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Layla rivera has been fucked more this month than
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-1- Johnny Goodwin was not having a good day to begin with, and whenever you weren't having a good day, early in the day, on a Friday you knew things really sucked. So things started with the ever oppressive heat, and his absolute hatred of anyone who mentioned the subject, and it all went downhill from there for the rest of the day.

Or at least so it seemed at the very beginning. The heat was what started everything going. It was near the end of April and already the temperature in the afternoons was into the high 90's. Johnny worked as a bag boy and shelf stocker at the Northgate Foods in Winter Haven, and as it so happened he was scheduled to bag that afternoon. And of course, as always, the number one subject yasmine big tits latina on stocking fucked hard stockings and pantyhose every old fart he took out the doors that day was, Gee it sure it hot.

"Yep," Johnny would say. What he really wanted to say was, Well, no fuckin' shit, grandpa. This is Florida. FLORIDA! It's summer! It's hot! No fuckin' shit. You don't have to tell me.

I'm in and out all day. But Johnny kept it all inside, loading their groceries into the trunks and back seats of their cars, a forced smile on his face. If he were lucky enough he would score a quarter or two as a tip. If he was really lucky, oh yes, the all mighty dollar.

Of course holding things in was not the cure for his frustration. It was still there, and with each trip outside it only intensified. And the crappy thing, first off, was that the store was so busy that there was no time to take a walk around to the back of the building for a smoke without being missed. The only thing good about the day was that he was only there from three to seven, which would give him enough time to go home and get changed so he could catch a late movie with Donna, Steve and Jenny.

Johnny's other problem, also a factor in keeping him from grabbing a quick smoke, was the fact that he had been assigned to work on Doris Walker's register. And as far as his work life went Doris Walker, a.k.a. Boris (Moooose and Squerrel Boris) behind her back, was the bane of his existence. It wasn't just the fact that she was hard to work with. It was more the fact that she was good friends with his grandmother, which made her good friends with his mother by proxy, and Mom had a way of being in his life a lot more than he really wanted her to.

All of this made Doris a part of Mom's all seeing spy network, and really convenient since she lived just across and slightly down the street from them. Other than that Johnny could fault Doris "Boris" Walker only with being and all around downer and a total bitch. As he bagged an order for another of his favorite customers, ditzy skinny bitch on welfare, with five kids, he wished he could have lucked out and been a few registers down.

Phyllis White was on Register 4. Phyllis was Doris's younger sister, and the polar opposite of her. She was always smiling and happy and outgoing. How they coexisted each day at work and in the same house afterward Johnny had no clue. He was sure, being so different, that they had to fight all the time as soon as the work day was over. Phyllis, he mused, as he put ditzy skinny bitch on welfare's tampons in with a bag full of bloody meat, had gotten all the good qualities, while her big sister had gotten the bad ones.

She looked young, radiant. More like 38 than 46. Platinum blonde bombsheel bree daniels loves to masturbate on the other hand, all her ugliness showing through, looked like she was 59. Of course, later on he would learn that she was actually 53. -2- The day went a lot further down hill, hitting bottom, in the middle of Johnny's shift.

Right about 5:00 P.M. Because it was at five, the busiest part of the day, that Doris decided that she needed change.

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She called him behind her, handed him a bill and rattled off what she needed back. Money in hand Johnny went to the main office to wait. And wait was exactly what he did, for nearly ten minutes. He went right to the counter, but the customer at the head of the line was not going to let the office cashier divert her attention even for a minute.

Her problem, whatever it was, had to be fixed right that instant. "At least get a manager," she complained So by the time they finally drug Don Brown away from walking around the backroom with a cup of coffee in hand ten minutes had ticked by. As he made his way back to Register 7 he could already see that he was getting the death glare from Doris. She had her chest puffed out a little, and he knew she was going to lay in on him as soon as he reached the register.

"That was slow. What's the hold up? I've got people waiting for change." It all came out rapid fire. "The office was busy," he said, handing her the change. And turkish arabic first time took a ubersexy refugee home five fuckin' o'clock, you stupid cunt!

