Luscious miyuki nonomura is delighted in foursome

Luscious miyuki nonomura is delighted in foursome
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When I found out about their weekly fuck, it had been going on for 4 months. At first I felt angry that my boss had been fucking my wife but somehow it made me horny as hell to think of his cock pushing into her tight pussy.

I'm a HVAC service tech and out on service calls most of the time but one Thursday morning I had a little extra time so decided to stop by my house.

It was 10:00am and as I turned the corner a block from my house I saw Don heading up the walk to the front door of our 4-plex. I wondered what the hell and stopped to watch.

There is only one front entrance to the 4 apartments and somebody has to buzz you into the hallway but the electric lock had not been working that week so somebody had to come and open the door for any visitors. I saw that it was my wife who came and let Don in. My head was spinning now so I decided to just wait for him to come back out.

Classy spex cougar gets stepdaughter railed mature and teen it was, I ended up waiting one and one half hours before I saw him come out and head to his car that was parked a block up the street. As soon as I saw him drive away I headed straight to our door. I was as quiet as possible as I let myself in. Once inside I could hear that my wife was in the shower and as I headed that way I noticed the door to the guest bedroom was open even though it was usually closed.

I looked inside and saw that the bed was a mess and already having a pretty good idea what had been going on just a few minutes earlier I went in to confirm my suspicions. As I suspected there was a wet spot in the middle of the sheet.

It wasn't just a wet spot though&hellip.

It was a pool of sticky cum. I went on to confront my wife just as she got out of the shower. "Probably takes a lot of soap to wash that freshly fucked smell off of your sloppy cunt" I said to Amy as she gave me a startled look.

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We just looked at each other for what seemed like forever before she finally said "I know this is terrible but please let me explain." "Explain away" I said as my eyes centered on the triangle sex mia kalf sex stories vedio patch of hair that covered her pussy.

I was pissed that right then all I could think of was Don's cock forcing in between her juicy puffed up pussylips and it was getting me hard. I have to say that at 45, Amy still looks like the best piece of ass that even a young guy could ask for.

She is 5'6" and at 125# has all the curves in the right places. She doesn't have big tits but nice firm B cup breasts. "He called me 4 months ago and told me he was going to have to lay one or two of you guys off because sales had dropped off with the economy the way it is.

He said that his wife has been a total bitch for the last 3 years and they never have sex anymore. He said if I would spread my legs for him he'd make sure it wasn't you who gets laid off. I wanted to tell you right away before the first time he came over but I'm so worried we can't make it if you don't have your job".

I should have felt like going after the bastard and beating him till he couldn't stand. By now though, the image in my brain was of him lying on top of her with his ass humping up and down and his cock sliding in and out of her sweet pussy.

I had to resist the urge to pull my hard cock out and jerk off as the thoughts spun in my brain. I opened my mouth not knowing what to say and what ended up coming out was "Does he hurt you? Is he nice? Do you like it?" Looking at the obvious bulge in my pants she said "No, he doesn't hurt me, he just puts it in me and&hellip. well you know. At first I thought I would just lay there and let him do it… you know&hellip. Just let him finish and then he would get up and leave. Well, he did finish in less than 5 minutes the first time and went soft inside me but he didn't get up and leave.

He got soft and was almost to slip out when I felt it start to grow again and before I knew it he, was doing it again, only for a lot longer before he finished again. I'm sorry Brad but I was starting to enjoy it… I was having an orgasm with him. I don't love him or anything but it does feel good&hellip. him moving inside me…… feeling him shoot inside me when he finishes." By then the vision in my mind was of Don's cock buried in Amy's cunt surging… shooting gooey cum and I realized I was shooting my own wad in my pants and I hadn't even touched myself.

Angelic young girl possessed by sexy devil sure my face was pretty red when I said "Amy… what if I told you I'm not mad and that for some stupid reason I want to see him fucking you." Now it was Amy that got the red face as she contemplated what I had just said. It was several moments before she replied "RReeaallyyyy? Are you sure?" "Yes" I said without hesitation. "I don't know why" she said "but the idea of you watching me getting fucked really turns me on." FUCKED?

I thought. She never says the F word. That only served to make me determined to make sure that what we were talking about would happen sooner than later. Before I could say anything, Sabonti xxx panu story com took the lead saying "How could we tell Don what we are thinking of?

Do you think 1st time xnxnxnx xxxxxxxxx story really want to do it with you watching?" she asked. As fast as she had agreed to what I was proposing and hearing her say "FUCKED" made me suddenly wonder what he must be like… what kind of cock does he have anyway?

I guess I have the average cock 6 ½" or so and I figure about average thickness too. I'm an inch taller than Amy and at 155# and am in pretty good shape for my 48 years.

