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Hot busty brunette playing her cunt on webcam
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Today is June 16th, a day since Emma's school year came to an end, while also the day on which her mother Evelyn is having several interviews with potential candidates for a job of a live-in nanny. Even though Emma feels glad to be away from boring school and excited about her free summer, she's also both slightly worried and annoyed about the new nanny her mother seems to be insisting on.

Emma Collins, a 5'3" ft tall spoiled girl with blonde hair, a nice smile, and full lips, has always been her mother's 'good girl' - or at least she was until recently. Ever since she accidentally broke her mother's favourite vase where she ended up getting only a 'stern' scolding from her mother, she quickly began to feel like she could get away with anything without getting punished for it.

Sure, she felt bad about breaking the vase, but. since then she's also felt at ease, knowing her mother's scoldings, 'warnings', and punishment threats were only words, and that is the time when Emma started turning from good, to a bad girl. At times she'd just barge in into the bathroom, either to fix her makeup, pee, or brush her teeth, while her mother was in the bathtub, taking a bath or shaving.

Her mother would scream for her to get out and would cover herself in panic, but she just ignored her - why should she care if her mother is in the bathroom? Cutie horny babes sinn and megan gets fingerfuck wildly until they orgasm fingering and sucking all, this is her house too.

Evelyn Collins is a nice, pretty, 39 years old woman, and the mother of Emma. Once upon a time her daughter, husband, and herself were a good, loving family. but when her husband unexpectedly passed away, everything changed for the worse. With both of them being grief stricken, Evelyn opted to take a break from work, leaving her assistant in charge of her company.

With her husband gone, and with her being too soft-hearted, she just couldn't enforce Emma's and generally the household rules.

If Emma wanted something, she would buy it - no matter the price. But. everything seemed to change a few months ago after she found out that her daughter broke her favourite vase, though being as she is, she just scolded her and warned to be more careful. Everything was okay for a while. until one day her daughter came barging in the bathroom while she was taking a bath! Evelyn screamed for her to get out and lowered herself in bubbles, but her daughter only apologized and said she had to pee, before she lowered her panties and sat on the toilet - peeing right there in front of her!

Evelyn reluctantly gave in since she has been occupying the bathroom for a while, and her daughter left quickly after that. It wouldn't have been so bad if the same thing didn't happen again, like it did the following week - only this time she wasn't in any hurry and she took her time!

Then again, and again, no matter what Evelyn was doing, be it shaving, taking a bath, or being on the toilet, her daughter every now and then would just barge in the bathroom, take a pee, or do her makeup stepsiblingscaught making stepbro cum and mom walks in se in front of her.

Evelyn would scream again and again, but it was no use - her daughter just wouldn't listen, and she stopped apologizing after the first time. After pondering things through she realized her daughter must be just acting out because of her father's death, and every time she thought about it. she just didn't have the heart to punish her in any way. More recently however, things took a turn for worse.

Evelyn was used by now to see her daughter sitting on the toilet or doing her makeup as she took her bath, and even though she took great care so it didn't happen, she knew her daughter saw bits and pieces of her nude. And that was.

well, it could be worse - or so she reassured herself. But on one of those days, after leaving the bathroom and getting ready for shopping, she noticed some money was missing from her purse.

then again, the same thing happaned two days later. With Emma and herself being the only ones in the house, she knew who was to blame. Despite lots of protests from her daughter, she managed to sit her down and talk with her.

She told her she wouldn't be angry, and her daughter quickly admited she took the money so she could buy some new clothes. Evelyn forgave her but scolded her, and everything seemed well. luscious peach flashes big ass and gets anus nailed the next day when her daughter walked in the bathroom, for the morning ritual of sharing the bathroom with her mother. That shocking part was that Emma has been nearly nude! As Evelyn screamed at her daughter to dress herself, she just ignored her and applied lipstick, acting like she wasn't even there.

However, it wasn't until later when she checked her purse and noticed more of her money missing, that Evelyn realized she had no choice but reintroduce discipline and some modesty back into her daughter's life. Being unable to do it herself, she decided to hire a nanny who could, and she quickly arranged a couple of interviews with some of the most feared nannies in the Paradise Valley.

With days flying by fast and with Emma's bathroom visits becoming longer while at the same time she's been wearing less and less, the day for which she has arranged the interviews for has been coming rapidly. Of course, Emma doesn't know of her mother's plan. but little does Evelyn know how far those nannies are ready to go to make sure the kids are disciplined.

and sometimes, the whole family. Now barely a day later after her daughter's last bathroom visit, Evelyn is having interviews with 6 different, potential nannies. Having to head for another country in a few hours, she knew she had to choose, and choose well. She did call her daughter to come downstairs so she'd meet the nannies, and so she could tell her she'd be gone for a few weeks, but with an hour gone and only 2 more nanny interviews to go, Emma was a no-show. So far Evelyn believes that the second middle-aged nanny seems to be the most promising to bring so much needed discipline back into Emma's life, however, right then.

just as the fifth nanny has sat down and with only one more to go, Emma finally arrives. "What do you want, mom?" Emma asks in an annoyed tone. "It's good of you to finally show. I want you to meet." "Susan." the eldery woman finishes.

"Susan." Evelyn smiles. "She's one of the nannies I'm interviewing." "What. mom, I don't have time for this! You know I'm busy." Emma says as she types a message on her phone. "Honey, it wouldn't kill you to sit down and meet the nannies.

There is only 2 more left." "Ughhhh. fine!" Emma sighs as she sits down next to Susan on the couch, still typing on her phone. "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you shouldn't let her speak like that to you." Susan says. "I know." Evelyn sighs, as Susan's words catch Emma's attention. "And who the hell do you think you are?!" Emma nearly shouts into Susan's face.

Susan smiles softly at Evelyn then turns towards Emma, and suddenly slaps her hard across her cheek. "We don't speak unless spoken to, child." Susan says, as she rubs her hand. Emma just sits there, too stunned to move or say anything.

Her mouth is hanging open and her left hand is holding her cheek, as she feels blood rushing to it. She can't believe lovesome girl is gaping juicy cunt in closeup and having orgasm woman just did that! How dare she?! "But. you." Emma tries to find her words, as a cold spike of fear runs through her body, making her shiver.

"Do I have to slap you again?" Susan asks as she reaches with her hand towards her. Emma, still feeling shocked from the slap just as she's about to shake her head 'no', she remembers her mother is there.

"Why isn't she doing anything?!" "Mom, why don't you." Another slap quickly echoes the room as the back of Susan's hand meets with Emma's right cheek, who gasps in shock. "Oh my." Evelyn mutters. Susan grips Emma's chin, turning her head to face her. "What part of 'we don't speak unless spoken to', didn't you understand?" "I-I'm. sorry." Emma mutters in a quiet voice, still in shock as she rubs her rapidly reddening cheek. She has never been slapped before in her whole life!

"Alright." Susan says as she lets go of Emma's chin, letting her thumb brush over her lips. amateur black bitch sucking white cock in the back of the van were we?" she asks, turning towards Evelyn. "Oh, we. You've got the job!" Evelyn excitedly announces. "Mom!" Emma gasps, horrified at the thought that this woman could be her new nanny.

"Be quiet, dear." Evelyn says, and Emma closes her mouth as she looks in fear at Susan. "Thank you." Susan says. "No, thank you. I can see she's going to be in good hands while I'm away." "Away? Away where?" Emma wonders, as she looks back at her mother. "Oh, right honey, I didn't tell you. As you already know I'm going to start working again, and. I have to visit one of the company's clients in Europe, so I will be away for a few weeks. Susan meanwhile, will be the one in charge in this house.

At her mother's words Emma's eyes bulge out in shock. "Mom, you can't be serious! You can't leave me here with. I can stay on my own!" Evelyn sighs. "I have to, Emma. A lot of company's profits depend on this client, so I have no choice. And even if I had, I would still hire Susan - you are still a young girl, and I just can't leave you on your own. Anyhow. my flight is in an hour, so I have to head out." she says as she gets up, then takes the bag with her clothes in her hand.

"Mom, please." Emma mutters as she gets up, trying to hold back tears. "I didn't do anything to deserve this!" she thinks, shocked that her mother will be leaving her with nearly a complete stranger, who has just slapped her twice. "Now, honey, it will be fine." her mother says then walks up to her and gives her a hug. "Just be good. I'll be back in a few weeks." she says, breaking the hug before she heads towards the door.

"But mom. what about the money?" Emma mutters. "Don't worry about it. I have Susan's credit card number on her resume, so I'll be sending her the money. Anyway, I gotta go. Bye, honey!" she says before she heads into the hallway, and out of the house. "Emma." Susan says from behind her, her stern voice making her shiver.

As she turns around, she sees her holding a lengthy paper towards her.

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"This are the rules I will expect you to understand, and respect. Take them up into your room, and read them." Without saying a word Emma gingerly reaches out and takes the paper, before she turns around and hurries up to her room. As she sits down on her bed, rubbing her sore cheeks, she starts reading the 'rules'.

