Sultry chick opens up pink slit and gets deflorated deflowering and virginity

Sultry chick opens up pink slit and gets deflorated deflowering and virginity
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The story: Agent 0069 wakes up in his lavish estate in the Novosibirsk region of Russia. After several relatively "tight" deadlined missions.

Agent 69 felt like a new man, after receiving a well deserved vacation from his KGB assignments. His most recent "KILF's" (Kills I Loved Fucking) were from the United States, and Agent 69 has always loved fucking American targets. They give him more pleasure, and he enjoys watching their surprise as he tells them that he is the famed Russian Agent 0069, right before he fucks the life out of them. Agent 69 notices that he has a case of morning wood, which he attributes to his dreams last night, reliving his most recent KILF's.

Two Blonde CIA operatives that had perfect hourglass figures.

When on vacation, Agent 69 keeps his intense sexual training routine, which he has perfected over his unusually long 20 year career in the KGB. Every day, after waking up, he takes a handful of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and a special concoction of Testosterone, and pussy juice to wash them down. He then selects a sex slave to give him a massage and then he fucks for three straight hours.

At lunch Agent 69 checks in with his handler at the Cremlin in Moscow for a full body analysis. From 13:00-17:00 he conducts perfect german milf get fucked by two young boys threesome and deutsch workout regiment. At night Agent 69 enjoys frequenting clubs and taking young women back to his estate for a "once in a lifetime experience", as his fucking often results in death of the recipient.

On the last day of his vacation, Agent 69 receives a red alert from the Cremlin. Agent 69 smiles, even though he enjoys his time off, there is no amount of training that can replace the thrill of field assignments. This red alert requires his immediate presence. He immediately presses a button signaling his chief machanic to prep his personal fighter-jet for immediate takeoff.

He gets into his red and black jumpsuit and his AK-47 rifle, just in case he requires hardened defenses that require more "penetration". He climbs up the ladder to his jet and salutes his personal sex slaves that stare at his toned body, which is emphasized by the tight fitting jump suit. "I will deal with each of you when I get back." he proclaims as he shuts the cockpit and begins his preflight checks.

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After about two minutes the engines ignite and his jet disappears as he activates its top-secret, and expensive cloaking device. As Agent 69 activates the autopilot system, his mind wanders to a seldom visited, and well concealed portion of his memory banks.

I hope that I never receive an assignment that deals with them, he thinks to himself as he envisions his only real weakness. As he does this he gets a severe erection, literally proving his point. Agent 69 receives contact from a female operative in the KGB which requests his unique landing code.

"You are such a pretty woman" Agent 69 responds as he can't take his mind off of the woman's beauty, which of course is his test of her ability to resist his charm. "Thanks, sir, coming from you that really means a lot." she responds. "Wrong answer agent." Agent 69 responds, and says "My code is Fuck69American69Women69KILF's69Out".

"Oh, yes, sorry 69, enjoy this knob sucking asian luscious teen schoolgirl japanese are cleared for landing.

I will tell the Cremlin to expect your arrival momentarily." she responds in a disgraced voice. Agent 69 safely lands his jet, but still has a hardon, so he pulls his penis up to his stomach and secures it with his wasteband, so that women would not stare at his impressive member and thus remember his face. Agent 69 always wanting to test his abilities finds an elaborate way to gain access to the Cremlin to be briefed on his new Red Alert Assignment.

The higher ups are always eager to close up these security breaches, so each time, it is harder for Agent 69 to gain access. "Ah, Agent 0069, nice to see you are up to your old "tricks" still", a masked man on a wall mounted TV monitor greets.

Agent 69 nods and stops to kiss the hands of the female operatives in the room. "Lets get down to it," Agent 69 demands, "I have several important dates to keep tonight." The female agents blush and lock eyes with the super spy. The masked man begins: "This operation will be known as GreyGoose. We have received actionable intel that the CIA has begun the creation of supersoldiers that are equipped with Mini Nuclear Bomb launchers, which as you might assume, peaked our interest.

The Americans are said to have created a prototype, which is your target. Enter the facility, retrieve any information you can, and secure the prototype for heli-vac.

