Cute teen hd and thai double penetration duddys sisterly love

Cute teen hd and thai double penetration duddys sisterly love
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Only Son Becomes Mom's Lover - Part IV Introduction: I still have a lot to learn from mom. It is often said that the chances of a woman over the age of thirty-five finding a new husband is slimmer than getting hit by lightning twice.

The odds get much much worse when a woman like mom tried to find a man that was both kind and responsible, and still had enough mojo to satisfy her sexually. Mom came up with a plan. She began by eliminating all those who were unlikely to be kind or responsible. Only after the man had passed the first test would she allow his cock to come within touching distance of her lovely pussy.

The way this plan played out was like this. After four or five dates, if the man who had survived the first elimination round, indicated that he wanted some fucking, mom would ask him to come home with her at the end of the date.

(Of course, if after five dates the man still didn't show any inclination of wanting to fuck mom, he was obviously a dud, and would be dropped forthwith). If the man could fuck mom to orgasm in the first round mom would invite him to stay the night and get him to give her another orgasm later in the night or the next morning.

If the man performed below par in the first round and given the chance still couldn't redeem himself in the second round she would most likely tell the man to go home after serving him some coffee or liquor. When the droopy-cock man left, I would take charge of mom's pussy. Sperm bukkake showers 6 13 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn would bring the night to a close giving mom a good fuck and a glorious orgasm.

I had never failed to do just that. Just one week after we moved into the Doctor's mansion my mom told me about the special mirror in the master bedroom. (How did she find that out is another story!) This mirror allowed someone in the study, which was next to the master bedroom, to see everything that was going on in the bedroom.

In the study this mirror was hidden behind a huge oil painting. This meant that I could watch mom fucked her "man of the hour" from the study and the sexy show would make my cock hard enough to enter mom the instance the loser left. But if the man was qualified to stay the night as a fucker, mom would excuse herself after her first orgasm and come into the study to reward me with a quickie. I remembered one such night vividly.

Mom and her boy friend came home past midnight on a Saturday night. After I opened the door for them I retreated to the study and laid on the couch facing the mirror.

He was a recently divorced pharmacist and was a nice man. He was around forty-five then. Immediately after the bedroom door was shut mom and Mike undressed themselves in a flash. The room was brightly lit and I could see that Mike had kept himself in good shape and he had an eight inch shaft crowned with a round big bulb that looked bigger than the girth of bisexual swinger group tube porn shaft. (This, I admired because my own cock sort of tapered off with a small crown.) Mom laid on her back and Mike at once glued his mouth to her pussy.

While he sucked and tongued the pussy his long arms reached up to her breasts and he started to squeeze and rub them. I could hear mom's moaning and Mike's slurpping. And very soon mom was furiously sucking air through her clenched teeth. (yes, we had audio connections between the two rooms). I saw mom's big breasts and nipples protruding out of Mike's big hands as he squeezed and rubbed them. From the side mom's thick thighs looked even thicker and sexier. They started from her big hip and tapered towards her knees.

And she had those beautifully curved calves which were now raised up from the bed. Mike then turned mom over, pressed mom's butt cheeks around his cock and "rub-fucked" the cleft between the butt cheeks a few times.

The same way that some men would "rub-fuck" a woman's breasts. Mike must be starving for sex for after only ten minutes of these he wanted to enter her cunt. Mom took care to change position so that I could have a better view of the fucking. She now laid across the bed with her butt at the edge of the bed. Mike then had to stand on the floor between her legs to enter her. After Mike positioned himself mom grabbed him with her big, fat porcelain white legs.

Mike took his cock in his hand and pushed his big bulbous cock-head into mom's pink cunt. He pushed the whole shaft in and drew it out again. Because of his big bulb he was able to bring out a lot of mom's juice with each withdrawal, something which my smaller cock-head was not able to do. "Oh God, that feels good Mike. You have the thickest shaft and the biggest cock-crown I ever had in my cunt.

Please fuck me in slow long strokes. I want to feel that big bulb dragging over every ridge in my cunt. And please don't cum too soon.". She knew exactly what different kinds of cock could do for her. She liked my long cock to hit her cervix at every in-stroke but she wanted different stroking from Mike's thick shorter shaft.

"I will try my best, but your tight pussy makes it difficult to keep from blowing my load", said Mike. "I believe you said you are a butt-man, Mike. Now you concentrate on my breasts instead and stop looking or thinking about my butt and thighs. Maybe that would help." said mom. I am a butt and thigh man myself and I knew what her butt and thighs could do to men like Mike and me.

Mike did as mom said. He bent down to suck and amateur babes please each other hardcore lesbian her breasts but continued with his slow strokes milfs indecent cleft endures hammering hardcore and blowjob her cunt.

It was a wonderful sight seeing his cock going in and coming out of her cunt. Some of mom's long pussy hairs went into the cunt with Mike's in-strokes, and came out of it dripping with her juice. His cock was now as pink as mom's pussy and he was breathing hard. "I am sorry Kate, I can't hold out any longer?" With that said Mike quickened his strokes. I changed my position to look at the fucking from a different angle. I saw his thick, wet, shiny shaft jammed into mom's pussy.

He banged hard into her, making her breasts, belly and thighs trembled with each stroke. For a few times his thick cock with that bulbous crown came completely out of mom's very wet, pink cunt hole before he pushed it in again. "Oh my God! That is it. Mike, do it exactly like that.

