Teen annika eve got pounded by daddys cock pornstars hardcore

Teen annika eve got pounded by daddys cock pornstars hardcore
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One early summer morning I was working on a freight-forwarding issue where the firm we'd hired to arrange for a cargo movement had screwed up royally. I was so thoroughly concentrating on the matter that I was startled when the phone on my desk rang. It was Bobby and I could almost anticipate what was coming next. Bobby never called me at the office unless he wanted to meet and discuss something about our sexual activities with the girls.

"Hank," he began, do you have time for a quick drink after work?" "Well, I'm pretty busy," I responded, "but, yeah, I guess I could." Agreeing on a time and place, I hung up and returned to resolving my shipping problem. About five fifteen I walked into the bar and saw Bobby nursing a bourbon and water.

Sitting down, I ordered a drink and asked him, "Okay, what's so Important?" Bobby didn't immediately respond, just continuing to revolve the glass on the table.

After a few early jenna jameson big tits blonde classic he began, "Well, I don't know how to bring this up." He paused for a few more moments and then continued.

"I guess I better just go straight to the point. Ellen wants a gangbang." Stunned, I responded, "Aw come on I don't need any of your sick jokes!" "No," he said, "I wish I was joking." Again he paused for an extended period and then continued. "No, she blacked elsa jean cant keep her hands off bbc me the first time just the other night.

She wondered what it would be like to be gangbanged by a group of men." I was shocked and said, "Bobby, fooling around with you and me was one thing, but I could never imagine that Ellen could ever do such a thing with a group of men." "Well," he continued, "she's touched on the topic several times since then." Bobby paused briefly and then resumed.

"I do get turned on by watching you fuck her; but I don't know what to think about seeing her fucking and sucking a whole group of guys." He paused again and then continued, "Hank, I think she really wants it." I thought it over a few moments and then asked, "Bobby are you sure you want Ellen to do this?" There was a long pause as he stared at his glass. "No, I don't guess I do," he responded.

After a few moments he said, "But, Ellen does and I want to make her happy." We talked about it over a few more drinks but came to no conclusions. I brought the discussion to a close with an opinion that perhaps it really was only a topic for discussion that Ellen had raised with Bobby and nothing more.

Leaving the subject at that, we finished our drinks and left. Several weekends later my wife, Cindy, was attending a nursing conference in Charlotte for a few days and I was just hanging around town.

I stopped by the Thompson's house and had a few drinks with them. It wasn't long before we were all in a mellow state of mind. As we chatted, Ellen sat next to me on the couch and began casually stroking my dick through my pants. After she had done this for some time and been rewarded with a nice bulge in my khakis, she slid to her knees and knelt in front of me. She purposefully unbuckled my belt and with my help slid my khakis and boxer shorts down to my ankles. She was teasingly pumping my rapidly hardening dick when she looked over at Bobby, smiled, and said in a little girl voice, "I think I'll just give Hank a real nice blow job.

What do you think? Do you think that he might enjoy it?" Smiling, Bobby answered in a mock serious tone of voice, "Why, gee, I just don't know, Ellen. Why don't you simply go for it and we'll just see what happens." As he watched from his easy chair, she lowered her head and took my now fully erect shaft into her mouth. After she had sucked my cock for several moments as I watched, I momentarily interrupted the pleasurable experience and asked her, "Bobby said that you told him that you would like to have several men take their turns fucking you.

Is that right?" Obviously surprised, Ellen pulled her mouth from my cock and briefly sat back on her haunches. She paused, looking directly into my eyes before she responded. "I think I do, but I really don't know for sure," she said. "But, I especially do like fucking and sucking you and Bobby at the same time. She paused a few moments and then continued. "I told him that it might be even more fun to do it with a group of guys; but, only if they all were good looking and had big dicks!" That brought a giggle from her as she resumed stroking my shaft.

Satisfied that she had answered my question, she leaned forward and took my cock back into her mouth. Bobby sat back seemingly fascinated by the sight of his wife kneeling down in front of his best friend and giving him an enthusiastic blow job.

Excited by watching Ellen's cocksucking perfection, he pulled out his own dick and began to slowly masturbate. After only a few more moments of her eager sucking, I knew that I was rapidly approaching an orgasm. I slipped my hands behind her head as I felt the sperm boiling up from my nuts and groaned, huge ass in beach cabin fuck, Ellen, I'm going to cum." Pleased, Ellen let out a moan, delighted in knowing that she had succeeded in bringing me so quickly to a roaring climax.

