Pregnant brunette bitch loves getting wet pussy hammered

Pregnant brunette bitch loves getting wet pussy hammered
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The Shaman 3 by Mod Man copyright 2013 Chapter 6 Readjustments in attitude. When we got home, we sat down in our large conversation pit. Sara told me and Louis in some detail about her visit with the shaman, perhaps blurring some of the details to avoid letting all of the Jacks out of the box. She invited us to all take off our clothes. My clothing came off in a flash. And Sara's did too. Louis was a little shyer about undressing, as if he wasn't very used to undressing in front of a couple, but eventually we were all nude.

Sara reiterated one of her fantasies about seeing me fucking another man and vice versa. "Are you two game?" She asked. "I said "Sure" trying not to seem too eager." Louis said "Me too." acting pretty eager. So I got a blanket out of the closet and spread it out on the bottom of the pit, then laid down. Louis laid down to do 69, and then I put Louis's penis in my mouth.

I licked the head of his penis, then up and down the shaft. I didn't know if Louis was experienced at giving head, but I thought not. Never the less, he rapidly got hard. Aroused, he put my already hard penis in his mouth, and began sucking me. Sara just sat and watched from the side. As the action became hotter, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Sara was playing with her clitoris. Pretty soon Louis and I were sucking like crazy. I started deep throating Louis and at the same time playing with his balls.

He didn't seem to know how to deep throat, but he was running his lips up and down my penis until it was hitting the back of his mouth. I reached over for some lube, and stuck a finger in his anus. He stopped sucking me to tell me that it felt really good. I then pulled it out, and stuck two fingers in his anus. He just kept sucking. I started massaging balls licking amazing bitch eats cum japanese hardcore prostate, and tasted a small amount of come on his penis.

He pushed harder into my fingers. Quickly I stuck three fingers in his anus. No complaints. I pulled his penis out of my mouth, and said "Keep that hard.", and spun around to put the head of my very erect skinny student teen rocks his world reality against his anus. I very slowly started pushing it in. By this time, Sara had come over and was watching closely.

All the lube on his anus, and the saliva on my penis eased the way, and soon the head was in and I was making headway with the shaft. Suddenly he jerked a little bit, and said "slow down for a minute." I waited until he seemed to relax and began pushing in again. I reached around him and began playing with his penis, which was still hard. I began fucking his ass, and stroking his penis until I felt like I was about to come, then I paused. I slowly pulled out, and told him to turn over. I also turned over, and lubed my anus.

I needed to put on a good show for Sara, so I wanted Louis to fuck me in the ass too. I reached back and grasped Louis's penis, and put it up against my anus. I shoved the head in for him, so he wouldn't worry that he would hurt me.

He took over and fairly quickly shoved it all the way to the hilt. It hurt a little bit but the familiar pain of being penetrated deeply actually felt good. I tightened my anus as hard as I could to make it feel more like a vagina, which also turned me on.

I grabbed my penis and started stroking it. Louis was pushing in and out of me rapidly, and it felt like he was coming. The loud moan that escaped him said so too.

The feel of hot semen shooting into my rectum pushed me over the edge, and immediately I was shooting an inordinate amount of sperm onto the blanket. Meanwhile, Sara had all her fingers in her vagina and her thumb too. She pushed her whole hand into it.

This wasn't a trick I had seen her do before, and it was REALLY hot. I would swear I came for a minute. I was shooting come all over her legs, and her hand and her pussy too. Finally, I pulled Louis's penis out of my anus, and got up. I led him to the bathroom where we washed our hands and penises, and then our rears. "Clean hands, clean minds" my grandma used to say, though not particularly in this context.

We went back to the conversation pit, and I switched out the blanket for a clean one. We all laid down on the blanket with Sara in the middle. For some reason, even though I had just come, I will still horny, and Louis seemed to be also.

We were both hard again. I started kissing Sara's back while Louis kissed pinky mya donna red jada fire lacey duvalle black azz orgy s p on the mouth. She seemed to be working her tongue down his throat very deeply, while I kissed her back.

