Amateur babe fucked while talking on the phone

Amateur babe fucked while talking on the phone
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I Hate Sneezing Ch. caroline pierce gets slammed in hardcore fashion Guy she was working on quickly stood up and began to scarper. Brenda quickly whipped her head around, "You sit down! I'm not done sucking your dick yet!" Brenda commanded anger laced in her voice.

She roughly grabbed me by the nape of my neck and marched me across the hall into my room. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she demanded of me. "I-I-I…" was all I could stutter as a response. She threw up her hands, "I don't have time for this!

You stay right here, and don't move a muscle, or I'll be the shit out of you!" her threats not idle having kicked my ass many times before. I stayed right where I was standing, as she walked towards my door, I couldn't help looking at her ass as it jiggled in her little green g-string, my stiff cock pressed hard against the thin fabric of her panties I was wearing. She left my room leaving the door open, walked across the hall, and I heard her mutter an apology.

I heard a couple of soft thuds fall on the carpet and the telltale sounds of a sloppy blowjob. Standing naked in my room, knowing what my sister was doing in the other room was driving me crazy! I long to watch the action, but I was found out and helpless, so I had to suffice myself with the position I was in. I heard the guy mutter something and laugh a little. The sucking sounds stopped briefly and I could clearly hear my sister say, "Yeah, my faggot little brother was wearing my panties!" The sucking sounds started up again, and the guy's mumbled voice picked up again.

"Oh yeah, you want that?" I heard my sister respond. A brief pause, "ok, two-hundred dollars then" I heard my sister finally say, another brief pause and I heard the guy agree. I wasn't sure what was going on, but it sounded like another transaction, I'd never known her to charge that much, so I had no idea what she was up to.

I hear rustling around, assuming the guy is getting, and I hear my sister's heavy footsteps leave her room cross the hall into mine, her eyes wicked, and angry. "C'mere!" she said as she pulled me by my neck and pushed me in front of her into her room. "My friend, Chad, here (every guy who visited's name was Chad), has made a proposition. You either agree, or I blast" she points and looks me up and down with disgust, "whatever this is all over, your choice." Wanting to be done with this ordeal, and lightly intrigued I hastily agree.

"Good," she coos her tone suddenly becoming a little more playful and wicked at the same time. Brenda puts her arms around my neck, her bare breasts pressed up against my naked chest and I can feel her almost trembling. She whispers in my ear, "ok, here's what's going to happen: you and I are going to make out for a few minutes, then you're going to suck his cock until he blows in your mouth, and you're going to swallow it." The dread must've been obvious on my bloodless face.

I start to shake my head in protestation. "ah ah ah… petite schoolgirl in detention fucked hard by teacher you want your dirty little secret all over the place before noon tomorrow?" here I am stuck in a place I don't want to be (globally humiliated), and a place I've always dreamt to be (in one of my sister's scenes sucking cock).

Of course, I can't let on, that it's a dream come true, but I am both excited and terrified of the whole ordeal. I pause, and bite the back of my knuckle a little before slowly nodding my head. She wraps her arms around me tight, "that's a good little faggot brother of mine." She loving says quietly to me.

My dick is hard as nails, and it's pressing against her, she must feel it! She holds me at arm's length, looks me dead in the eyes, "you ready?" she smiles a cute little grin.

I nod. She wraps her arms around me, and looks me deep in my eyes. I hold her in my arms, and I can feel her fingers trails lines up and down my spine, gently caressing the thin triangle at the top of my crack. She gives a little hum as my sister slowly brings her face within an inch of mine. I'm feeling a little awkward and not knowing what to do or how to place my hands so I just keep them glued to the spot between her shoulder blade and lower back.

I feel her hand sink down to my ass as she grabs a large handful and squeezes tightly as her mouth opens up and her tongue probes new biutifull beeg xxx sex sex stories vedio my lips. I've made out with girls before, and I instinctively let her in.

My eyes close as the reality sinks in that my sister, whose tongue was just on cock, is now in my mouth dancing with my soon to be on cock tongue. Our breathing becomes heavy and shallow and I moan into her mouth, and I feel the arousal rising. My cock is straining in my panties, and my Brenda feels it press against her.

She backs up a little and places her hand on me and starts stroking me through her cotton panties. My blood rushes to both heads and I begin to feel a little faint. Our twisting is interrupted by a "whoa, that's hot!" I almost forgot Chad was there. "Was that good, Chad?" My sister asked her fellow. "Yeah, I'm ready." He responds as he leans back Brenda looks at me, "alright, get to it!" she commands.

I almost forgot what she was talking about so caught up in our kiss, until it dawned on me. OH RIGHT! I give Brenda one last pleading look. The look in her eyes tells me, there's not a snowball's hell in chance. I look at Chad, he has a dumb grin on his face, and I look at his firm thick cock, bouncing, dry… I walk up to him and I slowly get down on my knees. "I want to see you crawl, baby." "What?" I ask. "Go back, get on your hands and knees and crawl to me," He orders.

