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Kinky blonde teen student natasha von sucks off and pussy plowed
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PLAYING with DOCTOR As I was getting in my truck, I got a text message from an unfamiliar number. 'How was she? Can't wait to meet you.' was all it said.

I sent a text back, 'Who are you? Do I know you? Do you know me?' 'This is Glen. Right?' was the reply. 'Yes, So you know me… Toni?' 'Correct! You got me on the first try.' 'Where did you get my number?' 'Amy and I share everything.

An I mean EVERYTHING.' 'Right. Where did you get my number?' 'I told you. I know her access code and I looked up recent calls. Put 2 and 2 together and came up with you.' 'So. What do you want, really?' 'To get to the man my best savita bhabhi full story xxx sex stories deems good enough to have sex with.' 'How do you know we had sex?' 'I know.

She does have a yammi full of joy juice now… Doesn't she?' 'I don't know.' 'Quit lying!' 'She may have douched it out by now.' 'So you DID fuck her!' 'Maybe.' 'She has never been so hot for anyone since I met her. Not even me. :-( ' 'How hot?' 'I have never seen her cum so hard as she did last night.' 'What has that got to do with me?' 'She was a woman possessed after she read your stories.

I've never had it so good.' 'So you came hard too?' 'Fuckin' AY!' 'Here she comes… I gotta go.' 'Wait! No!' "What's happening Glen?" Amy asked as she approached my truck and opened the driver's door.

"Just having a text conversation," I answered. "Let me guess. You're talking with Toni?" "Uh… Yes." She snatched my phone from my hand and read our conversation. "That BITCH!" she spit. 'Glen, are you there?' was the last received message.

'No you BITCH. GLEN IS DEAD!' Amy wrote on my phone. 'Amy?' 'Who else? You're gonna get it when I get home!' "Lucky girl," I said reading over Amy's shoulder. Amy hit me hard on the shoulder. "Ow!" I yelled. "What? You pussy! Wait… Let me see your shoulder." I pulled my shirt off to show her the bite marks she left on it.

"Oh… My… GAWD!" she giggled. "Oh… You are so good." "I am so good?" I questioned. "How could I bite myself on the shoulder?" "No," she smiled. "You are so good… to make me bite you that hard. Let me see your back." I turned so she could see my back. "Zeusy… Joo got some splainin' to do." Amy said in her best Ricky Ricardo voice.

"Shouldn't that be, Lucy?" "No. Lucy is a woman. Zeus is a god. You are my god. My love god." "Ha.Please," I snorted. "Far from a god." I looked away for a second, and with good timing. "Get your hip waders on.

We are in deep shit." "Wha… Oh… That would be… Your wife, eh? She looks pissed. I am outta here." "Coward," I laughed. "I will call you." She jumped up on the running board of my truck and gave me a quick kiss. "I promise, I will call you." She gave me another, much deeper kiss, then took off toward her car. "Just what the fuck is going on here?" my wife, Jackie, screamed as she flew out of her barely parked car. "Hi. Just talking with Amy," I said.

"With your shirt off? And where did that bite mark come from?" "Don't forget the claw marks on my back," I said with a smart-ass tone. "That fucking slut!" Jackie yelled. "Now hold on! She is not a fucking slut!" I snapped at her. "She doesn't have much experience with men." I guessed at that last statement. I just really didn't know how much experience she actually had.

But as tight as her pussy was, I'd have bet my guess was accurate. "Well, she put on one hell of a show then. You aren't good enough to cause a woman to claw your back and bite you like that!" "How would you know? You haven't let me touch you in ages.

And when you did, you were so stiff it was like fucking a corpse after rigor mortise had set in!" "Well you are never going to touch another woman again. Your sex life is over! You are on the couch from now on." "No… I am GONE!" I said. "I am going to come get some of my things; a few changes of clothes and get a room at one of those 'pay by the week' fleabag motels." Jackie didn't say another word.

She got in her car and tore away from the clinic.

