motion and I flinched every time her glistening cunt came in contact with my rock hard cock.

I held her with one arm as my other traveled down her back to her ass which, as I said was still in motion. I grabbed a cheek pretty teen jennifer jacobs gets humped and facialized squeezed, she giggled but it did little to slow her down.

I traced the crack of her ass with a finger until I came upon the little starburst of her hole; I pushed with that finger and felt it slowly sink into the tightest thing I had ever come across. That got her attention and she stopped moving immediately and stared into my eyes with the most intense look of lust I had ever seen. "I wasn't joking when I told you I wanted you to do the dirtiest things to me." She whispered in my ear. "I always assumed you didn't like that." I whispered back.

"You assumed wrong." she breathed. Up until now Ashley had sat quietly on my bed watching us with an amused grin on her face, upon hearing what Oriana said she reached behind her and withdrew the gel tube that had started to become very familiar, especially with Ashley around. She wiggled it at me and her grin spread, she got down off the bed and knelt next to us. Oriana was either unaware of her presence or didn't care because she remained still, staring into my eyes and occasionally pushing her hips back against my hand.

I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass and held my hand out to Ashley expectantly. Oriana looked disappointed when I pulled my finger out but that expression changed to one of discomfort then relieved satisfaction as Ashley applied the gel herself. She then draped herself over Oriana's back and whispered in my other ear, "You had better save something for me Tim, I have a surprise for you and I want you to have at least some energy left." My cock twitched at the mention of a surprise from my sister, I'm sure Oriana noticed because she turned her head slightly so she could see Ashley out of the corner of her eye.

"You can have him when I'm done with him. Don't rush me!" she hissed acidly. Ashley smiled and rose up, getting back on my bed and lying flat on her stomach to watch us again with her chin in her hands.

"How do you want it?" I asked coyly. "I've never tried this before." She said rolling off of me and getting on her hands and knees next to me. "Neither have I." I said looking to my sister for confirmation, she shook her head. "Well then…" I got behind her and noticed a drop of get on her lower back; I scooped it up with a finger and found it was more than enough to slick my dick.

I lined up the head of my madly throbbing cock with her now well greased backdoor. "Ready?" "Whenever you are." She purred looking back over shoulder at me, her bright blue eyes gleaming. And with that I pushed my cock about three inches in without much difficulty; we both gasped as our own separate feelings rushed through our nerves. If I thought it was tight around my finger, to my cock it was like a vice on roids. I gasped and almost fell on top of her but somehow managed to stay reasonably upright.

Her reaction was much more extreme; she cried out, gritting her teeth and forcing herself not to scream as she tried desperately to relax. I could hear Ashley giggling softly behind us but paid her no heed as I waited for Oriana to adjust. She growled something after a minute or so but I didn't quite hear her. "What?" "All the way. All the way in!" she groaned. I shrugged and slowly pushed the rest of my blond amateur teen homemade creampie becoming a man into her ass, this time she did scream not in pain but pleasure, I hoped.

"Oohh god euuhhhh so f-fucking big uuhhhnn!" She screamed. Ashley started laughing, "Ohhh hurts so good!" she said imitating Oriana's voice. Oriana definitely didn't hear that, she was so focused on her own body.

I noticed a slight tremble in her arms and I knew neither of us would come away from this with any energy like Ashley wanted. I gave her a moment to adjust again before I slowly started to pull out of her, it felt like every muscle she had was trying to keep me inside of her and if wasn't for the gel I probably wouldn't have been able to.

I managed to pull most of the way out before I shoved forwards, this must have been too much for her because her arms gave out and she lay breathless from screaming with her cheek pressed against the floor. She was so fucking tight it was unbelievable, I realized after just a few strokes that I would most likely be done so I stopped and let her recover.

Her arms were still shaking so I assume she didn't choose to stay as she was with her butt in the air and her face against the floor.

I looked back at Ashley, she shook her head sadly and I turned back to Oriana who had by now started trying to push her ass back against me. I started to pull out again this time however, I leaned forward and with one hand grabbed her left nipple between my fingers and with my right I rubbed my hand down (now up) her stomach to her pussy. She was still wet as I slowly inserted just one finger and described lazy circles inside of her while my thumb gently rubbed her clit.

This had the desired effect of getting her more excited and she started pushing back against me with more enthusiasm. And now that I had a general slow rhythm for myself I could try and time her climax alongside mine, well that was my hope.

"Oh m-more ohh Tim dump it in my ass eeeyyhhh-eaaaahh!" She screamed. Well so much for timing it just right, she came hard, she should have with me teasing just about every serious sensory cluster on her body.

Her whole body shook wildly and I felt a flood of liquid stream past my hand, her eyes were clenched shut and a queer smile on her lips telling me that cumming with a dick in her ass was a new feeling. On my end it was even more intense, her ass spasmed around my cock, clenching as her muscles tightened and twitched.

That was it for me, I pushed forward again and buried my dick as far in as it would go and blew my pent up load deep into her insides. For an eternity and beyond I fired jet after jet of cum into her and with each new onrush of fluid she twitched and arched and writhed under me. Finally spent, I promptly collapsed on my side while she sprawled out on her stomach, barely alive it seemed. My cock clearing her ass at speed brought with it a comical popping/sucking sound along with a small trickle of cum and gel from her very abused backdoor.

"It's so hot in my ass." She mewled softly almost to herself. Ashley got off the bed and sat down next to my head, stroking my face with a tender hand.

"You're going to have to give me a few minutes." I panted tiredly, reaching up and touching the hand on my face. "Don't worry about it." "Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked, genuinely concerned for Oriana. Ashley looked at Oriana lying on the ground breathing hard and holding a hand over her ass either to keep herself from leaking further or to comfort her sore hole. "Yeah she should be alright." She leaned down so our faces were close together, "I told her how much you like fucking my ass," she smirked when I blushed, embarrassed, "so she did this.

I don't know if she was trying to show me up or compete with me or what but she definitely wasn't ready for it." "So what now?" I asked. She backhanded me in the stomach playfully and kissed me hard before breaking away. "You just relax for a bit while I make her feel better.

Then, oh then we have our fun." She purred. "I don't need to feel better I feel great!" Oriana called in from her position on the floor, I didn't know who she was trying to convince, us or herself. "Sure you do." Ashley said standing and hoisting Oriana up and dropping her on my bed so her legs hung over the side. She made no move to resist other than a feeble attempt of pushing Ashley away at first.

Ashley knelt between her legs and tossed her hair over her shoulder and with a final look back at me, buried her face in Oriana's pussy. "Wow it doesn't get much better than that." I murmured to myself as I got up and slouched in my chair watching as every guy's dream came true. Ashley had one hand in front of her face teasing Oriana's clit; the other hand was caressing her own slit.

At first Oriana was a little confused but as soon as Ashley hit her stride she stunning teen serena torres gets banged sweet eighteen first time. She started moaning and arching her back, her hands sought out her tits and from my angle it looked as if she was crushing them in her grip. Her hair was tossed about by her sometimes violent movements and Ashley had to sacrifice the hand at her own crotch to hold Oriana down by pushing down with her forearm on Oriana's waist.

Ashley made some quick movement with her hand and her webcam teen have fun with vibe livewebcam, Oriana cried out and squeezed her thighs on Ashley's head preventing her from backing her face away.

I heard her cough and splutter but couldn't see anything past Oriana's thighs. With a final jerk Ashley broke her face away and took a deep breath, wiping her face with the back of her hand. "Uhg I haven't done this in so long. I can't get back in the groove." She said looking over at me.

"What do you mean? She just came." I said. "You'll see what I mean in a minute or two." She said mysteriously with a huge grin on her face. Oriana finally caught her breath and tried to sit up but Ashley pushed her back down, replacing her forearm on her waist. "You're just as bad as Tim. What is it, with you two and my pussy?" she asked looking at me sidelong while keeping an eye on Ashley. "You're both so damn cute we just can't keep away." Whatever response she might have had died in her throat as Ashley started up again.

She now tilted her head slightly to one side but kept her free hand at Oriana's clit, doing what, I didn't know. She pulled back long enough to say, "Ah here we go." before plunging back in again.

Oriana's eyes bugged out and she started screaming, tears streamed from her eyes and she arched her back so much that the only contact she had with the bed was the top of her head and her hips which Ashley firmly held down.

"Ashleeeeyy!" she screamed madly. She dropped and lay still for a moment and I assumed that she just came again. Ashley backed out and turned to me, her face was soaked in Oriana's cum which she wiped away with a hand and licked clean. "I love it when they scream my name." she giggled evilly. Oriana was done, she was out cold and as I looked closer I could see a little smile still on never say never lesbian blondes lips.

She stood up and stretched her back, pushing her large breasts out prominently; I couldn't help but let out a low appreciative whistle. She looked at me and smiled, was that a little red coloring her cheeks just now? I looked down and saw that not only was her slit soaking wet but her juices were trickling down the inside of her thighs.

I got that urge again and this time I let it take me, sliding from my chair, I knelt in front of her and grabbed her balls deep in blonde barbie eva cole in both hands, dragging her to me.

"Wha…?" was all she managed before I buried my face in her fragrant cunt, lapping at her glistening pussy like a dog deprived of water. I stopped and backed my face away to lick up the little rivulets of clear liquid from her thighs; she sighed contentedly and put her hands on my head gently guiding me back to her pussy. I traced around her clit with my tongue but never touched it as I changed direction and shoved my tongue as far as I could into her and started licking her insides.

She had started to breathe faster and she was pushing my face into her with more and more force, she was close. I snuck a finger between her ass cheeks and pushed against her tight hole while simultaneously sucking on the little nub of her clit.

She cried out and tried to collapse but remarkably I managed to hold her up while a flood juices poured out of her into my eager mouth. Finally I supported her weight enough to gently lower her down into my arms. She stretched out in front of me like a cat and sighed, I was a few minutes before she realized she'd gotten distracted. "I bet you think you're clever huh, distracting me like that. Well the fun stops here, no more games." She giggled girlishly, struggling back to her feet and hauling me up with her.

She pulled me tightly to her. "When was the last time we did this?" she asked slyly. "What, fucked? Um that would have to be…the day after that whole Sarah thing I think." "Good and drilling unfathomable inside messy pussy hardcore and blowjob was the last time you didn't fuck me in the ass?" "Oh god I can't remember!

Do you?" I responded, color rushing to my cheeks. "Nope." And with that she told me to sit in my chair, I did bankrupt stud lets peculiar mate to penetrate his gf for bucks she grinned, throwing a leg on either side of my chair.

"And you aim to fix thaoohhhh ohhh my g-god!" was what came out of my mouth as she lowered her blazing cunt onto my cock. I was amazed at how tight she was I guess all that relative inactivity had some kind of effect on her. Her eyes were closed and she let out a pleased sigh, leaning against me and putting her chin on my shoulder.

"I've been working on this over the years, tell me what you think." She pulled her head back and looked at me. She scrunched up her face in concentration, keeping one eye open to watch my reaction. Suddenly it felt like my sending nudes by pamela morrison is hot as hell was being massaged by waves of wet pressure, the waves being her inner muscles, creating one of the most intense sensations I have ever felt.

She asked me what I thought and I found I couldn't respond, I had trouble thinking and the only movement I made was to slump into her, moaning. After a few minutes of that blissful torture she stopped, she was breathing hard, as if the effort of controlling herself like that was exhausting and she haruna in special homemade amateur fuck video more at slumped forward so we were leaning up against each other.

"Wow." I finally managed to croak. "Thank…you." She panted. We stayed like that for a bit before my madly throbbing cock demanded her attention. "What are you trying to do beat your way out of me?" she laughed wearily.

"I could if I wanted to, you make me so fucking hard." I groaned. "Aww you say just the right things." she said lifting herself up and dropping down with all her weight, slapping her thighs against mine. We both cried out loudly and she exhaled sharply, pressing her lips against mine. I could still detect Oriana's lingering taste and I grabbed the back of her head pushing our mouths tighter together. "What's this?" she said breaking away and smiling, "Do I detect initiative?" "I'll show you initiative." I said.

Her eyes widened as I put one arm around her back and another under her ass and lifted. Thankfully it was only a few feet to the bed, any farther and her weight would have brought me to my knees. As it was, I barely managed it and was able to lay her down semi gently, even if she was lying over Oriana's waist.

"Oh yeah fuck me. Fuck your sister hard!" she commanded breathlessly as I started to push in and out of her. I hesitated at first and she said grabbing my head between her hands super sexy blonde girl fucked by photographers facial and cum in the mounth brunette italian emphasis, "Save the kid stuff for Oriana.

Fuck me like you mean it!" I shook my head with an amused smile and pulled almost completely out. She looked at me expectantly, letting go and I thought I could feel her pussy tighten in anticipation but I wasn't sure.

"Your wish…" I said before slamming my cock back into her. "Eeyeahhhh!" She screamed tilting her head back and biting her lip seductively, though I don't think she meant to. I pulled out once more and slammed back in with the same result. I did this again and again, she cried out every time and I found a certain pleasurable sensation in her cries. I wanted to hear more but I realized I could feel myself starting to reach that point already and knew I had but mere moments.

I pulled out one final time and slowly pushed all the way back in making sure to feel as much of her tight cunt as I could on the way. She let out a long low moan and that was the final straw, I erupted deep inside of her and though it wasn't nearly as large a load as I had shot into Oriana given the recovery time, but it was still substantial. "Oh there we go." She said quietly. I had been supporting myself on my hands and now my arms started to shake, noticing this Ashley pulled me down on top of her, burying my face in her tits.

"Happy birthday Tim." She said wearily. "Happy birthday Ashley." I said back to her, my voice muffled by her large breasts. "Oh you did not just have sex on top of me!" came Oriana's groggy voice. "That we did." Ashley chirped "And now that you're awake I get to have more fun." She released me and gently rolled me off of her; I sank off the bed and sat on the floor panting.

"So you think you're going to have fun with me eh?" Oriana said. "I know so." Ashley giggled. I turned and saw Oriana kneeling on my bed almost against the headboard and Ashley sitting on the opposite edge just before Oriana sprang at Ashley like she had done to me.

However, Ashley caught her in mid air but it didn't stop them from tumbling over the edge of my bed and onto the floor with a loud thump. I couldn't help myself but to break into uncontrollable laughter, I couldn't see them but I could hear them thrashing around just out of sight.

"Ow stop being so boney." Ashley laughed. "Boney!" Still giggling uncontrollably I clambered back onto my bed and lay back putting my hands behind my head and taking a deep calming breath as I finally stopped laughing. There were a few more thumping noises and I saw a small hand flail into view before being snatched away.

Then Ashley slowly rose up and put her arms out on the bed stretching her back but making no move to stand up.

"Alright…I'm done, you two nnggghhh ah you two wore me out." She gasped breathlessly. She paused and her face contorted as if in pain then loosened, a sleepy smile on her lips. "What did you do with Oriana?" I asked.

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She pointed down and I looked at her confused, to which she beckoned me to her with a crooked finger. I crawled to her and she took my chin in her hand guiding our lips together in a passionate kiss before letting me go. I looked down and saw a pair of brilliant blue eyes under a spread of jet black hair between Ashley legs.

I snorted and looked behind Ashley seeing the rest of Oriana's body struggling and flailing, trying to dislodge Ashley. "Oh come on Ashley let her up, I know what that feels like." I said, suddenly feeling tired. Her lips parted slightly and she arched her back, leaning back she was practically shoving her tits in my face and I had to stop myself from taking one of her succulent nipples into my mouth. Wait, why did I have to stop myself?

I grinned and leaning in I took one of her large tits in each hand, bringing my lips to her left nipple and taking her still rock hard piece of flesh into my mouth. "Oooohhhh mmmmh w-wait uh uh uh!" she screamed grabbing the back of my head and mashing my face against her giving flesh.

My lips and hands on her sensitive breasts and whatever attention Oriana was paying to Ashley's pussy, was too much for her. Her whole body shook hard enough to break the lock I had on her and I backed up, watching her writhe in climax. She heaved a huge sigh and collapsed forward facedown on the bed, finally still. With a grunt Oriana dragged herself out from under Ashley and got unsteadily to her feet. I lay back again and closed my eyes, utterly exhausted.

"What are you tired? Pansy." Oriana teased easing onto the bed past Ashley and curling up next to me and putting her head on my shoulder, her warm breath caressing my neck. "Not all of us got to have a nap like you did." I said yawning. She giggled and snuggled in closer to me as if she was cold; I put an arm around her and yawned again. I felt my eyes start to droop and felt myself about to fall asleep when Ashley groaned and stood up.

"Okay that's it I'm finished, you two children have done me in. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. You might want to put something on just in case." She announced before various items of clothing started to land on us. I vaguely remember putting on my boxers and shorts, Oriana put her underwear back on and her little shorts as well.

We left our shirts next to us, it was still warm out and as hot as we were it just would have been uncomfortable. "Tim." Oriana said quietly when Ashley had left, "I have a present for you." "What could you possibly give me that you haven't already?" She pulled out a picture and looked at it smiling, before turning it so I could see.

It was a picture of her in her school girl's outfit standing in her room in front of the bed. She was standing with one knee slightly bent and turned inwards; her arms were up, forearms between her tightly covered breasts, her hands were clasped together at her throat.

It looked like she was blushing and was giving the camera an embarrassed look, a tiny mischievous smile on her slightly parted lips. "Do you like it?" she asked peering over the picture at me. "Like it? I love it!" I said, she beamed and I could see her cheeks had turned bright red. "Did you do this yourself?" "Yes. I took me forever to get it just right.

I have more if you want them." She said. "Of course I want as many as you can give." I said turning and kissing her forehead. I pulled her tighter to me and turned my head so my mouth was right next to her ear before whispering, "I love you so much Oriana." "I love you too. I'm going to miss you so much." She said sniffling. "Ssshhh. We'll see each other plenty don't you worry." I said soothingly. She sniffed and picked her head up to look at me, bleary eyed.

"Promise?" "Promise." I said yawning again and closing my eyes. I felt her head drop back onto my chest and her arm go around me before I finally fell asleep. My mind finally woke up two weeks later in the backseat of my parent's car pulling into campus.

We'd gotten all of our stuff moved in yesterday and were on the final trip back, because we lived a mere hour and a half away from the college it wasn't too bad hauling all that stuff. My sister and I now lived in the same freshman co-ed dorm building, on opposite sides of course but I was still shocked to be in the same building with her.

At the moment though she was crushing my hand in her nervous grip. She had started freaking out a few days before we had to show up for orientation and she hadn't calmed down since. I was still surprised that I had become the confident one of us; I smiled, absentmindedly thumbing the simple silver ring Oriana had given me the last time I saw her four days ago.

The smile slid from my face as we pulled up to the parking lot adjacent to the dorm. We got out suffering through our final goodbyes with the parents and picking up our final boxes of stuff, lugging them inside to our rooms. I was lucky skinny guy doggystyles fat ass bbw tube porn to get a double instead of the more common triple here and I had already gotten to know my roommate pretty well from regular e-mails and the occasional phone call from a few months before starting.

"Well that's the last of it JD." I said dropping the box on my bed. I looked across the room at him rummaging through his small closet. The room was perfectly symmetrical with two beds at each end, two desks in the center with two chair and two dressers at the foot of each bed along with a small closet. "Cool. Man I tell ya this first week, hell this first month is gonna be a fucking bitch." Jason Daforo responded in his thick New England accent.

He was about my height but about thirty pounds heavier and muscular, a football player. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and a constant gap-toothed grin. "Yeah." I sighed putting the last of my stuff away and getting on my new laptop. Our classes didn't start until tomorrow so I planned on trying to relax and get used to this new setting. There was a faint knock on our open door and I looked up to see Ashley standing there nervously.

I chuckled and waved her over to me, she shuffled over and sat on my bed casting a wary glance a JD. He gave her a reassuring smile and xxx big sex story download his head to me, asking if I wanted him to leave. He knew who she was and wasn't about to intrude. I nodded and he left citing hunger for Ashley's benefit. "What's the matter?" I asked swiveling in my chair and taking her hands in mine.

"I'm just scared that's all. This new shit is freaking me out." "I know. We just have to get used to it." I said running a thumb over the top of one of her hands. "Yes all it takes is time." Came a new voice, thick with an eastern European accent from the doorway. I looked up and I had to force my jaw closed. I recognized her from orientation as our RA but couldn't recall her name. She was maybe five six and I couldn't even guess at her weight but given her slight but muscular build it couldn't be much.

She had a plain enough face with full lips and a small nose but the thing that caught my attention were her eyes. They were grey almost silver in color and the fact that her hair was dyed bright orange and spiked up didn't draw my eyes away from hers. They were the most evil penetrating eyes I had ever seen, I felt like I was being flayed and dissected under her gaze. She had a ragged inch or so scar on her left cheek and as I looked closer I thought I could see it twitch as if it knew it was under scrutiny.

She wore baggy clothing so from my vantage point I couldn't really see much in the way of defined curves but her hips were slim and her breasts were on the petite side. "You must be the Donovan twins, yes? My name is Natalia. We will be seeing a lot of each other I think." I shivered involuntarily because the entire time she spoke her eyes never, not for a millisecond, left mine.

"I've never had twins before," Natalia continued after a pause to let her eyes flicker over Ashley's body, a faint smile on her lips, "in any dorm I've been in." "Well now you do." I said trying to be friendly but praying that she would just leave.

"Indeed." She said turning her silver eyes back to me. "Well," she said after a moment, clapping her hands together, "I'm sure I will be indulging I'm your company soon enough but I have other matters to attend to." And with that she was gone, her bright orange hair leaving an after image in my mind's eye. After a few minutes Ashley said, "Holy god! We have to live with her for a whole fucking year?" "It appears so." "This place just gets better and better." She said sarcastically.

"Bah, stop worrying we'll be fine, big baby." I grinned, stressing the word big knowing it would get us off of this depressing subject for a little while. Her eyes flared for a second before she realized I wasn't serious but still stood up and hauled me to my feet by my collar. She took a quick look around and leaned in, kissing me hard and spinning at the same time so I had my back to the bed.

She pulled away and looked down into my eyes, "You just wait. Next time we're alone I'll get you back for that." She said huskily. "I can't wait." I responded coyly.

She snorted and pushed me onto my bed before turning to go, a mischievous smirk on her face. "See you in class." She said walking out the door and blowing me a kiss.

I heard a girlish "Hi JD!" from my sister and a second later he walked anal of amazing babe is pounded hardcore and blowjob into the room with a bag of chips from a nearby vending machine. "Bro your sister is fine." He said grinning, humor as always, in his eyes. "Shut up dude." I chuckled. "Oh I enchanting asian babe gets her pussy boned hard Natalia in the other room, did she stop by here?" he asked casting a wary glance towards the door.

"Yes, she did." "Whew good, I hope she doesn't remember my last name, otherwise I'm fucked." He said getting up and closing the door before slumping into his own chair, facing me on my bed. "Why would you be fucked?" I asked, confused but intrigued. "My brother." He answered as if that would make me understand. I recalled that his brother went here but had graduated two years ago.

"Huh?" He got up and came around the desks to sit in my chair, leaning forward he licked his lips nervously as if unsure of weather to tell me or not. "Dude, that girl," he said slowly, "that girl is the most evil, perverted, vicious, psychotic, nympho on this man's planet." I'm sure the color had already started to bleed from my face as I listened to his chilling words.

He continued after a pause to compose his thoughts, "When my brother was a senior, she was a sophomore and at the time she was relatively normal, right. So like all of a sudden she changes and nobody knew why, she dyed her hair all kinds of freaky colors and started acting all weird.

She got super aggressive in hitting on guys and even some girls too, but she got turned down constantly even beat up a few times I hear. And by this time she has already started taking classes for her major, which was and still is chemistry or something involving a lot of chemicals and medicines I'm not sure. So anyways she was really after this one guy but he wouldn't have anything to do with her.

So after classes got out for the weekend they disappeared for like a couple days, finally he shows up, looking like shit. Then after a week or so the story starts to get around that he was eating in the dining hall and got sick all of a sudden so he went to the bathroom and that was all he remembered, before waking up in some random room tied to a chair, naked. He wouldn't tell anyone specifically what she did to him but you can imagine, after those few days she injects him with something else and he wakes up in his own dorm room, fully clothed.

So he goes to take a shower and he sees that there's an N burned onto his hip." "Oh my god." I breathed.

"Yeah I know right. And this shit keeps happening, like all tolled about ten guys and two girls just disappear then show up, used and abused with an N burned into their hip." I sat stunned into silence as I digested what he had said. "Why didn't somebody do something, why didn't somebody call the cops?" I asked. "Dunno. Too scared or something man sexual domination wrestling first time hatefuck my hippie asshole it never got reported to anybody, the rumors and stories just went around but nobody did anything." "Then what does this have to do with your brother and you." I asked tentatively.

He winced but continued after another long pause and a sigh, "She came after him man." "Shit, what happened?" "She drugged him but when he woke up he busted loose, gave her that scar on her cheek you probably saw.

He was the only one to escape; turns out she had brought them all to this old janitor's storage room in the basement of one of the buildings. He graduated before she could get to him again. Apparently she stopped after that." "That's good to know." I sighed.

"Dude, just watch your back and if you don't mind, keep an eye on mine. She's a senior now and there's no reason for her not to start up again." "My sister was right, this place just gets better and better." I said wearily.

"If it doesn't give you nightmares you're a braver man than me." He said thumping me on the shoulder and getting up, heading for the door. "I'm gonna go find my classes, wanna come with?" "Yeah sure I need to clear my head." I responded following him out of the building.

We explored the campus more thoroughly than we had on our previous visits, locating our classrooms and how to get to them. I was still in awe at the size of some of my gen-ed classes, a few were to have upwards of three hundred students in them. By the time we got back around ten I was exhausted and we decided to hit the sack early. Stripping down to my boxers I got into bed and quickly fell asleep, for my first night in a strange place I managed to fall asleep very quickly.

However, it felt like only a few minutes before I jolted awake, fearful that there was someone else in the room besides the two of us. I looked towards the door and let out a relieved sigh as I saw it was closed, I was certain I would see a silver eyed, orange haired, psycho standing there.

Instead I heard a tiny giggle and turned my head sharply to face my desk, eyes wide with anticipated fear. I whimpered pathetically when I saw who was sitting in my chair and scrambled back up against the wall, my heart slamming itself against my chest. Natalia sat with her legs crossed, chin cupped in one hand, and elbow resting on one knee watching me curiously. She was wearing the same clothes she had on earlier but the top few buttons of her baggy button up shirt were undone revealing a deep V of her upper chest.

The light was bad but her skin looked too dark for what I had seen earlier and patchy too as if she was tattooed but that couldn't be, there would have to be too many. "You are a light sleeper, yes?" she said softly but with a hint of disappointment in her voice as if she had wanted to watch me sleep for longer. "No, just when people like you are watching me." I said mma cage fighter teen fucks blonde with nice tits, trying to slow my breathing.

"People like me?" she smiled tightly and cocked her head to the side. "Yeah psychos." I said, slowly building up my shattered confidence. She giggled girlishly and looked back at me with great amusement in her silver eyes. "Who has told you this story of me?" "I heard it before I came here." I responded quickly. She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously, but said nothing.

"Did you come here for a reason," I asked, glaring into her eyes, "or did you just want to disturb my sleep?" "Merely a fact finding mission." She said grinning. I sighed and stood up from my bed, she glanced down as her smile grew sickly and her eyes brightened for a second before her gaze traveled back to my face along the length of my body.

I strode to the door and with my back turned said, "Then if you don't mind get the oomph…" A freezing hand was placed on my back and with horrendous strength I was pushed up against the wall with a thud. "My my, I wonder who gave these to you." She purred from behind me as an equally chilly finger traced the scars on my back. "Your sister perhaps?" I stiffened and slowly said, "No my girlfriend did that." The fingers continued to trace my back but it now felt like she was trying to line up her own hand with them.

"Your girlfriend? But she is too small to have done this." My eyes shot open in horrified surprise and her fingers withdrew. There was a pause before a familiar square image was placed in front of my face.

The picture of Oriana in her school girl uniform slowly materialized in the darkness, "Yes she is too small to have done this, but your sister…" "My ex girlfriend did it, she is the same size as my sister and just as vicious as you." She broke down into high pitched girly giggling and it was some time before she calmed down enough to speak.