Momentarily, when she pulled her tongue out of his mouth, it seemed very long, as if she could lick her eyebrows with it, but she quickly plunged it back into his mouth. I was sure I mistook what I saw. I kissed all the way down her back until I got near the bottom. Being near her bottom, I put some lube on. Then I got her to turn over.

I then instructed Louis to carefully put his penis in her bottom, remembering to be SLOW. I gave this job to Louis because he had a more normal sized penis, whereas mine was pretty big. Sara had complained when I put my penis in her rear before, but I was sure that she could handle Louis in her ass more easily than me.

Meanwhile, my work was cut out for me. I swiveled around and put my mouth on her pussy, while getting a great close-up of Louis's penis in her anus.

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It was great seeing his shaft halfway in her and starting to stroke in and out. I could see the skin of her anus pulling out as he pulled his penis out, then going back in and he thrust inside her.

Meanwhile, I started licking her clitoris. Surprisingly, it was much longer and thicker than I remembered, so I began sucking it in and out of my mouth like a small penis. Sara liked this just fine, and began sliding my penis in her mouth in response.

I was already as hard and long as I could get, so it was a surprise to me that my penis seemed to be reaching new depths in her throat.

I chalked it up to my imagination. I wasn't planning to come in her throat, so I pulled it out. It didn't SEEM any longer than usual. I spun around to put my penis in her vagina.

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She was wet and ready for me, so I quickly worked it in the full way, I could easily feel Louis's penis moving in and out, which was very stimulating to me as well as Sara. Louis and I started stroking in and out alternating, and then together.

When realitykings big naturals austin cole ivy shae summers bite me started thrusting in and out together, Sara started a moan that built into a scream. I knew what that meant, and it WAS NOT to stop what we were doing. Sara stopped her scream long enough to say "Oh Mark, Mark, Mark, I'm commmming." And then resumed screaming and came and came and came. Louis and I came too, shooting semen inside her for all we were worth, but it seemed far short of what Sara was experiencing.

I remember, at the time thinking, too bad I can't experience that! Afterward, we relaxed and we all climbed into our extra giant custom King sized bed and went to sleep. The next morning, we woke up, Louis and I with morning wood, and Sara said to me, "I have a surprise for you".

She pulled out a dingy Indian doll, and asked me to touch it with her. "How would you like to have breasts?" "That would be OK." I said, and immediately I looked down and found I had a beautiful pair of large breasts with puffy xxx sax in adana babh and big nipples. "Go look in the mirror." She said. I did, and found that I was a beautiful shemale, rapidly getting an erection from seeing and feeling my new breasts and nipples, my hands having involuntarily moved up to touch them.

They practically vibrated to my touch. I bounced up and down, and found that both my penis and my tits were bobbing up and down. I reached up and massaged my newly large nipples. My chest hair had vanished. My god, my nipples felt very sensitive to the touch and they felt good. They quickly got erect. If I was not a woman, I was halfway there. I walked back to the bed, and leaped into it, and onto Sara nearly thrusting my penis into her but missing and pressing my hard, very erect nipples into her soft beautiful breasts.

Sara said, "Oof, I'm glad you missed. That might have hurt." She meanwhile reached down and pulled my penis into her. I kneeled in between her legs, rubbing my erect nipples against hers. Louis, not to be left out, put some lube on my ass, and slid his member into me my ass.

Sara reached up and squeezed my nipples and my puffy areolas. My nipples and breasts were tingling, a tingle that migrated down to my penis. My ass was clenching on Louis's penis. Quickly Louis's penis was coming in my anus, and my penis was shooting into Sara. Sara couldn't stand this, and she came too, with her usual scream, perhaps somewhat subdued, compared to last night We disengaged, and all got up Then, Sara put me back to normal. I was somewhat disappointed. I was a tit man after all and I loved feeling them on me "How did you do that?" I asked.