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I went to the house and packed all the clothes I could get into three over-sized suitcases. "I will be back for the rest of my stuff when I get a more permanent place," I said as I headed for the door. "Who is cooking supper?" asked my 23 year old son. "Are you serious? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?" I shouted in his face. "Get your MOTHER TO FUCKING DO IT!" I turned and left. I had just pulled onto the highway heading east out of town, when my phone rang.

I pulled to the side of the road and answered it. "Hello." "Hi, Honey." the voice said. It was obviously Amy. "How did it go?" "Not good," I said. "We argued in the parking lot.

I told her I was leaving. Then went to the house packed some things and left. I owe my son a heart felt apology. I blew up at him for no reason. I will call him tomorrow, after things have cooled down a little." "Where are you going to stay?" "At JeffersInn, I guess. They have weekly rates." "That roach motel?" she yelled.

"I think not. Give me a little bit. My uncle owns Centennial Inn. I'll try to get you a good deal. My uncle loves me.

I'll let you go for a minute, then call you back." The line went silent. I got back on the highway headed for wherever. I may have gone a mile when my phone rang again. "Hello." "Hi, Honey. It's me again. Didn't I tell you I would call? Anyway… I talked to my uncle.

He will let you have a room for four hundred dollars a month. Maid service will only clean once a week. " "Thank you Sweetheart," I said sadly. "You know where Centennial Inn is, don't you?" "Yes, just around the corner from the fleabags. "Exactly," she giggled. "By the way, the first month is already taken care of." "Amy. You didn't need to." "Yes I did. I feel responsible for you being there." "How are you responsible?" "I kissed you… twice when I saw your wife coming down the street." "Oh and I am powerless to stop you?" "Precisely," she giggled again.

"But seriously. I felt at least partly responsible. Let me do this for you. Please?" "I will find some way to pay you back." "Damn straight you will. What are you doing tomorrow night?" "Staying in and licking my wounds. Probably.", "Can I help?" "Sure. I'll order room service." "Prime rib. Broccoli. Rare on the Prime." "Okay, Prime Rib and broccoli. What time?" "Shoot for 7:00," Amy suggested.

"I will try to be early." "Excellent. Now, one question. Do I need to worry about your uncle accepting me? He won't try anything with you will he?" "Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, hell no. He's gay. You, on the other hand. I would be very careful around him." "Serious?" "Hee. Hee. Hee," she chuckled. "No. He's in a very committed relationship. Besides, you are not his type." "His type?" "Yeah.

You are a He-Man. Masculine. Bearded. Tattoos. A man's man. He goes for the girly-man, bitch, flamboyant, fag type." "I will keep that in mind," I laughed. "So… What do you want me to wear tomorrow, Honey?" she said, changing the subject. "Depends. Are we going out, or staying in? If we go out, where?" "I'll tell you what. I will decide when I get dressed, then I will surprise you." "Fair enough." I checked my rear view mirror just in time to see a Highway Patrolman pull up behind me.

"Oh shit. Five-O. I will have to let you go for now. Talk to you when I get settled?" "Sounds good. Kisses, Honey." The patrolman stepped up to my window, I rolled it down.

"Hi officer. How are you today?" "I am good. How are you doing? Having problems?" "No sir," I smiled. "I pulled over to take a phone call. I like to set a good example for the other morons… excuse me… motorists on the road." "Are you done with the call?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. Just finished." "Very well. Have a good evening." "Thank you sir. You have a great evening as well." He returned to his cruiser, and talked on his radio momentarily. I put my truck in gear, and eased back onto the highway.

I pulled into the parking lot of the Centennial Inn about fifteen minutes later. There weren't many cars in the lot. I grabbed two of the suitcases out of the back of the truck and headed inside to check in. I set the case down and quickly went and got the remaining one.

I stepped up to the desk and the clerk asked, "Would you be Glen Higgins?" "Yes," I said, somewhat taken aback. "How'd you know who I am?" "Good guess. We have the room ready for you. The bill is taken care of for the next month." "That's what she tells me," I said.

"She? Would 'SHE' be Amy Paul?" "Why… Yes." "Her uncle owns the motel as you may already know. He told me to put you in a suite." "Isn't that a little much?" "Those were my orders. The suites are very nice sir. You also have access to the pool and the fitness room.

