Drunk sleeping sister fucked hard by brother

Drunk sleeping sister fucked hard by brother
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The Birthday Party Tina sat in the warm Egyptian Musk scented water, trying to still her excited nerves and straining to hear any of the voices coming from the room next door that she might recognize. Her husband, Jeff had arranged to rent the suite next door for the party, and had taken Tina to see it p sexy charity crawford has amazing sex the guests arrived.

Every minute detail had been seen to by her thoughtful mate. From the esquisetly catered food and drinks to the bowls of condoms and lubricants to the dozens of large wine colored pillows set conveniently around the large room. He had even stocked the ice bucket with her favorite Riesling wine. A peek into the lavish bathroom with it's jacuzzi tub showed that he had included the "Dark Sugar" glycerin soap that she used on special occasions.

The one that, he said, "made her skin taste and smell like Vanilla flavored cream." After her brief inspection, she was sequestered back to their room to relax in a hot bath while he awaited the guests next door. After her bath, she dressed in a turquoise colored bra, panties and gauze dress. Knowing that the color would enhance her golden brown tan and show off her new slim body that she had spent the last year working on. 10 years of marriage didn't mean letting one's self go, quite the opposite.

She loved the attention that Jeff gave her. She loved enticing him. Muffled giggles and masculine voices broke into her reverie, letting her know that it was almost time to go.

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Jeff came into the room and fitted a scarf tightly over her eyes. And led her slowly out the door and down the hall, where she could hear the party raving inside. "You o.k.?" he asked gently, knowing that Tina was nervous about being blindfolded the entire evening. She nodded, and with a little thrill entered the room. There was an expectant hush as soft female hands, and fragrant female bodies took her in hand and divested her of her clothes.

Strong mom vim son xxx story hands gently caressed her feet while slipping her shoes off. She knew that one of the men at the party had a foot fetish, and she had made sure that her toenails were as perfectly manicured as her fingernails. She felt the women lay her back on the high king sized bed, while the man at her feet tongued her delicate toes and tickled her feet.

He laughed a rich chuckle in answer to her giggle, releasing her to the ladies' administration. The sensation of being blindfolded while multiple mouths devoured her was incredible indeed.

It allowed her to be able to concentrate on the myriad of touches and electrical stimulation of mouths on her skin. She sensed people on the bed above her, to either side of her and at the foot of the bed. Unknown lips and teeth nibbled at her neck and ears leaving fire in their wake across her skin.

Long silky hair trailed across her face as a woman's mouth bent to Tina's breast and tongued her nipples. "I love your nipples" the unknown woman said "they are rose colored except in the very center where they are red like little cherries". Tina's mind supplied her with an assortment of fashionable clothing that had begun to appear in the stores with cherries on it. Wondering if some designer had a girlfriend with "cherry nipples". As soon as this thought arrived it was brushed immediately away at the sensation of another mouth on her other breast and two small hands hefting the weight of her large breasts at the same time.

The person above her leaned over and kissed her with a succession of quick playful kisses near but never ON her lips. Tina LOVED to be kissed, and always felt that she never had enough of it in her life.

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Nothing could get her wet so fast as a long sexy kiss. She became breathless with anticipation as strong hands spread her thighs and stroked her pussy.

Keeping her bikini area neat and clean heightened the feelings and sensations as a hand stroked her mons and parted her nether lips gently.

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"My, My, somebody is Very wet!" said a male voice in delight as a probing finger delved deeper. Tina gasped as the man found her clitoris and stroked it quickly. He pressed down on it, as her button got harder and harder. His lips replaced his finger and she squealed with glee. More weight shifted on the bed as more people joined in. Tina's left hand was pried from her death grip on the covers as a large hard cock was placed in her hand instead.

Tina smiled with recognition at the feel of that stiff flesh. "Harry!" she cried, making everyone at the party laugh and hoot. She knew that penis well, as it belonged to one of her and Jeff's regular play mates.

Harry's voice rose an octave as he protested the identification. (A beautiful teen is licked and drilled on livecam hardcore blowjob sign that he was already drunk) but as it brought to the attention of the ladies in the room his exceptional endowment, he didn't really mind.

It was impossible to separate the sensations now, no matter how Tina tried, hands, mouths; sexual organs were covering every inch of her body it seemed. She thought she could not differentiate the areas of pleasure until a large phallus shape slid between her thighs and entered her with a flourish. Tina moaned in fulfillment immediately, even before the large cock began to pump into her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around the hips of the thrusting body, only to discover that the hips were those of a woman!

Tina's agile feet examined the hips and the wide belt around it, as it came to her that it was a strap-on. The woman in the strap-on began to cry and moan, and, reaching her climax promptly gushed all over Tina's belly. Tina had never felt a woman come like that before and felt that it was incredibly erotic. As camera's whirred and clicked, and her ears filled with the sounds of many people making love, Tina felt like she was a flower in a garden being serviced by an assortment of pollinating butterflies and honey bees.

Just when it felt like the sensations were so complex and extreme that they bordered on pain, she heard one of the ladies, (whom she sleeping fuck desi anti rape found out was a professional dominatrix) called for a break and escorted Tina into the bathroom, and called Jeff in.

