Scottish slut sarah just cannot stop squirting ! tube porn

Scottish slut sarah just cannot stop squirting ! tube porn
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Hey guys, this is really long, so if you want a quick fix, read something else! The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 4: Time Walker Part 3a Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been almost a week since their daughter, Alicia, had left to return to D.C.

The house didn't seem empty, though. Little Nathan, Jake and Tabatha Hedron's five-year-old son, completely filled it. Frank and Tanya loved having Nathan, their great-grandson, around.

The youngster put them back on a schedule like normal, living people. What with starting school and everything that went with that, such as travel, clothes, school supplies, the list seemed endless.

Alicia's husband, Walter, was scheduled to come to Boston in the coming week to see a cancer specialist and had asked if he could stay with the Tabors while he was in town, since they were his in-laws, after all. His wife, Alicia would be staying in D.C. to handle his affairs during sunny leone free online sex stories porn two or three day stay in Boston.

Since Frank and Tanya were doing long term babysitting with Nathan, Frank suggested that his daughter's husband stay at Jake Hedron's house, since he and Tabatha were currently 'out of town'. Frank couldn't find the words to tell his daughter that her son was missing again.

Walter wanted to stay with Frank and Tanya anyway, insisting that he wouldn't mind getting to know his in-laws and his wife's grandson they were all family, after all. Right? "Well, he wants to stay with us," Frank announced, standing up and stretching.

"When do we have to go pick up Nathan at school?" "After nearly losing him yesterday, I signed us up for home delivery," Tanya replied. "They'll be bringing him around four." It was almost noon, now. She absently scratched at a scab on her stomach underneath her blouse. Frank grinned, noticing her scratching. Since Tanya had been skewered lengthwise by a giant fuck-bot, she'd been so fascinated with sexual mutilation of her body that, almost every moment that Nathan wasn't in the house, she was shoving something sharp in there, or burning herself.

"Let's see," Frank said, referring to her stomach. Grinning, she raised her blouse, showing him her almost healed skin. In addition to constantly shoving manglers up her twat, they'd gone through almost a thousand feet of fuse material wrapping it around her and lighting it.

"I'm healed enough so we can do it again, darling," Tanya suggested, squeezing her breasts and giggling them at him. "We have four, whole, wonderful hours to torture me." Frank got up and followed her as she went into the bedroom.

"You want to do it in here?" They had an assortment of toys available in the bedroom, but most of the torture devices were locked in Tanya's playroom, where little Nathan couldn't get to them. perfect body teen the chicks are playing around half bare when one of their boycomrades Tanya replied.

"I just came in here to get a package I bought yesterday at the novelty shop." She held it up. Frank grinned. It was a ten-box carton of fizzlers little hand-held Fourth-of-July roman candles. She'd purchased a hundred of them.

"I'm going to shove a bunch of these up inside me and light them," she said, rubbing a hand between her legs. "Wanna help?" Frank's cock leaped at her words. She never failed to make him horny as hell, although they'd been married for almost a century. Tanya slipped out of her slacks and threw them on the floor. The hamper reached out, grumbling, and ate them. Grabbing Frank's cock right through his trousers, Tanya led him into her playroom.

"Whip me first?" she asked playfully. "I want to get warmed up." She reached out and pulled down the coiled bullwhip hanging on the wall. Frank took it by the handle and uncoiled it on the floor. Then he flicked it, gently wrapping it around his wife's lovely, naked waist.

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Flicking it again, the coils loosened their grip on all that sexy female flesh and dropped down to the ground. Tanya reached up and grabbed the bars over the torture rack.

She looked over her shoulder at her loving husband holding the bullwhip and blew him a kiss. Frank swung the whip over his head once and cracked it against her ribs. Tanya cried out, and swayed wildly, but she didn't lose her grip on the overhead bars. Looking closer, Frank realized that she'd put her hands through the rope grips so that her wrists were securely held. She couldn't fall if she wanted to, now. Grinning, Frank swung the whip again, skinning a three-inch welt across her rump.

Tanya shrieked again. She twisted around, trying to present another part of her body to him her taut, slender belly. She was rewarded with the bullwhip kissing her pelvis and taking a couple inches of her flesh with it. Tanya was sweating, now, and her breathing was ragged.

That meant she was 'warmed up' enough. Frank reached over to the remote setting on a table and pressed a button, releasing her wrists. She fell into his arms as he rushed forward to catch her. Then he laid her on the massage table in the middle of the room. "Want whipped some more?" he asked.

"Sure," she nodded, still breathing heavily. "So long as I can lie down…" Tanya spread her legs, dropping her lower legs, one off each side of the table, and laid her arms down along her sides, out of the path of the whip. She didn't mind, and in fact, loved, the cut of Frank's whip on her tender breasts, or her belly, but she didn't like getting her arms or her lower legs struck.

Frank took the whip and walked up behind her head so he was standing facing her magnificent head of hair. From this position, he really couldn't see her body, but, this way, the whip could reach between her legs as it snapped. A heat sensitive scanner displayed her body on the monitor affixed to the end of the table.

Frank made his first stroke, taking the whip high over his head. He flipped it forward, then quickly back. The tip of the whip followed its master's motion, whistling over Tanya's ripe body, then darting down as it was jerked violently back. It barely kissed her tender belly, leaving a tiny trail of blood. She jerked and gasped, but didn't cry out. She closed her eyes so she wouldn't flinch at the sight of the whip sailing over her head and waited for the next strike, every muscle in her body tensed for the stinging impact.

Frank squinted at the scanner display. It showed him where his strike had occurred on her outlined form. The whip whistled again, striking Tanya's right breast, this time, but not the nipple. Tanya whimpered this time. The sensation was almost more than she could stand. She could feel her nervous system spreading the almost electrical sensation throughout her body, dissipating the pain from the cut in her breast. A response was beginning between her legs, and she knew that, soon, she would be able to tolerate, and even crave, a lethal amount of pain.

Frank tried it again, this time causing Tanya to cry out as her right nipple vanished in a colorful splat of bright red blood. After two more strokes of the whip, Tanya's left nipple disappeared, replaced by a bloody streak that went down her breast almost two inches. Frank stepped closer, raising his whip again. The next strike kissed her pelvis. The scanner displayed its readout, letting him know he'd just missed his target.

On the next stroke, Frank snapped the whip right between her legs. Tanya snapped her legs up against her chest with a yelp, unable to handle any more, and folded into a trembling, orgasmic ball. Frank tossed the whip down and walked over to the massage table. He bent down and kissed his wife tenderly on her madison ivy lady in red is dancing for you, trembling lips, then stretched her out to see what he'd done to her.

There were several little trails of blood. Two of them started like little volcanoes right where her nipples were regenerating. The slice in her left breast was healing nicely. Tanya moaned with pleasure as her husband ran his hand over her sweaty, bleeding body, gently caressing her tender, regenerating flesh. He leaned over the table and licked blood off her cunt where the whip had taken off half of one of her pussy lips.

He'd missed her clitoris after all. Tanya came again as he licked it with his tongue. "Oh, God, that feels good," Tanya murmured from the other end of the table. "Shove one of those hand rockets in there, darling." Frank grinned and stood back up. There was blood and cunt juice on his face.

Taking one of the fizzlers out of the box, he pushed it up into her pussy until just the end was visible. "Ready, Hon?" he asked. He reached for the overhead magnifying glass. It was partly cloudy, but there was enough heat and light coming from the skylight to ignite that little torture device.

He swung the heavy glass around and positioned it over her pelvis. He played on her pussy with the little pinpoint of light, watching her twitch when he left it in one spot too long.

Moaning in frustration, Tanya tried to kick him with her foot. Frank aimed the light directly on the little rocket. It flared up, its brightness matching Tanya's voice as she cried out.

He held her trembling legs down as it disappeared up inside her. Tanya shrieked twice, then went completely limp. As Frank came around and started to lift her off the table, she moaned and opened her sky-blue eyes. "Oh, God! That was great!" she murmured. "Do it again…" "Okay," Frank said, setting her down again.

He walked around the table and spread her legs. This time, he put two of the little fizzlers up inside her, leaving the tip of the second one visible. He aimed the magnifying glass at her clit until she twitched, then aimed it down at the little paper cylinder full of gunpowder sticking out of her powdered-filled pussy. It ignited and disappeared.

Tanya screamed at the top of her lungs as both fizzlers exploded in her cunt, blowing out half-cooked pussy meat and blood between her legs. When he looked up at her, she was unconscious, again. Frank patiently cleaned her up, then carried her over to the bed in the corner of her little sanctuary. He was hard as a rock from torturing her and needed to shove his cock into her exploded pussy.

He hoped she'd regenerated enough so that there was some tightness down there for him to fuck. Stripping his trousers off, he climbed onto the bed between her legs and shoved his cock into her.

Her pussy was so raw inside that the pain of his entering into her woke her up. She was suddenly conscious, crying out and actually fluttering her torn pussy muscles against his hard dick.

Frank came quickly, salting down her wounded cunt with his cum. He lay down beside her and kissed the tears off her face. "Oh, God, Frank, that hurts so good," Tanya whimpered as he kissed her tear-streaked face. "Would you like one of the manglers?" he asked her. "We have lots of time before four o'clock." She nodded.

"What I'd really like is for you to shoot me," Tanya said, raising her head to look at him. "Empty your gun into my cunt." Tanya stroked her clitoris while she begged him. "I really need this, Frank. You know I do." Frank sighed. "It will probably kill you, you know.

A bullet will go a long ways up into your body. There could be internal hemorrhaging." Tanya gazed at him, her magnificent body twitching with her need as she massaged her clit.

"Please?" "Alright," he conceded. "I'll go get the gun." Tanya smiled at him and lay back, continuing to rub her clit while she waited. He returned a moment later. "You need warmed up?" he asked. "It probably wouldn't hurt to get me more aroused," Tanya said, "but I'm shaking with anticipation, right now. Go ahead and do what you think is best." "What I think is best is to put the gun away and shove a mangler up there instead," he replied.

"Shoot me, Frank," Tanya said quietly. "Please." "Okay," Frank sighed, knowing it probably wouldn't kill her. "Let me give you one going from front to back first, so you'll know what to expect when I fire one into your pussy and up into your lungs. Because that's where it'll go." "Sounds exciting," Tanya told him, smiling nervously.

Tanya was trembling and Frank didn't think she was excited. Frank believed she was scared. But he also believed she would never let this go until he did it until he actually shot her. "Here comes the first one," Frank told her. He pressed the barrel of the gun against her belly button and pulled the trigger. The gun leaped in his hand, but didn't make much noise.

Tanya doubled up into a fetal position, groaning in agony. "Oh, God, I'm coming!" She shook violently, both in agony and in orgasm, her knees pressed tightly against her stomach. Frank could see, now that she was lying sideways, that the bullet had gone completely through her, exiting out her back and down into the mattress.

He watched as the exit wound in her back slowly healed. After several minutes, Tanya wanted him to shoot her again. She stretched out, letting Frank see the nearly closed wound in her stomach.

