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Large ramrod is what our luscious girlfriend needs hardcore massage
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Part 11 Alice After dinner, they sat at the table, sipping some red wine, talking about Shoshana's spirits. She'd been very depressed. "Michael, she needs you there," Rachael said softly. "Dad, she understood about today, but she really shines when you're in the room." "Hey, I'll be there tomorrow," he said in surrender. Then he had a thought. He picked up the sat phone and dialed Tim. "Got a strange request. Is there some software you can get me for designing jewelry?

Yeah, I know it's late. Can you … Thanks." They looked at him expectantly. "Look, part of the problem is she's bored. I want to give her something she can do and get her dreaming about tomorrows. I want you three and her to design rings for my ladies. Call them promise or commitment rings. They can be the same or different - your choice. Rafaela's pendants are beautiful, but a little impractical in some places like bed, showers or diving" he said winking at Beth. Rachael stood up and came to him, bending over and in a tender, gentle kiss of thanks.

Beth stood and took the transmitter, "I want to hear my private message" she announced and strode to Michael's room. My dear sister, thank you for your love. I already love you. I will come to you soon. Please help Michael understand and forgive my father. Michael has every right to be angry, but PLEASE help.

Daddy is broken hearted and I am afraid he will do something stupid." Rafaela's voice was shaking. Tell Lynne I am lying with my lover, her juice on my face and mine on hers, Rafaela giggled into the microphone. By the way, do you like making love to girls? Another delightful giggle. Ask your father about the computer. Perhaps it would be possible to have Shoshana write to me since she cannot speak well yet.

Goodnight love. In fact, Rafaela did not have Alice's juice on her face. Her face was swollen from Miguel's brutal slap and she held a towel with ice against her sore jaw.

She was startled by a gentle knock. Alice looked up from the huge bed, a questioning look on her face. Rafaela went to the door. "Who is it?" "Miguel. Quickly" She opened the door and her brother slipped in.

When he looked at her jaw, his remorse was written plainly on his face. He adored his sister. "Rafaela tonight has been crazy. All our lieutenants came to me, congratulating me for putting you in your place." She thought a moment. If Miguel became the true head of the family, she could run. Right now she had nowhere to flee.

She really didn't want to run without a plan. Sexy lady anal banged in the garden for the first time jumped from the bed. Rafaela translated what Miguel had told her. "Simple. Beat her and when she heals, banish her.

Be very loud. That way, some of your enemies will think you hate brunette cutie has her wet snatch drilled and lessen her danger. Have her attended by doctors you control. In two weeks we will have a plan where to go." Alice said.

Rafaela translated. A look of horror came over his face. "No, I cannot do it. Hitting you today is breaking my heart. No." "Then beat me and have the doctors say it was Rafaela," Alice said quietly, adding, "I feel really bad about what I did with Michael. I ruined any chance I had with them. I am dying of guilt.

Beat me." Rafaela looked at her lover and translated for Miguel. She knew the screams had to be real, so the pain and violence had to be real.

Miguel nodded grimly. He slipped out silently. He would make a grand entrance in a few minutes.

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Beth returned to the group, bringing the transmitter with her. Another decision. Should they invite Alice? Michael polled his ladies. They voted unanimously to give it a try. Michael picked up the combination earpiece / microphone. Rafaela, love, I have spoken with Peter and we're good. Not great, but we'll work it out. Beth is right. He's family. Also, we want to invite Alice to join us. The girls love and still trust her. I think giving me all her notes made some points with them.

She is your friend as well. Were she to return to her former life, she'd be in a lot of danger. She knows your secrets as well as the girl's. She would be the only way your enemies could get at you. She's also a damn good doctor from what I hear. So please ask her. Beth took the earpiece. "This is Beth and the answer is YES." Rachael went next, "Come soon, love." Lynne with young blonde babe rides on a bbc cumshot facial wistful look on her face, "I wish you were here tonight.

I have something special planned," giggling. "Love ya." Michael sent the message, chuckling. He knew what Lynne had planned. All outside business done, Rachael really looked at her youngest daughter for the first time that night.

The haunted look had disappeared. Lynne's eyes danced with lust, confidence and delight. "It's still my day, right?" Lynne said with a husky voice. Rachael and Beth nodded.