"You are a funny boy. Perhaps we will be friends, yes?" she still had me pushed up against the wall with one freezing hand but gradually the pressure eased and I slowly turned to face her. "Perhaps more than that, yes?" she smiled and I couldn't help but shiver. She waited for me to respond but all I could do was glare at her to hide my terror and revulsion. "Well we have all year to get acquainted so do not despair." She said happily, opening the door and stepping out into the hall.

But she seemed to remember something and turned back to face me holding the picture in her hand. "She is very pretty; I wonder if I should keep this, it may prove entertaining when I am bored." "Give it back or I'll fucking throttle you." I growled. She beamed excitedly and stepped closer to me. "Oh you will be fun." She whispered as her free hand pulled my waistband and she dropped the picture into my boxers letting go with a snap of elastics. "Try not to get hurt I will see to you in due time." She said reaching up and trying to stroke my face with an icy hand before I jerked away.

She giggled again and headed off down the hall to the girls side of the building. I took the picture out of my boxers and brought it back into the room closing the door behind me. How had she found this, I had hid it on the shelf in my closet under some random stuff, I would have to find a new place for it but later. Absentmindedly the thumb of my right hand flicked over the ring and I calmed down slightly. I looked at the clock and groaned it was two in the morning.

I got back into bed and tried to fall asleep but kept waking up at every little noise I heard. It was a few weeks before I stopped looking over my shoulder every five seconds and started sleeping regularly. That first morning I had woken up exhausted and had stumbled into class and seated myself when Ashley showed up looking sullen and demanded that we sit in the back at the end of the row with me between her and the rest of the room.

I had been too tired to question her and now I was regretting it, I could barely hear the professor when he wasn't using his mic and it was only thanks to a large overhead projector that I could see. Although it was a basic English class, and I really didn't need to pay much attention, however I became bored almost instantly. And so a few weeks, closer to a month after that first disastrous night I was sitting in that English class suffering through a severe bout of boredom.

The professor had been droning on about proper sentence structure or some shit for an hour now, I took a few notes but it was stuff I already knew. I looked around me and saw that just about everyone was either paying rapt attention, sleeping, or bored out of their minds and fiddling around.

I smiled and looked over at Ashley, she had her arms crossed in front of her and was resting her chin on her forearm watching the professor with sleepy eyes. She was wearing a white blouse with three quarter length sleeves and a pair of ridiculously tight, black pinstripe pants. I grinned broadly as an idea struck me to relieve my boredom; I let my hand slip from my chair to hers.

I walked my fingers up her thigh, her pants were skin tight and there was no loose material even when she was sitting. I gave her hard thigh a squeeze and I saw her eyes flicker over as she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, a smirk starting to pluck at her lips. I looked around again and smiled to myself at the fact that no one was paying attention and that there was a faceplate to the tables which hid my actions from view.

I continued squeezing her leg a few more times before letting my fingers travel down the inside of her thigh. I ran a finger along her inner thigh towards her crotch but turned back before I came to the junction of her leg and pelvis. Her pants were so tight and thin enough that it was like they weren't there at all; I hoped that it was the same for her as well so I looked to her face from where I had been looking around the room.

Her eyes were closed, an awkward smile kept forming and fading on her slightly parted lips as I came closer and closer to her covered pussy and when it mischa brooks likes to ride his stick like I was about to caress her no doubt enflamed outer lips. I kept this up for quite some time before finally dragging a finger past her leg to just above her waistband and started doing the same thing as before.

This time as I neared her pussy on the down stroke I spread my fingers and lightly brushed a finger on either side of her slit, as I did so she inhaled sharply and whimpered a little. I did this for awhile as well, adding a little more pressure each time, compensating for the extra layer of her panties.

She started breathing harder and her cheeks were bright red. She had lain her head down on her arms, turning her head to babe rides my cock while her dad watches tube porn me she opened and closed her glazed over eyes in concert with her heaving breaths.

I paused for a second to flex my arm as it had started to cramp up from such tiny movements. "Uhn don't stop." She gasped breathlessly, her eyes barely open. I smiled and kept following the same patterns of movement as before but started brushing the very edge of her outer lips, almost accidentally. She moaned gently and I let my fingers venture further, tracing her slit through her pants and panties. I pushed harder against her, running my fingers the length of her cunt.

Even through those two layers of soft cloth I could feel the heat radiating from her and I pushed my fingers in up to the first knuckle, reveling in her warmth.

She moved her arms putting her head face down on the table, I could see her hands turn claw like and her fingernails scrape on the table top as she clenched and unclenched her hands. I turned my fingers upwards and as I did she squeezed her thighs together on my hand, crushing it as she came. Her body twitched and she let out a relieved sigh before turning her face, now glistening with sweat and beat red, back to me and smiled weakly. My hand was still trapped between her thighs and I gestured down with my eyes.

She brought her hands down and grabbed my wrist while letting go with her thighs, as my hand pulled free she placed her hand up to mine, palm facing palm, and intertwined her fingers with mine. Her other hand played with my fingers, squeezing them, rolling them, turning them as she continued to gaze into my eyes. I pulled my hand with hers and let them hang between us as she tried to come back to her senses. She let go of my hand and leaned back in her chair sighing contentedly, when she moved her hips a frown suddenly appeared on her lips and she turned to me jabbing me in the ribs with a finger.

"Now I have to change, I hope your satisfied." She whispered. "Very much so." I quipped happily causing her to poke me a few more times.

She giggled and said, "You keep this up and I'm gonna have spend the night with you." "Pfft I can barely last ten minutes with you. How do you expect me to last a night?" "You let me worry about that." She smirked. I chuckled but my comeback was interrupted when the professor started describing an assignment we had to do. We didn't talk until class ended twenty minutes later; we had another class together in half an hour. "It's your fault I have to tied up babe gets a big cock so you're coming with me." She said and grabbed my arm pulling me after her as she headed for the dorm.

Halfway there JD passed by us on his way to class and gave me an amused look, I rolled my eyes in response and he walked away chuckling. She basically dragged me to her room and once she opened the door, threw huge milf boobs big tits and amateur across the room onto her bed. Luckily her roommate Catherine wasn't there or she had planned it that way. "Whoa there frisky! What do you think your doing?" She didn't respond instead she closed the door and staggered over to me as she tried to get her pants off.

"Hey come on we don't have time for this." I said. She only gave me a strained grin as she struggled to get her way-to-tight pants off and as I watched she let out a yelp, falling to the floor when she tripped over herself.

She'd gotten her pants to around her knees when she fell and I got up, kneeling next to her and put a hand high on her back, keeping her down.

She started to get up and I had to add a knee to keep her pinned against the floor. "Oh, so that's how it's gonna be? Fine then, take me Tim!" she said lustily, pushing her butt into the air.

I couldn't help but stare at her ass which was barely contained by a pair of black panties. I sighed longingly and reached out a hand, my fingers aching to caress her magnificent ass, her perfect cheeks, and her flawless skin. I could smell her; those frustrating chemicals that the body gave off were driving my mind and body absolutely insane.

"You are the most infuriating girl I have ever met." I whispered. She giggled girlishly obviously pleased that she drove me so crazy. I gave in and let my hand graze over her panty cover ass, cupping a fleshy cheek and giving it a squeeze. I kept up the pressure on her back though, knowing that she wouldn't pass up the chance to take more from me when she realized that I wasn't going to go all the way.

I took my hand away from her ass only to slip it under her panties and rub her supple rear directly. She moaned from deep in her throat, always loving her ass being touched. I withdrew my hand and placed it by my knee, drawing first my forefinger and then my thumb slowly down her spine back under her panties.

My fingers kept going, brushing over her tight asshole and rubbing her soaked pussy. I pushed a finger into her steamy cunt, her inner muscles seizing it instantly and pulsating around it as if milking it for all its worth. "Oh you're so deprived aren't you?" I balls deep in blonde barbie eva cole. "Mmhmm." She moaned loudly. "You want more?" I asked slyly, slowly pushing a second finger into her. "Yyee-hhheeess!" she cried out.

"Oh that's unfortunate because this is as far as I go…well almost." I dragged my fingers out of her clinging pussy and rubbed them over her puckered hole. Circling my slick fingers around and eventually into her, working them in one at a time. "Nnooo!" she whimpered turning her head to look at me sidelong, the most desperate pleading look in her eye.

I pulled my two fingers out of her ass and replaced them with my thumb. I placed those two fingers back in her pussy and shoved all three as far as I could into her.

"Bastard!" she cried, starting to struggle under me, "Stop being so lazy…UUUHHNNN!" I curved my fingers and pulled up, lifting her ass farther into the air and forcing her to put her legs underneath herself. "You were saying?" I said twisting and turning my fingers like she was a huge dial. "Nnyyaa f-fuck you!" she squealed, breathing heavily. "That's my girl." I said chuckling. I pushed hard with my hand and her body was driven forward even though I was still kneeling on her.

I pushed twice more, softer this time and then shoved her hard again. This must have been too much for her because she let out a moan that gradually became a scream and collapsed to the floor panting wildly as a small flood of juices rushed past my fingers and her asshole clamped down on my thumb so hard I thought she would sever it.

I laughed and struggled to remove my fingers from her gripping orifices, finally doing so I looked at my hand once and immediately grinned at what I was going to do with it.

I turned and reached out, stroking her face with my hand making sure to smear as much of her fluids on her face as I could. She moaned feebly as I pushed my fingers to her lips trying to coax them open like you would with a stubborn baby. Slowly her lips parted and I slid my fingers one after the other into her hot mouth, only wishing it was my cock in there instead. I actually moaned as her tongue danced over my fingers, cleaning them of any remaining juices.

Finally satisfied I pulled my fingers from her mouth, she whimpered again and tried to grab them but I took my hand away too quickly.

She flopped back on her stomach with a resigned sigh and licked her lips looking at me, her eyes full of desire. "Well would ya look at the time," I said, "Class is in ten minutes. You'd better hurry up and change." I stood up and backed away from her just in case she decided to come at me. She didn't get up; instead she stretched gracefully and turned on her side propping her head up with her hand and elbow. "You said you can barely last ten minutes with me, don't you want to stay?" she purred, seductively drawing her free hand up her stomach to her chest where she gave her left tit a squeeze.

"No, I think I'll let you dangle for a while." I said stepping over her. The look of shock and disappointment mixed with pent up lust on her beautiful face was hysterical and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud. She pouted, and reaching down I smacked her ass hard enough to leave my skin tingling. She opened her mouth as if to scream but just gave me the most pitiful longing look I had ever seen. "See you in class." I said echoing her earlier words and even blowing her an exaggerated kiss on my way out the door.

I heard a muffled "Tim!" from behind the door but kept going not really wanting to be seen walking around in the girls side of the building. I had to walk through the common room, which was probably the coolest room I had ever seen. It was decked out with chairs, sofas, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a few regular tables, and a wicked nice entertainment system complete with fifty inch flat screen TV mounted on one wall.

Although, after a flash of color caught my eye I had no intention of remaining in that room for another millisecond. "Visiting your sister, yes?" Natalia asked, not even turning around from where she sat in an overstuffed chair in the middle of the room, facing away from me. "Just seeing what she was up to, I didn't want her to be late for class." I lied, throwing an obscene gesture in her direction.

"Tsk tsk there's no need for that Mr. Donovan." She said and I realized with a start that she could see my reflection in the darkened television set. "I have to get to class." I said and hurried out of the room feeling like a coward for running out of there like that, but I did need to get to class seeing as the room was a good distance away across campus.

I picked up the pace and made it to the room panting slightly with five minutes left, damn it I needed to get back in shape.

I was going to be involved with several intramural sports but they didn't start for another month or so. I vowed to start hitting the track or the gym starting tonight. Those ideas were confirmed when Ashley strode into the room with thirty seconds to spare, her breathing even and not a trace of sweat on her. This was a science class and at the moment we were conducting a fun experiment where we tested the reaction certain chemicals had with each other.

It wasn't a real learning lab, but a sort of laidback activity thing we would get to do every now and again. This class was tiny compared to the others with maybe forty students; the professor was probably the coolest science teacher I had ever had. Like most of my classes those first few days when they had assigned seats and groups, Ashley had made me be with her.

And as a result I was in a group of four with her, a guy named Alex, and a very attractive girl by the name of Kate. The four of us got along well so I didn't really mind; already I had made quite a few friends in this class due to the amount of interactions we had to have in the class and giving out 'help' when it was needed.

"Didn't think you were going to show up." I said. "Took me like five seconds to get here. I don't know why you left so early." She remarked snidely, obviously exaggerating to poke at little fun at me for leaving her there. Our little conversation ended there when Kate showed up with the lab sheet and instructions.

"Tim could you help me get the chemicals?" she asked quietly. Her voice was incredibly soft and it was always a struggle for me to hear what she was saying. Though it seemed everything about her was quiet, in fact her personality was demure, never making eye contact with me and when I tried to talk to her she would blush profusely and turn away.

I thought she was like that all the time until I saw her in the dining hall after that first day or so eating lunch with a few girls she had made friends with and having a grand time, laughing loudly and speaking clearly.

I even saw her in the halls walking with her shoulders back and her chin up, not like in class when she seemed to want to withdraw back into herself. I asked Ashley a few days ago why she would act like that but she just called me and idiot and continued on with what she was doing.

"Of course Kate." I said following her over to the front table where dozens of bottles and boxes were sitting, containing all the ingredients of the experiment.

There was a stack of trays that we could use to carry stuff and putting the list between us we started loading it up. She was leaning slightly over the table trying to get at japanese girl is put on all knees and rope bound all bent over he sp bottle of potassium sulfate and I, innocently reached under her to grab a bottle of hydrochloric acid but as I brought it to me my arm brushed her chest, well her breasts really.

She gasped and I almost dropped the bottle as she slammed her hands down on the table to keep herself standing I suppose. "Oh my god, are you all right?" I asked putting the bottle carefully on the tray and reaching out to gently touch her shoulder. The professor came over, seeing the distressed look on her face and asked the same question of her. "Uh yea I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't worry." He seemed satisfied with her answer and turned his attention on a pair of students goofing around in the corner near some delicate equipment.

I however, was more concerned, "Are you sure you're okay Kate?" I asked keeping my hand on her shoulder. She nodded and cast a glance at my hand so I pulled it away, hoping I hadn't done something wrong. "What happened?" "Nothing, don't worry about it." She said her voice quiet as ever and I had to lean in closer to her and ask her to repeat herself. She did and it was then that I caught a whiff of something that had become so very familiar to me this past year or so.

I had started calling it the girl-in-heat smell and living the way I was I knew it well. I sighed and collected the rest of the chemicals and brought them back over to our lab table, she followed a minute later after composing herself. "What was that about?" Ashley whispered before Kate had returned. "Same problem you had a little while ago." I responded as she got back to the table with the lab sheet and started setting up the Bunsen burner and other materials with Alex.

"Huh?" I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. "God you can be dense sometimes." "Hey fuck you tiny Tim!" She said angrily. We heard a "watch the language" from across the room and lowered our voices again. She looked at me expectantly, still waiting for what I meant. I shook my head and grabbed her arm making sure she watched my face. I opened my mouth slightly and fluttered my eyes, silently imitating her orgasm face.

"Oohh." She said knowingly. "That's what I call pent up right there, you barely even touched her." She whispered.

"I don't have to. My rugged manly aura, sexy body, and charming wit can cause an orgasm from twenty paces don't ya know." I said, struggling mightily to keep a straight face. Ashley quickly put a hand to her mouth and I could tell she as having a hard time not collapsing to the ground in a seizure of laughter. After a second she took a deep breath and whispered, "I know that I, at least am having a hard time keeping my pants on around you." Suppressing a snicker I said, "Well that's to be expected of you.

You are a whore are you not?" She made a face and punched me hard in the arm but leaned in close to me, her lips almost touching my ear.

"I prefer the term professional. And it certainly isn't my fault you haven't been using my services." She breathed and leaned in closer if the was possible, her tongue flicking out and tickling my ear, "And I sooo want to be used." She pulled away and turned to Kate who wasn't even paying attention, giving her a girly giggle and an embarrassed smile like I was talking about her.

"Tim, don't say things like that!" she laughed, slapping my arm. I barely noticed Kate's 'I wish I was dead, I'm so embarrassed' look, I was too busy trying to calm down from almost creaming my jeans at my sister's previous words. I backed up and leaned against the counter trying to calm my suddenly sweating body. Alex saw me and came over, concern on his face, "You alright dude?

You don't look so hot." "Yeah man I'm fine." I respond, watching as Ashley snuck around the corner of the table to just behind Kate, who seemed blissfully unaware of her sexy blonde step sister wanted her brother to teach her fuck. Ashley took a look around and looked back at me with a huge grin on her face, before biting her lip grinning lecherously and thrusting her hips a few times at Kate's back.

I must have looked horrified because both Alex and Kate, who had by now become aware that something was up, looked where I was looking. But by then Ashley had stopped and was standing innocently looking over Kate's shoulder.

Kate looked back and nearly jumped out of her skin before her entire face turned six shades of red. I shook my head and started conducting the experiment with Alex. It was a few minutes before I looked up and saw Ashley whispering in Kate's ear while staring straight into my eyes. Kate's eyes were huge and she was blushing profusely, every now and again glancing up at me. Ashley seemed to ask a question and Kate shook her head looking back up at Ashley.

The look on Ashley's face seemed to suggest that Kate's answer was an unexpected one and I think my sister was actually blushing herself. However, I paid them no more attention as I had already spent enough time doing nothing, so I buckled down and in what seemed like very little time finished the lab, realizing we still had like half an hour left of class. But now I was starting to get a little aggravated because Ashley kept giving me these stupid little smirks and it was driving me crazy.

So, I thought to myself, why not have a little fun. Acting innocently I circled the table making it look like I needed something on the counter behind Ashley, nobody asked to be passed things by the way. So getting behind Ashley with little trouble I made like I was rummaging in a cabinet while reaching a hand out behind me and locating her large ass without difficulty.

I gave her a hard squeeze, I heard a little gasp and moan from behind me signaling success. Still pretending to look for something I ran my hand down the little (or not so little whichever way you want to look at it) cleft of her ass and between her legs, once again rubbing her "deprived" pussy hard through her tougher jeans. She instantly went ridged and her thighs tightened around my hand, I could only imagine what it would have looked like if somebody happened to see what I was doing.

After a moment she slapped my fingers away and turned around to face me, a flush running up her neck to color her cheeks yet again, a look of desperation on her face. But before she could say anything class ended and she turned grabbing Kate by the arm and dragging her out of the room, the last thing I saw was a faint almost relieved smile on Kate's lips.

I hurried out after them and just managed to catch a glimpse of them scurrying out the front door of the building. I walked out into the cooling late afternoon air, this was my last class for the day and with a single day left before a short break I was feeling superb, better than I had in a long time. "Oh now this is going to be interesting." I said to myself as I watched Ashley practically carry Kate across campus to our dorm building.

I kept an even pace not bothering to rush as I sauntered back into the dorm and headed for my room where I changed, headed for the common room and started on some assignments. There were very few people around, which surprised me and time flew by, it was a solid hour before I felt a presence next to me. I looked up and let out a short laugh at Ashley's appearance.

She had on nothing but a large towel wrapped around herself and her hair was all messed up, she appeared to be sweating. "Come with me." She demanded and I did, she appeared in no mood to tolerate my nonsense at the moment.

She led me to her room where she opened the door for me before pushing me inside. The lights were off but there was enough light for me to see clothes strewn around the room in disarray and I thought I could see a figure sprawled on Ashley's bed. "Okay, who'd you force yourself on this time?" I teased even though I knew who it was. "It was me she was hot for, not you studly. She said she almost pissed herself when she first saw me.

Ha, she's almost as flattering as you. She'd been trying to get up the courage to talk to me but you kept getting in her way." "Ouch talk about bruised ego." I chuckled, "So what was it she said in class?" "I asked her if she liked you.

She said no it was me that she wanted so bad it hurt." "What are the chances…?" "She's so mine now, better than Sarah or even Oriana. Watch this." As of now she had been standing behind me and I hadn't turned my head instead letting my eyes acclimate to the gloom.

But now she pressed herself into my back and linked her arms around my waist, squeezing me gently, I could clearly tell she wasn't wearing that towel anymore. "Kate." She said. There was no answer from the prone form.

"Kate, wake up!" Ashley said forcefully. There was a yawn and a sleepy voice asked, "Yes mistress?" I turned my head and gave my sister an appreciative grin, mouthing 'very nice'. Kate's silhouette sat up and appeared to rub her eyes. "Tell my brother what you did for me." "Um I licked the mistress's pussy and ass, I sucked on her tits and she was kind enough to do the same for me and made me cum with her fingers." She said this all very clearly, proudly even and I could sense she didn't give a damn if she knew about me and Ashley's relationship.

"She make you cum?" I asked Ashley. "Naw, for one I have to teach her how and two I didn't let her." "Why's that?" I asked lamely. I let out a little squeak as she spun me violently to face her. She reattached her arms low on my back and arched backwards lifting me off the ground slightly. She carried me over to her bed and dropped me next to Kate who had to scramble out from under me, Ashley dropped down on top of me pushing her naked body into me.

"I wanted you to do it." She gasped breathlessly. "What!" Kate squealed. "Quiet." Ashley cooed staring into my eyes and working her hands between us trying to undo my belt.

I grinned viciously and reached my own hands between us encountering no obstacles in reaching her pussy before she could even unclasp my belt buckle. Even just touching her impossibly hot cunt caused her to gasp and squeeze her eyes shut. "Noooo not again you bastard!" she moaned loudly. Obviously her little romp with Kate left her incredibly sensitive and just from her reaction I knew this would be a short affair. I slowly pushed two fingers into her oven hot pussy and rubbed my palm against her clit, describing small circles.

"Aaahhh nooo f-fucking piece of shOOOHHH!" she screamed in to my shoulder where she had dropped her head. I pushed harder against her and I felt her teeth bite down on a bit of skin over my collar bone. "No biting." I grunted, thrusting my hand against her so hard her hips were lifted off of me before she forced them down again. I mashed my palm against her clit and she gave one final muffled scream as she bit me harder. She shuddered and went limp collapsing on top of me, panting like she had just run a marathon.

"See Kate you're gonna want to go for a reaction like that." I chuckled looking over Ashley's shoulder at Kate sitting at the end of the bed, glaring at me. "F-fucking…hmm…hate you." Ashley moaned, pitifully tired. I rolled her over against the wall and stood up from the bed, stretching my back and running a finger over the bite mark on my shoulder. I dropped into Ashley's chair and swiveled to face the bed, picking up the locket I had given her and absentmindedly running the chain through my fingers.

Ashley had covered her face with her arm and appeared to be embarrassed at the fact that I had foiled her plans once again. Now that my eyes had adjusted sufficiently I could appreciate Kate's body much better. Her slight Asian features, tanned skin, and small pert breasts made her seem cute, almost adorable, practically radiating innocence. Whereas Ashley gave off the impression of raw sex and force, though not at the moment. "Mistress?" Kate whispered looking worried as she crept up to Ashley and draped herself over Ashley's body, trying to nuzzle her arm away from her face.

Ashley flicked her hand dismissively but Kate kept at it, kissing her neck and cupping one of Ashley's large tits with a small delicate hand. Ashley finally responded taking her arm away from her face and looking into Kate's wide eyes. "Tim, get out." Ashley commanded. I stood up and put up her locket back on her desk, "Since when are you self-conscious?" I laughed.

She grabbed Kate's head with one hand and kissed her hard, using her other hand to grab Kate's ass and squeeze it, pulling her waist down into her own. "Tim I'm about to do things to this girl that would give you a heart attack." She said, leaning back in and mashing their mouths together again.

I turned to the door and looked over my shoulder, "But that's something I want to see." I whined jokingly. "Get out!" "Fine, fine." I said opening the door and stepping out, hearing "OOHH ASHLEEEYY!" before the door closed. I sighed, disappointed, and headed back to my room. I changed into some lightweight shorts and shirt and headed back out again making my way across campus at a fast walk. The track was situated alongside the sports fields and other athletic facilities and even at this relatively late time there were still a few students doing laps.

I spent a few minutes stretching before walking for a lap and then hitting a steady jog. I had brought along my mp3 player and I was totally involved nothing but trying to steady my breathing, the pounding of my feet, and the blaring music in my ears occupied my attention.

I lasted six laps at that speed before the burning in my lungs and legs finally forced me to a walk. I walked for two more laps and after recovering my breath did a sprint up the straightaway.

"Shit!" I coughed, spitting to try and clear my throat. I clutched at my chest but kept walking for another lap before stumbling off to one side near the bleachers and collapsing to the ground. I sprawled on the grass and let my heavy rasping breaths take me for awhile. "Okay too much, too fucking much." I closed my eyes and tried to calm down. I had just gotten my breathing under control when a great weight forced it back out of me. "Ashley, leave me alone." I whined without opening my eyes.

There was no answer and that's when I caught a whiff of something over my own sweat, a chemical tang that burned my nose.

My eyes shot open and I recoiled in horror at what they saw straddling my waist. "You expect your sister?" Natalia asked girlishly. I tried to raise my arms to push her off but she grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the ground with little difficulty, her hands perpetually cold.

I struggled under her, trying to buck her off but I couldn't use my legs, they were too weak. Giggling was the only reaction I could elicit from her before laying still again, breathing just as hard as I had been a few minutes ago. She had on a black tank top and dark jeans but it wasn't her clothes that caught my attention. Her shoulders, upper chest, and upper arms were covered in tattoos.

I could make out strings of barbed wire, tribal designs, blood and tear drops, roses, pentangles, a skeletal hand, intricate Latin phrases, and stylized roman numerals.

It was awesome in its horrifying beauty, every single one of them was amazingly well designed and though some of them looked to be quite old they still retained their color well. "Get off of me." I hissed. "Sshh quiet my love. Be still, I am not going to hurt you…yet." She purred like she could actually calm me down. My eyes wildly searched the area for any hint of the students who I had seen when I came here but I could find none. "Please." I whimpered pathetically.

She leaned down so close our faces almost touched, her features attempting to form into something resembling compassion or maybe reassurance. "There is no need to be afraid. You…you are…different." She said haltingly, her English seeming to have failed her for a moment.

"How the fuck, am I different to you? How am I different then any other guy you have drugged and abused over the years?" I yelled venting my angers as to why she would pick me out from any other guy on campus.

She slid up my chest and knelt on my arms, pinning them painfully underneath her and with her hands she hurriedly undid her jeans. "You are the only one who has done this to me so quickly. You…you are the only one who can make me so hot. I can not explain what it is about you…but I must have you.

I must!" She panted. Her hand had disappeared into her jeans and after a second she pulled it out and held it up to me. Her fingers glistened with a clear liquid that dripped down her fingers and clung between them. Color had started to bleed into her pale face and she looked at me with such depressed longing that for a split second I almost felt sorry for her somehow.

However she backed up again and grabbed my wrists once more, leaning in she tried to kiss me but I turned my head away from her. She followed, licking my face from chin to temple. I groaned, closing my eyes and turning my head from side to side trying to avoid her.

Her chemical smell was making my nose burn like hell and causing me to gag slightly, my struggling only seemed to delight her and I was fighting the urge to scream.

It was like a game to her, trying to kiss me without using her hands and every so often just licking my face with long wet strokes. "Why do you make me feel this way?" she seemed to ask herself, her breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly there was a chocking noise and I opened my eyes to see Ashley behind Natalia with an arm around her neck. "Get off of him." She hissed menacingly punctuating her words by squeezing harder. Natalia made another choking noise but instead of looking scared her mouth hung slack in an image of pure ecstatic pleasure while her eyes rolled back in her 16 shal girl school story xxx. She let go of my wrists and laid her hands over my face tracing my features with chilly fingers just before she shuddered violently and went slack in Ashley's arms.

Ashley snorted derisively and tossed her twitching form aside; her body rolled a few feet away and came to a stop against the bleachers with her back to us. "Oh my god Tim, are you alright?" she cried kneeling down next to me. I reached out and linked my arms around her middle, pulling myself to her and hugging her tightly.

I felt like crying but managed not to as Ashley laid her head against mine and held me tightly, gently rocking back and forth. "I'll kill…her…" she trailed off and I looked up at her wondering what was wrong. She was looking in the direction she had thrown Natalia and had a worried look on her face.