Johnny barely had a chance to walk from the side of the register to the bagging platform before she asked, "What's this?" "Your change," he replied, trying his best to sound even. He turned his attention to the woman waiting for her change.

"Paper or plastic?" "No, it's not," Doris insisted. "This is not what I asked for." She looked at the money she had in her hand, and then back at Johnny. "I needed quarters." "You asked for two tens back." He specifically remembered what she asked for.

She gave him a hundred dollar bill, and in return she wanted 50 ones, a 20, two tens and two fives. Even in line for ten minutes he could remember her crazy change order.

"50 ones, a 20, two fives, a ten and a roll of quarters", Doris said, still standing there. "Okay, no big deal. I'll change it." "Well it is a big deal," she replied, her free hand on her hip. "I need quarters now. This lady has been waiting." "Don't you have-?" Johnny was about to suggest another combination of change, because surely she had to have other coins in her till.

"This lady asked to have some quarters back and I have none," "Boris" interrupted. "Um, if it's too much of a problem-," the customer began.

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She too was cut off by Doris. "No honey, you asked for some quarters, and we'll get them." "Okay!," Johnny said. He had had enough. The heat. No cigarette.

Waiting in line of ten minutes to get what was right and then being told it wasn't just because Boris had run out of quarters while he was gone. Paper or plastic. The fuckin' muzak, which was playing a shitty instrumental of Kiss's "Strutter". All of it. He walked to the side of the register and glared at Mooooose and Squerrel, wondering exactly how much mousse or hair spray she used on her hair to get it into position each day.

"What?," she questioned, glaring dead at him. "The money!," he spat. "I need money to get your quarters, you stupid cow." "Cow?," Doris demanded, her eyes going wide. "Oh, my," the waiting customer gasped. And of course to make things even better, from out of nowhere it seemed, good old Mr. Don Brown was standing right there, had in fact been there for the whole exchange. He stepped in, smoothing things over with the customer quickly, and then closing Doris's register off.

Once she finished with the last two customers in line he wanted to see them in the office. -3- "Heh-heh-heh," Johnny's best friend, Steve Smart, laughed as Johnny finished telling him what happened in the upstairs break room.

"So old Doris got the best of you." Johnny was throwing his apron and cutter abby lee brazil toys and bangs her anal hole his locker.

With a weeks suspension he wouldn't be needing them. "Yeah, and that bitch gets to go right back to work." He pulled out his pack of Marlboro and shook one out, lighting it. "Fuckin' crap, dude." Steve adjusted his glasses and then slid off the break room table.

Going to his own locker he opened it and pulled out a small bottle of Old Times that they kept stashed there to sneak an occasional drink of. He took a slug and then handed the bottle to Johnny.

"Well, not to rub it in, but Monday I'm on Phyllis's register again." He got out his own cigarettes, looking at Johnny with a mischievous grin on his face. "Woah-ooooh! Phyllis White.

Phyllis White." He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and struck an match. "Phyllis white dick, ha-ha." Johnny shook his head and laughed at his friend's attempt to cheer him up. "Well at least Mom and Dad went to Fort Pierce for the weekend. That gives me a little bit of a break." And it would. It probably gave him until Monday afternoon before Mom's all seeing spy network, revealed to her that he was suspended from work and why.

"So, what are you going to do?," Steve asked. Taking a slug of the Old Times Johnny walked to the other side of the break room and looked at the schedule. Putting a finger on the names column he went all the way down to the bottom of the list. Doris Walker was scheduled out at 7:00, just as he had originally been. The only way to keep her from going to his mother or grandmother before anyone found out what he was in trouble for would be to somehow smooth things out with the old teen izzy bell has her pussy bonked hard as quickly as possible.

"I have an idea." "Yeah?", Steve asked, exhaling a smoke ring. "Yeah. I'll just have to cancel our plans for tonight." Steve whistled. "I don't know man. Donna will be pissed at you." "Well," Johnny sighed. He gave a shrug. "I've got enough money saved back to get through a week off." "Well, that's pretty fucking amazing." Johnny shook his head and flipped his best friend off. "I just have to make things better with Boris, and the only way to make sure Mom doesn't know is to practically be sitting on her doorstep when she gets home." "Oh, yeah," Steve said.

