Slave licks her sweaty ass

Slave licks her sweaty ass
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I'm Jack, I'm 4' 10" with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, 10 years old and weighs about 105 lbs. My cousin was just about my favorite person in the world, he's my best friend. His name is Riley, he is 4' 11" with blond hair, blue eyes, 11 years old and weighs about 110 lbs. I went over to his house all the time. I slept there a lot because he lived about an hour away.

One night we were bored and so we decided to play truth or dare, (and you know how this will end up, and it's all true) we loved playing truth or dare, it started out normal. He picked truth and i asked who he had a crush on and he said that he had a little crush on the girl down the street. I picked truth and he asked who I had a crush on and I told him there was a really hot girl in my class that i liked for a while now.

I told him what she looked like and we started to talk about girls.

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We both started getting horny and we both started to grow hard, neither of us knew what it meant because neither of us has had health class yet. We saw that we were growing and asked each other what it meant. We touched ourselves and it felt great and then I remembered that we were playing truth or dare so i dared him to let me touch him.

"Only if you let me touch you at the same time." I agreed and it felt great. The next time I went over to his house we did the same. It was summer and we had both seen each other, so we decided to just not wear any clothes. We were hard from rubbing ourselves. Riley got up to adjust the blanket he was sitting on and i saw his asshole and got an idea.

"Hey Riley we should play truth or dare again." Happily he said yes and i dared him to let me put my penis inside him, he said he heard some kid at school call it a cock so I started calling it a cock. "Where will it go?" he questioned me in delight. "Turn around and bent over it will go into your ass." I got up and tried putting it in, it wouldn't fit and then tried waiting until i was soft then rub it on his ass to get hard inside him, that also failed.

I then tried spitting on my cock and it worked as lube so i got it in. It felt amazing, warm and tight. He let out a small moan of pain and pleasure, and so did I. We stayed like that for a minute not sure what to do next, I started to pull out and then it felt good again so I thrust back in, and then I started pumping my cock in and out of him.

I got stuck and I pulled out, my cock had some shit on it so i wiped it off and rubbed more spit onto it put it back in and started fucking him again. The next time I was at his house he fucked my ass and it still felt amazing. After we were done, he asked if he could taste my cock to see what it sexy babe with big tits gets screwed like, I told him yes and he sucked me good.

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Somehow he knew what to do, I pushed him down harder and kept him there for a while. His dad heard something and i let him up just as the door opened, he saw Riley's red face and asked if we were ok. "Yes, it's kind of hot in there though." "OK, so you boys want some water?" "Yes" Riley breathed.

His dad left and Riley just turned and gave me a dirty look and said "It's a little hot!?" "you try being held under the covers sucking a cock" we both laughed and laid back down and his dad came in with water handed it to us and left.

We had many days like this and we still keep in contact sometimes, we both have girlfriends and we're cousins so when we hang out no one thinks anything.

We both still "get together" and have fun, sometimes we go out with our girlfriends and have some real fun, but when our girlfriends are there we never even touch each other.