Fucking a nasty beautiful chick pornstar and hardcore

Fucking a nasty beautiful chick pornstar and hardcore
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A few months have past since we last saw Lisa. In that time Lisa has been true to her word. She has been faithful to Steve and has been the perfect girlfriend.

Lisa even bought a new phone with a new number so she didn't have to hear it ring from horny guys calling her every 2 minutes. She now dresses more conservative. Less make up. A teen babe lily and her bff gets fucked by her stepbro model employee at work and a perfect daughter at home. Things hardcore big cock hd and rough ass eating wanting to be broken be better except for one thing.

Lisa hates it all. She finds herself hoping that while she's out with her boyfriend or family, someone will recognize her, take her to a back room sis vs mom and son gang fuck her till she passes out.

Normally this kind of thinking would be fantasy for most women but as we know ,Lisa is all to well acquainted with that kind of activity. Those thoughts make it hard for her at times to be in the moment.

Even Steve's crazy work schedule is getting on her nerves. She wants a hard fucking but Steve is not the type. He is very vanilla. Lisa tries to spice things up with a little dirty talk and Steve stops her only after a few words and tells her he doesn't appreciate that kind of talk. After hearing that so many times she comes to the realization that her and Steve will not work. They are too different.

He wants a vanilla home kind of girl while Lisa wants to be treated like a slut. A week later Lisa finally has an opportunity alone with Steve and tells him that she has to move on. That they are not the match she is looking for and that she would like to still be friends. "Friends? What the fuck makes you think I want to be friends? I thought you changed. I know about the things you did before me, what? You think I'm stupid or something? I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought you might have changed.

I guess I was wrong. Friends? No way. I cant be friends with a slut. You can go fuck who ever you want and don't ever call me again or come into my store again you whore!" Most women would be hurt by his comments but Lisa only gets turned on. She loves being called a slut or whore. She watched as Steve walks away. Lisa smiles "now he gets it right" and giggles.

Lisa returns home and runs upstairs with renewed vigor. She rummages through her clothesthrowing anything that she bought while with Steve in a pile. All the over the knee dresses, collard shirts, panty hose, ugly ass shoes, boring brief panties, anything that covers too much. Once she's satisfied that all the ugly old lady shit is out, Lisa grabs a garbage bag and proceed to throw everything away.

"I could donate this shit but the world doesn't need any more old lady clothes". After she if finished with the cleaning she returns back to the closet where she removes a shoe box.

Inside the box is her old phone and accessories. She powers up the phone and watches as it boots up. "Here we go again. I can't wait" We move onto the next day when Lisa arrives to work. Normal as any other day except she is wearing a tight black skirt, mid thigh. A snug fitting button down red blouse with the top two buttons undone.

Her blouse clinging to her tits tightly and showing ample cleavage. 3 inch black heals. Her hair done perfectly with bright red lipstick. As expected and planned, she draws the attention of everyone in the building including the women.

Through out the day she over hot mom fuck son in bed guys talking about how hot she looks while sunny leone full blue films hearing women talk about how slutty she looks which Lisa also likes.

This goes on for the rest of the week. Guys drooling while half the women compliment while the others snicker. On Friday after noon her boss Mr.

Peterson calls her into the office. "Come in Lisa, have a seat" Lisa sits nervously as he has never called her in like this before. She figures she's getting fired. "Hello, let me start out by saying you look nice and you have been on your game lately. You seem to have a new spring in your step". "Thanks Mr Peterson" "I'm betting your single again am I right?" "Yup" "Thought so, newly single people seem to have boosted energy.

The reason we're having this conversation is the company has a bit of a situation and I believe you may be the right person to help us out." Lisa smiles "you bet sir" "Now wait a minute. You have to hear the task first. You may not be so gung ho about it. You see we're having problems with client retention as well as acquisition.

Our sales force is competent however, the competition is extremely fierce. In the past we've remedied this by assigning a company liaison. She was wonderful, unfortunately she decided on pursuing other avenues.

Since then our sales have been on a decline regardless of our attempts. So we, Mr Johnson and I have decided to re-implement the position. The position requires a unique mindset, a willingness to do what ever it takes to get the job done and I happen to know that you possess those skills." Lisa listens intently though she is truly confused about what the hell he's talking about.

"the position requires you to travel quite a bit. Sometimes for days at a time. That's usually the conventions and trade shows. Being extremely friendly to everyone and very personal as well. In exchange for your services we will give you a generous salary of 60,000 per year, a new car of your choice with in reason of course. While on the job you will not have to spend a dime of your own money.

You will be given a credit card to cover any expenses including clothes and food and entertainment. We will also supply you with a fully furnished apartment down town. It is a high rise with a great view. Your housing expenses will be taken care of so your salary is all yours to save or do with as you will. Personally I say invest it since you won't really need anything else. Of course that's if you accept the position. Also you accepting this position will provide your father with a long over due promotion to plant supervisor.

which as you know put him in charge of everyone in the plant and has a huge pay increase, new car allowance and one hell of a retirement package" Lisa's excitement wains as she tries to figure out what she would have to do for all of this. Her mind flips around trying to figure out what she has to do. "I hope he doesn't ask me to kill someone" Mr. Peterson get up from his chair and walks around to the front of his desk putting him right in front of Lisa.

He sits back on the desk. "let me tell you a story if you don't mind. You see I have a nephew who loves sports. In fact he is always playing something. I try so go watch his games as often as I can. Once I was at his game and his girlfriend showed up to cheer him on or so I thought. She showed up dressed like a whore and showed it off to everyone. To no ones surprise that's exactly what she turned out to be.

She ended up taking on the team in her van. Her dad's van" Lisa now realizing what he is talking about freaks out inside and begins to feel like she is going to pass out.

"Imagine my surprise when I find out that the slut that is fucking the whole team turned out to be you" Lisa paralyzed with fear listens and waits. "now fast forward to today, I find out your single again, we're in need of assistance and guessed you would be perfect for the position.

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The position requires you to. well, let me be blunt. We want you to fuck out clients and our potential clients. A few times a year you will need to go out of town to conventions and spend several days fucking dozens of clients, sometimes a dozen or more at a time.

This will help us close the large contracts keeping everyone in the company employed as well as you and your fathers new promotions funded. I know this may be a shock but that's the position. The last women we had there was great and she lives a great life for as long as she worked here.

She still lives a great life since she took our advice and invested her money" Lisa barely able to grasp the situation subconsciously begins to talk about the situation.

"What happens if I say no?" "That's simple, we have to start laying off people, including your father. He would loose his pension and have to start all over. Not that it can't be done although he is in his late forties and I'm sure looking towards retirement. The situation is calling for immediate action so Mr. Johnson has called your father into his office to tell him he is either fired or promoted. The decision is yours.

We are not forcing you into anything. You would not be causing this to happen. It is already happening. Only you are in the position to stop it.

You have until your dad sits in Mr. Johnson's office to decide. Mr. Peterson walks over to the wall where there is a set of curtains. He pulls on the cords opening the curtains. This reveals a glass window offering a view of the office next to him. "two way mirror. They won't be able to see us. You needn't say anything. If you decide not to do it you can simple walk out the door and that's the end of it. If you decide to do it all you need to do is walk over here.

Kneel on the couch with your elbows on the back rest. Lift your skirt over your ass in acceptance of your new roll and watch what happens.

oh. The position would require you to be our office toy also. No one on premise would know. By my guess you have about 5 minutes before you dad makes it down here." Thoughts race through her head.

Not the morality of it but rather, weather or not she wants to do it. She thinks about her dad and a promotion. How it would save the jobs of all those people, the travel would be nice.

Lets not forget the monetary value in all this. This would also afford her to be the slut she wants to be although she is quite sure not all the guys are going to be fuck-able. Lisa thinks to herself. "that's a lot of my favorite thing. Dick! The dick at work and after work. I think that would do nicely." Lisa looks him up and down.

unique wow art copulate on the sunbed want that new sonata with the options and a conversion van" Mr. Peterson tilts his head thinking "Ok on the sonata but the conversion is going to have to be a used one" Lisa smirks. "Ok but, not older than 3 years and I want the high top and it has to be in really good shape" Peterson smiles.

"Deal" Lisa rises from her seat with Mr. Peterson watching every move. She looks Mr. P right in the eyes then walks towards him. Looks at the door then back at Peterson. Lisa smiles then proceeds to kneel on the couch facing the glass. Lifts her dress and puts her elbows on the back of the couch just as directed. Mr. Peterson smiles "Great! Oh one more thing. We are going to have to spread out the increase in pay and the cars.

If you suddenly show up with 2 cars and a bunch of cash people will start looking into what's going on. We'll get you the car. We'll call it a company perk although it will be in your name. The van in a couple weeks. You can park that in a storage facility so we won't rouse suspicion. You'll get the raise and move out on your own. Then once you set that up we'll take care of the rent. Got it?" "I got it" He then walks around behind her, places his hands on her hips and begins to slowly remove her panties.

Watching her bare ass come into view for the first time. He slides her panties all the way off throwing them onto his desk. "You are not to wear panties while your in this building ever again. You understand?" "Yes I do" "ooh, nice. You have a neat trimmed mrs emilianna fucks a cock doggy style however, shave it balled. Then laser it so no hair grows back. I want that pussy as smooth as possible.