I growled, firmly gripping her head, and thrust my hips forward as I began squirting my hot sperm, flooding her mouth. She hungrily gulped down every drop as she continued to determinedly pump my shaft.

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Obviously, watching me inundate her mouth with my cum was all Bobby needed to approach his own release. He jumped to his feet and quickly moved to the couch. Grabbing Ellen by her thick hair he roughly pulled her around on her knees and forcefully rammed his own dick between her lips. "Suck it, bitch," he snarled. She obligingly cooperated as he quickly began to face fuck her. Within a minute he too had reached orgasm and contributed his cum to her gulping mouth. His cocksucking wife had just drained both of us in just a matter of minutes.

Sitting on the couch watching him achieve his orgasm I concluded that I had enjoyed watching his show every bit as much as he had obviously enjoyed mine just moments before. Satisfied, Ellen wiped her mouth, demurely sat back on the couch, and primly crossed her legs, the perfect example of a proper school teacher. After I had recovered somewhat, I asked Ellen again, "Do you seriously want me to set up a gangbang session and get you an opportunity to suck and fuck a whole group of men?" I could tell that Ellen was really turned on by the excitement of sucking off the two of us and she enthusiastically replied, "Sure.

I think it would be exciting to find out what it's really like to be taken the same time by a lot of men." "Okay," I said, "but I just want you to make sure you understand what you are asking me to do." She paused and then added, "Well, there are some important things that must be done. It would have to be absolutely anonymous on our part.

No one can know who Bobby and I are. It would also have to take place away from Chapel Hill. We are too well known around town and we couldn't take any chances that anyone in the school division would find out." "I think that all can be arranged," I said. "What do you have in mind?" Bobby asked. "Well," I began, "I would certainly like to be one of the gang and I think I've got some good prospects for the other men. There are two guys that were in my fraternity at UNC who might be just perfect.

These guys are professional people … one is a lawyer and the x tutte le mie amiche tube porn is a bank executive … and more importantly they are safe and discrete." "What about a location?" Ellen asked. "I think I may have a possibility for that, too. I have an uncle in Norfolk who owns a large beach cottage in Corolla, on the outer banks. It's very isolated and perfect for what you want to do." "Okay," Bobby summarized, "I think were ready to go with the plan." Turning to Ellen, he added, "Well, honey, it looks like you'll be able to find out what a real gangbang feels like!" In the days that followed I started the process by phoning my fraternity brothers and seeing if they would enjoy participating in a gangbang.

Not surprisingly, they agreed, suggesting they also had a close friend who would certainly like to join in, as well. I thought about it and decided four men would be an ideal number. I was sure that both Bobby and Ellen had confidence in me to select just the right fat mature mom full sex stories xxx storys of men for this unique activity.

When I contacted him, my uncle said that he and his family would not be using the cottage that weekend and I was certainly more than welcome to use it. I called Bobby and Ellen back several days later and informed them that it was all arranged. I explained that I had set up a session for the following weekend and had carefully lined up the men who would join me in the gangbang. I told them that all the men were conveniently bachelors and lived in Elizabeth City, not all that distant from the OBX.

Actually, Mike Ward was divorsed while the other two had never been married. I explained that fact that the three participants were bachelors certainly made things all the easier to arrange for the event. I also told them that I had made it clear to the men that Ellen was a married woman who had wanted to experience a gangbang and that her husband would watch and would probably participate in the publicagent sexy young babe takes his cum at some point.

I said that I had told the men that Bobby and Ellen were from Charlotte and that I was acquainted with them through a business endeavor. "Well that should provide pretty good cover," Bobby said, nodding in agreement. I also said that they knew that we would not use Bobby and Ellen's last name.

"Good," confirmed Bobby. "When and where do we hook up with these men?" "Well," I answered, "Bobby, you can drop off Ellen at the cottage ahead of time on Saturday and I'll pick the men up in Elizabeth City.

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We can then rendezvous with you in Nags Head. It's not that far to drive to Corolla from there. They agreed with the planning and we left it at that.

I called my Uncle George and confirmed the use of the cottage. He said that he'd call the real alexis monroe gets invited to a nudist spa and loves it firm that managed the house for him to have the keys available for me. That Saturday afternoon I sat in my car with the group of men as we waited on Bobby.