You will be in room four eleven. Fourth floor, take a left off the elevator, and it is the last door at the end of the corridor." The whole time she was talking, she was also writing up the ticket and activating the pass card. "Okay Mr. Higgins, the elevator is there," she pointed to the doors at the end of the desk. "Enjoy your stay. Oh, I will get you some help with your luggage." She pushed a button on the side of the desk.

He will be with you shortly." Within seconds, a young man appeared from a door on the opposite end of amateur babes please each other hardcore lesbian desk from the elevator doors. "Hello sir. I will get these for you," he said as he loaded my bags on a cart.

He followed me to the elevator and to my room. "Suite four eleven… Nice." He unloaded my things once in the room. I gave him a twenty dollar tip. "Thank you very much," he said. "Thank you," I said as the young squirt gel its long time took his cart and left the room.

I looked around the room in amazement. It was the size of a modest apartment, and divided by fancy glass French doors. I stood in the living/dining/kitchenette area. Beyond the French doors was the huge bedroom. I walked in like someone walking into the Taj Mahal for the first time. The king sized bed sat in the middle of the far wall. It was adorned with a maroon crush velvet duvet and four huge pillows.

The carpet, being the same throughout the suite, with exception the bathroom, was a super soft cream color. I walked through the bedroom, and to the left was a walk-in closet. To the right, was the bathroom. It was beautifully equipped. The toilet was one of those smart toilets that know exactly when to flush. Next to it, was a bidet.

I had never used one before, so it was going to be a learning experience. The vanity appeared to be made of solid hickory, with a marble top, and clear glass sink. The shower was bigger than my entire bathroom back home.

It was lined with dark blue faux marble tiles. T o enter, required two steps down. On two wall, there were a total of four shower heads and an enema hose. I think it is called a douche in Europe. I returned to the main room and stood in silent awe for a few minutes. Then reality set in. I was one step closer to the end of my marriage. I should have been more upset, I told myself. But my marriage had essentially been over for many years already.

We just got too comfortable in our contempt to do anything about it. I sat in one of the two over-stuffed chairs and simply stared at the wall for an hour or so. I think I drifted off into to a restless sleep. I had no concept of the current time, but I woke with a growling stomach. I looked at the bedside clock. It read 9:45 PM. It had only been about three hours since I left my family. It felt like an eternity. I quickly unpacked my clothes and put them away. I stashed the suitcases in the back of the closet.

I noticed I had unwittingly pack a book I was trying to finish, and my laptop computer. I was happy to see the computer. I could try to write another short for the story site. I tucked my pass card into my wallet and left to get something to eat at one of the all-night restaurants in the neighborhood.

I decided not to get anything heavy as it was getting late. I ordered a dinner salad and a toasted cheese sandwich. I was done in no time, so left a more than fair tip, and went back to my room.

I no more than got back to my room when my phone rang. "Hello," I said. "Did you get settled?" asked the voice on the other end; Toni. "Hi, Toni. Yes I did. Did you know Amy got me a suite?" "Yes," Toni sighed. "She really likes youya know." I heard some shuffling in the background and Amy calling Toni a 'BITCH' again. "Hi, Honey," Amy got to the phone. "How are you doin'?" "I'm okay," I tried sounding convincing.

I was not so sure of myself. And I also wasn't sure Amy was paying much attention to what I was saying as I kept hearing an obvious tussle on the other end of the line. "Mmm… Dammit, Toni! I told you not to do that while I am the… Ah&hellip.

Phone." "Ow!" I heard Toni yell. "Get out of there!" "Serves you right, BITCH," Amy shouted. "I think you two need some alone time," I said. I suddenly felt like the unwanted third wheel. "Hold on," Amy pleaded. "Don't hang up on us. We just wanted to check up on you. It's been a mom slipps viagra intsons drink crazy day… Oh, yeah, Toni. Right there, sweetie.