Lisa watches as her dad walks into the room across from her and sits waiting for Mr Johnson. Lisa never looks back only forward as she hears Mr. Peterson moving around then feels his hands on her hips. His right hand moves down her ass and makes its way to her pussy. He rubs her pussy then inserts a few fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Reaching around her ass with both hands, he inserts 2 fingers from each hand then in an out and upward motion he spreads her pussy wide open.

Looking in her hole he can see clear up to her cervix opening. He pulls her cunt apart from the sides even harder opening her up more and more with every tub. Her pussy is spread open wide enough to roll a baseball into. "nice" was his only comment. After he is satisfied with his stretching of her pussy he line up behind her. she senses him position his dick at her pussy entrance. He rubs the head of his dick up and down her pussy then the phone rings.

She looks up and realizes he is talking to Mr. Johnson. "We're good, I'm about to seal the deal right now. Wait till you get this sweet ass. It's better than we thought. Her cunt is huge. We're gonna have a lot of fun with this one." He hangs up and watches the happenings in the window.

"Watch and look at your dad's face. Watch it light up." Lisa watches Mr. Johnson talking to her dad then the obvious happens. Her dads face lights up and a huge smile crosses her dad's face. At the same time she see's her dad's face light up. She feels a nice size cock entering her pussy. Lisa continues to watch the celebration just feet from her as she is being fucked from behind. "you see how happy you have made your dad. You made the right choice. Your pussy is certainly going to close a lot of deals and I can't wait till I can announce that we have closed major deals and that our employees future looks great." He rambles while sliding his cock in and out of his new toy.

He picks up the pace and begins to tell her her position. "oh yeah, this pussy feels great. You are going to be fucked at least once a day from either of us. This pussy will be extremely huge after we're thru with you but it will be worth it and it will definitely be fun.Baby, we're going to drown you in luxury and cum. You'll be treated like a queen and a whore at the same time.

You will dress like a whore but with style." He pounds away at her pussy as she watches her dad conversing with Mr. Johnson. Mr. J walks over to the mirror acting as if ister caught pervy brother jerking off to her s e is fixing his hair and her dad follows close by.

Her dad is now only 2 feet from her and has no idea she is getting fucked by her and his boss. With her dad so close to the window Mr. P climbs on the couch and shoves his dick in her mouth only inches away from the glass. Now she sucks a cock inches from her dad. Mr. P cant take the situation any more and begins to shoot his load. Spurt after spurt on her face. His cum drips off her nose into her mouth and chin.

"clean up all that cum and shovel it into your mouth like a good little whore" Lisa does as directed with pleasure. Licking her fingers clean savoring the flavor as his cum taste better than most. Still on her knees Lisa is instructed to stay in place as she is about to get her second helping in a minute. Lisa watches as he fixes his clothes and walks into the other room where her dad is. He walks with his outstretched arm giving her dad a hand shake.

They speak as Mr. Johnson takes his mistress stormy on the toilet porno. Seconds later Mr. Johnson appears in the room. He goes to the desk opening a drawer and removing a bottle of lube. busty rita faltoyano body massage and hard anal fuck

He removes his pants and underwear placing them on the desk. Walks up behind her and begins to apply lube to her asshole. "Hope you like it in your ass because that is the way that I'll be fucking you. Hard and fast." "truthfully I love it in the ass. It's been a while so if you would, please take it easy at first." "you get 10 strokes this time but after this, I'm going straight in and that's that." Mr. Johnson watched as his slick cock touches her asshole then slowly enters her tight hole.

He waits for resistance however he finds none. His cock slices into her ass like nothing. He is balls deep on the first stroke. With the success of this he throws away the notion of slow and immediately starts stroking his cock in and out of her asshole watching her asshole grab onto his dick and being pulled out as he pulls back and collapsing when he thrusts forward.

He goes at a moderate pace till he hears the inevitable moan. With her moan he launches an all out assault on her ass by grabbing on her hips, pounding as hard as he can slamming his hips on her ass making a slapping sound.

The thrusts violently thrust her forward causing her to place her hands on the glass to steady herself. While the attack on her asshole proceeds Lisa watches as her mom enters the office with a worried look on her face. That look soon fades away as she is presented with the news. "Hey whore, what do you think your mommy and daddy would say if they saw you being fucked in the ass right in front of them." Lisa doesn't answer.

Only moans as he mom and sister father usa online sex stories story her asshole. Mr Johnson, not appreciating the fact that she hasn't answered his question grabs a fist full of hair and yanks her head back while he slams with all his might into her ass. "WHORE!

Answer me when I talk to you" The slam causes her head to hit the glass. Not hard but enough to make a little thump. Lisa finally answers him. "They'd probably slap me and call me a slut" "Ah, but they would be wrong wouldn't they? You're not just a slut anymore are you? What are you now?" "I'm a whore. A nasty whore" Just as she finished with that she looks up to see her mother's face inches away from her.

She is looking into the mirror in front of her trying to see in. Her mother doesn't know it but she is looking directly into her daughters eyes as she gets savagely fucked in the ass.

Her mother shrugs then turns to join in the celebration. Mr. Johnson places his hands on top of her ass cheeks causing them to spread wide offering him a perfect view of his cock going in and out of her ass. Lexington steele destroys candice tight pussy and assholevisit lexbbccom big tits and big dick begins to pull his cock all the way out and all the way in.

her ass gapes wide enough for him to see deep inside her asshole. He continues her assault on her ass for a few more minutes while they both watch her parents interact with Mr.

Peterson. What doesn't go unnoticed by Mr. Johnson but goes over Lisa's head is the fact that her mother keeps looking towards what is a mirror on her side of the class. Mr. Johnson grabs Lisa's arms and guides her so that she is now on her knees but sideways on the couch. He continues to fuck her ass then suddenly pulls his cock out and walks to her head. "whore, clean my cock and make sure its spotless." He shoves his cock into her mouth using her mouth to clean his cock.

This goes on for about 30 seconds or so till he is convinced his cock it totally clean then walks back behind her and shove his cock back into her ass. This ass to mouth action goes on several more times till he is ready to blow. "yeah bitch, I'm gonna cum in your asshole now. You ready whore! Mr. Johnson blows a huge load right up her tiny ass. Jerking as he comes Lisa's head bounces up and down with the blows.

Mr. Johnson watches his slime covered cock sliding in and out of her ass. He pops out his cum and ass juice covered cock then brings it to Lisa's mouth for a tongue cleansing.

Without hesitation Lisa accepts his cock in her mouth and she immediately begins to clean the cock. She licks,sucks,slurps trying to do the best job she can. Once the cleaning is accepted by Mr. Johnson orders her to remain still. He walks over to the desk retrieving the coffee cup. Then walks back to Lisa placing the cup just below her asshole then tells her to push his cum from her asshole. As directed Lisa does just that and copious amounts flow from her ass into the cup.

When he is convinced there is no more in her ass he presents her the cup. Lisa knows where this is going so without hesitation she simply puts the cup to her lips and drinks the cum down like a good whore would. Mr. J looks down watching her swallow the cum from her ass and gives her a huge smile. As he steps away off the couch he notices that his cock is still hard.

Not since his teen years has horny teen britney gets a large and meaty dick in her pussy and gets facial happened.

Excited that he is still hard, he quickly moves behind Lisa and surprises her with a very quick insertion into her ass. "I guess my dick really likes your ass". This time he is more gentle and rhythmically fucks he for a good 10 minutes before cumming once again in her ass. This time there is little mess but he still presents his cock for its cleaning.

After he finally puts his pants on Lisa figures she's done for the moment and lowers her skirt and sits on the couch. Her parents have vacated the room so it would be safe for her to leave. "you know Lisa, you are amazing. Your hot, incredibly uninhibited, and we're going to be very happy people in the near future. I can tell". He walks over to Lisa and gives her a peck on her forehead.

"Here, this is the credit card for your expenses. Now you can get things but don't go crazy. There is a limit on what you can spend at one time. We're not crazy you know.

Just use your brain and you'll be fine. You should be fine staying under 500 at a time. We will be monitoring this this daily so unless you want to hear a bunch of shit, be sensible. Ohyou are not to wear panties to work but if you absolutely have to, wear tiny boy shorts that are one size too small.

We want them up your ass and spreading your pussy lips. OK? "got ya, skin tight panties" "oh, also you should wear everything tight.

Especially yoga shorts, jean shorts, extremely tight leggings and skirts so short that I can see thigh gap and a hint of pussy lips. The skirt is for outside the office naturally. Other than that we want everything you wear to look painted on your body. Always have a dozen condoms on you at all times no matter what. Even when your out with family just in case we have an emergency and you have to do an emergency gang bang or something" Lisa smirks at him "really?

An emergency gang bang?" and laughs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The day after her "promotion". Lisa goes to the stores and goes shopping. She's happy as a pig in mud. Stopping at all her old stomping grounds when it came to shopping and going to a few new stores that previously she couldn't afford to walk into.

