Lena nicole and presley hart day out in hollywood

Lena nicole and presley hart day out in hollywood
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My Daughter's Phone (part 7) this part will be written as Kelly I got out of the shower with my PJ bottoms on. My legs were still stiff from what my Dad had done to me earlier. I don't know exactly what he did but I have never felt anything like it in my life. I came all over his bed and even shot some onto his mirror that was four feet away from his bed. I saw my phone was flashing and I knew there was at least one message from Amy.

There was three to be exact. 'Where are ya girl? It's been like 2 hours. I thought you said 20 mins' 'You're not grossed out, or not my bff anymore are you?' 'Kelly now I'm really worried. I love you' Oh no. I am going to text her right now. "Kelly" 'I'm so sorry Amy I was helping my Dad do some work in the bathroom. Of course I still love you BFF' "Kelly" "Yeah Dad whats up?" "What do you want for hairy babe and shaved teenie finger both holes cunnilingus and australian tonight?

I will start it now if you'd like" "Can you put some hamburgers together for me? I will bar b q them later tonight." "OK sweety" he yells up at me I love almost everything that has happened today. Running my hands through my hair I pull it around to my nose to see if it smells like pee. It smells clean and I remember feeling his pee in my hair and up against my scalp. I was shocked when I put the last few drops onto my tongue, and found that it didn't taste as bad as it sounds.

Piss sounds like such a dirty thing. But it tasted good in small amounts. He wanted to pee in my mouth but I was not comfortable with that. If he could make me feel like he did, and have his dick in my mouth he could have peed and I would have let him. I will feel a little strange around him now. Which is probably why I am in my room and not downstairs with my Dad right now. I'm not sure how to act or how he will act towards me. He treated me how I asked him to but I hope he doesn't continue to treat me like that.

I still want to be his daughter, AND maybe his slut sometimes. Just not all the time! A text message comes in from Mr. Trainer. I am surprised because I expected Amy's reply. 'Hi Kelly are you alright? I haven't seen you in class all week. Is everything OK? Paul' 'Yes Mr.

Trainer everything is fine. Perfect actually. My Dad may have gotten me a job where he works. His boss's secretary is pregnant and they are looking for a replacement while she is off on leave. We went in today and I dropped off my resume. Mr. Mint said I had a great chance of taking over for Andrea while young lesbians enjoying sex with toy pantyhose erotica is off on her leave' He answered right away 'Mr.

Mint at @@@@@@@?' * *I have altered the name sexy sex kitten gets cumshot on her face gulping all the jism protect the innocent and not yet guilty giggles* 'Yes that is him. Do you know him?' 'He's my neighbour. I'll put in a good word for you if you'd like' 'Oh that would be perfect Mr. Trainer. Thank you so much' 'Stop calling me Mr.

Trainer Kelly. Call me Paul OK?' Immediately my warning bells start to chime. 'You won't tell him what we did at that hotel will you? Please don't.' 'Never would I tell him, or anyone, about that Kelly. Our secret is safe with me. I was wondering if you would tell your friend that I really like her ass and that I've been thinking about it since I got that picture' 'Yes I will let her know. I have another friend that I'm sure could help you as well' 'That sounds perfect!

Maybe both of them at the same time?' 'No guarantees in that regards Paul, but maybe both of them in the same week. LOL' 'Thanks for getting my name right Kelly. OK It's time for me to go home. I just wanted to make sure everything was fine with you. I'm not sure if you would be freaked out after having sex with an older man, I hope you are not.' Thinking about what I had just done with another older man.

My Dad in fact I answered him right away. 'No I am fine with what we did Paul' 'Great, get well soon. If you need any help studying I would be glad to help. Just text me and I will come over to your place, or I will pick you up and you can come over here' 'K thanks. Bye' I slipped on my PJ top and making sure all the buttons were done up I went downstairs.

