Subtle babe testing ass with her toy erotica movies

Subtle babe testing ass with her toy erotica movies
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Dick in the Dirt My story starts about a year and a half ago. My life took a total dive. I was laid off my job of five years and saw no hope of getting to go back.

My wife had lost her job 3 months before me. We had just been hanging on to our house and car when we found out that she had cancer. It wasn't three weeks later she was gone. Just that fast. I was lost after 25 years of marriage just gone. No insurance, cards maxed out. No where to go or ask for help. Just hit rock bottom. I kept just ahead of the repo people with my car and found a room to rent that I could afford on my unemployment but it was getting ready to run out. I was close to just driving into a tree and being done with it.

I had been every where looking for work but I'm 55 and lots of places don't want to hire us older folks even tho I had perfect attendance at my job.

Guess they don"t want to chance training us and then have us get sick like the wife did and then cost them a bundle. I had just hid from life.

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I got a call on my cell phone 2 days before it was to be shut off. I had a interview with a company that repairs fax/copy machines. There were willing to train me. I was good with my hands and a lot of the repairs you called luscious peach flashes big ass and gets anus nailed to a Tech so you didn't have to carry a ton of manuals with you.

I started the next day and with in three weeks was out on my own. I had to travel a lot and covered the northern half of two states. Which was great to be out of the house. Most were easy fix's but I had one stop that came up almost every week. I was starting to think that the ladies in the office did things just so I had to come in. I found out a week later when two of the three were out for lunch that they were in deed doing just that.

The gal that told me I hardly even knew she was there. She was kinda plain and sat behind the others were you didnt really notice her. She was shy and you had to work to get her to speak to you.

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The other two were always right up rubbing on me to see what I was doing. Both of them were mid 30s and over weight. I'm not much for bigger ladies but was nice to get attention. I always got cookies or a pie when I went in. I did start calling the shy one to see when the other two were going to lunch so I didnt have to be grouped while I was there. I got to know the shy noname jane aka violet blue pregnant masturbation by her being the only one in.

Karen was her name and she finally starting talking to me after about a month of hiding from the other two which she thought was just to funny. I found out she had just lost her husband 6 months ago.

I told her about my wife andwe were able to talk. Turns out she was a real sweet lady. After another month of hide and seek I asked her out and she said no. I was kind of heartbroken. The next week I came in while the other two were there so I didnt have to face her.

The other two gals both told me that they knew I had asked her out. They told me about her husband and he had be beyond abusive. She almost always had marks on her. She was scared to leave him. They said that they would keep bugging her to go out with me. I thanked them and said to let her be.

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I didnt want her to feel like she was force into it. A few weeks later when I came in the others were gone and she looked totally different. She had a outfit that fit her and she had her hair down with make up on. WOW what a change. I told her how nice she looked and she said that she did it for me and that she would like to go out with me if the offer was still good. I said hell yeah it is when can I pick you up.

So at 6:30 I met her at a local bar for dinner. We had a great time and before I left I got a nice peck on the cheek. She thanked me for not pushing her too go out. I asked if the next time I was coming thru if we could go out again and she said yes. For the first time in two years I was excited about something. It was two weeks before I had a chance to go back but we email a lot and I was finding out just how bad she had been treated. I also found out that she had a step daughter that was still living with her and she had been abused badly to.

When I got to Northern Indiana that week it was snowing so hard that I almost didnt make it. I ended up getting a hotel not far from the job site and called Karen to sunny leone cum complication story her know I was safe and would pick her up instead of meeting like normal.

She gave me her address and said she would be there shortly and to head over. When I got there I was greeted at the door by one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It was her stepdaughter. She let me in and stopped me at the door. She got right in my face and told me I had better be good to her step mom or she would make my life hell. I would of agreed to anything she said I was still in shock on her looks.

Tammy was her name. She was 5ft 8 at least and I would guess maybe 115lbs she could have been a playmate easily. Brown chestnut hair green eyes and as I later found out a 34D-23-34 figure. I was in lust but knew I couldnt chance messing up with Karen. She showed up and changed to go out and damn if she didnt kids doing sex xxxxxxxx sexy at school to kill. I knew she had a good figure but wow. I later found out she was a 34D-25-35 I would have never guessed and was trying my best to figure out why she was going out with me.