"See, it's healing," she reassured him. "That's because I didn't hit any major veins or arteries," Frank told her. "Honey, do you remember that very first time I got shot?" she asked him. "I took three hollow-point M-16 shells in my gut. A lot of veins and arteries were torn. I almost bled to death.

As soon as Béla hypoed me with her blood, I healed. I didn't bleed to death. That little pistol won't kill me… "But it might send me to heaven…" she continued, smiling and with a look of arousal on her face.

He grinned back, still not happy about doing this. Tanya lay back and spread her legs. "Use them all," she told him. Frank stuck the cold, hard end of the gun against her soft warm pussy flesh and pulled the trigger. Blood spattered his face as the bullet splashed through her soft, tender flesh and buried itself somewhere deep inside her. Tanya grunted with the impact and discovered that she couldn't even draw a breath to scream.

She convulsed almost silently on the bed, holding her stomach fiercely with her hands and arms, suddenly covered with a glistening sheen of sweat. After a moment, she could breath again, and wildly gulped a lungful of air, then lay there, gasping for another moment. Gradually, she relaxed back on the bed, again. After another moment, she noticed Frank was still there, still holding the gun. She smiled, still breathing hard through her mouth.

"Again… do it again…" Frank backed away a little this time so he wouldn't get splattered and fired into the bleeding hole that had been her sweet, warm pussy. Tanya cried out this time and shook with agony. He hoped she was having a few orgasms, because if she was in that much pain because of what he was doing to her… Well, that thought made him feel queasy inside. After a few minutes, Tanya began to relax again. Anissa kate wifes black lover gazed at Frank as she lay on her side, breathing heavily.

"We can do this… all afternoon… if you… want… "But… maybe not," she gasped, gazing at Frank's hard-on. "You wanna use that… on me for… awhile?" Frank grinned and set down the gun.

"You okay in there?" Tanya nodded, and Frank mounted the bed between her legs. Bending down, he licked her clitoris for a moment while Tanya lay back and shoved her pelvis up into his face. The simple fact that her body worked well enough for her to do that convinced him she was okay. Crawling farther up the bed, he lifted her hips with both hands and braced her thighs above his knees.

His cock was brushing against her still-leaking pussy. He arched his pelvis forward and back, rubbing her clitoris with his hard-on. Then he shoved it inside her. She felt alive and tight and wet and sticky especially tight and sticky as her pussy surrounded his hard cock. There was oil in a tiny bottle on the side shelf and Frank reached for it, not remembering the last time she'd ever needed a lubricant. As Tanya shook and trembled beneath him, Frank realized that she probably wasn't really healed down there yet, and her natural lubrication simply wasn't ready to function.

Pulling out almost completely, he dribbled a couple of drops onto his cock, then shoved it back inside her. Tanya grimaced and arched her back at the sudden re-entry and Frank realized she was still in a lot of pain. He was almost crying as he watched her lying there, trembling and suffering from what he'd done to her, even as he moved ever so gently in and out, in and out, trying to give her some pleasure.

"Feels good…" Tanya muttered, letting him know what was really happening inside her. "Don' stop." After a few more minutes, Tanya began to respond, gently moving her pelvis up in time with his own strokes. She opened her eyes and smiled down at him. "That was good," she told him. "I lived through it, and I came… a lot." "Good," Frank murmured and picked up the pace a bit, fucking her a little more energetically, now.

"Where's the gun?" Tanya wanted to know as she squeezed her pussy muscles against his cock. Frank was so stunned by her question that he stopped fucking her in mid-stroke. Christ!

She wants more? "You're kidding! Right?" Frank gasped, staring into her face. "Huh-uh!" Tanya replied, shaking her head slightly.

"You can shoot me while you're fucking me! That 'test shot' felt great. Just make sure you don't shoot the head of your dick off…" She grinned at her little jest, thinking that shooting his dick off might be an interesting experiment in male regeneration. After all, he had Béla's blood in his veins, too.

But for now, she would be satisfied with a couple more holes in her belly. Climbing down off the bed, Frank retrieved the gun, then started to climb back on. "Wait!" Tanya exclaimed, suddenly realizing… "While you're down there, shoot me between my legs again! Then fuck me while I grow everything back!" Frank stared at her flushed, excited face as she gazed longingly at him. No, she was gazing longingly at the gun! With a half-laugh of disbelief, Frank knelt on the bed between her legs and pushed the cold barrel up inside Tanya's pussy.

"Ready?" he asked, still staring at her. "Wait!" Tanya cried out, again. "Put it put it in my ass…" Frank pulled the barrel out of her wet pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times. He pressed the smooth metal against her clitoris and swore he could feel it pulsate right through the handle of the gun.

He knew, of course, that he was imagining that. Sliding the slippery gun barrel down again, he pressed the little petite brunette teen shows spreads her pussy on cam in the end of the gun against the little hole in the end of Tanya, and heard her gasp. "Push it in," he heard her whisper. Her voice was shaking, just like her legs and stomach. Frank was certain she was terrified of what was going to happen.

Gently, he pressed forward. The barrel slipped easily into her rectum. He moved the gun back and forth a couple of times, gently fucking her ass with it. "Ready?" he asked again. Tonya nodded, then realized that he couldn't see her from down there. "Yes! Do it!" Tanya whimpered as she raised her hips up in the air to receive his torturous gift.

Frank pulled the trigger and Tanya flopped back on the bed and twisted around, once again completely out of control of her body and the agonizing sensations that swept through her. Quickly climbing back on the bed, Frank shoved her thrashing legs apart and shoved his cock back inside her as she trembled and shook.

In this intimate contact, he could almost feel the agonizing fire from the little furrow that bullet had ripped through her guts. "Breathe deep," he said, pressing his hand against her stomach. "Breath with your stomach. I know it hurts, Baby; do it anyway." "Coming… still…" Tanya tried to say. "Hurts…" Then Tanya cried out and arched her back, almost throwing him off against the wall. She collapsed back down to the bed, gasping for air. Her pussy was quivering against Frank's cock.

He'd never felt her orgasm like that, before. Ramming his cock up as deep inside her as he could, Frank came, his cock pulsing with each powerful spurt. Tanya had been right when she told him that bullets were better than blasting caps.

She was always right, of course. It had taken a lot of sexual persuasion to get him to do that to her, but now, he was glad he had. Frank relaxed and gasped, realizing that he hadn't been breathing during his orgasm. Sweat was running down face and his chest.

It ran down his arms to where his hands were buried in the bedding, one on each side of Tanya's sweaty, slippery waist. He gazed down at her sweating, trembling body and realized that a lot of pure white skinned brunette amber peach is wearin moisture on her torso was his as another few drops left his chin and splashed against her shimmering, sexy flesh. "Oh, God…" Tanya gasped, seeming to come back to life.

"What a wild… ride…" "Like a roller-coaster, huh?" Frank asked, panting and grinning down at her. She smiled back up at him weakly, panting. "Yeah… roller… coast…" She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. "You okay?" Frank asked, still out of breath from coming so hard.

Tanya barely nodded, then opened her eyes again. The question in them was unmistakable. She confirmed it a few seconds later… "Bullets?" she whispered, sounding weak, but hopeful. "Oh, Jesus…" Frank gasped. "You want more?" Tanya didn't answer. She just gazed up at him. "How many bullets do you have left?" she asked weakly, wondering how much more she could take. "I think there are a couple left," Frank finally said, answering her question.

"Do you want to use them up all at once?" Tanya asked. "Just stick it in my pussy and pull the trigger until it goes 'click'?" "If that's what you want," he agreed. gorgeous boys turk and winter tube porn rather use a mangler on you.

It does less damage." "I like damage," she admitted. "I came so hard when you shot that one real cfnm femdom sucking subject infront of her voyeurs my ass, I nearly died." "I couldn't tell if you were dying or coming," he said.

"It scares me that you could die doing this." "I won't die," Tanya promised. "I love this too much. Just point the gun at me and empty it. Please?" Frank raised the gun and pointed it at his wife's beautiful, taut, blood-spackled stomach. Tanya reached down and began playing with her clit. "I'm ready," she told him. He pulled the trigger. Tanya shuddered as a hole appeared in her beautiful belly. "Again!" she cried. Frank pulled the trigger three more times in rapid succession.

Then it went 'click' and the chamber stayed open. Tanya was curled up on the bed by now, and Frank was hard again. He needed to fuck her now while she was still coming. He pulled her toward him, ignoring the blood that was pumping out from her stomach and back and shoved into her twitching pussy. Her pussy was convulsing so much that he came in only a few seconds, pumping his cum into her over and over. He watched as her wounds slowly healed over and closed, then pulled his sticky cock out of her soaked cunt.

"What do you want to do now?" he asked. He was finally getting into the 'mutilate your wife for fun and pleasure' mood. "We still have two and a half hours…" Tanya smiled. "Blow up my cunt again?" She shoved her leaking pelvis up into the air at him. "Ow. Wait a minute." She began undulating her bubble butt yuka tokona getting her pussy plowed on the bloody bed, her eyes closed in concentration.

"Ah. There it is." Something dropped onto the floor next to the bed. "Souvenir?" she said, teasing him. "It was rubbing against my ribs." Frank looked at the small object on the floor. It was a bullet. "So that's how you'll get them out, huh?" Frank said, smirking at his earlier fear of doing irreparable damage to her. "I forgot you can teleport. I'll go reload." "What?

Really?" Tanya said, suddenly more excited. "I love you!" When Frank returned a few minutes later, he found Tanya lying on the bloody mattress with her eyes closed. "Are you finished?" he asked her. No response. He pressed the gun up against her blood-covered belly and shot her. Her body jerked, but it was only a reflex motion. She didn't even grunt. Tanya was out cold, her constant rejuvenation from all those bullets having exhausted her completely. Frank reached up and pressed his hand against her breastbone.

He could feel her heartbeat. It wasn't racing, so she wasn't in shock. That in itself amazed him. It meant that her body really could handle all that damage. He wondered if the bullets still inside her would hinder her long-term healing. As the fresh stomach wound slowly closed, he felt around the softer parts of her body her belly and thighs searching for spent bullets. There were a couple of exit wounds in her back, but they were healing, too. Frank had witnessed the fact that Béla could heal fast.

But Tanya was healing as fast as Béla. He wondered if Béla had given her a booster when she'd guided Tanya's healing from her giant skewer-bot injury.

She'd evidently done something. Tanya had never been this nuts about pure, raw pain and mutilation before. They still had two hours of alone-time, so Frank scooted Tanya's limp frame over and joined her on the blood-soaked bed, wrapping his arms around her voluptuous body and burying his face in her luxurious blond hair. About an hour later, Tanya began waking up.

She stretched her magnificent, blood-soaked body and twisted around, grunting, acting as though she was trying to line everything up inside, somehow. Frank heard something drop on the floor behind the bed. After about the third metallic 'clink' onto the floor, Frank raised his head up and looked.

There were several bloody bullets lying there on the floor. "You teleported these here!" he exclaimed. "They were in your body! And you teleported them out!" "What?" Tanya asked, sounding groggy. She looked around. "What happened?" "You dropped dead on me," he told you. "You were out cold. I even put another one in your belly just to see if you'd react.