My Dad was sitting in the living room with the TV on. Watching a sports hi light show. "Hi sweety. How are you feeling after your shower?" he asks. "To be honest I am having a difficult time walking." I tell him "I'm so sorry Kelly. I haven't done that so much to one person so I don't know what you are going through" he stated " Did you ever do that to Mom" I asked.

"No I learned about that after your Mom and I separated," he confessed. "Why do you ask?" "I like knowing that I have received something from you that she hasn't." "Well you have my love to sweety" he says "Thank you Daddy." I gush "Well I've got to get going into work Kelly" "Will we be working at the same as you Daddy?" I ask "Only when I am on days Kelly.

You will be on straight days because Mr. Mint only works during the day" Daddy tells me "Your hamburgers are sitting in the fridge on the top shelf. As the sports show ends he gets up from the couch and walks to the fridge to get his lunch.

As he walks past he looks down at me and says, "I'm glad to see you have all your buttons done up." Smiling up at him I say "I didn't want to make you late for work SIR" No sooner had it come out of my mouth I felt like an idiot. I had stayed in my room because I was afraid he would still want me to be his SLUT, and then I called him SIR. That was just asking for it.

Oh fuck I could feel my pussy getting squishy. I am his SLUT and I'm happy to be. "Dad to Kelly. Come in Kelly." He is talking into his hand like it's a walkie talkie. Just like he used to when I was younger. SO I fold my hand into the same 'walkie talkie' "Kelly here. Come again. Please submit your request again Dad" We both start laughing at the memories of the past.

I fall into his arms and he hugs me tightly with his arms around my back. At the same time we both say "I love you" and then we both say "You owe me a piece of licorice." Just like we did when I was younger. "Oh my God, I am so surprised you remember that Princess" he exclaims. "I always loved that" I dark knob looking for fuck striptease hardcore him He shows me the two hamburgers he has put together for me and reminds me where the buns are.

"Now you remember how to turn the bar b q on?" he questions "Yup. First the propane tank and then push the red button. AND to turn the tank on it goes counter clockwise" I respond "Good job Kelly" As he turns to get his lunch from the fridge I quickly undo the top three buttons of my pajamas and arch my shoulders forward allowing my top to open up. He lifts his lunch and his head out of the bottom shelf and gawks at my display. "Damn you look good Kelly" he says as he shuts the fridge door "Thank you SIR" Dammit!

I am a slut. My Daddies SLUT that is. I follow him to the door and while he reaches for his boots I kiss him on the lips and he responds with a moan and grabs my bum in both his hands. Pulling me into him. I feel his tongue pushing against my lips so I open my mouth and allow his tongue in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his as his spit enters my mouth. I am so turned on by this. Even though my legs are killing me. "Do you have time for me to play with your cock Daddy?" Feeling him harden through the denim of his jeans, "As much as I would loved you to I have to go too work.

He complains "You can wake me up when you get home tonight if you want" I whisper "Baby girl I want you to go too school tomorrow so I will let you sleep." "Fine" I grumble "You're going to school tomorrow Kelly." "Alright. Okay" I mumble Then I kiss my Dad and walk towards my ringing phone. Shaking my ass in an exaggerated fashion. "Goodnight Kelly" I hear as the door opens and closes.

I get to my phone on the fifth ring and answer it in my sweetest sickly voice. "Hello" "Oh thank fuck you finally answered Kelly. Where have you been now?" Amy begs "I was saying good bye to my Dad before he went to amazing girl is riding on a thick rod hardcore and blowjob must have really bonded today while you were helping him in the bathroom today" she says "Yes we really did.

We broke through a few barriers I think" "Can you come over tonight Kelly? My parents are both working late and I need someone to talk to." Thinking that Amy just lives one street over and that she usually has more munchies than my Dad keeps here. I reply. "Sure Amy. I'm sorry I missed you all day. But I do love you Awesome Amy." I remind her "Are you sure Kell? She asks Even though she knows the answer I remind her that I do. "I have some notes for you too.

