Samantha rone and alex grey enjoys licking cherie deville wet pussy

Samantha rone and alex grey enjoys licking cherie deville wet pussy
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Once upon a time in a small little town lived a petite little girl who had just turned 18. Blonde golden locks with a strawberry tint, light green eyes, standing barely 5 foot and only 100 pounds, Hazel was a nerdy awkward girl that didn't realize how hot she was.

Living with her grandparents because her parents never learned to grow up and partied very hard. Hazel at a young age was exposed to everything under the hot mom and son sex indion will her grandparents came in at 15 and let her live with them.

Late nights Hazel would still talk on the internet to men she didn't know and expose herself to more that her parents ever did. Talking online late one night to a very nice man she online new as OlderMaster, she was asked if she would come visit for a weekend and lay on the beach for her birthday.

They had an interesting relationship. She had a great respect for him and valued his opinion on everything. Logging in everyday to talk about her day and ask advice or get help on homework when she needed it. She would sometimes webcam to feel pretty because he would fill her with complements and tell her how beautiful she looked.

She was scared that he wanted to send her a plane ticket. She felt safe with him. Telling her grandparents she was going on a summer trip with friends, Hazel boarded a plane for the beach all by her lonesome. No one knowing where she went or to see who. She only had instruction. Much like the tasks he had given her before. Hazel was use to just blindly following OM's orders. Once he had her go to class without panties on.

She liked the cold metal on her pussy and ended up finishing off the year in skirts and no panties. This time her note just said to look for a man holding a sign saying TOY.

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Nearing baggage claim her heart started to race, she sees the sign. Holding it is a tall, bald man. Obviously he works out but has to be older than 60. He walk up to her before she can even say hello and grabs her wrist. Whispering in her ear "Come with me" Nervous Hazel just starts walking with him. "But my luggage" She says. "You won't need it. I'll get you all new clothes. It's my job to take care of you now." Hazel not sure what to say, says nothing.

They get into the back of a limo just outside the airport. She can't help but smile never having road in one. OM turns and picks up a metal blonde in stockings loves to get penetrated collar sitting in the seat with a long silver chain attached. He quickly slips it around her neck and puts a lock on it.

Hazel looks up, the first time with a little fear in her eyes. "It's ok my pet" He pats her on the head. "You'll learn to love your place." Hazel even more scared says "Please take it off, I'm scar&hellip." *SLAP* OM slaps Hazel across the face "You aren't to speak unless I ask you question." Stunned Hazel obeys and just nods.

She had read slave stories and new how slaves acted. She just never thought she would actually be put in that position. "It's not proper to let a chain hit the floor. I want you to put 2 links in your ass so it doesn't drag" OM grabs the back of her head and forces her across his lap like a little kid about to get spankings.

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"You're still not wearing panites under your skirts. Maybe you are going to be a good little pet. Now hers the end of the chain." He places it in her hand. "Now put it in your ass." She hesitates and very slowly moves her hand towards her ass.

Feeling the cold metal on her hole she says "May I have some Lube?" *SLAP* "What did I say about talking" OM says as he leaves a hand print on her ass. He grabs the link and pushes hard against her ass, forcing it to open and take the first link. Hazel whimpers and tries not to scream. "Now you still have 2 links to go.

Mine don't count" A tear runs down her cheek as she slowly pushes the second link in. Pushing and pushing the large links stretch her fake cop bends down to get fucked been used ass.

"Good girl" The limo stops and the doors open. He grabs the chain near her neck, leaving the links up her ass as he directs her out of the limo and into a hotel.

Straight to the elevator they go up to a suite. As they step into the room OM grabs a knife. Hazels heart races as he begins to cut off all her clothes. "You don't need these" The scraps fall to the floor as she now stands naked. She's mainly sunned. How did it escalate this quickly? What should she do? Is she liking this? "Now what you need to know is you are my toy. I can and will do anything I want to you.

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I care about you. I care about using you. You were meaningless till I could you and now you are 3 holes worth my time. Now before you earn my cock you will eat my ass." As Hazel stood there thinking about what he had just said. OM began to undress. Pulling off his shirt and showing his muscular body full of grey hair. He unbuttons and his pants letting them fall. "Now get on your knees" Hazel drops to her knees.

"Wow you are excited about this, You really are a dirty little slut." He turns around and bends over, pulling down his briefs. Reaching through his legs he grabs her chain and yanks her face into his ass, which also puts tention on the the links in her ass.

"Stick that tongue out far. You better clean ever inch" Her tongue pushes laps at his hole, barely tickling it. "Its not a clit whore! Tongue fuck it!" He yanks harder on her chain. She picks up speed and starts really fucking his ass, pushing her tongue up deep. Trying to stretch her tongue farther and farther. He turns around "Open your mouth" Mia calipa hot boobs xx obeys and he spits in her mouth.

"Gargle it" She trys and gags. "Ok, I think you have earned my cock but I have to pee first so open up" Hazel shakes her head no.

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*SLAP* "Open up!" She shakes her head again. OM grabs her chain and drags her over to the bed throwing her over it and lining up behind her.

"Then I am going to put it in your ass" He shoves a finger from each hand into her hole with no lube and pulls it hard apart. "UHHhhhhhhhh" hazel tries not to scream pierced pussy milf examiner bangs in car her ass burns in pain.

OM lines up his cock and pushes in the tip, instantly he releases his stream, pushing so it blasts into her ass. Filling it up. It seems to go on forever. When he is done he grabs a cup from the table and places it at her pussy as he pulls out.

His piss and her ass juice flows into the cup "Push it out whore" She pushes and it fills up the little coffee cup.

OM grabs Hazel by the chain and yanks her face up. Pinching her nose he waits till she goes for air and dumps the cup into her mouth and all over her mouth "SWALLOW WHORE" he holds her mouth then closed. She swallows and instantly gags and wants to throw up.

He pushes her towards the restroom and lets her stumble to the toilet to puke. When she is done he grabs her chain and pulls her back to the bed "Now don't you ever say NO again" *SLAP* on her ass. "I thought you were going to be a good little slave but I don't take well to the word NO.

Now for the next week you will only get to lick my ass, drink my piss, and take it up the ass. I will not be touching that pussy will you prove your self worthy. Now lick my ass while I watch Star Wars."