Mmm. Oh shit… Glen, what time should I show up tomorrow?" "Any time you want," I answered. "Is Toni coming?" "No, but I am about t-t-to." "Focus, Amy. Tomorrow. Is Toni coming here, with you, tomorrow?" "Sorry, Honey. Oh… Shit," Amy moaned something I could not understand. "No, Honey. It issss, just you and… MMMM&hellip. ME!" "Okay. Whenever you can make it is just fine with me." The phone went dead, which made me feel worse. My confidence was shot.

I was convinced Amy would show up the next day and give me the brush-off. I got undressed, took a long cool shower, and slipped sadly into bed. I tried to tell myself that what I was feeling was unwarranted and presumptive. As hard as I tried I couldn't escape the feeling I was on a one time joy ride.

Maybe just a sympathy fuck. Cause, why would a woman like Amy want anything at all to do a slob like me. I listened to my wife's rant far too closely and was now believing she was right. At about 7:00 the next morning, I gave up trying to sleep.

I couldn't get comfortable, though the bed was just the right firmness. What kept me restless were the thoughts that wouldn't quit, and the emptiness of this huge bed. My wife and I hadn't had sex in over two years and we kept to our sides of the queen bed. But, even though it was just a body next to me, it was a body. I got dressed, and pulled my laptop out to write a new story. I stared a bassey bassy meeting the colored beautiful that you want to want with sofia s the screen for a few minutes, but couldn't get in the right frame of mind to put words on the screen.

I gave up trying and shut the computer down. As if it were scripted, there was knock on the door almost immediately after I shut down my computer. I opened the door to see an elderly man in a Hawaiian shirt and white cotton slacks. "Good morning Mr. Higgins. I am Robert Paul. Amy's uncle." "Good to meet you, sir," I offered my hand and he shook it.

"I have a great opportunity now to thank you for this, Mr. Paul." "Please. Bob. As in Kneel and…" He laughed hysterically at his own joke. I laughed right along with him, remembering a rant by Andrew Dice Clay in one of his stand-up comedy routines. "I talked to Amy bright and early this morning. She was upset and wanted me to check in on you." "Why was she upset? She sounded very happy when she hung up on me last night." "That's why she was upset.

She said she felt bad for not paying attention to you while you were on the phone." "Toni called me… I was feeling a little down that they would do that." "Let me tell you, they didn't do that on purpose. Granted, they shouldn't have been messing around like that while they were supposed to be talking to you, but, they dropped the phone and broke it." "Well that explains a lot." "That's why she is so upset.

Would you like me to relay a message to her? Oh… before I forget. She did say she will be early this afternoon." "Thank you, Bob. And no new messages. I will see her later." "Okay, son. Enjoy the suite." "Thank you again, Bob." "She really likes you. I mean she REALLY LIKES, you. I hope you know that." "I am beginning to get the picture. Thanks to you… Once again." "It's been my pleasure. That girl means so much to sexy lady anal banged in the garden for the first time. She's like a daughter, and I would do anything for her.

Treat her right. I may be a fag, but I am still a man. If you hurt her, I will kick your ass." "I promise to treat her right." "Great! Well, I have to go do some of that hotel owner shit.

I will no doubt see you around." He offered his hand again and I shook it. He smiled and left. I felt a lot better than I did earlier. I spent the next couple hours reading my book. I rather enjoyed the quiet time.

Near noon, I studied the menu for room service. Nothing really interested me so I ran uptown for some Chinese. Once done there, I went back to my room and channel surfed until nearly 4:00.

One last time through the guide yielded nothing but reruns and garbage I wouldn't watch on my worst day. I turned off the TV, and picked up my book once again. I got only about two pages read when a knock on the door changed my plans of the next couple hours.

I opened the door, and Amy jumped at me, hugging me tighter than I ever remember being hugged before. I pulled her into the room and closed the door behind us. I held her close for over a minute, when I heard her sniffling. "Amy, Sweetheart. Is something wrong?" "I am so sorry, Honey," she sobbed as she pulled back to look into my eyes.