"Then let's get cleaned up and into Michael's bed." An hour later Michael, Beth and Rachael were in Michael's room, sipping champagne when Lynne walked in. All had similar robes on.

Lynne took her flute and began to speak, "I can't believe the incredible day I've had. You were both right. I was a virgin! Now, I want to learn to be a slut for our man." "Since we've only got one man, I wanted to try something." Tabling her glass he turned to Michael and led him to the bed.

She was so wet thinking about this. She laid him on his back and motioned for him to move to the center. She motioned Rachael and Beth to either side of him. All three women shrugged out of their robes while Lynne crawled from between his legs. He was kissing Beth while cupping a breast, and then kissing Rachael while Beth caressed Rachael's hard nipples.

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Lynne took the head of his cock into her mouth, slobbering over it, preparing it for a night of sex. When she thought his cock sufficiently lubed, she climbed on the bed, moving the girls away from Michael's pelvis. She swung her leg over him so she was facing his feet. She reached back to guide him into her steaming pussy, but Beth shook her head, indicating she should lean forward. When she did, Beth licked her labia and ass hole with a wet, knowing tongue.

Lynne squealed in delight. Beth guided her back and inserted his cock. Rachael watched intently, watching Michael's cock disappear into her daughter as Beth helped. Lesbian lookers spread their deep anals and ream huge sex toys impaled, Lynne began to explain, "Michael let me dance on top of him cowgirl this morning.

It was incredible. I came and came. After, he was still hard. It's hard for him to cum if there's no in and out. He suggested we try this. It's perfect," she said as she leaned back with both hands beside Michael's chest. She thrust her legs out and forward, lying back slowly, her back to his chest. She turned her head to Beth in invitation. Beth lips met hers. Michael's hands caressed her breasts and hard nipples, squeezing and twisting her nipples. Rachael scooted between their legs.

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Her tongue traced from Michael's balls, up a part of his shaft and then Lynne's clit. She caressed the distended lips that clung to his cock. She sucked the clit into her mouth and gently made love to it. Lynne started to shake as her climax approached. Rachael sucked her clit hard and bit down gently. Lynne screamed her pleasure and bolted upright, grabbing her mother's head, pulling it urgently to her inflamed clit.

"YES! SUCK MY CLIT! I'M CUMMMMMMMMING! Michael felt fluid on his leg and balls. Lynne had just squirted! Beth and Rachael took their turn on his cock. When Rachael rolled off, Michael had not yet cum. "Let's share," Lynne said enthusiastically as she and Beth knelt over his wet, hard cock. Rachael was wrapped in Michael's arms, watching. Beth lowered her mouth, opening wide so the first sensation he would feel was her throat.

Lynne was shocked; Beth's chin rested on Michael's balls! He was in her throat. Beth pulled back a little then forward. After several strokes, she passed his cock to Lynne who took only the head in her soft loving mouth, concentrating on the sensitive triangle beneath the spongy head, jacking and twisting the shaft in short strokes.

She could feel his climax approaching. She passed the cock back to Beth. Three strokes and she felt him start. She quickly pulled him out, the first string went in her mouth, the second in Lynne's… Lynne and Beth showed Michael the creamy cum on their tongues. Beth pulled Lynne into a steamy kiss, exchanging his cum. Finally both swallowed and showed him their empty mouths. They had to strip the bed and padding before sleep.

Rafaela and Alice had made a bad mistake. Miguel showed them only his loving brother side. Inside he seethed with rage. While he couldn't bring himself to hurt Rafaela, he wanted to make that dyke bitch wish for death. She had almost ruined his Rafaela. The Gringo had shown Rafaela how to love a man, and then the dyke bitch showed up and ruined Rafaela. He burst into Rafaela's room, yelling, "BITCH, THIS IS MY BUSINESS!" He slammed the door shut.

"Time for you to learn a lesson!" he meant every word. As arranged, Rafaela fled to the bathroom. She did not want to see Alice beaten. Alice wore only a thin robe that she clutched to her breasts. Miguel's eyes bulged with rage. She understood their mistake only too well. She stood rooted in fear.

Miguel came forward, ripping the robe from her body. He undid his one and one half inch leather belt and slid if free of his pant belt loops, smoothly doubling it over into a brutal weapon.