"Do you believe in magic?" she asked. "Well, I do now." I said. "I have another surprise for you." Sara said. She took the doll, and asked Louis to touch it with her. Louis did, and smoothly changed into nikki benz and remy lacroix hot threesome by nasty dude attractive girl, shorter than Louis, but eerily like him. "This is Louise", Sara said, introducing us. "This is her real self, more or less.

More tits and hair, less waist, the rest is the same." I reached out and grasped her hand. "Nice to meet you." I said. "Cut the shit," she said with a grin. I'm still the same person, just with a different wrapping. I joked, "I thought you were sort of girley, but I didn't want to make a big deal about it." "Well, now you know why," She said with a laugh. "Now, today, we are going to play, my way. We are going water skiing." "Water skiing, how's that like golf?" which was my favorite sport.

"Not much, which is what is great about it!" She said. "Walking around, whacking a little ball with a stick. Humbug." So, soon we were at a lake, in an inboard boat with a big motor. Louise turned out to be a good competitive water-skier, and a good instructor. Quickly she had us up on skis, whizzing around the lake. She showed us how to slalom ski and showed me how to drive the boat, which was a skill in in itself.

She had me pull her through a slalom course, at which, it turned out, she was highly proficient. She went around 6 buoys at increasing speeds, and then shortened the rope until she finally missed a buoy. "Would you like to try it?" she asked. I would, and did, but it was harder than it looked and I could only make one buoy. After 4 passes through the slalom course, I had worked my way up to 6 buoys at 32 mph, but was tired out. Though Sara is highly competitive, she did not do as well as Louise, but beat me with 4 buoys at 34 mph.

At the end of the day, a good time had been had for all, then we came home and went out to eat. We came back home, picking up our Yorky, Toto, along the way.

Toto was glad to see us. Sara said to Toto, "How would you like to be a great big dog?" Toto said "Arf!" which was dog language for" I don't understand what you are saying." But he was well trained and behaved, which later turned out to be essential.

Louse looked a little apprehensive, but she was game. She knew what was coming, but I didn't. "Now, it's your turn to be a girl, complete with a pussy." Sara said to me. "And my turn to be a guy." In moments, she was Hernando, and I was Mary.

Mary was an optimized version of the Shemale me, only with a vagina. Hernando was a further optimized version of Louise's dream guy. We sat down together in the pit, with Louise watching by choice. We told her, "Join in when you think the moment is right." I kneeled in front of Hernando, admiring the size of his penis. I put it in my mouth. Then took it out and said "Play with my nipples." And put it back in. I put the head of his penis, which was enormous by the way, in my mouth, and swished it around, trying to think what I could do with such an enormous member.

It must have been over a foot long and correspondingly thick. Well, I knew one thing I could do with it, but I wanted to suck on it first to get both me and him warmed up. I stuck my tongue into the tip of his penis, and the tip went down a long way. Hernando giggled, Giggled? And he said "I wondered what that felt like." I snaked it back up, and licked the head of his penis and up and down the shaft.

Hernando was achieving hardness! And my pussy (wow, my pussy?) was lifting off.

Off the floor, up into the air. I turned around and sat down on top of his penis, feeling it slid inside me, then feeling a sharp pain. Oops! I had forgotten (or didn't know) I was a virgin. Well, I sat down too hard to stop there, so I slid down until his penis struck the top of my vagina and then stopped.

That hurt too. But the sensations of his monster cock spreading me open, although it hurt too, was so incredible that it completely overcame the pain. I said, "Owww", then I said "Ow, wow, wow, wow." Which was entirely different than Just "Owww". I came there on the spot, but it wasn't over, because my lovely wife, Hernando, hadn't come and he wasn't planning to stop.

He lifted me up a little ways, then started thrusting inside me rapidly, going to town, I would say. After a minute, while I was still coming, and about 20 or so thrusts, he came too. Hernando did not have just a big prick. He had really big balls too. A lot of semen, a flood, came running out, washing the blood out with it, and landing on the greatly abused blanket. Meanwhile, Louise, helped me off of Hernando's giant penis, and laid me down on the floor.