Pull it out completely and then slam it in" mom hissed out those words with clenched teeth and she sank her nails into Mike's waist. But Mike could hold out no longer. He slammed into her one last time and exploded. It was obvious to me watching the match that mom did not get her orgasm yet. After a while she told Mike to have his rest while she got something to drink. Mom came into the study.

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She had a red face and sparkling teary hot eyes. And without a word she knelt on the edge of the sofa and rest her arms on its back waiting for me to take her from behind. I sank my cock into her well lubricated cunt. I embraced her from behind with my left arm across her chest just above her breasts and my right arm across her pelvis. I gave her the short jabs, hitting her cervix at each in-stroke. Her cunt was very wet and warm.

"Oh God, Jim, don't ever stop!" As I pumped her she ground her teeth and kept sucking her breath in gasps through her clenched teeth. After only about five minutes, she made one hard push backward, her butt cheeks slammed into my pelvis. She let out a stifled soft scream, as if it came from deep inside her throat.

I felt her cunt contracting and squeezing. I could feel her hips going into involuntary jerks as she exploded. I knew I had done well by her. I grabbed her hips with both hands. I pulled my cock out three quarter of its length and jammed it back in. After about six or seven times I shot my load into her. "Jim, I am going to give Mike another chance.

Skinny teen big natural tits now that president oaks has taken advantage of me i dont am going to let him spend the night. He is a nice man with an even nicer cock. I won't be coming back here sexy teacher teach student xxx sexy xstory give you another fuck to-night. So Jim, unless you want to wank yourself off all by yourself, I suggest you stop watching us, call it a night and go to sleep." Mom smiled at me as she wiped the love juices oozing out of her bright pink swollen pussy.

Mom first handed me my drink and took the rest of the beverages with her to the bedromm. Mike was already asleep. I was still on the couch looking into the mirror. Mom drank her cognac, waved to me and proceeded to switch off the light in the bedroom. I had fallen asleep on the couch in the study from my sexual exhaustion and the drowsiness induced by half a glass of cognac. I woke up from the bright sunlight on my face and the conversation in the bedroom.

I didn't know which one of them woke up first but they were now fully alert and were engaging in sex. Mom was right to bet on Mike. After a night of rest he could now sustain a hard big thick cock and was raring to go. Mike stood besides the bed with mom kneeling on a pillow on the floor next to him. Mom had his thick, corn-cob like cock in her mouth.

She took half of that cock in her mouth, sucking it and bopping her head as she "mouth fuck him". At the same time she also twisted her head left and right, raised and lower her chin to rub different part of the cock against her cheeks, the roof of her mouth and her tongue.

Sometimes she took in the whole cock and then slowly let it come out while she cute blonde teen gets fucked really hard by her boss bit the shaft as it came out. Mike was moaning in ecstasy. While doing this mouth fucking mom also hard doggie style for brunette at the casting her nails down Mike's chest, his back and his sides.

She also sank them into his butt cheeks. "Kate darling, don't over do the mouth fucking. Let me fuck you now. I know I will do better this time" said Mike. Mom laid on the bed with her butt facing the mirror. Mom brought her thighs near to her chest and held them up with her hands. I could see the very pink inside entrance of her cunt as it was now slightly open. Mike bent over mom holding his cock in his hand. Mom now rested her thighs on Mike's shoulders. Just as mom had taught him, he put the cock at the entrance of her cunt and then suddenly jammed it all the way into her.

Just as quickly he pulled the whole cock out again. As such he was completely in one moment and completely out the next. " did it exactly right Mike dear. My cunt is empty one moment and completely stretched and stuffed the next." Mom licked her lips. I noticed drops of her cunt juice fell onto the floor. Mike concentrated on satisfying mom instead of himself and this allowed him to keep going much longer without reaching his own orgasm too quickly.

I judged that the fucking had gone on for over fifteen minutes now. "Ooh.ooh. Mike, I am near to getting my orgasm now. Get your monster cock in and fuck me the usual" Mom yelled out.

Mike pulled out his cock and like a true butt-man, told mom to stand on the floor, bent over and rest her upper body with her elbows on the bed. Mom's pussy was now in line with Mike's cock. Mike grabbed mom's hips and started banging his thick cock into her. I stooped down to better see Mike's cock fucking mom's cunt. Now both mom's pussy and Mike's cock were glistening with the juices as the reflected sunlight hit their arses. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Open me up wide. Fuck the hell out of me.

Faster Mike, faster and harder Aaaah.aaaah." Mom cum first. She took her elbows off the bed and rested her head and shoulders on the bed.

I could see her legs trembled a little. "I will flood your cunt with my load Kate.

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Oh God.". Mike cum too but he kept going for another two to three minutes before he finally stopped. Mom stood up, turned and embraced Mike. She relaxed her cunt and pushed Mike's load jhennifer lamarck brazilian shemale tube porn of her cunt.

I had been watching the scene in the next room and wanking myself. At this point I quickened the hand on my cock shaft and I shot a stream of my load three feet into the air. I turned to look at them. Mike was on his knees licking mom's pussy. When he finished he stood up. Mom sat up on the bed and took his wet cock into her mouth and sucked-clean his cock.

God, this was the best porn I have seen in my life.