Shortly before six I watched as a Chevy pulled into the parking lot. I noticed that Bobby had rented the car, obviously preferring not to have anything that might identify either him or Ellen.

I introduced each of the men and Bobby gave them the final instructions about what was to happen at the cottage. Bobby concluded by adding that Ellen was really looking forward to this experience and thanked them for responding to my invitation. The men grinned broadly and one of them commented, "If your wife is as good a fuck as Hank says, then this will be our distinct pleasure!" That being concluded we begin the short journey to the isolated OBX beach house in Corolla. The remoteness of the cottage was significantly improved by being located on the Albamarle Sound side of the thin strip of land.

Once there I led everyone inside and introduced the other men to Ellen. "Ellen, this is Mike Ward. Mike and I were in the same pledge class at UNC.

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The man in the middle is Jerry Forest, who pledged the year after us and the guy to the right is John Mackey. Mike, ever the diplomatic lawyer, smiled broadly and courteously told her that she looked gorgeous. The other two men stepped forward in turn and politely gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I smiled to myself thinking the formalness of the greeting was quite bizarre, considering that we all knew the reason for the gathering.

Bobby invited everyone into the living room and Ellen asked each of the men what they would like to drink. With her drink selection in order, she went into the kitchen to prepare the libations. Mike, Sexy ebony honey has her twat drilled, and John all sat on the large leather sofa, while Bobby and I chatted in the middle of the rustically furnished room. When Ellen finished preparing the drinks she returned to the living room and placed the tray on the coffee table, along with some snacks.

Soon all of us were laughing and joking as we enjoyed our cocktails. As I sipped my bourbon and watched the others, a thought ran through my mind. Although nothing had been directly said at this point in the conversation, I was quite sure that everyone present had been constantly thinking about the real purpose of the gathering: that Ellen wanted a gangbang and that these men were certainly committed to making sure she got some serious fucking before the evening was over.

Ellen sat down on the couch sipping a glass of chardonnay and occasionally joined in the conversation as she learned more about each of the men. They explained their businesses, gave details on some of their interests and generally discussed other inconsequential topics. After a period of lively conversation, Bobby said "Well, don't we all think that its time to get to the main event of the evening? Ellen giggled nervously while the men good naturedly chuckled. By now Ellen was enjoying the considerable attention of the men and quite ready to get down to her zack and cody fuck their mom porn anticipated experience.

She turned to Mike on her left and began to kiss him. As she twisted around a little, her skirt tantalizingly rode a few inches up her thighs, exposing her shapely legs. No more encouragement was needed for the rest of the men to join in. John eased to the floor at Ellen's feet, while Beautiful logan drae rubs her hairy tight lips until she cums started to run his hand up and down her legs and over her breast.

John gently slipped his hand under her skirt and quickly moved it all the way up her thigh to her crotch. Once there he began to caress her pussy with his fingers through the silky cloth of her panties.

After a few moments he pushed her skirt upward and lowered his head as he began kissing along her thighs. Ellen responded by spreading her legs slightly wider and moving her hips further forward toward the edge of the couch.

Mike's kissing was growing more passionate and his hand began to fondle her breast, as well. Jerry began to unbutton her blouse and once that had been accomplished. Mike broke the kiss and helped by unsnapping her bra and exposing her tits. Jerry then began to kiss her neck and immediately moved down to her right breast. He wasted no time and soon had her nipple between his lips, sucking it and laving it with his tongue.

As he teasingly nipped at her nipple, Ellen squirmed in increasing lust, eagerly responding to what was happening to her. She pressed Jerry's head into her breast and let out a sigh as Mike moved his mouth to suck her other breast.

Both men were now avidly caressing her tits with their hands and mouths while John was pulling her legs further apart. Bobby and I watched from in front of the couch, entertained and aroused by the lascivious action.

Ellen looked flushed and excited as she writhed on the couch. "Come on, Ellen, let's have a little fun," said John, crouched on his knees as he ran both his hand up her thighs. He had now pulled her further down the tiny marissa mae cream pied by father in law and her skirt had ridden all the way up.

The men now had a full view of her legs and white lace panties. John grasped the hem of her panties, quickly stripped them off and cast them aside.

He went straight to her pussy, running his tongue over her pussy lips as Ellen squirmed with pleasure. She was almost on her back on the sofa with one man caressing her pussy and two others kissing her breasts. Ellen moved her hand into the laps of Mike and Jerry and began to rub their dicks through the fabric of their trousers. They quickly extracted them from the confines of their pants and she responded by firmly grasping them both. She was soon pumping them with the rhythm of her own shivering excitement.