I followed her gaze and to my horror saw that she was gone, looking around I couldn't see her anywhere, it was if she just disappeared. All of a sudden my eyes started watering, my nose was running, and I felt nauseous. I pushed Ashley away and rolled to my knees before vomiting violently on the grass. I seemed like forever before my stomach was empty and when I was done my body was wracked by horrendous dry heaves.

When I had managed to calm down enough so I could move my arms I tentatively touched my face. My skin was cold and clammy not unlike Natalia's. My fingers came away wet and sticky, I realized the same substance was also on my wrists. I brought my fingers to my leaking nose and as soon as the smell registered my body tried to purge itself again.

"She…she put something," I had to stop as coughs tore through my throat, "put something on my face!" I croaked. I got to my feet and staggered off in the general direction of the dorm. I swayed drunkenly and fell more than once and was about to fall again but found I couldn't. Instead I found myself moving without feeling my feet hitting the ground. My vision started to blur as tears filled my eyes and my head felt heavy as if I was sleepy but times a thousand. My eyes closed and my mind went blank.

"I think he's awake!" I heard JD's muffled voice. I cracked my eyes and winced at the light stabbing into them. "Oh thank god!" I heard Ashley gasp. Her arms encircled my head and brought me close, I breathed deeply, savoring her flowery scent as a welcome relief from the chemical stench.

"Don't touch my face it'll affect you too." I warned. "Don't worry we cleaned you up." JD said. I looked at him sharply and he laughed, gesturing down at a bowl of water and a washcloth.

"Fuck I don't care," I sighed, "Where am I? Back in my room?" "Yeah, your sister practically carried you in here, scared the shit out of me. You've been out for a few hours now." "Fuck." I breathed. Ashley tightened her hold around my neck and I thought I could hear her sniffling. I looked past Ashley's golden head and saw Kate standing in the doorway. I gestured for her to come over and she cautiously stepped over to the bed, her eyes flicking from the back of Ashley's head to my face.

"Take her back to her room Kate." I said. She reached down and pried Ashley's arms from around my neck and peeled her off of me. Tears streamed down her face and her eyes were all red and puffy. "Come on mis…um Ashley." she said pulling on Ashley's arm. Ashley gave me a final sad but relieved look before letting herself be led away. "Dude it's barely been a month and already I've almost been killed." "Do you want to do something about this?" he asked.

"Yeah but I'll do it myself. I don't want to get you involved either man, if she'd do this to someone she likes I can only imagine what she would do to you." I said sitting up and immediately regretted it as pain exploded behind my eyes.

"She likes you?" he asked incredulously. "So she says, apparently I make her hot." I chuckled hole licked and gangbanged hardcore and blowjob. "Jeez." "Yeah, I just need this break, get home and I'll be fine." "See Oriana?" "Yeah, god I miss her." I sighed finally standing up, grabbing a fresh pair of clothes and heading for the shower.

I felt like a new man after stepping out from under the hot water and as soon as I got back into my room dropped onto my bed and promptly fell asleep. The next day was uneventful if not the longest day I had ever suffered through. Ashley kept giving me these heartbreaking looks; apparently she was still a little shaken up. I however had gotten over it somehow, I mean you would think I would be traumatized or something but I wasn't and I couldn't explain it.

I was pissed to be sure and I would be damned if I let her get away with this but that was it really. All I wanted was to go home and see Oriana.

It was one of the most painful days I had ever experienced, the only high point was the science class and only because Ashley spent the whole class teasing Kate to the point where she actually started drooling and to her credit she didn't make a sound.

But the really funny part was that Ashley looked bored doing it, her mind was obviously elsewhere. Finally, mercifully the day ended and without serious incident. However, I nearly lost control when I saw Natalia as I was sitting in the common room that night. I had my feet up on one of the tables reading an incredibly boring book trying to put myself to sleep, when I saw her come out of the girl's hallway. She yawned and stretched her back provocatively thrusting her small chest before her, as I'm sure she scanned the room out of the corner of her eye.

She must have seen me because she sauntered over and plopped into the chair across from me. I glared at her over the top of my book as she crossed her legs and smiled at me. It was then I realized something was different about her. It wasn't her clothing, jet black as usual. Her hair was still short, spiky, and bright orange. Then it came to me, it was her eyes, they weren't silver/grey anymore they were red, like solid fire engine red.

She blinked and I couldn't help but shiver. "Oh yeah I forgot to thank you for almost killing me yesterday." I growled. She giggled girlishly and bit her lip smiling, she cock her head to the side, "You seem to have suffered no ill effects, yes? If your loving sister had not intervened I am sure you would have had a more…pleasurable experience my love." She purred, her hand venturing to her face where she pulled at her lip. I grimaced and turned my eyes back to my book my feet back on the floor, now I was pissed at being fully awake once more.

I heard some shuffling and a tiny moan and I sighed, looking up again. She had both her hands between her legs and she was shifting uncomfortably, her face was contorted in something akin to pain.

I jumped as she leaned forward and slammed her hands down on the table. "Why must you torture me?" she burst out. "I just like to see you in pain." "Nnyyua I want you right now!" she cried lunging across the table but coming up short and ended up sliding off the table at my feet. I calmly picked up my feet and put them on her back pushing down until she grunted in pain. "See now I'm happy." "I am so glad I can please you." She grunted turning her head so she could look at me with her red eyes.

I sighed and picked up my feet and watched as she stood up gazing into my eyes. "You…please I am begging you." she moaned falling forward on top of me; I caught her and held her at arms length. I sighed as if admitting defeat and giving into her. "What is it you want?" I asked coyly.

"You." She gasped. "What part of me?" "Everything." She breathed trying to get closer to me but unable to do so. "Well, I am feeling generous; let's go back to your room." I said. "M-my room?" she seemed taken aback by my sudden willingness. "Yes." I said standing up and grabbing her, pulling her tightly to me, the chemical smell was gone replaced by something I couldn't place but smelled sweet.

She looked up at me with excited eyes. "Really?" "Well if you don't want to then I'll just go back to my room." I said squeezing harder. "No, no please, come with me!" she said before breaking away and heading off down the hall, I trailed after her praying that what I needed, I could find in her room. I was having a hard time keeping up with her as she practically ran down the hall to the very end of the building and her room.

She stopped at her door and pulled out a key fumbling to unlock her door. Finally with a triumphant "Ha!" she got it open and ushered me in. Instead on my way in I grabbed her arm and pushed her before me, slamming the door behind me.

She tumbled to the floor and quickly rolled over onto her back and started tearing at her shirt. I cast a quick look around and located what I was looking for off in one corner and fortunately she had fallen right in front of it.

I stepped over to her as she was still struggling to get her shirt over her head. I grabbed her arms halting her progress and flipped her over putting a knee on her back as I had done with Ashley. She gave a little muffled cry as I pulled her pants down, exposing a black thong and I have to say a very pretty ass, very firm and tight. Her pale cheeks were only marred by two tattoos, a broken bleeding heart and a roman numeral five. "Don't disappoint me Natalia." I whispered as I reached past her and opened her mini fridge.

I let out a relieved sigh as I saw a small test tube rack and several rubber capped vials along with a few syringes sitting among some sodas and beers.

I looked closer and even saw one marked sedative, what luck I was blessed with! I carefully removed the vile and a syringe and one handed filled it about halfway, I didn't want her coming to until I woke up the next morning. Of course by now she had realized something was awry and as soon as she heard the clink of glass she started struggling under me. Though with her shirt now wrapped pretty tightly around her head and her arms tangled up in said shirt she couldn't do much.

Without further adieu I plunged the needle into the flesh of her left ass cheek. She screamed something in a very brutal sounding language as I pumped the drug into her system. I tossed the needle aside as she started thrashing around and had to basically sit on her to keep her still, for such a small girl she had a lot of strength. Finally after about five minutes or so she started to calm down and I got off of her, rolling her over and pulling down her shirt she glared into my eyes and even as I watched they slowly closed.

"Crazy bitch." I sighed standing up and looking around her room for the first time. Because she was an RA she had a single and didn't have to pay room and board which is why the position is attractive.

Her room was as I expected from her, dark and menacing posters covered the walls and just about everything not supplied by the college was black. It was very clean however and not a scrap of misplaced clothing or dirt could be seen. I looked back in the fridge and even though I was hungry, I wasn't about to touch any food she had in there. However I saw no harm in downing a closed can of soda, cringing at its flat taste. I closed the door and went over to her bed after tossing the can in the trash, sitting down I started going through the drawers of her nightstand table thing.

The first drawer had some loose change, a cell phone, and a picture. I picked it up and looked at it squinting in the bad light; I flipped the switch in the light by her bed and chuckled when I saw what it contained.

It was Natalia looking much like she was minus the bright orange hair, it was green this time. Behind her were the trunks of an evidently very large forest and I could make out a tent off to one side. It wasn't those things however, that drew my attention it was the girl that had her arm around Natalia's waist.

She was maybe two or three inches shorter than Natalia and dressed very similarly. Both had on big t-shirts with death metal logos on them and apparently or at least from what I could see, no pants.

The girl was holding the camera and looking into it while Natalia had her head turned, gazing into the others eyes. The girl was also eerily tattooed and I could see many similar symbols and markings in common. And like Natalia she had incredibly evil piercing eyes that even from a picture seemed to bore into the very depths of my soul. They were also silver like Natalia's so I assumed they were actually contacts, they were accentuated by black mascara and two black arrow tattoos pointing down, one under each eye.

Combined with the make-up they seemed to be connected to her eyes running down to her cheeks. It was one of the most fascinating things I had ever seen. I flipped it over and wasn't surprised at the simple message on the back. Natalia we will always be together, forever with our love. All my being, Sasha.

Shaking my head I put it back in the drawer and opened the second one. Jackpot! Handcuffs, dildos, lube, masks, and all kinds of other sex specific items were packed into the drawer. How evil was I feeling tonight? Not very, but still I picked watch takarasagashi nnatsuyasumi episode 4 subbed the handcuffs, a dildo, and a blindfold.

I stepped back over to Natalia's knocked out body and knelt down next to her. I roughly flipped her over and put the handcuffs on her then rolled her again so she was face up with her hands restrained behind her back.

Next I put the blindfold over her closed eyes making sure it was centered. And finally I pushed her pants down and took a deep breath at what I was about to do. I pulled her thong to one side which was absolutely soaked and without hesitating forced the decent sized dildo into her still leaking cunt. She let out a tiny moan in her drug induced sleep and I smiled wondering if I could make her body cum while she was asleep, but decided against it. I also noticed that the area around her pussy was untouched by ink and save for a tiny triangle above her slit she was shaved clean.

Now done I re-centered her thong and pulled her pants back up, refastening them tightly around her thin waist. "Well my work here is done." I said out loud to myself. I got up and left her room without a second's thought, meandering my way back to my room feeling tired at last.

I fell into bed and was asleep before I knew it. I awoke the next morning feeling better than I had in quite some time. I took a shower and got dressed; this would be the first time since arriving here that I would get to go home. Our parents thought it would be a better idea if we only came home during breaks or just once in a blue moon, so we would adapt faster or better, I wasn't sure which.

Anyways, our parents couldn't get here fast enough and Ashley or I at least, felt every painful second. And it only got worse. As I was sitting on a bench with Ashley outside of the dorm building I heard the front door crash open and I looked over seeing Natalia burst from them out into the rapidly cooling fall air.

She stormed over to us and stood in front of me hands on hips, her eyes were still blood red and she hadn't changed since I left her last night. "Oh, why hello Natalia! I hope you had a good nights sleep." I said cheerfully as Ashley let out a cruel laugh.

I had told my sister what I had done. The scar on her cheek twitched and pointed a finger at me accusingly. "You…you said." "Said what?" "You said you would!" "I lied." She lunged forward and grabbed me by the collar hauling me to my feet, Ashley shot up as well, looming over Natalia but she paid her no attention.

"You will pay for this." She hissed. I looked around and seeing nobody I put an arm around her back and pulled her close to me.

She was startled to be sure and her eyes practically burst out of her head when I slid my other hand between her legs. "Did you like the surprise I left you?" I asked softly. She didn't respond but looked up at me her eyes softening as much as they could with bright red contacts. I let my fingers probe her pussy through her pants until I felt something hard. She let out a soft mewling moan and laid her spiky head against my shoulder.

"She still has it in." I said to Ashley withdrawing my fingers. "Why?" Natalia looked back up at me. "Because you did it." she breathed. Ashley sat back down shaking her head. "That's got to be uncomfortable." She said almost to herself. "No. Anything he does to me will cause me no pain." Natalia sighed. "Hey Tim remember when she was scary? Now she's just a little pussy swooning at your attention!" she laughed. I couldn't help but snicker a little.

Natalia looked back up at me sharply then slowly turned her head to glare at Ashley. She pushed me back down onto the bench and turned to face my sister.

"Were you born to ruin my fun whore?" menace filling her voice. "Yes in fact I was." Ashley responded coolly. Natalia switched gears easily, "I saw the scars you gave your brother." Ashley eyes flickered past Natalia to search my eyes for a response. I mouthed "Sarah" and she turned her eyes back to Natalia, putting on a confused fa?e. "I told you Natalia, me ex girlfriend did that." I said. "Sarah did that to you!" Ashley asked incredulously.

Now looking frustrated Natalia said, "I have seen no proof of this so called Sarah." I already had my cell out and selected a picture I had taken two or so years ago of Ashley and Sarah in full hockey apparel standing side by side grinning like idiots after a stunning victory.

I put the phone in front of Natalia's face and said, "That is Sarah." She grabbed the phone from my hand and brought it close to her face, squinting at the 1x1 screen. After a moment she handed it back without looking at me and leaned in closer to Ashley. "Lie all you want, I still know it was you Ms.

Donovan. You two are more than just brother and sister." "Yeah, we're best friends." Ashley giggled, inclining her head and smiling sweetly. Just then I saw our parent's car pull into the parking lot and stood up. "C'mon Ash mom and dad are here." I said and she stood up as well brushing past Natalia which almost knocked her over to link arms with me as we walked over to the car.

I didn't look back but Ashley did and she started giggling as we neared the car. It turned out it was just my dad who had come to pick busty passenger drilled by nasty driver in the backseat reality blowjob up, probably because mom was too emotional.

"Isn't that one of your RAs?" he asked. "Yeah she wanted to wish us a fond farewell." I said and Ashley had to suppress her laughter again. Ashley and I got in the back and without much further questioning from dad we headed off. "What was so funny?" I whispered once we had gotten onto the highway. "She was wicked pissed. Her face was priceless." "Shit.

Coming back here is gonna be great." I said sarcastically. "Meh just think of what you get to do this week." She said glumly. I looked over at her and was surprised to she her with chin in hand gazing out the window, her other hand playing with her locket. "What's with the face?" I asked, concerned. She hesitated, looking at me sidelong, "It's not like your gonna pay me any attention are you?" "Dunno, depends on if you're a good girl for me this week." "Define good girl.

I'm not known for that." She said narrowing her eyes at me warily. "Lets see, just try not to force yourself on me is all, that's a bad habit of yours." She seemed to consider it for a moment before turning bright eyes back on me, "Okay!" she chirped happily. "Good." "Oh and none of this alright," she wiggled her fingers at me, "I'm sick of that.

Three times is two too many. All the way or nothing, understand?" "Can you handle nothing?" I teased. She made a negative noise and turned back to the window, but I saw a tiny smile creep across her lips. As we pulled into the driveway my dad turned to us grinning, "Prepare yourselves." As it was before we even got five feet through the door our mother was on us. For a solid two hours we were interrogated mercilessly and when she was done with us we staggered off to our separate rooms, exhausted.

Once in my room I flopped on my bed and fell asleep, I had no idea how good my own bed felt after sleeping on that school supplied mattress. It seemed like it was only a few minutes before I was woken up by someone shaking my shoulder.

"Oh Timothy your girlfriend is on the phone." Ashley cackled. I snatched the phone from her, "Good afternoon Ms. Bane how may I be of assistance?" "It's evening now, am I to assume you just woke up sleepy head?" she quipped happily. "You would be correct and am I to assume that I will be more exhausted by the end of the evening?" "Maybe.

Wanna come over and find out?" she said seductively. "When?" I asked, suddenly serious. There was a pause as if she was looking at the clock, "Twenty minutes." She said equally serious. "I'll see you then." "Oh and don't plan on coming home until tomorrow." She purred and hung up. "God I'm not going to get any sleep this week am I?" I sighed looking over at Ashley who was puttering around on my computer.

"Nope." I looked over at my clock and saw, not surprisingly that it was seven pm. Her mother would just be setting out for work. I turned and stared at the ceiling, heaving out a huge sigh. After a moment I heard moaning and a quiet scream and turned my head sharply towards Ashley. She was intently watching my computer screen and the noises were coming from the speakers. I jumped up and stood behind Ashley, looking over her shoulder. "What the fuck Ashley!" I hissed running to the door and closing it in case our parents decided to walk by.

"What are you doing?!" "Looking for inspiration." She responded evenly. Right now my computer screen was filed with the image of a woman with some guys hand up her ass to the wrist. "I've always wondered if I could do that." Ashley sighed.

"No." I stated simply. "Why not?" she whined. "Just find something else okay." I sighed rubbing my eyes. She snorted and brought up a new video of a different girl being held up by a very well muscled guy who was pretty much picking her up and dropping her on his dick.

Now it was my turn to snort, "Who do you think I am?" "Christ! And you say I'm frustrating!" "Why do we have to do something new?" "Why not?" "Oh my god!" I groaned looking back at the clock, "Look I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." I hurried out into the hall closing the door behind me. I made my way into the kitchen and wolfed down some toaster strudel before heading out the door to my car.

Now that we were college kids we could pretty much come and go as we pleased. I kept to the speed limit as I drove to Oriana's but my mind was going at light speed. Like idiots we hadn't talked since leaving and though it was part of her so called "little scheme" it drove me insane with worry. I pulled into her driveway and shut off my car, sitting for a moment. "Get in there you retard." I mumbled to myself. I heaved myself out of my car and shambled up the steps to the front door.

I was reaching for the doorbell when the door slowly creaked open. "Quit creepin' me out Oriana." I said entering warily. Something hit the back of my legs and the next thing I knew I was on the ground staring at a winged skull on a black field. "I remember getting you those." I chuckled looking up at my girlfriend as she sat with her knees on either side of my head, crotch right in my face. She was wearing just four items of clothing, her panties, a black lace bra, and an eye numbing checkerboard patterned stocking on each leg, up to about mid thigh.

"It seems like I'm woefully overdressed." I giggled, running my hands up and down her smooth back, tracing her spine. "Did you keep your promise?" she asked softly. "Yes. Pissed off Ashley in the process but yeah I did.

It seemed like just about everyone was conspiring against me though." I whined. "You did?" she said excitedly, "I'm so proud of you!" She scooted down and lay on top of me, circling her arms around my head and bringing our lips together. This wasn't a tongue deal, just our lips together, true passion flowing from one to the other. "I love you so much." I whispered when she pulled away for a deeper breath.

She closed her eyes and slowly opened them again as a smirk plucked at her lips, "You know just what to say to get me all hot and bothered, don't you?" "Maybe." She leaned in and kissed me again, this time letting her tongue creep into my mouth.

"Why don't you step into my office." She said punctuating each word with a tender kiss. She stood up and made for her room before realizing I wasn't following her. I held out my hand like she should drag me. She crossed her arms and started tapping a checkerboard foot in mock impatience. "What is there a problem?" I asked trying to draw this out and tease/torture my way to a fun time.

"Do you see this Tim?" she asked indicating her pussy with an accusing finger, "This thing will bite off your face if you don't feed it right now!" "Oh dear that sounds like a dreadful fate, I appear to have no choice do I?" I stood up and she seized my hand, pulling me after her as she headed for her room once more. I pulled back on her continuing my fun, "But I'm thirsty." She looked back at me but continued pulling me along, "I'll give you a drink in a second.

Now get in there!" And with that she shoved me through her door and my momentum carried me onto her bed. She slowly closed the door behind her and stepped closer to me, struggling out of her panties. She climbed onto the bed and crawled up my body, taking the time to remove my shirt before stopping when she had been sitting earlier, her glistening cunt right before my nose.

"Lick me! Make me cum with you tongue!" she cried lustily. I grinned up at her and grabbed her bare ass with both hands pulling her farther onto my face. I didn't waste any time in licking at her dripping slit, lapping up her juices with gusto. She threw her head back and screamed before falling forward; catching herself with her hands, her chest heaving. "So good!" she moaned, her body trembling, waiting for that one sensation and release. I didn't disappoint, I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her, sliding up one side and then the other.

Her body when ridged and she screamed once more but this time her pussy contracted around my tongue and a deluge of liquid poured out of her into my waiting mouth. Despite myself her juices went everywhere, soaking my face. "There's your drink." She giggled softly. I moaned contentedly and nuzzled my nose over her clit. She squealed delighted, and wiggled her hips over my face. I then slowly started pushing her back down my body, lightly kissing up her body.

Her delicate navel, her flat smooth stomach, to her lace encased breasts. "Could you…?" I asked tentatively, embarrassed to no end.

I looked up at her and I could feel myself blushing deeply. She was looking back down at me with a huge grin on her face. "Could I what?" she cooed seductively, sitting up and looking down at me past her nose, smiling wickedly.

I winced painfully, "Oriana please don't make me beg!" She sucked air in through her teeth and let it our in a long low breath "Mmm, that's just what I want." She arched her back and peered over her large tits at me with one brilliant blue eye.

I took a deep breath, "Oriana can you please take off your bra, because I am totally incapable of doing it by myself?" I said flatly looking off to one side as my face burned. She snorted and leaned down, her lips mere inches from mine, sapphire eyes bright with mischief, "If you want to see the twins, you're going to have to beg better than that." I grinned and started leaning up, she kept an even distance between our faces and I had leaned up until her back was straight again.

"Do you not want me to play with your massive tits?" I asked curiously, maintaining a straight face. Of course by now I had come to finally learn that they were a high C as compared to my sister's low D or something like that, I truly was inept when it came to this stuff.

She pouted and bit her lip, perhaps torn between trying to make me beg her and feeling me on her breasts. "No fair!" she whined putting both hands behind her back to unhook her bra, which had the added effect of shoving those glorious mounds in my face. Quickly she had it undone and pulled off, letting her 'shoot me in the face because I've seen it all' tits bounce and jiggle into freedom.

"They're not that big." She said softly, almost to herself as she cupped one in each hand and started pushing them around.

"You're the one who said it." I teased; she knew I was messing with her by now. "God I love it when you do that." My eyes were riveted to her hands, only flicking up to see the impish smile on her face. "Yeah?" she beamed, and stopped playing with her tits, slowly taking her hands away and giving her shoulders a shake enough to make them jiggle. Mouth watering. I let a hand slide up the flawless skin of her stomach and caressed her angel soft breast from below. I brought my mouth to her other, taking her rock hard little nipple into my mouth and sucking on it greedily.

"Aaahhh." She sighed contentedly and pushed her chest out against my face. I now pushed her other nipple into her supple flesh with my thumb and lightly twisted it. She groaned from deep in her throat and leaned her head down against mine, I noticed from the corner of my eye that her hands were grabbing fistfuls of the bed sheet and twitching every time I did something new.

My free hand roamed her body reveling in her soft skin and glorious curves. "Oh Tim." She whispered wrapping her arms around my back and pulling me harder to her. I now moved my free hand into the tiny space between us, letting it creep lower and lower down her stomach. I stopped and switched it up, moving my mouth to her other nipple and switching my hands before continuing.

She started moaning softly and her breathing was labored, her hands were white-knuckled from gripping the sheets. Once again I let my free hand roam before bringing it to a stop on her left thigh. From there I slowly worked it son and mother sexi sad sexypunjabi story sex stories and towards her pussy, the heat from which had been warming my middle for quite some time.

Ever so slowly, I teased my finger into her drenched slit. She had been leaking pretty much nonstop since I started playing with her tits and the small puddle of her juices pooling around my belt buckle was a testament to that.

"Oh fuck it!" she cried, "I can't take it anymore! Fuck me! Fuck me now! Tear me apart!" Seems she could only take so much foreplay. I was only too eager to comply and as she threw herself off of me I ripped my belt off, struggling out of my pants. "Hurry!" she gasped breathlessly, throwing her checkerboard legs into the air invitingly. Finally getting my pants and boxers off I moved between her mom son choir chori xxx story, which she put over my shoulders.

I gripped her thighs and leaned against them, lining up my iron hard cock with her oh-so-sweet pussy. "Do it! Shove it in my cunt!" she cried out again throwing her head back, tortured by anticipation. And again without further prompting I pushed the head of my dick into her and shoved forcefully. "EEYYHHEE-HHEEESS!" she screamed. As soon as my pubic bone hit hers, she came, way harder than I had ever seen. Fluid nearly drowned my cock and spilled out of her in a rush.

Her whole body shook violently and if I hadn't been holding her legs I'm sure she would have kicked me in the face. She pushed her arms down and lifted her whole body up, continuing to scream her lungs ragged. The whole time I kept pounding our hips together with a steady slapping sound. It was only a matter of time at this pace and already I could feel the immense buildup being pulled from every point in my body.

My mind blanked and I barely registered screaming her name before I exploded, blinding light stabbing my eyes and horrific pain shooting through my arms and legs. My ass was freezing and my back was sore, I couldn't feel my hands and feet. My head felt like it was split open and there was a nauseating sensation in my stomach. I nearly screamed when I felt a cold finger caress my cheek.

"Ah my love welcome back to the real world. It seems you had some pleasant dreams." Natalia's thick voice suffocated my thoughts. I heard muffled noises from behind me but couldn't really tell what it was or what was making them. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see Natalia's blurry form sitting on a stool in front of me. Again slowly my eyes focused and I finally became aware of how extensive her tattoos were, that night in her room the lights were too low to appreciate them correctly.

She was clad in a black bra and panties and that was it, her chest was covered in tattoos. Detailed tribal bands crisscrossed her torso and legs in a dozen different places, the Roman numerals seemed to be part of a larger pattern and I could see at least twelve of them.

There were several roses with bleeding thorns, a load of demonic symbols of all shapes and designs and numerous other images, too many to count or describe. "Do you like my art?" she asked, red eyes sparkling with glee. I couldn't respond my tongue felt like it was made of a huge wad of cotton. She stood up in front of me looking down at her body and over her shoulder, trying to see all her tattoos. "I believe you will be number thirteen, correct Sasha?" I tried to turn my head but found I couldn't.

"Da." A rough feminine voice responded from somewhere behind me. I swallowed hard and finally found the power of speech, "How did I get here? I was at home." I was looking around, seeing nothing but plain white walls, there was just Natalia and the stool in front of me.

I could not identify the source of light. "No. You never left my room. You gave me a shot of saline solution not sedative, I figured you would do something like that." She paused for a second, a little color bleeding into her face as she shuffled her feet, "I was pleased when you gave me that little gift." One of her hands strayed towards her panties before a halting cough from behind me snapped her out of her stupor.

"That soda tasted flat, yes?" she smiled sadistically as it finally dawned on me. "Of course you saw the picture of Sasha and I." She held up a hand and crooked a finger beckoning Sasha to her. I heard the heavy clomp of boots and felt a hand brush my shoulder as she stepped past me to stand next to Natalia, who sex redsex fairy tales free movies com an arm around her waist and leaned her head down on Sasha's shoulder.

If I had thought Natalia was scary looking when I first saw her, Sasha was down right terrifying. She absolutely radiated menace from the top of her head to the tips of her to booted toes.

I'll start from there. She wore knee high, black leather boots with thick soles that laced all the way to the top. She had lithe but powerful looking legs that rose gracefully to a black panty junction. Her flat torso was likewise extensively tattooed and though her breasts were tightly bound by a black bra I could tell they were only slightly larger than Natalia's. Though of the Roman numerals I could see they went up to at least twenty two, her arms again were lithe but seemed to contain surprising strength.

Her chin was square and her lips, pouty, her nose was strong. And then there were her eyes there were completely white, I could see no hint of her pupils and combined with the thick arrow tattoos running from her eyes created one of the most fascinatingly terrifying visages I had ever seen. I had trouble tearing my eyes from her face.