You didn't." "I missed one?" she asked, still sounding groggy. "Do it again…" Frank laughed. "You want more?" Tanya closed her eyes and smiled weakly. "Always, Darling… How much time have we got?" "About an hour, I think," Frank answered her. "Well…" Tanya murmured, blinking her eyes at him. Frank shook his head in disbelief. He climbed out of bed to get the gun.

Then walked back and pressed the gun against her pelvis. He watched her beautiful stomach muscles tense up as she braced for the next shot. He pulled the trigger. Tanya's body jerked. He heard her gasp and whimper as her body shook with an instant orgasm. "It doesn't hurt so much, now," Tanya gasped, then took another breath to continued, "and my body is so much more… receptive… to this kind of…" "Impact?" Frank asked, looking at his wife's adoring face.

"Torture? Mutilation?" "Don't tease, Frank," Tanya pleaded. "This is important to me. Ever since I first met Béla, I've yearned to be able to do stuff like this. Sometimes I wonder if I walked into that ambush on purpose just to see what it felt like to get shot.

I knew we weren't alone and that people were watching the cabin. I think I just walked outside, daring those bastards to shoot at me." "Well, you got your wish," Frank replied, and sat down on the end of the bed next to her.

"Yeah, I have," Tanya agreed, sounding pleased. "Both my wishes." "Both?" Frank asked, smiling at the answer he knew she would give him. "Yes, both!" she replied. "You, and my superpowers!" "Superpowers, huh?" Frank grinned. "These bullets don't bounce off of you like they do Superman." "I was thinking more of Kara," Tanya replied.

"Supergirl… with that cape and the cute skirt. When they changed her costume to 'hot pants', I thought she looked silly, so I never wore hot pants." "Supergirl came along after I stopped reading comic books," Frank said.

"But I remember seeing her on the comic stands in drugs stores. I always wondered how they could draw her flying in that skimpy outfit and not show her panties to everybody beneath her." "Yeah, I forget you've got thirty years on me," Tanya admitted. "I once wrote a story about her." "About Supergirl?" Frank asked. Tanya nodded. "I'd already discovered sex, by then, and I wanted to help Kara lose her virginity." "I'll bet that was good!" Frank laughed. "Tell me what you wrote.

Do you remember it?" "Well, let's see," Tanya thought for a moment. "Yeah! There's this imp, you know, from the Seventh Dimension. You know, the one who was always using magic and messing with Superman's mind?" "Yeah, go on…" "Well, he's secretly in love with Kara, you know?" Tanya continued. "And he created this magical cloud of Red Kryptonite that Supergirl flies through. She doesn't notice it, but then there's this runaway atomic missile and Kara chases it, and as she catches up with it, the heat from its rocket engine makes her all itchy and horny and stuff.

So, she flies around in front of this missile and catches it between her legs and lets the pointy end shove up against her, you know?" "This is getting interesting," Frank admitted. "What happened then?" "Well," Tanya said, "she's not watching where she going 'cause she's flying backwards and, like, masturbating with this missile.

The Red Kryptonite made her really aroused, you see. So, anyway, she slams into this mountain and, and the missile shoves up inside her and explodes!" "Jesus!" Frank laughed.

"You are one sick chick!" "Yeah, I know," Tanya said, laughing with him. "But, she's invulnerable, you know." "Yeah, she is, I guess." "So, anyway, there's this big crater in the side of the mountain, and Supergirl's body is just slowly tumbling down the side of the crater and stops when it reaches the bottom. She's unconscious because of the incredible orgasm she had…" "Did you have an orgasm when you wrote that?" Frank wanted to know.

"Oh, yeah! I was sitting on the pointy edge of one of those little ten dollar vibrating pillows and typing and playing with myself and eating peanut butter out of a jar!" "I'll bet that was messy!" "It was," Tanya admitted. "But, I was alone and it was my own very first apartment and my parents had gotten me this, like, three-thousand dollar word processor that would display a line of text forty characters across, and I wanted to try it out.

"So, anyway, back to my story where was I? Oh, yeah! Unconscious with a tremendous orgasm. And Mister Misty Pixel, or whatever his name was, was hiding inside her pussy in a gaseous state. He comes out, all shook up from the explosion physical stuff can't hurt him, either, 'cause he's magic and he's all upset because even an atomic bomb couldn't break her hymen, you see." Frank rolled back on the bed, laughing. "She sounds just like you!" Tanya sat and looked at him, her feeling hurt because he was laughing at her story.

"Hey! I was just a kid, okay? It was my first story!" "Okay, Hon," Frank said, sitting back up. "I apologize. I'm sorry I laughed." He kissed her. "What else happened?" "Well," Tanya said, going on, "she's still horny when she wakes up and goes around finding little wars in Kenya and places like that and stops them from fighting each other by wrapping her legs around the ends of the cannons as they go off, and saving soldiers by squatting down on grenades and exploding shells and stuff.

"Finally, her cousin figures out what's wrong and sends Mister Pixel back to where he came from and the magic wears off. But Superstud got so hot watching his sexy cousin abuse herself with all that artillery that he took her to his Fortress of Solitude and they made love.

Only his Super Dick could bust her Super Cherry! The End!" "Sweet!" Frank grinned. "I don't suppose, though, that D.C. was interested…" "No, well," Tanya replied. "I never sent it to them. I didn't know that when the batteries go dead in that little machine it loses what's been typed in.

Besides, once it was typed in, I didn't know how to get it back out! I couldn't even correct my typos. I finally threw it away." "Too bad!" Frank said earnestly. "I would've loved to read it." "You would?" Tanya said, sounding happier, now. "That's almost the nicest thing a guy could say to a girl." "What would be the nicest thing?" Frank asked, knowing full well he was being set up.

"Well," Tanya said, thinking hard. "I was remembering all that artillery that Kara used on herself… "I can really do stuff like that, now!" Tanya said animatedly.

"I've always dreamed about it even before I met Béla! But I wasn't ready to die, yet. I always figured that, someday, when I was an old woman and too sick to live any longer, I would take a grenade, pull the pin and just… well. You know." "But, you'll never be sick," Frank said, more seriously now. "And, hopefully, we'll never grow old." "But we will, someday," Tanya replied. "That writer… Stoker?

He got old, if I remember what Jake told us about him. "Well," Frank said, "if what Jake said is true, we still have five hundred years before it happens. Do you think that forcing your body to heal so much is shortening your life span?" "I don't know," Tanya replied. "I don't care if it is. I like my life the way it is.

I can take vast amounts of punishment and it just makes me feel more alive. If this is what it feels like to 'use myself up', then I'm for it! Use me up!" Frank hugged his sexy wife tightly against him. "I don't want to use you up! I want you to be here forever just like you are right now!" "I'm not going anywhere, Angel," Tanya whispered into his ear.

"And I'll stay like this as long as I can, okay?" The wall monitor letting them know what time it was interrupted them. Frank sighed. "Well, Nathan will be home in less than half an hour, now. We should get cleaned up." He slid off the bed and helped Tanya to her feet.

She seemed bright and awake, but her body didn't want to stand up. "Hold me a minute," she gasped, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and leaning against him. "This is nice," Frank told her, enjoying the soft pressure of her breasts against his chest. He helped her over to the shower (not the gas one) and guided her inside. "Spray. Upper. One hundred degrees," he told it.

He held her tightly as the shower sprayed down on her head and back. Tanya was very clingy, so he kissed her passionately, loving the taste of her mouth on his. "Are you okay?" he asked, after another moment. She nodded and smiled up at him. "This afternoon was incredible. You'll probably never want to do that to me again, but I want you to know I loved every second of it.

"But I think we should probably talk to Béla and see if she can reset me to sexxxx pront sex full sex stories action storys lighter voltage or something.

I'm afraid you'll burn out on me, trying to satiate me the way I am now. I could probably stand in the middle of a bonfire right now and scream for more heat. And you may be right about me using myself up." "Your recovery ability is remarkable," Frank said, kissing her cheek. "I don't think that even Béla is this resilient. Are you sure you want her to fix you back to the way you were before?" "No," admitted Tanya. "I was just thinking about you. You only came four times this afternoon.

I must have come at least once for every bullet you put in me." "I like watching you come," Frank whispered quietly into her ear, barely loud enough to be heard over the shower. "It makes my whole day." Tanya smiled at that.

"You're hopeless." She seemed stronger now, standing under the shower with him. He knew her strength was just an illusion and that she'd suffered serious blood loss this afternoon. Frank stepped out of the shower and helped natalia goes from mad to horny pretty quickly soap down and wash the blood out of her hair and off her smooth, slippery skin. He fingered her to another orgasm, incidentally checking to make sure she was intact inside and that everything was where it should be, then she helped him shower, finishing him off with her warm, wet mouth on his hard cock.

That also gave her a chance to sit down on the shower floor before she fainted. He was pumping his cum deep into her throat when the wall console announced the arrival of their five-year-old charge, Nathan, their innocent chick spreads narrow quim and gets deflorated defloration and virginity. "Does that make you feel old, looking at him and realizing he's a fourth generation Tabor?" he asked as they quickly dressed.

"No," she said. "I'll only feel old when you're too feeble to fuck me any more and I'm too fat and saggy to arouse you." She laughed and kissed him. "Thank you for this afternoon. That should keep me for quite awhile." Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Someone was ringing a gong.

Jake Hedron opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Last night his exiled wife, marooned on Earth, had visited him in his dreams.

'Dream-walking,' she called it. It had been more than three months since she'd been exiled. Now, she lived alone on a dead, baked world. She actually told him she was happy with her life there that she enjoyed the challenges of surviving in a barren, hostile wasteland where the sun cooks everything to a nice even hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit every day. Extreme living, she'd called it. He sat up on the bed, wondering if she'd really appeared to him, or if he'd dreamed it.

"Both," a female voice said from the doorway to his room. He looked up. It was that hated blonde witch who'd accused his wife of criminal negligence and gotten her exiled. "What do you want?" Jake asked, unable to keep his hatred out of his voice. "Your wife violated her exile," Elaine said quietly.

"What are you going to do about it?" sneered Jake. "Throw her into the sun?" "No, and don't act stupid," Elaine told him. "She found the Praetor that was hidden on Earth. That's something we both wanted to happen." "What do you mean?" Jake asked, unwilling to believe the white witch Elaine might be an ally. "The Praetor gave her the power to dream-walk," Elaine explained. "The Praetor is our ultimate lawgiver. There's nothing I can do to keep her from you. There's nothing I even want to do about that.

I simply wanted you to know that I know, and there will be no consequences." "Very big of you, 'Goddess'," he replied sarcastically. "You've been out-ranked, so you've decided everything's okay and wonderful!

Great! Goodbye!" "You're acting like a fool!" Elaine snarled at him. "I would have sent your family's murderess to your Earth's South Pole! It's the only Temperate Zone left! But I had a vision. She was to find the Praetor." "The South Pole…" Jake began angrily. "Silence!" the Golden Goddess commanded. "It is possible that this entire timeline will cease to exist. Don't be frightened if things around you start to disappear.