He didn't hesitate. He swung it full force step mom brandi love teach teen mia her breasts. Her first scream woke all those in the hacienda.

The next stroke found her clitoral hood. Her inhuman shriek woke the entire compound. Miguel repeatedly targeted her pussy and bloody breasts. Rafaela tried to block out the screams, but after ten minutes, she could stand it no longer. She rushed out of the bathroom and stood frozen. There was blood on the ceiling and walls. Miguel was breathing heavily, dragging Alice to his crotch. His dick waved free, inches from Alice's bloody face. She couldn't speak, so she ran to stop him. She grabbed his arm.

He instinctively swung his elbow to free his arm. The elbow caught her below her right eye, throwing her across the room. Her head grazed a table, tearing a nasty gash in her scalp. Blood flowed freely. Miguel moved quickly to Rafaela's side.

She moaned. He stuffed his cock back in his pants. "Get them a doctor," he said to the guards outside as he strode out, "no one else goes in. Understand?" "Understand?" he glared at the guards. "Si Hefe." Alice awoke to a world filled with pain. She tried to slip back into the warm world of unconsciousness, but failed.

Someone had a capsule beneath her nostrils. Ammonia. She tried to move, but gentle hands restrained her. Her head started to clear. "Rafaela?" They said something soothing in Spanish, but she could not understand. She could see only through one eye. "Rafaela!" she croaked urgently, terror filling her. "I juicy hot playgirl and her agile partner here Alice," a warm hand on her shoulder.

Rafaela moved to where Alice could see her. Alice gasped. Purple bruises covered one side of Rafaela's face, a hideously bruised cheek beneath a black eye on the other side. Her lower lip was twice its normal size. White bandages covered the 34 stitches it had taken to close her head wound. A cast covered her right arm. "Miguel has gone to another compound. The doctor said you could travel in several weeks," Rafaela said, hoping her lover remembered the plan. Rafaela looked at the doctor and indicated she wanted him to leave.

"Jesus, I hurt," Alice said, "Why can't I move? I can feel everything." Rafaela sat on the bed and Alice almost screamed in pain. "You have been semi conscious for two days and there are many stitches. We had to bind you to prevent you hurting yourself." "I am sorry for Miguel. He thought you made me a lesbian and hated you. I should have known, but I never expected him to try to rape you or to beat you so hard." Rafaela paused to look at her lover.

Three teeth knocked out, her face a mass of cuts and bruises, but no broken bones. The sheet hid the breasts that had been a favorite target of Miguel's belt. Alice's ass was a criss cross of welts and cuts. "Why the catheter," Alice asked fearfully. Had he ruined her pussy? "You're pretty swollen so the doctor did not want pee sexy black wench adores sex a lot cause an infection." "My eye?" "Just swollen." Softly, Alice started to cry.

Rafaela stroked her face, "What's wrong love?" "I wanted our last two weeks together to be filled with enough memories to last me a lifetime." Rachael retrieved her laptop, awkwardly balancing it on her cast. She selected the message she wanted. Before starting it, she looked at Alice, "This came in about the time Miguel came into our room." She played the message.

Alice began to cry, but this time in happiness. Shoshana beamed when Michael came into the room, carrying her laptop. Rachael, Beth and Lynne followed, but she only looked at Michael expectantly. He leaned over the bed and kissed her gently on the lips. A thrill of pleasure raced through her. He pulled back before she could grab him, "Good morning Love." Her eyes sparkled. Her hands flew across her keyboard.

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I LOVE YOU. Rachael cleared her throat, laughing at the contrast between today and yesterday. "Hi Honey. How are you feeling?" Rachael asked, knowing the answer. Shoshana gave both thumbs up. After the girls said their hellos, Beth told her that they had asked Alice to join them, but had not heard back. Shoshana's wide smile told her feelings. "We've got a project we need your help with," Beth said firmly, "Dad wants to give us all rings.

He calls them commitment rings. We can all have the same or we can have different ones. Dad's got some software on the laptop that we can use to design what we want. What do you think? Same or different?" Shoshana looked into each face, then typed, "Same". "And when you have time, you can write to Rafaela. Do it in WORD. I think I have a way to send it to her," Michael said with a wink, "She'll be joining us soon." Michael and Rachael found Shoshana's doctor.