Don is pretty short though… 5'4" and a little chubby but not fat by any means. Amy must have read my mind because she said "Don't worry, I really like getting fucked by you… you really do make my pussy feel good" Fucked? Pussy? Those aren't Amy's words I thought to myself but it sure is making me horny hearing her say them!

"If you're sure" I said, "I'll figure out some way to approach him&hellip. Are you sure????" "Yes" she replied almost before the question reached her ears. I decided that I would somehow broach the subject with Don the next Monday knowing now that every Thursday for the last 4 months he had been screwing my wife.

I tried all weekend to pry out of Amy what Don was like in the sack. Mostly, what kind of cock does he have? Does he cum hard? Does he cum a lot? She would just grin at all my questions and say "You'll just have to wait and see. You'll just have to wait and see him mount me and poke his cock around between my thighs trying to find my pussy. You'll just have to wait and see his cockhead slide between my juicy lips and push inside. You'll just have to wait and see how he takes me like a dog takes his bitch.

Yes Brad. When his cock is in me I'm his bitch. The only thing on his mind is breeding HIS BITCH. You'll just have to wait and see his ass quiver as he starts to cum and know his cock is surging inside me as he fills me with his seed." I could hardly believe her using this new vocabulary and she could make me cum just talking about it. It was MY cock shooting MY cum in her juicy cunt all weekend. Afraid I might chicken out if I had too much time, I told Don as soon as I got to work I would like to talk to him when he had a few free minutes.

For just an instant there was a slight look of fear on his face and he asked what it was about. "Nothing important" I said trying to ease his mind from thinking I had discovered his affair.

"Just whenever you have a few minutes." "I'll be busy for an hour or so." he said "If it works for you, come by my office around 9:30." "OK" I said, "That should work for me." When I entered his office I don't know who was more nervous, european middle aged couple fucks on webcam or me. I decided not to waste any time getting to the proposal on my mind.

"Don, I'm really not sure how to bring this up so I'll just blurt it out. A couple months ago my wife told me she doesn't know why but she has the hots for you and she keeps hinting that I could clue you in." I could see a look of relief on his face and figured he was thinking I didn't know he had already been poking his cock in her.

"After she told me that I just couldn't get it out of my mind so I'm wondering if you ever thought about… you know… getting it on with her. We've never done anything like this" I went on "and I sure hope you don't fire me for even asking pregnant ebony babe fucked by long dong blowjob sucking doggy and your wife and all and… and…" "Shit on my wife" he said "She's been spreading her sloppy cunt for several college studs and we haven't fucked for over 3 years.

First, don't worry about getting yourself fired but let me get this straight for sure. You're telling me you want your wife and me to fuck?" "That's what I'm saying Don but I just have one stipulation…" "And that is??" he questioned. "That. That I would be there… And… And watch." I stuttered. "You aren't one of those gay guys are you? Cause I sure ain't into that kind of stuff" he grumbled. "No, No, NO" I assured him. "It's just that the more I think of it, the more I really want to see another guy's cock penetrate her curly bush.

Oh yea" I went on "I guess I should tell you she doesn't shave her pussy.

Just trims so it isn't too long." I felt like I was rambling now but I was really trying to assure him that I didn't know about him already fucking Amy. "I like a hairy pussy" Don said. "A bare pussy always makes me feel like I'm screwing some girl and I'd rather have a woman." Going on he said "And when were you thinking we might do this?" "Well, she doesn't know I've decided to bring this up to you and I'm not absolutely sure she won't change her mind once she realizes it could really happen.

I'll need to tell her what you said and let you know when it might work out" I replied. "Tell you what" Don said. "You just call her up right now and tell her I just gave you the rest of chanel preston in look at me closer day off with pay and you'll be bringing me over to the house in 30 minutes." "What if she has just been talking about it?

Will you be mad if she doesn't want to?" I asked. "Oh, don't you worry none. I can go with the flow" Don replied. I called Amy and quickly told her we were on our way and that Don wasn't aware that I knew that he'd already been screwing her during the last few months.

When we got there Amy had put on a sundress that came to just above her knees. It had large buttons up the front and buttons that held the straps that came over her shoulders to the material covering her firm breasts and wore no panties underneath.

Don wasted no sex mobikama org mallu sex storys getting to the business at hand. "Brad tells me you are interested in having my cock between your legs" he said as he ran his hands across the material covering her breasts and started to caress her bare shoulders. I saw her shudder slightly at his touch and without a word took his hand and led him, not to the guest room this time but, to our own bed which had only the bottom sheet on it.

She turned around and stood at the foot of the bed facing Don and said "Yes Don. I want you to breed me" I stood by the chair she had placed in the perfect place for me to watch as her pussy was penetrated by a cock that I had yet to see.

I was totally excited wondering what his cock was like. Did he have big balls? Do they hang loose or are the sucked up tight against his groin. Is he circumcised? Will he enter her slowly or will he brutally drive his manhood into her anxious cunt? My cock was throbbing and I quickly stripped and sat down. I didn't touch my cock at all. It felt too good.