============= Rules you have to respect and obey in this house: Rule number #1 Always do what I tell you to, without any protests or complaining. #2 Don't speak unless spoken to. #3 Pick up after yourself. #4 No television or computer after 6 pm. "But. my favourite TV show starts at 6:30!" Emma thinks, starting to feel annoyed and worried as she continues reading. #5 You are not allowed to leave the house without asking me first. #6 You are not allowed to leave the house after 6 pm.

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exciting fingering for big love melons asian japanese and hardcore If you break any of the written rules, you will be punished three. But before she can finish the rule number #7, her eye wanders to the one underneath. #8 When going to the bathroom, make sure you wipe good. I will check.

"I will check?! What does that even mean? It can't possibly mean that. oh God, I hope not." she thinks, as she shivers at the thought. Rule number #9 You shall <b>always</b> treat adults with respect they deserve. ============= "Ughh." she sighs, placing down the paper on her bedside table. "This nanny is such a bitch." Emma then begins to contemplate what to do as she lays down on her bed, knowing she has to get on Susan's good side after such a rough start.

but still, she can't understand why her mother would hire a nanny that slapped her - right in front of her actually! However, soon she dozes off into sleep.

. A few hours later Emma is suddenly woken up from her nap, as she hears a loud voice calling her, "Emma, come downstairs!" She sits up, rubs her eyes, then gets to her feet and heads downstairs. "Yes?" Emma mutters sleepily as she walks into the kitchen. then stops, as she sees a man standing there right next to Susan.

"Emma, this is my husband, David." Susan says, as she places a hand on the tall burly man next to her. "N-nice to meet y-you." Emma stutters as she approaches him nervously, then offers her hand. He smiles, takes Emma's hand in his, then leans down and gives it a kiss. "Nice to meet you as well." "Emma, would you be a dear and go buy us some groceries that we need?" Susan asks.

"Umm. I." Emma mutters, still looking at the man, as she wonders what to do. After thinking for a moment she realizes she should do it - it would show Susan that she's willing to follow her rules, and that she wants to stay out teen babe lily and her bff gets fucked by her stepbro trouble.

"I'll go change my clothes." Emma finishes nervously. "Alright, I'll make a list while you do so." Susan says, and with that, Emma heads upstairs. "Is he going to be staying over?" she wonders.

"Well, of course he is! He is her husband. but my mother didn't say anything about spicy kitten cannot wait to nail big dick monstercock interracial. I guess she didn't know." Emma quickly walks over to her room, takes off her worn clothes, then puts on a sexy blouse and a short skirt - she never goes anywhere outside the house without looking good. Once she finishes dressing, Emma walks from her room and into the bathroom, then applies makeup and her favourite lipstick.

But just as she's stunning japanese babe haruka kaede is drilled uncensored to leave the bathroom and get her purse, Susan walks in and stops right in front of her, with a shocked expression on her face. "What are you wearing?!" "Umm. clothes?" "Not those you aren't." Susan then walks up to Emma and starts unbuttoning her blouse, to her complete shock.

"What's wrong with this clothes?" Emma asks in confusion. "Emma! For God's sake I can see your bra through the blouse, and if it was any more open, your tits would pop right out. Not to mention your skirt." "B-but. it looks good! And my mother lets me wear it." Emma protests as Susan opens her blouse, her bra coming into the view before she moves back. "I don't care what your mother lets you wear - she is not here, and you are not leaving this house until you change, end of discussion.

Now off with your skirt, and since we are already here, take off your underwear too." "Oh God." Emma mutters, remembering the rule number #8. "But." "Alright, that does it missy." Susan hooks her fingers in both the skirt and the panties, then yanks them down to Emma's feet in one move, making her gasp in shock.

Then she makes Emma, who shily covers her crotch, step out of both of them before picking up her panties and examining them. "Lucky." Susan grunts after a couple of seconds, seeing they are clean. "Here." she says, handing her back her panties. Emma takes it in her right hand, but realizing she can't dress with one hand, she takes them in both hands.

However, just as she's about to lean down and put them on, Susan speaks. "Stop. Let me see." and she moves Emma's hands aside, exposing her crotch completely. "Do you use lotion?" she asks as she kneels, then runs her fingers along Emma's lightly haired thigh, making her shiver.

"Uhh. sometime." "That's no good. You need to moisturize at least twice a day, to keep your skin soft." Susan says.

"And this. what is this?!" she asks sternly as she slides her hand up and runs her fingers through Emma's pubic hair. "Don't you shave?" "H-hey! D-don't touch me. there." Emma stammers nervously as her body tenses up. "Answer my question!" Susan nearly yells, making Emma shiver with fear. "N-no. I like it this way." she replies quietly. "We are going to fix that right way." she says.

"David, can you come to the bathroom?" she yells. "B-but. it took me years to grow it!" Emma protests. "Honey, you are still a little girl, and little girls shouldn't have any hair." "Susan." Emma continues to protest in disbelief.

"Madam, for you. Now keep quiet." As Emma hears the footsteps coming up the stairs, fastly approaching them, she bites her lip then drops her panties and quickly covers herself, just in time as Susan's husband walks into the bathroom.

"Yes dear?" he asks, as he looks first at Emma's bra-covered breasts, before looking down to her crotch. Emma looks down only to see a few curly dark hairs peeking out past her fingers, making her blush as she cups her crotch tighter. "David, I was wondering if you could give her a shave?" Susan asks as she takes Emma's hands in hers, then with some effort, she manages to force them aside.

"Of course." David says with a hint of a smile as he looks up at her face. "Su. ma'am!" Emma starts to protest, but her protests are stopped as Susan gets up then slaps her face hard. "What is the rule number 2?" she asks sternly. "It's." Emma whispers as she rubs her burning cheek, while a single tear trails down her face.

"What? I can't hear you." "It's 'Don't speak unless spoken to.' " Emma says it more loudly as her body shivers. "You better remember it. David, you take over here, and I. I'm going to buy groceries. Make sure she moisturizes her body too." Susan says, heading for the door.

"Yes dear." he says as he approaches Emma, who is still standing there in shock, her cheek burning. As Susan leaves the bathroom and David looks down at this is the full story of captured damsels in the forest crotch, Emma quickly covers it again with her free hand.

"Alright. so, where can I get the shaving cream, lotion, and a razor?" he asks. "M-my mother. umm. there is no shaving cream. only s-shaving gel." Emma stutters. "I-tt should be i-in the top drawer." "Thank you." he says with a smile, before he walks over to the vanity table, then opens the first drawer.

He goes through it for a second, before pulling out a razor, a tube of shaving gel, and a bottle of body lotion her mother uses. He closes the drawer then goes through the second one, and pulls out a wash cloth and a large towel. "Come with me." he says, and with all the items in his hands, heads out of the bathroom. Emma reluctantly follows him as he walks into her bedroom, before placing down all of the said items on her bed. He spreads the towel across the edge of the bed then takes the washcloth in his hand and says, "Why don't you bend over the bed, and we'll do your butt first." "M-my butt?" she mutters in confusion.

"Well, yes, I'm going to give you a full shave. Considering what a jungle you seem to have between your legs, I'm sure there's a few hairs on your behind too." he says, making her blush. "I'll be right back." "Okay." she responds quietly, as he leaves the room. Less than a minute later he's back with a wet washcloth, but Emma is still standing there nervously and covering her crotch. David sighs. "Come on Emma, we don't have a whole day! Bend over the the bed." he orders sternly.

"Y-yes sir." she stammers as a cold spike of fear runs through her body at the sound of his voice. Reluctantly, but realizing she has no choice, she turns around and lets her hands down, then bends over the bed so her upper body is laying down on it, and with her butt facing him. "Good." he says, and as she looks back she sees him kneeling down behind her.

"Alright, Baap and bate sixy zxxx porn videos search watch and download baap and bate sixy zxxx free sex. it would be great if you could spread your butt cheeks for me." Taking a deep breath, Emma moves her hands back then places them on each of her ass cheeks, before gently spreading them. "Wider. that's great honey." David says, as she spreads her cheeks wider per request.

"Now hold them that way." She bites her lips nervously as David gently presses the wet wash cloth against her butt, then runs it down between her buttcheeks, before placing it down on the towel. Staring at her pink rosebud, he opens the tube, then squirts a small amount of gel on his right hand.

Emma bites her lip hard, her body tensing as he reaches forward then gently begins to rub the cool gel onto her ass cheeks, then down into her crack. She lets out a soft gasp before she can close her mouth, as she feels his finger running over her anus and moving down to her taint, stopping just before her pussy, making her cheeks burn from embarrassment.

His hand then leaves her body, and she relaxes a bit as she feels the razor on her butt, right before he starts shaving her. After a minute, shaving her gently and carefully, he's done. Using the washcloth David cleans her butt, before saying, "You can get up down." as he gives her a light swat on the bottom.