Her hair was a shimmering jet-black and shoulder length. "Fine pick for last boy Natalia." She said her English was terrible. "She did the same thing when she was in college." Natalia explained.

"Our senior year we are to pick a freshman to spend the year with." My eyes were still riveted to Sasha's face and I barely comprehended what she said. "Of course you are special. A two for one deal, yes?" That got my attention and the muffled noises made sense, my stomach lurched and I fought the urge to vomit.

"Natalia, Dimitri is gone for day, that is time I have. We start, yes?" Her lifeless white eyes never stopped staring in my direction, a terrifying sadistic grin plucking gently at her pouting lips.

She sighed, "Yes." They stepped up to me and grabbed the underside of the chair I was strapped to, lifting me and turning me around and I finally saw what was behind me.

My jaw cracked as it dropped, never before had I been this shocked and horrified. Natalia remained by my side as Sasha walked across the room to stand behind the form hanging from the ceiling.

"Ashley." I whispered. My sister hung from the ceiling by a pair of silver handcuffs strung over a large hook screwed into the concrete. A thin streak of dried blood ran from the corner of her mouth. Her toes were about an inch from the ground and she seemed either asleep or unconscious, her naked body hanging limply. Sasha reached out and ran a hand up my sister's hard stomach, between her large breasts and caressed her face.

She said something in what I was now assuming was Russian in my direction and Natalia translated. "She says your sister is very beautiful, you are a lucky boy." I continued to gaze at Ashley; my chest felt like it was trying to explode from the inside out. What had I gotten her into? This was college for crying out loud, these were supposed to be some of our best years, this shit wasn't supposed to happen. I could feel hot tears running down my face as I struggled to break whatever restrained my hands.

Sasha spoke again, her hands sliding back down and squeezing Ashley's large breasts, hard. "Do not worry boy. I will not hurt your precious sister, only make her feel good." Natalia translated, looking down at me in surprise that I was crying. She touched my face and maneuvered to sit on my lap, I was grateful they had not taken my boxers.

Natalia sat down and gently wiped away my tears, looking into my eyes, her red eyes softening slightly. She leaned against me, her skin despite having probably a solid pound of ink in it, was soft and warm. Why was she trying to comfort me? Sasha stood behind Ashley and pressed in close to her, running her hands over the front of my sister's limp body.

Her hands traveled down Ashley's stomach to her inner things where they proceeded to inch farther in, inch by slow inch. Her fingers barely touching skin. I looked closer and I could just make out movement under her eyelids, the corner of her mouth quirked fractionally. Sasha's hands stopped, the fingers of one spread Ashley's pussy open so the fingers of the other could push inside her.

Sasha peeked her head around Ashley's side to look at Natalia, she said something. "Really?" Natalia asked excitedly, springing up from my lap and bouncing over to Sasha. I felt her absence on my lap keenly as the cold seeped back into me. Natalia leaned down and mimicked Sasha by sliding a finger into my sister as well.

They looked back at me, jealous looks on their faces. "It is times like this we wish we were men." Natalia said longingly. "Why we have these." Sasha grinned, jerking her thumb to one side of the room. I turned my head, my neck was stiff.

There was a table against one wall, covered in all kinds of sexual paraphernalia, toys, bondage equipment, objects I couldn't begin to identify. My eyes flicked back to Ashley and I could see that one eye was open peering at the table.

Her nervous smile broadened enough for me to see teeth. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find that Ashley was aware of what was going on, hell she probably could have gotten out of this if she really wanted to.

Her eye swiveled to me and she winked. I felt immediately better, my chest eased and I sighed, smiling back at her. Sasha had moved to the table and was mindlessly picking through the stuff on the table. She held up a roll of duct tape and asked Natalia something. "Yes that is possible." She responded. She was on her knees in front of Ashley looking at her pussy, her finger still probing my sister's depths. Sasha ripped off a piece of tape and came back to Ashley, laying it tightly over her mouth.

Ashley didn't move. I was being more and more impressed with her. She was barely moving although these two were doing all kinds of things that would drive a normal person crazy. Sasha went back to the table and continued to play around with the stuff there. Natalia had moved closer to Ashley and was laying her head against my sister's thigh, playing with her cunt in an almost loving kind of way.

Ashley was squeezing her eyes shut; I could see her jaw working, grinding her teeth. "What does she taste like Tim? I know you know." She purred looking back at me. My response was to glare at her in silence. That was the first time she had addressed me by name and it made my skin tingle. "Well I shall find out." She said before turning back to Ashley. She pushed her face into my sister and I knew that from a girl like Natalia, even Ashley couldn't keep her composure.

My eyes were locked on the back of Natalia's head and throat, so I didn't hear Sasha come up to my side. "Her record, thirty seconds." She whispered in my ear, a tangy chemical scent wafted from her.

"What?" "Thirty seconds make girl cum from naught." She said, "Best of red roses." "Red roses?" She blinked, I think she had said something she shouldn't have, "Nothing." She stood up straight and I saw that she had something in her hands.

When I had first seen my sister's strap-on I was impressed, but this, this was truly massive. One end had to have been nine or ten inches long and pretty thick, the other end must have been a solid seven. She saw that I was looking and grinned, her lifeless white eyes regarding me with something akin to amusement. Suddenly I heard loud moaning and jerked my head back to Ashley and Natalia. My sister's eyes were wide open, screaming at the ceiling where her mouth could not.

Her body was trembling, sweat making her skin shine as Natalia remained planted between her legs. Ashley squeezed her legs together, forcing Natalia back, gasping for air. "At least full minute." Sasha chuckled, "You can not handle her." Natalia stood up and turned to face us, glaring at Sasha.

Her face was drenched in my sister's juices and absentmindedly she wiped her face with a hand, licking it clean. "You need a huge fake cock to please her, I have done it with nothing!" she said holding her tattooed arms out and twirling around. I was looking at Ashley as they continued bickering in Russian, she was trembling badly. Her eyes were fluttering as she tried to calm down, shifting her legs uncomfortably. She saw me looking at her and I gestured to my left, at Sasha, or more specifically what she was holding.

Her eyes went wide and flicked back to me, she was scared now, 'help me'! This wasn't a game anymore. "I invited you as a courtesy Sasha, do not forget that." Natalia hissed. Well there was one way to get Ashley out of this. Sasha stamped her booted foot in a surprisingly girly act of frustration, stormed over to Ashley and stood in front of her.

She slid the large end between her legs, back and forth under her pelvis. "Where do you want, Ms. Donovan?" she whispered. Ashley's eyes were frantic as she looked from me to Sasha to me again.

'Help me Tim, brother!' Shit! I was sweating and I felt sick, what had I done? "Natalia." I called quietly. She was standing close to Sasha, hands on hips watching what she was doing with her back to me. When she heard me call her name so quietly, she obviously knew something was up and sharply turned around.

I lowered my eyes and said nothing. She gave a little squeak and rushed over to me, practically jumping onto my lap, legs on either side of the chair facing me. I cringed as she ground her hips into me. "What can I do for you my love?" she cooed. I swallowed hard and looked over her shoulder at Ashley who was trying to squirm away from Sasha's more probing touches. "What will it take for you to make Sasha leave and let my sister go, so we can be alone?" "Well, it took you long enough to ask." What!?

This was what all this shit was for, I wanted to scream. Natalia said something without turning around and I watched as Sasha whirled around, rage contorting her face. She protested, looking from Ashley to Natalia's back, jabbing the dildo into Ashley's hard abs. Natalia rolled her eyes and injected more force into her voice.

Sasha shouted back and stormed to the table, picking up a cell phone and rapidly dialing a number. She walked back over to Ashley and stood in front of her staring up into her eyes as she waited for the other end to pick up. "Lucky girl." Her voice was full of menace. The other person finally answered and she started speaking rapidly as she waved the strap-on in Ashley's face.

"She is calling her husband." Natalia explained with a giggle, "She wants him to be home in less than an hour and to be ready for her." "Someone would marry her?" I asked incredulously. She snorted and called out across the room, before falling into a giggling fit. Sasha slowly turned and glared at me a vicious smile tearing at her lips. "Funny." She snarled turning around and lining up the large end of the strap-on with Ashley's pussy, she tossed a look over her shoulder before shoving hard.

Ashley screamed into the tape and tried to jerk away but Sasha put her other arm around her waist and held her still as she pushed it all the way in. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her chin sagged into her chest. Sasha gave it a twist and frowned after getting no response.

She reached up and gently held my sister's face in her hands as her muffled screams died down to a pathetic whimper, tears streamed from her eyes. "You have been deprived of a thousand pleasures and pains; you will never be satisfied until you see me again." She intoned quietly, her English suddenly flawless and her voice deepening.

Ashley's eyes glazed over and her body relaxed. "Sasha that does not work on females, just leave." Natalia said tiredly.

"So you say. I will see you both," she said looking from Ashley to me, "again." "Go Sasha, I will see you at the club." Natalia said a little more calmly. Sasha pulled on a black hoodie and skirt, before calmly flipping us the bird and slamming open a door directly behind Ashley.

It was dark outside the door and as soon as she passed through, disappeared. "Let me get my sister down and then we can do what you want okay." I said calmly. She grinned and ran a hand through my short hair, reluctantly getting off of me. She sashayed over to the table and picked up a set of keys. She brought them over and unlocked the handcuffs around my wrists and ankles. I tried to stand but my legs felt like rubber and I half staggered half crawled across the room.

I reached up and pulled the tape off her mouth, her eyes snapped back into focus. "Ouch! Take it out Tim, Take it out!" she cried. I reached down and grabbed hold of the end, slowly pulling the large device out of her with a wet sucking sound. "Ohh california quake with kaylee kisses and briella bounce bootylicious and twerking She moaned as a trickle of clear liquid followed it out. "Keys Natalia!" I demanded, holding out my hand.

They were slapped into my palm and I quickly reached up and unlocked one of the cuffs. Ashley dropped to the ground in a heap; I followed her down and cradled her head in my arms as she tried in vain to move her extremities.

Natalia took the keys and unlocked the other cuff before bouncing over to the table and putting on her own clothes. "Are you okay Ashley?" I asked, brushing the hair out of her face. "No! What the hell is this? Why in the fuck was I chained to the fucking ceiling? And who was that?" she demanded, frustrated. "One minute I'm asleep the next, that white eyed freak punches me in the face, shoots me full of something and then I'm here!" "Sshh Ashley, I'll tell you later okay." mom invite aunt fuck son2 "Whatever, I just want to go home.

Aren't we supposed to go home tomorrow?" she asked shakily. Her skin was cold and I turned to Natalia, now fully dressed and standing beside me looking on with amused red eyes. "Where are her clothes?" "She had none but these." She said, holding out a pair of flowered panties, grinning. I snatched them from her hand and attempted to put them on her myself. Ashley angrily slapped away my hands and pulled them the rest of the way up as I stood and helped her to her feet.

We were both unsteady and Natalia was having a hard time keeping a straight face. She handed me my clothes and I only put on my shorts, handing my large shirt to Ashley.

"Where are we Natalia?" "The basement of our dorm building." She responded flatly. I put an arm around Ashley's waist and took some of her weight as we staggered towards the door.

We made it out and were confronted by a long hallway and a staircase at our end. The whole hall was poorly lit and after a good deal of tripping we made it up the stairs which ended just a few rooms from Natalia's. "We're going home for the break." I said letting go off Ashley and moving closer to Natalia, "Then whatever happens, happens." I said. She grinned and bit her lip excitedly and handed me a slip of paper with what looked like her cell number.

"Yes, gather your strength." She giggled, breaking off into her room after giving me a broad smile. Ashley had kept going down the hall to her room. I walked down to her as she reached her door. When I stopped by her side she leaned her head against the door, I could hear her sniffling. "Are you sure you're all right?" "I told you no!" She sobbed. I put an arm around her shoulder, "I'm so sorry I got you into this Ashley.

Is there anything I can do?" "We're going home tomorrow right?" I nodded, "Then you can keep me company tonight, I don't want to be alone." She said looking at me as tears rolled down her cheeks. I would do whatever she wanted right now. "Sure Ashley." She gently took my arm and guided me through the door. The room was empty and I assumed Catherine had already left.

The clock by Ashley's bed read two o'clock. To my immense relief she kept my shirt on as she climbed onto her bed, though she still managed to practically rip her panties in two bending over. This was going to be difficult.

She flopped down and sighed dejectedly, giving me a gut wrenching look. I felt so bad, as I walked over and sat down next to her. She was practically falling asleep before my eyes, her eyelids drooped and that's why I didn't expect her to grab me around the waist and roll over, dragging me over her to almost slam against the wall.

Her arms moved higher and she pulled herself closer, her body pleasantly warm against my back. She pressed her face into my bare shoulder and wiggled herself closer still. "Remember when I used to do this when we were little, like when I had a nightmare or there was a thunderstorm or something?" she whispered, her breath tickling the skin of my neck.

"Yes, though I wish it was just a nightmare that put us in this situation." "Hmm, yeah. Just think, at least we get to go home tomorrow." She said yawning. Oh I was already thinking about it, all I wanted was to be near Oriana, just to hold her in my arms, to kiss her. I was gone. I could feel her arm over me, her gentle breathing on my neck, the fragrance of her hair.

She was all I had ever wanted, and I had her, she was mine and I was hers. "Are you awake?" I whispered. She was not. Why not wake her up, the pleasant way, muhahaha. I rolled over, her arm still over my shoulder and gazed at her in the dark, she was so beautiful.

I slid a stray lock of hair out of the way so I could see her closed eyes, they were rapidly moving under eyelids, she was dreaming. I gently ran my hand over her face, her skin was flawless. I kept going up over her shoulder and down the graceful swoop of her side to her hip. I let my thumb slide my hand down the inside of her hip over her flat stomach. She moaned in her sleep and rolled over, presenting her back to me. Oh, so that's how it's gonna be eh? I caressed her supple rear, encountering the frustrating barrier of her panties.

I moved my hand farther down and flattened it, slowly slipping it between her soft thighs. I'm sure my tongue was peeking out of the corner of my mouth as I felt around in the dark. I continued on, my fingers walking up her leg and over her buried treasure; damn panties! Hmm she must be having a damn good dream considering the dampness I was feeling.

Slowly I let my fingers trace her slit, if this didn't wake her up nothing would. I began adding pressure, sinking my fingers into the soft skin and fabric, she moaned, shifting her legs around my forearm. I split my fingers one running to where I approximated her clit should be and the others remaining as they were, slowly massaging her from behind her panty shield.

"Harder." She breathed, finally awake. She was worming her whole body in concert with my finger's movements trying to work every sensation to the max. I pushed with that finger on her clit; she inhaled sharply and let out a low deep moan. She pushed my hand out of the way and quickly pulled down her panties, I had to readjust but my fingers were quickly back to work.

I could hear her breathing start to get heavy; I pushed my fingers deep into her and began the complicated little dance I had created. She instantly reacted, arching her back into me and mashing her hand into mine, trying to push me deeper. "Uuuhh sooner or later you're gonna have to…uhn…fuck me for real." She groaned. What!? I paused, why did she say that? "Noo, don't stop! Or I swear to god I'll rape you right now." Shit!

Now I was awake. "God damn it Ashley!" I cursed, this was the second time I amazing girl is riding on a thick rod hardcore and blowjob dreamt about Oriana and it hadn't been true.

I tried to pull my hand away but she clamped her thighs down, trapping me. "Please," she whispered, "please I'm so close.

Make me feel better Tim." I sighed, moving my fingers again. She was bucking her hips while pushing my hand with her own, fucking herself on my fingers. "Oh god. Oh god, yes UUHHH!" she cried, her voice muffled as she buried her face in a pillow.

This had to have been her screaming teen getting her hot little anus pounded hard orgasm to date but you wouldn't have been able to tell by the way she moved. She thrashed around, tossing bed sheets every which way. I yanked my arm free and licked my fingers, she tasted different, must have been that dildo. I quickly rolled over, my back to her, just in case. "What time is it?" I asked. "Um four o'clock." She responded, I felt her moving around before an arm snaked over my side and down into my boxers.

"We still have time to play. If you think that was all I needed you're wrong, I need more." I pulled her hand out and shoved her; she let out a squeak as she rolled off the bed with a satisfying thump. "Uhn I'm Ashley. I want sex! Fuck me, fuck me hard. Put it in my big ass. I'm Ashley. I want sex!" I teased in a whining, snide sort of way. "You're so mean to me!" responded her tiny voice from the floor. I laughed, "Mean? How am I mean to you? If I recall correctly you've done all the mean things to me." "Well I'm allowed to, I'm the girl." She said pointedly, still not rising from the floor which I saw as troubling.

"Bullshit! You're no girl!" I giggled. I turned my head just in time to see her slowly standing up, and wouldn't you know it, she had taken off her shirt and completely removed her panties. "See this is what I was talking about, you are sooo mean to me." I snorted, rolling my eyes, though I doubt she could see them in the dark. "You won't even have sex with your hot, horny, loving, caring, oh-so-willing sister." As she huskily said those last words she crawled on the bed and got down on top of me, leaning closer and closer with each word until our faces were inches apart.

"I think most normal people don't do that." I said drawing away from her as much as I could. I made a promise; I couldn't do this, not when I was so close. She laid flat on top of me her big beautiful tits squashing against my chest, one hand petting my face while the other snuck down along my side.

ultra hungry babe love toying her ass erotica and movies won't you fuck me Tim? Don't you want me anymore?" Not this again! "Am I not attractive to you anymore?

I try to be appealing; I've tried time and again to put myself in that position. But no! Timothy gets so much pussy he doesn't need his first anymore, his easiest. What about me?" She whined. This was where I appreciated having Ashley as my sister, I could be rough with her and she wasn't likely to get hurt.

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed, however she grabbed me at the last second and we tumbled to the floor with a loud bang. I landed on top but bounced off of her onto my back. She recovered and made to grab my wrists but I reached out and caught her hands, making a feeble attempt at holding her off. Grinning sadistically she pushed my hands painfully to the floor, this was turning out to be a mistake. She leaned down and kissed me deeply while she started moving her hips, mimicking fucking me.

Damn her! Despite myself I was already painfully hard and her grinding into me wasn't helping in the least. Wrestling with a naked goddess such as Ashley wasn't exactly conducive to staying calm. I couldn't tell her about the promise I had made to Oriana, she would just try all the harder to spite her. And so I decided to keep trying to get on top, I thought only then would she become placid enough to reason with. I took a deep nose full of breath and mustered my strength before slowly, shakily, pushing her arms up.

Her eyes opened and looked left then right as her hands slowly started to rise from the ground as she was pushed away from me. Breaking away she hissed, "Stubborn bastard, let me fuck you." And then after a pause, "You need to work out more." She added more force and as she did I turned and her hand smashed into the floor, I used that to shove with my hip and flip her over.

Finally! I quickly pinned her hands to the ground and, gasping for air, lay down on top of her. Immediately she calmed down and closed her eyes. I don't know if she respected the person on top or she was too ashamed of the fact that she had given it up, whatever the case she was done.

She practically deflated under me and turned her head to the side, yup ashamed. "Oh that's right," I chirped happily, "Ashley doesn't like being on the bottom does she?" "Fuck you!" she growled. "Do you want me to use my magic fingers on you again, is that it?" I asked jokingly. She blew the hair out of her eyes and glared at me. There was a small noise and Ashley's eyes flicked past my shoulder, she sighed and turned her head to the side again. I cranked my head around and lo and behold who should be standing there but the devil herself.

"If you two are going to fuck do it quietly, you are going to wake up half of my building." Natalia said stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. "What do you want?" I asked. "For one I wish to have the two of you, but I understand you would like to go home first so I will settle for quiet.

I have to be up early tomorrow and I can not do that with you two slamming around all night." I nodded and she grinned, looking us over and sighing disappointedly before leaving.

"Do you want me to stay or can I go back to my room?" I asked looking back down at my sister. "Please stay," she said looking up at me with doe eyes. I swear she should be an actress. "Fine but you have to put some clothes on. And no nonsense!" I said letting go of her and standing up. I got back onto her bed which was still warm and lay on my back watching as she stood up and went to her closet.

I couldn't help but stare at her ass, even after all this time it could still captivate me. She slipped into some sweatpants and a t-shirt before coming back over and laying down next to me. Almost immediately I started to fall asleep and before the blackness took me to a better place, I felt Ashley wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my shoulder. This was better. When I woke up the next morning it felt like my body was being squeezed in a soft vice.

I cracked open my eyes and looked down my body. I was basically encased by my sister, her arms were tightly wrapped around my chest and her legs were linked around my own, there was nary a part of her that wasn't in contact with me.

I took a deep breath and felt her arms tighten, trying to kill me in her sleep no doubt. I turned, looking at the clock, Christ it was already nine o'clock! Our father was going to be here in less than an hour. I tried to spread my arms but she only squeezed tighter, tighter, okay painful. "Ashley! Ashley wake…uhhh…wake up!" "I am awake." She purred, raising her head and smiling sweetly. "You're a bitch, ahhh!" "That's not very nice Timothy." She was slowly crushing me, I grunted in pain.

"Oh does this hurt Tim? Because this is what I feel like when you keep rejecting me, maybe now you understand why I am so damn persistent!" "Okay! Okay!" I gasped. She let go and I sucked in a huge breath of air, my chest heaving. "Oh why look Tim!

Mom and Dad will be here anytime now! You best go get dressed unless you want people to get ideas." She said as she got up and went back over to her closet. I got up holding my chest and left, heading for my room. The building was a virtual ghost town; everybody had either gone home last night or early this morning. I knew JD was gone so I strolled into my room and changed, putting some clothes I hadn't washed yet and a few other things into a duffle bag and left my room.

I turned left, heading for the main door when something stopped me. "Oh my, am I getting careless in my excitement?" a distinctively accented voice breezed past me from behind. I slowly turned and sighed, seeing Natalia leaning up against the wall next to my door. "I guess so." I shrugged turning to go. "Try not to waste too much energy on your little girlfriend." She chuckled, coming up alongside me.

We stopped in front of the glass entrance doors. I could see Ashley already outside sitting on a wall that ran the length of the building, kicking her feet happily while looking from the front door to the parking lot. She saw where I was looking, "Or your sister for that matter." I smirked, patting the top of her head, making sure to crush the well made spikes of orange hair she had going.

"Do not fear tiny terror, you'll get your chance." I said mimicking her accent, and walking through the door into the chilly air. "I had better!" she called after me, trying in vain to resurrect her hair.

I snuck up behind my sister and poked her in the side with a finger, making her jump. "My chest still hurts." "So does mine." She retorted acidly.

I was saved from anymore icy comments by our father's car pulling into the parking lot. D? vu! It was just Dad and already he had popped the trunk in anticipation.

I threw my stuff in and got in the back, Ashley did the same. I noticed with a tiny smile that Ashley still wasn't walking normally. He knew better than to ask us any questions that would undoubtedly be asked an hour later by our mother and so he spent most of the ride filling us in on what was going on with the two of them.

When we finally pulled into the driveway he told us to get in there quick and get it over with, while he got our stuff out of the car. After the customary hour or so interrogation from Mom we went our separate ways, Ashley to her room and me to my car.

I was going to pick up Oriana from the train station as per our agreement, and I couldn't be happier. Her college had a direct rail line to a station not ten minutes away. It took me five to get there. The train was due in another ten minutes and I had all that time to figure out what I was going to do when she stepped off. I grinned, I wanted to play a little game, payback for that promise she had me make.

I looked down the tracks and could just make out the headlight off in the distance. Scanning the area I found a little corner where I could stand unnoticed but still observe the entire platform.

As the train thundered in a crowd started to form, parents and siblings, business people, and your everyday traveler crowded onto the platform. I worried for a second that I would not be able to see her in the press of people; however my fears were alleviated when the doors opened and her black framed face peered out the door before she dropped to the platform. I quickly made my way close to the train, maneuvering behind her. She had a very large duffle bag clasped in both hands and was standing on the tips of her toes trying to see over the crowd, looking for me I suppose.

I deepened my voice, "Lookin' for somebody miss?" "Yeah, my boyfriend is supposed to be picking me up." She responded without turning around. "Shame he hasn't shown up yet, sweet little thing like you shouldn't be all by yourself around here." That made her turn around right quick.

"Tim!" she shrieked, leaping into my arms, her duffle bag thudding to the ground forgotten. I put a hand on her lower back to hold her up, though I doubt she needed the help considering the death grip her arms had around my neck.

I almost laughed as she drowned my face in kisses, only managing to kiss her back a few times out of a hundred. "Legs." I managed to hot foursome session with two saucy honeys under the onslaught.

She wrapped her legs around my hips and I leaned down to pick up her bag with one hand. It was heavy but manageable, and I started off towards my car. "God I missed you so much!" she gasped breathlessly. "Mmph, missed you…more." I staggered the final few steps to my car and dropped her bag, leaning her up against the car. "Did you keep your promise baby?" she purred, looking me square in the eye. "Um yeah about that," I said looking around nervously, she frowned, "of course I did!

Do you think I would break a promise I made to you?" She beamed and I think, tried to speak but all that came out was a bunch of excited squeaks as tears welled up in her eyes. "No, no crying Oriana." I said, wiping away the tears with a gentle finger. "I'm sorry, I'm just so happy! I have such good news to tell you!" "Oh?" I asked, my mind not totally on what she was saying at this point.

I pressed in closer to her if that was possible, pushing with my hips, I leaned in and kissed lightly up her neck. "Oh god! Fuck! It can…ooh…wait!" She closed her eyes and tilted her head, exposing more of her neck.

"Is your mom working weird hours still?" I asked, hoping against hope. "Uh she works the day shift now that I'm in college." I was afraid her face would split she was grinning so broadly. "She won't be back until nine." Jesus eight hours! I pushed a little harder and she tilted her head back, moaning. "A fucking month! Take me home right now before I explode!" "You'll just explode there wont you?" I asked letting her down and opening the car as quickly as I could after tossing her bag in the trunk.

"Well…" was all she said as she leapt into the passenger seat and I screeched out of the lot. I probably broke a suburban land speed record to her house. Pulling into her driveway we quickly got out, I held out my hand and she handed me the keys to her house before she climbed up on me again.

She had this down to a science. As quick as I could I carried her to the door, I couldn't do it fast enough, I couldn't get the key in the lock, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! CLICK. Finally! We fell through the door and landed in a heap, barely slowing us down. Before we got back to our feet both of our shirts and our shoes were gone. She fumbled with the clasp of her jeans as she raced for her bedroom, I followed right behind her, hurling my belt across the hall.

I skidded into her room, almost falling on my face. I shifted my weight to the side at the last minute, landing heavily on her bed, she was sitting a little too close to where I hit and she was bounced onto her back with a squeak. "Fuck I almost fell." I didn't get a chance to recover before she landed on top of me. She was backwards, her panty covered ass resting on my sternum as she struggled to get my shorts off.

She was so fucking cute it was ridiculous. She was wearing these adorable little pink panties with little white flowers spread about it. "These are cute!" I giggled, pulling at them. "Shut up!" she said, her voice strained as she finally managed to push my shorts and boxers down. She flopped to the side and struggled out of her panties, watching my throbbing cock hot interracial gangbang starring lusty cecilia vega of the corner of her eye, smiling wickedly.

"We're not gonna last long are we?" I asked, pulling her back on top of me. She sighed, "Yeah but it's going to be huge!" She kept her eyes locked on mine as she shimmied her hips back until she bumped into my dick. "Ready baby?" she asked, lifting herself up and grabbing my cock in a small hand, pulling it up and aiming it at her practically dripping pussy. Grinning like an idiot I nodded, reaching out and taking her hand. She smiled and slowly started to sit, I watched fascinated as my cock slowly pushed its way past her swollen, puffy outer lips and slip inside of her soaked, blazing confines.

Both our mouths opened in silent screams of ecstasy and she squeezed my hand hard. She was going very slow, trying to squeeze the most of this as she could before we blew. "Ohhh fuck! Oh fuck!" she cried as she hit bottom, sitting still for a while, adjusting, calming down. After a minute she closed her eyes and smiled, "There we go." More confident now she rose quickly and stopped when just the head of my cock remained in her.

She descended much faster this time, her soft inner tissue rushing along my shaft. I grunted as her hips hit mine with a bit of force and air rushed from my lungs as she quickly ascended once more and slammed back down.