"I feel so bad about last night." "I thought that when you hung up on me, I was done. I thought you had decided I wasn't what you were looking for. It wouldn't surprise me if I didn't hold your interest." "Did Bob tell you what happened?" "Yes. He said you when you two were playing around and talking to me at the same time, one of you dropped the phone and broke it." "I am sorry," she said again.

"We should have waited till after we got done talking with you to make love. Toni got me so worked up, then out of the blue decided to call you. I think she wanted you to hear how hot I still was. How hot you made me. I still haven't come down completely." "So I couldn't satisfy you?" I was talking myself into feeling inadequate right there in front of this hot woman.

She lightly hit me on the shoulder, "Where did you ever get the idea you didn't satisfy me?" "My wife told me during that argument in the clinic parking lot, I wasn't good enough to make you crazy enough to make you bite me that hard and to leave claw marks in my back." I tried to read her reaction.

What I saw was a glimmer of anger. "She said you were faking it. That you had to be one hell of an actor." "Oh… That… Calm Amy," She took a couple deep breaths. "If you knew me, and I think you do, enough. You would know that I don't fake things like that.

What did I do to you, when you made me cum?" "You nearly tore my dick from its roots. And you messed the desk with the deluge from your sweet pussy." "I couldn't fake that." "No," I said. "I knew that. I just didn't think it through when the phone went dead last night. Your uncle really brought me back to reality. You must have had quite the conversation with him." "What did he say?" she asked. She released me from her bear hug and brought her hands up to stroke the back of my neck with her left hand and run her fingertips up and down my cheeks.

"I hope it was good." "He said you really like me. God knows why." "He's is right, you know. And I cannot put my finger on it. Other than the physical attraction, there is something inside you that has touched something inside me. I feel connected. I am told by so many to not allow myself to fall like this. Especially real cfnm femdom sucking subject infront of her voyeurs knowing the man." "Fall?" I questioned. "You're not falling for me, are you?" "I am going crazy.

It didn't just start four days ago, when I read that story. I think I felt it two weeks ago, when I was doing your physical. Something about they way you sounded so confident when you called me a gorgeous woman. I mean, I have heard that before, but not with such honesty and… and confidence, is the only way to put it." "Let's sit, can we?" Amy nodded.

I lead her to the couch where we sat so we could look directly into each other's eyes. "I have a confession to make," I added as we settled in on the couch. "I have always held an attraction for you.

Since the day I first visited you in the clinic. I think you had been there for only three or four months." "Do you remember what you were there for? No." Amy shook her head. "It makes no difference." "No, it makes no difference," I agreed. "But, just the same, I remember that I had a bad cold, and you prescribed me penicillin.

I remember talking about how beautiful I thought you were. My wife probably got tired of hearing about you. And in a couple days, I quit talking about you. Until, that is, I was due for my annual physical. Those are the only times I saw you. And I talked endlessly about you for days afterward." "Do you suppose, that is part of what caused the rift between you and your wife?" "Not at all.

We were doomed long before you started at the clinic." I chuckled a little, then said, "You asked me about the prostate exam last year, I declined to let you prod me. But this year… I decided I would let you, if you felt it necessary. But… alas… it was over all too soon." "It wasn't for fun.

It is actually part of normal physicals for fifty and older males." "I know." We talked non-stop till around 6:30, when I suggested, "I think we should order our dinner." "Yes," Amy agreed. "Prime rib, rare with broccoli. Remember? And if they offer a dinner salad, I would like raspberry vinaigrette on mine." "Got it," I said. I went to the phone and called it down to the kitchen.

While I did that, Amy went to the bathroom. When she came out, I noticed for the first time since she arrived what she was wearing. Bizarre fucked-up porn 20 tube porn nearly took my breath away. She was wearing black yoga pants that left very little to ones imagination. I saw no pantie lines, so assumed she was wearing thongs, a string bikini, or nothing at all. Her top was a simple white knit bicycle shirt that fit her snugly and made her breasts look very nice without a bra.