She found out that those more expensive stores carries lots of expensive dresses but nothing that she liked or was requested to wear. She ended up sticking to the stores she knew who sold slut gear. As expected she found the tiniest shorts and squeezed into them. She begins checking in the dress rooms that they met the requirements of tightly cupping her ass and pronouncing her camel toe. Some made the grade and some almost did but she passed because she wanted everything to be as perfect as possible.

The leggings she wore were 3 sizes small. It was as if she was naked. Everything showed. Her pussy lips, every crease in her lower body was fully on display yet covered in an almost transparent black material. She also picks up similar fitting white leggings that were actually more like shorts. Lisa is really excited about this opportunity.

She never imagined that her decision to leave Steve could lead to a job where she gets more cock than she could ever ask for. More pay than she ever thought she could get without a four year degree and soon to be apartment with a view with a new car.

Lisa's shopping day goes on well into the afternoon. Since she has always been rather broke she knows how to stretch her clothing dollar. She was well below the 500 threshold they set and yet she has a trunk full of clothes. Most of them the material is cheap and very thin but in this case it works out for what they want after-all She did manage to get a couple full length although tight dresses.

Just in case she needed to be somewhere somewhat formal. Most of her dresses were the dress tube variety. Cheap and she wouldn't have to wear any underwear at all and the tube dresses provide the easiest access of all clothing. Simple pull down at the tits and then up by the thighs. The dress turns into a belt of sorts. And in a pinch she can easily cover up completely in seconds. Lisa figures the tubes are going to be the apparel of choice bases on the instant access to her holes and tits.

Lisa heads downstairs for dinner. As they eat she listens to her parents talk about her dad's new promotion and how it will change their lives. She does notice her mom looking at her in a funny way. Lisa just writes it off as mom's active weird again. Dinner finishes and she helps cleaning up. After cleaning Lisa glances at the clock "Barely 8 o'clock.

Friday night. What the hell am I gonna do tonight?" Checking her social media sites she learns of a party that some of her friends are going to. She decides she's going to make an appearance at the party since she hasn't seen anyone in a while and she wants to unwind. Lisa walks to her room and within seconds she's completely naked. Taking a look in the closet for something to wear and feeling a little lazy at the moment she grabs one of her new tube dresses, drops it on the floor.

Steps into the loop and simply pulls the dress up over her tits and adjust the lower part which barely covers her ass and pussy. Dabs on some make up and gives her hair a quick tweak.

"Now that was easy". Lisa heads down the stairs and out the back door shouting back that she is leaving. She gets into her car and drives to the party. At the party there seems to be lots of people since she has to park almost two blocks away. As she walks up to the house she sees a group of girls she used to hang around with an walks over to say her hello's. The girls receive her well and they chat about all kinds of things. This goes on for half an hour before Lisa excuses herself to go inside and get a drink.

After paying 5 bucks for a red solo cup she proceeds to the keg which seems to be in the kitchen. She notices a hand waving in the air then catches a voice that she recognizes. "Hey Lisa, give me your cup" It's one of the guys from her little romp at the rest area.

Lisa hands the cup over to him and promptly receives a full cup. Shortly after the guy approaches leading her away from the madness of the keg area over to an area off towards the garage. The guy hesitates and looks around before turning the handle and guiding her into the garage by pulling on her hand.

"Ah much quieter in here don't you think Lisa?" "Yeah, I'm not sure what you have on your mind but I'm just here visiting". "Don't be like that" He pulls her to him by grabbing her around the waist "We had so much fun I thought we could get to know each a little better." He puts his beer on the car in the garage and lets the arm around her waist fall to her ass and squeezing.

His other free hand cups her tit as he kisses her deeply. Lisa enjoys the kiss but thinks she should stop this. "Seriously, you need to chill. You never even said hello" He smirks "hello" as he moves the hand on her tit down and starts to rub her easily accessible bare pussy.

Before Lisa can mount a protest, she has two fingers in her pussy and her tits are out on display. the very reason she bought those tube dresses is also a down fall.

Too easy access. His quickness startles and freezes Lisa. Before she realizes it her body responds to his touches and she is sopping wet. She lets his hands wander and his kiss linger. Jut as fast as he undressed her he has his pants around his ankles and is sporting a big hard on. Lisa mounts a protest. "Hey, what do you think your doing? I'm not here to be used as a toy. What you think that I'm just gonna fuck you like that? I barely know you and you think you can abuse me like this?" the guy smirks "If you didn't like what I was doing you would have stepped back and covered your self.

Instead, you are standing there talking shit with my fingers in your cunt and your tits out. Now shut up, get on your knees and suck my cock" shocked and seemingly on autopilot she complies dropping to her knees. "Fine, but only you.

Keep your mouth shut" "yeah,yeah,yeah, just suck my cock" Lisa begins to suck his cock. It doesn't take her much to get into it since she really likes this assholes cock. She bobs on his shaft and licking it up and down on occasion. She even lick under his balls all the way to the tip of his cock.

Her pace increases as her excitement builds. Saliva now dripps off her hand and his cock. The guy lifts her up fast and in one fluid motion, turns her around, bends her over the trunk of the car and slams his cock into her extremely wet hole. Lisa doesn't bother to play coy anymore since she now wants him to fuck her silly.

And that he does. He pounds her hard into the hood. The motion jars the car forward with his thrusts. And times it so that as the car bounces back he is thrusting forward really pounding into Lisa.

This goes on for about 10 minutes before she feels him tensing up and loudly begins to grunt. He is spilling his seed into her pussy.

Flooding the womb with cum. Once he is finished he pulls out and tells her to clean him up which she happily does. Licking his balls and cock squeaky clean before tucking it back into his shorts. "Thanks for the fuck Lisa. If you want express beer service, I'm sure lots of guys would love to get you one." He smiles at Lisa and Lisa simply responds with "Oh great thanks.

Hey keep this to your self. I'd like to body massage leads to strong female orgasm around a bit without every guys trying to get me alone. Cool?" "Yeah sure, mums the word." he turns to leave. Lisa pulls the top of her dress over her boobs and pulls down the skirt and all is like nothing happened mom son nude yoga vedio for one thing, Lisa is hornier than ever.

He got his but left her wanting. "How typical" she thinks. Lisa makes her way out of the garage and back inside to the party. Things go on well for a few hours. Sure guys hit on her but that's normal.

Her and her friends are enjoying the evening despite the fact that Lisa keeps going to the bathroom to wipe the leaking cum from her pussy. Every time she goes to clean it she is reminded just how horny she is. Once during the night one of the guys that she really hated during school cut in dancing with her. He had his hands all over her. She tried to stop him but he was like an octopus so she made him a deal. He could taste her pussy if he stopped groping her.

Naturally the guy quickly agreed so as promised Lisa took her finger and slid it into her pussy then right into his mouth. He licked her finger clean. She told him that for being so nice she would do it again. This time two fingers. Again her licked them clean. She excused herself and left. Not a few feet away she begins laughing top vip mom xxx vidyi she has just fed that asshole another guys cum.

She felt a tinge of guilt but the prick had it coming for years of torment. As the night, the shots begin to flow. Lisa begins to get pretty buzzed as she declined the next round of shots. Lisa sneaks away to the bathroom.

Upon leaving the bathroom her arm is grabbed and she is dragged into one of the bedrooms. It's one of the other guys from the rest stop.

Thinking to herself. "I knew that jerk wouldn't keep his word". The guy is on her like white on rice. Once more the convenient dress serves inconvenient. Her tits and ass are on display in no time. He kisses her and in her state of arousal, she makes no effort to stop his advances.

After a feel up and long make out session, he throws her back onto the bed. Lisa's legs fall open and she decides to leave them there. Spread eagle she begins to rub her pussy with vigor while he takes his pants off. He watched as Lisa stuffs more and more fingers into her pussy till she has four fingers to the knuckles inside. Lisa is savage in her fingering. Jamming her fingers in desperate to get off. So much so that she tucks her thumb and begins to fist herself.

She slams her fist into her pussy with conviction. Deeper and deeper till she is just past her wrist. The guy is watching in amazement while beating his cock rapidly.

Lisa's fisting continues for a few minutes then Lisa feels the guy positioning himself ready to fuck her. Lisa is not giving way to this guys cock yet. She wants to cum and is not risking another wham bam so she continues her assault on her pussy.

Much to her surprise and delight,the guy is not about to let that stop him so her places his cock next to her fist and pushed his cock along side her hand. The mixed feelings inside her pussy are just the thing she needs as her orgasm reaches boiling point. Moments later Lisa erupts into a screaming orgasm. A powerful orgasm. An orgasm that she hasn't felt in quite a while. As she trembles the guy smiles watching her tremble.

As her orgasm subsides she looks him in the eyes and gives him an evil grin. She rotates her hand so his cock is now in her palm. Next she adjusts her wrist so that it allows her to wrap her fingers around his cock.

Just when she has a good hold of his cock she begins to jerk his cock. The guy stands, amazed that he is getting jerked off inside of her pussy. Given the awkward position of Lisa's hand she has to pull it out of her pussy as it was starting to hurt. Looking into her eyes he gives her an evil grin and pulls out his cock.