I will re write them for you by the time you get here" she replies "OK I'll be over in about an hour Amy. Take care until then" "Thank you Kelly" "No worries Amy. I love you. You will always be my BFF" "Pinkie hugs" she replies and we both hang up. I remember how sore my legs are as I try to squeeze into a tight pair of jeans. I start looking for my favourite track pants but remembering what I did with them earlier today I know they are dirty and downstairs. Instead I look into my dresser for my Lu Lu Lemons.

I slide into them and then decide to put a tshirt on while I eat. I light the bar b q without any problems and make a couple of cute euro gal with braid gives head burgers. I clean up and still have a half an hour before I said I'd be at Amy's. I go downstairs and see that Dad has washed my track pants with his white sheets. All I have to do is put the load into the dryer.

Perfect. I start the dryer and go upstairs. Putting on my shoes I run into my bedroom and grab my phone, and my keys. I have time to wonder what Amy is going to tell me about her dog as I walk over to her house. I wonder if he got hard while he was licking her pussy. Maybe, but I can promise that he didn't get as hard as my Dad was today. Blushing and laughing I whisper to myself that I am a slut. I get to Amy's 10 minutes early and knock on the door.

"Don't you look hot" Amy says as she opens the door for me "Why thank you lovey. As I am looking at her I see she is dressed in the exact same thing. Even down to the short sport socks and grey t shirt. What colour are your panties" I question "What panties" she responds I start to laugh and pulling down my waist band I show her that I am not wearing any panties either.

"And I thought I would look cheap without panties" she said "Great minds think alike" I tell her "Yes but fools seldom differ" she reminds me "Either way we both look good mostly naked." She turns me on after the day I have had and I take off my shoes and grab her. Squeezing her bum in my hands as we kiss I feel her start to relax as she is reminded that this fool does indeed love her and that I was not ignoring her on purpose today.

"I've been sitting on the back porch writing out your study notes", she tells me. "Should I put my shoes back on then" "No you'll be OK. It's clean out there" she answers As we walk outside I see Riley lying on the deck where Amy's feet would have been. I smile at Amy as I see this. "What" she asks while her face reddens. When Riley sees me he gets up and hustles over to see me.

I crouch down as he licks my face. "Hiya Riley" I say as I stand up and see Amy looking at me. Now it's my turn. "What." "I was wondering if you wanted a drink" she asks.

"I have already had one vodka, and orange juice" she adds "Really? Sure." I have only had vodka a handful of times but it is my favourite drink by far.

"Not to strong though. I can't stay over so don't get my drunk" "One drink won't make you drunk girl" "Wanna bet" I respond. "Remember when we were at Beth's New Years party?" I remind her. "Yes but you drank like half a 'micky' she answers from the kitchen.

"Well that's what I wanted everyone to think. I poured half of it out because I was drunk off my second drink" I confessed "So you are a cheap drunk.

As the saying goes. Maybe we should date" she laughs as she returns to the deck. "I'm not sure how our parents would react to that" I state.

Thinking about what my Dad has found out and done to me in the last week I'm sure nothing would surprise him though. She sits down and tells me about the Math notes she has taken and re-written for me. We do some questions and I have drinks of my vodka and OJ. "Thanks for not romantic sex kissing and boobs pressing this drink to strong" I am babbling and not doing so well at paying attention so I think to myself that I had better slow down.

I close her Math book. "So tell me what happened today with you and Riley today" I whisper across the table to her.

"Hmmmnn. I thought you'd never ask" she begins. "Well I was sitting on the couch. Naked after my shower.

Watching a 'Cheers' rerun. Have you ever seen that show?" she continues Shaking my head No, she continues. "Well the bartender, Sam Malone is pretty hot. I started thinking about being in his bar, and being alone I opened my knees and my towel fell open as well.

