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Gorgeous boys turk and winter tube porn
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The Game By Biggus I parked in front of the little general store. It was the only commercial establishment in this northern New England town. As I entered and scoped it out, I realized it was perfect. You're probably already making some assumptions about me and my purpose.

That's ok, everyone does and has since I was small. But I'll bet you're wrong. Bet you a hundred dollars.

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Actually, I take that back. I quit playing that game a long time ago. Sucker bets aren't much fun and I could wipe my ass with your hundred after I won it and not feel I had wasted anything. Because I am rich. Extremely rich. Multimillions rich. And I didn't do a fucking thing to earn any of it. It's all inherited from conveniently deceased parents. Their convenience, not mine. I would love to be able to talk to them and get some answers.

So I wasn't interested in robbing that little in this lavish story based scene two women threesome hairy ant store, if that's what you first assumed.

At least, not in the conventional sense. What made the place perfect was its location in the sticks, way away from much of anything. That, and the two young women working there. As I entered, I saw that the deli counter was in the rear. I headed right there but did not fail to notice the girl behind the front counter. She was probably within 6 months either side of 16, blonde and buxom.

In fact, she really could use some fashion advice on the difference between looking sexy and looking slutty. I doubt that the girl at the back of the store was the one to do that for her.

She looked to be 19 or so and I guessed she had finished high school or at least as much of high school as she could handle. She was also blonde, a dirty blonde. She didn't have the big jugs like the girl up front, but she wasn't bad looking.

Her face was slightly pock marked from acne and I could guess that she didn't see herself as pretty. So she probably found other ways to feel attractive. I planned to explore those. I asked her name as I ordered a sandwich. Chelsea chatted easily with me as she put it together. I could see that she was checking me out.

Now there's another thing I inherited. I'm sure I was 10 years older than her, but I didn't look much over 21. Long story short, I made a date with her before I left. I picked her up as she got off work around 7. Here's the sad truth. Chelsea probably had a fantasy about a wonderful romantic night.

But she was used to less than that, so when I began to drive her back to the motel after a quick stop at McDonald's, she didn't complain. Once we were inside my room, she also didn't complain about the lack of romance when I grabbed her and started making out. What did make her pause a moment was her reaction when I guided her hand to the bulge in my pants. That was the other thing I seem to have inherited a huge cock. If you ask most guys what they would wish for if they ever came across the proverbial Genie's lamp, it would be a ton of money, irresistible good looks and a huge dick.

I know this because I've won a lot of bets just on that question. And I have all three. Let me tell you, it's not everything you might wish for. First of all is the money part. When people know you're rich, they treat you differently. And even those special few who don't care, well you get so you don't trust that and you end up alienating them. The good looks are a nice thing, but combined with the money, they only tend to bring out the superficial side of folks.

And then there's the penis. If I could find a competent surgeon who would make me smaller, I'd do it in a heartbeat. My erect cock is almost 12 inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist.

Even flaccid, it's so big I have to have specially tailored pants to keep it from being obvious. The only woman I ever truly loved just wasn't able to accommodate me. In the most hurtful moment of my relationship with her, she called me a freak.

Since then (and maybe before then) I've had a strong association with sex and pain. So freak that I am, I actually took pleasure in pushing Chelsea's mouth over my huge hard cock. There were tears in her eyes as she attempted to let me deep throat her. She gagged and choked as I shoved my big cock into her throat. I think it was a relief for her when I pulled it sanny leone sexsy best storys and parted her thighs.

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Despite the pain I had already given her, Chelsea's cunt was wet and ready. I thrust my big hard cock into her and she gasped. I shoved it harder and faster and though she all internal teen yasmine takes on two guys in creampie scene with the pain, her hips pushed back to meet mine. It was way better than I had hoped for. Chelsea's nails dug into my back as she came and came again. I thrust my big hard cock deep into her and shot several streams of cum inside her.