I'm 6ft about 190lbs blue eyes and graying hair and beard just avg. looks and well avg everything. We didnt go far and ended up eating at the hotel I was staying cause they had good food. The storm got worse and we either had to call it a night early or Icause soaping up her body was making me hard again and I was getting sore balls the way it was. She was cumming again telling how good it felt to be touched so soft and loving.

Im glad we had another bed the first one was soaked from her cumming so hard. She told me she had never dont that before and was sorry for making the mess. I told her it was fantastic and couldnt wait for her to do it again. She told me her ex would of beat her for the mess. That guy was a idiot.

She started telling more about the things he did. I was shocked but now know why she was so shy at first. We cuddled and fell into a deep sleep that neither of us had in years. I was awaken with the hottest mouth taking my cock to the back of her throat.

I knew I wasnt going to be able to stop her so I just laid back and enjoyed. It took her about 10 mins. Before I started to cum and it was so amazing. She never came up not once it was like she was humming and licking.

She got me up after it looked like I was going back to sleep and she said no way its your turn to do my pussy and pulled me to the shower so we wouldnt soak the other bed just in case we needed it again before room service came. She was not going to let me sleep but I was just teasing her anyways I wanted that hot pussy in my mouth bad and she wasnt going to stop me once I got started till I got her to squirt again.

It didnt take long and she was squirting like old faithful and I was licking it up by the mouthful. She started sliding down the back of the shower her legs wouldnt hold her up anymore so I sat her on the edge of the tub and just kept going and she kept squirting. She finally grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Her eyes looked like she had seen a ghost all bugged out and her face group session with naughty whores smalltits and homemade white like there was no blood left in it.

She sank into the tub and wouldnt let me touch her when I did she would jerk and start cumming again. I went and ordered some food I knew we would need it.

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I looked outside to see it had stopped snowing and the plows had most of the roads clear. After we ate I took her home and she got ready for work. When we got there Tammy was waiting on us like a parent would a kid wanting to know why we didnt call. Karen told her that she would tell her later but had to get ready for work.

Tammy followed karen to the bedroom and closed the door. I could hear them talking but couldnt make out what was being said. They came out and Karen asked if I would stay with Tammy today and maybe make friends with her. I was like sure hot saxy black guy and girl xxx story the day with a hottie like her even if she was a bitch Id still be able to look at that smoking hot body.

Tammy goes mom I like him fine you said your happy and I trust you. I was thinking great she will talk her way out of me staying but if he wants he can take me to the mall for a few thing I need and we can talk and get to know each other.

Karen says that it up to me. Im like playing it cool and say I guess I could take her. Karen left and Tammy just grinned and she had to change and would be right back.She was gone about 15 long min but when she came back she had on a short skirt that just covered her butt and and a silky top with no bra she goes ok Im ready.

Im thinking yeah baby but the adult in me kicked in and said its winter out youll freeze. Amazing xxx along japanese teen with slim forms was like great now your telling me how to dress.

I said no I love the way you look I was just thinking you may get cold. She walked right up to me and said I guess youll have to keep me warm and started rubbing my cock. I just about blew a load right there. I pulled her hand away thinking damn good thing I care so much about Karen. I told I couldnt do that to her step mom. Tammy looked at me and siad that her and Karen had been Lovers for four years that karen had caught her dad forcing her to have sex one night after he came home drunk and then beat karen and forced her to have sex with tammy to only they both liked it and even thou he thought he was forcing them they were enjoy it.

Tammy said that I had been something Karen needed. I was the token cock in the hen house. That really pissed me off after thinking Karen really cared about me. Tammy took her top off and asked if I wanted some now. It took about a split second to grab and start sucking on those huge tits and less time to put my hand under her skirt and fine no panties either and a shaved pussy that was soaked.

She had my pants down in no time and dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock just like Karen did. I asked her how she knew to do it like Karen and she said thats how they were forced to do it.

I pulled her up and asked what all they did and she started telling all the things that Karen had left out. They learned to suck cock and deep throat. They had to do exercise every day and Keagles (how ever you spell it) to keep there pussies sierra sinn goes for a nice long ride. That explained a lot like why Karen was so tight and firm all over.

Tammy and Karen had been lovers after Tammys dad died in a car wreck while drunk. Tammy was making sure I didnt come between them. Tammy went back to sucking my cock and I wanted some of her pussy so I bent her over a chair and pushed my cock deep in her wet pussy without easing in.

She was every bit as tight as Karen and maybe tighter 5 min. is all it took and I was filling her young pussy deep. Just as I was pulling out the front door opened and Karen walked in. So let me know if you want more.