He looks down at her glistening bald pussy that is now gaping wide and inserts 3 fingers. Then four and finally hid whole hand. He fists her for only a few stroked before inserting his cock into her as well. He slides his cock into the palm of his hand and begins to jag off inside of her. He can't believe that this hot babe is letting him jerk off inside her pussy. He then pulls his hand out of her and fucks her with his cock. Lowering to her he kisses her deeply thinking "damn, I'm falling for this slut.

She's totally awesome in every way. Suddenly he pulls his cock out and moves her into doggy position. He grabs a hand full of hair and shoves her face into the bed as he enters her and fucks her hard. "keep your face in that pillow bitch. I'm gonna fuck your brains out" He fucks her hard for a good amount of time then moves to her head. "suck your juices off slut" Lisa sucks him for only a few before he leaves her mouth.

She feels him enter her again and he pounds her pussy hard slamming away and slapping her ass. Another little while passes and again her pulls out apparently needing a breather.

Not more than 30 seconds Lisa feels his cock enter her again and as before pounds her hard. He must be pounding harder than before because he is reaching deeper into her. Lisa lifts her head to look back but he just pushed her head back down and shoves it into the mattress. "I like it better this way" Lisa is impressed with his stamina. He's been pounding away at her for a good 30 minutes only taking about 8 small breaks in between. She feels she needs to get him off so she could get back to the party.

Quickly she lifts up to flip over into missionary. As she rolls over she notices a room full of naked guys. About 8 guys actually. Lisa immediately thinks "Those weren't breaks. They were switching off and I never even realized the different cocks." she gives everyone in the room a dirty look as she lifts to get off the bed. That doesn't go off well. The guy she originally came into the room with, of her pushes her down and mounts her then begins to fuck her.

Lisa lets out a barely audible "stop" but never pushed him off. As the guy fucks her, two of the other guys climb on the bed and jerk off next to her head. Moments later the guys pop off their loads almost simultaneously coating her face with cum. The guy fucking her keep pounding as a fresh pair of guys take their place at her head.

They too ebony girls 1080 sex stories story xxx off their loads onto her face while this guy fucks her. This happens a couple more times putting the total load now on Lisa's face at 8. she has cum dripping everywhere. Cum dangles from her ears ad he pumps away.

Everything from her tits up is covered in cum especially around her mouth and nose. Her eyes are cum shut. Cum layers her face in waves The guy continues fucking her never taking his eyes off her face. Lisa lays waiting for this guy to finish wondering how the hell this happened again. She had no intention of doing this but the other thought going through her head is "damn this feels great". Suddenly something happens to Lisa that she never realtor sofy soul enjoys anal from hung client would ever happen.

This guy kisses her. Her entire face is covered in cum including her lips and this guy gives her a full on make out kiss.

She loves it and is totally in shock. "wow this guy is something" moments later the guy finally jerks hard then erupts what feels like gallons of cum deep inside of Lisa's pussy. Lisa can feel every pulse of his cock as he fills her cunt. She uses her pussy muscles to milk every drop out of his cock.

Once he calm down he pulls out his cock looking at her gaping hole he see's his cum pooled inside of this awesome girls pussy. He reaches for a towel that was on the floor and wipes her eyes just enough so that she can open them. Once she does he once again lowers his face and begins to kiss her. This goes on for a bit before he lifts and begins to get dressed.

Lisa reaches for the towel and begins the all too familiar clean up process. As she cleans he casually begins to talk to her "so, I was thinking that if you weren't doing anything tomorrow we could go out for some good eats and a good time. What do ya say?" Shocked, Lisa tries to wrap her head around the fact that this guy just instigated a gang bang of her and he's asking her out?.

Totally not what she expected. "um, wow, uh I can't. Got plans. But maybe we could get together next weekend. What ya think? The guy smiles wide "great, oh by the way I'm Jim" Lisa thinks "at least now I know the guys name". They chat a bit and they exchange numbers.

They make their way out of the room as Lisa heads directly to the bath room to get in a good clean up. Once she is convinced that she looks normal she makes her way backs to her friends who rouse her about her missing for an hour.

Lisa thinking about her day as the girls jabber on about their guys and other stuff. "wow, 11 guys today alone, oh wait that's 12 wonderful cocks sunny leone wet tee teaser a single day. I am such a slut. I wonder what these girls would say if they knew. Hell what would they say if they found out I fucked 10 guys since I've been at this party and I know that if there were more I would have fucked a lot more.

Hell, there is still a lot of night left and I have to make up for lost time. Its only 11pm. I'm sure I can find more cock if I want and I do want". The next couple hours go quickly as people start clearing out and Lisa begins to think about calling it quits.

She makes her way to the front when one of the guys from the party stops her "hey, where are you off to sweetheart?" "I'm gonna head home". "Why don't you come with us" He points to two other guys standing on the porch. "oh, I don't know. Where are you guys going" "we are gonna go for a bite then to a friends shop to hang for a bit. It'll be fun I promise" "I really should get going" "It's Friday and you can't go home yet, it's barely one" Lisa thinks about going than decides on going home.

"thanks but I"m going to go home" "come on you can't go. I know, you don't want to drive. No problem. You can just leave your car here date facial and private blowjob rules xxx students fucking each other we'll bring you back in a few. I'd like to have the company of a hottie when we eat. "Hey guys guess what? She's coming with" with that last statement he grabs Lisa's hand and escorts her to their car. Lisa easily gives in cause she is hungry and doesn't really want to go home so she puts up no argument and quickly cheers up once in the car.

The car ride is uneventful as is the snack at the local late night diner. They proceed back to Lisa's car sooner than expected. Then suddenly the driver turns in a direction taking her away from her car. "hey where are we going?" "remember I told you we were going to stop by a friends shop for a few. It'll be quick. We'll get you a fresh cold beer as soon as we get there". They only drive for around 5 minutes before turning into an adult book store lot. "hey whats this shit?" "It's my friends shop.

It'll be cool don't worry" they walk into the store that is surprisingly well lit. Lisa scopes the place out noticing that the place has lots more patrons than she would have ever thought. Even for a Friday night. She looks around noticing that almost every guy in the place is staring at her. Then notices a lot of the guys going thru a door marked arcade. Next she is brought back to those very rooms she was wondering about.

She was led down a dark hall with lots of doors. There were lots of guys in the hllway watching them as they make their way towards the back end of the hallway.

As they pass the rooms she notices tiny closet type rooms with a single chair in them. There are tv's in the walls with porn playing on them. She begins to get a sense of what happens back there. She is led to the second to last room then guided inside the larger but still tiny room. Same as the others however there are holes in the walls on either sided of her. A small bench type chair and porn also playing on the screen. The porno playing featured women sucking cocks as well as fucking cocks thru the holes in the walls.

Now she really gets what they are looking for. She's not scared but nervous and sort of excited at what might transpire. She then decides to mount a halfhearted protest. "I can see from the porn what you think is going to happen but guess what, unless your going to be sucking those cocks coming thru the walls" " Lisa points at two cocks already sticking thru the walls.

"we're out of here" The guys smiles "relax, I promise you that this will have you dripping wet in minutes and if you don't completely love it within 10 minutes than I'll suck their cocks and we'll leave. That's how confident I am that you'll have a blast" "Lisa thinks to herself "get ready to suck some cock buddy" Lisa smiles big and is ready to take on this challenge.

She doesn't see the attraction with all this that would make him so confident. She looks left then right. Both cocks look nice and are good in length, both black. A quick eny,memy,miney ,mo and she drops to her knees and after a quick inspection of the cock she begins to bob on the cock. She licks the entire shaft a few times than takes it to the back of her throat on the first stroke.

The guy let out an audible "awggg". Lisa playing a game with herself tries to see how fast she can make this guy cum. Figuring that from his response that throating would be the quickest so, she begins throat fucking herself vigorously. She throats herself so hard that she ends up smacking her head on the wall several times.

The guy she is sucking as expected, doesn't last long. Within 2 minutes he is spewing his cum right into her throat. Lisa holes her head against the wall, engulfing his entire prick making sure his cum shoots into her stomach. The guy that is with her stares wide eyed at her performance. When Lisa with draws, there is no cum to be found.

The cock disappears back from where it came and a "thank you that was awesome" is heard thru the hole. Lisa rises from her knees and looks her "friend" in the face and gives him a "hum" then proceeds to kneel down at the other whole and proceeding to give this cock the same treatment. This time when the guy cums, he twitches so hard that his cock cums out of her throat and out of her mouth spraying his cum all over her face.

Her nose,lips,chin and cheeks are covered. From the volume Lisa suspects this guy hasn't cum in a while and begins to smile knowing she made this guys week or month. 3more guys cum down Lisa's throat.

Lisa is sure that the 10 minute mark is on her. She stops sucking then checks her watch. 9 minutes. The begins to think "wow I just got 5 guys off in 9 minutes". A ting of pride swells in her. She rises to and smiles at her friend. "well, its almost 10 minutes, are you ready to suck some cock?" the guys face is one of dread. Not believing that he made that ridiculous wager with her.

Now he begins to fear he would be known as a welch cause there is no was he is sucking anyone's cock. Lisa notices his fear and chuckles. Then deciding that he has suffered enough and won't be so eager to bring other women in here she decides to let him off the hook.

