Ebon dilettante julie kay outdoor hook up

Ebon dilettante julie kay outdoor hook up
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Ok, this is my first story, so I hope it proves worthy of being here. Everything following is completely true. Names given are not their real names. As a junior in college, I was heavy into my studies.

About the only times I ever had as breaks were intermittent weekends and when my ex-girlfriend, Stacey, would come visit me at school. We had been dating for about 2 years before this night happened; it was 1.5 years into our relationship before we actually even did anything remotely kinky.

By this time in the relationship, we had explored anal pleasures for a dirty brunette whore kinky avenues of sex.

We were talking on the phone one night a few weeks after she had joined a sorority at her college. The conversation eventually became hot and heavy, when she started talking about all the girls in the sorority, and how gorgeous they were.

She would go on and on about them, all the while turning me on talking like this. I got up the courage to ask her if she would ever consider making out with them. She said it would be something she definitely would be willing to try. (So I made a mental note).

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I had a friend that went to college with me, a mutual friend of both of ours, who was public about being bisexual, so I figured "why not ask Krystle about this?" About a month later I talked Krystle a few times about this. She and my ex played sports together in high school, so they were familiar.

Krystle told me how much she used to stare at Stacey during practices. By this time, Stacey had become much more welcoming to girl/girl action, now that she was with them all the time. I talked to her about Krystle and she was willing to try it as long as she was in control. One night while visiting me at college, Stacey and I went to hang out with Krystle. The initial awkwardness of the whole "first time" idea was definitely in the air, both for Stacey and I.

Krystle was a pro. Some TV and a bunch of wine eased the tension a lot. After about 2 hours, Krystle asked Stacey to come with her to get some more food for the party platter we had. About ten minutes later, "Mike, can you come in here and help watch as these cute eighteen year old beauties this?" Krystle called from the bedroom, not the kitchen.

I walk to the room, feeling a happy buzz coming on.

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I open the door and there are both of them standing completely naked; embracing each other like a happy couple. Each with a huge smile on their face.

Let me describe this picture: Stacey is about 5'6'', LONG fire red hair, 36D breasts, curvy, but not fat. Krystle is much the opposite with barely 34A breasts, 5'4'', short black hair and skinny. Both equally attractive. Me, I have the half-ass muscle body.good size, but not too much definition, 5'9'', 7-inch dick and absolutely huge balls (as everyone in my russian institute special camping 2 has said from the sheer volume of cum I can produce).

"Take off your clothes and come over here." Krystle says. Taking charge of "the newbies." I am only too happy to comply.

Stacey and Krystle start kissing each other on the bed as I join in.

Krystle lies on her back while am on all fours and I start to play with her tight, shaven pussy. I gently rub my fingers up and down her pussy as she starts to moan. Stacey all the sudden appears between my legs and starts giving me a blowjob to get me hard. I am in heaven, two girls at the same time!!! Slowly I start moving my fingers inside Krystle.

She is so wet and SO tight, I know I cannot get more than two fingers up there. I start moving in and out with my fingers causing her hips to thrust me farther in. Stacey has now got me as hard as I possibly can be and starts really sucking hard. It is all I can do to hold back from cumming right now. I find Krystle's G-spot and really start rubbing hard into it and slowly pick up speed. In a few seconds my hand is a blur and Krystle's screaming in pleasure.

A few minutes later, "I'm gonna cum!" screams Krystle. I feel her muscles push down into her pussy and into my hand. I don't let up my speed and Krystle erupts! Squirting her cum juices all over me and the bed (I loved that she was a squirter!) It was Stacey's turn. I unstraddled Stacey and turned her on her back. Now, I already knew Stacey was a squirter, more like a fountain, but I wanted Krystle to see too. I knew all of Stacey's buttons and used them perfectly.

Her larger frame and pussy could take much more inside it than Krystle. She was already so wet and loose from sucking my dick and playing with herself. I wasted no time, I rubbed my hand all over her pussy lips, getting my hand soaked in girly juices.

Then I immediately shoved my entire hand into Stacey's pussy! Stacey let out a big moan and Krystle was shocked! She had never seen or done that before!

Stacey was used to her and I doing this evan stone fuck adria rae, so it was easy to shove it in.

I moved all my fingers to rub her G-spot and she immediately began screaming in pleasure. I took my index finger and started to play with her cervix while also rubbing her g-spot. This sent mixed waves of pleasure and some pain through her body until she could take it no more. Mt. Stacey erupted with force!

Her juices came out of her in a half-inch thick stream, shooting halfway to the ceiling! Krystle was so turned on by watching this that she had an orgasm while standing there. I watched the spurts shoot out and down her legs, making a puddle at her feet.

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Krystle caught herself from falling over on the bed, but was still watching Stacey continue to erupt! I couldn't believe it myself, she had never cum this much before! It was like she was emptying a 2-liter bottle from inside her pussy! When Stacey finally stopped cumming, nearly the entire room had been covered in her cum. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed both of them and pullted their heads over to my dick. They both took turns jacking me off for lusoegyi xxx com myanmar aye myagthu storys next.oh.one minute, before I absolutely let loose a mess of cum all over their bodies.

The first squirts shot out like a cannon and stared covering Stacey's more-than-a-handful breasts, the last squirts were all over Krystle's flat, smooth chest.

I just knelt there on the bed looking at each of them play with the cum on their chests. I got up to get a towel for both of them and they said, "That was amazing." almost in unison. After cleaning up, it was really late (or early). We all decided to go to bed.together.naked. I eventually drifted off to sleep in between both of them.

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The next day Stacey and I left her apartment, but that apartment, and that night, will never leave my head. We both drove away smiling at each other.