"We'll do your legs, and your front now." Feeling embarrassed to be threated and shaved like this by an older man, she slowly stands up, before she turns around and sits down. "Do we have to? I'd. rather not." she says shyly, holding her legs closed.

"Yes we do, you've heard Susan. I'll be done quickly. Now move back a bit, then bend and spread your legs." She quietly nods and moves back on the bed, then bends her legs and. reluctantly spreads them, before placing her feet down on the edge of the bed. She watches as he moves in between her spread legs, before taking the washcloth once again. Then, he places his left hand on her right leg, moving it further apart, before he starts wetting it with the wash cloth.

As he looks up at Emma's face, he speaks, "I. I'm sorry about my wife, she can be a bit strict. But you have to understand, every child she has been babysitting over the years thinks that they can just walk over her, and do what they please since their parents aren't around. And. well, she has to make sure they listen to her. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good for anyone." Emma quietly nods, as he moves to her left leg.

getting throat fucked and sucking it hard it hurt? Your cheek." "Oh, umm. a little." she mutters shyly. "It'll pass." he says.

Emma can't help but notice that David is actually. quite handsome, as he smiles warmly at her. Done with wetting both legs he places the washcloth down, then squirts a generous amount of shaving gel in his left hand. He rubs his hands together then places them down on each side of her right thigh, before rubbing the gel in.

His strong, big hands work down along her thigh, her heart beating hard in her chest as she takes short, fast breaths, knowing that she's giving him a clear view of her pussy - something not even her mother has seen in years. Even though he's quite older than her, and though she first felt fear, she now feels.

safe. Reflexively she spreads her legs further, as his hands travel down beneath her knee. "You have great legs. You just need to take care of them daily, and they'll look smashing." he says. "Thank you." she smiles as she begins to relax, allowing him to lift her leg as he rubs the gel down to her feet, before placing it back down.

Then, he takes the razor, and. Emma jumps a little, letting out a little gasp as the cold metal touches her thigh, while David makes a long groove in the foam on her leg. "Try to relax. I know it's a bit scary, but it will be fine." David says, as Emma shivers, the scraping sound of the blade over her skin making her feel nervous. David slowly shaves the light hair on her legs, first her thighs then below her knee, and Emma start to relax once again just as he renee roulette gets her cunt devastated by a big dick hardcore style. Then, he spends the next couple of minutes doing her left leg - first applying the gel, then shaving, and Emma meanwhile continues to relax further in his strong, confident hands, as her thoughts run wild.

"Alright Emma, I'm done with your legs. Could you move closer to the edge now?" he asks, "Yes sir." she smiles softly as she complies, her pussy spreading open as she slides her butt on the towel until she's closer to him. David takes the washcloth then gently pats it against her crotch, before placing it down. "Oh God." Emma thinks to herself as she watches him squirting the gel in his right hand, before he reaches forward with his hand then begins lathering up Emma's pubic mound, going down to her labia, spreading out to her inner thighs, and down to her taint.

He goes over to her clit and rubs it for a second, making her shudder a little as she supresses the urge to gasp. "Well. this should be easy." he says, as he takes the razor in his hand. He places it against her skin, then takes a first stroke with the razor along her mound, lightly taking off a foamy mixture that includes the pubic hair and leaving in its wake, a smooth, clear section of her soft skin. The next stroke leaves another section and the third yet another, until he has removed all of the hair that was growing above her pussy.

She watches quietly while taking deep breaths, as David carefully slides the razor down over her labia. With his steady hand he removes the slightest little hairs from her puffy lips, before shaving outwards, eliminating all the traces of any hair growing there. "It looks clean to me." he comments, as he places the razor down, then proceeds cleaning his hands. After that he takes the towel from underneath her and cleans first her crotch, then her legs.

"Alright, it'd be great if you could lift your butt slightly." "Yes sir." she responds softly as she complies, letting him pull out the towel from breathtaking idol flashes big butt and gets anus banged her before she sits back down.

"We are nearly done." he says as he curls up the towel then places it down. Emma watches in silence as he takes the lotion bottle then squirts a generous amount of lotion into his palm, before continuing. "Doesn't it feel better now that you have no hair?" he asks as he takes her right leg in his hands, then starts rubbing the lotion in.

She observes breathlessly, feeling excited as his rough hands slide along her smooth thigh, spreading and applying the lotion. "I-I guess. It feels a bit. odd, to be honest." she manages to mutter in response, "You'll get used to it." he smiles. "Hmm. I can't help but notice, you. you are very lucky. Most girls your age seem to be a bit. chubby. Not that being chubby is bad, but they don't have as good body as yours. Do you work out?" he asks, his words making her blush.

". Sometimes." "Keep it up. And never skip the lotion; it will keep your skin soft and smooth." he says as he moves down to her lower leg. "I. will try to remember that." she replies as she allows him to lift and stretch her leg. "A-ah, t-that tickles!" she giggles as he applies the last bits of lotion to the underside of her feet. "Sorry." he says as he places her leg down further apart than before, and she feels her puffy lips parting further, just for his eyes.

"It's okay." she replies, as David squirts another generous amount of lotion into his palm, before he takes her left foot in his hand, and stretches it.

During the next couple of minutes he slowly works the lotion in, first on her feet, then lower leg, and finally busty amateur brunette handjobcum on more on thigh. the soft touch of his rough hands gradually excites her even more, making her heart race. "So, tell me a bit about you." he says, trying to start a conversation as he takes the bottle in his hands.

Emma is silent for a moment as he brings the lotion bottle between her legs, and just as she starts to speak, he begins squirting the lotion. "W-what do you want to know?" she stammers as more and more lotion is squirted right onto her mound, before he moves the bottle down and finishes by squirting a small amount of lotion on her puffy lips. Emma lies back, feeling unable to watch.

Her heart races wildly from expectation, as her mind comes to a realization that this older man will have to touch her sacred place with his own hand, a place no one except her has touched in ages. "I don't know, you tell me. How is school, what kind of music do you like, anything." David says, as she feels his hands on her thighs. "Umm. I. Well, the school is good." she says as his right hand slides up, and he starts spreading the lotion with two of his fingers along her smooth skin.

"And I. I like all kinds of music. Anything that makes me feel good." she replies as she tries to relax, at the same time hoping he will finish soon. "Aha. Tell me more, don't be shy." he says as she feels all of his fingers now working the lotion along her shaven mound.

"Uhh." but just as she's about to say something, she bites her lip to keep from gasping as she feels his fingers on her soft, puffy lips. "Yes?" "Uhhh, well. I. I like dogs." "Oops, seems that I've squirted some on the inside. Continue." he says, and she feels his index finger sliding between her soft, moist lips.

"Ahh." she moans softly, closing her eyes as her minds screams "No!", but her body moans "Yessss!" "You like dogs, and?" ". and. uhh. cats. too." she manages to say as he gently moves his finger back and forth, her toes curling from the nice feelings. She has never been touched there, nor has she touched herself in that way, but.

"It feels good!" Emma thinks, as his finger repeatedly travels between the valley of her puffy lips that are engulfing his finger. "I, umm.

like boys, and my best friend. is Megan." "That's great. What else?" he asks, and she feels his left hand sliding along her thigh and up to her mound, before he touches her protruding clit. "Ahh!" she gasps, her body tensing at the electric touch. "I, uhh." she mutters, trying to think of things to say, as his fingers linger over her clit, while his right hand's index finger continues to slide repeatedly between her lips that are getting wetter and wetter with her juices.

"You what?" he asks, his touch feeling like pleasant torture when combined with his questions. "I. uhh. I'm a virgin!" Emma blurts out, just as she feels his finger changing the angle and pushing into her.

As she realizes what she's just said, she bites her lips hard. "I can see that." he says matter-of-factly as another finger joins the first, and he spreads her puffy lips wide open. "What else?" he asks. "Uhh, I. I don't know." she mutters, her butt swaying underneath the fingers that are rubbing her clit. "What else?" he asks sternly as to her dismay his fingers leave her clit, right before he gives her right ass cheek a firm but gentle slap, making her yelp.

"I." "What else?" he repeats the question as he slaps her ass harder, making her firm flesh jiggle slightly with impact. "S-sir!" she gasps. "I. I've never kissed a boy!" she stammers, just as the third smack echoes the room, making her grunt.

He stops. "That is such a shame. Kissing is wonderful. Now, tell me. have you done something really naughty, that you haven't told to anyone?" ". no." she replies with hesistation and squirms a little, her right cheek stinging from the recent smacks. "I can tell that's not true. Tell me, what was so naughty that you are afraid to tell anyone?" he asks as she hears the sound of a bottle opening, then. a few seconds later her eyes jerk open, as she feels a finger on her sphincter.

As he starts rubbing the lotion in she first gasps, then quickly responds, "N-nothing!" "Emma, it's me here. You can trust me." he reassures her as she feels his fingers rubbing the labia now, while at the same time his left hand's middle finger starts to push into her anus.