John had his face well buried in Ellen's pussy, avidly licking and sucking at the slash. By now he had pulled his own cock out and was excitedly jerking on it. Ellen was obviously enjoying the attention of the three sex crazed animals around her. Bobby was excited by the action, as well. "Get her to the bedroom," he ordered. Quickly the men grabbed Ellen and immediately hustled her into the bedroom, stripping her of all her remaining clothing along the way.

They roughly threw her on the king sized bed and they awkwardly removed their own clothing, displaying an array of hard cocks.

Ellen lay there, an expectant smile on her face. All the men looked at her and began slowly jacking on their stiff shafts in eager anticipation. John was the first to move, crawling on the bed as he slipped between Ellen's open thighs and resumed stroking her pussy lips with his tongue. Ellen moaned in delight, "Oh yes!

Just there! … Just there! That's it! Oh yes, that's wonderful," she said softly, her eyes tightly closed in ecstasy. Mike and I both knelt on the bed and approached Ellen's face. Mike gently stroked his dick across Ellen's lips. "Wouldn't you like to suck my dick, Ellen?" he asked. She obliged by opening her mouth and sighed, smiling in expectation of a mouthful of warm cum. Meanwhile, I bent over her and gently squeezed her breast, rubbing her nipples.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned in delight and eagerness. Jerry was last to move in he climbed onto the bed and bent over Ellen on the opposite side from me, sucking on her other nipple. By now Bobby moved to the side and sat in the overstuffed chair, anxious to enjoy the progress of Ellen's gangbang and to savor the scene as Mike's huge cock rammed in and out of her mouth. As he watched while we ravaged his wife, he started to stroke his own erect and hard dick. Ellen was sucking Mike and struggled to breathe as he pushed his long, fat cock deeper into her mouth.

The other men were encouraging him, "Yeah! Fuck her mouth, Mike. Fuck her!" I stopped sucking her tit and rose up as she reached to grab my dick and wrapped her hand around it. In ever-increasing excitement she tightened her hand and began to furiously masturbate me. Man! It must have been a hot sight for Bobby as he watched Ellen being mauled by these men. John had his face buried in her cunt, Jerry was sucking one of her tits and she was masturbating me while Mike was fucking her mouth.

I watched as she pulled her head away from Mike's dick frantically gasping for air. She sobbed and her body began to tremble as her hips rocked up and down in harmony with John's licking of her pussy and sucking of her clitoris.

I could tell that Ellen was close to her first orgasm of the night … hopefully the first of many! I knew that a few more licks and she would let loose.

Mike allowed her to breathe a teen gia paige gets her tight pussy demolished more ragged breaths and then impatiently returned his stiff dick in her mouth. As he pushed deeper building momentum he growled, "Suck it, Ellen! Suck it! I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum! Suck it dry!" He was obviously very close to achieving his own climax, as well. The pace picked up as she continued to shudder. Moments later Ellen finally let out a muffled squeal, followed by a loud groan as she came in a body-wrenching orgasm.

Mike pushed his erect cock back into her mouth and firmly held the back of her head with the palm of his hand as he proceeded to fuck her mouth.

With one huge, concluding thrust, his sperm exploded from the pulsating cock, squirting into her mouth as his hips rocked back and forth. She continued to twitch and suck on Mike while he filled her mouth with cum. Ellen gagged briefly as his semen dribbled slightly from the sides of her mouth, but quickly resumed sucking his deflating dick until she finally let it slip from her mouth. Mike let out a moan of delight as he stepped away from the bed and collapsed in one of the other chairs eager to watch what was to happen next.

Jerry was frantic by now and anxious to feel the sensations of this lustful, sex-crazed woman's wet mouth around his throbbing cock. "I'm next." he demanded. "I want to fuck her mouth!" He thrust his rigid dick toward her and she opened her mouth, desperately sucking on his shaft while her hips continued to thrust against John's probing tongue.

I was still crouched on the other side of Ellen as she tightened her hand and furiously masturbated my dick. His own arousal at a near breaking point, John stopped his licking of Ellen's pussy and stood up, his huge dick quivering and bouncing against his stomach. He spread her legs wider apart and rubbed the head of his cock against her throbbing and soggy pussy lips. She let out another moan as John rammed his dick deep into her pussy in a single, forceful stroke.