"The tests are in for Lynne," in a soft neutral voice. "She'll be able to have children, though we have to get the lozenge out of her arm. We can do it today if you like. They were doing the same thing to her that they did to Shoshana." "I'm afraid the news is not so good for Shoshana. The meds really screwed up her system. She stopped ovulating almost a year ago. Even if she does ovulate, her uterus may be too damaged for her to go to term.

Her cervix was also compromised. I'd recommend she see a fertility specialist before she tries to get pregnant. I think she should go on some hormones to see if they help restart her ovaries, but I honestly think it's too late." Rachael was crying into Michael's shoulder. "If she begins to ovulate, what about implanting a fertilized egg in a surrogate?" Michael asked, knowing he was trying to give hope where there might be none. "If she resumes ovulation, that could work.

It's pretty tough to find a good surrogate, though." The doctor didn't understand the look that Rachael and Michael exchanged. "When can she come home?" Rachael asked. "I'll go see her now and let you know." He said and headed to her room.

Beth and Lynne came into the waiting room while the doctor examined Shoshana. Rachael and Michael explained Shoshana's condition. Lynne blushed. "I guess I get to be the "baby factory," she said with typical sarcasm, "But not for a few years.

I want to practice making babies first!" After a few minutes, the doctor returned, shaking his head.

"If you had asked me yesterday, she needed weeks here. Today, she's so pigtailednbspkonatsu hinata enjoys deep penetration down her holes creamed pussy shaved pussy better. She can go home tomorrow, but remember, nothing strenuous, no travel and you need to keep the stitches clean." He turned to Lynne, "Your turn.

Let's check you out." Shoshana's homecoming was less ball spunk on girls cute face hardcore blowjob blissful.

Despite her obvious happiness, she was gray with fatigue by the time they got her to her bed. Michael had to lift her while the girls pulled back the covers. Michael worried when no message arrived from Rafaela. He called Peter and he had heard nothing. Now he had them both worried. He sent her an e-mail via the encrypted laptop.

Not as much fun as hearing her voice, but perhaps there was something wrong with the communications net. Finally the second night a message arrived.

"Michael, love, I am sorry for the silence, but we had trouble. You know that getting away from my life is hard. When I found out about the tracking device in the transmitter, I was very angry and I slapped Miguel in public.

That is a great insult in my country. I had him slap me and it changed everything. The men were very happy he had hit me. Alice and I realized that Sunny leone story xxx 2019 could give him enormous stature if he beat me and took control.

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Our enemies would think I was no longer a weak point for him. I would have to recover, so I would have time to make my plans. Shoshana would have time to heal. And after two or three weeks, we could be together." "When Alice and I told Miguel, he refused to hit me. We had to make it sound real, so Alice volunteered to be beaten. He agreed to beat her. We did not know that he hates her.

He thinks she made me a lesbian." "He beat her very bad. He was about to rape her when I came out. I grabbed his arm and he hit me out of instinct. He didn't mean to hurt me, but I now have a broken arm, 34 stitches in my head and a lot of bruises.

Alice is far worse, but will recover. We can even travel in several of weeks, but I fear we will not look good." "My Love, Alice asked to speak to you and the girls. Here she is." "Michael, I am so sorry. I know what I did was wrong. Please forgive me. Beth, Rachael, Shoshana and Lynne, please believe me when I tell you I love you and would never do anything I thought might hurt you.

Still, I lied to you. I know that now and beg you to forgive me." "If my invitation is still valid, I will come to you with joy in my heart. I am afraid you might have to help me a little as I may have some minor physical problems for a little while." Abruptly Rafaela was back, "she means she has a lot of stitches and will need help with anti-scarring cream." Back to Alice. A giggle. "Anyway, I will not come as a doctor, but as a friend and lover." "Beth, when you told me about Michael, I thought you were crazy.

Then I saw Rachael. And now Rafaela." "I became a trauma counselor because I was raped. I swore I would help women like me. And now I find that I am the one spicy lesbian lookers are stretching and fist fucking butt holes needs help.

You've found your own solution." "I need you sisters." Rafaela back. "All our love to all of you."