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Hot beauty gets fucked in hardcore fashion
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Carla had fed herself well at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall Barn. She had sucked every dick in sight, until her stomach was full. Now her face and body were covered with excess semen. Next she got breast suckled, by the girls. Now she staggered to her feet and her husband led her towards the exit. Heather found a horse blanket to wrap around her. Then they slid past the guard she had sucked off earlier and slunk out into the night.

They commandeered an unlocked golf cart and took a short cut across the grounds to their Hotel. As they guided Carla into her bed Bruce noticed a man watching them from a couple of rooms down the arcade. The man stood quietly regarding their arrival so Bruce went over to see if they had caused any disturbance.

Bruce recognized Jackson as one of the wealthy fathers who had been at the miniature horse breeders booths. Jackson introduced himself and invited Bruce to stop in for a night cap. The man poured a couple of drinks on ice and seated himself at the suite's bar counter. Bruce toasted him and sat down to chat. The man was a successful investor in new stock issues and had been having a run of luck in the IPO markets.

Bruce knew nothing of Carla's recent involvement in the Japanese funded stock deal and listened innocently to the man's introduction. His wife was jet setting in Monte Carlo amateur sloan enjoys some fuck with mom aaliyah buying fashions for her boutique at the Paris seasonal shows.

He was here with his daughter looking at the little horses which had become the latest trend in their suburban estate neighborhood. He explained that he did not want her getting pregnant with some high school senior boy on prom night beauteous teen chick sucks and rides ramrod some other required social occasion.

As an 18 year old senior she had gone to the French Alps for Christmas and her mom had encouraged her to enjoy the European freedom to enjoy some sex in the family by sucking off her dad and taught her to please him.

French law allowed incest, since the time of Napoleon. He had some wonderful threesomes with his wife and daughter there but, in the US they had to be more secretive about the family lovemaking. He did not like using condoms so his daughter only sucked him.

Either he or his wife would eat her out but, he wanted to get a stiff dick little horse to let her fuck with freedom and safety. He knew once she had started sexing it up she would need more.

A miniature horse was the perfect choice for a society girl, Jackson explained. The would never tell on her and spoil her reputation and they could not get her pregnant or transmit disease if checked out.

They had been visiting this fair for years but, this time there was a real purpose to their trip.

Bruce explained that his wife had learned of the joy of the small horses on their visits to Nevada ranches and he was committed to giving her any experience she desired without any jealousy. Jackson admired Bruce's modern thinking and told him they should come visit him on his estate after the Fair.

He then called young Nina to come out from the bedroom and meet Bruce. "Show him your beauty," Jackson hinted to his teen daughter. Nina instantly understood his meaning and dropped her sheer silk robe to the floor and stood naked before them. "You are a rare beauty Nina," Bruce stated.

Her perfect legs and hips had athletic strength and her small breasts were crowned by rather massive erect nipples. Bruce complimented the girl on her delightful figure. She might well be a model at her mother's boutique he mentioned.

"I eva long brunette milf interracial fuck threesome sucking blowjob have a streak of exhibitionism but, more like a porno chick than high fashion model," she laughed.

Jackson agreed that his daughter was quite the sex pot. "Since I showed you my assets why don't you share a peek at yours?" she asked Bruce. Bruce stood up and finished his drink before removing his pants and folding them up.

He doffed his jacket and shirt, standing nude. He slowly became erect, even after the night's debauchery. The presence of tight young pussy nearby was enough to bring his dick back to life.

Nina inspected and approved with a nod. Then she asked if she might see what might feel like, in her mouth. Without waiting for an answer she took his skin flute to her lips and began to play on it like a skilled musician. Jackson smiled at his daughters friendly nature and went to pour another round of cocktails. Bruce took up the task of fine tuning Nina's nipples, to the get her frequency in synch with his stiff drumstick.

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His heartbeats transposed with her breast heaves and gasps as he pinched and pulled to arouse the young teen girl. Her bush with a thin landing strip above her bars shaved slit lips. His tit pulling moistened her opening and the lips flared out as they became swollen with blood flow. Her ombuture hinted that she might actually play the wood winds. Bruce pulled out from Nina's mouth and lifted her to the bar stool.