I look at my sister again, and she simply nods. With a sigh, I stand back up to where I was, and get on my hands and knees and start crawling towards him. "Slower!" he says.

Irritated, Hot wife peta jensen gets dicked down by hung messenger pornstars and hardcore crawl as slowly and seductively as I can until I get between his legs, and his hard cock, now looking MUCH bigger, is staring me in the face.

"That's a good girl, now suck my dick." I look at his dick, and have a staring contest with this one eyed monster, and I become almost hypnotized. All the times I had seen my sister here, and wished to be in her spot, and here I was finally. I slowly reach up and I grab ahold of the base of his cock. It's warmer than I thought, almost hot, and it's soft like velvet, but hard as can be. I'd felt my own dick, but this was completely different. I didn't even notice my sister sneak up behind me as she rests her head on my shoulder.

"How does it feel, bro?" "Different than expected," I say. "Mmhmm…well, it ain't going to suck itself," she says as she places a hand firmly on the back of my head and begins pushing my face towards the tip. As the head comes closer to my mouth, I part my lips and stick out my tongue. "That's a good, boy," my sister whispers in my ear, "suck it well, and swallow every drop.

Once you're done, you and I are going to have a little chat," her last word pov teenager blow cumshot pornstars and big dick with a final thrust of her hand pushing the cock as far as it'll go in my mouth, I gag a little and Chad groans. "He seems to like that," I think to myself, as I try to mimic what I had just done and take him as deeply as I can. Brenda sits down next to Chad, and watches me intently, a little smile curled on her lips, eyeing me as my head bobs rhythmically up and down on Chad's hard veiny cock.

"Put your hand to your lips and stroke him while you suck," my sister critiques my form. I raise my hand and grasp ahold of his dick at my mouth and follow my head movement with my hand.

There is a noticeable difference with a great heaving sigh escaping Chad's lips. Chad's moves his big hand to rest on top of my head and directs my bobbing pace.

Brenda's hand traces a line down her tummy and her thin fingers find her clit and she begins to draw circles over it. Chad leans forward to look at my ass in my sister's thong sticking up in the air.

My thin frame, delicate and feminine, you wouldn't know I was a guy from this angle. Chad grabs a handful of my ass, and gives a quick spank. I moan onto his cock with the swat. "You like that do you, fagboy?" Chad laughs. Brenda makes eye contact with Chad two guys banging busty hot cab driver he nods his head down my length.

My sister picks up the cue, and gets off the bed, and places a hand on the small of my back. "Now, keep sucking, bitch boy," she commands of me as her hand comes down hard on my ass. I moan on his cock again—another swat CRACK and another. My moaning becoming gasps and sighs, and heavier with each swing of her palm.

Bright red palm prints decorate my ass, and the jolting is adding another element of stimulation to my sucking, and she only stops when Chad declares, "I'm gonna cum!" He stands up and grabs my head in both hands and starts to furiously fuck my face.

My sister crawls up behind me and drapes her soft hands over my shoulder.

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"Do you taste that slight saltiness, that warm and thick liquid filling your mouth? That's not your spit, dear brother, that's his precum. Can you feel it beginning to fill your mouth?" She whispers sultrily in my ear. Chad hears her goading and is sent over the edge.

With a mighty roar he unleashes a deluge of hot liquid in my mouth, salty, a little fishy, thick, and textured. He keeps thrusting in my mouth, but more gently as his penis become spent in my mouth. Brenda slinks her way around my front and looks me down with her swimming blue eyes, intent on watching a virgin cock sucker swallow his first load. Her face stoic, and determined. The pupils of her eyes dilated, as they swirl in the abyss, cataloging into her sea of memories and experiences.

She's watching her little brother swallow cum, and she fucking loved it! The cum pooled on my tongue begins to form a taste that I wasn't too keen on. It wasn't bad, but it needed to go somewhere.

Remembering the deal, I look my sister in the eyes, her face half a foot from my face, with a cringe I blonde with big tits shows her beauty my first load. It goes down like silk, but the after taste is something to reckon with.

Brenda smiles widely, and she leans in to give me a quick peck on the lips. She abruptly spins towards Chad, "Alright, get on a pay up!" She demands holding her palm out and up. Chad stirs from his come down, and reaches for his wallet and produces two crisp hundred dollar bills. "Worth every penny," he states satisfied as he stands up and gets dressed.

His shirt is only halfway on as my sister marches him out of the room and to the front door.

Just before she leaves she turns her head to me with a steely look in her eyes, "you stay put. We're not through!" I nod stupidly, and sit on my knees, the taste of cum on my breath and a very firm erection straining the thin fabric of my sister's thong panties.

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She escorts Chad to the front door. Murmured words were exchanged, and I hear the door open, shut, and deadbolt. Her heavy footprints get louder and she opens the door slowly, and shuts it behind her. Her head down, she looks up and into my eyes and says: "we need to talk." Here is Chapter 2.

I'm hoping to write more, but I would love to her what you think.