Jeff made sure that Tina was ok, and noting her damp skin and flushed face, took off her blindfold, brought her her inhaler, a cold drink and a snack. Then left her to re-cooperate in private. Lady Lauren, the dominatrix, had claimed the privilege of bathing Tina. Not only to have private time with her, but to provide the Aftercare that Tina's overexcited nerves needed. She sunk with Tina into the elegant Jacuzzi tub and gently washed her charges hair.

"You have such a beautiful body" Lauren told her," You got curves in all the right places". Tina was equally taken with Lauren's body, telling her so and snuggling down against the other woman's generous breasts while she was gently scrubbed and bathed. The girls chatted softly, while alternately listening to the party rage just outside the bathroom door. Tina felt like she was simply melting under Lauren's ministrations, and hoped that it might never end, but she was starting to feel guilty about being closeted away from Jeff and her guests.

It sounded like everyone else was taking a break as well, waiting on her. Lady Lauren ties a fresh blindfold over Tina's eyes and led her back to the great King sized bed. Tina could hear small groups of people having sex all over the room again as her unseen attendants swarmed her body once more.

She sensed Jeff nearby, and heard him breaking something out of a package to everyone's apparent delight. She felt her husband's fingers gently massaging her clit and then in one swift moment, it felt as if he has snatched it between his teeth roughly. It was a sex toy designed to suck at the clit and make it larger. Others, seeing the prompt physical reaction Tina had, started experimenting on each other with it with attendant squeals and giggles.

Just when Tina was starting to wonder when she was going to have some real fun, she felt a hard cock slide between her thighs while one slid into her mouth. She hungrily sucked at the flesh in her mouth, noticing that the male member was apparently pierced and having lots of fun with it. She took the shaft deep into her throat while twirling her tongue around the tip and shaft, a technique that always seemed to please.

Strong hands gripped her hips and flipped her onto her knees. She recognized the rhythm of her husband while he thrust against her, and the owner of the cock in her mouth pulled her head into his lap.

This gave her greater traction to bump her ass up in counter thrusts and slide her lips down from the cock to the sac beneath and suck each testicle into her mouth. The cock in her mouth exploded as she swallowed down the hot cum.

Just as she finished with that, a hand came down to sink her ass in rhythm with the incredible fucking and she became so very wet that, she had to be stopped and wiped off before continuing.

The sensations of the hard cock fucking her and her ass being turned pink and then red caused Tina to become overcome with erotic waves of pleasure, screaming over and over in orgasm.

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And while her skin was still electrified and her body still bucking with spasms, she was pulled into incredibly soft yielding arms and had her face pressed into two of the softest largest breasts she had ever felt. One long nipple was guided into her mouth and she began to suck avidly at it. Tina was absolutely shocked when milk began to squirt into her mouth. Having never been breastfed as a baby, but having sucked two children herself, she knew exactly how to coax the nipple with tongue and mouth to pour more of the sweet warm milk into her mouth.

A hand pushed her head down away from the delicious milk (others wanted a taste) to her belly and hips.

Tina took that as an invitation to kiss her way down to the warm musky cleft and explore with her tongue and lips the treasure buried there. As she lapped up the sweet juices that flowed there, she felt another hard penis nudging at her ass. She arched her back to welcome the contact and was surprised to feel a well lubricated cock slide into her asshole. Knowing that in her inexperience in that area, only one man would dare claim that privilege. She relaxed and pressed back against Jeff.

As she accustomed herself to his size, she felt the pussy in her face slip away. She moaned in disappointment until she felt a hard male body underneath her. While covering her face with kisses, the new man slid his cock into her vagina.

Tina was stilled with the sensation. She had never experienced a double penetration like this and the sense of "fullness" was overwhelming. Slowly she began to rock, setting the pace for the men; ripples of heat made her skin feel like it was on fire, all the while sending shivers down her spine. The men thrust against her, filling her like never before. She felt herself being overwhelmed with orgasm over and over, being conscience of own screams issuing from her throat.

And just when she exercising in advance of gangbang pornstar and hardcore that she could take no more, the man under he clasped her erect nipples in his mouth and began to suck on them.

Tina felt light exploding behind her eyelids; her legs were weak and trembling. She felt like every ounce of energy was being thrashed out of her. Like a maelstrom of mouth and lips, cocks and breasts enveloped every square inch of her body. She was transported into a feeling of altered reality last experienced when she experimented with pot in her college years. Tina was unaware when the actual sex ended. When she came to, there was a cold cloth on her head and Jeff was crooning to her gently.

Someone, maybe Lady Lauren, had covered her trembling, goose pimpled body with a light cover, and placed a deep pillow under her sweat soaked head. She had a vague sense of the room quietly emptying out. Someone was holding her snugly while Jeff said goodbye to what was left of the guests. She heard Harry laughing hysterically, and smiled, knowing how shit-faced he got when drunk. She could hear Jeff trying to escort him down the hall to crash in an adjacent room for the night.

Lauren noticed the weary smile on Tina's face and kissed her lips gently, telling her that she did very good. As Jeff took over and quietly said goodbye to Lady Lauren and her husband, over Tina's head, he pulled her back against his chest, and walked her to their room next door.

He laid his exhausted wife on the fresh soft bed, climbed in with her and held her until she fell asleep. Tina's last coherent thought was that this was the best birthday party that she had ever had.