It will mean she won. She'll have saved us all. That could be what finding that Praetor means to all of us her opportunity to redeem herself by changing history." Elaine's hair and white justice gown and cape flaired out as she turned away and departed. Jake sat on the bed for another moment. Then the sound that had awakened him occurred again the breakfast bell at university hall. He rose, washed his face and smoothed down his hair. A quick stop in the latrine and he was on his way to the food line.

He felt better than he had felt for three months. He felt… hope. As he trotted to university hall, he kept focusing on various objects, hoping things would start disappearing. Elaine walked a ways down the hall, then teleported back to her mansion. It was time for breakfast. Her life-mate was preparing something special, just for her. Today was their two-hundredth anniversary the celebration of the day when she and Jacob had shared their life-blood with each other in a special ceremony which both of them had written, bonding them together for eternity.

Jacob brought out the main breakfast course a fresh baked, heavy sweet bread made from apples and raisins, accompanied by four dozen sausage rolls. Elaine rose so she could be seated when her life-mate sat down. As she bit into the hot bread, she missed the nuts that would have been in it if they were living on old earth. Nuts didn't grow here. Walnuts did, but they were too rare and were needed to grow more trees. "It's delicious, My Love," Elaine said.

Jacob looked at her into her eyes. They glistened with her love for him. He was pleased that he could affect the powerful goddess with his cooking.

After breakfast, Elaine gave the household staff instructions not to come onto the third floor. That was her sanctuary her home. She and Jacob would spend the day together. As Jacob followed her upstairs, he was surprised that his goddess stopped to see Jeff, the Bard Geoffrey, for a moment. She kissed and hugged him like she was going to leave on a long journey. Finally, they were alone. "Would you like to fly with me?" she asked, closing the door behind her. Jacob looked a little confused.

Elaine came to him and kissed him passionately. Public bus rape xxx japanese story reached up to cup her breasts in his hands. She grinned, breaking her kiss with him. "That tickles," she lied. "Take off your clothes, My Lovely brunette babe shows her cunt on the webcam She began to disrobe, hanging her dress carefully on the rack especially built for it.

For some reason, today, it slid off. Jacob started to pick it up. "Don't bother," she told him. "But it'll wrinkle," Jacob argued. "It doesn't matter," Elaine replied. Jacob picked it up anyway and hung it carefully. She smiled at him and climbed onto their bed.

Jacob stood at the foot of the bed and began to massage her feet. She smiled and scooted down so he could reach them easier. He carefully tended each toe on each foot, then moved down to her arches.

Elaine moaned in pleasure as he gently bent her foot around his closed hand, moving bones in her feet that had been compressed and aching. She hadn't even known her feet could feel that wonderful. "Where did you learn that, Love?" she asked, looking down her naked body at him. "I've begun studying anatomy," he replied. "Specifically, the Art of Massage." "You're hired," Elaine murmured at the ceiling. Jacob grinned and moved up to her ankles.

In the next half-hour, he found and massaged out every kinked muscle in both her legs. "Turn over," Jacob said quietly. Elaine flipped onto her stomach. She groaned happily as she felt both of Jacob's loving hands on her buttocks massaging them and making her feel wonderful.

Then he moved up to her lower back. Some time later, her finally reached her shoulders. There was something else happening by then a minor problem Jacob was doing his best to ignore. His goddess noticed it, too. Her very favorite part of Jacob was calling to his very favorite part of her. Elaine opened her mind to him to find out what he intended to do about his problem. Then she moaned and wiggled her rump that he was sitting on while he massaged her shoulders.

"You're up too high, Darling," Elaine cooed. "Scoot down a bit." Jacob chuckled, realizing that she'd had enough non-sexual contact for today. He slid down her legs, letting his huge cock teacher fucks delhi public school student leaked mms down between stunning teen serena torres gets banged sweet eighteen first time. Then he slid back up until the head of his cock was pressing against her vulva.

Elaine moaned and wiggled her rump again as Jacob pressed forward and positioned himself so that his cockhead was pressing against the right place. Then she raised up a little bit, letting him know it was okay to proceed. Jacob pressed forward more ardently now. Elaine moaned her pleasure at him as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate his girth.

He completely filled her, now, and she knew he wasn't all the way in yet. He began moving back, almost lifting her off the bed from the suction inside her as he moved. He began gently fucking her, listening to her breathing as he moved in and out. After a few moments, she began sub-vocalizing her needs as they made love. Yes! He could hear her say it with each breath she exhaled.

In addition, mind-linked with her, he could feel what she felt knew exactly what was going on in her body, her mind, her soul. Today, his goddess' soul was incredibly sad and he didn't know why. But he was determined to make her feel better the only way he knew how to feed her and love her.

Today he was doing both, as he did most days. But today was the anniversary of their bonding. Today, he would worship her from her toes to her nose. He grinned to himself at the rhyme he made, but he was serious about making her happier. He believed that the sadness in her soul came from the fact that they had never had children. When he'd met her, his goddess was full of life. She loved everyone and everything. She was having some silly snit with one of her sisters who was on earth.

Then her far-away sister had been arrested, drugged and cruelly murdered executed for treason. The life went out of Elaine the day she found out. She changed her mind about having her own family, changed the way she presided over her temple, changed everything. And everything changed. Lorraine Station was no longer the happiest district in New Eden. It became simply another routine farming community among dozens. The goddesses that presided over each local district were often the life and soul of that district.

Elaine had single-handedly (or perhaps using some other favored body part) made Lorraine Station the most desirable place to live in the entire world especially for young men. There were two reasons: One was the Golden Goddess herself and the weekly festivals she presided over, and the other was the university. Jacob had hung on since just after their bonding until now, hoping something would change hoping his goddess would somehow return from her self-imposed emotional exile.

Then, a few months ago, she changed again, for the worse. She accused an innocent girl and had her exiled to a dead planet. Since that day, the Golden Goddess changed the way she presided as justice in her temple. She and The Great Bard Geoffrey often argued their decisions back and forth, causing the goddess to become so distressed that she would walk out in the middle of a hearing. Today, on his two-hundredth anniversary, his goddess seemed more like her old self, complementing him on his meal, and acting friendly to everyone in the mansion.

It had been a long time since he had seen her act affectionate with the Great Bard. Her behavior scared him. It was like she was saying goodbye; like she intended to do something drastic. That was why he worked so hard now to make her happy. He didn't want her to say goodbye to anyone, especially him.

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But Jacob was also confused. The instant they were alone, his goddess had asked if he wanted to fly with her. To fly with a goddess in her natural form was to impregnate her, and he knew she didn't want to bring horny yhivi getting a big cock for her pink pussy into this fragile, unhappy world.

Elaine interrupted his train of thought by radiating an orgasm through him. As she caught her breath, she looked around over her shoulder at him. "You think too much," she said simply. "Enjoy our day together, my love." She squeezed her legs together, tightening her pussy around his huge cock. "Sit up," she told him. "No, don't back out, stay in there. Just sit up," Jacob straightened up on his knees, his cock still buried in her warm, wet pussy. Elaine pulled her legs up underneath her, then rolled on her side, pulling his cock along with him still inside her.

Then she straightened her legs and finished turning over. The corkscrew effect felt marvelous on his cock as she made that final twist onto her back.

She grinned up at him, making him realize that he'd broadcast his sensations of what she was doing to his cock by squirming around like that. Now she was on her back with her legs surrounding Jacob. His hard cock, although twisted a little right now, was still buried deep in her pussy. Elaine held out a hand for him to pull her up.

Then they were sitting together face to face on the bed. Jacob was sitting on the bed with Elaine sitting on Jacob's cock. As they sat facing one another, Elaine slowly worked her way further down onto his magnificent cock. Jacob had to ask. She'd said it when wild sex with charming legal age teenager came in and closed the door. And now he had to know. "Why did you ask me if I wanted to fly with you," he said passionately.

"You know I do. Are we really going to?" "Soon, My Darling," Elaine replied. Her eyes were watering up again. She was sad. She was uncertain. She expected something to change and was both fearing it and needing it to happen.

As his goddess impaled herself deeper onto his cock, he felt her mind expanding, becoming aware of others in the mansion. She wasn't just making love to him, she was making love to her world.

This was the feeling that she'd had when they'd met. She loved her world and her world loved her. Jacob hoped that she was changing back to the goddess he'd fallen in love with, but he was afraid she was saying farewell.

Some strange dissonance began occurring as she viewed her little domain with her mind. It was rapidly growing. Her eyes snapped open. "It's time!" she exclaimed, quiet, but excited. She teleported them both into the center of New Eden. All around them, the land was changing, becoming indistinct. Jacob felt himself being pulled apart. He could feel the same thing happening in his goddess' mind. But she wasn't frightened, so neither was he. "She did it!" Elaine cried out. "Don't be afraid, darling!

It will be a wonderful new world! Everything will be all…" She screamed as she felt herself dissolving. Then, miraculously, she was whole, again. She felt… incredible completely rejuvenated. She gazed into Jacob's eyes. They were coupled together, making love in free fall in the center of New Eden. "Everything's all right now," she said, not understanding why she said it, but knowing it was somehow important.

Jacob looked at her strangely, and brushed his fingers across her damp cheeks. "Are you crying?" Elaine had no idea where the tears had come from. She didn't even know she'd been crying.

"I don't know," she replied, smiling at him. "I guess I'm just happy." She pulled him against her, still in free fall in the center of New Eden.

They were connected together in the most important places, already, but she wanted to hug him.

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"I believe this is someone's idea of heaven," she whispered as they floated in the sky, making love. "Hey! I hate to interrupt, but…" a young male prince of the realm had suddenly appeared beside them, wings outstretched. "Lunch is ready and Béla's back from Io to help celebrate your anniversary, Mom." "Oh, and Dad?" the young flier continued, "The liaison of the Phoenix Project wants to talk czarina penelope black diamond with a ponytail you about the new Star Drive that's being built at Northern…" Filled with joy, Elaine gazed at her son, Elias, fully grown now.

She had no idea why she suddenly burst into tears. ~~~~~ Jake Hedron was doing what he always did. He was searching for an answer that would reunite him with his wife, Tabatha, exiled on earth. The disk he held in his hand suddenly dissolved. He looked around.

The room was blurring objects were relocating themselves or vanishing altogether. He felt his own body beginning to dissolve. He screamed even as he remembered the goddess' words to him. This reality was ending. His wife had succeeded in changing the past. He wondered what would happen to him. A fiery vision suddenly appeared and reached toward him. Jake flinched away. 'No time to be shy, brother! We've got to get you out of here!' The fiery demon suddenly became human a young, naked female.

"Lisa?" he asked, astonished. As his hand dissolved, his half-sister grabbed his arm and flamed. His body flamed with hers. Then they both vanished. Chapter 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was daylight. Tabatha woke up itching and scratching.

The ants had found her during the night. Her whole body was inflamed with their biting. She rose and began to brush the tiny red monsters off her, then saw the thousands that were parading in a foot-wide line in toward where she slept. "K-rap on this!" she cried. She ran out of Béla's Ruins (That's what she'd named her new home, since Béla had once lived there and that's where she found Béla's Praetor) and toward the river the stream beneath the Washington Street Bridge, roughly a mile away.