""Cause she'll give you the old-" "You may be 16 and have a job, but you're still living in my house, and the car is in my name," they finished in unison. "Man, I'm glad I don't have your mom." "Yeah, well-" "So you're just going to stay home all night?" "Yeah," Johnny said.

"One night at home. Donna will be pissed, but she'll get over it. It's either just tonight, or it's the next few weeks or however long Mom decides to be pissed at me." "Or possibly both," Steve added in a chipper tone. "Gee, thanks. I was trying not to think of that." "Hey, man. It's what I'm here for." They each had another slug of Old Times and finished their cigarettes before they left the break room.

Steve was off to take care of the egg case. Johnny was off to deal with his next bit of unpleasantness, calling Donna and telling her that they wouldn't be going out that night. -4- The call to Donna had went pretty much the way he had expected it to.

Of course with the exception that Donna became doubly pissed when she found out why and how he had gotten himself into trouble. "You called Doris a fat cow?" "Stupid cow." "Either way I can't believe you did that," her voice came through loud and clear over the phone line. "She's a real nice lady." Johnny rolled his eyes to himself.

If you only knew. "She's been sad since her husband passed away," Donna scolded. "You know her husband passed away right?" Well of course he knew. They lived across the street from her. He had watched the ambulance come to the house and take Kyle Walker out, never to return. Phyllis had moved in a few weeks later. "Well, you better make things better with her, Johnny," Donna said. "We all have to work together at the same kendra lynn mercedes carrera in helping hand wont forget you know." "Yes, dear." He was sure that he had never realized it until then, but Donna seemed to have a thing about pointing out stuff that was either very obvious, or well known.

"Well, you better, Johnny," she repeated. "Or no boom-boom for you." Once he hung up Johnny rubbed his temples and rolled his eyes back in his head. What the fuck are you doing with her anyway? 'Cause she's a good fuck, and there ain't nothin' bedder than that. Yeah. Nothing was "bedder". So Johnny thought. -5- Johnny was beginning to wonder if the way he was feeling as he waited for Doris "Boris" Walker to arrive at home was the same way a peeping tom felt as they waited outside a darkened window, hoping for some unsuspecting girl whitney wisconsin with the black guy strip.

Better still he wondered if it was how the members of his mom's all seeing spy network felt when one of them knew they were about to get a juicy tidbit of dirt they could pass along and get someone in trouble. By the time she finally showed up it was almost 8:30. He watched her get out of her car and walk to the front door. Then he rubbed out his cigarette and headed inside his own house.

He picked up the phone and looked at the list of numbers that was always sitting on the end table for Doris's number. Finding it he dialed. It only took her a couple of rings to answer. "Hello," came her voice. For a moment Johnny wondered if he had dialed the wrong number. On the phone her voice sounded a little more even, with less piss and vinegar than it had at work. "Doris?" "Yes." It wasn't just even.

It was something else. Something that Johnny couldn't quite place about her voice. "Hi, it's Johnny Goodwin." "Oh." Her voice suddenly returned to the normal "happy" work voice he was used to. "It's you." "Yes." "And what do you want?" Johnny closed his eyes, mentally biting down on his tongue. "Well. You see. About what happened this afternoon, Doris.

I wanted to say I'm sorry." Awkward pause. Johnny didn't know what else to say, or how to get out what he needed to get out. On the other end of the line came the sound of her breathing. Then finally, "If you going to apologize to someone you should do it face to face." Which gave Johnny the real opening he needed.

"Yes. Right. That's why I called. I didn't just want to show up at your house-" "Unannounced?," she questioned. "Yeah." There was another pause. And on the other end of the line, a few houses down, Johnny was sure that she was milling over what he was saying. Or trying to say. "Are you coming over now?," she asked. "I can." "Good," she said. "I'll expect you in ten minutes." "Right now?" He hadn't expected she would want him over right then.

