Elegant lady groped part 2

Elegant lady groped part 2
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Spotted Slut. WARNING This story contains graphic and twisted themes if you do not like violence, rape, torture…please do not continue. Hi, my name is Kylie, I'm 22 years old I have tan skin and a good figure. I have a fair sized ass and tits to match. I have medium length hair and dark brown eyes, I am 5"4 tall and I weigh 110lbs. Now let's start the story.

His name was James and he was 25 years old with light skin and a toned body. He was bisexual but not overly gay in his actions. I knew the instant I spotted him that he would be mine, I would make him beg for me and I would make him suffer for my pleasure and he would enjoy every second of it.

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He was leaning against the bar in the club we were in. The club was a small dance club, and by the way he stood I could tell he didn't come here often. I watched him, his eyes darting from two men kissing to another couple but this time a man and a woman grinding.

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I could tell he was aroused, although he kept himself under control. After what seemed like decades I decided to approach him. His eyes now where fixed on the two guys kissing and I knew he was interested and wouldn't notice me unless I drew his attention.

So I proceeded to lean on the bar next to him. I looked at the men kissing knowing they're both where hard I looked at James.

His Jeans hugging tight to his body I could see the outline of his cock. He was hard, and I knew that I could have a lot of fun with him. I moved closer to him and spoke in a loud whisper; "If you go ask them maybe you'd be able to join" James jumped out of his trance and looked at me. "I.I.How.They wouldn't." "What's your name boy?" I said with an intimidating tone.

"James" He said ducking his head in a submissive manner. "James, walk over to those two men and ask to join" I said as I stared in his eyes. "I can't do that.

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No, no way." He quickly replied. "Do It. And tell them Kylie sent you." I snapped. James nodded and I watched as he approached the two men who were still kissing passionately. He looked back at me and I nodded and watched him ask to join. The two men stared at him, and I saw him panic them remember what I said. Instantly the men looked at me and smiled. Before I knew it he was sitting between them.

These two men where much taller and stronger than James, Luka was 26 he had dark hair and dark eyes with sandy blond hair, and Chris was 25 with light skin big muscles and brown hair in contrast to his bright blue eyes.

Both men had their bodies turned towards James. His small body in between them looked so innocent. I saw the two men stand and Chris held James' hand as the three of them walked out into the alley way.

I followed them not hiding the fact I was there. Once in the alley way Luka grabbed James by the back of the neck. "Now listen here slut" Luka grunted, "I saw you watching me and Chris, you think you can watch people and get hard in public, your disgusting!" James stuttered, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-".

But before James could finish his sentence Luka slapped him across his face leaving a red hand print. "SHUT UP SLUT" Luka shouted. "Get on your fucking knees before I rip your throat out" Instantly James was on his knees his eyes locked on Luka's crotch, James knew Luka was large and his mouth watered at the site of his cock bulging in his jeans. Chris came closer now his crotch was also close to James' face. Chris took his dick out and looked down at James as he slowly stroked it.

"I bet the slut loves sucking cock" Chris says as he grins at James. "Don't you cunt?" James' eyes were locked on Chris' cock as he stroked it, "yes" Chris' face turned to anger, "YES WHO?!" James licked his lips before he spoke, "uh, yes.

Sir?" "Good boy, now open your slutty mouth" Chris said James opened his mouth and closed his eyes expecting to taste a cock, but instead a steady stream of piss shot into his mouth. "DRINK IT OR I WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WHERE NEVER BORN!" Chris bellowed loudly James let his mouth fill with the man's piss then swallows it, "Yeah baby you're a good toilet aren't you?", Chris smiles. James looks down at the floor and answer's "Yes Sir" Suddenly, James and pushed onto his back on the cold ground and Chris holds him down as Luka approaches with his thick long cock standing at full attention.

I quickly walk over and grab James' phone from his pocket and snap some photos of James' on his back his cock straining at his jeans with two naked men above him. Chris warns James not to move as he undoes his jeans and pulls james' jeans off him letting his cock spring free.

"On your hands and knees boy", Luka commands James get on his hands and knees and I snap a few more shots of his ass and cock hanging down between his legs. Luka slams his hand down on James' right ass check and then again to his left.

I snap a photo of his red ass, as Chris walks in front of James and kneels allowing his cock to brush up against James' lips. "Open up and suck it good because I'm going to use your cunt till you can't even stand." James instantly complies, opening his mouth and places it over the man's erect cock. James moves his tongue around and along Chris' cock sucking and licking as much as he can. When suddenly, he feels Luka behind him, spitting on his ass hole and rubbing it around.

"You look so tight boy! I can't wait any longer." With that Luka slams his whole 8 inch cock straight into James' hole. James bellows out a loud cry drawing the attention of a man and lady walking past. Chris notices them and stands and rubs his dick while it's aimed at James' face. "Look boy, over there! That lovely couple is watching you get fucked in a dirty ally like a 50cent whore. I bet you like it too, don't you?" Chris snorts between his grunts. Luka slaps James' already red ass once more as he thrusts in hard, "Fuck boy I'm going to cum!

Tell that couple what you are, now!" "I'm a worthless boy slut who is good for nothing but being used for someone else's pleasure." James says as he looks at the dirty ground below him. "Ugh fucking whore" is all Luka is able to say as he rams in and cum's unloading several hot streams of cum into James' hole.

.All this is too much for James and he feels himself on the edge of Cumming, "Please, please fuck me till I cum" James begs.

This time it's Chris who answer's, "Get over hear near the wall sasha monet the way you kiss me James crawls over to Chris and looks up at him, "Yes Sir?" "Stand up, put your innocenthigh schoolgirl natalie monroe fucks her teacher!

tube porn on the wall and stick your fucking ass out slut." James knows better than to say anything about the couple watching him so he does as he's told and sticks his ass out. James looks back over to me; I'm leant up against the wall with my dress pulled up and my hand rubbing my panty-less cunt.

I see the lust in James' eyes turn to fear as he feels Chris' thicker cock poking at his ass. "Oh look slut; it'll be a tight fit even for your loose hole!" James say's nothing as he keeps his eyes locked on me whilst Chris slams his cock into James' wanting hole. I snap a couple more hardcore big cock hd and rough ass eating wanting to be broken before I get back to pleasuring myself, I see Luka approach me and kneel down in front of me.

"Need a face to sit on?" I instantly grab his hair and shove his face into my cunt where he get's straight to work lapping at my soaked pussy.

"See how he licks her cunt boy? That cunt is a goddess' cunt. You'll never get it." Chris say's as he forces James to look at me. "Please can I cum Sir? Please let me cum!" James cries as his orgasm approaches. "Alright, cum. You filthy whore!" Chris say's as he slams in a final time Cumming wildly. James spurts his cum out all over the ground beneath him and the wall.

This sight and the expertise licking and sucking of Luka send's me over the edge and I cum uncontrollably holding Luka in place so he can't breathe. I release Luka and give him a wink as he stands up and walks away dragging Chris along with him.

The couple must of left when we were all pre occupied. I walk over to James and tell him to straighten himself out and meet me in the White hummer parked in front of the club if he wants more. If he shows up or not. That's another story.