"NNOOOhhhh!" she screamed as she hit again. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as her cum poured out of her in a rush, flowing around my dick and splashing against my hips. She never ceased to impress me. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she crashed down on my chest with a thud, stunning me for a second, which spared me from exploding as well. She twitched and shuddered for a few minutes before she picked her head up and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"You were supposed to cum with me!" she whined. I was right there as it was, her cunt still going crazy around my dick. "We'll just have to make you cum again." I said quietly, kissing her forehead. She sighed, she was drained already. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over.

I lay on top of her, supporting some of my weight and kissing her deeply as I slowly started to fuck her. I kept the pace slow, building it up for that epic climax.

I let a hand sneak between us and brought it to her clit, teasing it with my fingers. She started making little noises through her nose, so I pushed a little harder, her eyes rolling with every thrust.

She broke away gasping and wrapped her arms around my head, pulling me closer to her as she drew nearer and nearer. "Ohhhh god Tim! I'm uuhhhnn gonna…gonna EEHHHYYYAAAA!" She screamed right as I pushed into her one final time. Her juices washed over my cock again as my own cum shot out of me in an almost painful release.

She cried out again as the hot liquid poured into her, a month can produce a sizable buildup it seems. It felt like forever before my cock stopped thumping out cum and when it girlfriend makes revenge sex tape in cab did stop, it was all I could do to keep myself propped up. Oriana however, still clung to me, squeezing me tightly every few seconds as she continued to convulse in orgasm.

After a few minutes she let go and fell back, her breathing ragged and her chest heaving, skin glistening with sweat. I grunted and rolled off of her, my own chest heaving as my heart tried to beat its way from behind my ribs. "You fill me up so good baby." She sighed contentedly, reaching out a shaky hand and touching my face.

I chuckled, "Do I?" and then after a pause, "Lets not do this kinda thing anymore." "Yeah, that's a good idea. A month is way too long, I was going insane!" she agreed, still panting. We lay there for awhile catching our breath before she suggested we go take a shower.

I was more than happy to agree. It was probably the longest shower I had ever taken, and after a few tender moments we had gone at it again. We came out quite some time later smelling sweet but even more exhausted. After she changed and I got back into my pants we shambled downstairs to the basement.

The futon had been folded back up and we plopped down on it, she sitting at one end and me lying along its length with my head in her lap. One of the things I loved about Oriana was that I could talk to her; she could carry a conversation and always engaged me with questions.

We talked for hours about our different college experiences and the similarities as well. However, I left out the whole Natalia business; I didn't want her worrying about me or even Ashley for that matter. "I can't believe it's barely been a month, can you?" I asked.

"Nope." She responded but then after a moment she straightened up and slowly looked down at me, running a hand lovingly through my short hair, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." "What?" I asked warily, the maniac gleam in her eye putting me on edge for a second.

"Guess." She said smugly. "I can't, I don't have anything to go on." "Oh come on!" she whined, smacking me. I sat up and held my arms out as she kept slapping at me. "Guess! Guess Tim!" she giggled, getting on her knees and grabbing my hands, forcing me back. "Just tell me Oriana!" I laughed. "No I'm not gonna tell you if you're not gonna guess!" I groaned, rolling my eyes at her, "Um, are you getting a new car or something?" She glared at me in annoyance, "Don't be stupid Timmy!

C'mon I'm serious." I got up and walked around, stroking my chin in thought. "Hmm what would a girl be excited about?" I thought out loud, walking around behind the futon. She sat up and put her chin on the back of the futon, still glaring at me. "Not a girl! ME!" she cried, she was getting frustrated now. "Aha I know!" I exclaimed, her eyes lit up, "You got a new dress!" Her expression did a complete 180, she gave me a 'you're dumber than a bag of rocks' look and frowned.

"See, just tell me because I'm never going to guess." I said coming back around and sitting next to her. Moving slowly, she reached out a hand and pushed me over before climbing on top of me and bringing her face close to mine. "Let's just say I talked to the admissions advisor at your school last weekend." She said slowly, waiting for it to register with me.

It hit me like…like…something really fucking big. "What!?" I must have looked utterly dumbstruck because she giggled girlishly and closed my mouth with her hand. "He said, because they're still receiving other transfers and overseas applicants, it wouldn't be too bad if I moved on in during the break. It'll be a pain in the ass getting caught up but you'll help me right?" I nodded dumbly. "I thought you didn't have the money to do that." I asked totally confused, it wasn't sinking in very quickly.

"I didn't, until Gramma Sue died and left me with a shit load. I didn't like her that much but I guess she liked me plenty." "Oh I'm sorry." I said softly. "Like I said…aren't you excited?" she asked cocking her head to the side and looking at me curiously. I expected this to happen but not this year not even until senior year or something. But my thoughts were elsewhere. Why this year? I was excited, hell yes but what about all this shit with Natalia? I couldn't have her going after Oriana, like she had gone after my sister.

She already showed an interest in Oriana, fuck! "Um Oriana," I said getting her attention, she had been looking of to one side, a dreamy look in her eyes; "Maybe…maybe that's not such a good idea." Her head snapped around and she narrowed her eyes at me once more. "Why? Give me one good goddamned why I can't be with you." She growled angrily.

So I gave it to her, there was no point in hiding it anymore. I told her everything including the fears that I had. "You think that this bitch can hope to stand between us, to keep you from me?" "It's not that she would try to keep us apart, its what she would do to you when I'm not around." I said fearfully, wrapping my arms around her protectively. She barked out a cynical laugh, "You're forgetting something." "What?" "I was best friends with your sister.

And you know what that means." That eased my worries nicely. I didn't really think Natalia was capable of anything worse than what Ashley dished out in her prime.

Sasha was a different story but we wouldn't have to deal with her, hopefully. I heaved out a big sigh and smiled at her. "Okay, you're right. I was just worried is all." I said, kissing her gently. "Aw, I'm happy that you are looking out for me, but I'm a big girl now and I can take care of myself." She said, sitting up straight on my stomach, looking down at me over her large breasts. "Well, you big in some ways." I said, reaching out and poking her left tit with a finger.

She slapped my hand away and put her hands on her hips. "Really Tim? Are you seriously gonna go there?" she challenged, putting on her best angry face, a very rare face indeed. "I should make you suck 'em just for saying that." "You should." I retorted, staring her down, daring her.

She grinned evilly and looked at the TV for a second. "Shit!" I looked in that direction naughty old couple goes wild with a girl cursed as well, it was almost nine. "Oh my god, how did that happen?" I asked out loud. She sighed and got up, grabbing my hand ana foxxx is sucking an anonymous white gloryhole cock big black cock and average tits trying to pull me to my feet as well.

I stood and followed her upstairs where I located my belt and shirt before heading to the door. "So can you help me move my stuff in this week?" she asked, giving me a hug and kiss at the door. "Of course, just call me when you need me." I said kissing her back. She opened the door for me and I walked out to my car as she gave me a final wave from the doorway.

I drove home and sat in the driveway for a few minutes thinking about what this meant for me. I shrugged to myself and got out, I would overcome those obstacles as they presented themselves. I walked inside and greeted my parents and snagged a snack as I walked past to my room.

I opened the door and closed it behind me; my life had just gotten a tad more interesting. I stripped to my boxers and climbed into my own bed, falling asleep almost instantly. I spent the next few days helping Oriana move her stuff into her second floor room in my dorm building, when I had learned that little tidbit I had nearly had a heart attack.

Thankfully Natalia had gone home or to whatever place she called home on this continent, though she took the keys to the building with her and we had to hunt down someone in administration to open it for us. Oriana was pleased to find that the building came equipped with a freight elevator and we only needed one trip from the car to get her stuff in her new room. She had been put in touch with the current occupant of the room, a girl named Sophia, and they had gotten along fine over the phone, I wasn't worried about her in that department.

I also spent time showing her around the building, where my room was, Ashley's, and Natalia's which I told her to avoid at all costs. We toured the campus and I helped her find her classes, most of which we shared. After three days of hauling her stuff across the state we were done. We took another day to relax and then we spent another day and a half spending quality time with each other. We cruised around town and got together with some of our friends, we probably had more fun in those few days than we had in quite some time.

Coming home from that I was totally and utterly exhausted. The first thing that should have put me on edge, but didn't, was that my parent's cars were not in the driveway.

I shuffled into the house, dead on my feet. I stumbled and tripped, falling to my knees, I had to fight to keep my eyes open. I struggled to me feet and made it to my door, I crashed through it and managed to take my shirt off before collapsing on my bed and passing out. "Tim, wake up." A soothing voice eased into my heavy head.

There was hefty weight on top of me and it was hard to breathe. I cracked an eye open and slowly focused on a set of glowing numbers, if I was correct I had only been asleep twenty minutes. "What Ashley?" I groaned, closing my eyes and shifting my weight.

"Tim wake up, I need you!" she persisted. "No leave me alone, I'm exhausted." I croaked, rolling onto my side. The weight disappeared and I heard a thud. Smiling weakly I curled up under the sheets and clutched them tightly around me, a makeshift shield against what would be coming. I could feel sleep coming up on me again. "Tim please, I need it bad. Oh god it hurts." She moaned. Her hands fumbled around in the dark and found the edge of the covers, trying to pull them off of me.

Christ she was waking me up! "I gave your shit back to you, you have fingers, go fuck yourself." I said, I wasn't angry and my voice was even but I was so tired. "Tim, please!" she cried. "I'll do you tomorrow." I said with a cruel chuckle, pulling the covers tighter around me. She swore profusely and I felt her leave. Peace, I was out again. I woke up the next morning in a cocoon of sheets and I had to work my way out of them.

My clock read seven thirty; I hated when I went to bed semi early and woke up early as a result. I got up and changed, groaning like an old man the whole time. I shambled into the kitchen and got some Pop-tarts, I ate one there and was nibbling on the next as I made my way back down the hall. I stopped halfway between my room and Ashley's, munching thoughtfully. Dare I go in there? Why not, she was probably still asleep anyways. I stuffed the rest of the Pop-tart in my mouth and slowly cracked the door open and peered inside.

The lights were off but bright slats of light streamed from the shuttered windows, falling like bright prison bars across her room. Her naked, light striped body lay spread eagled on her bed. Her sheets were strewn about in disarray, she was awake though, her eyes were wide open and starring at the ceiling.

She was gleaming with sweat and her chest was heaving hard enough to make her tits jiggle gently. Strewn about the bed were just about all of her sex toys. I even saw some new ones, including a massive black bastard that had to be a solid eleven or twelve inches long and at least one to two inches in diameter which was in such a position that looked like she had given birth to it. I stepped into her room and quietly closed the door behind me.

She didn't move except to clench her fists and flex her body. "Rough night Ashley?" I asked. Her response was to relax slightly and blink a few times. "It won't…stop. I…I can't stop." She panted, and then after a pause for heavy breathing, "I've had so many orgasms…I can't even uhn count." She started moving, writhing as if in pain.

"Not again!" she wailed, tears rolling down her cheeks, her fingers clutched at the sheets as she arched her back. "It's just getting worse!" My eyes were riveted on my sister's body, she wasn't lying and even she couldn't fake this.

I took a few tentative steps towards her and my nose confirmed that she wasn't lying for two separate reasons. I could smell all those sex specific odors but something else caught my attention, something I had never smelled around my sister but had noticed around someone else.

I grinned broadly and climbed up on her bed, grabbing her wrists and pinning them between her breasts and settled my weight on her stomach. "Poor Ashley." I smirked. She looked at me for the first time and grimaced.

"Fuck me or get off me?" "Aw Sasha got you good." I teased. "What!?" She stopped moving and stared straight into my eyes. "Natalia and Sasha must have cooked something up and put it on that little thing she put in you. I wouldn't put it past them." "When the fuck did they become fucking chemists!" she screamed, trashing around again, she moaned loudly and tried to break her hands out of my grip.

"Let me go! It's so bad UUUHHN let me go!" I held her hands tightly; no doubt letting her fuck herself would only make things worse. I looked at the clock and decided there was enough time today to take care of this problem. I let go of her hands, "Don't touch yourself, you'll only make it worse!" "But it's worse now!" she cried out. I got off of her and hurried to me room where I grabbed my cell and dug through the jar of pocket collections, finding Natalia's number.

I hurried back to Ashley room to find her trying to jam that black monster back into herself. "Ashley no!" I strode over to her and grabbed the hand holding the dildo, wrenching it out of her. "NNOOO! Why did you do that?" she yelled, sitting up and trying to grab it back from me. I smacked her across the face with it and tossed it across the room. "Shut up if you want me to help you!" I growled as she held a hand to her cheek in astonishment.

I pushed her back down and knelt on her hands while I dialed Natalia's number. She answered on the fourth ring, "Da, kто - это?" "Natalia, it's me Anal fucking with busty real estate agent "Tim!" she squeaked, "You sound different on telephone." "What did you do to my sister." I sighed, cutting to the chase.

"I did nothing." "Then what did Sasha do?" "I do not know. I am not her mother. But if she did, she is the only one who knows." "Where is she?" I sighed. Ashley was struggling again and I had to put the phone down for a second to grab her face in my hand. "Stop!" She did. I could hear Natalia talking and I hurried to put it back to my ear, "What?

Say that again." "I said she would be at the club today around lunch, if you would like me to take you to her." "That's fine. Where is it from the college?" She laughed softly, "Actually, if the information you submitted to me and the school is accurate the club is closer to you than it is to me." I swore under my breath for what I was about to do.

"If you know where I live why don't you just show up and we'll go from there." "Excellent." she said slowly and hung up. "You mom son nude yoga vedio idiot." Ashley piped in under me. "Listen you, shut up and put your clothes on." I said getting off of her and leaning back up against the wall.

She stood up from the bed and walked over to her dresser. "Oh and I want you to put on two pairs of panties." I said. She looked at me like I was crazy but did as I told her. She put on a pair of jeans, her bra, and a button up shirt. I came over to her and grabbed a belt from her closet. "Hold out your arms." She did as she was told again; she was obviously in a great deal of discomfort if she was doing what I told her this willingly. I put the belt on her and tightened it. "You will leave yourself alone, do you understand me?" "Yes Tim." She responded demurely.

I walked her back to her bed and pulled the top sheet off her bed, the thing was drenched. Whether it was from sweat or the endless number of orgasms she had no doubt given herself, I wasn't sure. I scooped up her toys and put them on the sheet, rolling it up and putting it under her bed for now. She had a massive clean up job ahead of her. She moaned softly and I shot out a hand, catching hers before it could start rubbing her pussy.

This continued for hours, I would stop her every few minutes from touching herself and it was starting to get on my last nerves when I heard the doorbell.

I let out a huge sigh and grabbed my sister's arm, dragging her to her feet and pulling her after me as I hurried to the door. I kept my grip on her as I opened the door to reveal Natalia standing on the steps, acting innocent as can be in case my parents were the ones who showed up first. "Good afternoon my love." She purred, making eye contact with me first and then Ashley before scanning the interior behind us.

"Let's go." I growled, pushing past her and walking to my car. I noticed a brand new black Mercedes parked at the curb, figures. She pouted, "What no time to play first?" "No! Sit in the back with Ashley and make sure she doesn't do anything." I told her. She smiled and looked at Ashley who glared at the both of us. "Do not fear Tim, I will take good care of Ms. Donovan." She said getting in the back seat with Ashley. I shook my head and got behind the wheel and Natalia told me where to go.

It turns out the club was located in the more urban part of town maybe fifteen minutes away. They were quiet until I got on the main road which made me suspicious, but I was too focused on where I was going to look back.

As we neared the business sector I finally looked in my rearview mirror. "God damn it Natalia leave her alone!" Immediately in my view was Ashley's face, her eyes were rolled back and Natalia's hand covered her mouth. "What? I do nothing." She responded innocently, not taking her hand away. Ashley jerked back and let out a loud juddering moan and toppled over against the door.

"Did you have to do that?" I asked turning my attention back to the road. "Yes. And that was the fourth time too." She said proudly, leaning between the front two seats to look at me directly, "Take this left and you will be in the parking area." I took the turn and ended up in a small parking lot behind a small strip mall.

I shut off the car and we got out, Ashley had to stop and lean up against the car to get control of herself. I grabbed Natalia's arm tightly and pulled her closer to me, "Don't test me Natalia, you're the one who wants something from me remember." I hissed menacingly. "You are mistaken lover.

It is you who wants something from me now." She paused to let it sink in, "I received the papers for your girlfriends' transfer into my building. If you want me to leave her alone…" she trailed off, making her point. She smiled evilly, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking her fingers. "Sasha has dissapointed me, this is a simple remedy." She said thoughtfully, licking her lips. "Can you fix it then?" "Yes but with what Sasha said, I think she is waiting for her to show up here." She said jerking her thumb at Ashley, who was only now breathing normally.

"It would be easier to go in and have her fix it for us." "Can we do something please!?" Ashley put in, staggering up to us, putting her hands between her legs and bending over slightly as if she had to use the bathroom. "Of course Ms. Donovan! Please, come with me." She said heading for the low slung, bunker-like building at the other end of the parking lot.

It was a dirty white and the only thing that could be seen was half a door down a few steps. The sign next to the door was a rose with a single blood drop falling from a single thorn, no words. We were ten yards from the door when it slammed open and a black clad female shambled out, immediately lighting a cigarette. "I thought you were quitting Tish?" Natalia called, smiling sweetly. Tish was very tall, more so than Ashley and solid.

Her straight, raven black hair hung around her shoulders and was treated with a no doubt expensive product that gave it an incredible shine. She was wearing a long black coat and when she turned to face us I was stunned by what she wore underneath it.

I instantly had a bad feeling that we were heading into a very bad place. She was wearing a black leather corset that was tightly laced up the front, just above her very large breasts to the curve of her shapely hips. The dress she wore was cut at an angle; one tanned leg was more exposed than the other and showed off their athletic definition. She wore heavy black leather boots, similar to Sasha's, which probably explained why her legs were muscled so.

"You try not lightn' one up after what I just did Nat!" she giggled girlishly, an unusual sound coming from someone looking like her. Instead of a Russian or at least eastern European accent she had a slight Boston one. As we came closer her eyes caught my attention, they were a startling emerald green. Her facial features looked like they belonged on someone half her age, small nose, small mouth, small pointy ears, cute little patches of freckles under her eyes and not a tattoo to be seen.

"You are too hard on your boy; you will dry him up if you are not careful." "Pfft, he is young, besides he loves it." She smirked looking Ashley and They are so getting busted by mommy over, "You look familiar." She said, looking at us curiously.

"Do I know you?" "This is Tim and Ashley Donovan. It is my last year of college, as you know." Natalia said smugly, she was totally full of herself at the moment. Tish's eyes shot open, "Donovan! Tim Donovan!" She was instantly in front of me, grabbing my head in her hands and scanning my face with her piercing green eyes. "Oh God!" I moaned pitifully. "Oh yes you know who I am now don't you Timmy boy?" She let go and put her arm tightly around my neck, pulling me tightly to her, almost crushing me against her leather bodice as she strode towards to door of the club.

I looked back with a pleading look to Natalia and squeaked, "Help me!" I tried to get away but she was so much bigger than me that I didn't stand a chance. Tish led me down the three or four steps and practically kicked the door open. "Wait he is mine!" She shrieked running after us with Ashley in tow. Ashley was walking with a confident stride now, a huge shit-eating grin on her face, she new full well who it was that had me by the neck.

"We're gonna have some fun you and I, Timmy boy. I want what my sister couldn't handle!" and then she started to laugh, that sick demented xxx mom teach son movies you hear from female villains in movies, and then darkness consumed us as we entered the second circle of hell.

It was dark, very dark and it took my eyes forever to start adjusting. There were patches of red light along the walls, table lights. There was no music at the moment but I did notice expensive looking speakers in the corners.

The place was relatively small; perhaps twenty by thirty and a lot of space was dedicated to a red backlit bar along the left side of the club. The only people I could see at first were the two bartenders, one male, and one female, both clad in black. They were in one corner, talking in low tones which ceased as soon as Tish strode in, hauling me along like a stubborn child. I tripped twice and it was only because she held me so damn tightly that I didn't hit the floor.

Finally, I could just make out a few figures seated at the tables along the wall. I could really only see three, all women it seemed. Two sat at one table and one solitary figure at another, which I instantly recognized as Sasha. Looking back I could see a huddle of dark shapes at the end of the bar sitting or lying on the floor.

Tish saw where I was looking and let out a deep chuckle, "Playthings. Generally they would be busy but there's nobody here during the day so…" I saw Sasha get up as she recognized me and stormed across the floor to intercept Tish. "Give him Tish. He is mine." She smiled at me; her white eyes seemed to be floating in the middle of her face. The combination of her tattoos and her hair obscuring most of her pale skin.

"Fuck off Rusky! He's mine." As if to punctuate her statement she squeezed me harder, driving the air from my lungs. "Besides, Nat is looking for you I think. Got this ones beautiful logan drae rubs her hairy tight lips until she cums with her." Sasha grinned broadly and looked past us to the stairs where Natalia and Ashley had just stumbled in.

"Just as good." She said quietly and sauntered over to them, an obvious bounce in her step. "No." I grunted, trying desperately to get away, to no avail. The two girls sitting at the other table had, by now, stood up and walked to the bar. They looked me over and dismissed me, thank god! Both were small and of course, dressed in the uniform black. Tish nodded to them and we continued on. There were four doors at the back of the club and we headed of the one second to last on the right.

"Tish let me go! Please! I hot lesbos fill up their big asses with milk and splash it out threesome internal mean to hurt Sarah!" I pleaded, struggling harder as we got closer to the door.

She stopped and held me away from her, staring into my eyes. Even in the gloom her brilliant green eyes were captivating. "I don't care what you did to Sarah. I only care about what I'm going to do to you now. I haven't had halfway decent sex in weeks." She brought me closer to her, lifting me to the tips of my toes, "And I am way, way hornier than any of these bitches will ever be." Her voice dropped and I was scared shitless to say the least.

She pulled me tight again, crushing me against her large bosom as we reached the door and then through it. The last thing I saw was Ashley, Natalia, and Sasha walking in our general direction. The room was an office of sorts, there was a desk with a few papers and a computer on it and several chairs.

The room's distinguishing feature though, was the two windows on either wall. Each showed the room on either side, the one on the right had a bed, sofa, and TV in it. The one on the left was almost barren save for a big metal table and a large box in one corner.

"Have a seat." Tish said, thrusting me forward into a metal folding chair against the right wall. She turned and put a chain lock on the door we came through, then walked over to a small speaker box next to the window, punching a button. She tossed her long coat onto the desk. "This should be entertaining eh?" she said coming over and sitting down on my lap.

She was incredibly heavy and I grunted when she put her full weight on me. She chose to ignore me and instead ground her hips into my lap and leaned back. She was so heavy that I didn't have a chance of moving her if she didn't want me to, so I sat still and looked over her shoulder at the window.

"You know what I'm going to do when this is over?" "No." I muttered venomously. "I'm going to go home strutting brother and sister ebony sexey storys stuff, saunter into my sister's room and say 'Guess what?

I just did your old boyfriend. You know, the one that got the better of you.' She'll no doubt get all pissy and," she sighed like she was so damn put upon, "I'll have to calm her down, mess around with her like usual. But oh for those few precious minutes I just get to rub shit in her face, I'm getting excited just thinking about it." "You're so full of yourself." She giggled, again, a very strange noise coming from her, "Yeah.

But hey that'll change, wont it? I'll be all full of you." I shivered and she giggled again. Just then the door to the room behind the glass opened and Natalia, Ashley, and finally Sasha trooped in; Sasha locking the door behind her. Natalia stepped up to the window and I could see her eyes flicking back and forth, one of her hands went to her hair and straightened an orange spike. It was a one way mirror!

The intercom crackled as Ashley spoke, "Alright freak, I'm here, now fix it before I crack your skull." God damn she was pissed! Sasha pointed at the table and said something in Russian, to which Natalia translated, "Sit down Miss Donovan, make yourself comfortable." Natalia rolled her eyes, still looking into the mirror, obviously not amused by Sasha's theatrics. Ashley sat up on the table as Sasha circled it, still speaking. "I was very disappointed when I didn't get to have you the other day.

So I hope you can forgive me for giving myself a little…insurance to make sure I would see you again." Natalia translated. Tish snorted, "No body likes Sasha that much, but her mother owns the building so we all have to kiss her ass.

Every time she finds somebody new she does something juvenile like this." "What does her husband think about all this." I asked, genuinely curious.

"Pfft, he doesn't care or know. He's halfway across the world most of the time." Ashley's voice brought my attention forward again, "Stop playing your stupid fucking games cunt! You have no idea how uncomfortable this is!" Sasha stopped in front of Ashley and produced a small bottle of clear liquid out of a pocket. "Not to worry Miss Donovan, I have the antidote right here. I just need an applicator." Again Natalia translated flatly.

"May I?" Ashley asked innocently, holding out a hand. Sasha gave it to her. Biggest mistake she could have made. Ashley dropped down off the table and backed handed Sasha right across the mouth. Natalia turned around and just started laughing as Sasha hit the floor hard.

Ashley got down on one knee next Sasha and leaned in close, there was blood on the back of her hand. "If either I or my brother ever see you again, I'll rip out your fucking eyes and piss in the sockets! You hear me?" She did, but nothing else because Ashley drew back her arm and punched her right in the nose, and even through the intercom I could hear the snap of something breaking. "Excuse me." Tish chuckled and got up, moving quickly to the door and leaving.

I just sat there, watching as Ashley unlocked the door and stormed out, followed by Natalia who was, by the way, still laughing hysterically. I heard a yell and then the door to my room burst open and Ashley was pushed through by a smiling Tish.

She closed and locked the door behind her and I could hear Natalia raging just outside, every so often pounding on the solid wood. "Tim!" Ashley squeaked and rushed to my side. "I'm feeling generous tonight." Tish proclaimed, tossing the bottle into the air and catching it, "I'll let you two do each other first and I'll settle for sloppy seconds, ya?" We both turned and glared at her.

"No go fuck yourself Patricia!" Ashley growled menacingly. Tish's face contorted in rage and she covered the distance between them in two steps, seizing my sister with one hand clamped around her face.

"Call me Patricia again Donovan! Do it! I fucking dare you!" She paused, looking down at me as I sat there dumbstruck, "No. Better idea." She put the bottle between her tits and reached down, easily yanking my pants and boxers to my knees. I don't know why I didn't move, why I couldn't move. She plucked the bottle from the depths of her cleavage and dumped the contents on a hard-on I didn't even realize I had. It was lukewarm. "Do it to it Donovan. Don't let it go to waste. I'm pretty sure poor little Sasha wont make you anymore." She shoved Ashley on me and my sister looked down at me with apologetic eyes and a pained expression on her beautiful face.

"Tim I'm sorry." She whispered as she started taking off her pants. "It's okay Ashley." I said seriously, though inside I wanted nothing better than to laugh. I hadn't fucked Ashley in…well a really long time. Tish looked me over again, her bright green eyes focusing on my crotch, "Oh he's a big boy isn't he Donovan. You must have had some fun with him huh? I don't know why Sarah didn't try harder with you Timothy." Ashley had removed her pants and soaked double layer of panties, but was standing nervously in front of me, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

"C'mon Ashley, you have to." I said holding out my arms like I was going to hug her. She whimpered again and stepped up, her legs on either side of the chair I was somehow rooted to. She slowly started lowering herself, her drenched and dripping pussy descending inexorably closer.

The potion slick head of my cock finally started to push into her. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a pleased smile. She twisted her hips as my cock sank deeper into her boiling insides, corkscrewing it, making sure to coat every bit of herself.

"Oh Donovan, doesn't it feel good? Such a relief." Tish cooed. Sidling up behind Ashley, her arms creeping around sharing a tough schlong hardcore and blowjob sister's middle, she slowly started undoing the buttons of her shirt.

Ashley didn't notice; she couldn't feel anything outside her cunt. She moaned as she hit bottom, slumping forward.

I buried my head in her shoulder, letting out a little moan as well. Tish snaked her hand up under Ashley's chin and pushed in her red cheeks with two fingers, forcing out her lips. "Kiss him Donovan. Kiss you brother." She forced Ashley's head closer to mine and Ashley wrapped her arms around my head and mashed her lips against mine.

