8 sak ki school ladaki ki xxx story

8 sak ki school ladaki ki xxx story
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"I love these small town people, always so trusting," Frank said to himself as he carefully opened the unlocked window on the first floor of the secluded farm house. "Such dumb hicks make my job so easy." Climbing silently into the dark room, he snapped on a small but powerful flashlight and surveyed the surroundings, pulling out a larg pillowcase from inside his coat. Moving quickly around the room, finding expensive antique silverware, credit cards and cash.

"Not bad for five minues work." Frank thought to himself happily as he was about to leave through the same window. All at once he was interrupted by the sudden flash of a light being turned on and the sound of a man's voice. "Who's there?" Frank froze for a split second kendra lust sneaky mom brazzers story looking over his shoulder to see a man of about forty-five standing in the doorway.

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"Hey!" the man shouted. "What do you think your doing?" Frank turned to face him and pulled out the .38 he kept in his jacket just in case.

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"I suggest you shut up and do as your told and nobody has to get hurt." Coming up behind the man, Frank saw the outline of a woman. "What's going on David?" the woman asked as she peaked over his shoulder. "Your Mrs I presume.David?" Frank smiled. "How about you both come in here with your hands up." David and his wife Molly slowly did as they were told. "What are you going to do with us?" Molly asked quietly, trying to stop herself from shaking despite the fear she felt.

Frank ignored her question. "Anyone else in the house?" "No." David replied quickly. Frank smiled at how quickly and unconvincingly he answered. "Between you and me, I hate surprises so if that's not true, I may accidently shoot anyone who happens to be in the house with you two." The couple didn't say anything, only looked at the gun he held in his hand. Frank shook his head knowing that now they'd seen his face, he had to come up with a solution so they wouldn't say anything when he was gone.

"Mum? Dad?" another voice echoed just outside the room. Frank waited as a young girl of around sixteen came into the doorway. He smiled as he glanced back at the couple who's faces were now white as a sheet. "What's your name little girl?" Frank asked as he motioned her in beautiful raven haired teen mia sucks off and pussy pounded stand with her parents.

"Join the party." "Meg." The girl stammered as she saw the gun and quickly moved to be with her parents. "So David.Meg and." Frank waited for a reply. "Molly." she answered him. "Any more surprises?" Frank said. "Last chance." "She's our only daughter," Molly said quietly. "There's just the three of us in the house." Frank looked at the three of them and smiled, an idea came into his head.

"Have you got a camer or a video?" "Yes," David answered.

"We have a digital camera and a hand held video camera." "Why don't you go and make yourself useful Molly and go and get it," Frank said sternly. "Any funny business and the next thing you'll see will be your daughter's brains splattered all oveer your nice clean walls." Molly nodded and quickly ran and grabbed the video camera from the other room, handing it to Frank before moving back to be with her family.

Frank turned it on and checked the battery life and began rewinding the tape that was already inside. "Take off all your clothes," Frank said as he pointed the gun at them. "Hurry up or I pull the trigger." All three of them began to reluctanly remove their pj's, stopping boy fucks raunchy attractive bitch hardcore blowjob they were all standing completely naked.

Frank looked over each of them. Molly was a little plump with a nice set of huge breasts, a dark bit of brown hair covering her pussy, that matched the hair on her head and matched the brown of her eyes. She was attractive with a pretty face and looked to be in her late thirties. David was by trade a farmer, so he had a tan that made him look dumb with hiss shirt off.

Though he was muscular from hard work, he had a thick chest of dark hair that also mached his thick head of hear and eyes. His dick was limp, but Frank expected when it was hard the guy would give his wife a good eight inch fucking. Finally the couples daughter Meg was everything a teenage girl should be.

Slim with a nice set of perky big brests, a pretty face like her mother, with the same dark hair and eyes. Yet unlike her mother her pussy was smooth and hairless. This girl was good enough to make a priest hard and Frank felt his own cock springing to life at the thought of pushing her to the floor and ramming his cock up inside her and making her moan and beg for more.