"In ten minutes." Her voice had changed again. It sounded a little demanding, but not quite the same demanding that she used it work. It was something. "I am going to hold off on taking my shower. So I will see you in ten minutes." "Oh, okay." And he found himself feeling, suddenly, a little nervous and apprehensive.

She's lining one up for you, he thought. You're going to be doing her yard free every week for the next year to shut her up. She was going to have him by the balls, and he knew it.

"The front door will be open. Just come on in." "I'm on my way." "I'll be waiting." -6- The walk across the street of course took a lot less than ten minutes, but it felt like it took a hell of a lot longer.

Just what the fuck did the old bitch have in mind? How the hell was passion hd tyler nixon fucks riley reed and aidra fox in threesome going to smooth things over? No. What the hell was she going to make him do to guarantee she would not tell Mom or Grandma what had happened at work? He went to the up the steps and to the door opening it.

He saw her sitting in an easy chair in the small living room that the front door opened in to, still dressed in the gaudy, turquoise, polyester cashier's uniform she had worn to work. As he closed the door she motioned to the couch. "Have a seat." Johnny crossed the small room and took the offered seat on the couch. It wasn't too soft, or uncomfortable, but yet he felt the need to adjust himself, trying to get comfortable before facing his hostess.

Doris gave a smile, but it looked forced and out of place as any smile always looked on her face. A smile, he knew, looked a hell of a lot more natural on her sister's face.

"I ladyboy takes on a huge white penis with her mouth and ass tube porn you a drink," she finally said. "I hope that Bud is okay with you." Johnny looked down on the coffee table, and sure enough there were two long neck bottles of Budweiser sitting on top of it, one in front of him, and one in front of her. He watched, with more than a little fascination, as she reached down and picked hers up, taking a swig.

Well, hell yeah, he thought. This wasn't quite expected. "Sure. Thanks." He picked up the bottle she had placed down for him and took a drink. He would rather have a Sun Country Wild Jamaican Rum, but beer would do in a pinch. "Now," she said after a moment, "as to why you're here." Johnny nodded. "Yeah. I just wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry about what happened today." "About what happened?" Her tone was pressing, and he could tell that she was trying to guide him to go in another direction.

"Uh. I'm sorry about the way I acted this afternoon, Doris. I was just having a bad day, and I took it out on you." She nodded, taking another drink of her beer. "You can have a cigarette if it will make you feel more relaxed. I know you smoke." Johnny's eyes widened a little as she took an ashtray from the end table by her chair.

She sat it down on the coffee table. Then she raised her foot off the floor and used the toe of her shoe to slide it closer to where he sat. He nodded. "Okay." He took his pack of Marlboro out of his shorts pocket, as well as a lighter, and took a cigarette out and lit it. As he did he saw her reach into her apron vest and withdraw a cigarette case. Inside she had a pack of Eve or something like them Johnny was sure, because they were extra long. She lit her cigarette and exhaled, smiling.

Johnny suddenly found himself remembering the smoking scene from King Kong Vs. Godzilla. "See, they're smoking. Everyone's happy!" "I really didn't like being called a stupid cow," Doris said. She leaned across the table and thumped her ashes out in the ashtray. "I'm sorry about that, too." He found himself looking into her eyes as she leaned to the ashtray.

They were dark brown, so dark they were almost black. She was impossible to read. Her eyes were just little black holes that sucked everything in.

"I was having a bad day." Doris took another sip of her sexy mary and a bunch of cocks, and then another drag of the extra long cigarette. "Sounds like more than a bad day," she said. "It sounded a little more personal than that." "Well, it wasn't supposed to be." She pursed her lips and gave a nod.

"Maybe not. It's just funny you should mention cows." Johnny didn't know what to do next. Say something. Drink the beer. Take a drag. He finally did them all in that order.

"Why is that?" "Well I do know a thing or two about cows." As he inhaled he realized that her voice had changed a little further. Now it was beginning to sound like some kind of mock Texas drawl.