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Rock hard and throbbing. Amy unbuttoned the straps letting them slip across her shoulders to her back and then started with the top button of the dress. As she slowly unbuttoned the dress it peeled open to expose her firm breasts and Don began caressing them and I saw the nipples harden to look like large cherries.

As her fingers worked the buttons on down the dress Don began kissing her neck and shoulders and on down to her breasts, taking first one and then the other between his lips and I saw her body shudder as he gently nibbled each one. When she got the last button above her waist, the dress slipped from her slim body and fell to the floor around her feet. Still kissing her all over her neck, shoulders and breasts, Don's hands were caressing her first her arms, then her sides and moving on to her quivering belly.

As he caressed her naked body she unbuttoned his shirt and his fingers left her skin only long enough for her to pull the sleeves off his muscular arms. I could see that although he was short and appeared to be somewhat chubby he was in good shape and really had a muscular body. As Amy began opening his fly, Don gripped her hip with one hand as the fingers of the other worked their way down into the curly dark hair covering her pubic mound.

Once his fly was fully open she sat on the foot of the bed and worked his pants and briefs over his hips and down his legs. That's when I got the first glimpse of the cock that would soon penetrate my wife's smooth pussy. The whole time she was doing all this, Amy continued talking to Don. Watching and listening to her made my cock throb so hard I could feel my every heartbeat. "You want to breed me don't you Don. You know that I'm really Brads bitch but you don't care.

You know that I'm in heat and you want your seed in my belly. Any other time it really wouldn't matter but right now you want it to be YOUR cock that slips between my swollen pussylips. Yes, once you climb between my thighs and mount me it will be too late to stop and Brad will have to watch as another man breeds his bitch.

He will have no choice but to watch as my cunt accepts the seed churning in your balls. He knows my cunt only aches to be filled and right now it luna star anal fun with an extremely hot latina matter who does it. Brad knows I'm in heat teen amateur threesome outdoor first time sore loser instinct is telling me to allow a male, any male to mount me.

He knows it is instinct that will drive you to seek the hot juicy slit between my legs with your sensitive cockhead. We all know that the second you feel my pussy hair tickle your cockhead there will only be two things in this world; your cock and my cunt. My brain is telling me that it might hurt but my cunt doesn't care. My brain will tell me to cross my legs and keep you away but my muscles have a mind of their own and my thighs will spread and invite you to climb between my raised knees.

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I will hate my body as I feel you lower your chest onto mine. I will hate it when I wrap my arms around you and pull you tighter against my breasts as I thrust them tighter against you. By then I know my brain will stop thinking and our bodies will take over. I will feel the tip of your cockhead against my belly and the slickness oozing from the tiny slit.

It will feel like my pussy is on fire and my cunt will have a terrible empty feeling. With a will of their own my hands will move down and grasp your hips, pushing you down as I feel your hot shaft moving further down through sex kitten lena paul gets bent over and fucked patch of curly hair. My hips will move on their own tipping my pelvis up until I feel your cockhead slip across my clit.

When your cock presses against my pussy I will stop and hold perfectly still. I know you will do the rest now. I will know when you can't stop because I'll feel you thrusting harder. Harder and harder you will push against me and my mind will try to tell me you're too big but I know you won't care anymore. You will continue thrusting your hard shaft against my pussy; moving it up and down my slit until my swollen slick pussylips separate and you feel the slickness between.

I know you will move your hips around maneuvering your cockhead into position to penetrate me. By then it won't matter if it really fits because you'll be ready to make me your bitch and nothing would ever stop your penetration." I was almost to cum just from listening to her describing what was about to happen.

Amy and Don had been kissing and caressing each other this whole time and then she sat down and slid up the bed. She positioned herself so could look directly between her spread thighs to see her hair covered pussy. She raised massive wiener for pretty stupid gal stealer knees and spread them wide.

She looked so inviting that any man with blood in his body would have fucked her. "Take me Don; fill me with cum and make me your bitch. I am in heat and I want you to cum in me until I have your baby growing in my belly" she said in a commanding hiss. Don climbed on the bed and started doing exactly as she had described earlier.

That was the first real good look I had of his cock. I realized it wasn't very long but I was shocked when I saw what he had been shoving in cunt for the last 4 months. I could see Don was uncircumcised and his cock was probably just a little over 5" long.

It had to be though; the FATTEST cock I've ever seen. To me it looked like a beer can and even though hard as a rock his foreskin still dangled loosely over the end. It didn't even look like his cockhead was any smaller than the shaft standing straight out in front of a giant set of balls swinging freely at the base.

Seeing his cock made me feel like I had a pencil standing up between my legs. I wondered how Amy could have that in her pussy without me thinking she was sloppy afterward. I didn't realize any difference though and her pussy felt as tight as it ever did.

