Hairy pussy receives licked and screwed japanese and hardcore

Hairy pussy receives licked and screwed japanese and hardcore
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I was young. Some may consider teen slut party beach bait and switch wrong, but I do not. It was a great pleasure for both of us! No one got hurt, both got extreme pleasure and I started my learning process under the tutelage of an experienced woman! I am sure she derived a jolt of pleasure from the taboo, the forbidden pleasure of it all. Anyway, it benefited me greatly! I was not quite old enough to be left alone, too old for a babysitter, and old enough that I had discovered masturbation and did it quite frequently!

I was "hormones in tennis shoes" walking around constantly in a mild state of arousal! I would go into the bathroom and masturbate 2 or 3 times per day. She (the "babysitter" - more of a neighbor who kept an eye on me) came over at lunch time and at other routine times.

I also would have to go to her house to to check in. I got to the point that I would stand just inside the bathroom door with it slightly open and masturbate while looking out the door at her.

This became a routine ocurrence at my house. I then got bolder and begin to do the same thing every time I was at her house. Looking back I am sure she knew what was going on. One day I went to her house to "check in" and said hi and went into the bathroom. I could plainly see her nipples under her sundress. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking it furiously as she moved around the living room - apparently cleaning and picking stuff up.

She bent over to pick up some papers by the sofa - which was across from the bathroom door, about 4 feet away. As she bent over I was flabbergasted - her dress fell open, the top 3 buttons being undone, and I had a perfect view of those magnificent tits! I choked back a groan but think she heard it anyway!

She continued and so did I.

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She was carrying something down the hallway and just so happened to drop it in front of the door. She bent over to pick it up, her sundress riding up her ass to give me a good view of her legs and that wonderful pussy which was framed by her panties. I let out a fairly sharp breath and the cum started pumping out! She went on down the hall! I was not about to stop now!

I wanted more - wanted to cum again and wanted more of a show! I quickly cleaned up the mess on the floor and wall and began to jerk off again! I did not see her anywhere. I was disappointed - figured she was done.

Then suddenly the door opened - there I stood - cock in hand, a bit of precum oozing out. I had no idea what to do or say!

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She just came over to me and said something like "don't worry, it is only natural. All guys do it.

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I can help you with that if you want." Well i did not say a word, did not even know where to begin or what to say. She said follow me and walked back out to the sofa. I obviously followed! She laid down, pulled her legs up slightly - enough for me to see she had removed her panties and pulled open the top of her dress.

She told me, this I do remember because I had got over being scared and was intently focused on her, "The first thing you have to do is make a woman feel good.

Do you know how to do that?" I told her I did not. She said that was not a problem. She would show me all I needed to know.

All I had to do was exactly what she said and then I would " get yours". She took me by the hand and pulled me on top of her and kissed me softly but urgently. She removed my shirt and opened up the top of her dress and pulled my chest down against hers tightly. I almost came in my pants! She unfastened my pants and pushed them down and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it - it only took about 4 good strokes and I shot warm cum all over her!

She laughed and said not to worry, we can go on later but I pleaded with her to continue. She did.

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She told me to get naked while she removed her dress and wiped off my cum. She lay down and told me to kiss her and spread her legs open and pointed at her wet pussy. I had no idea at first what she meant but just started kissing her pussy lips. She went on to give me a female anatomy lesson and gave me detailed instructions on the best way to eat pussy.

These were lessons I have kept with me ever since and improved upon. When we got to intercourse I once again came too soon - about two pumps dadscrushdad gets his cock sucked by horny daughter in pov smalltits pornstars her sweet pussy and I blew it. No problem though, I continued and we had a really good fuck.

Back then my cock stayed hard seemingly forever no matter how much I came. Now it will go semi-rigid after the second cum and will go all the way down after the third orgasm, but with some good coaxing it will immediately rise to the occasion. Back on subject - she taught me a lot - main thing was pay attention to the woman's non-verbal feedback - gave me a good foundation - sort of like 1st grade for sex, i got the foundation upon which to build on.

I still learn more almost every time I have sex today. This only lasted about 3 and one half months, but I learned a lot. I will continue this revelation at a later date - suffice it to say - that is the most enjoyment I ever got out of a "teacher"!!

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