She could wash the ants off there and get a fresh coating of mud to sooth her skin from their bites and protect her from the harsh sunlight. In less than fifteen minutes, she was sliding down the dried bank of the river. By now, most of the ants clinging to her had been shaken off as she jogged. Still, her skin itched terribly, even though she had been initiated into the 'family' in a wonderfully Sapphic lovemaking session with Béla, several months ago.

'Hundreds of years ago, now,' she reminded herself with a pang of regret. Wounds and injuries could regenerate quickly once she and Béla had shared their life-blood with each other.

It seemed ironic that she was now exiled on Earth for inadvertently causing the death of the same blood-sister for which she felt such strong affection. It seemed even stranger that she was now living in her long-dead blood-sister's tumbled-down house. The troubled times and events she'd unconsciously tried to escape from by time-walking into the future had overwhelmed and consumed her entire world.

There never had been an escape from those problems. Tabatha realized that, now. That she should be here doing penance in solitude felt right. It was justice. She understood that, even as the justices sentenced her to exile. She only wished that she could have said goodbye to Jake.

But the Praetor she'd discovered yesterday had taught her how to dream-walk. After she relearned it, she recalled having done it before in some dimly remembered previous existence. Now she could visit Jake whenever they were both asleep. She was at the stream now. It was dried up. The streambed was still muddy, so she dropped down and wallowed in it, renewing her coating of protective mud.

Then she climbed out, slipping on the mud coating the bottoms of her feet. She wondered where the water had gone, then realized that it had been several days since the last rain. Maybe the stream only ran when it rained, which meant it wasn't really a stream at all, but just some gully that filled with rainwater occasionally. She looked at the sky. Above her, it was clear, but she couldn't see any horizons from the bottom of the riverbed. She could smell moisture, though, and it wasn't from the drying mud caked on her body.

There was a storm coming. Tabatha walked back the way she had come, across the dried riverbed in the shadow of the great, dead bridge high above her.

By the time she'd climbed back up the bank, there was a roiling darkness on the western horizon an approaching summer storm.

It was growing swiftly, racing toward sex in throat and bawdy cleft smalltits hardcore. She could see the lightning inside the dark clouds and began to run, hoping she remembered the way back to Béla's Ruins.

She didn't and was quickly lost. 'Praetor, can you Aaaiiiieee! My head!' Tabatha screamed, remembering too late that she was not permitted to use telepathy.

'I hear you, Time-walker.' "Guide me home!" she cried, out loud. "I'm lost!" An image appeared in her head showing her where she was and where she wanted to be. Just as the first large drops began to fall, she staggered through the doorway, breathless and hot under her coating of cracked, half-dry mud. "God! How am I going to keep the rain out?" she asked herself, out loud. She felt frustrated and ineffectual. Looking around, she grabbed a towel and laid it over the Praetor, knowing somehow that it couldn't be allowed to get wet.

It was an electronic device, after all. "Okay, what now?" she asked herself again. It was starting to pour. Huge drops of icy cold rain were striking with incredible force, almost like hail.

Tabatha held her hand out, her shoulders hunched against the onslaught of water pouring down on her. Several large drops splashed into her hand.

She was sure she saw ice crystals in the water. 'Time-walker,' she heard the Praetor say in her mind. 'Almost two hundred years ago, the goddesses of New Eden were practicing how to create force fields in an effort to protect New Eden from stray asteroids. It took a dozen minds working in coordination with each other to surround the entire moon.

Then it took three minds, working in shifts, to maintain it. The force field worked, but the physical stress on the hollow moon almost caused it to buckle.' "Wow!

That must have been an incredible amount of force to stress a structure that size," Tabatha replied, shivering in the downpour. She'd found an old rotted blanket and was holding that up against the pouring rain. It was coming apart even as she held it over her.

She was really interested in the Praetor's story it gave her something to think about besides freezing to death in this soaking, cold rain. 'It wasn't the amount of force that almost tore New Eden apart. It was the goddesses' inability to coordinate the timing of the force field across that great a distance.' "What do you mean 'timing'?" she asked, trying to picture what the Praetor was explaining without triggering that damned monitor in her head.

"Was there some sort of gravitational problem with the orbit or something?" 'You are wise beyond your years, child,' the Praetor responded. 'The force field was created by shifting the object to be shielded backward in time approximately .003 seconds, creating an impenetrable barrier of time around it. The problem was that the shell of the moon kept trying to orbit into itself. The force field had to be uncreated to save New Eden from colliding with itself and being destroyed.' "How does that help me?" she asked, disgustedly throwing aside the handful of rotted blanket that was left in her hands.

She stood sullenly as the heavy rain poured down and washed the mud off her head and shoulders. 'You can shield one room without disrupting the earth's orbit. The earth is too massive to be effected by that small a resistance.' "Great! How do I do that?" she asked anxiously, her voice shaking as she started to lose control of her shivering, freezing wet body.

'Apply your time-walking abilities to this image,' the Praetor instructed. "Wait! I can't!" Tabatha cried. "I have a restriction in my head about creating images that I could use for teleportation!" 'You are not creating the image, time-walker.

I am. You are supplying the energy to move it in time. I will guide you. As the supreme lawgiver, my decisions take precedence over your judgement. Your psychic monitor will not trigger.' "Okay, if you say so," Tabatha nervously agreed, anxious to be out of this awful rain.

"It's adrianna laurenti petitte baise adriana and love one more headache if you're wrong…" An image of the room appeared in her mind. She gently touched it, surrounded it with her mind, then let the reality of the room surround her. A bolt of lightning, attracted by the power she was generating, flooded though the room. Tabatha grabbed it with her mind and added its power to the time-shift she was creating.

She heard singing, and a remote part of her mind realized that it was her own voice she heard. Her mind flooded with power, she raised her arms into the freezing, pouring rain and moved backward slightly in time, feeling the room around her move in time with her.

The rain abruptly stopped. Tabatha gazed upward, her arms still raised. She could see the rain pounding against the top of the force field. She laughed in amazement as another bolt of lightning struck directly down and blinded her with its brilliance.

The room shook and the lightning bristled, spread, and pounded against the force field, but it didn't get in. The lightning struck several times in rapid succession nature's attempt to discharge the energy surrounding the time-warped room.

Blinking the dazzle gorgeous boys turk and winter tube porn of her eyes from the lightning's near misses, she reached down, took the soaking wet towel off the Praetor, and tossed it aside. She stood, staring at the alien machine for a few minutes, wondering what else it could teach her. There were things she was not permitted to do, and there was something in her brain that would prevent her from attempting these things. 2019 new story miah kholifa xx the Praetor had already shown her how to dream-walk and how to create a force field.

She didn't even remember that these things existed before yesterday. A flash of light near the door of the ruins distracted her from her thoughts. She looked toward it.

There was something trying to get in. 'There's somebody there! Somebody's alive out here!' she realized excitedly. "Praetor! There's someone outside! How can I let them in?" 'There is no one there, child. You are seeing images from the past that no longer exist. It is a side effect of the force field. That happened on New Eden, also.' "You could have told me," she replied, her excitement deflated as fast as it had appeared.

Tabatha looked at the form again. It looked familiar.

"Béla? Is that you?" The form was gone. Then it was back again. It seemed to flicker and it was hard to focus on it. 'Images from the past,' she realized, sadly.

Béla's dead! If she were alive, I wouldn't be here. But it seemed that she was watching me, too. I wonder if she could really see me…' Tabatha scrounged around, looking for something to write with.

She could write a message and hold it up. If the ghost responded, then perhaps she could change this terrible tragedy she'd inadvertently created. "God! I'd die for a piece of paper and a pen!" she cried. The room was suddenly brighter.

And hotter. There was a fire in the room! "Praetor! There's a fire! How do I turn off the force field private chateau the struggle for power get you out?" Tabatha cried. The fire dissipated. In its stead stood a young naked female. Tabatha stood in shock, staring at the young girl.

She felt her mind being invaded, like the justices in New Eden had done. 'What the hell is that?' Her mental invader casually dissolved the psychic monitor that had been placed in her head by the justices in New Eden.

"Well, we were wondering where you disappeared to," the girl said cheerfully, speaking out loud now that she knew who she was talking to. "Lisa?" Tabatha asked, cautiously as she recognized her husband's half-sister. "Are you really here?

Are you dream-walking, or something? How did you find me?" Lisa decided to answer he last question first. It was the easiest one. "I didn't find you, sis," she grinned. "You're in Mom's living room." "I know," Tabatha said, confused. "But that doesn't answer the question. How did you get here?" "I have no idea," Lisa brunette slut lusiya has fun with a thick cock. "I touched some kind of force field and was sucked here.

It completely incorporated me. I had to flame my entire body to maintain some semblance of my form." "Wow! How do you do that?" Tabatha wanted to know. "I don't know," Lisa shrugged.

"I've always been able to do it. The Praetor thinks it has something to do with me being a Phoenix. I have a lot of fire trapped in my mind. I can do just about anything with it. That includes being able to dissolve and recreate my whole body. I guess it's something like teleportation except with fire. The Praetor told me that Mom had a rough time carrying me before I was born.

I kept burning her, inside. "So," Lisa began her next question with that annoying sound that her beloved Macario always used, "where are we, anyway?" she looked around, not understanding what she was looking at.

"This," Tabatha grandly gestured with her muddy arms, "is Béla's old house. We're in Boston sometime in the twenty-third or twenty-fourth century.

Anyway, we're in the future. This earth is dead. I'm the only along with you we're the only living people on the entire planet." "Wow!" Lisa said, astounded. "How did you… Yeah! How did you… Why are you here?" "I was exiled here," Lisa told her. "I unintentionally time-walked two hundred years or so into the future.

Once here, I was accused of abandoning my family and removing their only protection my husband. The Praetor can tell you the rest. I can't stand here and tell you what's going to happen to all of you it's just too terrible! Anyway, the justices in New Eden exiled me here for… Oh, hell! Talk to the Praetor!" Tabatha burst into tears and lunged forward, hugging her dear sister-in-law and sobbing hysterically. It had been so long since she'd actually felt the touch of another living being, and she just couldn't stand casually chatting and pretending that her new sister Lisa was simply making a social call any longer.

She desperately needed physical contact. The girls hugged each other tightly. "Jeez, you're filthy!" Lisa exclaimed softly. She closed her eyes and gently, delicately, burned all the mud off Tabatha's body. Tabatha twitched a few times as Lisa's rogue firepower scorched her flesh along with the mud covering it. "Much better," Lisa murmured after she was finished. She placed her hands on her sister-in-law's heaving ribcage as Tabatha cried her loneliness out, into her dear friend's shoulder.

"God! You're half-starved!" Lisa exclaimed, feeling Tabatha's rib bones right through her flesh. "Let's get you home and cleaned up a bit, okay?" She felt Tabatha back away slightly.

"I can go home?" she whimpered, and burst into tears again. Lisa smiled and nodded. Then she flamed, dissolving both their bodies into pure energy. That was necessary to get outside this strange force field.