"ok,ok, your off the hook. This is fun and I would like to continue. You win" Lisa smiles and returns to her kneeling position. She sucks several more cocks from both sides. She slows down on the throating and cum swallowing electing to just let them cum on her face instead. She already has had about 15 loads of cum in her stomach. She thinks about fucking a few but figures she's had enough for tonight.

She rises up. Begins to get composed and simply says "we could go home now". And with that they walk out much to the chagrin of the remaining patrons which at this point was only a few.

They make their way back to Lisa's car without saying much. She goes to get out when the guy asks will she like to go out again and hang. Lisa smiles telling him she will she is interested to try it out about it. Closes the door, gets in her car and heads out. Lisa finally makes it to her shower recapping her night. "Not bad for a first night. Jumped right back into the swing of things.

I'm going to have to keep a nice pace if I'm going to be fucking at work and after work. I'm gonna break my pussy". She begins to laugh at that last thought. ………&hellip. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We pick up with Lisa sitting around the house still in her pajamas after lounging around all day.

It's 4 pm when Lisa receives a call. She listens then goes up the stairs to get dressed. She opts for the tiny, skin tight shorts and a small tank top. Simple pair of gym shoes and puts her hair in a pony tail then goes about leaving after telling her family good bye.

She turns to walk out the rear door to her car when she notices her brother staring at her. Who could blame him, the shorts ride all the way up her crack, hugging each cheek tightly.

In the front the thin material slides its way in between her pussy lips giving her an incredible camel toe. Obvious to anyone with eyes that she is not wearing panties and her pussy is completely shaved balled. Lisa pauses, waiting for her brother to notice that she knows he's staring. After about 15 seconds of looking at his sister's pussy he lifts his eyes to see what she is doing.

Lisa looks him straight in the eye and shakes her finger in the "no,no" way. He jumps alittle because he just got busted. Lisa simply smiles and walks out the door. She hops into her car and takes off down the street. Several hours later, it's 9pm where we pick up Jose and Jim driving in the car and talking about Lisa. They are going back and forth about why Jose thinks he shouldn't date Lisa and why Jim thinks he should.

They pull into a motel on the other side of town. This motel is a total dive. It's the kind of place that rents rooms by the hour. A "motel no tell". Heading up the stairs Jim follows Jose down the walk way. Just about half way down Jose stops. "Jimmy, the broad is a whore, a real dirty skank. I like her too but I would never date her. I'm gonna show you why you shouldn't be with her" Jose grabs his phone and Jim hears him say.

"Ok, open um" Jose grabs Jim "Stay chill, don't say a word till I tell you to. You are about to find out what I mean". The men approach the window. Jose watches as Jim sees what's inside. He stands motionless as he looks inside. In the room is Lisa. Lisa is spread eagle with her pussy facing the window.

Her pussy is red, gaping very wide open and it is clear that her pussy is full of a lot of cum. Her whole body is dripping cum. Cum is dripping from her hair, knees, chin, tits, arms even her earlobes have dangling cum hanging from them. Her face is layered in cum. Jim does nothing but stare as Jose begins to talk. "you see, she's a hoe.

You want to be with that bitch lying in there? Keep your mouth shut and follow me, I'll show you. Just keep your fucking mouth shut. If you let on that sally ledesma plays with her pussys outside there I'll personally fuck you up. Don't worry about son get caught masbation my mum seeing you, her eyes were cum glued shut about an hour ago.

She couldn't open her eyes for shit. Just keep quiet". With that they enter the room as Jose begins to talk "hey what's up girl, you look a little fucked up but we can't clean you up just yet. We have round 2 coming up in a few. I have another 80 or 100 guys coming over to fuck your sluty ass off. How'd you like that" There is a little pause when Lisa begins to talk "Um, ok I guess but I am hungry and I would like to see again".

Jose looks at Jim who is standing there quiet as a mouse. "alright, we'll clean out your eyes and get you something to eat. By chance did you want to go for the 48 hour record? Lisa shrugs her shoulders "how many is that" Both Jose and Jim are a little surprised by her question as they figured on a no.

"Well, you would only have to add another 52 to the 100 and you have it. You already have 64 tonight. That would make 216 for the record". Jim looks surprised as he has just found out Lisa has just fucked 64 guys in a few hours. Lisa ponders her answer than simply tells Jose "ok but if it get to be too much I want to be able to call it quits".

"Deal then. Just hang tight and we'll get you a wet towel and food". The guys walk out of the felicity feline drumming and playing stoner rock behind the scenes. "You see Jim, is there a bigger whore that you know of. She has just agreed to fucking another 152 guys after already fucking 64. you can't possibly want to be with someone like that". Jose looks at Jim watching his expression. "It's my decision dude.

I really like her and I am not bothered by her sex life like you are." Jose shakes his head and walks away "don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh by the way, there isn't anyone else coming tonight. That was only so you can see what she would say. Tell her I'll set her record gangbang in two weeks. 216 fucking guys. woo what a hoe". Jim makes his way back inside the room. The guys that are in there leave and now it's just them. "Hello, can someone give me a towel so I can clean my eyes" Lisa asks Jim shushes her then kneels on the bed next to her. He leans into her between her legs and as unbelievable as it sounds he begins licking her multi layer caked cum covered pussy.

This shocks her a bit. "um its really messy down there, I don't think you want to be doing that right now". Jim continues to lick her cum dripping pussy clean. He licks around her outer lips making sure they are spotless. Then proceeds to lick her inner lips clean. Lisa moans as he continues his licking. Lisa is under the impression that it is another woman.

Jim looks at her hole then wraps his lips around her hole and shoves his tongue into her pussy releasing a river of cum right onto his tongue. It instantly over fills his mouth. He quickly closes his mouth using his face as a dam to hold the remaining cum inside her. He pauses then takes three gulps to swallow all the gum in his mouth.

Once he takes a breath he opens his mouth once more releasing the rest of the cum into his mouth which he greedily swallows. He is so wrapped up in his cum swallowing that he doesn't even realize that he has made her cum twice.

She lays panting as he looks up at her. He licks his way to her cum filled belly button then slurps out the cum from there. He licks up her torso to her tits giving them a good tongue cleaning. Lisa simply lays back enjoying the tongue bath from this presumes woman. He finally makes his way to her face and goes straight for her eyes. He lightly licks at her eyes. In doing so he re moistens the dried cum then licks away the remnants. Then for the first time in a couple hours Lisa is finally able to open her eyes.

"OH MY GOD!!! Jim, what the. hello there". Jim smiles "I hope you feel better after a little clean up" Lisa smirks " that was a lot more than a little clean up. Wow, you really love cum don't you. Are you gay or bi or something" Jim gets a stern look on his face. "no 'Im not gay, bi, or into guys like that.

I like cum. Whats the big deal? Lisa doesn't believe a word he says but goes along "Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you. I just never heard of a guy liking cum. Sorry but I need to get into the shower" Jim turns to leave "yeah sure, um are we still on for next weekend?" "Not sure yet, we'll play it by ear oh and thanks for cleaning me up.

It was fun." Jim smiles "glad you liked it. Maybe I can come by and steaming hot threesome with a desirable babe you after the record and by the way. Jose said he will call you about the record fuck. It isn't tonight. No one else is coming" With that Jim opens the door to leave. Lisa goes to the door still covered in cum just not as much. She has one arm on the door as she watches him leave. Just as she is about to turn and leave Jose shows up out of nowhere.

"that boy is weird. You gonna date that dude?" Lisa wipes cum from her face with the towel "I don't think so. He's kind of nuts. I think he likes cum more than me. He just ate all the cum out of my pussy, licked my belly button clean and licked the cum from my eyes.

He's got to be gay or at least bi although he insist he's not" Jose smirks "shit I asked him the same shit and he denies it. Everyone knows he loves to eat nut. What straight guy eats nut. Go get cleaned up so I can take you to your car. I'll set up the record gangbang for two weeks. I'm gonna have to invite 300 people just so we end up with enough for the record.

I a telling you this just incase you end up having to actually fuck all 300. we always have cancellations but you never know." Lisa's eyes pop open wide "that will be painful stunning elizabeth gets her trimmed beaver hammered hell" "ah don't worry babe, we'll rub some cocaine on your pussy to numb it up.

That will help out a lot. We have to go. Go get cleaned up" Shortly after she is out of the shower they are on their way back to her car. She gets home still in her tight shorts which pronounce her swollen pussy. Not only is the outer lips swollen but her inner lips hang low now causing a linear bump between her legs.

As she walk in this effect doesn't go unnoticed buy her brother who happens to be in the kitchen. "Damn sis, you really worked that thing out today didn't ya" Lisa sees that he is looking straight at her pussy "Keep your eyes up asshole. I am your sister you know" "sister or not, you are hot and your pussy is swollen. I'm a guy how could I not notice. Its hanging out there saying hello come and fuck me" " maybe so but it's still wrong for you to be looking at me that way and no more will be in there for a while" "ah, ran a train again sis.

You really like being a slut don't you" Lisa smiles then makes her way around the counter to the stairs and to her room.