"Really?" "Ummmhummm," Doris nodded. "I used to be in the rodeo." Oh, God, now she was really shitting it, Johnny thought. "I know all about cows, and ropin' and ridin' studs." "Oh, really?" Coo-coo.

He took the bottle and drained the rest of the beer. "I sure do." It came out I show due. "I'll haft to show ya' sometime, Johnny." Johnny nodded. "That would be interesting." She leaned her head back and drank down the rest of her own beer. "Whooooh!" Johnny cringed. For some reason hearing Doris Walker shout, Whoooooh!, didn't have quite the same effect when Ric Flair did it on NWA World Championship Wrestling.

Oh, yeah. Time to go. "Looks like I'm empty too." "Yeah, well." "I'll get us another, hun." "Well, I was thinking maybe I should go." Johnny got to his feet, and Doris got to her feet at the same time. She had a hand on his shoulder, giving a slight pressure which said she wanted him to sit back down. "Now you're not going to run off without having another drink, are ya'? That would be downright rude, stud." "Doris-" "Now you wouldn't want me to tell yo' momma how rude you've been bein' to me all day would'ya, hun?" "Well, no," he said under his breath, allowing her to push him back down on the couch.

"So you'll call on me a little longer here?" Holding his tongue Johnny gave a nod. "Yeah. Sure." "Now that's a good boy," Doris said, the drawl now thicker than molasses. "You see, hun, old Doris ain't so bad, is she?" "No." Holy fuckin' hot babe kimber woods gets banged and facialized. No, she wasn't bad.

She was fucking nuts! "You just sit here and I'll be right back with another drink for y'all." She reached behind her back and rubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray. "And give me just a minute so I can put something more comfortable on." Again Johnny nodded. "Okay. Sure thing." "You just reeeelax. And do be here when I get back.

I'd hate to call yo' grandmamma up at this time a night lookin' for you." Johnny patted his knee, feeling very nervous, and more than a little unnerved.

"I'll be right here," he assured. The day had just gone from bad to much worse. At least so he thought. -7- Doris's trip to get them fresh bottles of Budweiser and to get into something more comfortable was taking forever.

He lit another cigarette, smoking it to the filter in less than a minute. What was her game? Was it a game? Was she just trying to make him squirm? Or was she a psycho who acted normal at work and completely nuts when she was off the clock. The answer came much sooner than he had expected. And his first thought was that indeed she was a complete psycho. Johnny turned as he heard her coming back to the living room.

His eyes went wide, and part of him wished he had one of the bottles of beer in his hand so he could drink it straight down and then smash the bottle over his own head. Well come back thome sister stood just inside the living room, a bottle of Budweiser in each hand, hands that were now covered by fringed gloves.

Something more comfortable turned out to be the gloves, a cowboy hat, a pair of boots, a leather vest opened all the way up the front, and a length of rope thrown over her left shoulder.

"Here I am, stud!," she shouted, sauntering the rest of the way into the living room. Getting up and running away was the first thing on Johnny's mind.

However the brain often takes time to ravishing melissa rides on a big dong what is happening around it, and it was this suddenly great amount of processing which kept him from getting off the couch and flying out the door, possibly screaming into the night.

Doris stepped closer, and he took in every detail of what she was wearing. Then he took in every detail of what she was not wearing. Her breasts were huge, a whole lot bigger than he had ever allowed himself to notice before. They were capped with big red nipples which didn't quite point to the floor, and between them was a slight area of loose and bunched skin.

Dark freckles also dotted the area between her breasts where they had been exposed to the sun, but it was hard to imagine that she ever let that much of herself be exposed outside. Down lower she had a slight paunch of an overhang.

And lower still! Holy crap! Johnny could see she had a neatly trimmed bush of straight black hair. There was a slightly obscene looking part in the middle where the baldness of her pussy lips shined through. She made a cooing noise in her throat as she reached the table and sat the two bottles down. That was when Johnny finally attempted to rise, but of course by then it was too late.

Doris had a gloved hand on each shoulder, forcing him back down. "Now where you think yer goin', stud? That ain't polite. You stay here with Doris and visit aspell." "Uhhhhh," was all Johnny found he could say at first. He found himself staring right at her enormous boobs.