She then began eating my pussy. Soon, I came again, along with Louise, whose clitoris had been attacked from behind by a tongue belonging to Hernando, who had been getting bored having nothing to do. Of course, there was nothing for it, but for Hernando to get hard again, so he stuck his penis back into Louise's vagina.

Now the timing was right, because Louise found beauteous virgin legal age teenager enjoys cock in twat liked nothing better than being penetrated by a penis right as she was coming, which extended her orgasm out to a couple of minutes, and motivated Hernando to come again almost immediately. We wound down a little and had a few drinks, then I asked what she had meant about Toto. Sara said, "Oh, Toto!

I almost forgot that I was going to let Toto have some fun tonight. Tonight, for the night, he is becoming Rin Tin Tin, the super stud dog." "Oh", I said. She let Toto in from the yard, where he had been whining at the door, wondering what was going on inside. She coaxed Toto to play with her and the doll, and then visualized a 100 pound horny, German Shepard with a big penis and balls.

Toto changed, and there stood Rin Tin Tin, He first sniffed my vagina, and licked it, then sniffed Hernando's penis, with, approval, I thought, then sniffed Louise's vagina, while his penis gradually started sticking out of its sheath.

So, to get things going, I got on my hands and knees. "Mount her", said Hernando. Not a command that he was likely to know, but he must have figured out something, because he put his chest on my back, wrapped his paws around me, and started thrusting his penis at my vagina… And missing. His penis hurt, so I was frantically moving my hips around to get my vagina lined up with his penis.

Then, it hit the spot and went in. He rapidly thrust it deeper, and started the jackhammer thrusting of dog sexual behavior. Soon I could feel a large object pounding on the mouth of my vagina. Not being totally familiar with my feminine muscles, still, I tried to relax them and let the large object, which I knew was the knot in his penis starting to expand, into my vagina.

He thrust his penis all the way in, and though it was a little hard on my vagina, I loved it. Just the thought of a dog fucking amazing luscious girl deepthroats penis girlfriend hardcore made me start to come, not to mention that I was actually doing it and feeling it.

I felt the knot swelling to a very large size. I started coming, and enjoyed the dog in me even more. My vagina spasmed and spasmed, and the dog started filling my vagina with real dog semen.

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The semen was as hot as the dog's body temperature, and the feeling of it filling me up was exquisite. I could feel the dog's knot which had expanded to the size of a baseball in my vagina, and I knew we were tied up in for the course of the action. I could feel the dog trying to back out, and the pressure of the knot pressing against the inside of my opening and my G-spot kept me orgasming even longer. I think I came for over five minutes. It did not stop until the dog was turned around facing away from me to defend me from other horny male dogs or attacking predators.

Since there were none around, I felt confident he could protect me until we became untied. After a while, his knot faded away and he slipped out, with one last erotic jolt to my system. I slumped to the ground totally satiated. Sara returned Toto to his normal size and shape, put him outside and laid next to me and stroked me. She sexy blonde czech babe karol lilien interracial sex in my ear, "Buck up, you're next… "Next what", I thought, and then I became a 135 poundhorny bull mastiff still as intelligent as my normal self, with a penis almost as long as my own.

My sense of smell was incredible. I could smell two rutting females in the room and I could hardly wait to get at them. "Rowf, rowf." I said. Oops, I couldn't talk. I meant to say "Who's first, I want to fuck." Probably the girls could figure that out without me saying the words. Sara had gotten a padded bench from the pool, and laid back on it with a pillow for her head. I licked her pussy with my large, rough tongue. She immediately responded by lifting her hips in the air.

I got the idea immediately and put my chest on her abdomen grasping around her waist with my fore paws. I started thrusting, but having a better knowledge of human anatomy than Rin Tin Tin, I penetrated her vagina on the first thrust.

I started thrusting rapidly, immediately getting my knot into her vagina which was not as tight as my almost virgin vagina had been. I was stimulating her with the feel of my gradually expanding knot rapidly going in and out of her vagina. I could feel the inside of her vagina pressing against my swelling knot, and the end of her vagina tightening around the top of my penis.

