Hot milf pussy hd if you dont fuck him mommy will

Hot milf pussy hd if you dont fuck him mommy will
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Youth Soccer Mekala instantly caught my eye and probably the eye of every man there. She was just so energetic and vibrant. She ran down the edge of the soccer field and then did three back flips in a row to the amazement of all those watching her. As I watched her practice I realized that she was very good at soccer too. She was thirteen years old and much better built than the rest of the girls out on the field.

This was the first day of practice for the fifth and sixth graders. Mekala was a sixth grader this year. School had only been in session for a little more than two weeks. It may be my imagination but whenever I see Mekala I think the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and the air smells much better. Mekala was a little heavier build than her skinny childish friends She had pretty nice tits too while most of the other girls were basically flat chested. I really enjoyed watching her run by me after the coach told them to run three laps around the field.

I was sure that she was wearing a bra but boy could those babies bounce. Once her hour-long practice ended Mekala came running into my arms. Oh yes, I'm her favorite uncle and my sister assigned me the job of taking Mekala to and from all of her soccer practices and games.

My sister has two other children, both boys, and a lot more of a handful than Mekala is. So I was actually rewarded with the good child.

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As Mekala got in the car with me she asked if I would take her out to eat. Her idea of going out to eat is to Burger King. My idea of going out to eat is going to Applebee's, the Olive Garden, or any one of the many great Chinese Buffets in the area. I decided on the Olive Garden but suggested that Mekala might want to take a shower and change her clothes first. She told me that she didn't want to go home because her mother would probably tell her that she couldn't go out.

Then Mekala suggested that I buy her a simple dress to wear to dinner. Of course she knew exactly where she wanted to go to get that dress too. I gave in of course and took her to the store. Mekala looked around and found the perfect dress in her words. She tried it on for me and I was shocked. It was the shortest and sexiest thing that I had ever seen her in. The dress was a little loose but Mekala said that she liked it that way.

The neckline plunged almost to her belly button and showed most of her sports bra off quite well. Mekala noticed where I was looking and said that she would have to wear it braless. I asked her if her mother would approve of it and she said no but that we didn't have to tell her mother about it either. I smiled and said okay. She could always get her way with me. I paid for the dress and then took Mekala to my home to shower. She went in and came out about ten minutes later wrapped in just a small towel.

She grabbed her brunette showing tits watch more of her at ulacamcom dress and went into my bedroom to change. I went into the bathroom to gather up her clothes and found her panties. They were pretty bad. They smelled, they were really damp, and they had stains in the crotch.

Normally I would have held them up to my nose but these were really bad. When Mekala came out I asked about her panties and she said that she didn't need them if I didn't mind. Why to hell should I mind if she went pantyless too? I then asked her if she was going to be okay with that plunging neckline. Mekala said it would be fine as long as she didn't do this.

Then Mekala shook her shoulders like a stripper and popped both of her breasts out into my view. My mouth dropped open as I saw how nice her breasts really were for the very first time. Mekala said, "Get over it!

I see them every day! They're no big deal!" Yes they were! They were a really big deal! She had the nicest breasts I had seen in quite some time. They were the breasts that any grown woman would envy and she was only thirteen years old. As I stared at her breasts, still open-mouthed Mekala said, "Why don't you take a picture!" I was startled back to reality and said, "Oh I'm sorry!" Mekala repeated, "Why don't you take a picture!

I know that you really want too!" She followed me to my computer desk where I keep my camera and posed against a wall. I took about six pictures of Mekala with her breasts out of her dress then I asked her to tuck them back in for a couple more pictures. Mekala asked me if I wanted a 'burst' of pictures as she shook her tits free. Okay! With my new camera I could take a short burst of pictures at the speed of eight pictures per second. Mekala had done her famous back flips for me on a number of occasions while I shot a five or ten second burst.

Usually one very good picture appeared out the burst. Enough to make it worth while. Besides that digital camera doesn't cost me anything for the pictures that I don't print out. So as I started the burst Mekala started shaking her shoulders and lifting the hem of her dress too.

In the end I saw breasts, her bush, and a very beautiful niece. The only thing missing was her butt however she turned and provided that too.

I was flabbergasted and speechless. Then Mekala pushed her shoulder straps off her shoulders and let the loose fitting dress fall to the floor. My finger was twitching on the trigger of my camera as I stared at my beautiful thirteen-year-old niece standing nude sanny leone hot xxx story com me.

Her dark blonde downy covered pussy was just as beautiful as her breasts were. She turned slowly around for me and then sat down opening her legs for me as she did. Mekala giggled and asked, "Can we skip the Olive Garden tonight and just order a pizza instead? That way you can keep taking pictures of me all you want too!" I said, "I'd like that very much!" Then I ordered a pizza and got back to my lovely nude model.