I collapsed on top of her and lay there for a while. Finally, as my heart slowed, I rolled off Chelsea. My soft cock slid out of her sodden cunt. She sighed.

After a while, I drove her home. I promised to see her again the next night. I lied. The next night I pulled into the store again, right before closing. Chelsea was miles away, waiting for me at her home. But Jen was inside, closing up. Jen was the big titted teenager at the counter the night I had first come by. She was surprised when I came in, but group of pretty rushes licking pussies in sorority house her best to hide it.

That was good. It meant that Chelsea had talked with her, as I assumed she would. I told Jen that I had expected to meet Chelsea. Jen said that Chelsea wasn't scheduled to work that night. I managed to put on enough of a "hurt" appearance that Jen took pity on me. Plus I was reasonably sure that Chelsea had already told Jen that I was a real catch.

For Jen, taking Chelsea's man, was a big time coup. It took less effort than I expected to get Jen back to my motel room. In theory, she was going to help me get in touch with Chelsea, but in reality, we were making out almost as soon as we got in the door. I had her jeans off within 10 minutes. Her top took a bit longer, but she melted as I told her how beautiful her breasts looked. I made sure she wasn't a virgin, but she only admitted to being with a couple other guys before me. Though she said she had sucked cock before, I'm sure she never sucked one like mine before.

I held that naked big titty blonde by the head and shoved my big hard cock down her throat. Jen writhed and twisted trying to get away from me. She gagged as I rammed my cock deeper. After several minutes, I pulled my huge erection out of her mouth. Jen gasped loudly for air. I shoved her back onto the bed and pulled her legs apart.

Her eyes opened and she looked at my big cock. "Oh Noooh!" "Oh yes!" I thought as I shoved my cock into her tight little cunt. I slapped her a couple times across the face. She was crying and her big titties were bouncing as I fucked her.

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Her sobbing only made me hornier. She kept trying to push me away, but I was a lot stronger than her. I finally shot my load deep inside her. Jen was virtually unconscious by the time I slid my long tool out of her poor abused little cunt. She lay on the bed, eyes closed, her legs apart. I took advantage of that moment to take several digital photos.

In the last two there was a thick white wad of cum oozing out of her. I thought about keeping her around long enough for another round of sex, but she wasn't very responsive and I had a feeling it would be like fucking a drunk. Not a lot of fun in that. So I bundled her into the car and dropped her back by the store.

The lights were off and the town seemed asleep, but I knew she didn't live far from there. I watched her walk off slowly, sniffling a little. The pathetic thing was that she had actually asked me if I would see her again. I lied and said I would. The next day, just for the perverse fun of it, I dropped by the voluptuous inked blonde rides a big dong again.

Jen was nowhere to be seen, Chelsea was working the deli counter and she shot me a really nasty look. So I figured little Jen had already been boasting about stealing me away from her. Sick. I didn't plan to stay around, but I noticed that the gal behind the counter was checking me out. That morning I was wearing regular cut jeans and they made my unit stand out. This gal was older, probably in her later 30's and skinny as could be.

Still, she wasn't terrible looking and she literally licked her lips as she stared at my crotch. I started to get turned on. I made a little small talk, bought a lottery ticket as if I needed that! I gathered that Diana she gave me her name almost too quickly was the store owner's wife. Young euro babe fuck fingered by old man cut right to it.

"So Diana, I can't help noticing that you're staring at me." She flushed slightly but gave me a brazen grin. "Well, it looks to me like you got something to stare at!" "How would you like to do more than stare?" She was a bit startled at the challenge, but didn't let it faze her. I was a bit surprised when she called out to the back of the store. "Chelsea! Cover the register for me!

I need to, uh to do some business in back for a few minutes!" Chelsea glowered at me as she came up front. Behind Diana's back, I gave her a little wave as Diana led me to the back room. She allison evers big natural tits 2 all over me as soon as the door closed behind us. I'm guessing that her husband wasn't doing much of a job taking care of her.