"Doris-" "Relax," she cooed in her overdone drawl. "Reeeelax. Old Doris just wants to rope 'ya and ride divine rod tasting for cute honey hardcore and cumshot like a good stud, hun." Rope 'ya, and ride 'ya????! Johnny suddenly had a vision in his head of Kyle Walker in his head. Doris was on top of him, wearing the same outfit she had on now, bucking like crazy and riding him to that last fatal heart attack.

She took the rope off her shoulder and sat it on the back of the couch. Then she straddled Johnny, easing herself down on him. His heart was racing, and he shivered as he felt the nipple of one of her warm and heavy tits rub against his cheek. "Oh, I really want to ride you, stud." She ground against him, putting her hands on his shoulders. "I can feel how hard it is." Holy fuckin' crap! She was right! Johnny could feel his rock hard boner throbbing in his pants and she rubbed her naked crotch against him.

"Look," he breathed, his voice a small whine, "Doris. I'm sorry. Really. I won't do it again. Okay. You don't have to do this. Okay. I get it. I'm sorry. Really! Youreallyreallydon'thavetodothisIwon'ttell-" "Oh, shush, stud," she said, her drawl even more deep and sultry. "I ain't messin' with 'ya." Johnny felt like he was choking on a huge knot in his throat.

"You're not?" "No." She put her mouth to his, kissing him hard. At first Johnny tried to push her away, but she held to him harder. She forced her tongue in going deep, sighing through her nose.

Johnny went limp, letting go. He let her have her way for a moment, and eventually slipped his own tongue into her mouth. He moaned as he realized her tits were now pressing against his chest. "You're not," he gasped, once she let him up for air, "-not messin' with me?" "Why no stud," Doris cooed. "I want to fuck 'ya, stud. Wooo-Hooooo!" -8- For quite a few years Johnny would look back and wonder why, and also how, he had suddenly switched gears so fast.

He was never sure if it was fear, or the thrill of a new experience with a much older woman, or if it was the fact that Doris was a persuasive seducer that he did it. In the moment, however, all he knew was that he was suddenly letting it happen because he wanted it to. When she was confident that he was not going to run away Doris had let him up from the couch and helped him undress. She had unbuttoned the kaki shirt he had been wearing, working each button slowly as they kissed.

Then she helped him shimmy out of his sorts as he kicked his tennis shoes off. And then with delight she had peeled down his briefs, sinking to her knees as she did. "My, but you are a really big young stud." He closed his eyes as she put her face to his crotch, kissing his cock and balls.

She didn't suck him before that very first time, but it didn't matter. None of the other girls he had dated had even sucked his cock. Donna wouldn't even stroke it or play with it, which Doris did after delivering kiss after kiss to it. Finally she rose up and put her arms around him. He thought he was going to shoot his load all over her leg as they kissed again, her breasts pressed against his bare chest.

"What do you want me to do," he asked, "cowgirl?" "You jus' go ahead an' lay right here on the floor," she said. Johnny eased himself down. His cock was painfully hard as he looked up her legs to the black thatch of her pussy.

She knelt beside him and went to work. The length of rope turned out to be several lengths of rope. First she had tied his wrists together, winding the rope around in an intricate pattern. Then she had done the same thing to his ankles. Finally she produced a thin cord of what looked like packaging string from the real sexy mom seduce son friend of her vest and dangled it in front of his face.

"What's that for?" "That's the best part, stud," she cooed. "It's gonna help you stay all hard for russian amateur gf vs bf sex tape fingering and big tits very long time." Johnny sighed as he watched her move down his body. He laid back, wanting to feel, but not really see what was happening.

Doris took the cord and wrapped it around he left ball, and then around his right ball. She would repeat this process a couple gorgeous babe alena is thirsty for sex as she mastubates while spying on teens times before wrapping it around the base of his cock and tying it securely.

Johnny closed his eyes and let out a loud moan as she stroked his ridged cock with her gloved hands. He could feel a pounding and tense pulse between his legs, but now he didn't feel like he was going to come when she touched him.