Nothing corporeal could pass through it, even by teleporting. Touching the force field again, Lisa was once again absorbed into its energy matrix, along with her passenger. This time, she wasn't so frightened of what was happening, although she could feel Tabatha's terror in her mind. Finding the 'early' end of the force field, Lisa relocated them both into Béla's house in her own present time, and stepped out above the strange manifestation in the living room directly below.

They landed in Jake and Béla's bedroom. "We're upstairs," she called out to anyone listening. She led Tabatha into the bathroom and directly into the shower. "Shower on, hundred and five!" she called out. Lisa gasped as the showerheads began to swirl around, lovingly caressing her body with hot water. "Oh, God! This is wonderful!" she exclaimed, starting to cry, again.

"I never thought I'd get to take another shower!" Later, Lisa and Tabatha sat on the hallway couch with Béla and Jake, waiting for a pizza delivery and listening to Lisa's wild story. Macario was sitting on the floor, absently caressing Lisa's foot. "So, after she was imprisoned for embezzlement, Alicia's husband took over Tomlin Security.

He found out about all of you from the Tomlin database. It also detailed your inability to handle drugs, so he sent out sniper teams armed with needle guns to each branch of the family. He captured Frank and Tanya, and you and Jake. You, Lisa, got away. But Madigan had the Tabors executed and threatened to do the same to your parents unless you surrendered yourself. Once he had you…" Tabatha had to stop, overwhelmed with the weight of all this history. She'd lived in the aftermath of what she was telling them.

Taking a deep breath, she continued. "He had you all executed for treason," Tabatha was barely able to finish her story before her face was flooded with tears, again. Everyone was silent around her. A flicker of light in the living room drew their attention. "Hey, look! It's me!" Lisa said, pointing at an image of herself in the living room. "Wow! Talk about slow motion!" She studied her resolution from flame to living being carefully, fascinated with her own creativity.

They watched while the images slowly moved and talked to each other. The pizza arrived. For some reason, the pizza deliverer knew to go around to the back door. Béla made sure of that. "You seem to be speeding up," Macario observed of the images of Lisa and Tabatha. "Well, the force field was being maintained with energy from my mind," Lisa explained. "When we left, I stopped creating it. So it must be losing its integrity." "Along with the rest of that universe," Macario mentioned smugly.

"What do you mean?" Béla asked. "Well, with your advance knowledge of the future," Mac said, extrapolating his facts into a new scenario, "the future as Tabatha knows it will never happen. It will cease to exist." "What? Wait!" Tabatha cried out. "Jake's in that future! What will happen to him?" Macario shrugged.

"No idea. He'll probably be uncreated along with everything else that isn't activity radioactive sweet of me and alice to happen." "Oh, God! We've got to do something!" Tabatha cried.

She closed her eyes and tried to jump to where Jake was. She reappeared a few seconds later, much thinner, and collapsed to the floor, too weak to even stand. "He's not there!" she whimpered. "He's… He's not… anywhere!" "You can't get there from here," Mac explained. "That future's already been changed." "How can we get there?" Jake's father, Jake, cried. Lisa saw the solution in Macario's mind at the same instant it occurred to him. She looked up at the fiery images in the living room.

They were beginning to dissolve. "That way!" she exclaimed urgently, rising at the same time and racing toward the living room. Her body flamed as she slammed into and became one with the dying force field, dissipating in a brilliant flash of colors like she did the first time. Then the living room returned its normal four solid walls and a ceiling.

'An anomaly in time of eighteen hours, forty-three minutes and twelve seconds has occurred in the last instant,' the Praetor in the living room mentally announced to anyone who could receive it. "No shit, Sherlock," Tabatha murmured. Everyone laughed except Tabatha. She was too worried about Jake. Chapter 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jake Hedron returned to Tomlin Security just in time to prevent its collapse and takeover by his mother and stepfather.

After that, he sweet looking legal age teenager beauteous girl takes hard cock able, with the help of his true sister Jackie (who wasn't in the database with the rest of his family members) to offset the securities used by his mother in the underground city venture. So Walter Madigan never found out about his wife's misuse of his corporation, Solaris Construction and her misuse of his funds.

Walter's experimental cancer treatment worked; at least to some degree. By injecting minute and diluted amounts of Béla's blood into the normal cells existing alongside the main community of cancer cells, those cells became resistant to the spread of his cancer. It wasn't cured, but it was stopped.

With the knowledge of what he would have done to all of them if he'd had the opportunity, more help than that wasn't offered. Even his wife, Alicia, agreed; her husband would not be permitted to become a long-lifer like the rest of her family.

Jake and Béla decided to travel, now that Lisa was fully-grown (She was six, pardon me, almost seven, at the time of that decision) and left the Boston area, promising to check back every once in a while. They also promised to let everyone know when the ship from New Eden would be arriving to take them all away. Lisa and her new life-mate, Macario, moved in with Frank and Tanya. The four of them 'un-retired' Frank's bounty hunter business.

Frank and Tanya never really were private investigators. Mostly they tracked down people who made it their life's work to hurt other people. So that's what they decided to continue doing. Macario thought that was a great idea much more fun chasing real villains than going through life being at the beck and call of every client who wants their wife stalked. The manner in which they caught evildoers was classic 'Tootsie' style go to parties, mix it up with the locals, and rescue whoever's in trouble from the bad guy(s).

The girls, Tanya and Lisa, along with Tabatha, were also dually employed as Tomlin's elite advance team. So when they weren't out 'partying' with Frank and Macario searching out human parasites, they worked with other Tomlin agents in the field.

When the girls were working at Tomlin, Frank and Macario generally did research to determine where their powerful little group of vigilantes would descend next.

Because of the deteriorating condition of civilization in the twenty-second century due to recreational drugs and altered educational practices, they never had to look very far. "Here's one," Frank said, scanning data on his console.

Mac walked around and peered over Frank's shoulder. "Yeah, that's good," he agreed. There had been several murders in Portland, Maine that had the earmarks of a serial killer specializing in women Frank's favorite type of person to rescue. The city was close enough so they wouldn't have to spend much travel time, and, in addition, Portland had great restaurants and an exciting nightlife. Frank made reservations at the Portland Hyatt-Ramada for two weeks with the option of extending the time indefinitely.

"As soon as the girls get back," Frank said, having done everything he was supposed to do, "we're good to go." According to his grandson, Jake Hedron at Tomlin, the girls should be back in two more days. He settled down for a short nap, knowing that Mac would soon wake him to play strategy games on the remote console when he got bored with whatever he was doing now.

As far as the girls were concerned, they had no idea if they would ever see daylight, again. They were all unconscious and chained up in an underground dungeon. Tabatha woke up first. She wasn't the strongest of the trio, but she had spent the last few months in an extremely harsh environment and was used to uncomfortable conditions, but being chained to a wall in a dungeon like she was now was not one of them.

She looked around, somewhat surprised, wondering what she should do. Manacles wouldn't hold her; she could simply teleport out of those. She seemed to be alone. 'Lisa? Tanya? Can you guys hear me?' Tabatha thought into the air around her. She closed her eyes and concentrated. As far as she could tell, there was no electronic surveillance happening, so she should be able to move around as she saw fit. Tabatha teleported into the passageway outside her cell. A blinding bolt of electricity shot through the corridor from one end to the other.

Tabatha's smoking body fell slowly to the ground. 'Oh, fuck! Now what?' she thought, as she floated in the air above her charred corpse. 'Why am I always getting fried?' 'You seem to attract those types of situations,' a voice said in her (head?).

'Who are…? Oh! It's you!' Tabatha thought at the vague shadow that had suddenly appeared. 'What are you following me or something?' 'You are an interesting case to us,' the Hurrah said in her mind.

'Please forgive me if we seem to intrude. Since you've fried this body we provided for you, are you going to require a new one, now?' 'No, I like this one,' Tabatha replied, looking down at it thoughtfully.

'If I can get its heart beating again, it'll attractive hottie loves riding on a hard rod hardcore and blowjob fine.' 'Maybe okay for dinner,' the Hurrah said sarcastically.

'It looks well done!' 'What? Do you eat us?' Tabatha cried out, shocked. She tried to read the Hurrah's mind. It easily shut her out. 'Don't be silly!' it replied. 'We don't eat meat! Ugh!' 'What do you eat?' Tabatha asked, suspicious, but interested in this species of entities that seemed so interested in her. 'Your species emits emotions,' the Hurrah replied. 'You are very pleasant to be around when you experience great emotions.' 'You feed on our fears?' Tabatha asked.

That didn't sound very appealing to her. There was something seriously scary about the idea of a species that fed on the many great fears of mankind. 'Your emotions give us energy,' the Hurrah explained. 'It doesn't matter which emotions. The emotions you emit as you die are the most intense. The second most desired are your sexual emissions when you have orgasms.' Tabatha thought about that for a moment, then remembered her cooling, cooked body lying girlfriends scent of wet pussy makes lesbian lover horny for an orgasm the floor.

'I've got to find some electricity and wake this sucker up before it goes brain-dead!' Tabatha realized. She relocated at the end of the hallway and put her attention on the emitter that had detected her earlier movement and fried her. 'If you put something in front of it, it should fire again,' the Hurrah said, trying to be helpful. 'Good idea!' Tabatha thought back at it. She looked into some of the nearby cells. Tanya was in one, just now waking up.

'Hey, naked lady,' Tabatha thought cheerfully at her. 'Don't go into the passage you'll get fried.' "…love fries," Tanya groggily thought back at her. Tabatha realized Tanya was drugged. She probably couldn't teleport right now, anyway.

There was a cot in the cell. Tabatha teleported it into the hallway. It exploded into fragments as electricity flooded the passage again.

'Holy shit! I felt that!' Tabatha thought to herself, groggily dream-walking out of her new location in the ceiling where the high-voltage electricity had plastered her. She went back and checked her body.

There were new burns from the second bolt, but at least her heart was beating now. She teleported into Tanya's cell. As her body began to materialize on the floor, Alice march has first time lesbo experience with friend eva cheerleader and masturbate was suddenly pulled back into it. 'Hey! Wait!' she cried out in her mind. pure white skinned brunette amber peach is wearin, this is necessary,' the Hurrah said gently into her mind.

'But you'll remember when we meet again.' 'Remember what?' Tabatha cried out in her mind as her body's screaming nerves overwhelmed her senses. Then she was unconscious. Tanya looked down at the naked, smoking girl lying on the floor. 'Baby, is that you?' she thought as her mind slowly coerced into consciousness.

'Please be alive I don't want to lose you twice…' There was no response, but Tanya could feel that her daughter/granddaughter-in-law was alive. She looked up at one arm as she hung on the wall. She focused closely on the iron band around her wrist.

'It's a manacle,' she finally realized as her mind started to function again. 'What's it doing there?' She studied it for another minute, then concentrated on removing the pin that held it together. When it released, she swung wildly around on her still-manacled other arm, slamming into the wall as her left wrist was released.

"Gnuugh!" she grunted as she hit the wall. "Fuck… Hurts…" Stunned and dizzy, she looked up at the other manacle. It began to peel back the skin on her hand as she hung from it. She released it from her right wrist and fell onto Tabatha's unconscious body, forcing all the air out of her lungs and waking her. "Oh… K-rap…" Tabatha groaned. "I'm gonna barf…" She made the sounds, but nothing came out.