Mekala had gotten very excited while posing for me. Her nipples were in a constant state of arousal, her pussy lips were glistening from her sexual fluids, and she was simply glowing. I had never seen my niece more radiant. Oh God how I wished she were sixteen years old and fuckable. What was I thinking? I shouldn't even be taking pictures of her like this until she is eighteen years old. This was what they call child porn and I could get in some serious trouble.

However, all I wanted to do at that very moment was to fuck her, then the doorbell rang. The expression 'saved by the bell' came to mind instantly. As soon as the delivery boy left Mekala came out of my den still completely naked.

She sat down, ate two pieces of pizza, and drank a soda before asking me if she could pose for some more pictures. Of course she could. So for the next hour Mekala posed for me in every room of my house and on every piece of furniture. She masturbated for me babes katies sanctuary part starring luke hotrod and jemma valentine clip while I took pictures.

Mekala said, "Oh that was my best orgasm ever! It was so much more exciting with you watching me do it and taking pictures of me! It was great!" I said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it! Now will you please get dressed so that I can take you home before your mother sends out a search party?" Mekala put on her old smelly clothes and I took her home.

My sister gave me a big hug and a kiss for taking care of her daughter. She then reminded me of the Tuesday and Thursday practices and the Saturday games that would take places over the next seven weeks, unless of course they were winning and went on for some regional games too.

I told her that I was happy to help out in any way possible and I was too, especially when it came to Mekala. My sister sent her up to take a shower and get ready for bed. Mekala gave me a big hug and a kiss too before whispering in my ear, "I can't wait until Thursday after practice!" Then she seemed to thrust her breasts out even further and held me against her.

I could have sworn that she had another orgasm I know I damn near cum in my pants. +++++ Mekala normally wears very loose clothing however when I picked her up for practice that Thursday she was wearing a rather tight T-shirt and a tight pair of spandex running shorts. I could see the outline of her pussy lips in those shorts.

Mekala did a cute little turn for me and asked, "Do you like the new outfit that mom bought for me?" I stammered, "Yes! Yes I do! It's nice!" She smiled. However as soon as we were in my car she said, "Nice! This was supposed to excite the hell out of you! It sure excited everybody in school today, every boy and every teacher even some of the women teachers!

I though that I would get in trouble for wearing this but I didn't! I think my tits give me power!" I smiled and said, "I think you're right Mekala! However it is not just your tits but that beautiful little pussy of yours too! Now that is where the power is!

Every woman has one and every man wants it!" Mekala smiled and said, "Unless he is gay!" I said, "Mekala you could probably turn a gay man straight!

You have that much power!" She thanked me and ran her hand along my erection. Thanks a lot for getting me all excited just as I pulled into the parking area. I had to make an adjustment and sit there for a couple of minutes before getting out. Mekala on the other hand giggled and took off like a bullet. Practice went well and I think Mekala had improved since the last practice.

I noticed the looks and comments from the men sitting around me about Mekala. I also noticed the envy in the women. Mekala was the center of attention around the bleachers.

I heard one man say, "I'd give anything to fuck her!" Then he received an elbow to the ribs immediately from his wife. She must have pointed back at me because he turned, took one look at me, and blushed a deep red.

He never said a word after that. When I took her to my house after practice Horny alisson would do everything for a shag pornstar and reverse asked for pizza delivery again and really wanted to pose for me.

Mostly she just wanted to Jill off while I watched her.

I considered Jacking off myself but didn't. I was way too busy taking pictures of her. When I dropped her off I again got a big hug and kiss from Mekala as she ran off to get ready for bed. My sister asked me if it was okay for Mekala to spend the night on Friday.

Mekala's game on Saturday was pretty early and her two other boys had activities on Friday evening and Saturday morning too so there would no one home for her on Friday. Sure she could stay with me. Then my sister pressed her tits into my chest, pulled me tight, and thrust her pussy into my crotch too. She then French kissed me. I was totally caught off guard. Her hands cupped my ass cheeks and pulled us even closer together. I could fell my cock stirring in my pants.

My sister could fell it too. Then she whispered in my ear, "I'll send along an overnight bag with a few very sexy items for Mekala to model for you! Would you like me to model for you too someday? You could take pictures of Mekala and I together too, if you like! Wouldn't you like some mother and daughter pictures, especially if they were both nude!" Before I could answer her she slipped her tongue back into my mouth, raised my hand to one of her breasts, and placed her hand on my cock.

Holy shit! I had often dreamed about doing this very thing but never actually expected it to happen. Then the boys came in and I went out, quickly. +++++ Friday when I got home from work my sister and Mekala were already unique wow art copulate on the sunbed. They both knew where my spare key amateur lesbian teenies get their juicy pussies licked and pounded and had let themselves in.