"I bet you all go to chuch on Sundays," Frank said happily. "Am I right in that?" "Yes," David answered. "We do." Frank nodded. "Well I would have been happy to have left and gone on my way, but now you've seen my face and that's a problem I can't ignore.

Though I don't want to kill you, but leaving a loose end is only going to lead me to getting locked up behind bars. Thanks to this camera I have in my hand we'll all be able to sort that problem out." Frank watched their expressions closely as he had talked, knowing that they were realising what was going to happen next.

"If you haven't figured it awesome all natural blonde first time anal already, you'll be making some very nice and hot home movies for me.starring the three of you." "All of us.?" Molly stammered in horror. Frank smile widened. "Yes that way if you do stupidly think about turning me in, the next thing you'll find is every member of your church will get a copy of this video and it will also be sent out to a friend of mine who'll distribute it on a wider scale." "You wouldn't!" David said trying to control his anger.

"We won't do this!" "It's either this," Frank said shaking the video camera lightly. "Or a bullet for each of you. Your choice." They all looked uncertainly at each other, trying to think of what they could do that didn't involve being recorded performing sexual acts on film.

Sadly for them they realised that it couldn't be avoided.there was no other way. Dying wasn't an option. "Why don't we move into the living room where its more comfortable." Frank said as he made them walk slowly into the other room. "No funny business either or my gun will go off." Once they were there Frank pointed at the sofa.

"Molly and David take a seat there.while Meg you sit down in that big chair." They all moved quickly to where they were told. "Now Molly, why don't you show me how good you are at sucking cock," Frank said as he pointed the camera at them and started recording.

"Give your man the best head he's ever had." Molly turned and lowered her head into her husbands lap and slowly took his limp dick into her mouth. "Come on now," Frank said as he watched her. "I know you can do better than that." Molly looked up at David with sad eyes but went back to work sucking and bobing up and down on his cock with more suction than ever before. Frank could see that David's cock was beginning to spring to life under Mollys sucking.

Meg was watching her parents and in shame she looked away, not wanting to see them being degraded. "I don't want you to miss they action Meg," Frank said as he saw her looking away.

"Watch your Mummy sucking your Daddy's cock while you part those thighs and play with that cute little pussy." "Please don't make me do this," Meg begged. "I don't want to." Meg still wouldn't look at what her parents were doing. "Why don't you tell you baby girl to do as she's told if she knows what's good omegle asian girl with big tits goes naked and play with pussy her," Frank said as he looked at David.

"Please do what he says Meg," David said trying to keep himself from moaning in pleasure as Molly continued to suck his cock harder, faster and deeper.

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"Please honey." Slowly Meg turned around to face her parents once more, seeing her father's cock was now at its full length and rock hard. Her mothers head was moving up and down as her mouth deep throated his shaft. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Meg reluctanly spread her legs and slowly started to finger her pussy while Frank stood getting the entire scene of the three of them on film. "Rub your sweet young pussy for the camera Meg," Frank ordered.

"Show me how much you like watching your Daddy getting his cock sucked by Mummy." Meg found it hard to do this in front of others, especially having to do it in front of her parents and a man with a video camera.

But Meg forced herself as she watched her parents who she could tell were completely in the moment and enjoying what was happening even though they were being force.

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David was now moaning and groaning as his breathing became even heavier. Molly's mouth was working his cock with an enthusiasm he'd never experienced before and he loved it.

"Don't cum in her mouth now David," Frank said as he broke into the erotic feelings David was experiencing. "Pull out when your about to blow. I want you to shoot all over your pretty wife's face. Show everyone what a great cocksucker your wife is." Molly could feel David's balls begin to tighten up, telling her he was very close. Pulling away, she let his cock slip from her mouth as she slid her hand around his shaft and pumped him with the same fever as her mouth had done.

Her face was close to his cock's head so the cum would hit her face dead on. "Oh fuck!!!!" David cried out as his seed splattered all over Molly's face.

Meg watched and could feel herself being turned on by the sight of her parents. Her fingers moved quicker into her hot pussy that was now becoming soaking wet.