Her mouth pressed against mine, her boney body ground against me and she grabbed at my crotch. "We'll have to be careful not to make much noise " she whispered. Then she exclaimed "Holy shit!" as she fished my cock out. I was sure Chelsea could hear that from up front, and I had a strong hunch that she was actually right outside the door listening anyway.

Diana didn't waste any time. She was on her knees immediately and taking as much of my dick in her mouth as she could. I have to give her credit, she was doing way better than most. But as I got bigger and harder, she began to gag. I bet Chelsea could hear the sloppy sucking and choking noises from outside the door. Diana broke off and gasped for air.

"I want you to fuck me!" She rose to her feet and unfastened her pants. They dropped from her skinny hips right to the floor. She stepped out of the as she turned away from me and at the same time pulled her panties off. I began to think that Diana had done this before.

She bent over the desk, her ass facing me and her legs apart. Looking over her shoulder at me she hissed "Fuck me! Give me that big old cock!" I didn't need any further invitation. I pushed the plum sized head of my hard cock into her from behind.

I was surprised at how wet she was and by her ability to accommodate me. I guess she must have had a couple kids along the way.

I also bet that for her husband, she felt pretty loose and sloppy. But for me she was an incredible fuck. Diana yelped as I shoved halfway into her with one thrust. She was loving this. "Oh God! Give me that big cock! Give it to me!" I began to worry that any customers in the store would be scared off! Diana seemed to realize that she had gotten too loud, and she managed to stifle herself a bit. Still, she moaned and panted loudly enough that I'm sure Chelsea got an earful.

I got into a good rhythm with her and felt her legs tremble as she came a couple of times. She yelped a little when she came, but I doubt anyone but Chelsea heard it.

I considered pulling out and putting my cock in her ass. I'm sure it would have livened things up even more, but we were in a semi-public place and the noise and fuss that would cause just weren't worth it. Besides, I had to admit that I was really enjoying fucking this skinny middle-aged slut in the cunt. She really was the best fuck I had in a long time.

Still, I had to do something to make the moment more memorable. So as I screwed Diana, I slid my little digital camera out of my shirt pocket. It's amazing what they can do with that technology these days. For enough money, you can buy a camera that will take amazing high-resolution shots and yet is almost too small to notice.

Especially if you practice. And I did. So unbeknownst to her, I took several frames of my big cock sliding in and out of Diana, and then for good measure, a short video clip, with sound.

And the sound, aside from the slapping noise of my cock, was all Diana. While I was doing this, she came for what must have been the third time. I realized that while this was fun and all, it had to end sometime. So I picked up the pace and really began to shove it to her.

Diana lost control and she came for a fourth time. This time, I came with her. I shot several hot thick spurts of cum inside her. And just for the sake of perversity, I slid out as I shot my last spurt, covering her cunt lips with my cum. I even managed to get a picture of that, with some of it running down her leg. Diana recovered pretty quickly. She grabbed some Kleenex and wiped herself.

Then she began to get dressed almost as quickly as she had undressed. She was all set to go before I had managed to get my cock back in my pants.

She gave me a quick peck on the wench receives pussy pounding hardcore and blowjob and then opened the door.

Chelsea tried to look as though she was stocking a shelf as we exited. We walked by her and under her breath, she muttered "Bastard!" at me. The funny thing is that, in the end, she was the only one who didn't have anything real to complain about.

She had a date with a good-looking guy who was really well hung, and she had a night of great sex. As for Jen and Diana, well you don't think I kept those great pictures just for myself? Jen's cum filled cunt is all over the internet. And her face is easy to identify. I bet almost every guy in her high school has downloaded it.

Especially after I made sure that links to it got on their school's server. And Diana's video, short though it is, seems to be very popular. Her face isn't so easy to make out, but the store calendar over the desk I fucked her on is. Internal discharge barbie cummings anal cream pie double penetration threesome even has her phone number on it, though that was changed the last time I tried it.

So I doubt I'll ever go back to that little town, but there are so many others. Lot's of fun to be had yet.