A dog's penis doesn't have a distinct head, but more a square shaped cover for the penis bone. Her vagina fit it very nicely anyway, and my dog penis slut teen ex girlfriend want huge facial swelling out to the size of my regular penis, which is pretty thick and long. I didn't think Sara would be disappointed. I started jack hammer thrusting, but Sara didn't look quite comfortable, so I overrode my dog instincts, and slowed it down to my usual pace, which was to vary from fast to slow measured thrusts.

I licked Sara's erect nipples with my rough tongue. The feeling of my penis stretching out her vagina, and then on the back stroke, stimulating her G-spot seemed like it would be much better for Sara than the rapid fire thrusting, so having me as the dog turned out to be lucky for Sara. With all the stimulation, she came first, and all the screaming triggered my orgasm too. Now, as a mastiff, I also had big balls. With her vagina plugged up by my large knot, all the semen I released filled her up like a balloon so that her abdomen was bulging with the load.

Sara felt like she was in early pregnancy, but with a dog, and in five minutes. I finished coming and swiveled around amazed that the rear facing position didn't hurt my penis, but it was actually designed to handle it.

The shaft x tutte le mie amiche tube porn my penis was thin and flexible below the knot. I thought multiplication tables and meditation mantras to relax and let the swelling of my knot go down.

Meanwhile Sara was laying there stroking her swollen belly, and imagining what it would be like to be pregnant. Then my knot pulled out and it all went away. "Whew, thank Somebody! I'm not ready to be pregnant yet." Sara said. But I wasn't done yet either. Louise was more than ready to try her luck with me. She got on her hands and knees, and let me mount her. She reached back and put my penis in her vagina. She was a lot tighter than Sara, and I had to thrust a number of times to get deep in her vagina.

Fortunately her vagina was long enough to take my penis even though it was very tight. There was so much stimulation that my knot was partially erect when it started going into her vagina, and it took a lot of pushing and some extra lube which Sara supplied, to get it in.

Once it was in, I resisted the urge to thrust rapidly, entirely, I wasn't too worried about the inside of her vagina, since I knew it would stretch to accommodate a baby. But I didn't want to bruise a kidney or her diaphragm. I knew the knot would provide a lot of G-spot stimulation, which would be enough to provide an intense orgasm without much else.

So I pushed harder on the out stroke and gently on the in stoke. Sure enough, quickly she had a really strong orgasm.

I let myself come too, but since this was the second time in less than 30 minutes, I didn't produce quite so much semen. Still she had a very full feeling. Again, I hastened losing my erection and was out of her quickly. She came hot saxy black guy and girl xxx story to my front, gave me a big hug and said "Good doggie." I said "Rowf, rowf." Which meant, "I'm Mark, if you remember!" but I wasn't actually offended.

I didn't feel like a good doggie, I felt like a really great doggie. Pretty quickly, I was back to being a man, and I still had at least one adventure I wanted to experience in the next few days. I wanted to see my wife make love to another woman, and then fuck the woman myself without being killed by my wife.

The next day, we went to the Zoo, where the animals one and all seemed ready to put on a sex show just for us. We saw zebras fucking, and dolphins fucking, and of course, bonobos fucking, since that is practically all they did. The regular chimps were a little more reticent, however the primates in general seemed ready to masturbate for us almost on command.

Watching some of them turned us on, and some of them turned us off, but the monkeys throwing feces at us were about the worst, so then we went home. At this point, Louise's neighbors still didn't know she was in town. She wasn't due back to her practice for a couple of days yet. She was a perfect guest.

She helped with the dishes… Yes, we ate at home some. Made beds… We all did. Petted and walked Toto… "Oh he's sooo cute." Although for some reason he kept trying to hump her leg. And seemed every so often to look around for the big mastiff to give a hug. Of course, I was standing right next to her, and would be making love to her that amel prefere baiser comme une chienne plutot que reviser ses cours, but what can I say, jealous of a dog, and the dog was me?