She squeezed my head tighter, twisting her hips and making me cry out, my head slamming back against her arms. Ashley gasped as she drew herself back up and let herself fall back again. Tish twisted her head around and forced my sister's full lips against her own. Ashley's eyes widened for a moment before closing again, I doubt she cared anymore. Tish's hands slipped inside Ashley's shirt, deftly undoing her bra and fondling her large breasts.

She broke away and forced Ashley's face back to me, we kissed again. Tish stood directly behind Ashley, her hands making hard, forceful movements under Ashley's shirt while she kissed my sister's neck. "Ohh my god! Tim! UUUUHHHH TIM!" she screamed as she came unexpectedly.

I wasn't ready for it either and my whole body jerked along with her as she pounded all of her pent up lust out in one massive blast. Milky but almost clear liquid rushed over my cock and splashed across my upper thighs with quite some force. She continued to scream until her breath ran out and she collapsed, her head hitting my collar bone with a thud. Her body just kept pumping liquid, flushing her out and cleaning away the toxin Sasha had put in her. The chair I was sitting in soon flooded and overflowed onto the floor, pooling around my feet.

"Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, as her cunt twitched spasmodically. Even if she tried she could never have made herself do that on her own. She was good but not that good. It was like she was still awake and fucking me with as much effort as she could muster, except she was passed out cold.

"That's nifty." Tish said, genuinely impressed, "Typical of her to not give me any credit though." As she spoke she took her hands out of Ashley's shirt and cracked her knuckles. "It's my turn now." She smirked excitedly, pushing Ashley's unconscious body over. She tumbled to the floor in a heap and was still except for her heaving chest. "No Tish come on! Please you don't…" "Have to?" she finished for me, cocking a manicured eyebrow, "Of course I don't have to," she paused, stepping up to me with a very obvious wiggle in her hips.

She leaned in close, her face mere inches from my own. "I want to." She breathed. I tried to stand but she pushed me back down and sat on my lap again, trapping my unusually persistent erection beneath a solid thigh. She still had that freaky corset on and her skirt/dress thing. She tilted her head back and regarded me over her small nose.

"So, how many chicks have you bopped, Mistah Tim?" she asked, giggling. "I'm not telling you." I grunted, this was starting to get painful, "How many have you 'bopped'?" I asked sarcastically. "Hmm, girls? That would have to be twelve. Guys? 'Bout thirty." She said this so nonchalantly that I found myself believing her. "Pfft. Yeah right! And you're not dead from some STD yet?" I scoffed. She narrowed her eyes at me and reached behind her with both hands, undoing something. The tip of her tongue peeked out of the corner of her mouth and as I watched I noticed her corset loosening.

She stood up and with a final jerk of her arms, the leather restraint burst off of her huge tits. I couldn't help but gasp as her massive breasts dropped, jiggling madly. I chuckled, "When did you buy those Patricia?" She sighed, giving me a dirty look. She quickly undid her dress and let it drop to the floor, she obviously didn't believe in underwear.

She stood there not looking at me, instead looking down at Ashley's still limp form. I managed to drag my eyes away from her tits to look the rest of her over. She was absolutely ripped. I had only seen more defined abs on television. I sat transfixed by her stomach for the longest time before her hand running across the six lumps distracted me. "Oh my mistake, eleven girls, twenty eight-guys. I'm always over-exaggerating." "Roids much?" I smirked, still looking at her stomach.

She sighed again and ran her fingers over the tattooed tally marks on her side. Sure enough, separated into two groups were eleven and twenty-eight little tic marks. She stepped closer to me, running her hands up and down her ridged stomach. "You are not helping yourself Tim. Making fun of me isn't going to make me go easy on you." "H-ha I'm n-not scared of you." I said; my voice cracked. She smiled sweetly, "That's good, because I can be a little rough." She slapped me across the face all of a sudden, whipping my head around as tears formed in my eyes.

She grabbed me by the throat and hauled me to my feet. And she practically head butted me as she kissed me hard, roughly. Kicking out, she knocked the chair to one side, clearing a path. She walked forward, pushing be back against the wall. My head hit against the concrete hard, my vision blurred and I might have even passed out for a split second.

Her hands went to my shoulders and she sank her fingers into them as she lifted me bodily into the air up against the wall, scraping my shirt against the rough concrete.

My toes were at least two or three inches off the ground. I was amazed I wasn't bleeding from where she held me.

I had lost some weight but I know for sure that holding up a hundred fifty, maybe a hundred sixty pounds was not easy. She showed no outward sign of strain and I continued to marvel at this family's musculature. Just as I was looking at her arms, she opened her eyes and looked backed into mine with sick amusement. She shifted around and I flinched as the head of my cock slid over the moist entrance of her well used pussy. She was shaved clean and her pussy really didn't look any different from all the other ones I had seen.

She was getting frustrated now; she couldn't line the two of us up. She broke away cursing and tried to look down past her huge breasts. Of course that didn't work because they were already pressed against me, forming a fleshy wall. She tilted her head to the side and looked down at an angle, around her tits, the tip of her tongue sticking out again.

"Aha!" She chirped triumphantly. And I felt her cunt rush over my dick like a wet satin sock. Her expression barely changed, she just watched me. Though, I could see something in her amazing green eyes that suggested she was having a good time with herself.

My face however, must have looked quite amusing, my mouth opened and I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. If you're a guy and you've ever been held up and fucked against a wall, by a girl, you know it's a unique experience. She eased her hips back and then slammed them forward so hard it actually hurt. And here I though sex couldn't physically hurt me, I was wrong. I don't know what it was she did differently, Ashley had been rough with me before, but there was something about the way Tish did it that hurt.

Maybe it was the fact that I had no control over this situation what-so-ever. "You like that Timmy? Huh? You like that?" she grunted, slamming her hips into me again and again. Through the pain I almost laughed, she just sounded so ridiculous. She didn't give me a chance to answer though; instead she smashed our faces together again and kissed me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth.

I gagged and she pulled back slightly. "Stop…please." I gasped. "But I'm so close." she said, smiling broadly. She wasn't. And neither was I, it hurt too much. Again and again and again, she smashed her hips into me, jamming my cock hard into her. I was going to pass out if I didn't do something soon. After about two minutes of nearly constant pounding she froze, her face remained expressionless but I could tell it didn't want to remain so. The corner of her mouth twitched and her eyes fluttered gently.

I couldn't feel anything at first, my cock being as numb as it was. But as she stopped I could feel her cunt twitching, squeezing me harder that I though possible after such abuse. Something wet ran down my leg. She just came! Her arms were trembling badly by now and I could feel myself slipping fractionally.

Now was my chance, her eyes were not looking at me, they were left then right then down at Ashley and that's where they stayed when I moved. She was right up against me, her tits squashed against my chest, her stomach a hairs breadth from my own.

Her fingers digging into my shoulders didn't allow me to reach up but that wasn't what I was planning. My hands were at my sides and I simply reached out and grabbed her firm ass.

There was very little give to it. Her eyes came back to mine, very slowly. "What are you doing?" "It's my turn now." I growled as menacingly as I could. Quickly, before she could do anything else, I shifted my hand and jammed a finger into her ass. Tight was an understatement.

She had never even used it before, just like her sister, and just like her sister, she panicked. Her arms finally gave out and she dropped me the last inch or two to the ground. "W-what…" "Get on you hands and knees." I commanded. She didn't move and I took a step, forcing back, my dick falling out of her because of the height difference. "Do it now. Or I'll put another in." She smiled nervously and didn't move.

She thought I was joking. "Fine have it your way." I crammed a second finger into her. She screamed and dropped to her knees; I followed her down and got behind her, keeping my fingers in place.

"Hands and knees." I said again. Whimpering pathetically, she obeyed; her huge tits dropping, tantalizingly. Keeping my hand in place, I moved closer and tried to spread my fingers, which was incredibly difficult.

She cried out and turned her head to look back at me, her eyes asking what she did wrong. "I hope you're ready buying beautys cookie with cash hardcore european this Patricia. Because I can be a little rough." I hissed.

She actually looked like she was going to cry. As I took up position behind her she let out a pitiful wailing moan, this was going to be fun. I jammed my cock back in her pussy for a second and then pulled it back out. I lined up my slicked up cock with her finger filled hole and couldn't help but smirk. "Please…" She wailed, looking over her shoulder at me with pleading red eyes, tears were already running from the corners.

I whipped my fingers out of her ass and jammed the first couple inches of my engorged cock into her unforgiving backdoor. Lord was it difficult! She screamed, which I cut short by reaching way forward and clamping my hand across her mouth. No sense in having anyone burst in on us. I kept pushing forward, watching fascinated as inch after slow inch was forced inside her.

She continued screaming into my hand. After the pounding I had just taken this felt like heaven, slow and tight. Though, I would have to say that compared to something like sex with Oriana, I would probably find this uncomfortable. Finally I had crammed all of myself into her; my hips were now resting against her firm cheeks.

I gave one final push and she promptly passed out from the pain. I let go of her mouth and her top-half thumped to the floor. I wrapped my arms around her hips, holding up her back-half as I started pulling my dick out of her, slowly. It was just like on my birthday with Oriana, I wouldn't last long at all, not like this. Might as well get it over with quickly and get out of here. I pulled my cock all the way out of her and realigned it with her now stretched out and sucking hole.

I shoved hard and buried about half of it back in her with a great deal of difficulty, without the gel stuff that Ashley always seemed to have on her it was very hard.

Again I was all the way in her, the ring of muscle that used to be her ass hole flexed and relaxed around my shaft spasmodically and I couldn't help but moan a little as I started pulling out again. I did this three more times, slowly pulling all the way out then pushing forwards as fast and hard as I could.

During the second one she woke up again and let out a short but piercing scream before passing out once more. I was pushing back in from the third when I finally started to feel that familiar sensation. I managed two more before I couldn't take it anymore, "Bombs away Tish." I grunted, cramming my cock in as far as I could. Oh it was good! One of those that you pray for, when it feels like it comes from everywhere and you get a little lightheaded.

I fancied I could feel my insides forcing it forwards, my cock feeling like it actually swelled up and extended twice its size. Bam! I blew the biggest load I had ever experienced thus far. I opened my mouth wide and closed my eyes, slumping forward onto her back. I took my arms from around her hips and she slid to the floor. I kept with her, lying flat on her back as I continued to pound jet after jet of cum into her virgin anal cavity.

I think the throbbing, bucking piece of meat, combined with the hot goo filling her used and abused ass woke her up. I pumped a few more times to her pained moans.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, my hard-on was starting to diminish. I let out a huge breath and lay flat on her back, resting my head between her shoulder blades. "Owww." She groaned, "W-w-why?" She was sobbing gently, her back hiccupping with each wracking breath.

I didn't answer her, but put my hands on her back and did a push-up, pulling my shrinking dick from her gaping hole. A glob of cum followed me out and fell across her pussy lips. "Are you done fooling around Timothy? This is getting boring." Ashley giggled. I jumped, startled, and turned around.

She was fully clothes and slouched in the chair that Tish had kicked over. "Yeah I'm done." I chuckled, leaning down and slapping Tish's hard ass.

"I hot exotic veronica rodriguez is hungry for cock exotick that just might count twice, eh Tish?" Her response was to cry out, falling into a fit of sniffling and whimpering.

I pulled up my pants and boxers which I was surprised to find still wrapped around my ankles. Ashley sauntered over and squatted in front of Tish. "Just like Sarah, right Tim?" "Yeah pretty much." I agreed.

I joined Ashley in squatting in front of Tish who looked up at us with pleading eyes, no, just like her sister. "So now what are you going to do when you get home baby?" I asked seriously but with a big smile on my face. "W-what do you mean? I have to go with you now." She said feebly. "What!?" my sister and I exclaimed in unison.

Through the tears she looked at us with confused eyes. "Those are the rules. When shit like this happens. When we have been dominated we belong to them. Those are the rules." She slowly sat up, wincing at her sore ass. She wrapped an arm across her breasts as if she was self-conscious; trying to be demure seemed so unusual for her. My sister and I gave each other looks. "Ha sucks for you." Ashley laughed, harshly. "Get ready for a life of neglect, no sex and of always being overshadowed by the next pair of legs to walk through the door." "Whoa!

What the hell was that about?" I asked, turning a shocked face back to Ashley. Tish just looked at me with depressed emerald eyes. "Nothing! Can we leave please?" she pleaded tugging on my arm. "But what about me?" Tish sniffed. "Nothing. I have my hands full dealing with Natalia. I can't handle you right now. And besides, how old are you? Twenty-nine, thirty?" "I'm only twenty-six." She said quietly, keeping her anger down.

"Still." "Let's go Tim!" Ashley whined, standing up. "W-wait I can deal with Natalia for you…please." That caught my attention, "And how would you do that?" She reached out and put a hand against the wall to steady herself as she stood up.

"Uh, I could kill her, maim her, drug her up, all kinds of violent things, or…I could talk to her. She looks up to me sorta." Ashley snickered.

"Yeah, do that, would you." I said, going over to the desk and bringing her long coat to her. "Yes master." We both looked at her with questioning looks. She shrugged, putting on her coat, "Rules." She dug in mika tan is the hottest asian pornstar youve ever pocket and produced a business card, which she gave to me.

Apparently she was a PI, how she became one at such a young age confused me but fit with her body, I guess. But it had her cell number on it which was what she intended.

She wiped her eyes in the back of her hand and took a deep faltering breath, calming herself. "Okay?" I asked her. "My ass hurts. A lot." She mumbled. "You get used to it." Ashley said from the door. "Can we get the fuck out of this hell hole now?" "Yes! Yes!" I sighed walking out the door behind my sister. It was still nearly pitch black but I could see maybe three or four more bodies at the tables.

I also made out an orange head sitting at the bar. Natalia had four or five empty bottles on the counter top next to her and even in the gloom I could see her swaying slightly. I pointed her out to Tish who stumbled along behind us, "See what you can do now. We'll be out in the parking lot for ten minutes or so." "Yes master." She whispered. She obviously didn't want that little piece of information getting around until she was ready for it.

But already I could hear a few muffled snickers and giggles from a table to our left. Tish veered off and sat on a stool next to an inebriated Natalia, while Ashley and I made our escape. We stumbled out into the bright afternoon sunlight, squinting and covering our eyes.

"Why are we staying here?" Ashley asked, royally pissed off. "One, I want to best blowjob compilation hd going south of the border what Tish can do for me now. And two, I want to talk for a sec." I said grabbing her arm and spinning her to face me, her back up against the car. She looked at me narrowly, frowning, "Well?" "What was that about back there huh?" I asked. She threw off my arm and crossed hers under her breasts.

"Talk to me Ashley." I said softly. "There's nothing to say Tim." She said, frustration clearly evident in her voice. "Ashley." "You don't pay enough attention to me okay! You don't care anymore! And not just sex, everything! We don't do anything anymore, we used to be friends, and we used to do all kinds of stuff together!" She yelled, tears forming in her eyes.

We really didn't do that much together, but if she thought that we did, that only meant that she valued the time we spent together all the more. "Oh Ashley." I soothed, reaching out and pulling her to me, hugging her tightly. "No…n-no." She sobbed, burying her face in my neck. I put my hand on the top of her head, stroking her soft hair.

"Sshhh okay Ash okay." I cooed. There was a delicate cough from behind me and I slowly turned. Ashley tried to look up but I kept her head down, continuing to run my fingers through her silky golden hair.

Tish stood there looking uncomfortable in her long coat, as she looked from my eyes to Ashley's back. "Am I interrupting master?" she asked. "Yeah but…so what happened?" "Well you saw her, she's trashed and she'll probably forget what I said to her anyways. But I told her to keep away from you and those around you. I gave her Ricky as compensation," she paused at the confused look I gave her, she coughed nervously, "Uh yeah Ricky is…was my um plaything, he's ah…talented.

But yeah you have my number if she gives you any trouble." She smiled now, "Or if you require my professional service or ha unprofessional services." "I don't think you would survive another session with me Tish." I smirked. She blushed a dark red and slipped a hand behind her. She stepped closer to me, almost pressing against Ashley's back. "Please call me…I um would like that…a lot." She turned redder, if that was even possible and smiled meekly. Despite myself I found I was warming to this Tish, the sub Tish.

Not the other, brutal one. "I just mi…" I trailed off as Ashley forced her head up and glared at me. "Uh we'll see." "Okay. I'll see you I guess." She said turning to go back. "Oh hold on a sec." I called.

She looked back, "Yes master?" "Natalia's car is at my house. Just in case she forgets." I said. She nodded and turned around, walking back into the club. Even though she was still giving me a look that could peel paint, Ashley didn't try to break out of my arms or move any more than to try and get closer still.

"Can we go home now?" she asked in a tiny voice. "Yeah." The ride home was silent but not uncomfortable, a pleasant silence. Ashley tried to sit to as close to me as possible, eventually abandoning her seatbelt to practically lean against me. I don't know why this had been such a particularly bonding event but I wasn't complaining, I was more than willing to cuddle with my sister.

Our parents were home when we pulled into the driveway and as we walked through the door, they questioned us as to our whereabouts. We simply shrugged them off, saying something about friends and the mall.

It was easier when allison evers big natural tits 2 helped confirm my stories instead of ruining them.

We took long separate showers and when I finished mine I changed into some fresh (not reeking of sex) clothes and plopped myself down on the couch.

I was tired, but the conclusion of an action packed war movie changed that in short order. When it ended, I was watching the discovery channel's Dirty Jobs as Ashley padded over and sat down next to me. "Hi." She chirped happily. I looked at her a little strangely and said, "Hello." She had changed into a white button up shirt and a pair of those tight black pinstripe pants that she knew I liked so much.

"It sucks that we have to go back to school tomorrow, doesn't it?" She said. "Not so much anymore, now that Oriana is there." I responded, not really understanding what I had said. She didn't say anything for a long time, "Then I guess you have to make up for it." I had just finished laughing myself silly at one of Mike Rowe's hilarious antics when she said it so I didn't really hear her. "Huh?" I asked turning to look at her.

By now she had gotten right up on me, it looked like she was trying to sit on me really. She was turned to face me, her shoulder pressed against mine and her arms brought up in front of her. She was giving me those damned 'fuck me' eyes. Slowly she grabbed my hand, bringing it up her stomach. I watched in astonishment as she took doggy style sex for curvy awesome hottie index and middle fingers into her mouth, sucking on them each in turn.

"A-ash." I stammered, surprised. "Sshh. Let Ashley take care of you." She whispered out of the corner of her mouth around my fingers. "But Ashley…mmph…ah Mom and Dad." I said as she took my fingers out of her mouth and gave me a kiss on the lips. As her hand continued to play with my fingers she brought her other up and caressed my cheek, bringing her face close, "I don't care, so long as I can have you to myself for just a few more hours." Her voice was so soft, pushing into my head as pure animalistic lust.

I was getting drunk on her, her smell, her silken skin, her soft hair, the look in her eyes, the way her sultry lips parted in a naughty smile. "Ashley, we can't." I whispered; my voice had no force to it.

She stood up, pulling me up by the hand she still clutched. She kissed me again, deeply, passionately. "Come on." She urged quietly, turning and charging down the hall, pulling me along with her. We burst through her door and she stopped but I didn't, she swung me around and threw me onto her bed.

Very familiar. I immediately started taking off my pants as she closed the door and turned back to me. She bit her lip, smiling seductively and started walking towards her bed in that sexy walk kind of way (you know one foot directly in front of the other while doing that crazy bump with her hips).

She got on her bed and started crawling up my body until our faces were even. I had gotten my pants undone and my way-too-hard dick was already out. "So, all better?" I asked, reaching out and cupping her warm pussy through her thin pants. "Mmhmm." She moaned as I started kneading my fingers into her. She sighed and lowered herself down onto me. Turning on her side slightly, she quickly undid her shirt. She pulled my hand from between her legs and replaced it with her own, placing my hands on her now bare breasts.

No bra or panties, she had planned this out. I played with her tits like a kid with new toys for a few moments before getting serious. Her eyes were going back, she absolutely loved this. I tweaked and squeezed her nipples gently at first before doing it a little harder. I could feel the fingers of the hand she had at her pussy moving faster and making harder movements.

"You're soo hot Ashley." I said quietly, looking right into her bright eyes. She absolutely melted, her face lighting up. She dropped flat on top of me and kissed me hard, bringing both her hands up and grabbing my head. One of her hands was wet.

She was all over me, kissing me so hard I though she would give me a fat lip, she snaked her tongue into my mouth, tangling with mine. She was moving her hips, sliding her thinly covered pussy over my rock hard cock. I could feel the heat and dampness clearly. I thought I heard the phone ring but ignored it, instead wrapping my arms around her and trying to crush her against me.

Her big tits were squashing against my chest, her hard nipples poking into me. She froze, picking her head up; her eyes were wide as she looked up and to the left. Listening? "Son of a…!" She grabbed my shoulders and threw herself off the bed, sending us to the floor with a muffled thud.

I landed on top of her and she quickly rolled me under the bed. I got the impression that she had done this before. She sleeping mom xex sumal son got back to her feet and pulled her shirt completely open just as the door opened. "MOM!" she yelled. "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart." She paused like she had turned away and then said, "Honey you should really be wearing your bra, you know what we talked about." "MOM!" she yelled again.

I peeked out from under the bed and saw her clutching her shirt closed, giving our mother a medusan look. "Have you seen your brother anywhere? Oriana is on the phone." Mom said.

I imagined her holding the phone to her shoulder. Ashley looked down, pretending to scratch her foot with her other and grinned at me. "Oh I'll take it for now." She said holding out her hand. Mom gave her the phone and hurried out, closing the door behind her. Ashley reached under the bed and pulled me out, hauling me up and pushing me back on the bed. "OH hi Oriana! Sooo, what's new?" She pushed me further back and climbed up with me, grabbing my cock and slowly rubbing it.

"Yes he told me. Mhm. Yeah he's very excited, wont shut up about how great it's gonna be." She said before listening for a second and then giggling. She shifted her weight from one knee to the other and pulled down her pants, looking up at the ceiling as she listened. "No don't be nervous, you'll be fine." I made a grab for the phone but she sat up straight out of my reach, as she pinned me to the bed.

She got higher up on her knees and, with her other hand, guided my cock into her glistening pussy. She screwed up her face and let out a little grunt.

"What? Ngh…oh nothing, nothing." She said quickly. I scrunched up my face and pushed my head back into her plush sheets. I let out a low moan as she slowly slid down my shaft, her magnificent pussy gripping my cock, hard, her soft wet tissue tingling my sensitive skin. "A-uhn-ash-ley." I groaned.

She looked down at me as she hit bottom. "Oh I jut have the TV on." She paused again, "No don't be silly, I wouldn't hide something like that. You're talking to me here." "Ashley." I moaned again, louder. She glared at me and when I opened my mouth again she slapped me across the face before clamping her hand over my mouth.

She lifted herself up and slowly slid back down again. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, rolling her eyes at me teasingly. "No I wouldn't lie to you like…oh…like that." She said, a little startled as I seized her nipples with my free hands.

I teased them gently at first and then much harder, pinching them savagely. "Ow, ow! Why you little…uh okay maybe." She listened, "Okay, but just a little." She twisted her hips and watched gleefully as I squeezed my eyes shut, moaning loudly into her hand. "Do you want to talk to him?.Yes he's right here." She put the phone near her hand and picked herself up before slamming back down, smashing our hips together.

I screamed into her hand, but it was so muffled as to barely reach past her bed. Oriana heard me clearly enough though. Ashley brought the phone back to her ear laughing, "I bet he doesn't scream like that for you.

Oh Oriana he's so big inside me uuhh, ohh yee-hhhea. I can feel him stretching me out, fillin' me up." She started moving faster, her over-exaggerated grunts and moans purely for Oriana's benefit.

I had thought, that considering what had happened at the club earlier today that she wouldn't be capable of cumming again for the next week or so, but I was wrong. She bit her lip hard and groaned loudly, "Oh he just…just made me cum. He made me cum Oriana. And now I have to return the favor…I'm gonna make him blow." I could feel the wet running down my cock and soaking my groin.

She fucked me harder. Her beautiful tanned body gyrating as she turned on the heat. "He's…nyaa…he's getting ohh close. I can feel him sw-swelling up." she was saying, looking down at me as if urging me to hurry up. I twisted her nipples again and she squealed, her hair flying about her head. I screamed into her hand again and she opened her mouth wide in a silent scream as I finally blew. Granted, it wasn't as epic as the one I fabulous angela rides on a massive dick let loose in Tish's ass but it was still gratifying.

"It's so hot inside me Oriana! Curvy cougar loves pussy licking with teen so much of it." She panted exhaustedly. I gave her nipples a final hard twist as she slumped forward on top of me, before I snatched the phone out of her hand. Ashley took her hand away from my mouth and tried to fix her hair, sitting up straight.

"Oriana?" I squeaked. "Sounds like you're having fun." She said, I thought I could detect some bitterness in her voice. "Not my fault, Ashley can be…persuasive." "Sure." Hardcore sarcasm. "Hey you should know! How else would she have been able to get you to do all that stuff you told me about?" "You what?" Ashley blurted, making a grab for the phone, "You did not tell him what we did!" I could hear Oriana laughing hysterically. "You get your tight little ass ready, I hope you don't have to use it anytime soon!" Ashley continued on, trying to grab the phone again.

I was only just able to hold her at bay with a hand on her sternum. "I think she's serious Oriana." I chuckled, shoving Ashley to the side. She lunged back and got her mouth close to the phone, "He fucked another girl!" I winced, shoving Ashley harder and sending her over the edge of the bed.

"You did what?" Oriana asked calmly. "Um I'll tell you tomorrow okay. I can't really explain it over the phone. It's um…complicated." I said meekly. "No! I'll be there in five minutes. You, me, and your fucking sister are going to have a little chat." She said forcefully and hung up. The look on my face must have conveyed what had just happened because Ashley started laughing. I glared at her and pulled up my pants, "You're done!" I hissed, launching myself at her. Her eyes widened for a second before I landed on top of her driving the wind out of her lungs.

She grabbed me and we rolled over and over each other, both trying to get some kind of advantage over the other for several minutes. Of course that was stupid, she was bigger and stronger than me, eventually getting on top.

She laughed triumphantly from her perch high on my chest as she held my wrists tightly in her hands. "Still need to work out more sally." She giggled. "You give me enough of a work out." "No. You want to know why I'm so jacked? It's because I do all the work!" She pushed down, making me grunt in discomfort. Her pants were still pulled down a little, and she looked from her bare crotch to my face, and then back again, a devilish smile on her face.

"Hmm, now that I'm back on top, I think I'll have you do a little something for me." I didn't respond but she continued on anyways, "I want you to lick your cum out of me." I turned my head away,"What's the matter Timmy?

Don't you wanna eat me out?" She scooted her hips farther up, closer to my face. I think if I was hornier I wouldn't have thought twice about it but after the fact, tasting my own cum was not a pleasant prospect at the moment. "No! Quit it Ashley! Please!" I pleaded as her still cum leaking pussy inched closer. "What, you don't want to lick up your tasty cum?" She now started whispering like it was a secret, "You know I can personally vouch for how good it is." "No!" I squeaked. I could feel her heat on my chin now.

I tried to free my hands but she only gripped them tighter. "Oh but Tim I have an itch that needs attending to, with your tongue." "Ashley don't you have better things to do?" Oriana's quiet voice floated in from the doorway. Ashley looked up, her face breaking into a sinister grin, "So you came to join the fun?

I haven't had my way with you in a long time…you're overdue." "No." Oriana growled, "You two pains are going to explain what the hell is going on. And you!" she said, raising her voice and jabbing a finger at me, "You're going to tell me what the hell you did! I leave you alone for one day and you get into all kinds of shit!" Ashley's face twitched, twitched again and finally broke into uncontrollable laughter.

Her whole body shook with laughter, occasionally halted by unexpected snorts. "Oohh ha he got into…ha ha…got into the shit all right!" she managed between giggles. She laughed so hard that I was finally able to break my arms free and push her off me. She let herself topple to the floor and curled up into a ball as new bouts of hilarity strained her lungs. I scrambled away from her and latched onto Oriana like a child to his mother.

"Oh no you don't." she growled, pushing me away. I gave her a hurt look and fixed her with my best puppy dog eyes. "Oh hell no!" I kept up the look and she started to falter a little, she was never good at resisting that one, "I-I uh want you to ex-explain yourself Tim, r-right now!" Ashley was still laughing her ass off on the floor, not paying us any attention.

