Alexis fawx mom milked stepson

Alexis fawx mom milked stepson
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CAMPING TRIP I was out of breath and sweating; everywhere on my body was aching and millions of thoughts flew around and tumbled in my fat brunette sucks last drop of cum. My sister was below me, her entire body covered in a thin layer of sweat, leaving a glow to her skin when the evening sun beamed down on her.

She looked up at me, flashing that charming smile she always abused while biting her bottom lip, her eyebrows curling up to a sad, anxious expression. Her damp curly hair matted down around that angelic face while her small tank top clung to her form and flawless curves, not leaving much to imagination, especially after that rigorous episode that just happened. The fuck did I just do?

Am I stupid? Does she blame me?

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She knows that, right? I breathed in deeply and closed my eyes, shaking my head and letting out a slow, assuring breath while I grasped her hand and pulled her up onto the embankment; the various tattered and destroyed equipment lay at the bottom of the gulch, including her tent and sleeping bag.

I glanced back at my friends who were on the ground laughing, while some others, mostly their girlfriends, gave us pitiful looks, asking if we're okay. I re-check the straps on my backpack and pull them extra tight for safe measure, while my now bare-back younger sister clings to my waist to avoid falling. "Yep, all good. Sh. I should have checked to make sure everything was fastened before we cleared that." Hannah mouthed a silent 'sorry' while looking up at me.

I shook my head and smiled, ruffling her hair a bit and pulling her along with the back of the group of teenagers, only minutes away from our campsite. It was the end of Summer, with Fall fast approaching and my parents knew I was going on a camping trip with friends. They were all bringing their girlfriends, and my parents knew I kept complaining about being that third wheel. Their solution? Bring my younger, introverted sister along.

While she was only 16 years old and I was 17, she still had younger mannerisms that kept my mindset of treating her like a child. Apparently she was like God's gift to our family; she was intelligent, caring, and above-all outrageously cute.

Even as a sibling, I had to admire her incredible power of sweeping grown men off their feet at her charm. Unfortunately I didn't get that luck. Puberty hit me like a train, and it took years of hygiene, dieting, and exercise to attain my looks. I may not be the sexiest man alive but damn did I try to counter that with my body. It was no wonder up to this point I had admired her from afar; Hannah was in the major leagues and all the boys her age knew it. Only thing I could do was fight off the addicts and let her wits filter out the others.

She's never had a serious relationship, and for some reason that made me feel incredible. She is my sister, so maybe that's sibling love.

.Right? Anyway, due to our previous engagement, she kept her hand clung to mine while I zig-zagged between trees and rocky slopes, only taking another 15 minutes to get to our nice little secluded spot. The sun was soon to set, so getting all the unpacking done now meant for 2 days of matures performing striptease and sex toy play, drinking, and enjoying ourselves. I shouldered off and set down my backpack while she stood idly by, a bit nervous to be around an older group.

I exercised my patience and motioned her closer, asking for help to attach the poles together and to hold the corners of the tent steady to slide them in. Luckily we made up for our previous loss and finished the setting-up before anyone else. The dark-green tent was made of a thick material and was well crafted. Unfortunately it was a bit small, which is why the price was modest. I could only shrug when she gave me a worried look at the size and I began to unroll the thick, comfortable sleeping bag which came as a set, covering the entire surface area of the ground inside.

"Don't stress, it's okay, this happens. We'll share the bag and worse comes to worse, we'll figure out another sleeping arrangement tomorrow, okay?" She nodded and I grinned, my hands going into auto-pilot while I unpacked the backpack, tossing together everything we would need and brought: books, matches, flashlights, batteries, etc.

I tossed them in the tent and went off to my buddies' beckoning to scrap together dry wood for tomorrow and cover it up. It was getting dark by the time I got back, about 30 minutes later, and the temperature was dropping quickly. A small shiver went up my spine while I was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I darted towards the campsite to the sounds of those handsy teenagers kissing in their tents.

I let out an audible laugh as they stopped and yelled back stupid insults, making the others cackle in reply while I slipped into the small tent and zipped it shut. I had a small moment of panic when I saw this sexy little thing lying in my bag before realizing it was actually Hannah.

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Her hair was recently brushed and disheveled on the pillow, black men fuck sophia leone covering her face while tucked cutely into the XL bag. She had obviously already disrobed while I was gone, her bare shoulders peeking out, the thin fabric of her sleeping clothes showing. Her face changed when she saw my expression, leaning up on her elbow when looking at me, worried.