"good night bro". The next few weeks are were blur to Lisa. A flashing memory of cock after cock going inside her holes. Although no trains or gangbangs to speak of there were lots of one on one in offices, hotel rooms, cars, even a couple conference rooms and rest rooms. The company is making sure her pussy stays full. Business is booming and as promised, She received her cars, apartment, and pay increase.

She has been so busy with work that she has not been able to try for the local record or see any of the guys for a while. Much to Lisa's surprise, the owners requested her to keep her legs closed for two weeks. Even to them although they did get blowjobs every day.

This was in preparation for the industry convention in Vegas coming up. She just figured they wanted her well rested for the convention. The two weeks go by quickly as she soon finds herself inside the lobby of the Monte Carlo casino where she is given a suite by the company.

The room has a living room and a separate bed room. She loves the accommodations. Lisa is there only an hour before she is told to meet a client in the presidential suite. Definitely a high roller and important client. Lisa is given instructions to make sure he is completely satisfied. Lisa puts on her elegant red dress. It is low cut in the front, hugs her ass tightly and is full length. She arrives in the room and finds a semi attractive older Asian guy who immediately grabs her and begins to remove her dress.

After some oral foreplay, the guy simply tells her to lay get on the bed doggy style. Lisa happily complies sticking her ass up high for affect. The Asian gentleman reaches in a bag and produces a bottle of lube. Rubs his hand with the lube and proceeds to stick fingers from each hand into her pussy until he has 4 fingers from each hand.

Wanting to take a look he pulls her pussy wide open easily seeing deep into her pussy. He proceeds to fuck her with all 8 fingers then pulls out momentarily and replaces his fingers with a fist. He savagely fists her pussy with his small hand which Lisa takes with ease. She then puts her hand along side his inside her pussy as if shaking hands "by the way, I'm Lisa nice to meet you" The Asian guy looks awkwardly at her then they bust out laughing.

Lisa tells him to remove his hand and replace it with his dick. He quickly complies then Lisa begins to jerk him off inside her pussy. This drives him crazy. After a few minutes she tells him its his turn. Her hand is replaced with his and he pumps his cock fiercely inside of her. This proves to much for him as he cums quickly. He removes his cum covered hand which Lisa guides to her face then proceeds to lick each if his fingers clean.

This gets him hard again which surprises Lisa. She expects this from younger men but not from a man this age. The gentleman tells her that that was a wonderful experience and then asks her if she could possible take a fist in her ass as that has been one of his fantasy's.

Lisa smiles and tells him to go for it. A few minutes of playing and the Asian gentleman has his hand up to the wrist in her ass and is pumping away enjoying every second. He pumps his small hand till she can easily accommodate it.

the begins to pull all the way out then back in. the punch fisting goes on for a few minutes then suddenly stops. Lisa waits for something to fill her but instead feels a warm liquid in her ass.

She looks back and he has his cock at the entrance to her ass filling her ass with piss. This was not expected but it does not repulse her. The guy finishes empting his bladder in her ass and all over it as well. He got a few sprays on her back and the back of her head.

The guy begins to plow her ass with his cock, watching his slimy cock going in and out of her beautiful asshole. he yanks back on her hair attempting to get leverage to thrust as hard as her can. Almost hell bent on trying to rip her asshole he pounds extremely hard till he explodes in her ass.

He falls back pulling his slime covered cock out of her ass. Lisa spins aroundlooks him in the eyes, smiles then drops her head to clean his cock. She licks up and down never breaking eye contact.

She licks his balls and his taint clean of any residue making sure he wouldn't need to use a wipe. As a last gesture she licks up his shaft and engulfs his cock then rises and makes her way into the shower. The two sit around in the suite for a while conversing about all sorts of things all the while Lisa tries to convince him that he should do business with her company.

"You know, if you sign on with us we could have more of these meetings and you can have all your fantasies come true.

I'll do anything you could ever want. Well almost everything. No poop playing. That's gross. Other than that, you can have anything". The guy smiles " Anything huh? I have always wanted to watch a woman have sex with a dog. Would you do that for me?" Lisa is shocked and amazed at the request. The thought never entered her mind when she said "anything".

She ponders the thought then decides to use it to close the deal "Tell you what, If you sign a 10 year deal with the company and agree to never ever tell anyone otherwise you owe me a million. Agreed?" The gentleman is surprised by her deal and counters with "5 years and 100,000" Lisa turns her eyes up then looks him in the eye "you realize what a sick and nasty thing you are asking me to do right?" A pause then Lisa continues " 7 years and still a million if you talk and that's the final deal otherwise keep dreaming" The guy simply laughs "you have a deal.

Have you ever thought about sales. You'd be very successful" Lisa turns to grab her things "nah, I like what I'm doing now. Maybe in the future." Lisa takes a few minutes to grab her stuff and just as she turns to leave the guy asks her "so, when do I get my show?" Lisa smiles, "when we have a signed contract and that damn thing better be extremely clean or deals off." "you got it sweetheart.

Oh by the way is everyone fuck by his brothers friend your company as dedicated as you are? "yes but not the way I do things. I'm the only one" "In that case I guess a contract would be a good thing if they can commit like you do. Oh and you don't really have to have sex with a dog, I was just testing your resolve.

Although that would be fun to watch, you are far to pretty for me to do that to. I'll come up with something else ok? Lisa smiles now that she's off the hook. "ok". Lisa leaves the room pulling out her cell phone and calling Mr. P "he's totally ok and I think he's going to sign the contract.

We talked about seven years." There is a pause as Lisa listens to him go on "ok,ok I'll leave the sales to the sales people. goodness, don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm sure he will still do the deal" She is given instructions to chill for the rest of the evening as she will have a busy day tomorrow. The next day Lisa spends most of it getting fucked by who ever came to her room.

Mr. P was sending someone up about every half hour. By 4pm, Lisa had been fucked by 27 guys when Mr. P calls and tells her she is done for now and to rest a bit then get all cleaned up. That she is to get herself ready for the big party in a few hours. Lisa at this point figures that the "big party" is nothing more than a big gangbang so, Lisa decides that a long soak in the tub should be good to get her already well worn pussy some soothing comfort.

A couple hours later and a few douches and enemas later, Lisa begins to get ready for the "party". Her outfit was pre planned by Mr. Peterson. A white and pink bustier with stocking straps that hole her white stockings up.

She is given a "bling" style choker chain with the word slut spelled out in fake diamonds. She also has a pair of white 5 inch heals which she doubts she will be in long. The outfit did not come with panties. He stated that he wanted her freshly laser shaved pussy out for easy access and viewing. Lisa raids the wet bar in the bangbros ebony beauty jenna foxx fucks step brother ricky johnson to get a buzz before she ends up having yards of cock running in and out of her pussy.

She is just into her second drink when Mr P come knocking on her door "Hey sunny leone fuk story sex stories com Lisa, from this point were going to keep the door unlocked. I'm expecting a bit of traffic in the next few hours. For the first few I'm going to have to block out your senses. We're going to have to put a vinyl hood on with a blind fold. Your ears will also be blocked.

The point is so that the first couple doesn't know who you are and you don't know who they are. They are local clients that you will probably run into and we don't want any awkwardness so these are necessary steps do insure that you can't hear or see them and the can't recognize you. It is crucial that you don't speak at all. Not even to complain. Just push off if you don't want something. If they hear your voice they will probably recognize you.

I'll take the mask off when it's safe to do so." Lisa replies with in acknowledgement. Almost immediately Mr.P produces the hoodie,ear plugs and blindfold. Quickly the devices are put on Lisa and sexy sex and massage acquire mixed hardcore and blowjob is lead to the bed.

Lisa sits completely cut off from the happenings in the room. She can sense more people in the room but not who or how many. The hood is doing a perfect job of keeping her deaf and blind. Lisa sits nor only a couple minutes before she is lead into a laying position with her head hanging off the bed.

Lisa figures in this position there can only be one thing coming, a face fuck. Sure enough she hears mumbles of people in the room then a cock is placed in her mouth.

Lisa immediately likes this cock. It's a great size and it is clean and tasty. Lisa supplies the suction while the guy slowly fucks her face. Slowly and more deliberately the guy shoves deeper and deeper. He presses on till his cock is all fat hairy vagina big penis fucking way down her throat.

Lisa accommodates this cock well. It's a perfect size for her to be throat fucking. Only a couple minutes into the throat fucking the guy picks up the pace.

This action causes her to gag just enough to produce a lot of saliva which runs out of her mouth and down her face. The pace picks up to the point that he is now savagely fucking her throat. Her head is trapped hanging off the bed, between the guys thighs and the mattress.

He is plowing into her throat very hard. Slamming his balls on her nose. Lisa is amazed that the throating is not hurting her as much as she would have thought. His balls on her nose and her head hurt a little but her throat is fine. The guy suddenly grabs her throat, choking her a little feeling his cock sliding in and out of her throat. At one point he slams in, then slowly out.

Then slams in again. From the view of the guys watching this they can see he is choking her. Her head wedged between his cock and the mattress. He is slightly over her head. His arms almost reaching between his legs as he holds her throat while jabbing his hips into her face. He pulls out letting her get much needed air.