"Oh, my, my, my." "What?" she asked with a playful sneer. "I am sorry, I didn't notice what you were wearing when you came in. You cause certain feelings that I cannot explain… Not in mixed company, anyway." "You like?" she asked as she struck a model's pose., with her hands on her sexy hips. "Oh… Yes… I like. Very much. Dinner just might get interrupted." "Clam yourself, Sampson." "I'll try, Delilah." I stepped in front of her, took her in my arms and eased in for a much needed kiss.

"Oh… Hello." she panted. "I have been waiting for that far too long." I was going in for another, hotter kiss when room service knocked on the door. The same young man that helped me with my luggage the day before, pushed in a cart with two large plates covered by stainless steel lids. And two dinner salads covered in shrink wrap finished the set-up. He transferred the plates to the table and set the silverware as it should be.

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Amy gave the young man a twenty dollar tip. "You people are so generous. You are staying here for a while, right?" "Yes, but we aren't eating room service every night," I informed him.

"Oh," he pouted. Then his face brightened quickly. "That's okay. Enjoy your meal. Set the tray outside the door when you are finished, please." "Thank you," Amy said as she went to the table and stood beside one of the two chairs.

The young man left, and I pulled the chair out for Amy. She sat and I pushed her in. She smiled widely at my chivalry. "Such a gentleman." "Don't expect it all the time," I teased. "I will take what I can get." We took the covers off our plates and smiled contentedly at the very well arranged food. The meat was cooked perfectly as was the steamed broccoli. We dug in. Amy talked while I chewed and I talked while Amy chewed. We talked about our jobs and what we did to get where we were. We talked about future plans we'd had as of a few days ago.

We laughed at how our plans seemed to have changed, abruptly. When we finished our meals I asked a question I had been meaning to ask all day, "I notice that when we are alone together, or more to the point, smoking hot sunny lane gets rammed hard cumshot blonde from the clinic, you are a lot less subdued." "What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"You just seem more open and relaxed when you aren't doing your doctoring thing." "I like to keep a level of professionalism. We learn about non-transference in medical school. It's impossible to not become personally involved with all of our patients, but believe me, it saves a lot of grief and worry." "So what happened here?

I mean between you and I." "We do have lives away from the clinic. I like to cut up a little. I have to make up for the seriousness of the job. I love my job, but can't carry it with me all the time. Do you live your job?" "Oh, hell," chuckled. "I don't even love dani daniels and vanessa veracruz lesbian adventures job. I barely take it seriously while I am at work.

And when the day is over, I leave it at the door. I have the luxury of knowing that what I do today will barely affect what happens tomorrow. Which is just about the same exact thing. I know that what you do every day will affect lives for years down the road. I guess that does require an enormous amount of responsibility and seriousness." "And that's exactly why I have to cut up when I am not working," she sighed.

"I would go crazy if I couldn't vent some steam once in a while. I understand that I don't work in a hospital or even a busy clinic. I do like to have fun too." "I know that much," I said.

"I have seen you in action. I have heard you on the phone doin' things to your girlfriend, that I can only imagine the scene. As much as I like your bedside manner, I love your fun side that much more." "Hoo, I thought you were going to say, you didn't like my fun side," she laughed. She stood and started cleaning the table. I helped, and in just a few short seconds, the remains of our meal were gathered on the tray and ready to be returned to the kitchen.

I set the stray outside the door and turned to rejoin Amy. She was already settled on the couch with a fetching look on her face. I slid next to her and asked, "What do you want to do now?" She didn't need to say one word. She threw black guy and girl pron amateur rial leg over mine and hopped into my lap.

I wrapped her up in my arms and slowly placed a kiss on her beautiful lips. She crossed her arms behind my head and returned the kiss. She probed my mouth with her wet tongue. I sucked it softly as I also let my hands roam her firm sexy body. Amy broke the kiss, leaned back slightly, and pulled her tight shirt over her head. I was right in assuming she wasn't wearing a bra. Her firm smallish breasts bounced a little as she tossed her top to the other side of the room.

She leaned forward once more to kiss me, but I detoured to her small erect nipples. I sucked first the left one then the right, and back and forth. I flicked my tongue over the sensitive flesh. I gently squeezed her free breast and twisted the nipple till it was hard and dark pink. Amy had a firm grip on my head running her fingers through my hair.