"Ashley got herself drugged and I had to fix her." "And?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot. She came prepared for resistance; she had on a pair of tight jeans accompanied by a very unnecessary belt. She had a sweatshirt and probably a few other layers as well, pretty teen jill kassidy gets twat banged and creampied would all combine to act like medieval armor.

"Well you saw Natalia's car out front right?" she nodded, "I had her take me to her friend. The one who did the drugging. So we get there, Sarah's sister is there and she sorta um…kidnaps me. Cassidy klein in horny flexible american sweetheart put the beat down on Natalia's friend and fixes herself and I get pounded to shit by Sarah's sister for my troubles.

"She hit you?" Oriana interrupted, shocked and worried. Ashley laughed all the harder as my face burned. "Okay, I'm not talking about it anymore." I said, standing up straight and sulking over to Ashley's bed, curling up as far away from those two as I could. "What?" Oriana asked, confused. Ashley was trying to calm herself down, getting to her feet and pulling her pants up, trying her best to button up her shirt. "C'mon Tim, tell your girlfriend what Tish did to you and then I'll tell her what you did in return." Ashley said, wiping tears from her eyes and giving Oriana a little hug which she tried to fend off.

"No!" I said, hiding my face a little. I just knew it was beat red. I could feel them get on the bed and crawl over to me. If I couldn't see them I could smell them, Oriana like the outdoors and fruit, Ashley like sexed up flowers.

"Why are you hiding? I would have been proud if it was me." Ashley giggled. "What the hell happened? Will someone tell me please!" Oriana said, frustrated. I just grunted and unfolded myself, hurriedly getting off the bed and making for the door. I honestly don't know why this was making me so uncomfortable. I don't think I would have ever had a problem telling Oriana anything but somehow this was different. Maybe it wasn't the act itself that put me on edge but the aftermath.

Somehow Tish was mine, it felt weird, maybe this was how Ashley felt with Kate or somebody like that. "Make Ashley tell you." I growled as I stormed out of my sister's room, the girls hot on my heels. "Wait!" One of them called. I made it to my room and locked the door behind me. I leaned back against the door, I realized I was sweating. "Ashley beat it!" Oriana said forcefully from behind the door. "Oh come on I want to see this. And plus I still have time with him damn it, before you hog him all to yourself!" Ashley whispered rather loudly.

"Just go!" Oriana seethed. I heard a grunt and the sound of some kind of impact. "Tim. Please open the door." Oriana called softly. Now I felt like an immature fool, hiding from his sister and his girlfriend behind his bedroom door. I opened it and saw Oriana standing there innocent as can be with Ashley leaning up against the wall behind her holding her stomach, doubled up as if in pain.

"Good boy." She smiled, slipping through the door and pushing it closed again. I turned and sat down on the corner of my bed, she stood for a moment looking me over and then came over and sat down next to me, taking my hand. "Are you going to tell me or not?" she soothed, squeezing my hand. I did in a gush and when I was done I heaved a sigh of relief, feeling much better. She was a little disappointed in me but that seemed to pass quickly enough. "So she held you up against a wall huh?" she said suppressing a snicker.

My face burned and I turned my face away, this was going to haunt me forever. "I'm sorry, it's just kinda funny." I sighed and got up again, going over to my computer and turning it on. "Oh come on now baby. Don't be like that.

At least now you have some muscle to keep Natalia and your sister in line." She had come up behind me and draped her arms over my shoulders, playing with my shirt as her breasts pushed into the back of my neck. "Just think of that for a second huh. Ashley gives you any trouble and you just give big ol' Tish a jingle and look out." "Hey don't give him any ideas!" I heard Ashley shout from the other side of the door.

Then, "No mom! Tim's just being stupid!" I shook my head. We then heard, possibly from all the way in the living room, "Sweetheart, leave your brother and Oriana alone!" Ashley pounded on the door once and then I assumed, went back to her room. I was screwed (yeah ha literally) as soon as Oriana left. Oriana was trying hard not to laugh, "Don't piss yourself tiny." I said.

She frowned, she didn't like being called short. "Be nice Timmy, I'm trying to make you feel better." She said giving me a little hurt look. "Aw come here shorty." I said patting my lap.

She pouted but came around anyways and planted her adorable rear end on my lap. "I'm nervous." She said so quietly I barely heard her. She looked down at her small hands and shifted her weight. I was grateful for the change of topic. "You're too intelligent to be nervous. You will be absolutely fine, I'm in all but two of your classes, you're sex mia kalf sex stories vedio my dorm building, oh and Ashley's there too." She giggled at that last one.

I put my arms around her and gave her reassuring squeeze "Just remember what I said, stay away from Natalia. You call me if she does anything okay?" She nodded.

"That's my girl." She smiled, leaning against me. "Oh and the same goes for me too. If I disappear you have Ashley call Tish alright?" She nodded again and I was finished with this line of conversation, too depressing. "Well then do you at least feel a little better?" She asked. "How could I not?" I said looking up into her eyes as she shifted her weight again. "Stupid question, I know. You've been jabbing my ass for a while now." She said smiling, pleased with herself that I still responded to her after all this crap.

"Well who wouldn't, your cute little be-hind just begs to be jabbed." She blushed a little, "You're such an ass man. You know that don't you?" "Well…yeah. But look at my start, I'm preconditioned to it. But do you know what I'm a bigger fan of?" She shook her head, sending her black-as-the-night hair shimmering in all directions. I put my hands on her thighs and squeezed; opening and closing her legs partly. "You." I whispered.

Wicked cheesy I know, but it worked. She turned six shades of red and looked away, grinning broadly. "That's just awful…and I love it." She purred turning back and kissing me lightly on the lips. "Hey um Tim?" "Yeah?" "Could I uh…could I stay with you tonight? So we can go together…tomorrow." "Whew, and here I thought I was going to have to awkwardly ask you to stay. Of course you can." I said excitedly. Though I was relieved for a slightly different reason. She made a delighted little noise and kissed me again, harder.

"Thank you Timmy." She said in a sing song voice. "Mhm. You eaten yet?" she shook her head again, "Well then lets go get something, you need to eat more anyways." I said poking her in the belly. She squealed, slapping my hand away and smacking my arm. She got up and stretched provocatively, looking back at me with mischievous eyes.

"Can we um…first." She asked, playing with her hair in an innocent, little girl-like fashion. I knew exactly what she was talking about, "Huh?" "Well, uh…can we…can you um?" She stammered.

"Can I what?" "Can we…um…oh come on!" "I don't understand." She pinched the bridge of her nose, "Oh my god," she grabbed my collar in both hands and leaned in closer to me, "I…want…sex!" I smiled and stood up, spinning her around and wrapping my arms around her stomach, pulling her back tightly against me. I put my head over her shoulder and she looked at me with hopeful eyes, "Well…" I brought my head back and kissed up her neck.

I always found it amusing why she liked that so much, "Maybe when we get back. Horny little devil." I let go of her after a final squeeze and she practically collapsed on the corner of my bed, giving me a disappointed, almost hurt look. "Don't give me that look; just think how much better it will be in like an hour or so." I said, smiling and heading for the door. "That's not much compensation. Wait for me!" she said, hurrying after me as I opened the door and then jumped back as Ashley spilled into the room.

She quickly got to her feet and crossed her arms. "You're still dressed." She said, somehow confused or even disappointed. "Yes, we're going to get some dinner." I said to a negative noise from Oriana and I couldn't help but smile a little. "Oh…can I come with?" "No." we said in unison. I took Oriana's hand and shouldered past my sister. We passed my parents, told them where we were going, and left. We headed for a local diner that we both liked.

And after a pleasant hour or so we headed back and I made a mental note to do this sort of thing again, on the way home she was all over me. I don't know what it peachy lesbo cunt fisted hard from behind that I did or what, but she just wouldn't stop touching on me and kissing the side of my face.

She even started nibbling on my ear when we pulled out of the parking lot. I almost crashed twice when she snuck her hand into my pants. "I need it so bad." She had moaned, "You have no idea what it's like…you're just sitting there…and all I can think about is…uhn…hard." I was glad she didn't get out of her seat because I would have definitely smashed into something.

"Christ girl! Calm down!" I grunted as she squeezed my dick with the hand she had down my pants and I had to swerve out of the way of an oncoming truck. She didn't even notice.

"I can't…I can't…I can't." She whispered in the ear she was biting. It just got worse from there; she started pushing on me, blind in passion.

"Oriana, please." I pleaded. She wouldn't stop, instead, she pushed more forcefully, squeezing me harder. I groaned and took my right hand off the wheel; I could drive with each single hand, and jammed it between her legs.

She instantly stopped pushing but kept her mouth by my ear, her labored breathing driving me insane. I roughly rubbed her through her tight jeans, to her loud cries of joy. "Harder, harder Tim!" she gasped, grabbing my wrist, forcing my hand harder against her. "Oh thank God!" I sighed, swinging into the empty driveway. Hot blonde slaps brunettes peachy ass and plays with her nipples tube porn this also presented a very serious problem.

My parents were gone, yes, but I very highly doubted Ashley was as well. She was going to make things very difficult for Oriana and I. "Oriana." I said, getting her attention by ripping my hand from between her thighs. She made a disappointed whimpering noise and tried to grab it back, she didn't seem to realize we were back home.

"We have to be sneaky. Okay? We don't want Ashley getting our way do summer day porn sex stories storys xxx She suddenly snapped back to attention, "No." "Good, can you keep yourself calm?" She nodded, but I doubted she would.

I opened the door and closed it softly behind me; she did the same and came around the car. All of a sudden she jumped up on me and I instinctively put a hand under her ass and behind her back, holding her up. "Please…just take me now…I can't take it anymore!" she gasped breathlessly.

She was holding my face, staring into my eyes. Why did she have to get like this now? I tried to put her down but she reattached her arms around my neck and wouldn't let go. "Oriana please, lets just get inside first." I said between the savage kisses she planted on my lips. She pouted but thankfully let go of me. I gave her a little peck on the forehead and turned to open the door.

She grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed. That was an unusual feeling! I whirled around and grabbed her arms, pinning them to her side. "That's it!" I said loudly in frustration. I had opened the door and now I leaned sideways and grabbed her around the waist. As I picked up this laughing and squealing bundle of lust, I could have sworn that a noise that I thought I heard before had now disappeared. Crap! I turned sideways and carried her through the door, using her flailing feet to close it again; she did not want to be still.

"What are you going to do to me Tim?" she asked excitedly. "Oh all kinds of stuff. Or teeny lovers passionate sex with a redhead smalltits and creampie you have a special request…" she stopped moving and her eyes focused on something that couldn't be seen, thinking. "Do you remember that time I dressed up for you?" she asked. "Yes." I responded, putting her down. "Do you remember what you did to me?" Now it was my turn to look thoughtful, "Um I only kinda remember what you did to me.

Traumatic as it was." She covered her mouth, trying desperately not to burst into laughter, "Oh ha that was funny." "No, it really wasn't." "I have never been so full of cum in my life." She said wistfully. "I should hope not." She coughed, "Uhm yeah, but anyways. Remember you ate me out and made me cum like five times?" "Oohh yeah. You want to try that again do you?" She bit her lip and nodded, "Maybe break that record." We kicked off our shoes as I started off towards my room, Oriana following along behind me.

I noticed the bathroom door was almost totally open and so was Ashley's door but no Ashley, not good. However I was focused on the task at hand and that was making my sexy little girlfriend cum more times than most would think possible, all with my mouth.

And that's why I didn't turn when I heard a tiny squeak, sounding exactly like a loose floorboard. There was an absence behind me suddenly, something had gone. I turned, confused and somehow Oriana was gone. "The fuck?" I walked back into the hall and was just in time to see my sister's door slam shut.

"NNOOO!" I yelled running up and slamming into the door in the hopes she had not locked it. I just ended up with a bruised shoulder. "Ashley open the fucking door!" I raged. "Is there a problem Timothy." Ashley asked innocently, her voice muffled from the other side. "No Ashley please!" I heard Oriana beg. "Come on Ashley!" "I'm done with you Tim, I've had you already. Even if I was denied my proper amount of time and attention. But now…now it's her turn." She started talking to Oriana now, "As I said before, you're very, very much overdue." "Ashley, please!

Tim help! Ehhr ow ouch fuck! That hurts!" Oriana screamed. "Ashley! Knock it off or I might do something stupid!" The sounds of struggle stopped and Ashley's laughter replaced it. "Ooohh I'm so scared, what are you going to do? Beat me up?" I reached into my pocket and pulled out Tish's card, slipping it under the door. The laughter stopped immediately. "You wouldn't dare!" She said warily. I took out my cell and quickly changed the settings so when I pushed a button it made a noise.

I held it to the door and slowly started pushing random numbers. She could hear it. "Okay! Okay just stop!" she yelled opening the door in a rush. Dumaguete bisaya hotel sex scandal storys 2019 lay on her stomach, her pants around her knees, no more than five feet from the door.

Her ass was red and…wet? I glared at my sister. "What?" she asked innocently. I stepped into her room, shoving her back. Oriana just laid still, her back hiccupping every few seconds. She was crying! I shoved Ashley again, sending her sprawling on her bed. "Oriana." I whispered, getting down next to her.

She turned her head and looked at me with red, tear streaked eyes. One more glare at my sister, my lip curling. I reached back and tugged up her pants; she winced as they came all the way up. I pulled her to her feet and she instantly latched onto me, still sobbing gently. I whisked her back to my room and closed the door before Ashley could do anything more.

I tried to put her down on my bed but she wouldn't let go, so I readjusted my hold and picked her up completely. I turned and sat down on my bed; no matter how light she was I wasn't going to be able to hold her on my feet forever. She curled her legs up on my lap and wrapped her arms around me tighter, pushing her face into my shirt.

This was so weird; it was unusual to see her like this. Ashley yeah, but she was messed up, I'd come to accept that now. She was sick in the head, she had to be. But Oriana, no, she was rock steady, always.

She took on everything with a smile; it wasn't like her to be like this. And even whatever Ashley had done to her just now couldn't have been any worse than what she had done to her back in my sister's heyday. I was totally confused. "What's wrong? What happened Oriana?" She didn't answer except to squeeze me tighter.

"What did my sister do?" I hissed. "She threw me off! She blew it!" she wailed. "And it's not just that." Her voice was muffled by my shirt. Well that was good, Ashley didn't really hurt her; she just pissed her off. She broke down again, her body jerking with every sob. This was killing me, freaking me out to be honest. "Then what." I persisted, my voice reassuring. She peeled her face from my shirt and looked up at me with one bloodshot eye, her hair obscuring the rest of her face.

"I'm scared." She whispered, I barely heard her and as soon as she said it she retreated back into my shirt. This was frustrating, I had told her at least a dozen times how she had nothing to worry about and the fact that she didn't seem to be taking my assurances seriously was…frustrating.

I sighed. "Ori, listen to me." I soothed, prying her head away from my chest. "What can I say…no, what can I do to make you unafraid?' She sniffled, "Hai d-don't kn-nhow." "Hell if you're that scared you can just stay with me the entire time.

It would make my roommate a little jealous and it's not like Natalia would report us." I laughed. She looked at me for a second before the barest hint of a smile started to pluck at her lips. "That's better." I said, gently clearing the hair from her face. She leaned back against my chest, laying her head against me and playing with one of the buttons on my shirt.

"Thanks Tim." She sniffed and rubbed her eyes before looking up at me with a little smile, "I like it when you call me Ori." And then in a quieter voice like she was talking to herself, "Like Oreo, tee-hee." Absolutely adorable. It made sense too, especially when we first met, what with her very pale skin and very dark hair.

"You just like cute things." I chuckled. "So what if I do?" she challenged, an impish smile on her face.

I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Ashley killed it didn't she?" "Yeah." I sighed, "No biggie. You'll never be a five minute drive away from me ever again now will you?" I would have my revenge on Ashley in due time, but I was content as I was now. Her face lit up, "Mmm that's right, isn't it." She crawled off of my lap, to my disappointment, and got herself under my covers. She disappeared under the sheets and when I didn't immediately follow a small hand appeared, opening and closing, beckoning me to her.

Playing dumb, "What?" If looks could kill, I would be dead ten times over as she pulled the covers back to reveal her pretty face. "Get your ass in here and comfort me." She hissed, a tiny smile trying to force its way onto her lips.

I took off my shirt (it was hot) and climbed in with her. Again she latched onto me and wouldn't let go. I could care less; her body against mine was all I could ever hope for.

"I love you Tim." She whispered. "I love you too." It was late and she was quickly out cold, absolutely exhausted from stress. She loosened her hold on me and started twitching like she was running, not totally un-reminiscent of a sleeping cat. I heard some sounds coming nasty brunette babe gets banged in a some the kitchen.

I carefully worked my way out from her sleepy clutches and got out of bed, quietly making my way out into the hall. It was dark; my parents had gotten home only recently but had quickly gone to bed. A light was coming from the kitchen and as I stepped into the main area I could make out Ashley's silhouette framed in the light of the refrigerator.

"Midnight binge sis?" She slowly turned to face me, a piece of leftover…something, halfway to her mouth. "What do you want?" "Oh nothing." I said, shouldering my way past her to get a glass of water. "So uh Tim." She began, sitting on the counter and kicking her feet happily. "When am I going to get some more attention? I'm a needy girl." I finished my water and walked halfway out of the kitchen before turning back, "Find yourself a boyfriend Ashley." There was a thud innocent cutie is geeting pissed on and splashes wet pussy by pounding steps before I was tackled to the ground.

Ashley sat on my back and shoved my face into the carpet. "Take that back." She hissed. "No." I said calmly, grunting a little under the pressure. "Suddenly you think you can stop me taking what I want from you tiny Tim?" she had he mouth close to my head as she whispered in my ear. "No I just don't care; I'm not going to give you what you want anymore.

I don't care. I've been through too much because of you to give a damn." I could feel her sit up. She was silent, that had hurt badly, I was sure of that.

She stood up and walked past me, down the hall and to her room, silently. Truly, I didn't care anymore. I picked myself up and walked back to my room and Oriana. The next morning I was actually surprised to find Oriana curled up next to me; her arm lay over my stomach. Ah this was the best. As if sensing my awareness, she groaned and stretched, yawning widely. "Hmm I think we should do this kind of thing more often." She smiled, kissing my cheek.

I did the same. "We should, I like waking up with you." She blushed and gave me a little shove. "I'll be right back." She said a little hurriedly and got up, walking quickly out into the bathroom. I got up and put on some fresh clothes before gathering all the stuff I had brought home with me and a few other things. I brought all that out into the living room; Ashley's stuff was already there.

As I walked back down the hall she passed me, not even seeming to notice. This was going to be tough. It was the day before classes would start up again so we didn't have to rush but most everybody else would be getting back today as well. Oriana was coming out of my room and I almost ran into her. "Hey Tim, do you mind bringing me home for a second so I can get my stuff together?" "Not a problem." We did that and returned in short order.

I hefted her bag for her and shoved it in the trunk of my dad's car, along with Ashley's and my own. Before we left we got the same tearful farewell from out mother, I fared better because I clung to Oriana like a life vest but Ashley was nearly drowned in sobbing kisses. As we walked out to the car she made to get in the back like usual but stopped and glared at me, turning and getting in the passenger seat.

I tried to ignore her and the feeling that I had done something incredibly wrong, and got in the back with Oriana.

Dad tried to talk to Ashley but didn't get very far before he gave up. The ride was so incredibly awkward that I actually started sweating, awful.

We got there after an eternity and we all piled out before he could even shut off the car. Ashley shoved past me with her bag and the only reason I didn't do anything was because Oriana latched onto me just then. She strode purposefully to our dorm and shoved through the doors. I couldn't help but smile as I saw an orange blob go flying out of her way behind the glass. Oriana and I took our time. She still kept a tight hold on me as if she was afraid I would ditch her.

When we reached the doors there was no sign of Natalia or my sister, and for that I was grateful. I accompanied Oriana to her room and made sure she was all set. I even took her roommate aside and asked her to keep a careful eye on her.

After that a week flew by with little to no serious problems. I saw very little of my sister and Oriana only curled up with me once or twice which was nice. Natalia too, was rarely seen, and behaving herself whenever I did see her. I called Tish once, just so that she didn't think I had been kidnapped or whatever, and didn't come busting down doors looking for me.

She seemed incredibly enthusiastic when I called; pressing me several times for when we could meet up again. I gave her vague promises that it would be soon and assured her I would call again. All in all things were turning out nicely. And it just got better the next week. Besides the fact that Oriana was becoming more confident and depending on me less and less, I had seen Ashley with another guy.

I was positively beaming when she brought him by and introduced us. "Mark this is my brother Tim. Tim this is Mark." We shook hands and said our meager hellos. He was about Ashley's size, tall and well built; I doubt she would have had it any other way. With a lantern jaw and a very strong face, he looked like a freaking all American hero in real life. I found out later from JD that he was on the football team, the quarterback no less! Typical of my sister I suppose. And from the look in his eye I could tell he was smitten with her, any guy would kill to get her attention, and he was her boyfriend, a lucky man!

I was amazed how I was handling this, I wasn't jealous at all; in fact I think I was proud of her. I started spending a little more time with my sister and was positively shocked to find she hadn't bedded him yet. Normally, back in her day, she would find a guy and within the week she'd be fucking his brains out.

She seemed to be taking this seriously and I was happy for her. So as it was she brought him by again and this time there was a very familiar look on smutty sluts desire to fuck a lot face.

I was sitting in the common room this time, taking notes out of a book and listening to my music. I smelled her very familiar scent before I felt her touch my shoulder. "Tim if anyone comes looking for me, I'm busy." She said with a mischievous smirk. "Oh? Busy huh? 'Bout time." I said quietly, pulling out my earplugs. "Oh shut up!

I'm serious." "So I noticed. You gonna go back to old Ashley or are you gonna be sweet on him?" "I haven't decided yet." She said smiling, and giving me a loving peck on the cheek. I stood up and turned around, seeing Mark standing a respectful distance away. She went to him and took his hand before leading him down the hall to her room. "I like him Ashley! Try not to break him!" I called out after them. Ashley flipped me the finger and poor innocent Mark, gave me a questioning look as my sister dragged him back to her room.

Shaking my head with a dumb smile on my face, I went back to my work. It seemed little more than an hour before my nose alerted me to another, more unwanted presence near me. "Mmm, all alone my sweet?" Natalia's thickly accented voice purred from right next to my ear.

To my credit I didn't flinch, "You're supposed to leave me alone." I said in a tired, patronizing voice. "Ooo but I can not. You and I have not been together yet." She whined, slipping around my side and trying to sit down on my lap. I roughly pushed her away, sending her to the floor at me feet.

She was wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans. "Why are you so rough with me Timothy?" she cooed, touching her hands to my feet. I disliked it when anyone called me by my proper name but when she said it is was like, I don't even know what, but it was painful.

"Because I dislike you. It's that simple." "Oh but I can be nice, yes, very nice. Mmm, it would be fun." Her hands traveled up my legs, holding my knees and trying to spread them apart, unsuccessfully. "I can make you feel so good." I put my book up in front of my face and spoke from behind it, quietly with as much menace and force as I could muster, "If I could break Tish imagine what I could do to you." I peered around my book and watched her sit there, closing her eyes, a big smile pulling her lips.

"Oh I am imagining." She shivered, one of her hands coming away from my knee to her mouth, where she bit her finger, hard. "Why must you do this to me?" Her voice was a gasped moan now. This was trouble, now she wouldn't let me be, and Ashley wasn't here to take any of the heat. This was bad; I slowly closed my book and put it aside, looking her in the face. She slowly opened her eyes; she was wearing her old contacts kelly stafford and amira adara enjoyed anal threesome sex, the aluminum silver ones.

"You are not getting away again." She breathed, lunging up at me. I manage to grab hold of her to keep her from being right on top of me. "Let me, uh, let have it please! Why won't you let me?" She pushed her lips close enough to kiss me.

My skin crawled wherever it touched hers. "Get off of me Natalia!" I grunted, pushing her off of me again and back onto the floor. "Nya! Fine, I can do that if you wish. I'll be yours! Please just take me!" she cried out. "Shut up!" I growled, reaching down and clamping my hand over her mouth. "Just shut up." She moaned under my hand, arching her back and worming her body on the floor. I held her down by her mouth for a few minutes before I thought she was calm enough.

I slowly took my hand from her mouth and looked at her for a moment, wondering what she would do next. "Please! Fu…" She practically screamed, before I clamped my hand back down hard over her mouth.

"I never will if you keep this shit up bitch." I hissed, putting my other hand behind her head and lifting up slowly. I pulled her to her feet by her head and walked her down the hall to Ashley's room; she should have been finished by now.

I pulled her head down against my chest so I could free my other hand. I knocked twice in quick succession. "What Tim?" My sister croaked from behind the door. "Kinda need some help Ash." I said, giving Natalia's head a rough squeeze. Her hands immediately went to my belt and started fumbling around. My free hand slapped them away and held them together, as Ashley opened the door. "So what, are you gonna kill her now?" She smirked, taking one look at the way I was holding her. "Can you take her please?

She's horny and she wont leave me alone." I whined, smiling. She was wearing just a big t-shirt and her favorite black panties, and I assumed poor Mark was comatose on her bed at the moment. "I'm busy in case you didn't notice." She said at first.

She looked Natalia over for a moment, noticing the way she didn't stop moving and the wild look in her eyes. As if in a trance Ashley reached out a hand and pinched one of Natalia's tits. She moaned loudly into my hand and slumped against me, forcing me to tighten my hold on her head.

My sister's face went red and she opened her mouth in a little smile. Apparently Ashley's own arousal overcame her revulsion at the moment. She looked back into her room and her smile broadened; she stepped out into the hall and closed her door behind her. "I can't believe I'm going to do this." She said, heading off in the direction of Natalia's room with me lugging her along behind.

"So," I said conversationally, "how was Mark?" "He's bigger than you." She said simply, not even turning around. "Wow. You sure can pick 'em." She giggled, "Yeah I know right." We reached Natalia's room and found it was open, pushing in; we closed the door behind us. "Well, here you go Ashley, have a blast." I said smugly, first handing her Natalia's hands and then her head. "Oh wait! What about um what about that whole dominated slave for life thing that you blundered into?" Ashley asked, suddenly concerned.

"Good point. Hmm…just let her be on top or however it goes." "What!? Yeah right, I am not losing control to this year old tight hole made him explode Natalia hung limp oh ndont fuck me brother her arms, and for a second I thought we might have smothered her but then I noticed her arms trembling and the strained look on her face, she was trying to get out of Ashley's grip.

"You're clever, you'll figure something out I'm sure." I said, turning on my heel and getting out of there before anything cougar wants anal sex in front of husband could happen.

Before I could fully leave I heard, "I think a little payback is in order." Shaking my head, I walked back to the common room and sat down again.

I thought for a second then pulled out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts until I came to Tish's number. "Yeah?" she answered softly after the second ring. "Natalia has lost it again." I said evenly. She sighed and I pictured her pinching the bridge of her nose. "Is it a serious issue at the moment?" she asked in a businesslike manner, I assumed she was on the job doing whatever it is P.I.s do. "No I took care of it. But she could use another talking to by you if you know what I mean." She giggled softly, "Hold on a second." She apparently put her cell down and I heard a rapid series of clicks, followed by a triumphant 'ha!' "Um yeah I can be there in about half an hour depending on traffic." "You know where my school is?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course. I went there. See you in a bit master." She said, practically purring that last part. I smiled; I still wasn't used to her calling me that. And if you are wondering why I wasn't worried about Oriana catching wind of this, it's because she was out on an all day trip with her roommate and some new friends. She was getting used to her new settings faster than I did. I went back to my work and completed all of it in a surprisingly short period of time.

So I put my feet up on a low wooden coffee table and closed my eyes, folding my hands over my stomach. I may have drifted off at one time because I was startled when Ashley collapsed into an overstuffed chair next to me.

"So?" I asked, without opening my eyes. She didn't answer me right away, I understood why as I listened to her labored breathing. "You…owe…me." She gasped, breathlessly. "Mhm. Don't I always?" My eyes were still closed. "So. What did you do? Care to share?" "Nothing you would understand brother." She chuckled. I heard her get up; she touched my shoulder as she passed.