"What's wrong?? You forget something?" "Uh. what? No. Sorry just kind of zoned out." I crawled towards her feet where our stuff was packed and emptied my pockets, instinctively going to my belt while I unclasped and slid it off me, glancing over at my angelic little sister when she just stared at me for a couple seconds.

"Hey, unless you want to go find some more wood, you gotta let me do this here, pervert." She blushed and gave an exasperated sigh, quickly turning away and huddling down into the sleeping bag.

I finished tossing off my dirty clothes and sat there in my boxer briefs, about to grab my cheap shirt I sleep in when I realize I had tucked it in the other bag at the last second. Whatever, don't get angry, just sleep it off, no big deal. I crawled over and folded back the top to crawl in, showing the backside of my sister while she turned away, getting a quick eye-full of that curvy figure. She was wearing her thin black t-shirt she used to wear long ago.

It was obviously small on her, clinging to her chest while showing a small sliver of her back and belly. Her booty shorts were from her dancing days, perfectly hugging her heart-shaped ass and covering every square inch of that bubbly behind; it was easily the most promiscuous thing she owned. I sighed and swallowed nervously, knowing I'd be cuddled into that for the remainder of the night.

It didn't help this camping trip had a romantic aura associated with it. Fuck, those innocent childish thoughts of my younger days to date my sister might be coming back.

Just play it cool, she's more uncomfortable about this than I am. .-='**************************************************************************************************************'=.

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While swallowing down my usual brotherly attitude I slipped in and pulled the covers up to our necks, having to spoon her while I zipped up the side of the bag. It was a tighter fit than I thought. My arm wrapped around her torso, a bit higher up than anticipated because of our height difference, making her modest double-D sized breasts cushion my arm through the thin fabric of her shirt.

My crotch pressed comfortably into her ass, my 7'' cock that was previously frightened of the cold was now warmly pressed between those pillowy cheeks, instinctively reacting with a bit of blood flow. I heard her give an audible gasp of surprise while I watched her cheeks glow red from the faint moonlight. To my surprise she giggled and turned her head towards me, "I'm not going to have to deal with that all night, am I?" I couldn't help black security at airport fucks japanese girl laugh in reply, squeezing her tighter and wiggling my girth against her teasingly.

"Hey you dropped the other pack. You've gotta deal with this now." She turned her head away to lie back down, getting quiet after what I said. That didn't come off too weird did it? .Ah shit, no it totally did. Maybe I should just say something to. no no, I'll keep quiet. Don't want to make it weirder. After what seemed like an eternity of lying there, thinking about how big of a dumbass I am, I felt her small hips wiggle back against me, eliciting a happy reaction from my member.

I thought it was an accident, maybe just her re-adjusting, but nope; soon enough, she was grinding back against me, that plump ass pressing into my cock while her back arched, puffing out her chest and grinding that sweet behind into me. Is this for real? Is she messing with me? I decided to test her, pulling my hand up to knead at those soft mounds of flesh, feeling those stiff nipples poke out between my fingers.

A small gasp and stifled moan escaped her lips, her body reacting positively to my touch, her hips gyrating in small circles onto me. Jesus, what do I do? Her body is worth killing people for, but she's my sister and I. I. oh what the hell, let's just see how far she's willing to go. I slid my hands down and up under her tiny shirt, bringing them up for a handful of hot flesh, playing with her pillowy chest and twisting her sensitive little nubs between my index and middle finger.

Her reaction was immediate and eager, my name escaping her lips in a small, breathless moan. She quickly turned around to face me, her eyes locking onto mine while she bit her lip, one of her hands sliding down my bare chest and stomach, slipping down to rub up and down my fully-erect shaft through my thin boxer-briefs. She broke the distance between us and pressed her lips into mine, giving the most gentle yet intense kiss I could imagine, her tongue darting out to lick small circles into my lips, all while small, cute moans escaped her lips.

While she distracted me with the fiery make-out, her thumb tucked into my underwear and began pulling it down, my cock springing free only to have her small fingers wrap around it, slowly stroking up and down my length. Where the hell did this come from?? Is this really Hannah? Am I having a wet-dream? She let go of my cock for only a second as she reached over to unzip the bag to give us room.

With her lips still locked onto mine she crawled up so she was on her hands and knees above me, her gorgeous brunette hair cascading around our faces. Before I knew what was happening she was kissing down my chest, her lips giving small affectionate kisses down and around my crotch. I sat up on my elbows and looked down at her, confused and excited. Her eyes wouldn't stay off of me.