I was surprised to she my sister there but also impressed. She was sitting on the couch, had a pretty tight little tube top on that cradled her nice tits, and a mini skirt that was shorter than anything that I had ever seen her in before.

Both of her nipples were hard as pencil erasers and poking through the white material of her tube top. I could see her bright pink panties under her blue jean micro mini skirt too. I never get to see her panties. This was a very special day indeed.

When she saw me staring at her crotch I swear that she parted her knees ever so slightly to allow me an even better view. It wasn't as much of a view as I had hoped for but it was still great.

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My sister said, "I stuck my husband with the two boys so I figured that I would spend some time with you and Mekala!" Just then Mekala came down the stairs in that new dress I had bought her. Her mother's eyes opened up wide but she never said a word. Mekala was just as lady like as she could possibly be. Not one nipple popped out. Mekala handed me my camera and waited for me to get it turned on and ready. She shimmied and shook until both tits were exposed then she shook some more until the dress fell down around her ankles.

Mekala was standing nude right in front of her mother as I took pictures of them. My sister's mouth was wide open. She looked like she was in shock. When my sister finally spoke she said, "Oh my God! Mekala you are so beautiful!" Mekala said, "Thanks but the best part is when he watches me Jill off!" Then to my surprise my sister said, "Show me!" Wow!

Mekala got on the rug at her mother's feet giving her mother a perfect view of her pussy. I got sort of behind my sister but off to one side so that I could get them both in my lens. Mekala wasn't the least bit shy about masturbating in front of her mother.

Soon I noticed my sister reaching her hand down to her crotch. She leaned back not taking her eyes off her lovely daughter's pussy allowing her skirt to raise up above her hips. I zoomed in a little bit to get her sliding her panties off to one side with her left hand so that she could slip woman gets stuck with driver and penis right hand into her pussy. I knew full well that she was slipping those two fingers down low enough to get into her honey pot and coat them with her natural lubricant before slipping them back up to her waiting clit.

She cooed as she gently started to masturbate along with her daughter. My sister couldn't take her eyes off of Mekala's pussy and Mekala couldn't take her eyes off of her mother's pussy either. I got around to the front and took pictures. I even got down onto the rug myself and caught part of Make's face and breast in the picture with my sister fingering herself.

Slowly my sister's left hand moved away and the panties stayed tucked out of the way. She slowly moved that left hand up her tummy towards her breasts. She slipped it under her tub top moving her tube top up and over her right breast as she rolled and tweaked her nipple.

She wasn't even aware of what she was doing. Mekala then reached for one of her nipples too. These two girls had one orgasm after the next for a very long time. Finally Mekala lay there motionless completely satisfied. My sister just went completely still. Her eyes were still in a trance looking at Mekala's moist pussy. After several minutes rest my sister stood up and removed her tube top, her mini skirt, and even her panties.

Next she squatted over her daughter's face and then dove onto her pussy. I would have never expected this from my sister, not in a million years. I took pictures but realized that Mekala was not returning the favor. I realized that she was extremely exhausted and couldn't even lift her head. Her mother didn't mind at all and kept up her assault year old tight hole made him explode Mekala's pussy. I just watched until finally my sister collapsed on top of her daughter.

She too was now completely spent. I left them like that and settled into a chair. It was a good thirty minutes before either one of them moved. It was Mekala that moved first however she was 16 roshni youth xx story to the rug by her mother's body.

Mekala looked at her mother's pussy and started licking her. She was tentative at first giving me the impression that this was her first time. I smiled thinking that she was eating the very hole that she had come out of. My sister was such a loving mother and her daughter was too. Mekala was acting just like a loving mother at that moment.

She only had concern for her mother's pleasure just as my sister had done to her daughter earlier. Soon my sister was moaning and reacting to her daughter's mouth. I watched my sister's orgasm build up until she couldn't take it anymore. She howled like a she wolf in heat. It was wonderful to see her loose all control like that. When I say all control I mean it too. My sister pissed all over her daughter's neck and then passed out. Mekala never said a thing.

Mekala looked up at me and asked, "Can you get her off from me so I can clean up this mess!" I said, "Sure!" Then I picked up my limp sister and carried her to the bathtub. God she was heavy. Well dead weight is always worse. Of course I had always envisioned my sister awake with her arms around my neck and kissing me as I carried her to my bed instead of to the bathtub.

Mekala took a towel and headed back to the living room rug. I ran some warm water and started splashing it up on my sister's pussy to wash her off. I did not let the water get very deep then left her to check on Mekala. I got her some carpet cleaner to spray on the area and went to get her my vacuum cleaner.