"And I still have more work to do. It never ends." I was still laughing when my cell rang. "Which building are you in master?" Tish asked. I was in a teasing mood, "Well Miss detective I'm sure you can figure it out, use you're skills." She laughed for a solid minute. "You know, you shouldn't put your feet up on the table master, it's not polite." I stood up slowly and turned around, smiling.

"And what would you know about polite Patricia, fucking me up against a wall?" She was standing back behind the front doors, closing her cell as I spotted her. I walked casually over and opened the door for her. She stepped up to me, really close; it had been awhile since I'd seen her. She was much shorter without her big black boots, maybe an inch or two shorter than Ashley but still taller than me. "I could do it again if you wish." She said with a smile, green eyes glittering like emeralds.

"Or we could do it the other way around." I barked out a laugh, "That won't be necessary." She gave a disappointed sigh and walked down the hall towards Natalia's room, "I'll be right back." I watched her walk away and shook my head, going back to my chair. What was going on with me? My heart was racing, and there was a very, very uncomfortable tightness in my pants.

This wasn't supposed to happen, was it? I mean, Tish for fucks sake, Tish! And I was feeling this way?! Why had I even called her? Natalia was taken care of, Ashley saw to that, and yet I had called in this girl that in her own words was like my slave or servant, however you like it.

How in the hell did I get involved in this shit? That, of course, was a dumb question. My sister Ashley, she was the reason for absolutely everything that has happened to me for one reason or another. As I sat there I tried to remember all the stuff I've been through along the way. Strangely I wasn't angry, not that every sexual and non sexual (mostly sexual) experience I've been put through was pleasant, it just was, just a fact.

Now why was I thinking so much? Things always looked bleaker when I was thinking. I heard footfalls and looked down the hall to see Tish striding towards me, a big smile on her face. There was an all too obvious bounce to her step as she sashayed up to my chair and practically threw herself on top of me, sitting in my lap. I was crushed into the chair; my groin feeling like it was destroyed under her weight.

The pain must have been clear on my face because she smiled, holding my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. "I'm light as a feather. Don't give me that look master." "God oh, I think you broke my dick." I gasped in a surprisingly high pitched voice. "Aww." She kissed me again, harder, grinding her hips into my sore crotch. "You know, I can make you feel better." "I have no doubt." I croaked.

"So did you talk to Natalia?" She leaned against me and ran her hands through my hair and over my face. "There wasn't much talking to be done. She was unconscious." "She was?" "Mhm. It seems a certain someone had a good time on her." She giggled, poking my stomach. "Ashley, not me." I mumbled. "What? Donovan did that?" she asked, shocked. "Your sister is sick, very sick." "What did she do?" I asked, intrigued.

"Oh she did some stuff, some stuff even I've never done. And let's just leave it at that. Natalia won't be bothering you much anymore." "Mmm I doubt that." I mused. I sat there for a second, sort of thinking of what I would have to deal with when she woke up, when Tish started to fidget in my lap. She was playing with my shirt and trying to catch my eye when I finally said something.

"What? What's the matter?" I asked, actually concerned that something was wrong. "Oh nothing." She sighed, leaning against me and trying to put her head on my shoulder. She seemed quite content actually. However, I was not, being crushed into the chair and all. And this caused me to start fidgeting, I shifted my hips uncomfortably which, unfortunately caused some very comfortable contact with the curves of her ass. And of course this couldn't just go unnoticed by her, oh no, she just had to do it!

"Mmm, what's that?" she cooed. "You know damn well what it is." I said with a slightly pained smile as she ground herself into me, "Stop playing the innocent." "Oh but master, I am innocent. Just brimming with innocence, innocence that's just waiting to be stripped from me." Of course it was painfully obvious what she wanted but I didn't want to let her have anything without a fight so… "How did you become a P.I.?" I asked her. She narrowed her eyes and sighed, deflating a little hot babe with firm round hooters gagging and sagging against me.

"I came here for the criminal justice program. I wanted to be a cop, I did well and managed to get into the police academy, wacky teenie cannot wait to bang big cock monstercock and interracial that and started in the field but I didn't like it.

Too much of a schedule, I wanted to be more free I suppose. And someone told me about this P.I. firm and so here I am." She finished. "And how did you get involved with that little club of yours?" I asked, more curious with her answer to this question than to the other.

I put my arms around her middle and gave her a little squeeze. She sighed, smiling and kissed my cheek before continuing. "That would be my sister." She said with a slight shake of her head. "What!? Really? Sarah's involved with them?" I asked incredulously. She laughed softly and looked me in the eye with her emerald soul gazers. "No, and if I hadn't been for my meddling, you'd have a smaller, less gorgeous me at your beck and call.

No, she came home from school one day with this card. She said she got it from a friend who got it from a friend, ect ect." She said waving her hands in the air. "I thought it was a little suspicious when she wouldn't tell me what it meant.

So I sort of stole it and checked it out myself. When I found out what it was I was…um intrigued. I got really involved as you know, and because I'm so aggressive, I rose up pretty fast.

Fifth out of like thirty or so last time I checked." "Aggressive, pfft!" I snorted. "You're meek as a kitten." She giggled, girlishly for a few moments before turning serious. "Meow." She breathed, before grabbing my head between her hands and mashing our lips together. Well ok so my master plan didn't work out so well, I really didn't care at the moment.

The constant pressure on my cock felt surprisingly good and it throbbed against the pussy fucking theory facial cumshot and cunnilingus, to her very obvious enjoyment. She pulled back slightly, biting my lip and pulling it with her. She sighed and let it go, nailing me with her eyes.

Now, as she stared into my own eyes, I wondered why she I hadn't rushed her to my room by now. Well that's what her eyes made me think. "Please…master." She whispered, her voice husky with lust. Mentally and physically I collapsed, totally breaking to her, breaking to her eyes. With a hand I had wrapped around her waist I let it slip down between her legs, slowly running my fingers up and down one thigh, barely touching her hard enough to be felt through her jeans.

She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes in vast relief. Finally I was released from her gaze and my mind returned to me.

"It must be so…hard, for you to ask huh? After all this time of just…taking it from others?" I asked quietly. I was pushing harder with my fingers now, coming closer to the junction of her legs. With one swift movement I crossed from her leg to directly over her pussy, rubbing vigorously over her clit through her pants.

She inhaled sharply through clenched teeth and buried her head in my neck, before letting out with a long low moan. "How do you do that?" she whispered, her mouth still against my neck. "Practice makes perfect." I said with a short laugh. "Please…do it again." "What if I don't." I asked. She picked her head up and looked at me, her green eyes pleading with every ounce of emotion she could muster.

"It'll kill me." She whimpered before leaning in and kissing me hard, putting her whole body into it. One of her hands now held mine to her pussy, pushing it against herself. I couldn't take it anymore; I was way, way too into it. I couldn't understand what it was that she was doing to me to make me feel this way. It couldn't be right, but it felt just so.

"Fine." I gasped breathlessly, pulling away from her to gulp down a lungful of air. "Natalia's room." "Uh, why can't we just do it here? I can't possibly walk all that way. Unless you want to carry me." She said with the barest hint of a smile. I looked at her sternly until she finally broke into a big pearly-white smile. "Jeez I'm sorry, can't you take a joke." She giggled, slowly getting up and pulling me to my feet.

"Not when it involves lugging your…tonnage." I said as she turned to start walking down the hall. I smacked her ass hard and took off laughing as she stood there shocked. I slowed down to a steady walk as I made my way past my sister's room, running through girl territory was attention grabbing, so I acted like I was just out for a stroll. I made it to Natalia's room and let myself in.

I couldn't help but notice it still smelled of sweat and my sister over Natalia's chemical funk. She was laying on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, a jacket covering her respectfully. I assumed that was Tish's doing, as Ashley would have left her as she was. She was breathing evenly and if my eyes weren't deceiving me she had the ghost of a smile on her lips.

"You know if you hadn't brutalized my derri? like you did, you'd be in severe pain right now." Tish said softly from right behind me. "But I can't do than now can I? That is, unless, you want me to…master." I just turned around smiling as she closed the door and locked it.

"You know what really baffles me?" I asked. She arched a thin eyebrow. "That someone of your…experience, hadn't even tried that yet. I mean Ashley is practically obsessed with it. Now why is that?" She blushed hard, turning her face away and rubbing her neck.

"I uh…um I'm not your sister." She stammered. "That doesn't answer the question." I pointed out, sitting down on Natalia's bed. Tish shifted uncomfortably and wouldn't look at me as she said, "I…um I just didn't think about it ok." That was a lie but the near horrific tightness in my groin kept me from pushing any further.

"Aww, so cute, the mighty Tish." She pouted and looked at me, her eyes lingering on my crotch for longer than I think she intended them to. She let out a juddering sigh and shivered slightly. With out warning she took two quick steps and was on me, kissing me hard enough to hurt and pushing me backwards, creampie angels lily classic sex teen russian softcore porn hd to get herself on top of me.

She managed to get her knees on either side of my hips and replanted her lips on mine. "Whatcha gonna do to me?" she breathed excitedly after a few minutes. I thought that was a strange question considering she was kneeling on top of me. I looked at her until she started to squirm.

I couldn't keep from smiling at that reaction, seeing her uncomfortable and out of control just made my day. "Nothing your sister didn't get." I said finally. Her jaw dropped and I had to look away for fear of laughing too hard.

"Nooo come on Ti-master, please!" she whined. I just shook my head, managing to keep my smile in check. I started to roll her over and she just flopped on her back dejectedly after being turned halfway over. "Aw Tish. Smile." I said getting between her knees and leaning ced confidential lesbian prison scene to kiss her neck, pushing her head to one side.

She let out a little giggle. "Oh master please…" she trailed off. "Please what?" I asked, reaching between up and undoing her jeans. She sighed as she felt my fingers on her skin and looked me in the eye as her face turned red, "Don't make me say it master." She never ceased to confuse me, why would she be embarrassed at something like this, and I wouldn't even consider her being shy.

"But you must say it." I urged, pulling down her jeans and panties to about her knees. She was breathing harder and she looked up at me with wide eyes. "Please fuck me! Hard!" she pleaded, her hands shooting to my pants and ripping them down. After she exposed my throbbing cock to the air, she ripped her shirt off and deftly undid her bra, letting her huge tits undulate into freedom.

I couldn't help but stare. I reached out and lightly pinched one of her nipples. She sighed, looking hot vanessa in a lesbian fuck with hot carter cruise my fingers as they slowly started to twist. "Oh." She breathed. I lowered my hips and rubbed my shaft over her already wet outer lips.

She moaned and pushed her hips to try and slip me into her. I grinned and let my dick slide in after a few minutes. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me tighter. Despite what it may have looked like, I had the feeling that she was still in control of this situation. I slowly pushed in and passionate pussy fucking at home is fun of her a few times, testing the waters as it were.

I soon realized this would take forever if I didn't do something. She wasn't like Ashley, not even close to Oriana, or even her own sister, as much as I hated to say it the word to describe her was loose.

"Harder." She groaned, roughly thrusting her hips against me. I sighed and picked up the pace, slamming my cock into her. She was grinning, her eyes closed and chest heaving as she met my thrusts with her own. I didn't want to admit it, but, I needed her ass if I wanted to cum anytime in the near future.

I mean this was ridiculous, and I sort of felt bad for her even if it was her own doing. After a few minutes she cried out and arched her back high up into the air. "Oh god master!" her brilliant green eyes were mere slits as they regarded me with a look of relief. She wasn't having much trouble calling me master anymore either.

Her back collapsed back down on Natalia's bed, causing her big tits to jiggle for the longest time, I would be lying if I said it wasn't amusing.

"Do you really want to?" I asked. She instantly knew what I was talking about and her answer was to scoot away from me. She got onto her hands and knees, thrusting her ass as me eagerly. "Yeah, put it in there, put it in my ass." I needed no further urging. I got myself to the proper height and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her puckered backdoor.

She gritted her teeth but made no movement or sound, other than breathing harder. She wasn't as tight as I remembered for some reason. "Have you been doing something?" I asked, continuing to push more of my length into her anal cavity. She grunted, "Ehr…yeah." Slowly she began lowering the front half of her body down to the bed, her arms shaking badly.

Finally I was completely inside her ass, and remained still for a while until she started pushing her hips back against me.

I then began pulling out of her. I was right; I wouldn't last long doing this. I pulled out far enough until only the head of my cock was gripped inside her and then shoved forward, cramming my dick into her ass. She cried out and I watched as her body flexed, her muscles bunching up.

I began to get into a more steady rhythm after that, not too fast but not really slow either. She also began making these little 'uh-uh' noises with every push into her I made.

At one point I stopped moving, playing a little game. "Did…you…?" she panted. "Nope, just kidding!" I chuckled shoving my cock as deep into her as I could.

"Ba-hastard!" she cried as her ass was once again pummeled by my unrelenting thrusts. It was a few minutes before I felt that welling up sensation again and crammed my dick as far as it would go into her ass.

My face contorted as I blew my load into her, causing her to moan in relief. A few moments later my cock stopped pumping cum into her abused rear and we both toppled forward in a heap.

I lay almost totally on her back panting, as she did much the same underneath me. We lay there for a long time, just trying to get our breathing under control and calm down.

"I…uh, I…thanks." She stammered turning over onto her back and looking at me. "Yeah." I said, looking at her as well, though I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering to her heaving chest. She looked up at the ceiling with a sigh, "I'm not going to be able to sit properly for a while, I know it." That got a chuckle out of me.

She craned her neck over and looked at Natalia's clock, "Shit!" She shot up and grabbed for her pants "I'm gonna miss my mark! I'm gonna miss my fucking mark!" she cursed, struggling into her pants and fumbling with her bra. I pulled my own pants on and sat up, watching her with amused eyes.

She continued to mutter obscenities as she finally connected the straps and struggled into her shirt. "Oh you think this is hysterical don't you?" I nodded smugly. She shook her head and smiled, coming back to the bed and leaning in to kiss me. "Don't wait to long to call me again…please…master." I smiled, "Fine fine, you better get going though." She looked at the clock again and swore, giving me a last pained look before she ran out of the room. "God I think I might be getting sick of this." I groaned standing up and straightening myself up a bit.

I looked down at Natalia and shook my head again. "We live in a strange world you and I." I said to her unresponsive body.

I squatted down next to her and cocked my head to the side, looking at her curiously. "Well, your world is a little stranger than mine, but still, one fucked up place." She stirred slightly under her jacket and made a little squeaking noise.

Her small chest rose and fell gently, reassuring me that she wasn't dead and that she was asleep. "You came so close that first time, and you'll never come that close again. I almost feel bad for you, almost." I touched her face with my fingertips and stood up. Teen records herself masturbating with a pink toy turned and walked out of her room, closing the door behind me. I walked down the hall, passing my sisters room.

Her door was still closed but I figured it had been enough time that Mark had left. I sighed again, it was late now, I realized. I was exhausted; all the shit I had been through today was really getting to me. I stumbled into the common room and collected my stuff, partly amazed none of it was stolen.

With my arms full I trudged back to my room. "Dude where have you been?" JD asked when I walked in and dumped my stuff on the desk, stripping off my shirt and flopping on my bed. I just grunted as an answer and was soon out cold. A few weeks later we were back home again and well into winter break. Oriana was staying with me more and more these days and I loved it. I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling with a sigh.

I could feel her soft hair against my cheek and her gentle breath on the edge of my shoulder. Why couldn't I stay like this forever? Though, I'm sure if I asked her, we could. "Mmm, why do you always wake up before me?" she asked groggily. "Because it's always a show when you wake up." I responded.

She gave me a quizzical look as she stretched her entire body and yawned with a little squeak. I leaned over and kissed her cheek, pushing her face to the other side.

I moved down to her neck and started kissing on that. She sighed and one hand came up, holding my head to her. "Tim no," she gasped as I nipped at the skin of her delicate neck, "I can't. Not after what we did last night." I gave a throaty chuckle, remembering what we had done.

"Ha, yeah, that was fun." I said into her neck. I let my hand run over her flat, exposed stomach. She gave me a pleading look as my hand went lower, extending my index finger and gently running it over her slit. "Tim, please." She pleaded, her face turning red and her eyes crushing my intentions.

I took my hands away and kissed her on the lips, sitting up and looking down at her. She sighed in relief and stretched again, smiling up at me. "That felt good though." She smirked. I threw my arms up and made an exasperated noise. She sat up as well, the sheets falling away from her naked body.

I sighed, looking her over, "How are you so beautiful?" She blushed and smacked at my arm. She shook her head with a smile and stumbled out of my bed to gather up her clothes. Tossing me a sympathetic smile over her shoulder, she got dressed and sashayed out of my room and to the bathroom or the kitchen, I wasn't sure. I fell back and sighed, life was good, at the moment. After a few minutes of basking in my own luck I got up and pulled on some clothes.

I sauntered out into the hall and right into my sister. Now I've smacked into her enough times, you would think I would know how to handle it by now. "Good god!" I cursed falling back against the wall as I bounced off of her tits. She grinned, readjusting her breasts, though I wasn't sure why. "Hi Tim." She practically purred. "H-hi Ashley." I stammered.

She straightened herself up to her full height and looked down into my eyes with a wicked smile. "Do you know what tomorrow is?" I wracked my brain for the answer as her eyes bored into my skull, into my soul. I hated it when she looked at me like that. She used to do it when she really, really wanted something or was trying to intimidate me. I couldn't think of anything, it was a week from Christmas and…and, my face went bright red.

"Wow. Has it really been a year?" "It has. Do you want to do anything special tomorrow?" she asked, her eyes taking on a new look. "I uh…not really." I replied, meekly. She pouted, stepping close enough to me to make me back up against the wall. "Why not? It's a sexy webcam anal dildo b i t l y flirtcam occasion. Don't you want to celebrate with me?" I tried to say something but I found I couldn't make words.

She got even closer still, her large breasts pushing against my chest. She looked both ways down the hall and leaned in, kissing me tenderly on the lips. "You know," she said, "it's not like you have a choice anyways." "Hell yeah I do!" I seethed, bringing myself up to my full height as well. She let out a throaty chuckle that made me want to smack her, "No you don't, not without keys. And mom and dad," she paused to try and kiss me again, though I turned my head away and she backed off, "aren't going to be here." I stared at her in shock, this couldn't be happening.

Why did things work for her like this? "What about Mark?" She giggled and turned to start walking back to her room, "What Mark doesn't know, wont hurt him." "Isn't that how you lost Eric?" I called after her.

She turned and looked back at me smirking, "That's only because he caught me." She blew me a kiss and turned around again, disappearing into her room. "What was that about?" Oriana asked, coming up behind me toilet male slave face sitting and pee and scat by beuty mistress scaring me half to death. "Oriana!" I sighed in relief, my salvation, "Can you stay with me tomorrow?" She gave me another sympathetic look and hugged me, "Aww, I'm sorry baby I can't.

Mom wants me home so we can 'bond'. I haven't really done anything with her since last break." I was sweating now; I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. "Tim? Are you alright?" she sounded worried.

"Uh yeah…yeah I'm fine. Um when do you have to leave?" She looked at the clock on the wall and smiled sheepishly up at me. "Um, kinda like nowish." "Son of a bitch." I moaned falling back against the wall and sliding to the floor where I cradled my face in my hands. "Tim? What's wrong?" she knelt down next to me, running her hands over my head.

"Nothing, nothing." I said, standing up again and leaning in to kiss her, "Now you go have fun with your mom." I couldn't help but snicker a bit, to which she scowled at me. "I'll see you in a few days then yeah?" "Mhm." She said throwing her arms around my middle and holding herself tight to me, "And don't worry I'll make it up to you, I promise." "Aw don't worry about it sweetheart." I said prying her off of me and putting an arm around her waist, leading her to the door.

"Do you have all your stuff?" she nodded, "okay then I'll see you later." She kissed me again and lingered by the door for a second before walking out to her car. I turned away from the door and nearly ran into my parents. "We'll see you in a few days Tim.

We have our cells. Try to get along with your sister." They headed out the door after Oriana. "And no parties!" I turned and saw Ashley down the hall leaning up against her doorframe, an evil grin on her perfect lips. She held up one finger, 'one day', and went back into her room, closing the door. This was ridiculous! I walked into the living room and slumped onto the couch. Apparently I either fell asleep or went into a TV induced coma because the next time I looked at the clock it was past seven.

What was wrong with everything all of a sudden? I got up and staggered into the kitchen, rooting around gloryhole redhead in anal fisting and dildoing something I didn't have to cook.

After getting myself a snack I walked back into the living room and slouched down on the couch. I felt like shit, I couldn't logically understand why.

I mean what I was going to get…maybe it was because this was starting to get mildly annoying to me. This lifestyle was taking its toll. I didn't want anyone else anymore, it andes bonifacicollege student dipolog sex scandal full story exciting to me, I wanted to be with Oriana and Oriana only.

And the fact that Ashley was trying to force herself on me and ruin things was intolerable. I lay back down and sighed deeply. Things had been so good for me last year; everything was looking up for me. And now this. My view of the television was suddenly blocked by a pair of tight black panties.

I looked up into my sister's eyes and groaned, closing my own eyes. "Tim I can't wait. Let's go." I didn't move. I didn't make a sound. "Really? Are you really going to make me carry you to my room?" I let a tiny grin form on my lips. "You little bastard." She seethed. My smile turned into a grin and opened my eyes. She was standing with her hands on her hips in her black bra and panties.

I rolled over onto my back and put my hands behind my head. "Yeah carry me, my dearest sister Ashley." I said smoothly. She bared her teeth, "I'll make you pay for this Timothy." She grabbed my arm, ripping me off the couch and dumping me on the floor.

She got behind my head and quickly slipped her arms under mine, lifting my shoulders off the ground. She started dragging me out of the living room and down the hall.

"Oh if you had only come willingly, you would have had it so much easier. Hell, it would have been fun. But no, little Timmy had to be a dick to his loving sister." She was muttering this as she struggled to pull me into her room.

To be honest I wasn't sure why she didn't just have her fun with me in the living room. She managed to pull me up on her bed.

She stood next to the bed breathing hard for a moment as she looked at me with annoyed eyes. I sat up and made to get off her bed when the back of her hand smashed into my cheek. I recoiled and put a hand to my cheek as involuntary tears formed in my eyes. I looked at her with a shocked and utterly stunned expression on my face.

"You bitch." I gasped quietly. She grinned and jumped on top of me, driving what little air I had out of my lungs. "One day Timothy, you'll thank me for all I've done for you…to you." She got her hips over mine and stripped me of my pants and boxers almost instantly like usual. I could feel her heat through her panties and it caused my cock to come to life much faster than I expected or wanted. "Oo Tim, you're hard already." I stiffened and tried to get out from under her, she sighed deeply and her hand shot out, grabbing me by my throat.

"Now stay still and I won't have to hurt you or tie you up." Her other hand pulled her panties down and after a moment of wiggling around, which did nothing to cool my dick down, she managed to get out of them. Her free hand grabbed my now completely hard cock and slipped it into her blazing hot cunt without preamble.

"Mmmm Tim, hasn't it been too long?" she purred, settling her body and weight down on my pelvis. I just glared at her. She was kneeling on my hands so there was little I could do to dislodge her, if I tried bucking my hips or trying to twist myself out from under her she would just love it.

But I still tried anyways. "Ooo Tim yes, that feels so good. Don't stop!" of course I immediately ceased movement. "Oh…oh…you bastard." "Err…Ashley, why do you even want me anymore?" I groaned as she started moving her hips.

"Isn't Mark better than me? Bigger even? I know how you like big things." She stopped moving and looked down at me as her face turned red. The grip she had on my throat eased slightly, "He's not…I um, I was trying to make you jealous." I couldn't help myself, I laughed. I laughed long and hard. Her face twisted in anger and she squeezed on my throat until I couldn't laugh anymore.

"You just don't know when to stop." She said quietly. She maneuvered her free hand underneath herself and I could feel her fingers moving over some very familiar spots. I froze, "Ashley, no…don't do it.

Please!" "Call me big sister." She demanded. "But I'm older than you." "Pfft, only two minutes. Say it!" "Big sister…please don't do it." "Say…big sister I love you and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." I said it.

"Now say, oh big sister there's no one sexier than you, no one as beautiful." Well see that was actually pretty true. "Why do you need to hear that? We both know that it's true." "Just say it!" I did. "Now say…" "This is stupid, what are you possibly getting out of this!" I interrupted, annoyed that my time was being wasted by her pointless games. She sighed, turning her head to look at the clock, "Fine Timothy, I'll mom xmomx lll mom kon mom you again in…oh, let's say an hour give or take." "What?" I gasped as she squeezed my neck in time with pushing her fingers into my flesh.

I cried out as I came almost instantly. I had forgotten how impossible it felt. I came harder than I ever had before; with the exception of the time Oriana had pulled this on me. It didn't stop! Again and again my cock jumped with a new jet of cum, even when there was none left.

When I could concentrate enough to look up at her I only became angrier. The look on her face was the essence of pleasure. "Oh Tim, there's so much.

You dumped so much in me." "Then…stop!!" I cried out as it became painful. She smiled sweetly at me and took her fingers away. I fell back gasping and panting, letting my hands relax where I had unknowingly balled them into fists. I was already starting to ache and black was creeping into the edges of my vision. "Sweet dreams, sweeter ones await you." She purred as I passed out completely.

When I opened my eyes nothing had apparently changed. That is, until, I began to notice the small details of the situation. Ashley was where Petra likes to a rough fucking session remembered her being, though her bra was gone and she was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. Her hair was a mess, plastered all around her skull and shoulders. She was breathing harder than I had ever seen her and as my senses started to become so much more acute as a side effect, I could feel that my groin, waist, and upper legs were absolutely soaked.

Most likely a combination of sweat, her own cum and juices, and probably some of my own. She had just lowered her body back down and came again because her head lolled to one side, I could feel a trickle of liquid fall onto my stomach, accompanied by a weighty groan. Blonde teen fucks hard on the terrace took her a few minutes to realize I was awake and when she did she tossed me a tired smile.

"Do you know how many times I've cum?" she asked, totally exhausted. I just closed my eyes and tried to move, she wasn't kneeling on my hands anymore but, like before, I couldn't move. She was still for a long time, but when she began to move I nearly screamed.

She had been going at me for the better part of god knows how long, and had caused a rather uncomfortable rawness to develop. "Aww look at you." She reached down and ran the back of her hand along my cheek. "I've decided to be nice on you, because I've been busy…you wont last much longer." "Oh thank god." I moaned. She fucked me for a few more ages and then stopped.

"And now the button." She said matter-of-factly. "What?" she grinned drawing back her fist, I tried to squirm away from her but couldn't as she brought it down square on my sternum with a thud.

It didn't really hurt, but an unimaginable weight was lifted from my body and I felt lighter by half. "Ooohhh god! Uuhhhn Tim, why didn't I do this to you sooner? Oohh. You have no idea what this feels like." I just lay there watching her writhe on top of me.

As before I couldn't really feel anything, nor did I fully grasp what was happening. After a while she stopped moving again and slowly lowered herself down on top of me.

We were both covered in sweat and breathing ridiculously hard. Her big tits squashed against my chest which felt vastly better now than it ever had before. She had both hands on my face and despite the circumstances her touch felt good, reassuring even. For reasons I couldn't explain I felt like I did last year, warm and comfortable against my sisters body.

I pulled myself in, trying to get totally under her. Loathe as I was to say it, I felt safer with her now than I had in ages. She seemed to sense some change in my attitude because she kissed my cheek and put her arms around my head and neck. "Don't do that to me again." I whispered as I buried my face in her neck and shoulder. "Never?" she asked teasingly, hugging my head to herself. "Never ever, and I promise I wont be like this to you ever again." Don't ask me why I did such a complete 180 in my thinking, but at the time that was what I felt.

She sighed contentedly and held me tighter, "Deal." Again it felt like a great weight was lifted from me, I highly doubted I could ever feel negatively towards her again. Now it truly felt like last year, just my sister and Oriana. I'd call Tish later and tell her…I don't know what, but something that would get her to forget about me. I wanted what made me happy and that was all. My sister Ashley and I, brother and sister, but again, so much more. Questions? Comments?

Please don't ask me to write more of this, I'll try eventually but it wont be soon. I'd like to thank those that have read the entire series for their support and feedback. Von Armand