I started rubbing the inside of my legs. Kind of like I imagined Sam would do to a woman. So I'm dreaming about this with my eyes closed as his voice is coming from the TV. I'm fingering myself by now. My eyes are closed tightly, and then I feel Riley's cold nose on my fingers.

I am shocked as my eyes pop open, I don't even know what it was that was that just rubbed me until I look and see Riley standing there. Images of Sam leave my mind and I try to push Riley away. Bad dog I'm yelling as I try to push him away" When Riley hears her say "Bad dog" he whimpers at her feet. "You're not a bad dog" she says as she pets his head I drink the last of my drink and find where all the vodka was in this one.

Right at the bottom. "Didn't you stir this?" I ask. She doesn't answer me but continues with the story. "I am trying to push his head away when his tongue starts to lick my fingers. And he loves it" she excitedly adds. "Well I can see how he would love licking you. I did too" I say with a smile feeling my pussy getting wet. I'm not sure if this is from the alcohol or the story so far. "So I moved my hands away and let him lick up my juices. Thinking this will be a quick cleanup and then I amateur girlfriend gives handjob with big cumshot get ready for class.

His big tongue felt so good licking me though I couldn't believe it. His tongue is huge and he was licking me from the bottom to the top. Every time he would touch my clit I could feel my pussy getting wetter which would cause him to lick lower and then he would lick his way up again and start the whole process over again. I bet I came five or six times. I finally had to stand up to get him to stop." Riley starts moving under the table and comes over to me and puts his head between my legs.

Smelling my excited pussy. "Riley NO" I say "Didn't you just hear me" Guy bonks ass of a tranny slut says. "That doesn't work." Laughing she says "I think he wants some more cunt" She is slurring her words a little bit too as her second drink starts to take affect.

"Let him lick you" "Not through my yoga pants. They are my favourites" "Take them off then" she says as she gets up.

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"No one can see us here" I look around at the second floor windows of the neighbouring houses and tell her, "No way. Lets go in the house" "Do you want another drink" she asks. "I think I better", is my response as Riley follows her to the door. " He smells me too" she says as she bends over and hugs his head. "Who's a good doggy" she asks him as she scrunches his face to hers. I watch as she opens her mouth and lets him lick the inside of her mouth.

Riley starts jumping up on her as she walks into the kitchen. "Down boy! She commands. As she is pouring the vodka (free style) into the glasses it is spilling on the counter. She bends over and slurps pretty petra is down for her sweet vag to be fucked off the counter.

"Come here" she says looking at me. I walk over to her and she puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. I can taste the vodka on her tongue as she licks my lips and then my tongue. We continue kissing as I feel her hands lower to my bum. I do the same to her as I feel her ass through her tight yoga pants. The kitchen smells like cinnamon from a candle she lit before I got there, and her hair smells like Jasmine.

A dangerous combination. I take my lips from hers and start to kiss her neck. Licking and lightly sucking on it. "Don't worry I won't give you a hickey" I whisper in her ear as she moans into mine.

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"If you do just make sure it is not in a seeable location" I cup her mound and ask her if here would be OK. "You know that is a perfect place for your lips" she adds "Oh my god. We're starting to sound like a cheesy porn" I tell her as we both start to laugh. I know she is getting, if not already is, drunk because she starts to snort. Which causes us both to laugh more.

"speaking of which", she laughs. "Lets go watch some movies I have saved on my lap top" We add some orange juice to our strong drinks and go into her room with Riley trailing along behind us. She sits down at her desk and logs in to her computer. I see the movie she is bringing up.

It's called a girl and her 'good boy'. It is a short clip but begins with a teen sitting on the edge of her bed in a pair of shorts only. She has nice boobs and is playing with her dog. Rough housing with him I guess.

He then puts his head between her legs and she lies back on the bed and opens her legs up. After about 30 seconds of this she removes her shorts and panties so her dog has free access to her pussy. "You see I'm not the only one that likes that" Amy says. Turning to see my reaction to what is on the screen. "He does have a big tongue" I add. "Almost as big as Riley's" she smiles "Really his tongue activity radioactive sweet of me and alice bigger than that?" My eyes become glued to the screen as I watch this girl's dog lick her pussy.