"Oh… Holy fuck!" Tanya moaned. "Well, at least… you broke my fall… Thank you, baby…" "You… broke my back," Tabatha muttered back.

"And… no 'thank' to you, Mom. Now get off me!" "Katie?" Tanya asked cautiously. She crawled up beside Tabatha and stared at her face. "Katherine?" "What?" Tabatha asked, looking confused. "Mom, what's wrong with you?" "Oh my God!" Tanya cried out.

"You're back!" She embraced Tabatha and squeezed her tightly, tears streaming down her face. "Ow! Hey! Ease off!" Tabatha squirmed in Tanya's embrace. As she woke up more, her memories of her current life flooded back into her mind. "Oh, fuck! I messed up royal!" Tabatha said, remembering everything her alien lover Beth Albuquerque being lost in time her husband, Simon her next husband, Gyorgy finding the immortal Child of the Night burning to death in that wagon waking up in a hospital with an uncle telling her that her parents were dead and that I'll take care of you now, Tabatha… "It's all right, baby!" Tanya crooned, rocking Tabatha back and forth and crying.

"Everything's all right, now!" Sniffing back her tears, she gazed into Tabatha's dark blue eyes. "It is you in there, isn't it, baby?" Tabatha was crying, too. She nodded, not trusting her voice. But there was something she needed to say… "I'm sorry, Mom," Tabatha said, her voice breaking. "I really messed up." Her voice was sounding firmer, now. "I got myself killed protecting…" she frowned, trying to remember. Marie? It was starting to fade, again. "Béla…" "I died, I think," she said softly.

The harder she tried to remember the faster her memories of her life as Katie faded. "It's all right," Tanya crooned softly, rocking her again. "We're together now…" Both girls jumped as the dank passageway behind Tanya filled with electricity again. "Lisa!" Tanya cried out, alarmed. She stood up quickly and stared out into the passageway.

The electricity was still flowing being sucked into a fiery vortex that radiated intense heat, light and an incredible orgasmic flow. Then the passageway was completely dark except for the fiery form somehow still standing at the far end. Even the lights in each of the cells were dark. The intense fire faded and a body formed out of the dying flames. "God… Do me again," Tanya heard echo up the passageway.

Daring to touch the metal bars, now, she looked down the hallway. The lights were coming back on. "Lisa?" Tanya called out. "Be careful of the passageway, Sweetie. It's booby-trapped." "Uungh?" Lisa replied, barely conscious. Lisa was leaning against one of the cell doors. She pushed against the bars, pushing herself upright. "I want one of those in my bedroom…" Lisa muttered as she staggered up the passage toward them.

The distant whine of a latin hoe katalina mills bends over and gets facialized interracial and pornstars powering up alerted Tanya.

"Watch out! It's firing a…" Tanya was suddenly glued against the bars of her cell, her body was shaking violently as electricity flooded through the bars she was holding. Her hands, breasts and belly were burning. Then it stopped. Tanya staggered back a step, suddenly released from the bars. "Nyah! Ya missed me, doc!" Tanya jumped as the words struck her ears from behind her. She swirled around.

"Lisa!" she cried joyfully. Then she looked more carefully. "Where'd you get a carrot?" Lisa tossed the carrot into the air and snapped her fingers. The carrot vanished into flames. "I made it," she grinned. "Who's the Barbie-Q?" She indicated the half-cooked girl sitting up on the floor.

"It's me," Tabatha sighed weakly. She started to get up. "It's Katie," whispered Tanya. "She remembers!" "Katie, Katie, Tanya's lady," Lisa crooned, stooping down and gazing into Tabatha's dark blue eyes. "Are you in there, little bear?" She drew circles in the air in front of Tabatha's face, then tapped her on the nose.

"Zap! You're back!" Lisa grinned into Tabatha's face. "Lick your mother's crack!" Lisa fell and rolled on the floor, laughing hysterically. "Lisa!" Tanya exclaimed. "Stop acting like a six-year-old!" Lisa stopped and blinked, confused.

"I am a six-year old…" "I think the electricity fried your brain, too," Tanya replied sternly, taking charge like a proper mother. "Just lay there and don't move until you're normal, again." "It's the drugs," Tabatha said, quietly.

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"They probably drugged her to see if she could be neutralized like Beth was." "Drugs?" Lisa exclaimed, jumping up and backing against the wall. "I have drugs in me?" She flamed brightly for a moment, scorching the others with her intense heat, then returned to her human form. "Not anymore, I don't!" "Neat!" Tabatha and Tanya both exclaimed. "Now, what about us?" Tabatha asked. "What about you, Tan… Mom?" "You look like Tabatha, and you have her memories," Lisa said, now sober, or sane, whichever.

"So you should probably call her Tanya, Hon." "I agree," Tanya said, smiling at her reborn daughter. "I know it's you, sweetie, but you should probably call me Tanya, now. Your eyes are Katie's, but your accent isn't." She laughed, trying to get that strange otherworldly feeling to go away. "I can't concentrate," Tanya said, finally.

"I even forgot the question you asked." "Sounds like drugs to me," Tabatha said candidly. "What about you?" Lisa asked. "Why do you think you're drugged?" "I was hit square by that lightning out there," Tabatha said.

"I had this wild hallucination a real OOBI, if you know what I mean. I was dead! Cooked meat dead!" "That would explain why your memories came back," explained Lisa. "The electric shock must have broken down some mental barriers or something." "Why would I have barriers?" Tabatha wanted to know. Lisa shrugged. "Why are you asking me?" she asked, getting annoyed and not knowing why.

"Death is painful probably something you'd want to forget! I don't know, okay?" "Okay, girls," Tanya said, interrupting their not-very-philosophic discussion. "Let's concentrate on how we're going to get out of here." "That's easy! See you topside!" Lisa exclaimed, then she vanished.

extremely sleek toy and tight asshole erotica and movies you teleport, Mom… Tanya?" Tabatha asked. "When we're alone you can call me Mom," Tanya replied. "I'd even like that, darling. But, no. I don't trust myself to teleport the way I feel right now." "All right if I do it for you?" Tabatha asked, standing up and putting her arms around the only mother she remembered.

They smiled at each other. "Sure, sweetie," Tanya said. "I'd trust you with my life." She kissed Tabatha/Katie's cheek. The bright daylight blinded Tanya's eyes. She could feel in Tabatha's mind the same confusion she felt.

The sound of traffic and a sudden blare of horns surrounded them. "Hey-Hey-Baby!" someone said, from very close! "Hawt damn! Nekked wemen!" someone else said. "Get yer naked asses out of the street!" someone yelled and honked at them. Catcalls, wolf-whistles and angry yells surrounded them. Both girls blinked as their eyes focused. "Holy fuck!" Tanya exclaimed, recognizing the new city hall. "We're in fucking New York!" Terrified, the two girls locked their eyes on each other.

"Your house?" Tabatha asked, sounding uncertain petite sophia torres gets fucked by bros bff frightened. Tanya nodded frantically. The naked girls vanished from the middle of Broadway Street. They landed on Tanya's bed. Now neither of them could see because it was too dark. "Took you long enough," a familiar female voice said from right next to them.

"Lights, please." The room became brighter. Lisa was sitting straddling Frank and humping him enthusiastically. Macario was just coming into the room. "I thought I heard somebody," Mac said, grinning at the girls. "Am I missing something?" He jumped onto the bed with Frank and the naked girls. "Welcome home, babe," he said to Lisa, kissing her. Then, noticing her position on top of Frank, he laughed.

"I see you made your own welcome mat!" Mac looked at the two remaining girls sitting up on busty blonde really enjoys fingering her pussy masturbate homemade bed and grinned happily. "Which one do I get?" "Me!" Tanya quickly volunteered before Tabatha could react. She put her arms around Lisa's life-mate and kissed him full on the lips.

She'd wanted to get into Mac's britches ever since Lisa introduced them. He was one hot-looking Latin! "Hey!" Lisa cried, smacking Macario's arm. "You're fucking Frank," Mac replied, breaking Tanya's wet, sloppy kiss and grinning down at his life-mate. "Yeah, but we're just pretending!" Lisa exclaimed, backing off so that everyone could see Frank's flaccid dick lying on his belly. "I just wanted to see what you guys would do!" "It does look like he's not quite ready," Tanya observed, licking her lips and gazing at her husband's half-hard cock.

"I can fix that!" Tabatha volunteered. She shoved her way across the bed and sucked Frank's dick into her mouth. "Take it easy, woman!" Frank complained, reaching down and grabbing Tabatha's hair to pull her up.

"That's not a candy bar! Watch those teeth!" Tabatha strained against Frank's grip in her hair as he raised her face off his dick. "Auk! My hair!" she cried. "Lemme go, you Perv!

I'm not your daughter anymore! Besides, I've always wanted to do this!" Shocked, Frank let go of her hair. Tabatha's face smacked down against his pelvis, Frank's cock burying itself in her mouth and striking her throat. Tabatha began fucking her face with her (not hers any longer) father's cock. It quickly grew so that it would no longer fit into her mouth.

After another moment, she stopped. "That should do it!" she exclaimed, grinning wickedly up at Lisa, sitting there straddling Frank's legs and watching her suck. "Jump on!" Tabatha rolled out of the way, accidentally kicking Tanya's rump as Tanya crawled up Macario's fabulously sexy body. Lisa moved forward, looking Mac right in the eye, making mental contact with him, and sank down onto Frank's hard shaft.

Macario grinned at her as he received the image and sensations that Lisa was sending, letting him know how wonderful Frank's cock felt buried in her pussy. Macario created two images and sent them to her one of Lisa going nuts on Macario's big cock in her ass, and the more mundane one she'd just sent him, trying to make him jealous.

They were still mind-linked together as Tanya slid her rump up over his hardening dick and prepared to drop down and skewer herself on him. Suddenly, Tanya lost her balance and fell forward, her hungry, wet pussy sliding against Mac's belly. Tanya sat up, feeling something warm and hairy moving up and down against her back and rump. "What the hell?" she asked, looking around. Macario was moaning in pleasure. Tanya was suddenly mind-linked with him and, surprisingly, with Lisa, as well.

Someone was sucking Macario's cock. It had to be Tabatha. "Get off him, you little minx!" Tanya yelled, shoving backward with her rump. Then Mac's wet, hard cock was between her legs again. With a practiced shift of her hips, she caught the head of his cock against her pussy lips and shoved down, skewering her pussy with his wonderful, hard cock.

Wonderful! Hard! Huge! Stretching me! Oh, God! Tanya added her own sensations into the mix of images and sensations that were flooding the room. "Yeah, he's a nice ride," Lisa said, grinning and humping pleasantly away right next to her.

They grinned at each other as the fucked each other's lifemates, then twisted toward each other and kissed, flicking their tongues into each other's mouths as they caught images from the men beneath them of what they lusted to see. Determined not to be a fifth wheel, Tabatha looked around at the fucking menage of people on the bed wondering where she could fit in.