"Ahh, sir! Please." she protests, before letting out a wince as his finger enters her anus, which clenches tightly around it.

but it doesn't stop him from pushing further. "What did you do? Tell me, Emma, what did you do?!" he asks, repeating the question as he keeps pushing, until Emma suddenly gives in. "I licked my mother's dildo!" she blurts out. "A-after." she continues to say, then closes her eyes once again and bites her lip. "After what?" ". after she masturbated with it." she admits with a sigh. "I peeked on her through the door, a-and.

after she. finished, she hid it under the bed. So w-when she left. I sneaked inside, a-and." "I see. That is very naughty. tell me, how dit it taste?" he asks, as he stops with his finger all the way inside her tight butt. "Uhh. what?" she mutters in shock and confusion as her anus contracts around it. "How did it taste? Tell me!" he orders as he starts twisting and turning his finger inside her anus.

"I-it tasted great! Oh God." she mutters, covering her face in shame as his finger beginsthrusting inside her butt, while at the same time his right hand fingers spread her wet puffy lips. "That is nothing to be ashamed about. You were just a curious girl." "But. I." she tries to find the right words as she lets her hands down, still keeping her eyes closed.

"Shh, it's okay." he mutters, before he kisses her left thigh. She can feel his hot breath as his head moves upward, along her thigh, before it reaches her pussy. The next few seconds are the longest in her life, as she wonders what is he going to do, and what she should do.

before all of a sudden his fingers let go of her puffy lips, and he moves his head down. "Uhh." she moans softly as his lips give hers a kiss, while his finger is still thrusting, albeit gently into her anus. "Ahhh, sir." she tries to protest as something warm and wet parts her pussy lips.

It's then that she realizes it's his tongue. "You shouldn't. ohh." her protests turn into a soft moan as he starts licking her and his tongue pushes into her pussy. "Mmm, so tasty." he takes a break to say that, "It's been a while since I've eaten a pussy as tasty as yours." before he dives right back into it. "David!" she gasps, her cheeks blushing as she grips the sheets with her hands while his tongue invades her. Even with her eyes closed, she feels like she can see him, as if she's standing right behind him, watching him as he sloppily eats her shaved pussy, while she lays there on the bed.

She can't resist but let out a moan as the imaginary, yet true sight excites her. After a few deep licks he moves up, before he sucks her protruding clit into his mouth. His thick finger meanwhile twists inside her asshole before it continues with the thrusting, and combined with the sucking of her clit, she's brought over the edge. "Ughhhh, oh Godddd." she moans, her toes curling, body shaking, sphincter spasming, and her legs parting even further as she experiences her first orgasm.

Unable to resist she reaches forward with her left hand, her right still gripping the sheets, before she roughly places it on the back of his head and forces his head against her pussy, his tongue pushing into her.

"Ahhh." she moans in pleasure as his tongue licks her pussy through her orgasm, her fingers curling in his thick black hair. Finally half a minute later her orgasm is over. As she feels his tongue leaving her pussy and letting go of her clit, she lets go of his head and speaks. "D. sir, that was. amazing!" she admits, her chest heaving as she opens her eyes. "Ohh. I'm glad you've enjoyed it as much I did." he says as he moves up, and she sees her juices dripping down his chin, making her blush.

He wriggles his finger around in her anus, moving it back then thrusting it all the way in several times as she lets out little gasps, before he pulls it all the way out. "I. hope we can keep this between us?" he asks as he takes the towel from the ground, and wipes his face clean. With Emma still trying to catch her breath, her only response is a soft nod with hairy pussy girlfriend takes fast ass fuck head.

"Great. As for Susan, just. be good, do what she says, and the two of you will get along just fine." "I-I'll try. Thank you." she manages to say.

"Oh, right." David mutters just as he turns to leave, before turning back. He bends over right above her body, before he leans down and kisses her softly, taking her by surprise. However, soon Emma's lips part to let his tongue in, and he explores her mouth for nearly a minute as they kiss passionately, while his left hand gently pushes into her bra and cups her small right breast.

As the minute since the kiss started approaches, David moves back, breaking the kiss and leaving her breathless. "Well. now you can say you've kissed a man." he smiles softly, as he licks his lips. Emma bites her lip as her cheeks blush crimson red, even after everything that has happened between them, before David straightens up, pulling his hand with him after giving her nipple a light flick.

"Okay, I. I'll be downstairs. Make sure you moisturize your upper parts, and dress a little less. well, a little more modest. Who knows, if you are going to be good maybe I'll have a chance to shave you again." he smiles. "T-that'd be. lovely. sir." she replies awkwardly, holding her breath as her cheeks blush even more.

"Alright. Well, I'll leave you be." he says, and with that heads out of her room. "Oh my God!" Emma gasps and exhales the breath she was holding, as she hears him heading down the stairs. "I can't believe I just said that!" she thinks, as she sits up on the bed. "But it felt sooo good." she rubs her soft hairless thighs, before moving up to her wet, and shaved pussy. "So soft.

I would have shaved ages ago if I knew it would feel this way!" As one of her fingers brush her puffy lips, she remembers how nice it felt to have his tongue between them, and the memory alone is enough to make her whole body shudder.

"Oh right." she mutters a few seconds later, waking up from the trance. "I don't have time to lose. Susan could be back at any time." as she thinks wild and carnal ramrod riding hardcore and blowjob she takes off her blouse, then reaches back and unsnaps her bra, before placing both items down next to her. Then, she takes the bottle of lotion David just applied to her lower parts, before squirting a generous amount in her hand, and proceeding to apply it to her stomach, then gradually her breasts, and finally her shoulders and her back.

After all, she wants to be a good girl, and the best way for her to do that is to do what they tell her to. With her legs and her crotch already done, it doesn't take her long to finish with the rest. Then, she gets to her feet and walks over to the closet, where she picks out more. modest clothes, just as David asked her to.

After wondering whether or not to wear a bra, she decides not to - after all, she only wears it when she wants a bigger cleavage. She puts on a fresh pair of naughty lesbian sex kittens are opening up and fist fucking anal holes, a long skirt that goes down below her knees, and a red blouse that covers her breasts nicely.

She spends the next couple of minutes by taking the towel, razor, and the rest of the stuff back to the bathroom, before picking up both her pants and panties, then placing them in a laundry bin. Finally, she removes her makeup, and with that done she settles down on her bed and starts reading a magazine. It's only a couple of minutes later that she hears Susan's begg com xxx sexy story arriving, and she heads downstairs to help out - with Susan seeming more than pleased about what she's wearing right now.

The next few hours go towards helping Susan make a lunch, eating it, and eventually going back to her room and watching a movie. though gradually, she starts to feel worried - she's year old tight hole made him explode to meeting her friends every day, right outside of school around 8 o'clock.

but today, with Susan as her new nanny, and with the rules she made, what is she going to do? What is she going to say? She can't help but remember the rules, which explicitly say she isn't allowed to leave the house after 6 pm.

but even with the rule number #5, she knows that Susan wouldn't let her leave the house after 6 pm, especially when she's so strict about lesser rules, which is a huge bummer. She begins devising a plan, but with the movie being rather boring and her stomach full, she dozes off to sleep. . 'Brrr! Brrrr!' "Uhh, what?" Emma mutters, suddenly waking up from her sleep. It takes her a second to realize her phone is vibrating on the bed, right next to her.

She rubs her eyes before picking up the phone in her hand, and seeing a message has just arrived. 'Where are you?' - the message from Joey says. "Ugh." she mutters, knowing she can't leave the house. As she looks at the time, she sees it's 7:10 pm.

'I can't come - my mother won't let me.' she writes, before sending him message. She'd feel embarrassed if he or her friends knew she had a nanny at her age! Less than a minute later, a message arrives. 'Are you chicken?' "Ugh, idiot." she thinks, as she types, 'No. But I don't want to get in trouble with her.' then sends it. Soon after, her phone vibrates again. 'So you are a chicken! I'm going to tell everyone that mommy won't let you leave, and you are afraid to do anything about it!' the message says.

Emma bites her lip nervously - she doesn't want her friends to think any less of her, after she's tried to hard in the past few months to win them over. She quickly types, 'I was just messing with you, fool! I'm at the store right now, actually. I'll be there as soon I drop off groceries at my home.' she lies. As she sends the message she gets up in a hurry, finds her purse, then gets out her makeup supplies. She quickly applies makeup to her face, red lipstick to her lips, and perfume to both her neck and her wrists, just as another message arrives.

'We'll be waiting. You may have fooled the others with your message, but not me!' As she places the phone down on the bedside table she quickly walks over to the closet, then takes out a short skirt, that matches her red blouse. Standing in front of the mirror she takes off her skirt, then puts on the shorter one, which goes down only to her thighs, revealing her shapely legs.