He knelt before her and placed her knees over his shoulders and began to explore with his tongue. The sweet taste of a high school girl is always a treat. No man could resist such a pretty pussy in his face with such a sophisticated girl offering it to him.

By licking top to bottom, Bruce outlined the opening to her channel and traced the lips tasting every nuance of her secretions as he aroused them.

Her father looked on sipping his cocktail and rubbing his own cock through his slacks. She had just sucked him dry and it would take him a bit of time to ready himself for another shot.

Bruce in his twenties white porn videos search watch and download white free sex easily stiff and filled with fluid for yet another shot of man sexy amazing babe bound and ass fucked. Nina tasted so great and he played on above his head with her responsive nipples and felt the effect flowing into his mouth.

Her clitoris began to protrude like a thumb at the top of her love trench. Circling with his tongue exposed it from its envelope and Bruce gave her clit the attention it demanded by its appearance.

Nina sighed with approval and said, "Oh Bruce, you know just what a girl always needs. Don't stop now, whatever you do." she murmured quietly. She tensed up and squeezed his ears with her thighs as he kept to his task and ate her relentlessly.

His finger took up station in her opening and hooked inside behind her pubic bone and felt for spongy response. Now Nina began to babble with mindless parts of words and sounds of a pleasured woman. Squeezing on her clitoris gently brought stronger orgasms and Bruce would not stop holding her from behind and diving his face into her hot pussy. "Oh Fuck me baby.

Now you must Fuck me Bruce. Oh that is so good. I need to feel that dick in me." she ordered. Nina got off the stool and went for condoms and lubed him beneath the latex sheath.

Then the teen wrapped him expertly and then got back on the stool for a stand up fuck. Bruce stood into her seated pussy and pulled her against his straining erection.

She seemed hotter than ever now and he plunged ahead slowly penetrating first his head and then his shaft. Slowly he bottomed out in her box and then he held his positing and ground against her big clit. She came again and he slowly retreated to just the glans and then repeated again and again slowly. He felt every ridge of her inner walls and the condom helped him from coming too quickly. His pace quickened and he packed her hard. She smiled and handed him his glass to have a sip and enjoy the moment.

His stroking resumed and then he was there. at the point of no return. Nina looked in the eyes and said, "Give it all now." He was already committed to explode and, shot to fill the protective liner. She held him close and kissed hm again and again. "I am so glad you stopped over Bruce. You must come down to our estate and visit for more." Nina told him. Then she reached over and fondled her father's dick through his slacks and kissed him too.

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She slipped her silk robe on and sat on the stool and kissed Bruce while she played with her dad's cock. Her father took another sip of his drink and winked at Bruce. As Nina pulled out her dad's dick, Bruce dressed and kissed her goodbye. He left latina alexis deen fucks shawns cock in the office card on the bar and said to call if they did not see each other the next day at the fair.

Then he went to the door and returned to his own room. Back in his room he found his wife hooked back up to the goat milker. It had been almost two hours since her last milking and her strict schedule had to be adhered to if at all possible. She had begun to produce more. Perhaps the intense sperm feeding that night had increased her flow. Heather had the double dildo in Marla.

The were face to face and kept a watchful eye on Carla and her sucked out tits as the machine pulled them practically inside out. Carla had her finger in her cunt and played with herself as the machine worked her milk glands.

It was such a satisfying feeling that she hardly noticed her husband enter the suite. He went back to the bedroom, leaving them in the front room to satisfy their urges as they saw fit. Heather's larger dog had remained in the room and was sniffing around ready to resume his action.

Bruce decided to take him over to Jackson and Nina's room to see if Nina wanted a nice dog fuck. He led the dog over on a leash and Nina answered his knock her dad was laying on the sofa nude with his body covered in his own semen.

She had just finished him off when Bruce knocked. Nina was delighted to meet the pooch. She said she enjoyed some great experiences in France and Denmark with dog dick. They were very much fun but, a little horse outside in the pasture was more discrete around visitors.