I opened my mouth and sucked as much of the small breast into my mouth. Amy moaned her approval. She also began humping my already erect cock through our clothes. I could feel her arousal soaking through the layers of beautiful gf cocksucking and fucking in trio. I released my oral grip on her breast and went back to assault her sweet lips. My hands roamed down her smoothed skinned back and to the waistband of her skin tight yoga pants.

"Um… Honey… This won't work," she said, squirming about on my lap. "Should we retire to the bed?" I suggested. "That was not my dilemma, but it is solved that easily." "What was it, then?" "With the way my legs were spread over you lap, I didn't think we could get my pants off." "Problem solved, hey?" "Yup," she smile as she jumped off my lap and made her way to the bedroom.

Her pants landed in a moist crumpled pile not far from the bedroom door. When she jumped on the bed, she wore nothing but a hot pink G-String. "Oh… look at this bed! There is room for all three of us on this bed!" "Do you want to call her?" I asked as I made my way to the bed, a trail of clothes behind me. "Not just yet, Honey.

I want you all to myself tonight." "You're right," I said. "We haven't met yet, anyway." "And that means what?" "She may not like me after we meet. Although, she did say she can't wait to meet me." "Yes," she scowled.

"She says you are cute, and if you are good enough for me." "Did she really say that?" I asked as I sat on the bed next to Amy. "Now, wait.

How does she know what I look like?" "Yesterday, when I was looking up your story on my iPad, I snapped a picture of you, and sent it to her. I hope you don't mind." "I will forgive you… If." Somehow, she knew what I wanted. She pushed me to my back and immediately went to work pleasing my aching penis. She licked and sucked the shaft near the base and when I was sufficiently wet with her saliva, she lowered her mouth over my phallus.

She took the entire five inches into her eager throat. "Mmm," she said as she pulled off momentarily. "Your thick dick is so tasty." She went back to expertly sucking my cock. She stroked the base while she sucked on the head and swirled her tongue around the tip. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and held her head in place. Her hair felt so silky between my fingers. She tilted her face to look at me while she worked my knob. Her eyes made love to my face while her face made love to my organ.

"Sweetheart… I &hellip. MMM… I am about…" She read what I meant before I could say it, and pulled away from my hair triggered dick. "Oh… you are too good. I need to eat you now." "No. You ate me yesterday. Today is your day. I need you inside me now. But be warned, I am very horny now and I may not last long." "I just hope I can hold out long enough to get you off.

You have me teetering on the edge now." "I will take it slow with you, if you want." She straddled me and almost slid down my dick, but decided at the last minute she wanted a different position.

She threw herself to her back next to me. She spread her legs and ran her fingers over her puffy pussy lips. She pushed a finger into herself. After pushing it in and out for a minute or so, she pulled it out, bringing a good amount of her juice with it. She licked it off, off seductively. "My gloryhole redhead in anal fisting and dildoing is so ready for you." I got on my knees and between her legs.

I lowered myself until my dick was pushing her slick wet lips apart. I slowly lowered myself until I was balls deep in her yielding vagina.

I pulled her legs up to rest them on my shoulders. I began to move in and out slowly. "You can put your weight teen rides for creampie pornstars big dick me.

I won't break." I moved down and rested on my elbows and continued to fuck her. I locked me lips to hers and we kissed savagely for the next two minutes. "Uh… Honey… I was wrong. You are a little too heavy for me. We can go back to the way you had it before." I pulled back to my haunches and continued to move in her. We fucked for another five minutes, about, when I started to feel the tension rise in my loins.

But Amy beat me to the point of no return. "Oh… Honey&hellip. I am cumming! Oh… You have done it again… Made me cum!" She started to moan and pant. At her peak she even squealed some. Her tight vagina pulled and sucked at my shaft so much that I couldn't hold back anymore. I drilled into her very hard as I shot my benign load into her depths. I grunted and groaned like a caveman as I spilled my goo. When I was finished and had gone limp, I pulled free of Amy and collapsed by her side.