She reached forward while she lied between my legs, her arms on my thighs and grabbed the base of my cock, her hot tongue sliding up the underside before reaching the top and swallowing down my thick head with her pouty lips.

The sight was going to be engraved in my mind forever, and that alone was enough to make me cum. I held strong though, determined to get to the bottom of this, but too overcome with emotions at this point to act rashly.

While I lied there a bit in shock, her free hand gripped for mine and placed it on her head, my fingers combing through her hair, lightly massaging her scalp and clenching a fistful of her hair. She began working some incredible skill on my throbbing meat, bobbing her head up and down, taking down almost the full length before looking up at me with somewhat pleading eyes, my cock covered in a layer of saliva while she drooled with lust in my lap.

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I pulled her hair down and stuffed her throat full, making her moan out onto my shaft. I clenched my teeth and tried to steady my breathing, a steady stream of pre-cum trickling from the tip. She nuzzled her head into my crotch as her eyes began to water, pulling herself off while small ropes of saliva connected her step sister needs his cock for practice to my shaft.

She licked her lips and kissed the head of my penis, her hands going to work on pulling her shirt off and wiggling out of her shorts, her gorgeous frame crawling up to hover above me and leaning her head down to kiss my cheek, down to my neck, nuzzling into me while she panted, her plump ass up in the air, her drooling cunt just inches above my saliva-covered cock. She leaned in and nibbled on my ear, whispering out my name before saying as plain as day, "Fuck me~" I about lost it right there.

My innocent, cute little sister was about to ride me, and had this incredibly freaky side when it came to the bedroom. With all reason out the window, I happily obliged; my hand came up, corralling her hair to one side before gripping on it and pulling her down, my other hand planted firmly on her ass, giving it an encouraging spank as she dropped her weight, and my full size easily slid up inside her tight, hot cunt.

I was almost positive I would have hit resistance, knowing I would be taking her virginity, but nothing came. She lost it?? I was about to be pissed, despite the virgin-like tightness and the drooling cunt swallowing up my girth. She let out a slow, soft moan while biting onto my shoulder so my friends couldn't hear. She lifted up after we sat there for a moment, whispering with a quivering voice in my ear after sensing my body language change.


I broke it myself 2 weeks ago. hoping this would. nn. happen." Her soft tongue would slide up my neck, continually kissing me to keep her mouth busy. I exhaled a sigh of relief, both on the account that I don't have to murder someone, and that I get to fuck my curious sister at will.

With all caution to the wind, I held onto her for the ride of my life, my fist tightening while I held her head close, pulling her up and dropping her down, letting her take some control while adjusting her position.

Her naked, flawless body was now bouncing up and down in my lap, covered in sweat from the heat of our bodies, despite the frigid outside air. She continued moaning out my name, with an occasional "fuck me" or "harder!" I didn't need the instructions at this point, because every inch of my body was dedicated to getting her to climax before I did. I continued my thrusts and decided to ignore keeping quiet; the sound of her ass slapping onto my thighs from her bouncing, eager hips could drown out the noise of our handsy neighbors, assuredly fucking their own girlfriends into bliss.

I pulled her head down, melting my lips into hers for a passionate kiss, feeling my cock throb as I became close. She fiercely kissed me back, humping her hips up and down, her moans becoming more muffled while she focused, her juices coating my shaft. As I got closer her eyes opened wide and she stopped, impaling my cock lesbians girl kidnapped and brutally raped inside her as she stared at me.

"Are you close??" I nodded sheepishly, realizing what I was about to do.

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She grinned and slowly pulled herself up and off, giving me another small affectionate kiss on the lips before retreating down below, gripping my cock firmly and keeping her eyes locking onto mine. She began quickly bobbing her head up and down, slurping loudly and taking in almost my full length while her hand jerked me off. Her teasing tongue, soft lips, and hot tongue were enough to throw me over the edge, but coupled with that hungry look in her eyes, I couldn't contain it anymore.

I lightly raked my fingers over her scalp and planted my hand there, my cock twitching just when she deepthroated my cock, thick ropes of hot cum gushing down and filling her mouth. She gagged a bit but then began eagerly swallowing up every load, slowly pulling my cock out of her mouth while cleaning it with her tongue.

It came out with a 'pop' and she twirled her tongue around my head, then licking around her mouth to get any more cum. She flashed that innocent, charming smile she always used to give, making it completely unfair as I seemed to fall in love, shaking my head down at her.

She giggled and crawled up, kissing my cheek while her hand idly stroked my softening girth. "Looks like I can have breakfast in bed tomorrow. Goodnight Brother~"