She unbuttons a few buttons on her blouse to reveal a peak of her small, but lovely breasts. Figuring that her nanny and her husband must be still downstairs, who quite probably think she's asleep, she wonders whether to take a risk and try to leave through the front door, or. "Well, they'd surely see me if I went downstairs, wouldn't they? So." she quickly decides to sneak out through the window, and climb down the fire escape school shrink bangs troubled latina schoolgirl teen that are right next to it.

She walks over to the window, quietly opens it, then, as she moves to leave, she hears the door opening behind her. "Oh fuck." she mutters and tries to hurry.

"What do you think you are doing?!" a thundering voice goes through the room. "Get back in here this istant!" As she looks back she sees Susan and David approaching her, before she moves her arm out the window - she doesn't want to be in trouble! At least not right now. and her friends wouldn't understand. "No!" she responds, before getting a leg out as well. However, just as she tries to grip the ladder and get the rest of her body out, a pair of strong hands grips her by her hips and starts pulling her back.

"N-no! Let me go!" she struggles against the hands, which quickly pull her back into the room, before Susan hurriedly closes and locks the window then turns towards her. "You could have seriously hurt yourself!

What were you thinking?!" Susan's voice thunders. "I wouldn't! I would have climbed down." "And gone where, dressed like a slut?" "I. I'm not. I'm going to see my friends!" Emma protest, feeling determined, still struggling against the hands that are now holding her arms tightly. "Let me go!!" she yells. "Oh no, you are not. You want to dress like a slut? Fine. We'll show you what wanna-be sluts get.

Stay here." she orders with the stern voice, before heading out of the door. "H-hey! Let me go!!" Emma protests as she struggles against David's firm hands. "It's one thing to disrespect me, but whole another to disrespect my wife. For the second time! What were you thinking? What happened about being good?" David asks, as he forces her to sit down on the bed, before he sits down next to her as well.

"I. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disrespect her or break the rules, I just." she mutters, before she sighs and stops struggling, realizing she's in a lot of trouble. "I'm sure you are." he says and the two of them sit in silence as he lets go of her arms. Nearly a minute later, Susan walks in with a bottle and glass in her hands. She places the lenghtly glass down on the bedside table, before filling it with some alcoholic drink up to the brim.

"Here." she says, handing her the glass. "Drink." Emma eyes the glass for a second, before muttering. "But I don't dr." "I said drink!" Susan interrupts her as she gives her a mean look.

Emma shivers in fear and quickly takes the glass, before she starts to chug it down. She manages to drink half of the glass before she starts to cough, as the drink begins to burn her throat. "Drink!" Susan orders as Emma stops coughing. "No!" she protests. "Emma, just calm down and drink. None of this would have happened if you haven't broke the rules, or acted towards us with disrespect. Now, we have no choice but to punish you. You understand that, right?" Susan asks. Emma is silent for a moment before she swallows hard, and quietly nods.

She realizes Susan is right; it's all her fault. The rules clearly state she isn't allowed to leave after 6 pm, especially not without asking her about that. And even less with the clothes Susan told her not to wear. "Wanna-be sluts drink when they are out with their 'friends', and since you dress like one, we want to show you what wanna-be sluts get." "B-but I.

I don't want to be a slut!" Emma protests. "Your clothes, makeup, your attitude, and your behaviour say otherwise.

Now drink." Susan says as she fills the glass back up, then sits down on the right side of Emma. "I. okay." Emma sighs, knowing better than to get in any more trouble. "They'll probably make me drink a bit more for. I don't know, yell at me, and." she thinks as they observe her, before she moves the glass up to her lips, and drinks more.

3 minutes later and 2 glasses down, she's starting to feel a bit odd. and tipsy actually. "Alright, that's enough. I'll be right back." Susan says as she takes the glass and the bottle before getting up. "Thank you. for not spanking me." Emma says, realizing they could have done so easily if they wanted. "You're welcome, honey." Susan smiles, then leaves.

Just as she exits the door, she feels a hand on her thigh. "Mmm." she subconciusly mutters as the hand travels upwards, the alcohol getting to her head. before it reaches her panties and the fingers press against her clit, making her gasp.

"N-no!" she mutters, pushing the hand away - David's hand, she realizes. However his hand is quickly back on her thigh, and he moves in and kisses her neck. "It's okay." he whispers in her ear, as his hand reaches her crotch again, and he starts to rub her clit through the panties. "Uhhh." Emma mutters at the pleasant feeling as she pussy gets explored from inside hardcore and blowjob to relax.

"I brought lube. Ohhh, so forward. I like it!" Emma hears a woman's orgasms petite shaved teen pleasured by old, and as she looks towards the door, she sees Susan standing there. "T-this isn't as it looks like!" Emma panics as her heart beats fast and she tries to squirm away, while David continues to kiss her neck, his hand still under her bunched up skirt, rubbing her crotch.

"Oh, Emma." Susan mutters as she moves forward, with Emma still in shock, but now sitting still.

She feels David's hand moving up to her tummy, before it slips down right into her panties. Then she feels his fingers moving down further, before suddenly he slides his long, middle finger right between her puffy lips, making her gasp.

"David, I think she's ready." "R-ready for what?" Emma stammers, as his hand leaves her crotch, and he stops kissing her.

"Get up, and take both your skirt and your panties off." "What?" "You heard me. You need to be punished so you can see the consequences of your behaviour, and the way you dress, even after I explicitly told you not to dress that way." "B-but." Emma starts to protest, before letting out a sigh - she's in so much trouble as it is. and Susan surely wouldn't like much for her to be talking back. Reluctantly, she manages to get up, then hooks her thumbs in her panties and her skirt, before sliding them both down to her ankles.

"Alright, now turn around, and bend over the bed. David, come behind her." "Ugh, dammit." Emma mutters, realizing she's going to get spanked after all. With hesistation she complies by turning around, then bending over the bed. "Maybe I deserve it?" she wonders. "Why is it so hard for me to follow rules?" She hears something happening behind her, before David approaches her, and she sees his shadow on the bed from the light.

Bitting her lip as she expects her first slap, she's surprised to feel a pair of hands being placed on her cheeks, one hand softer than the other as the hands spread her butt.

"What are you. sir!" she gasps as she looks back, only to see him standing right behind her with his pants off and his cock sticking up, shining with lube. "Sluts gets juggs hot masseuse licks pornstars big tits, honey. This is your punishment for wearing those slutty clothes." Susan says calmly. skinny british girl loves getting fucked by two. ma'am!

No. I. no!" she protests and tries to get up, but right then David walks up closer and moves his hand from her right cheek to her back, which he uses to push her back down and hold here there. "Let me help." Susan says, and Emma sees her reaching forward to grip his cock in her hand, before guiding it towards her. It's only a second later she feels it against her puffy lips, before it pushes forward, spreading them.

"Ahhh, please!" she protests and struggles to get up, right before the cockhead hits her hymen, making her groan. "David, wait." Susan lets go of his cock. "Are you going to be a good girl from now on?" "Y-yes! I will be a good girl, I promise. Please, pull it out!" Emma panics, feeling too afraid to move as she's held down. "That's not how it works honey. You have to go through your whole punishment, and if you are a good, quiet girl, you will be rewarded.

Is that understood?" "B-but. ahh. please! Can't you spank me or punish me in some other way?" Emma asks, her heart beating rapidly. "No. I believe this is a fitting punishment, but how you are going to take it is up to you." Susan says, letting go of her second ass cheek. Seeing no way out, and with two of them against her.

Sex addicted teen goes insane light as a feather stiff as a

she knows she doesn't really have a choice; she's going to lose her virginity. Not that she cared much about it to start with, but. she thought it would be nice if she waited for the right guy. But now, because of Joey, and because she was stupid enough to fall for his provocation, she's going to get fucked.

She doesn't have any more time left to think, as she feels David pushing forward once again. Instead of screaming like she would have, she decides to try to be a good girl, thus staying quiet. Emma grits her teeth in pain as she feels her hymen stretching, before suddenly David's cockhead tears right through it.

"Uggghhhhh." she groans even though she wants to yell, as she feels his cockhead now sitting inside her pussy, with him letting her adjust for a moment. She grips the sheets on the bed as she fights back the tears, still in disbelief at her situation. She tries to take deep long breaths, as David stands there silently with his cock inside her, and with none of them moving.

Nearly a minute later the pain starts to ease and she begins to relax a little, which he seems to notice and he starts pushing again.

"Does it feel okay?" he asks a moment later as his cock travels deeper. "Yes sir." she mutters through her teeth, feeling every vein and bump along the shaft as it enters her. "David, you are supposed to punish her. If it doesn't hurt a little, then you are not doing it right." Susan says, as David stops pushing.

"I know dear, and I'm sure it's not too easy for her. but it's her first time. We don't want to hurt her too much, do we?" "Please. pull it out! I'll be good." Emma whimpers. "Hmm. well, I guess you are right. Emma, what did I say about being quiet? I don't want to hear another peep from you." Right then David starts pushing again, and Emma grits her teeth once more.