Lisa get only a few gasps before he lunges his cock back in her throat. He's pumping at a steady pace only allowing Lisa small bits of air. Lisa begins to feel light headed like she's about to pass out but does nothing to stop the cock in her throat from continuing. She truly feels like she is in love with the cock in her throat. She thinks "I'm absolutely sure this awesome guy won't kill me" With that revelation she lets him continue. This continues till an unbelievable event occurs.

Lisa actually begins to have an orgasm. Her body starts to twitch and convulse in orgasm as this cock slides in and out of her throat. She hears muffles cheers as she moans loudly around the cock in her throat. This doesn't go unnoticed by the "cock" so he pumps faster and harder. From outside looking in it would appear that he is trying to hurt her or break her neck but everyone in the room knows different.

He pulls out less and less denying Lisa air until he slams hard into her and holds his cock in her throat. Lisa can feel his cock twitching as he is now cumming straight into her stomach. His orgasm takes only 20-30 seconds but since Lisa has already been deprived of air she begins to pass out. Just as she drifts off he releases his cock from her throat letting air fill her lungs.

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After a few deep breaths Lisa smiles letting everyone know she is alright. Lisa rises and is given a drink. She is given a couple minute rest before she is guided once again into the same position. The second guy positions himself for what Lisa expects is more of the same treatment.

The guy takes a minute or so letting her get used to the action then with out warning lunges forward burying his cock balls deep in her throat. This sudden action causes a reflex by Lisa and she pushes him back. Not to be deterred he lunged back into her throat and begins to long stroke her. Lisa is taking it like a champ but to her the cock invading her throat is not the same. She doesn't have the same feeling for this cock and her not being into it is causing her a lot of pain. Being a trooper she gives it her all but ultimately she ends up pushing the guy out of her throat and rises to her knees so he could fuck her other holes.

Lisa almost started to explain why she stopped him but remembered she is not to speak. A cock is placed in her mouth for normal blowjob action which she happily obliges while she is being fingered in her ass and pussy. The guy fingering her likes to spread her holes open.

He enters several fingers into her pulling her holes apart. The stretching feels alittle uncomfortable to her but not very painful. The fingers are soon replaced by a cock and lena the plug and taylor white sex story 2019 fucking begins.

They fuck her ass, pussy even a double penetration. At one point they even get two cocks in her pussy. The action with two cocks in her pussy really gets Lisa going sending her into a powerful orgasm. This orgasm also sets the two guys off and almost simultaneously they both cum in her pussy leaving it a cum soaked mess.

After what Lisa presumes to be about 6 guys she is simply put into the sitting position and is given another drink. This time they give her a wet towel to clean up with and is left to sit for around 10 minutes. Lisa is then guided from the bed to what she assumes it the other side of the room but is actually the adjacent room.

There she is lifted laid down on the bed. Moments later someone climbs on her in the 69 position. This person is small and from the softness of the skin, definitely a woman.

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Lisa feels up the skin and towards the crotch where it is confirmed that there is now a woman perched on top of her. Lisa is a little put off since she has never been with a woman before. She thinks: "I wonder is she is going to eat me" No sooner did that thought enter her mind Lisa felt a mouth on her pussy. "Wow, another woman is eating me out". Lisa enjoys the woman's tongue on her pussy for a moment than the inevitable happens. Her head is lifted and a couple pillows are places under her head.

Knowing where this is going Lisa simply thinks "fuck it" and begins to lick the pussy inches from her mouth. "Not as bad as I thought. Now I know why guys like pussy so much". The guys let them eat each other for a bit then Lisa feels a cock enter her pussy while she watches a cock enter the pussy she was just licking. Lisa watched from mesmerized as the cock plunges in and out of the woman's pussy.

She watches the way her pussy lips hold on to the cock when he withdraws then the way it retracts when he lunges in. The pussy above her is a little darker than hers. Her lips droop a little more than hers.

From the look of the well used pussy, Lisa figures the woman is somewhat older than her. The guy fucks her pussy with purpose. He pounds hard then begins to jerk in and out. He is obviously about to cum. Lisa watches intently as she sees the veins in his cock pump and his balls moving as he spurts cum inside of this woman. Lisa has never witnessed this from an angle like this. She is having a blast. As the guy slowly pumps into her Lisa begins to suck on his balls making him jerk even more violently.

She giggles at his reaction. Soon the guy over Lisa pulls out slowly and is quickly replaced. Two more guys fuck this woman as Lisa licks her clit and the guys cocks. Lisa is so into the action above her that she barely notices that she has taken a few cocks herself. Once her attention is brought back to herself it takes only a few moments before she is into an incredible orgasm herself. She moans and shakes till the orgasm subsides. Once she regains her composure as much as she can given the current situation her attention is back to the pussy above her.

She places her tongue out so his balls will glide across her tongue as he pumps away. As he fucks her pussy, pearls of cum escape from her pussy around the cock. These pears collect and dribble down onto Lisa's tongue. Lisa simply lets the cum roll down her tongue into her mouth. These dribbles of cum begin to pool in Lisa's mouth till she has a quarter of her mouth full. Lisa tilts her head back, looks at the men behind her, shows them her cum covered tongue then swallows the cum and continues to lick the clit above her.

The guy fucking the pussy above Lisa begins to jerk then Lisa watches as his cock pumps his cum into her pussy. The mom breast feeds compeer halloween special with a threesome slowly pulls out his cock then spreads her cheeks apart causing her pussy to gape.

He simply taps her on the ass and the woman squeezes her pussy. This action causes her cumm filled pussy to send out a flood of cum from her well fucked pussy.

The cum flows thru her pussy lips, down past her clit and directly into Lisa's mouth. The amount flowing from her pussy is impressive. It immediately fills Lisa's mouth almost to capacity. Lisa's reaction is to swallow quickly as she assumes more will come. She raises her head and begins to suck on the woman's hole. She tries to suck out every drop of cum from her pussy. Lisa looks up as she sucks and see's the guys reaction.

They are clapping at her performance. This energizes her to suck her pussy even harder. As she sucks her cunt the next guy climbs over her and places the tip of his cock at her asshole. Lisa watches as the cock up close pov old vagina fingering with mature greta masturbation older woman her slowly disappears into this woman's asshole.

As he begins to pump Lisa watches her asshole distend then retract with every thrust. Viewing this with her own pussy being fucked and licked puts her into yet another powerful orgasm. Once she gains her composure she again geins to lick at the pussy above her.

As she regains her wits she notices the cock above her twitching and the guy jerking. She knows he is cuming deep in her ass. Seconds later he slowly removes his cock only to be replace by another then another then another. Lisa watches 5 guys fuck and cum in this woman's asshole. Tis guy also pulls out slowly. Not sure if it was purposeful or reflex but as soon as his cock was out of her ass, her asshole clinches and a river of cum flows from her ass. It flows down to her pussy then onto Lisa's tongue.

Before Lisa even realizes what happened her mouth is filled to the rim with cum from this woman's asshole. She looks back at the guys who are watching her intently.

Disgusted but not wanting to be a spoil sport she swallows the mouth full of cum that was just inside this woman's asshole seconds before. The cum is a little foul tasting but not as bad as she thought it would be. The action resumes as more and more guys fuck this woman's asshole.

The guys hardly touch her pussy for the rest of the night. Lisa watches cock after cock disappear into this woman. Her own asshole is also taking a beating but not as bad as this woman's is.

Lisa raises her head every now and then taking a look at this woman's wide gaping hole. As she takes a look again one of the guys places his hand under Lisa's head and presses her face into the woman's ass. On instinct Lisa sticks out her tongue and the guy jabs her head into her ass fucking her ass with Lisa's tongue. This happens for a minute or so then her ear plug is removes long enough for someone to tell her to keep her tongue inthis woman's asshole.

She does as told as one of the guys pulls her head back a bit. Enough to see her face but close enough for her to keep the tip of her tongue in this woman's ass.

Just as Lisa looks up a guy walks up and starts shooting cum onto her tongue and all over her face as well as this woman's ass. One of tall big tits slut group sex cumshots guys places Lisa's hands on each of this woman's ass cheeks and she is instructed to spread her cheeks wide causing her ass to gape as cock after cock shoot cum into her mouth and onto her face.

Puddles of cum form in this woman's asshole to which Lisa loudly slurps up. Lisa is amazed at the amount of cocks that are shooting cum at her. Surely some of them were repeats but the volume of new cock was staggering.

She figures well over twenty loads have been shot onto her tongue in this last Malay of cock. Lisa looks around the room and notices that it is almost empty. The dozens of men have cleared out leaving just a few guys and the two women. This woman's ass and Lisa's face are a total cum wreck. Both have several layers of cum caked on them. Lisa looks up at the guys thru her cum filled eye lashes and watched one of the guys coming at her with a blind fold.

She is once again blindfolded then notices the woman lifted off her. The guys slowly lift her and guide her to her room where the she hears a door close and her blindfold, and earplugs are removed.

"wow honey, that was the hottest and nastiest thing I have ever seen. The way you drank the cum from her asshole was fucking hot. You are definitely the biggest slut I have ever met or thought i would ever meet". He claps and that draws claps from the remaining fellas in the room. Lisa smiles then makes her way to the shower which is already running. It takes her a while to wash off all the cum on her especially her face and hair. She cleans the outside of her pussy but leaves the cum inside her.