A horny dog would start humping the chairs or house guests without notice and had to be kept from making a scene with visitors. The dog popped out his pink tip at the scent of Nina's wet used pussy. She thanked Bruce again and told him what a nice time she had fucking him. Her dad had given her a nice licking and she blew his balls loose too. Now she really wanted some smooth bareback dick and with no pony a dog cock would be just right.

Bruce left his room key so she could return the beast, when she was finished. He went to the room again and went to bed. It had been a wild night in the exhibit hall and the encore with a school girl capped off the evening for him. His wife got her final milking done and the other girls could use her if they saw fit. Nina liked women too and Carla would neat amazing babe gets nailed doggy style enjoy her fresh sweet pussy's taste.

Perhaps Nina would like to sip from his wife's lactating nipples too. Visiting Jackson's estate would be another adventure; from all indications and Bruce could not wait to introduce Carla to his new friends.

The next morning Heather got up early. Before Nina took the pooch to Carla and Bruce's room. Then she went back to the Fair to pick up yet another herding stud to service Carla. She loved the taste of Carla's milk and wanted to do everything possible to feed her breasts production. Bruce woke up with wife's mouth pulling on his morning wood. She had his end dripping pre-cum and it was red and ready to start shooting any minute. Bruce lay back on the bed and let his Hubli kannada school sex story come suck him down.

His dick was really stiff in the morning as usual and he had recharged his glands with seeds and fluids. The sucking and stroking began to take over his mind and he could think of nothing other than his tingling dick beginning to pulse and pump out fresh seed protein into his wife's mouth. He fed her his best dietary supplement and she devoured his nourishing sperm. She had a hunger now as she was eating for her child too. The lactation also required more nutrients and her body urges naturally craved more semen to feed her milk glands.

She sucked and swallowed it all. Nina stood at the doorway watching with the pooch and then the dog jumped onto the bed. He sniffed her pussy and his pink tip protruded signaling his interest. Bruce moved out of the way and Carla crawled under the canine torso to access his spigot. The well trained dog stood quietly as she took him in her mouth and drew his cock completely out of the furry protective sheath. Carla worked his balls and rubbed on the sides of his dog dong lightly with her mouth moistened fingertips.

The beast wagged his tail, to signal his approval of her methods. Carla slurp sucked and mouthed his dick and the fluids came forth.

A dog spews for quite some time not just a short shot. The knot holds them in place for up to an hour but, a half hour of liquid pumping is completely normal minimum servicing. She drank and drank his overnight production for a two course breakfast. By the time he was finishing Heather had returned with another medium sized herder. He had a cross eyed look in his eyes. He had not been fucking any women yet and had a big load of dog spunk ready to unleash.

Heather led her other hound back to the fair kennels and left the new comer to come in Carla's palate. She was only just awake and going for a third round of oral service. Her professional ability and strong mouth kept her to the task. Her gnawing hunger and urge to slurp sperm were becoming insatiable… The new cross eyed dog was a top herding mongrel his bloodline was unclear but, he outsmarted every sheep, cow or horse in the field.

His size was like a sheltie and he looked like that might be part of his blood. His hair was like a Hungarian Puli, black and curly but his eyes were like a crazed Australian Heeler.

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One eye was green and the other blue and they looked cross his nose as if there was a fly sitting there. None of the other mixed breed enthusiasts had booked his service and he balls were bulging hard with a full pressurized charge of sperm. His fluid gland inside had to be full as well and he sniffed at Carla and humped at the bed frame, her leg and the mattress trying to decide where to begin. Nina had stayed around to watch the fun and eyed this fat dog dick with envy.

If Carla did not want to suck him, she would take his dick, knot and spunk in a heartbeat! Unfortunately for young teen Nina Carla was down on first time young age sex xxx vidios floor in a quick second and lay under the pooch to suckle his fat red dog dick.

The dog swelled up hard as a fire hose under high pressure. Bruce was amazed by the dog's stiff and ready extension. The end dribble started to ooze and his wife began to smack her lips in anticipation. She was ready to taste her next meal course.

Her expertise with beast dick was becoming obvious. She had a gentle touch for the dog membrane surface. The slippery juice helped protect and lube the shaft for her soft stroking stimulus.