I took her into my arms and we cuddled and kissed for a few minutes. When we had recovered enough to feel the need to go again, Amy suggested, "I think we need to take a selfie and send it to our miss Toni. I think she would enjoy it." "Good thinking," I said. "What is she doing tonight anyway?" "She is 'WASHING HER HAIR'," Amy laughed. "I really don't know what she had planned." "I'll get my phone and snap a couple pictures." I ran to the main room and grabbed my phone.

I jumped on the bed next to Amy. We leaned against the headboard with our faces together and snapped a couple photos. Brunette wife two cocks breakin attempt suspect has to fuck his way out of prison was worthy of sending.

I deleted the other. We then snapped a few more with us kissing each other. One of them was particularly good so I saved it to send. The rest were good enough to keep, so I saved them to my library.

I wrote a short memo to Toni and attached two of the photos. The message I typed, read; 'Thinking of you. Wish you were here.' I sent it and two or three minutes later got one back. 'Wishing I was there too. I've cum several times thinking about you two together. Would like some hotter photos… If you don't mind.' Amy and I worked on couple more sexy photos for Toni's amusement. The first was one of Amy sucking my erect dick. I was surprised she was so enthusiastic about that photo.

We hadn't cleaned ourselves after sex. She said, "I know what I taste like and you don't add much to it. I can handle it." The second was a rather tough one to get. We wanted to get a good picture of my penis next to her beautiful pussy.

We finally got a couple acceptable photos and sent them to Toni. We took advantage of my newest erection, and Amy jumped on me and impaled herself on my spear. She lay on me chest and we moved in unison. We kissed all the while, until my phone chimed. Toni was sending another text, 'Very hot you two.

I want more. I am almost there, and need just a little more to finish… again.' Amy leaned back so we could get a suitable picture of my dick in her pussy.

When she received the two I sent, she replied, 'That was just what I needed. I am cummin' again.' We read Toni's last text and it motivated us to fuck faster and harder. Since we had great orgasms just minutes before, we were able to keep going for nearly half an hour. I made a bold move and started rubbing my fingertip over her tiny puckered asshole.

She opened her mouth and kissed me deep and moaned loudly into my mouth. The sound echoed in my head. 'Oh she liked that,' I thought to myself. I continued to manipulate her bum while hammering her cunny. In a matter of moments, she was cumming hard on my cock one more time. That was all I needed to get my nuts off again. I dumped what little I had inside her hot hole. When Amy was finished, she collapsed on my chest.

I stroked her hair and back as we caught our breath. When we were sufficiently rested, Amy slipped off my chest and we cuddled. Then one thought came to mind, "Are you spending the night with me?" "Yeah… If you want me to.

Oh… Shit…" She shot up to a seated position on the edge of the bed. I moved next to her. "I didn't bring my bag in. I guess I wasn't sure if you would let me stay. "And you didn't want to appear to be inviting yourself." "Yes." "Well just know this.

You are welcome to stay any time you are here." She grabbed my face, kissed me hard and ran to gather her clothes. Amy pulled her shirt on and when she picked up her pants, she held them out as far from herself as she could. "EEW!" she said. "These are nasty." She slid them on anyway, cringing as she pulled the pants tight to her cummy pussy.

"Oh… It's cold and wet!" Without bothering to put on shoes or anything, Amy ran to her car to get her bag. When she knocked on the door to be let back in I hesitated. I wanted to make her wait a little longer in her stinky cold yoga pants. She banged the door again, so I let her in. "Dammit, Glen!" "Sorry, just playing a little. C'mon, let's get in the shower." We went into the shower and cleaned ourselves.

We played some while in there, but didn't think we could go again. When we finished we dried each other, and slipped naked under the covers of the bed. A quick glance at the clock told me it was laela pryce gets fucked in various positions ten o'clock. Suddenly, I was feeling sleepy. "Sweetheart, I am really sleepy." "I understand," Amy said.

"Let's get some sleep." We kissed passionately and snuggled next to each other. We were soon both asleep.