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Asian gets love muffins squeezed and pussy licked japanese hardcore
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Some thirteen months later all the babies had come into the world, I had hoped a few boys would have been in the mix, no such luck, but all the births were natural and without incident, but seven girls, Grace gave birth to Marion, Sophia to Claudette, Carmen to Janet, Janice to Brigit, Rosemary to Edwina, Laura to Sharon and Danielle to Jean, I was out numbered completely as I now had fifteen women in the house. The babies were a wondrous thing to watch as they grew, I was instantly in love with them all, Louise to her credit adored them all as well, she was starting to fill out in places most twelve year olds did not even realise they had, she would also screw me at least twice a day, more if I allowed it, I lamented the fact that she could not have her own children (although if they were mine, that might be a problem) she would have been a delightful mother and I had already realised she sensual and wild car wash hardcore and reality trying to get pregnant.

Since giving birth all the girls had turned off sex for a while (including my wife) which surprised me, leaving only my loving daughter to enjoy the "rigid post" that continued to stand up for her, she asked the damnedest questions, always leaving me left footed, she tried anal, (which she was not sure about, but she did come multiple times), but after asking me about many different idea's she found her addictive sexual position and timing.

She started coming into my bed before dawn and we would have a 69'er, before she actually climbed on top of my member, she had asked about oral sex and I had advised and helped as best I could, she would remove all the pillows from behind me but one, I had quite good use of my left arm and limited use of my right now, so I was able to bury my face into her sweet pussy, pulling her to me as I buried my tongue deep inside her, she would come multiple times, almost leaping around on my face, all the girls enjoyed this position, but she got the most out of it as did I (I just loved a good head job).

Then she would climb on top and bury my "post' deep inside her, she seemed to love every little movement, I even managed to get my fingers around the area of her clit, and she would then gush all over me with her juices, I loved it, my daughter and I had all taken sex to new heights, to the point where although I seemed to extremely hot lesbian action with three bombshells masturbation brunette a lot, semen did not flow every time, but the climax's were off the planet for both of us, defiantly a change from when this new turn in life began some four years ago.

The doctors had already told us the chances of Louise ever falling pregnant were a million to one against, but she tried anyway, I could not take this thought that she could fall from her, she had said herself that she was only half a women because she could not have kids, such a very sad young lady for fifteen, but she did love sex in any and all variations and still she was my darling daughter, so our lives settled into a gentle sway.

It seemed like a moment had passed and suddenly Louise was sixteen and the babes were all three and four, all the girls were back to enjoying me whenever they could, I was bit concerned about the little ones knowing what all the girls were doing with me (and said so), but my concerns were put aside. The girls stated that this was who we were, the girls would understand in time, I was not so sure, just before Louise turned seventeen, she burst into my room one morning with a smile from ear to ear, she told my wife and I that she was with child, suddenly I was very concerned, you hear stories about all the problems that children have when born through incest.

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The girls took her to our doctor in the other town for a check up, she was indeed pregnant, about twelve weeks the doctor said, she just said it was a man she met and she had not seen him since, she went though the pregnancy without any complications and gave birth at the local hospital, to a beautiful little girl she called Destiny, I had insisted she go to hospital to have the baby as I was concerned if she had problems, but both she and the babe were fine.

Danielle, Laura and Janice had begun to have foursomes with me always on the bottom; it was always interesting with the girl's spread eagle in a semi circle, one sucking my member another between her legs, then another between hers with the last one also buried on my face, before each of them climbed on board in turn and riding the bucking nasty gorgeous girl drills virgin slit hardcore russian came to a thunderous climax, in actual fact they were the bronco's, I was the one getting ridden, often into the bed, as far as I remember we managed to go through about five beds in six years.

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Life just seemed to flow for the next few years, half of the girls fell pregnant again, we seemed to be starting our own country, suddenly Louise was twenty four and the oldest of the kids were eleven and twelve, one morning as Danielle. Laura and Janice were enjoying their foursome, I noticed seven young heads watching our every movement, I alerted the girls, but they said their daughters had to learn about sex sometime, I was a little beside myself, but I could not even get out of bed by myself so what could I do.

The young ones wanted to know more, and my "wife's" now became their sex teachers, the taught them about every aspect of sex, I woke one morning to find what I thought was my daughter, giving me a head job, but was surprised to find a very young pussy rubbing up and down on my face, as she moved around I got a better view of the room, everyone was in the room watching, three of the younger girls were "engaged" in a threesome, alongside me, I exploded, my grand daughter coped as best she could but it went everywhere, I had never seen so much come, especially since it all came out of me.

This little one then changed positions trying to get my cock into her tiny pussy, she managed to get a bit of my head in but that was it, I exploded again, if this kept up I was going to have a heart attack, I had never in my life come this hard and fast, it was a little disconcerting considering it was with my grand daughter, I guess I really am a despot after all, I was not getting any younger, although they all reckoned I was in good shape considering my back and my age ( I was fifty eight).

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