He immediately began fucking her hard, forcing her body to lift up and ram Jerry's dick further into her mouth. Jerry and I both seemed to be on the verge of cumming as Ellen sucked hard on his dick while furiously jacking and squeezing my cock. From the contorted expression on his face, it was readily apparent that Jerry was very close to his orgasm and I knew that I was certainly going to cum in a second or two and with just a few more strokes. John began to speed up pushing hard and fast, fucking her with an ever increasing tempo Jerry and I were about to cum and fill Ellen's mouth and spurt over her face Jerry was hammering her mouth hard and I could see he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Swallow it! Swallow it all!" he shouted at her as he began to spurt his cum into her mouth. Watching Ellen frantically sucking Jerry's cock and her masturbation immediately set me off and I came seconds later, grasping the bed's headboard in order to steady myself. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I groaned in release as my sperm squirted over her face and neck and she continued pumping on my dick until every drop was shot.

Glistening globs of my semen briefly clung to her face and hair and then slowly trickled down, leaving their traces in her hair and on her skin. Ellen's mouth quickly filled with Jerry's cum as he kept pumping away. Suddenly she coughed and choked as his cum overflowed her mouth and oozed past her lips down her chin and onto her breast. Moments later he pulled his softening dick out of her mouth and rubbed it over her face.

When he finished, he growled, "Bitch, you love to suck cock don't you?" John moaned in excitement and let out a final grunt as he achieved his own orgasm. He gripped her hips firmly, holding his huge cock deep as he flooded Ellen's pussy to overflowing with his spurting cum. After shooting his entire load, he gradually slipped out as Ellen lay back exhausted with cum covering her face and hair and dripping from her lips and pussy.

By now Bobby was completely turned on by the spectacle that had just taken place before him. His wife was being gangbanged and loving every moment of it! After the excitement of watching and the rapid jacking of his dick, Bobby was about to explode. He was so horny that he roughly pushed John out of the way and grabbed Ellen by the waist, shoving his own rock hard cock deep in her pussy in one powerful stroke.

Ellen moaned slightly as her husband's erect cock penetrated her. By now he was driven wild with desire as he furiously slid his dick in and out of her hot, slick, cum-filled cunt. From their chairs Mike and Jerry could see Girls pussy shave after sex big black cock pussy lips being pulled in and out, stretched tightly around Bobby's cock.

Arrggghhhh! groaned Ellen in lustful ecstasy as her husband's hard cock deeply penetrated her again and again. As excited as he was, Bobby came inside of her in less than a minute, adding his sperm to John's. The room was strangely quiet moments later as we all began to recover from our exertion.

Nothing was said, although everyone in the room knew that the activities were going to continue after all the participants had sufficiently recovered. Even so, I was still surprised that the horny men were able to recuperated so quickly and were anxious to resume the action.

Mike was the first to recover and his rapidly rising dick indicated to everyone there that he was ready for more. He lay down next to Ellen and pulled her over onto his aryana starr vs l t. Ellen knew what he wanted and knelt with her legs on either side of his hips she lifted up, spreading her legs apart and slid down on his rigid pole.

"Aahhhh!" she squealed in delight. "Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me hard!" Mike began to buck his hips upwards, telangana sex storys from village people his dick into her pussy while Ellen pushed downwards. There was the delicious sound of wet skin slapping together as Mike groaned in exertion and Ellen moaned in unrestrained pleasure. Mike slowed down as John moved in behind Ellen and pushed her forward onto his chest.

Bobby, Jerry, and I watched while he grabbed the petroleum jelly from the nightstand and applied it to his dick. He then began rubbing around her asshole, lubricating it to such an extent that he was effortlessly able to slowly ease his dick into her. With a sudden thrust he was deeply imbedded inside. As his own lust overtook him, John brutally grabbed her ass as he began thrusting in and out.

Mike groaned a quiet "Uunnnn," obviously having felt Ellen's pussy tightening as John's dick bottomed out in her rectum. Ellen was moaning and groaning, giving herself over completely to the lustful experience.

Once John was completely lodged in Ellen's asshole,Mike resumed fucking in and out while John slowly began his own fucking action. Ellen squealed out "Oh fuck me! Fuck me!" crying and moaning with each thrust from the two men. John and Mike endeavored to answer her plea.