Amy is squirming in her seat so I tell her to take her pants off. "Only if you do it too" she agrees as she stands up. I stand up and hook my thumbs into the waist band of my Lu Lu's and slide them down. As I get them down past my knees I see Amy is already on her knees so I loosen my grip on my pants and run my hands through her hair. She puts her hands around my left leg and takes my leg out of my yoga pants. Then moves to my right leg as I run my hands through her hair.

Pulling her face into my freshly shaved pussy. "When did you shave? It looks so sexy" she declares as she puts her face between my legs. I didn't think that question needed a response as her fingers opens my pussy, and I feel her mouth, and hot breath between my legs. Instead I moan as I watch her laptop's screen as the dog continues to lick his owner. Amy seems to be doing the same thing as the dog on the screen. Her tongue is licking my whole pussy. Right from my opening up to my clitoris.

"Stay right there" I demand. As her tongue licks the top of my pussy. "MMMmnnnn" she moans onto my clit as she closes her mouth on my clit. "Stop, stop". I tell her as I back away. "I'm not sure if you are going to make me squirt or pee" "Squirt, or pee?" she asks still on her knees. "What do you mean squirt?" "Squirt/Cum" I tell her. "What are you talking about" she prys " I saw a video where a woman's husband made her cum yesterday" I lie "Show me" she inquires as I see her sexy eyes look up at me.

I turn to her laptop. Not knowing what to type, or even where to type it. I feel her hands on my ass. She uses her hands to spread my cheeks and I squeal as I feel her tongue lick my butt hole. I don't stop her because it feels pretty good.

Instead I lower my ass onto her mouth as she licks my ass. "That feels good" I tell with her surprise in my voice. "Tastes good too" she slurs drunkenly "You're drunk", I laugh at her as I type 'squirt' into google. Google finds more videos than I thought possible in just a few seconds. I click on one called a 'man makes his wife squirt'. My pussy immediately gets extra wet as I remember what my Dad did to me a few hours ago and I see this guy fingering his wife while she lays on a bed on her back.

Amy stops licking my asshole and comes around me to watch the video. "Holy fuck" she gasps as we both watch this woman cum on his hand and shoot her cum onto the blankets. I take note of his middle two fingers in her pussy. I remember my Dad rubbing my clit with his thumb. But I didn't see this man doing it so I think it is not a necessity. But it did help. I click on one with two girls next. One girl is lying on her back and the other girl is fingering her.

The girl getting fingered is squirming and moaning as her pussy juice shoots out of her soaking the teen on top of her.

"Oh my fuck Kelly. Can you do that to me?" she yammered taking her tongue from my ass and standing beside me. "Ummmnn I can try sweety." I respond while shaking my ass I have been flexing my middle fingers since she put her tongue in my bum. I want this more than I want to see her with Riley, but I don't really know how. I see another movie at the bottom of the page titled 'how to make her squirt by Seymour Butts' I click on it and watch as he makes this girl cum all over his hand, and arm.

I listen as he says to curl my two middle (stronger fingers) just inside her pussy. Like I am rubbing the inside of her clit. "Really is that all you have to do" she mofos four sexy teens have some fun outside. Go lay down on your bed" Amy lies on her bed on her back with her sexy legs open.

Her pussy and pubic hair is wet as she opens herself for me. Riley barks and jumps up on the bed. Amy's room smells like sex and I'm sure Riley smells it and thinks it is his turn. "Down Riley" she yells as he jams his big nose into her pussy and starts to lick her. "Pull him off me Kelly. He doesn't listen to me at this point" I walk to the bed feeling my soaked pussy lips open and soaking the inside of my thighs. I am absolutely dripping as I take Riley's collar "C'mon boy.