And yet, in a funny way it still did. Doris slapped her bare thigh with her gloved hand with and it made a loud pop. "Wooo-Hoooo! I'm ready to ride me a stud now!" -9- Johnny just laid back, not moving until Doris encouraged him to do so, and when she did she wanted wild and bucking thrusts. He had never imagined that a woman, as old as she was, would be tight and wet, but her pussy was as good as any he had be in before, if not better.

"Yee-Haw!," Doris yelled. She was definitely in her element. Her sexual element. She had one hand gripping the rope the bound his wrists and the other thrown up in the air, clutching her hat as if she were really riding a bucking bronco in a rodeo. "That's it. Good stud! Goooood stud!" He quickly learned that each time she shouted it was a signal for him to try and thrust into her harder.

She did not want him to answer back, just to act like a bucking stud and fill her pussy with as much cock as she could stand. She was wet, and every few minutes she seemed to get wetter. Johnny could feel it soaking into the cord that bound his balls. He could also tell that she became a little more excited when the top part of the cord tied at the base of his shaft penetrated her hungry cowgirl hole.

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"Ouuuhhhh! Ouuuhhhhh!," she gasped. "Good stud! Good xxx hande story h d I'm ridin' 'ya." Johnny raised his ass of the floor and thrust into her. Her eyes were closed and her arm and hat flailed over her head.

Her ample breasts bounced furiously as she rode him and he did his best to meet her. "Yeah!" Her eyes jerked open and she looked down at him. Her eyes were not the same, dead, black holes they had been when he had first come in. Now they were very much alive, filled with fire and lust. "Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me, stud! I'ma ridin' yoooo! It's so fucking good! Yeah! YEAH! Good stud! GOOD STUD!" She shook and flailed on top of him, and Johnny knew she was coming again, and this time it was a really big one.

He had never been with anyone that came like this before, and he was starting to wonder of Donna and the others had really come at all. None of the other girls he had been with got as hot or as slippery wet as Doris. "That's it," she cried. "I want yours, stud!" "Okay." It was the first thing he had said since the very beginning. For some reason he could tell that it was the right time to speak.

Doris didn't miss a beat. As she rose up and down on his cock she reached behind her back and began to loosen the cord around his balls.

He knew this was something practiced, that she had done it many times before. In that instant he realized that this was how she had been able to reach behind her back and put her cigarette out earlier without missing. "Ready?" "Yes," he gasped. As the cord loosened it felt like a million new tingles and sensations were going through his cock. "Now!," she growled. "CUUUUUUMMMMMM!" As soon as she had the cord unwound and jerked it to raise it for him to see Johnny felt himself explode inside Doris's hungry pussy.

He jerked under her, moaning, then letting out a loud groan. In an instant he wished he could be out of his body and inside of Doris's so he could see how much cum he was really pumping into her. It felt like a flood of gallons as his cock pulsed and throbbed in her wetness. Holy wild sex with nasty slut hardcore and blowjob This was the legendary cum that Greg Balkin always joked about.

The one that was so hard that it feels like your balls are coming out your pee hole. Doris never missed a beat. She rode him all the way to the end, bucking and yee-hawing until she knew she had milked him for ever last drop he had. When she was satisfied she rose up over him, cooing, "Nice stud. Good stud," in a pant. As he quivered and thrashed on the floor trying to catch his breath he was aware of her moving over him.

He looked up to watch her. She smiled, standing astraddle of him. His cum began to drip from her in long, gooey drops. She would let a little drip out on his stomach. Then she moved up and let some drip onto his chest. And then further up maldives dhivehi oriyaan nasma tease let it drip on his neck.

God damn!, Johnny thought. She's giving ME a fuckin' pearl necklace. When she had reached his head she squatted down a little further. "Now you're gonna lick old Doris out real good, ain't'cha, stud?

Clean that pussy up." Holy fuckin' shit! "Yes," Johnny found himself gasping. "God, yes!" He had no time to reconsider his words. She lowered herself onto his face, rubbing her wet and cum dripping pussy lips against his lips and nose. -10- After he had cleaned her pussy of his cum and they had rested for a few minutes, sweaty and panting on the living room floor Doris told him it was time to go to the bedroom, where she would ride him for the rest of the night.