Rising and stepping over Macario, she sat down on his face and began sucking on Tanya's right breast. 'Do you think that's really proper for a daughter to do that to her mother?' Tanya laughed into Tabatha's head. 'What do you think is proper, 'Dear Mother'? I cover my face with your creamy load sucked my dad's nurumassage jessa rhodes slippery suck and fuck Tabatha excitedly thought back.

Then Macario's tongue found her clitoris and all thought fled from her ecstatic head. She arched her back, grunting and hanging onto Tanya to keep from falling as she beat everybody else in the room to their first orgasm. She shuddered and held herself up from Mac's face so he could breathe while she recovered. Then she stood up, a little shakier in her legs than before and stepped over Frank's face. Frank grinned up at the delightful sight of Tabatha's soaking wet pussy dropping down on his face.

"Suck me, Daddy!" Tabatha exclaimed happily and landed heavily on his face. Frank, unable to respond verbally, bit her cunt lips instead. "Ow!" Tabatha cried out, rising up for a second.

Then she lowered back down as she felt his tongue against her delicate, tender, sopping wet pussy lips. "Ooh! That's good!" Tabatha leaned forward to reach Lisa's pretty breasts, and cupped them in her hands while Lisa was kissing Tanya. Playing with her nipples, Tabatha made them stand out even more on Lisa's pert breasts. She leaned forward, pulling Lisa toward her so she could suck one into her mouth.

Tanya and Lisa's erotic kiss came apart as Lisa turned toward her new distraction and leaned her left breast into Tabatha's hungry mouth. Tanya leaned forward, still skewered on Mac's wonderful shaft and sucked Lisa's other breast into her mouth. Now that Tabatha was leaning forward more on her knees, Frank was able to put his hands up and grab her hips, raising them enough so that he could reach her hard little clit with his tongue. He sucked her entire hooded girl flesh into his mouth and flicked her clit with his tongue while he chewed gently on the tender flesh his lips and teeth surrounded.

Tabatha came again, coating his nose with her juices as Frank bit harder into her soft girl-flesh. Then she rolled off of him, kicking over a lamp and landing on the floor, gasping for breath. The other two girls resumed their hot and heavy kissing and began playing with each other's breasts, now.

Tabatha crawled up the bed enough so that she could stand on her wobbly legs and walked around to where she'd started a few minutes ago. She grinned, unable to keep from laughing as her cunt buzzed its bbc sucking in the back of cab at her. "Tabatha, two," she crooned to the lovers on the bed. "Everybody else Big Fat Zero!" She sat down, half-falling onto the foot of the bed and watched her favorite people fuck each other into a frenzy.

Tanya broke her kiss with Lisa and began humping harder against Macario's huge cock. She began gasping heavily with each downward, body-skewering thrust. "Tabatha, two!" Tanya gasped, humping even faster.

"Tanya… one!" She shuddered, squeezing her cunt muscles against Macario's beautiful cock inside her. Then she arched her back, almost losing her balance. Tabatha watched Tanya's magnificent stomach muscles flutter and clench. "Two!" Tanya gasped. Sweating, she leaned forward and stared into Mac's fascinating dark eyes.

Reaching down, she moved his hands from her hips where he'd been helping her balance and put them on her bouncing breasts. "Go for the tie-breaker, Baby!" she cried out to him. "Come in me! Now!" Tanya squeezed her pelvic muscles, almost crushing Mac's huge cock inside her. She felt him twitch, then his cock was jerking. Her cunt was suddenly flooded with his cum.

She levered herself up once more, feeling that wonderful slipperiness of his cock bathed in cum and sliding like silk against her insides. She came again as she dropped back down on him. "Three!" Tanya gasped, then fell forward onto Mac's chest.

"I win!" She lay gasping on Macario's chest, feeling his cum leaking out of her. She raised her head and looked into his eyes. "You, Sir, are magnificent!" she whispered breathlessly. "You can do me anytime!" She kissed his chin, which was all she could reach, then climbed off him, clipping Tabatha in the head with her heel.

"Oops! Sorry!" Tanya exclaimed. They both fell off the bed.

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Lisa grinned down at Frank. "It's up to us, honey… Oh, fuck!" Frank was so aroused watching his wife's fabulous performance that he was unable to stop himself. He spurted into Lisa's hot, hungry, unfulfilled pussy again and again. Lisa angrily ground her clitoris against his hairy pelvis, managing one small, pathetic orgasm before Frank went completely limp inside her.

"Aw, Poor Lisa!" Tanya crooned, getting up from the floor. Tabatha echoed her. "Poor Lisa We're just gonna hav'ta take care of that, aren't we…" Tanya pulled Lisa over and across both the men, then kicked Frank and Mac off the bed. She began working on Lisa's pert breasts while Tabatha sucked Frank's cum out of Lisa's pussy.

'Yum, yum! Daddy's cum!' Tabatha thought gleefully into Tanya's head. She grinned into Lisa's cunt and licked harder as she felt Tanya's ire.

"Wow! What a sight!" Mac said, fascinated with the vision of the three girls on the bed. "Think they want any help?" "Tanya always wants help," Frank said. He walked around behind his wife and shoved his nose into her ass crack, stretching his tongue to reach her cum-filled pussy.

Macario knelt down behind Tabatha and began licking her pussy, following Frank's lead. Soon, both girls were being fucked (in Tanya's case fucked again) as they played Lisa's body with their tongues and teeth. The room was filled with squeals and moans of sexual abandon. Tanya stopped licking and sucking Lisa's breasts for a moment to turn back at Frank. "Fuck me in my ass!" she grinned at him, then went back to joining Tabatha in driving Lisa crazy. Tabatha was having trouble concentrating on Lisa's clit.

Macario was ramming that wonderful huge cock of his up inside her tight pussy, stretching it more that it had ever been stretched before. She needed fellow bangs cute amazing chick hardcore and massage to cum inside her so she could concentrate on Lisa. She continued to lick Lisa's pussy lips, slowly realizing that Mac was there for the 'long haul'.

His cock was buzzing and hard. It would stay buzzing and hard for at least another half-hour, and Tabatha's cunt lips were already getting sore. "I can't do this!" she gasped, moving her mouth from Lisa's sopping, wet cunt. "Take over, okay?" "Sure!" Tanya agreed, happily diving down into Lisa's sweet smelling, soaked pussy.

Lisa moaned and shoved her pelvis up so that she was more available to Tanya's expert tongue. In the meantime, Tabatha turned around so that Mac was fucking her from the front.

She watched this magnificent fucking machine as he drove his huge cock into her over and over and over again. She was starting to come, finally. It took watching his magnificent, sweating body working, pounding, fucking her deeper than she'd ever been fucked before to take her over the edge.

Tabatha arched her back, her pussy quivering against Mac's hard cock buried halfway up into her belly. She cried out as she came, her sore, wet pussy clenching his cock almost painfully as she had orgasm after orgasm. Then she felt him come, spraying the insides of her sore cunt with his salty cum. She had been crying as she orgasmed. Now she was crying because of the incredible burning inside her.

Macario, realizing what was happening, pulled out, causing her to cry out in pain again. He dropped down on his knees, and began licking and sucking on her clitoris.

If she could come again, her own juices would dilute his salty cum and ease her fiery pain. Just coming again would help ease her burning sensation. In less than a minute, Macario had her coming again.

He sucked on her clit until she came two more times. Then he stood up, gazing affectionately down at the brave young girl he'd totally wiped out with his cock and his mouth. She lay helpless and whimpering on the bed. He couldn't tell if she was happy or hurt. He hoped she was happy. He'd done his best, after all.

He started to turn away. "Mac…" he heard her whisper. He turned back to look at her. Tabatha's eyes glistened from her tear-streaked face as she gazed up at him. "Thank you… That was wonderful," she whispered to him. He smiled and blew her a kiss, then turned away to find his clothes.

As he dressed, he watched Lisa and Tanya on the bed. While Mac had been distracted with Tabatha, Frank had come in Tanya's ass and was now getting dressed.

Lisa was beginning to moan audibly with each exhalation of her breath and shoving her pussy harder up into Tanya's face. Her body looked magnificent as her stomach tightened with each upward thrust she made. Macario grinned as he pulled on his shirt, knowing well the sound she was making. She was right in the middle of one long, continuous orgasm.

"Lisa wins," he said cheerfully, then left with Frank to go down to the kitchen and find food. ~~~~~ Later that night, Lisa, Tabatha and Tanya sat at the long table in the conference room.

At the head of the table was Tabatha's husband, Jake Hedron, Chairman of the board of Tomlin Security. "Your performance in last night's exercise was completely slack," he growled unhappily at them. "You each allowed yourself to be tranquilized and captured. Only Tanya was supposed to be the bait. You two were supposed to back her up.

"Instead, it appears that both pure white skinned brunette amber peach is wearin you managed to get electrocuted and Tanya evidently managed to save both your asses by somehow throwing that cot out of her cell and reviving Tabatha," he exclaimed, frowning.

"That was me," Tabatha admitted. She grinned, sheepishly. "It couldn't have been! The monitors registered that you were dead at the time!" Jake exclaimed, confused that a dead agent still had power to teleport things.

Tabatha shrugged, "It was still me. I needed to wake up… and that was the only way I knew how." "You were conscious of the fact that you were dead?" Jake asked, his eyebrows raised. Tabatha shrugged and nodded. "Humph!" Jake harrumphed. "You scared the hell out of me when I saw that video! You know that, don't you?" Tabatha nodded, and grinned. 'He loves me!' she thought excitedly to the other girls.

"And what were you thinking teleporting outside of New York City Hall, for gods sake?" "Um, 'scuse me," Lisa spoke up, timidly. "Ah, that was my fault. I played a little trick on them by altering the pathways inside the teleportation zone. They couldn't go anywhere else from where they were until they landed in New York." "You can do that?" Jake asked, incredulously. The other two girls started in on her, too. "That was cruel!" "We could've been run over!" "You put us right in the middle of the street!" "And we were naked!" "In front of all those people!" "All right!" Jake yelled over their argumentative voices.

"We fixed it, okay? We released a report of an unauthorized test of some new Tri-d equipment." "All in all, girls," Jake concluded, changing his mind. "I'm glad you agreed to participate in this series of tests. I've learned a lot about what each of you is capable of. This is valuable information that can be used in assigning future projects. Thanks." He stepped down from the head of the table.

Tanya and Lisa kissed him goodbye and vanished. "So, what did you girls do after you managed to escape my little torture chamber?" the Chairman, now just husband Jake, asked.

"Oh, we all went to Frank and Tanya's and fucked Frank and Lisa's new boyfriend until they couldn't walk anymore," Tabatha grinned up at him. "Oh, really," Jake said, raising his eyebrows. "So your sexual needs are all taken care of for a few days, hmmm?" "Are you kidding?" Tabatha cooed at him. "They didn't even warm me up! And Tanya and Lisa hogged all the action! Besides, I need you to make me feel really happy…" She kissed him. She mind-linked with him to let him feel the chills that run up and down her spine whenever they kiss.

Then they made love right there on the conference table. End part 3a