She's mine right now" I tell him pulling at his collar. He whimpers and then barks as if I am taking his dish away from him. He turns towards me and I feel his tongue lick my pussy juice off my thighs.

"I now know how you like that tongue Amy." I sing as I feel his tongue licking towards my bare clit. "Let him lick you while you finger me" she suggests "I thought you wanted xxx storys korea korean school watch him taste my pus.cunt." When you are talking about a dog licking you all niceties go out the window. "I can see it in my mirror if we associate ourselves right" she reasons as she shifts her ass on the bed.

I turn to look at the mirror and see her sliding a finger into her pussy like she is searching for her 'button' Her pussy is soaked already so I order her to stop and lick her finger clean. She smiles at me as she removes her finger, and lifts it to her mouth. Setting it on her tongue and rotating her finger so her saliva takes the place of her juice. I let go of Riley's collar as I position him behind me and kneel on the bed beside Amy.

"Your fingernails aren't going to hurt are they" I look at the my nails and see they are about even with the ends of my fingers. "No they should be alright I tell her." I put my fingers in my mouth and soak them with spit. "How many can you fit in your mouth?" Amy asks.

At the same time I feel Riley's tongue on my butt crack. I moan aloud as Amy looks over my shoulder at the mirror and sees what her dog is doing to me. "Just wait it gets better. Now how many fingers can you fit in your mouth?" "Maybe three" I try to tell her through a moan. "Show me. And then put four in" Amy exclaims At this point I am going to do anything she asks. I put the tips of the tips of three of my fingers in my mouth.

She moves on the bed and taking my hand she pushes it deep into my mouth. I don't gag at all and she looks at me with her widened eyes. Put your baby finger in there too. "How big do you think my mouth is?" I ask "I have looked on the net and most women I have watched can take their whole hand" Amy reasons "You look at a lot of sick shit on your computer Amy" I tell her through a grin as Riley's tongue makes another run up my cunt to my asshole.

'Yeah says the slut that knows how to squirt" she says while watching me put my hand into my mouth. This time I don't stop at my four fingers and add my thumb too. Amy responds to my show by pushing my arm which causes my hand to fill my mouth. I gag and quickly pull my hand out. This has caused me to quit thinking about her dog licking my wet cunt.

As soon as I gag I pee a bit though and feel his tongue licking in earnest at my opening. He is licking my piss up. I don't tell Amy this but my mind is drawn back to what my Dad did to me earlier. I take my fingers of my right hand and start to rub Amy's lower lips and clit. She puts her head back and wiggles her ass on the bed with her eyes closed. I slip my middle two fingers into her. I am not really concentrating on her as I force my left hand into my throat and wiggle my fingers around causing me to gag again.

Which causes me to pee a little bit more. Riley loves my piss I am finding out. He starts to lick me harder. That's it! I start to cum on Amy's dogs nose I hear him snort as I'm sure he gets some up his nose. I rest my head on her chest. Her hardened nipple sits right between my lips. I am so turned on I can't help it and bite her nipple. Her eyes shoot open and she grabs my head in her hands.

Surprisingly she holds my head on her breast. My fingers art inside her as I feel her moan coming from her chest. "Oh my fuck" she yells As I experience her already tight cunt tightening up around my fingers. So this is what it feels like when a gspot gets touched.

I keep up with the motion of my fingers and she cries out as I feel her start to squirt on my hand and arm. Riley is now sitting behind me I see him turn to the door. Looking up I see a set cute babe chinese girls getting bondage hot show adultsmartlinksorg eyes at the door.

Which is opening a crack. The door opens more as Riley opens it with his nose and runs through. I see Amy's Mom standing there with her mouth open.

I look quickly away and feel Amy's hands on the back of my head pulling me into her lips. I respond by opening my mouth as our lips connect.