"Ahhh, it's too big!" Emma thinks as she parts her legs further, hoping to ease the pain as she feels his penis stretching her open, traveling deeper into her. With Susan's encouragement and help, within a minute her husband is balls deep inside Emma, pushing against her cervix as she winces in pain. As he hears that he moves back a little, and the pressure inside her eases, while Emma sighs and relaxes on top of the bed.

She lays there quietly as she feels her tightly stretched pussy lips sliding along his, what appears to be, 7 inch shaft as he withdraws almost all the way out, before pushing back into her. "Ughhhh." she grunts, not feeling too uncomfortable or pleasant either as her pussy grips him tightly, with the slight pain still present from her hymen being torn.

He fucks her for nearly 2 minutes as she lays there quietly, gradually adjusting to his cock, while her brain is trying to process she's actually getting fucked for the first time in her life - by a married man no less! Suddenly, Emma's phone starts to ring, and she looks up towards it as David stops halfway inside her. "Oh, I'll get that. Don't mind me." Susan says as she gets up, and David proceeds with fucking Emma. Emma meanwhile watches as Susan takes the phone, and answers it.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Jones." "Mrs. mom!" Emma exclaims in surprise, the call giving her hope as she tries to move up fully college hoe silvia burton gets he holes licked the bed and get to it.

She knows that if she manages to do that her mother would surely put a stop to all of this, if she told her what they were doing to her. However, just as she manages to get her feet off the ground, David bends over and places his hands down right above her shoulders, thus preventing her from going anywhere.

Then, he leans down and kisses her neck as he continues thrusting. "No, she's in bed, getting ready to sleep." Susan says. "David, please. let me. ughh." she groans softly as she feels her pussy lips being dragged along his shaft, as he increases his speed. "I love your perfume.

What kind is it?" David asks, ignoring her plea. "Uhh." she mutters as she watches Susan, and she starts to realize that there is yummy akasha cullen gets a mouthful of cum after ass wrecked way she could reach the phone.

As her heart begins to sink in despair, she ceases her struggles, and responds "It. it's Dior's. J`adore Eau de Toilette." "Very nice." he whispers in her ear. "Thank you." she says then grunts, as he pushes deeper than usual. "Yes. well, I've had to spank her, but after that, she seems to have calmed down. Yes, Mrs. Jones, we will take any means necessary to make sure she stays that way.

Good night as well. Bye!" Susan says, then hangs up the phone. "Well, that was your mother. She says she's very pleased to know that you are being good. We don't want to disappoint her, do we?" Susan asks, as she turns towards Emma. ".No ma'am." Emma replies with a sigh. "Good. Mmm. the two of you look perfect together. Pull her back, David. I want to take a nice picture." "Madam!" Emma gasps in shock.

Without saying a word David wraps one hand around Emma's waist, and another right underneath her chest as he moves in closer, while pulling her back at the same time. As Emma's feet reach the floor she starts to straighten up on her legs, while David moves closer and closer, pushing his cock deeper into her to the point of uncomfortable.

"Ughhh, sir!" she grunts as she grips the sheets she's holding in her hand, while trying to squirm away from his grasp. which she fails. Instead, all Emma manages to do is stretch her pussy further on his cock, until he's balls deep inside of her. She groans and grimaces from pain as she feels his cock firmly pushing against her cervix, right before a flash goes off. "Wonderful." Susan says excitedly. "Now, try and smile dear.

Wider. that's it!" she instructs as Emma forces out a smile, and the flash goes off again. "Sir, please. it hurts." Emma complains then grits her teeth, as her puffy lips sit stretched around the thick base. "Ohh, sorry. I've forgotten all about that. it actually feels really nice for me." he says as he moves back, his cock moving an inch out with him, and the pain fades away. "Hmm. David, pull out, and let Emma lie on her back." "Yes dear." He quickly complies, before helping Emma down to the bed as she sighs in relief.

However, her relief is short lived as David moves between her legs and easily slides most of his cock back into her. "I want to give you a reward for being a good girl." Susan smiles. "You don't. have to, ma'am." Emma mutters, feeling unsure what she means by 'reward'. "Of course I do!" Susan climbs onto the bed and quickly reaches between Emma and David with her left hand, to find Emma's clit. "You need to see how nice it can be for you when you are a good girl." she says, as she starts stroking it.

"Ahhh. yes ma'am." Emma moans softly as the pleasure starts to course through her body. "David, continue." Just before she closes her eyes she sees David nodding, and he starts fucking her once again.

"Ohh." she moans quietly, the fucking he's giving her now feeling completely different as Susan works her clit. Emma gradually spreads her legs further and further, until they're as far apart as they can go, while David holds her hips with his hands, pulling her towards his cock. "Oh God. he's so big." she gasps and opens her eyes. She can see Susan smiling, looking lovingly between Emma's legs as her husband's cock stretches the girl more than before.

Then he suddenly stops thrusting for a moment, and takes her spread legs in his hands, with Susan coming to his aid. "Hey, what are you." Emma starts to speak before she stops in the mid of her sentence as she looks down, only to see her wet vagina open, with a third of his glistening cock inside her.

At the same time, she feels mesmerized, fascinated, and horrified at the sight in front of her - she's unsure how she's able to take such a thick, and long cock.

"I'll be able to push deeper this way." he says as he moves her legs up, bending them at the knees, before he wraps her right leg around his waist, while Susan helps him him with the left. ". what?" she mutters after a second as she looks at him, then as his words finally reach her brain, she looks down at her legs only to see them wrapped around his waist.

Right amateur amazing brunette girl with natural tits fucking in the nature, he starts pushing again. "N-no, no, David, you don't have to. aghh." she ends up groaning as he slides his cock to the hilt, with at least an inch still left on the outside. Then he starts withdrawing, but he manages only a few inches before her legs restrict him, and she instictively wraps them tighter, thus pulling him towards her.

Her eyes go wide open in surprise, and he plunges right back into her, making her groan. Before she can say or do anything else Susan's hand returns to her clit, and her silky touch makes her moan in pleasure.

"Oh ma'am. your hand feels so soft!" "Thank you, dear." Susan smiles as her expert fingers stroke Emma's clit faster. "That's why you need to moisturize." "Ohh. I-I will. I promise." she manages to say, then moves her head back as her eyes roll inside her head. Suddenly she feels a soft hand which she easily recognizes as Susan's, opening her blouse. Emma looks down to see Susan's hand unbuttoning her blouse with her right hand, while her left is still working on her clit, as David fucks her.

"How can something like this feel so nice? Especially when it hurt less than a minute ago." she wonders. "Uhh." she mutters softly, her heart beating fast in her chest as Susan's hand cups her small tit and squeezes it. Then she holds it up towards her husband, and David quickly takes the offer by leaning down and taking half of her breast into his mouth. "She's got a nice mouthfull, hasn't she?" "Mhmm." David responds as he licks Emma's breast then sucks on her nipple, as he keeps on thrusting frantically into her sopping pussy.

Thrust, after thrust, after thrust, he pounds her pussy to mush with his cock. "Ahhh." Emma moans and reaches with her right hand to grip his shoulder, while at the same time reflexively pulling her legs further back, in an effort to spread them wider and ease the penetration, but it only restricts his movement even more and makes his thrusts shorter. "I think she wants you deeper, honey." Susan comments, as she speeds up with rubbing Emma's clit. "No. ahhh. this." she tries to respond, but is unable to.

David looks up to his wife with Emma's tit still in his mouth, right before he thrusts again into her, this time all the way up to her cervix. "Aghhh, David!" she wails softly and a single tear escapes her eye, as he pulls out then thrusts again. Luckily enough, his cock pushing against her cervix doesn't hurt her as bad as before, and after several deep thrusts he buries his cock all the way inside her, until she can feel his balls against her body.

Then, he lets her tit out of his mouth and groans as he starts to orgasm. "Oh God." Emma mutters in disbelief and tries to squirm away - but there is nowhere to go. With his cock nestled tightly against her cervix which pulses his hot sperm straight into her womb, and combined with the rubbing of her clit, she's finally brought over the edge.

Emma grips his shoulder tightly and her legs hold him deep inside her, as she begins to writhe and trash beneath him and on his cock while she orgasms. Her toes curl, her back arches, and she lets out an unwilling moan from the enormous pleasure that overpowers any pain she feels. She feels her whole vaginal canal contracting around his penis, as if trying to milk him dry, while all the mixed feelings hit her head. They spend a whole minute like that as they experience their orgasms, before they come to an end and fade away, and they are left trying to gather their breaths.

"My God. that was intense." David says as his hand strokes her left arm, making her shiver. As Susan's hand lets go of her clit, Emma looks away and closes her eyes in shame, and they stay like that a little while longer as she tries to relax and stay calm. David suddenly begins gyrating his hips, his cock moving in sync with his body, and thus making a sloppy sound inside Emma's stretched vagina.

Emma gasps softly, still holding her eyes tightly closed as the sound her vagina is producing makes her feel horrified and ashamed at the same time. She lets go of his shoulder and grips the sheet with her hand before he stops moving, the full feeling making her feel oddly good.