Give me a break. But things certainly were confusing. I enjoyed being the dog, and I enjoyed being a girl, but I enjoyed being me even more. We decided to go to a stable and ride. The horses were pleasant, and being Texans we knew how to ride and liked it, but the stable had a little fence behind which were some miniature horses. One of them was a stud, and several others were mares in estrus, so the poor little guy went around with a hard-on most of the time.

He had a cute little penis a little longer than mine, about the same thickness, but a lot more rigid. Sara liked him a lot, why or what for, she didn't mention, but we did not have a place to take him home and keep him.

So that was a fantasy, that with Sara's power, we probably could make happen later, but not right now. That night we went home, and sat around talking. I asked Sara about the long tongue, and she thought about it, and said "I think the powers are becoming separate from the doll. Try licking your eyebrows." I stuck out my tongue, and extended it to a remarkable distance, and sure enough I could lick my eyebrows, or my nipples.

"Well, I don't need to lick my eyebrows, but licking my nipples feels really nice." I said. Sara said, "I can make my pussy into a penis.

But then you would have to fuck me in the ass." "A minor inconvenience, my dear." I said. "Louise, how about you?" " Well, I haven't tried. When I am ready, I will, but there is no point in having a penis if you don't have anything to do with it." Said Louise. I laughed.

"There is always something you can do with it. Ask any guy," Later we went to bed, but not to sleep. Sara and Louise voted to make out while I watched. "But don't be masturbating. If we suddenly need you, we want you fresh and ready." They said, more or less in unison. "Hmmmm, must have been practicing." I thought. We all were in the big bed, nude, and the girls told me "Sit over there." They got in 69 position, and started licking each other's pussies.

I started getting hard. I leaned down and noticed that my hard penis would reach to my mouth., "Huh, it didn't used to." I thought. I sucked on my penis, just keeping it hard. Pretty soon, one stuck her tongue into the other's pussy. The tongue got long and thick and had a head on it like a penis. YES, it was a penis. It was Sara with the penis tongue, and she stuck it deep into Louise's vagina. Quickly she found she could move it in and out without moving her head.

She began fucking Louise with her tongue penis while nibbling on Louise's clitoris with her upper lip. Louise liked that a lot, but she felt like she was, by comparison, neglecting Sara, so she stuck her tongue in Sara's pussy. Sure enough, her tongue became a penis too.

This ended all feminine conversation for a while, but the moans came out loud and clear. The "Oh god, oh, god, I'm coming" from one of them was badly muffled though. Pretty quick the moaning got more intense, and the vaginas of both were clenching each other strongly.

And each one of them shot something in the other's pussy, simultaneously. Where the semen or semen like fluid came from, is anyone's guess. But they were were two happy women. Fortunately, they were still horny. I squirmed over to Louise, and thrust my now very hard penis in her vagina, while, Sara put lube on my anus.

I thought I knew what was coming, but I was overjoyed when she stuck a rather large penis in my ass. It felt very big. I reached back with my hand, and felt her penis and balls. It felt just like mine. Just then Sara linked with me, and effectively I felt me fucking myself in the ass.

"What an autoerotic fantasy!" I thought, and almost came right then. But then I disciplined myself, since pleasing Louise came first, so to speak.

I started thrusting deep into Louise's pussy, and she accommodated by making her clitoris large enough to stay in constant contact with my penis. I sort of horny alisson would do everything for a shag pornstar and reverse what she had done, and I reached my hand down to touch her clitoris.

It was sticking out an inch, and I gave it a little extra stimulation for the fun of it. What I did must have been fun for Louise, because she came right then, and I came right afterwards. Sara could feel my anus contracting, and it triggered an orgasm for her. She shot my rectum full of semen.

We lay there for the longest time, all entangled, until all our organs went down and slipped out. Then we went to sleep, holding each other. Later, we talked. We knew we had the powers of the Kachina doll, but just how far did it go?

For one thing, I suddenly realized, we were possibly immortal. Wait, there's more, there's more. The Shaman 4 is coming. Just how old IS the Shaman?