His knot bulb began to swell up and it was as big as a baseball in no time. Nina's eyes lit up at the sight of the transformed dog dick and she sat entranced with his equipment. Carla just took him into her gullet and enveloped his whole shaft in her tongue and cheeks. She swirled and suckled and mouth pumped vigorously. The hounds dribbles became a running flow and then he began to spurt and shoot in distinct blasts of white seeded jizz. Very little escaped Carla's slurping mouth and she devoured every available drop and licked any escaping excess.

Nothing could be wasted. Jackson knocked at the door and his daughter went to let him in. She led him to the show in the suite's bedroom where he nodded in approval at young hot teen s scissor hide and go freak spectacle.

This dog carried on for nearly an hour with his continuing flood of protein juices and particles of seed. After this ordeal Carla was just a big of a mess. She had sperm in her eyebrows and in her hair, it ran down her chin and she rubbed what she could onto her nipples as she continued to take the seemingly endless flood of mutt splooch.

Nina was quite the voyeur. She fingered herself shamelessly as she watched Carla slurp down load squirt after squirt of canine ejaculate. Bruce stood behind her and took her breast in his hands to work her nipples while his wife drank her jizz meal. The teen girl enjoyed the show and the skilled hands of Bruce, as he manipulated her boobs. He kissed her neck and she told him she wanted to fuck if his wife could spare the sperm food he provided. Bruce figured that as long as he could provide his spouse with continuing loads of come from man or beast, he could justify sharing his dick spills with the hot high school girl.

Nina told him she wanted bare back and if they used fertility test kits, and the morning after pill he could fuck her brains out and come inside her as much as he liked. That sat pretty well with Bruce. He knew Carla would approve, if she had her nutritional requirements met. Nina had felt really hot and tight with the condom but, the bare heat would bring a closer tactile and emotional feeling.

Jackson said he would be happy to host any entourage Bruce and Carla cared to develop at his estate.

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He knew that Carla's need would only increase as her pregnancy continued and her milk production grew. He took out his cell phone and started sending messages as he watched his young daughter being fondled by their new friend. Then he left for the Fair after kissing his daughter goodbye.

Marla went back to her exhibit at the Fairgrounds now too. Back at the Fair, Jackson made some rounds in the livestock area. He signed a check at one of the pony booths and another one with a miniature horse breeder. He liked to surprise his daughter.

Making a deal, while she was busy, was his favorite. Then he made rounds to Marla's leather booth and Heather's dog kennels. He handed out his cards and whispered some ideas before moving on. He went outside and met a dark limousine.

The driver swiped his credit card and then went to park. Jackson then went to pick up his own car and left for his estate. He had a few matters to attend to. Nina could catch a ride in the limo when she was ready. Bruce had begun to eat out Nina by now. Since the mutt had emptied his balls completely in his wife, the dog pulled out and began to tongue lap Carla's hot pussy.

She relaxed and let him pleasure her. The women enjoyed just getting the oral attention and both Bruce and the mutt were happy to provide mouth to pussy service. When the girls were completely satisfied with a good licking, they got up. After showering and getting dressed, they all went back to the Fair.

Carla returned the mutt to Heather and Bruce led her out to the parking lot. He just got a message from Jackson to stepsis teen face jizzed interracial and pornstars him at the estate, when they were ready. The found their car and drove away. Nina would go by limo after she looked around the show some more. Nina got a message to return to one of the miniature horse breeders. She looked over the livestock and was handed a clipboard.

She circled some things on the paper and handed it back to the breeder. Then she went to Marla's booth and talked with her for quite a while. Marla smiled and told her she would take care of everything… Bruce and Carla returned to their suite and Bruce attended to her ripe milk glands.

Her flow had increased every time she was suckled and Bruce needed her nourishment to rejuvenate his own fluid production. He nursed his wife on each breast for twenty minutes and savored every drop of her gift.

The Gaucho Girls had really enticed her to go in this new direction and he was very grateful that she enjoyed it so much. He hoped he could, somehow, keep mom forces son tlick her pussy with her nutritional requirements. She was a pregnant and lactating woman, with a huge appetite for fresh sperm feedings.