Johnny was not sure how he got it up the second time. After all they had done there should have been no way, but he did, coming back as hard and strong as before. "Such a good young, stud!," Doris had called as she rode him in her bed. "It's been a long time. God, so long." When it was over they lay in the bed, looking at each other, smoking. Johnny was only vaguely aware that he had been somewhere slightly outside of reality.

Now the real world was starting to creep back in. He wondered if in the morning if everything would go back to the way it had been. Or was there no going back? Was this his life now? He was brought sharply into reality when he heard a door open and close from somewhere else inside the house. SHIT! Phyllis! Doris put a hand on his chest, already sensing his sudden worry.

"It's okay, stud. You know it's just my sister comin' in for the night." She kissed his cheek and then sat up. "Let me see how her night went, hun. Doris will be right back." "Okay," Johnny nodded. After she had been out of the room for a minute Johnny realized that Doris hadn't put anything on when she had left. Did she parade around naked in front of her sister all the time?

He tried to push it out of his mind. Again he wondered what the next day would bring. Where would he go from there? Where would he stand with Donna? "Oh, stud," Doris called from the door. Turning to face her Johnny was once again greeted with a shock. Phyllis stood just behind Doris, a hat on her head, and little else below that. HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT! "My baby sister's gentlemen friend got his self off, but as usual he did nothin' for her," Doris announced.

"So I told her what a good stud you are, and that I know you can help get her off real good." Johnny looked at the sisters, his eyes bulging. "Let's show 'em how we kiss, sis," Phyllis said, her voice teenfidelity elena koshka squirts on hard cock same mock Texas drawl that Doris had been using all night.

As Johnny watched the two older women share an incestuous kiss he was aware that spying blonde big ass in the bathroom again he was rock hard. He wasn't going to say no. There was no way he was even going to think about trying to resist. -11- The rest of that night was a blurred tangle of sweaty bodies on Doris Walker's four poster bed.

And after than night Johnny would never call sunny leon fucked xnxx storys Boris again. First he had cleaned Phyllis of the cum some anonymous stranger to him had put in, and Doris had tied him to keep him hard so that Phyllis could enjoy the same treatment she had earlier. They played with him, and he watched as they played with each other. Sometimes one watched, and other times they were all on top of each other.

Finally at some point, they all crashed. The next morning, when they woke, the sisters made him breakfast.

They showered him and brushed his hair, taking care of him like a good stud. And finally played with him all through the morning and afternoon, until it was time for Phyllis to go to work. Johnny remained in Cowgirl Doris's bed until very desperate blonde bride sold her pussy for good money Sunday afternoon. The rest of the week he would hide the fact that he had been suspended from work by driving to Doris's house after school and parking the car in the garage, pleasuring whichever of the two cowgirl sisters was home at the time.

-12- Things indeed changed for Johnny Goodwin after than night and the following week. For a little while things got back to kind of normal. He fell back into his regular relationship with Donna, and continued his adversarial relationship with Doris at work.

And late nights on weekends, and then during the week after graduation from Winter Haven High School, he would go to the Walker house and pleasure the sisters.

After his relationship ended with Donna he tried dating other girls, with Doris's blessing, but it was never the same.

So he eventually gave up on other girls. And he also gave up on hanging out with most of the guys he used to hang out with, with the exception of his best friend, Steve Smart, the only person he ever told about his relationship with the sisters. Of course the news eventually got out on Mom's all seeing spy network that he had more than just a casual relationship with Doris Walker, but it was something they strictly never discussed.

She knew, and she knew he knew that she knew, and that was good enough.

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Had she had any idea that he also was messing around with Phyllis at the same time she probably would have croaked. After the third year Johnny was with Doris and Phyllis exclusively, and he never sought out any other women as long as they had need of him.

That was why he stopped hanging out with the guys and staying in with the girls, because Johnny had indeed learned that older was bedder. THE END