Half up on his knees Don bent over and laid his chest down on the bitch in heat. She was right; I knew everything was past the point of no return. He lowered himself until the floppy skin covering his cockhead brushed against her curly bush.

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Exactly as she had described, she tipped her pelvis up towards his cock and grasping his hips pulled him down as she moved her hips around; guiding his cock into perfect position for what would be the most powerful penetration of any woman's pussy that I could imagine.

It did take several minutes of him sliding his fat cock around on her pussy. Moving in circles and up and down, thrusting down against her every so often; checking to see if she was ready to become his bitch. They were both working at it. Both of them rocking and rotating their hips and pelvis; grinding his fat cock harder and harder against her pussy.

I could tell he had worked his loose foreskin between her slickened pussylips. As they slowly prepared their mating organs for their true purpose Don was continually hissing close to her ear but loud enough that I could hear what he said.

Over and over telling her she was going to be his bitch. Telling her how he was going to shove his thick cock in her cunt. Telling her he was going to fuck her over and over and over; filling her cunt with his seed until his balls were empty and fucking her even after that so his cock would keep mixing his seed with her own juices.

By now I could tell that Amy's pussylips were flared wide; clinging to his slickened foreskin; pushing it back and allowing the blunt head of his cock press tight against her entrance. Suddenly they asian acquires tits squeezed and vagina licked stopped pressed tight together as though his fat cock could slip in if they stayed that way long enough. "Are you ready Amy?" I heard him hiss in her ear. "Are you ready for my cock?

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Are you ready to take my cum? Are you ready to be my bitch and have my baby in your belly? My balls are aching and I'm telling you now you ARE my bitch." The moment he groaned 'ARE' I saw him devote every muscle in his body to one powerful thrust and saw his thick shaft disappear as Amy's splayed pussylips pushed his foreskin down over his thrusting cock. I heard a moan come from deep in her throat as they lay there with his cock buried to the hilt in her cunt.

They lay motionless except for their rapid breathing for almost a minute before I heard him say "Now I'm gonna fill you with so much cum that even if you walked a mile you would still feel a gob drip out with every step; and he started moving. Slowly at first and after just a few thrusts she was bucking her pelvis against him. His strokes getting longer and longer until I could tell his thick shaft would come all the way out leaving just his foreskin between her pussylips to serve as a guide as he rammed himself back inside her grunting with thrust until she was saying "Cum in me.

Fill your bitch with your hot seed." Those words threw us all over the edge at the same time. He buried his fat cock in her pussy and matched her loud moan with a long moan as I saw the thick tube at the base of his cock begin to surge and my own cum went squirting through the air. His fat cock continued to surge long after I had finished shooting my load. For at least 3 minutes he lay there breathing heavily and I would see the thick tube expand and contract as his body jerked every 10 or 15 seconds.

Finally I saw his tense muscles relax and could tell that his thick cock was softening with Amy's cum filled cunt contracting as it shrank inside her. I think he actually dozed for a few minutes off because his breathing got really slow and I thought his limp cock was about to slip out of her cunt and suddenly his body jumped slightly and almost instantly I saw the base of his cock begin to expand in less than 30 seconds his ass was going up and down and I could hear the mushy sound that a soggy cum filled cunt makes when a thick cock slides out and plunges back in.

Amy's hips moving up and down matching his every thrust and I was almost surprised how quick he was ready to cum again when I saw him begin to spasm as dana is a blonde from europe who loves to pumped more cum in her already sloppy sounding cunt.

This scene repeated itself at least 5 more times over the next 2 hours when his limp cock finally plopped out of Amy's oozing cunt. Don got up and went to the bathroom and Amy saw me looking at her soggy pussy and said "As soon as Don leaves I want you to fuck me for the rest of the day." When Don came back in he looked straight at me and said "Are you still OK with what I just did with your wife?" "Shit yes" I said.

"I don't think either one of us has ever cum so hard or so much and you can ask her but I think she likes being your bitch in heat." Don looked at Amy and without a word from him she said "You can mount me anytime cause I know I'm your bitch and even though I can't make any babies I know I'll be in heat whenever I feel your thick cock close to my pussy." Don grinned at me and said "I think maybe you need tomorrow off too so you don't even need to bother coming in.

I'll see you here around 10:00." With that, I went and let Don out the door and got back to the bedroom just in time to see Amy lay back down exactly where she had been and said "Lets add some to this puddle of cum before it starts to dry out" I was amazed how tight her cunt felt on my skinny cock even though it still sounded soggy as my cock slid in and out. Even though I don't get a lot of days laly wallade daisy marie big butt ass, Don comes over at least 2 or 3 times a week and 'mounts his bitch'.

I still almost shoot my wad when I see him thrust his beer can sized cock in her tight cunt.