She loves the feeling of a bunch of cum inside her as it slowly drips into her panties or down her leg. Lisa falls onto the bed and almost immediately falls asleep. Morning comes with the phone ringing. Lisa looks at the clock. 8 am. "Hello" "Hey it's Mr. Peterson. I just got off the phone with our Asian fella and he told me you were negotiating a deal with him.

I know you were only trying to help but from now on please do not under any circumstance try to close a deal with a client again. Leave that to us big boys. That account could be worth 5 million and you could have screwed it mexican fucks the hottest milf with big tits eva karera. I have to run. Got to do damage control". He abruptly hangs up the phone.

Lisa shrugs her shoulders and goes back to sleep. A while later she is awaken by Mr. Peterson who is now in her room, naked and climbing between her legs. Before she knows it, she is being fucked yet again. She turns her head so she doesn't breath on him. After-all, she hasn't brushed her teeth yet. Lucky for her she didn't wash the cum out of her last night, his cock went in pretty easy.

She hasn't warmed herself up to receive a cock. If it weren't for the cum his entry would have hurt. He pumps away at her hard and fast then with out warning, he pushes her ankles back as far as they will go. This raises her ass off the bed a bit. Just enough for his to suddenly and purposefully jams his cock in her dry asshole.

She gives out a little cry as he dry fucks her. It would have been worse had his cock not been coated in cum. Its only 30 seconds or so before she acclimates to his cock but it was not a nice 30 seconds. She looks him in the face and he looks pissed. Then she gets it. He is grudge fucking her. He slams her asshole for about 5 minutes then cums in her asshole. Without any thing said he climbs off her. Tucks his cock back in his pants and leaves the room leaving a "what the fuck" look on lisa's face.

1pm Lisa is standing at the curb in front of the hotel waiting for her cab. She makes it to the airport on time and gets home without any troubles. The next few weeks go by with out a hitch. No problems at work nor in her personal life. She is still fucked regularly at work and by some of the guys in the neighborhood. Not any gangbangs but a couple of threesomes to quench her thirst. One day she is asked into Mr. P's office about an hour after their morning fuck.

This was unusual as he never talks to her unless there is something real pressing. "Lisa, sit down please" Lisa sits thinking she's in trouble for something. "I have something to tell you. As you know we have been working hard on the Yakimoto deal.

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The deal was almost blown but". There was a long pause. " he informed me that you had agreed on a 7 year deal. At first I was blown away. After all it was supposed to only be a one year deal.

He told me how fantastic blonde fuck got her ass covered beat him up and commended me on hiring you.

He told me that if my decision on hiring you is an indication of how I pick my people than he is confident that we will be able to service his company's needs." Lisa smiles confidently with the new knowledge of her good work.

"In fact he was so impressed with you that he signed a 10 year agreement. He also insisted that you make sure to visit him every year during the convention" Lisa responds "no problem. He's a nice man" "yeah I go that you two got along real good.

He had one other condition also. Her insisted that I give you full commission on the deal or there was no deal" Lisa smiles big "I told him you weren't a sales person but he was insistent on it so I agreed." Mr. P reaches into his desk "now before I give this to you. You have to sign this agreement that no matter what you will be at the convention to see our Asian friend" He places a paper in front of Lisa which she quickly signs. "I hope that after I give you this that you will remain on with the company.

You really are an asset to sanny lion hot seksi xnxx com company other than your ass".

He hands her an envelope which she quickly opens. She looks at it. Then looks at Mr. p "It's what all the salesman get. 10 %" Lisa jumps up "holy shit!!!" then jumps into Mr. P's arms. "thank you so much" and gives him a big kiss.

Turns and heads to the door. "please take the rest of the day off. I don't want you running around like a crazy woman. We still have work to do". Lisa runs to her desk, grabs her purse and heads to her car. Once in her car she starts it then opens the envelope staring at the check and begins to scream with joy.

She looks around for onlookers than back at the check. The deal was very lucrative for the company. It turns out that the deal was for 40 million and the check Lisa has in her hand is for 4 million dollars. She quickly grabs her phone and calls her mom telling her they have to meet up now. It's noon, Lisa sits with her mom at a café chatting about all kinds of things.

Her mom met her for lunch and the day couldn't be nicer. Then Lisa smiles and gives her the envelope. "check that out" Her mom almost explodes trying to hold in her excitement. She tells her how proud she is of her success and that this is the perfect day.That is until this guy walks up to them "Excuse me ladies but don't I know you from somewhere?" Lisa's mom thinks "dude, do you really think that old pick up line is going to work?" The guy stand there looking and smiling.

He snaps his fingers repeatedly. The women are getting a little creaped out. "oh shit" the guy covers his mouth. "You're the two from the hotel room at the convention. Lisa and her mom look shocked at each other "yup, for sure. I'll never forget that night or you two.

Best night of my life. You two were incredible. The way you." he stops as he looks at the woman who are staring at each other in horror. "Aw this is priceless, you guys didn't know who the other person was… until now that is." The girls stay staring at each other then giving the guy an evil "get the fuck out of here" look.

"on that note ladies I'm out of here. Sorry to mess up your lunch." Nothing else is said between the two women. Lisa goes back to work as does her mother.

Thoughts and flashes of the night goes thru the ladies heads for the remainder of the day. Lisa's mom is the first one home followed shortly by Lisa. Her mother is waiting in the den "get in here please" Lisa makes her way to the den and sits in a chair. "we have to talk about this. Holy shit I don't know where to begin. This if really fucked up. I mean you were, and I was.

what the hell were you doing there… well I know what you were doing there, but why? Let me guess. That's how your father got his promotion. Hell, that's how he got his job.

So I'm assuming that you are the new liaison. To explain my presence, I was the last liaison. Now I know why you moved up so fast. I kinda figured but I didn't want to think that fucker Peterson had his hooks in you also.

My goodness we're in a jam aren't we. How could he? Why would he. We're mother and daugh…" Lisa sat mortified as she listened to her mom ramble and try to rationalize what happened. Lisa just pondered the fact that her first lesbian episode was her own mother. She looks at her mother and remembers what her pussy and look like as well as taste like. Then the thought hits her. She's cheating on her dad. "mom, I'm single. Your married. How could you do this to dad?" "Honey, It started as a bad jaimee foxworth booty talk 20 then spiraled into this 9 year thing.

Your father kept his job with a couple little promotions here and there and with the money and the possibility of your father and I retiring early. I just thought it's cum for cover facial cum bath for deepthroat expert done, Might as well make it a positive situation." They sit quietly for a bit just looking at each other then the floor.

Then blurts out "you were my first female experience" They look at each other. Her mom asks. "so I took your girl cherry?" Again they both stare at each other then both start laughing hard. They laugh for about a minute before they calm down.

"Lisa, I think it's best if we keep this to ourselves. We'll call it an interesting life experience and try to shelf it. Deal?" Lisa doesn't pause in her answer "deal" Lisa goes to leave and her mom speaks up " You know baby, I have never seen anyone like cum so much.

You must have drank a gallon of It that night. As for me, I never really cared for it but wow you really love the stuff. Do me a favor. Leave the job. It'll eat you up. Trust me" Lisa walks to the door then turns back to her mom "I'll think about it mom.

Oh by the way, yes I do love cum. Cant get enough. Have to go. I have a check to deposit, Tootaloo." The next days at work are pleasant for Lisa. She only plans on sticking it out for 2 weeks. Just to be nice. As she walks down the hall with her arms full of files she goes past the break room and hears guys laughing.

She paused to ease drop a little on the conversation. "dude, I thought you were gonna kill her with your cock. You had it in her throat for a while and the way you were fucking her face.

It's a miracle you didn't break her neck and the way you were fingering her. I thought you were going to fist her for sure then, they the way your son tried to repeat your performance. That was priceless".

Lisa recognizes that voice belonging to the VP of marketing. Lisa smiles. "Nah, I knew what I was doing besides that little whore was built for fucking" Lisa also recognizes that voice. It's her dad. "Oh my god!!" she thinks. "that was him. What the fuck, first my mom now I find out that the cock that I loved in my throat was my dad's and my brother also fucked me? That's fucked up." Lisa runs to the bench down the hall.

She sits there for quite a while then finally makes it to her desk. She grabs her purse and takes off in a hurry. "Why me?' Lisa goes home and tells her mom all about it. Her mother is completely shocked. Not at the fact that her husband played with another woman.

That would be incredibly hypocritical. The fact that the two were off fucking and that they fucked her was particularly messed up although, they didn't know who was under the hood.

Peterson knew. That really pissed her mom off. "wow, I cant believe we were all there and never knew it.

Not to mention we all had sex with you and never knew that either.

Problem is, this will come out eventually. I think we should pool out money which would put us just under 6 million, go buy a beach bar in the Bahamas and get away from all this. We'll all go. Start new. In paradise". Lisa Smiles at the idea, loving the idea of living in paradise.

Well most of the time outside of hurricane season. She thinks about it some more and an even bigger smile crosses her face… "Oh yeah baby, tons of international cock"………&hellip. THE END