When the rug was taken care of we both headed back katrina jade gets a rough fuck cum on tits pornstars and pornstar the bathroom.

My sister was awake but exhausted. Mekala washed her mother's body with soap and a wash cloth. Then Mekala got in too and washed herself off. Her mother simply said, "Sorry." Mekala just smiled and kept washing both of them.

I grabbed the hand held shower nozzle and rinsed them down as they stood up and turned for me. When they were dry my sister asked, "Mekala may I borrow that dress of yours for some pictures too?" Mekala smiled and said, "Okay but no bra or panties!" My sister said, "I wouldn't think of it!" As my sister posed for me Mekala got her to open up her pussy to show me how pink she was inside.

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She also told Mekala and I that her love life was almost nonexistent and that she couldn't remember the last time that her husband had fucked her. She was pretty sure that they made love three or four times in the past five years but probably not anymore than that. That was when my sister forced her husband to get a vasectomy.

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She said that somehow he feels like less of a man and of course it was all her fault. According to her doctor that was a load of crap and that he is just trying to make her fell bad.

It is working. Then my sister asked me, "Will you fuck me? Please! I don't mean to make love to me either I want it be down and dirty!" I asked, "Won't you get pregnant?" My sister responded with, "No! When I put Mekala on birth control two years ago I put myself on it too! I have been very faithful to that man but even I knew that I would stray some day!

Fuck me! Please!" Mekala asked, "Can I watch!" My sister said, "Yes Mekala! You can watch and if carmen lafox teaching manners tmy stepsister okay with you maybe your uncle will make love to you later!" Mekala said, "Mom you want to be fucked but you want me be made love too! Aren't they the same thing!" My sister looked at me to answer her question.

I said "Well Mekala they are similar but love making is soft, gentle, and romantic! Fucking if fast, hard, and furious! Right now you mother wants my cock in her cunt so badly that she can taste it! All you did was fuel her fire but you didn't put it out! On the other hand your mother wants you to learn to love sex the right way first!

She literally wants to be raped!" I pushed my sister to the floor and she went willingly. As I threw off my clothes I saw the look on Mekala's face as she must have seen her first adult cock or maybe her first one period. I wasn't sure what she was allowed to see at home with her brothers. I dropped to the floor and without any foreplay what so ever I straddled one of my sister's thighs and lifted her other leg straight up into the air and placed it against my chest and shoulder.

I wrapped my arm around that leg and thrust my ridged cock into my sister's soft yielding cunt just as hard as I could. There was some resistance but not that much since she was dripping wet inside.

I had fantasized about this for most of my life, not just with spanked british sub riding maledoms cock pussyrubbing highheels sister but with any woman. In this position I could ram my pubic bone into her pubic bone just as hard as I wanted too without her pussy mound cushioning the impact. I was trying to split her in half. Her breasts recoiled on her chest like a shotgun into your shoulder.

I walked her ass across the rug an inch at a time util her head rested against my couch. Mekala jumped up onto the couch to help hold it in place for us. Besides it gave Mekala a much better view of what was happening to her mother.

I would ram my cock into my sister as hard as I could. My sister's breasts would slosh around violently and her head would be forced down into her shoulder blades then she would moan. I would ram and she would moan.

I became a madman possessed with only my own gratification to care about. That was the way it was meant to be. I assumed that my sister was having orgasms but I could hardly care.

I didn't care if she was enjoying this or not! She asked for it and she was damn well going to get it! All I knew was that for the first time in my life I didn't have to satisfy the woman under me. I could literally do anything to her that I wanted to do to her with no reservation, no expectation, and no regrets.

I might never get anther opportunity like this again so I was making full use of my sister at that moment. Finally I came and pulled out. There was no need to say thank you, kiss her, or even cuddle her afterwards.

I simply got up and went to take a shower. Just as I was about to turn the water off, in steps katarina hartlova plus size boobs to make any cock hard sister. She smiled and thanked me from the bottom of her heart. Apparently I had provided exactly what she had been craving. She dropped to her knees and lovingly worshipped my cock. She couldn't thank me enough. She said that that one fuck hadn't erased the entire past five years but that it had given her something to get her through the next five years.

What! You've got to be kidding! I had just fucked my own sister and she was talking about possibly letting me do it again in another five years. No fucking way! She had wanted it hard, rough, and forced so I said, "Listen! I'm not waiting five fucking years to fuck your fucking cunt again! Do you fucking understand me?" My sister lit up and smiled up at me after taking her mouth off from the head of my cock and said, "Yes I understand! When would you like to fuck me again?" I looked into her eyes.

They were sparkling. She was intensely excited. So I said, "How about right now!" The End Youth Soccer 80