I haven't stopped my finger motion as she cries out again and squirts on my wrist. Not as powerful this time but her moan into my mouth is. I am trying to glance at the door with my tongue in Amy's mouth. I see no one standing there so I relax a little and kiss Amy hard as my mouth closes around hers. We hold our kiss until it turns into hugs and small kisses as our hearts slow down. "Oh Kelly you have to let me do that to you!!" she stammers. As I move her bangs from her eyes.

Her forehead is covered in sweat so holding her head I lean forward and lick her forehead. Her sweat tastes good as I imagine her Mom is watching us still. Looking towards the door I see she has gone somewhere else in the house. "Where did Riley go?" Amy asks as she lifts her head to look into the mirror behind me. "He just left" I lie to her. "Shit that usually means someone has pulled into the driveway." Looking at her alarm clock she cries that maybe her Mom to get home from work.

"Get this place cleaned up, My sheets have to be washed. Fuck even my comforter is soaked." I pin her to her bed and put my arm in her face. "Lick my arm off Amy" Knowing it's not like her Mom hasn't already caught us and there is no chance of mom vim son xxx story not knowing her daughter and her best friend are not experimenting.

Amy not knowing her Mom has already rookie lesbo teens get their wet muffs licked and screwed us shakes her head and tries to get up.

I wipe my arm that is drenched with delighful gratifying for stud hardcore and blowjob pussy juice across her face. She sticks her tongue out as I smear her juices onto her face. "Try it Kelly. I taste pretty good." I lick my upper arm and nod in agreement.

"Yes you do sexy. Next time I will make you squirt into my mouth" "You are a dirty, but oh so sexy bff" She smiles as she moves off her bed.

Just in time to hear the beep beep of her homes security dirt poor stud allows slutty pal to pound his gf for hard cash. Meaning her front door has been opened. "Amy sweety. I'm home and I'm going to take Riley for a walk." her Mom calls from downstairs. "OK Mom Kelly and I are just doing some math review.

Riley hasn't been out much today" she continues "so he will be ready for a pee." Thinking about what Riley did with my pee earlier I hope her Mom doesn't let him lick her face. "Hi Kelly. How are you doing?" I hear Mrs. Places ask. "I am doing well Mrs. Places." I respond. Pulling on my Lu Lu Lemons. Glad that Riley has cleaned me up. "Ok I'll be back in a few minutes" She tells us. Then we hear the telling chimes of the door closing. "You would not believe how great that felt Kelly.

I can't even walk right now" Amy exclaims as she grabs onto the back of hot brunette girl masturbates her shaved twat for money computer chair.

"You better close that open page down" I warn her as I pinch her bum. "I may never close that page" she smiles. Walking to her bathroom to wash up and brush my hair I wonder how much her Mom saw. Did she see what her dog was doing to me while I was making her daughter squirt? She didn't barge in full of rage so I'm sure she's not pissed off. Confused maybe, but not pissed off. I am pulling the brush through my hair as Amy walks up behind me and moving my hair kisses my neck.

Her hands resting on my waist band as she whispers into my ear, "I love you my BFF. I hope you are OK with what happened today." "I love you too Amy.

And yes I am OK with EVERYTHING that happened. I would even do more" I confessed "Thank you Kelly. I was worried you wouldn't understand." "I didn't at first but after I felt Riley's tongue I knew why you were so excited" I giggled She runs her hands through my hair, and then says, "Oh shit I think I left the vodka bottle out on the counter.

I'll go clean that up while you finish up in here" "OK I better get out of her before your Mom sees that I have no books with me" "Good idea" she agrees with a nod. I turn around and kiss her. Thinking it's a good thing we don't wear a lot of lipstick I straighten out my tshirt and go to slip on my shoes. "Thank YOU for everything Kelly" "You are welcome Amy. Anytime. You better do some actual studying yoga full sex bodybuilding gym though" I say while laughing.

She cups my bum as I open the door and walk away while shaking seductively for her. She whistles quietly as I turn around with a grin.