This is where the operation gets strange, the facility containing the CIA prototype appears to be hidden in a nursing home, in California. We have no reason to believe that there will be much resistance from the employees of the facility, and it appears the patients at the nursing home are normal old folk, though a majority of them are women." There is a slight pause and then the masked man asks, "Do you have any questions, agent?" "No sir, a few

(he clears his throat) old american grannies shouldn't be much of a problem," Agent 69 responds in his normal over-confident voice. In the KGB research labs, Agent 69 is informed of the new gadgets he will have at his disposal during this mission. Agent 69 was distracted, a nervousness that he had not felt in sometime was once again getting to him. "Damn it" he exclaimed in the middle of the weapons lab, and one of the lab techs came over and noticed he had a huge erection and asked "are you okay agent 69?" "Fine, thanks, please load these into my jet." he responds.

Agent 69 suits up and pats his pockets to make sure he has his extra supplies of viagra, cialis, condoms, and his new gadgets before taking off. In the air he reviews the blueprints of the nursing home and memorizes the dosier. As Agent 69 approaches his landing point, his radar picks up several F16 jets.

"I don't have time to mess around with these people, I need to save up my energy for the sex ahead" he thinks to himself as he engages the invisibility cloak and proceeds to land. "Agent 69 is commencing operation GreyGoose." he says calmly into the radio implanted in his collar. "Roger, good luck comrad, for Mother Russia!" the voice on the other end of the line responds.

As Agent 69 approaches the Pleasant Meadows Nursing Home he pops a Levitra to make sure he is ready for anything. "Hi, I am here to see my mother, she is in room 203, Olivia Juggs." Agent 69 explains as he surveys the room, and then lays his eyes upon the beautiful secretary in front of him. She has short brunette hair, is showing lots of cleavage, and appears to be about 5 foot 7. "Ah, nice to finally meet you, your mother has told mature mom begs for creampie so much about you, but you are even more handsome than she has told us.

She will be very pleased to see you!" the secretary responds cordially. "I will call someone to take you to her, immediately." the nurse says further. "That is not necessary, I will find it." Agent 69 replies. "I insist, the woman replies, as she notices that he has a growing erection, and opens up the intercom and requests someone to come to the front desk to cover her shift while she goes on lunch.

"Follow me, Mr. Juggs, I will take you to her myself!" the sexy nurse slides behind Agent 69 as she whispers in his left ear. Agent 69 smiles as his training kicks in. This is probably a CIA Agent, she has been waiting for my arrival, I will have to take her out. Agent 69 follows her down a hallway, and into a stairwell.

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As the nurse moves up each step, she shows off more and more of her Pussy to Agent 69, as she is in a very short skirt.

She looks back at him and notices that he is mezmorized by her, and she asks "How long is your dick here. oopps, please forgive me.

How long is your trip here?" as she blushes he responds "6 hours, and for your other question, 12 inches, but why don't you find out for yourself?" They reach the second floor and she ushers him into a room occupied by only one gray haired, ugly woman. "That is not my mother." "Of course it isn't, but I am so horny, and I have been so lonely for so long. Will you satisfy me? I will make sure your mother gets the best care, in return." the woman says as she approaches him slowly.

Agent 69 is staring at the old lady in the room with them. "Don't worry, pretty teen jill kassidy gets twat banged and creampied won't mind.

She may actually enjoy it." the nurse replies as she locks the door and pulls down the blinds for privacy. "I can't fuck you here, its too wierd." Agent 69 replies, but his cock continues to bulge. She looks down at his growing member and says "Your cock says otherwise, it is so big already. I need to help ease its pain." She throws him onto the empty bed and tells him she is so horny and "I need your cock, I am soooooooooo wetttttttttt." as she takes her miniskirt off.

"You are so hot!" Agent 69 exclaims at the sight of her toned legs and dripping, shaved pussy. "I see you have become more comfortable already.

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I seem to do that to men" she says in a cute voice and winks at him as she starts to feel around his crotch. "You weren't lying, you might be even bigger than 12 inches!" she laughs as Agent 69 grabs for her tits. "You didn't ask" she taunts as she moves out of his reach. "I want to fuck your tits and then your tight pussy." he replies.

TO BE CONTiNUED- Sorry Boyz <3.