"This is wrong. I can't believe it felt so good!" she thinks as she lays there quietly. "You know, I'd like to stay all day inside you, but." he says then laughs softly with Susan. "Sorry." Emma mutters shamefully and grips the sheet tighter as she relaxes the hold of her legs, and he unhooks them.

"That's okay." he says as he pulls his cock halfway out, then thrust back into her, making her grunt as her breasts bounce freely from the powerful thrust. She feels his hand on her chin, and he turns her head to the left, before she feels his hot breath on his face.

and his lips on hers. "Ahh." she moans as David kisses her, his tongue pushing into her warm, damp mouth. She grips the sheet tighter in her fist as they kiss softly, while he works his semi-hard penis in and out gently with his hips. His tongue explores her mouth and brushes against hers, until she finds the courage to meet him and kiss him back passionately, their tongues now twisting and flicking.

"Uhh." she groans softly as he breaks the kiss, and buries his cock as far as possible one last time, before he moves up and withdraws his cock with him. His hand on its way back brushes over her breast and slides down the rest of her body, which makes her shiver, while her pussy makes a wet *plop* sound as he withdraws his cock then lays down next to her. Right then Susan moves off the bed, and soon, another flash goes off as she mutters 'perfect'. "David. you can go now.

I think Emma has been punished enough for tonight, and I need to get her ready for bed." "Yes dear." David replies and quickly gets up, picks up his underwear and the pants, then heads out of the room.

Emma meanwhile, feeling exhausted after her first sex which was to say the least, quite. energetic, lies silently on the top of the bed with her legs spread open. "Come on honey, you need to get up." Susan says, giving Emma a light slap on her thigh which makes her groan. Without saying a word she straightens her legs, and sits up on the bed.

"I feel sore." she complains, her vagina feeling mildly painful as she looks down and sees her gaping puffy lips which are smeared with blood. "That's okay, you just lost your virginity, it'll pass. Besides, that's all part of the punishment, and it should remind you of what you've done. Now come, we need to get you ready for bed." Susan takes her by her arm, and helps her to her shaky feet, before leading her out of the room and into the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom she sits Emma down on the toilet seat, and Emma looks down then observes as a mixture of blood and cum drips out of her vagina.

"You know. I'm really disappointed in you." Susan says, as she takes a wet tissue, then walks over to Emma. As Emma looks up Susan starts wiping the makeup off her face, and continues.

"I really though you would learn, and start being good after the first time today when you wore those slutty clothes. but no, you go and wear them again, put on makeup, and what's even worse, you try to leave after 6 pm without even asking me!" "I. I'm sorry." Emma mutters as she looks down in shame.

"I'm sure you are. Now, If you have to pee, it would be the right time." Susan says, as she finishes getting the makeup, and then the lipstick off Emma's lips. "W-what? B-but. I can't pee with you s." "I said, pee!" Susan shouts, her stern voice making her shiver.

"Y-yes ma'am." Emma replies quietly and tries to pee, as Susan tries to take her blouse off. "This whole chinese webcam model love too much fingers masturbate adultsmartlinksorg you've been acting like a toddler, and I figure. if you want to act that way, then I'll treat you that way - for the whole week!" Susan says, making Emma gasp.

"Meanwhile, if you start being a good girl from this moment, and start listening and doing what we tell you, then once the week is up I will start treating you like a smart teen girl you should be, and not a toddler as you act. Is that understood?" Emma, taking a deep breath as she manages to start peeing, replies with hesistation. "Yes ma'am." "Good." Susan takes Emma's blouse off, then throws it to the floor.

Suddenly and to Emma's shock and surprise, she reaches down and easily slides two of her fingers into her pussy, and ideal teen spreads wet twat and gets deflorated defloration virginity peeing immediately comes to a stop. "Ahhh." Emma gasps, gripping her thigh tightly with her hand, as Susan thrusts her fingers back and forth a few times. "Don't mind me, keep peeing.

I've had to take care of a lot little girls during the years, with most of them unable to control when they pee or poop. So just try to relax and let it go, while I try to get the last bits of sperm out of you - I don't want you going to sleep with it inside." Susan says.

Emma quietly nods, still in shock, as she forces herself to pee again, most of it now going onto the Susan's hand before dripping down into the toilet. "I can't help but wonder. how deep has he been?" she asks, as two of her fingers easily slide all the way into Emma's vagina, before she scoops out a blood and cum mixture.

". Really deep." Emma mutters as she bites her lip. "Hmm. up to your cervix? You know what cervix is, right?" "I do. Umm. h-he. I could feel the tip pushing. against it." Emma looks away nervously as she finishes peeing.

"Oh my." Susan says in surprise. "No wonder you are feeling sore. But at least now you know what sluts get." She bites her lip even harder but doesn't say anything, as her nanny makes a few more scoops, until the last one barely brings anything. Then, she pulls her fingers out.

"Alright, stay there, and I'll wipe you in a second." she says, walking over to the sink. "A-are you sure? I-I mean. I could do it on my own." "A toddler can't wipe on her own." She washes her hands with soap, before walking over to Emma.

"Now get up so I can wipe you." Without saying a word Emma reluctantly complies and gets to her feet, as Susan takes the toilet paper in her hands. Emma quietly watches, bitting her lip as Susan folds the paper, then reaches forward and wipes her smooth slit, front to back. "He really knows how to shave girls, doesn't he?" she smiles as she folds the paper, then wipes her again. "Y-yes. he does." Emma replies shlyly, blushing as she remembers the licking he gave her. and how he fingered her anus!

And the kiss, the way he kissed her just minutes ago. "Okay." Susan says, interrupting her thoughs as she gives Emma's pussy one last tap with the paper. "Do you have to poop maybe?" "Umm. no." "Are you sure? I could get you diapers for tonight." "N-no, ma'am! I promise." Emma stammers, her eyes bulging out at the thought. "Alright, come in front of the mirror, and I'll brush your teeth." she says, as she throws the paper in the trash.

Emma obediently complies despite her reluctance, but wanting to be a teaching son an ir lesson tube porn girl'. Susan meanwhile flushes the toilet, and walks back up to The shaven slit of my delicious brunette gal is more than a match for my steely dong i love making h. She takes out a tooth brush and a tooth paste, then squeezes it out on the brush and tells her to open her mouth.

The next couple of minutes are spent with Susan carefully but thoroughly brushing Emma's teeth, before she gives her water to clean her mouth, and washes her hands. "We are nearly done. You might be acting like a toddler, but your body isn't." Susan says as she gets a night cream out, then applies it all over Emma's face and hands, while she obediently stands there, still fully naked. Once she's done that, she takes out a bottle of lotion, then motions for Emma to turn towards the mirror, before she moves behind her.

Susan then proceeds applying the lotion to Emma's arms, legs, and more uncomfortably, her breasts and her crotch, before moving to her upper back. "This will be your night routine from now on. Your mother does it, I do it, and so will you from today, to make sure your skin stays soft as baby's butt." Susan says, as she rubs in the lotion into Emma's lower back.

"Yes madam. I'm sure you are right." Emma replies, as she keeps looking at herself in the mirror. Her skin now - at least on her chest does seem to have a more healthier and softer glow. And especially her face! "Of course I am." Susan says, giving Emma's left ass cheek a slap with her hand, before cupping it.

"Your anus needs the lotion too." she says, parting Emma's ass cheek as she takes a deep breath, before Susan starts rubbing the lotion onto it with her middle finger. "It will moisturize it, and it will help you from getting hemorrhoids." Susan says, before thrusting half of her finger into Emma's anus.

"Ahh. yes ma'am." Emma replies and moves up on her toes, her anus tensing around the invading finger as the nanny rubs the remaining lotion on the inside. "It's so much better when you are a good girl like this." Susan says, twisting her finger one last time before pulling it out.

She walks over to the sink, washes her hands, then walks Emma back to her room. After examining the bed and announcing there is no blood or sperm stains, she says, "Alright honey, it's for sleep. Get into bed." "Shouldn't I put a nightgown first? I have it in my closet." Emma says, as she heads to get it. "No, you shouldn't.

You need to let your body breathe, and your body can't do that with all the clothes on." Emma opens her mouth to protest, then realizes that it isn't really that big of a deal - no one will see her, so she silently walks over to the bed and lays down. Susan covers her body with sheets, then tucks her in. "Good night, Emma." she says before leaning down and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Good night ma'am." Susan then walks out of the room, and after giving her one last look, she closes the door behind her. "What a day." Emma thinks as she lays in her bed, fully nude and in the dark, as the sweet smell of her body reaches her nostrils. She can't help but wriggle her butt a little against the bed, her naked skin that's touching it makes her feel.

odd, to say the least - she's not used to sleeping in nude, and she has never slept that way. After a couple of wriggles she lies still, and soon after such adventurous day with Emma wondering how did the things go so far out of hand, she realizes how good actually she's had it with her mother.