A low moan escaped her lips and Frank smiled as he caught it all on tape, "Very nice," Frank applauded their performance. "Very hot family fun." Hoping it was finally over they went to reach for their pj's that were in a pile on the floor, but Frank shook his head.

"It's not over just yet," Frank said. "I"ve still got tape left that needs to be filled up." Frank pointed at Meg. "Have you ever eaten pussy baby?" Meg's mouth dropped open in surprise, but she didn't get time to answer the question. "I want you to get on the floor between your Mummy's legs and eat her out." Frank said. Molly started to protest, but Frank reminded her he was in charge and she quickly shut up again.

Lying back on the sofa she reluctantly spread her legs, exposing her pussy and showing just how wet with juices she was. Meg got down on her knees and bend over, moving her mouth over her mother's wet and waiting pussy.

Her nostrils filled with the aroma of fresh juices, and even though it felt so wrong, smelled so intoxicatingly good to her senses. Meg began to lick her tongue up and down her mother's hairy pussy, before she began to suck and lick deeper into her mother's inner depths. Molly knew it was wrong, but the feel of her daughter's mouth and tongue as she was being eaten out was pushing her unexpectedly into a deliciously big tits milf works a huge rod orgasm.

Making her push herself forwards, as Meg swallowed and licked her mother's juices, spreading her legs wider so Meg could get much closer and deeper in. Meg could feel her mother's enjoyment at what she was doing, making her work even harder to please her, making her mother moan louder and louder.

Frank smiled and was enjoying the scense of the two women, noticing then that David too was silently watching his daughter giving her mother a good going over. Seeing that David was ashamed to admit it, but seeing his wife and daughter going at it like that was getting him excited and his own erection was giving him away.

Frank smiled as he watched David getting aroused once more, knowing that the next order he would give would getting throat fucked and sucking it hard followed without hesitation. "Get behind your daughter's sweet tight ass and take her hot young pussy that's so wet and wanting to be fucked by Daddy's cock." David dropped to his knees automatically, moving quickly behind his daughter as instructed.

He could see Meg's pussy was glistening with moisture as his hands held and spread her cheeks apart from behind. He slid his cock up and down Meg's wet pussy, teasing her with his cock's head. Finally settling over her pussy's enterance, he slipped it in slowly at first before thrusting into her deeply.

Meg let out a muffled scream as her father's hard cock broke through her virginal innocence and took her to another place filled with pain, as he filled her up til his cock's shaft had disappeared completely inside her. Meg continued to eat out her mother as her father started to slowly and rhythmically stroke in and out of her, moving faster and faster as time went on. The pain that once was now turning into pleasure as her pussy began to get used to her father's cock stretching her inner walls.

All three of them were now in a state of sexual frenzy and moaning with pleasure. Molly was bucking her hips forward trying to get her daughter's mouth to suck even harder, and David was slamming his cock in a fevered rhythm, pushing Meg into her mother's pussy.

Meg was enjoying her mother's hot pussy in her mouth and her father's cock fucking her from behind.sending her over the edge. Frank panned in for a great close up of all of them going at it harder and faster, moaning filling the room louder and louder as they were all enjoying what was going on. "Oh God!!!!!" Molly screamed out loud. "Your making me cum sweety." Molly almost smothered Meg as she grabbed her head and pushed Meg's mouth down on her pussy harder.

Hearing and feeling her mother caused Meg's own pussy to spasm and clamp down hard on her father's cock, causiing him to also push David over the edge.

Quickly pulling out of his daughter just in time to spurt his seed all over his daughter's ass. "Got it all," Frank said joyfully. "This was definately somthing worth recording." Taking the tape from the camera, Frank held it out for the three of them to see as they had all slumped down together on the floor in a huddle. "Remember if I finay fuckined big black coak think you talked to anyone about this, you'll be history and I'll send a copy of this tape to everyone you know and even those you don't will see it too.

Frank pocketed the tape, picked up his stuff and left via the back door, disappearing into the night and leaving the family changed forever from the encounter.