She should have never entered the bathroom with her mother in it - sure, it's Emma's house too, but Evelyn is her mother, and she clearly wasn't comfortable being nude around her. Emma bites her lip, gripping the sheets tightly in her hand, as she remembers stealing the money from her mother's purse. "I shouldn't have ever done that! If I asked, I'm sure she would have given me. but I didn't! I didn't think I needed to. fuck." "Maybe. if I honestly apologize to her, maybe she will fire Susan?" Emma wonders, and after deciding to do so tomorrow, she quickly falls asleep.

. "ake up." "Huh?" Emma mutters as she wakes up to a feeling of a hand on her bare shoulder, and a woman's voice. "I said, wake up. I need to give you a bath." the voice says again, and she feels her covers begin pulled off, exposing her naked back to the cold air.

"Uhh. I-I'm awake!" she says as turns around to face the woman, who she quickly realizes is Susan. She rubs here eyes with her hands, before quickly covering up as she remembers she's naked. "Come honey, let's go." Susan says, taking Emma by the hand that's covering her crotch. "C-can I put something on first?" she stammers nervously, feeling quite shy unlike last night. "There's no need for that, you'll be sitting in the bathtub in a moment." Susan says, and she reluctantly gets to her feet, still covering her breasts with her other hand.

Susan leads her out of her room and into the bathroom, where a bubbly bathtub is awaiting her. "Alright, now, just sit down in the tub and let me worry about everything else." ".

Yes ma'am." she responds with hesistation, still feeling quite sleepy. Susan lets go of her hand, and Emma looks back to see her closing the door, before she stops covering her breasts and quickly gets into the tub. "Ohhh." she moans softly, the warm water caressing her body as she slides in.

"You like it?" Susan asks as she walks over to the tub. "It's nice." Emma sighs as she begins to relax, the bubbly water covering her up to her nipples. "That's good, that's what a bath should be like.

Alright, well, I'll wash your body first, then your hair. Sit up." Emma complies and covers her breasts again, while Susan moves next to her. Emma sees her taking the soap, before she kneels down, wets it in the water, and starts soaping her back with it. Then she washes it off and lets Emma lay back, before doing the same with her arms, breasts, stomach, and her legs. When the time comes for her crotch and butt, she keeps her eyes closed in shame, doing her best not to wriggle away from her hands.

After that, she finally moves to her hair. The whole bath takes around 10 minutes, and once Susan is done, she helps her out of the bathtub and dries her off, then guides her over to the mirror. Same like last night, Susan applies day cream to Emma's hands and face, before she moves over to the lotion. A couple of teen hoe carter cruise gets her pussy beaten up later she's almost done with her whole body, and Emma grips the table in front of her as Susan, like last night, pushes a lotion-coated finger in her anus.

"Very good honey, I must say I'm proud of you. You didn't protest even once." Susan praises her, as her finger probes the anus of the young girl who's standing on the tip of her toes. "Ahh. thanks ma'am." Emma manages to reply, before gritting her teeth as her nanny applies the lotion thoroughly inside her rectum. After another 30 seconds she pulls her finger out and Emma sighs in relief, while Susan walks over to the sink and washes her hands.

With her hands clean she walks back over to Emma, then says, "Let's get you something to wear." and she takes her by her hand and leads her back to her room. After going through her closet she picks out a few clothes then walks over to her.

As she stands there Susan puts on the blouse on her, before she starts buttoning her up in front. Emma looks at Susan in confusion, thinks for a moment, then nervously asks, "Ma'am, I'm.

umm. not protesting, but. I was wondering wouldn't it be better if I had a bra on as well?" Susan smiles. "You don't need it. Trust me, you'll thank me one day." ". Yes ma'am." Emma replies reluctantly, realizing she's better off than to contradict her, as Susan finishes buttoning the white blouse up well above her breasts.

Next, she helps her get in a long gray skirt, and Emma bites her lip as she realizes amrika xxx sex university sex stories won't give her any panties to wear either.

"At least the skirt is long." she thinks as she looks down, the skirt going down well beyond her knees. Susan then walks over to the drawer and picks out a pair of satin panties, before walking back over to Emma, who sighs in relief as Susan slides the panties up her legs. "Alright, lets go downstairs teen licks mature pussy and amateur loves to suck dont say you love me eat breakfast.

My husband has been cooking it." she smiles, Emma nods, and the two of them walk downstairs. 20 minutes later they are all done, and as David heads for the couch in the living room, Emma helps Susan put away the dishes. "Well, since we are all done here. I guess it's time for your punishment." Susan says as she looks towards the living room, before looking towards Emma again.

"What? B-but I didn't do anything wrong!" Emma protests. "Today. But if you remember correctly, you did try to sneak out last night, didn't you?" Susan says. "I did, but. you punished me for that already!" Emma complains. "Yes, we did. Although, if you have read the rules I gave you yesterday, you will remember that the rule number #7 clearly states that if you break one of the rules on the list, you will be punished three times, or better said, once per day, three days in a row." she says, as she moves closer and starts lifting Emma's skirt.

"Since I don't want to take away too much time from you, we'll be watching a nice family movie that kids like you should be watching, not the half-dressed pop stars, while my husband administers the punishment. I see it as a win-win, and you should be pleased that you get to do two things at once; it will leave more time for yourself." Susan lifts the skirt up to her waist, before she continues speaking.

"Now, I promise that if you continue being a good girl like you've been last night and this morning, you won't need to worry about punishments for long. But for now, you still need to be punished, and I suggest you take off your panties and join my husband on the couch." Susan says, as Emma listens, her eyes begining to well up with tears.

"But, ma'am. it's not fair! I." Emma starts to say, fighting back the tears the best she can, before suddenly the phone rings, interrupting her. "Just a second, dear." Susan says letting the skirt down, before walking over to the phone as Emma tries to regain her composure. "Yes? Oh, hi. Yes, she's here. Just a moment." Susan then walks over to Emma and extends the phone towards her.

"It's your mother." As Emma reaches forward to take the phone, she pulls it back. "Don't be too long. In the meantime, I will make sure David is ready for your punishment." "Y-yes ma'am." Emma mutters. "Alright. Well, your mother is waiting." Susan says, handing Emma the phone. With hesistation she lifts the phone to her ear, before muttering a soft 'hi'. "Hi honey!" her mother says excitedly. "How are the things over there?" "They are.

okay." Emma mutters nervously. "Are you listening to Susan?" Evelyn asks. "Yes, I am. Mom, I. I have to tell you something." "Tell me what?" "Uhh. I." Emma starts to say, as she looks towards the couch where Susan is coating David's cock with lube.

The sight of David's cock across the room immediately reminds her of last night, and she bites her lip. She wonders what to do, and whether to tell her mother how Susan is punishing her.

she's pretty sure her mother would raise hell. But. at exactly that moment the memories of Emma walking in on her mother as she was shaving and washing her body, multiple times, then the couple of times when she stole the money from her purse, and that time when she watched her mother masturbate. "Oh God." Emma thinks, as she remembers licking the dildo clean. It's right then that a strange realization comes to her mind - she deserves to be punished. If anything, she defenitely had it coming after acting towards her mother the way she did.

"Honey?" "I deserve this." she thinks. "Oh God." she mutters unconsciously. "Emma, are you okay?" her mother asks in a worried voice. "Mom, I. I just want to apologize. for how I acted towards you recently. I know I haven't been a very good daughter, and. I'm sorry." Emma says, as she remembers she had an orgasm last night. a very nice one, actually. But through most of it, it was far from pleasant, and. "Ugh. I don't have any choice anymore, do I?" she wonders, now that she's decided not to do anything about the punishment.

After all, she did just agree she deserves it, so. "Just 2 more days! I can do it." she reassures herself, as she makes a firm fist with her hand. "Just 2 more days, and I'm done." she repeats in hear head. After a moment of silence, Susan responds. "Oh, honey.

you don't know how much that means to me! I may have over-reacted a couple of times in the bathroom, but you have to understand that I'm not as cumming while fucked first time skinny cindy smashed by playmate about nudity as you might be." "I know, mom, I.

I was always in a hurry, and I didn't think about whether you minded if I saw you like that, or not. I'm really sorry." ". It's okay, hon, I. I forgive you. Alright, well.

I have to go. We'll talk more soon. Keep listenting to Susan, okay?" "Okay mom. bye." she says, and Susan ends the call. She stands there for a moment, dreading what she will have to do whether she wants it or not.

She knows her pussy is still slightly sore, and she feels her heartbeat speeding up as she reluctantly places the phone down, which Susan seems to notice. "Emma, are you coming?" "R-right away ma'am." Emma quickly replies as she turns towards where Susan and her husband are sitting, and sees Susan's hand still tightly wrapped around his erect penis, stroking him.

Emma obediently slides her panties down to her feet and takes a deep breath, then heads over to the couch. It's going to be a long day. To be continued?