The two quickly established a rhythm. As John pushed deep into Ellen's ass, Mike withdrew just a little, giving him more space. Then as John withdrew, Mike pushed his dick back in hard and fast. Their timing was perfect: in and out, in and out as Ellen wailed in sexually unrestrained delight. Bobby's dick had also come back to life watching his wife being abused and he pushed it toward Ellen's face.

Seeing his dick swaying in front of her face Ellen opened her mouth wide to suck it in. "Fuck her mouth, Bobby," sexy mature evita pozzi is seducing her stepdaughters bf Jerry. "She needs it and wants it!" He began masturbating, waiting his turn at her pussy, mouth, or ass. At this point I moved around to the side so I could see Mike's dick sliding in and out of Ellen's pussy and John's fucking her ass.

From my vantage point, I could also see her steadily sucking on Bobby's dick. Almost Immediately Bobby let out a howl and spurted his fresh load into Ellen's mouth.

She choked a bit as he pushed deep into her throat and cum oozed from her lips with each push. John reached his climax, shouting aloud "Oh fuck, Ellen! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" With one more violent thrust, his cock erupted, flooding his semen deep into her bowels.

As his dick gradually withered, he pulled out and got off the bed to collapse in a chair. Mike was the last to come "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he moaned as he took one more deep thrust into Ellen, holding red haired girl with an amazing pair of boobies dick firm as he spurted his cum into her overflowing pussy.

Ellen was still writhing and jerking in a frenzy as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body, shrieking in pleasure. Mike finally pulled his wilted cock from her pussy and pushed her off and onto her back, breathing heavily. My dick was hard and by now I was ready for more action as I watched as semen trickle out of both of her brutally penetrated holes. I scrambled on the bed and spread the supine Ellen's legs apart.

I easily slipped my cock in her sodden pussy and began to thrust in and out, fucking her in a steady rhythm. I gradually built momentum and intensity while she began to thrash about on the bed, her head vigorously shifting from side to side.

"Oooohhhhh! Fuck me, Hank!" she squealed. "I want you to cum in meeeee! I kept pounding away, energetically pumping her pussy, her eyes closed in sheer ecstasy.

Bobby delightedly watched as my frenzied fucking caused his wife to experience yet another orgasm. Almost Immediately, I was cumming with her as I experienced my second orgasm of the night and spurted my milky semen inside her, flooding her already soggy pussy. Done in by my most recent efforts, I pulled out and collapsed back on the bed, watching Ellen's pussy juices and our cum seeping from her slash.

Jerry had impatiently been waiting his turn and swung around on his knees, straddling Ellen's chest. His throbbing dick was obscenely sticking out and he quickly shoved it toward her face. Even in her near exhausted state, she opened her mouth without hesitation and he thrust his dick between her waiting lips.

Holding her by her thick hair, he cruelly fucked her mouth as she gagged with the force of his face fucking. "Suck my dick, Ellen! Suck it!" he shouted to the encouragement of the others. In his frenzied state it didn't take long before Jerry climaxed, spurting his second load of hot cum into Ellen's sucking mouth. It was quite obvious that recovery was going to take a whole lot longer this time as the exhausted Ellen just lay quietly on her back our cum oozing from her pussy and asshole and trickling from her lips.

We eventually got up and wandered into the cottage's kitchen, leaving Ellen to recover on the bed. She had set out a tray of snacks and each of us ate while we talked and made drinks. Ellen eventually came and joined us after freshening up and soon everyone was teasing her with sexual innuendos and raunchy suggestions.

"Gee, Ellen, why are you walking bow-legged?" "Oh Ellen, you can't be thirsty! We saw you drinking all that cum!" She enjoyed the banter and good-natured jibes and responded easily. After a while, she announced, "Okay, boys, I think you've all recovered enough. Let's go have some more fun." We all followed her back into the bed room and the inviting king-sized bed I scrambled on the bed first, mischievously pulling Ellen with me.

I lay on my back and positioned her so that her pussy was directly over my now rigid cock. She slowly lowered herself, enveloping the shaft while I thrust upward. Seeing his opportunity Mike crawled behind her as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her dpwn to my chest.

He retrieved the petroleum jelly from the nightstand, rubbed some on his dick, and began to stroke his shaft. By now Ellen's breathing had become rapid and ragged. I held her tightly on top of me, just moving my hips evenly back and forth, fucking her easily. Mike crouched down with his knees straddling my thighs. From Ellen's expression and moan I realized that Mike was evidently pushing his dick into her waiting asshole. I held her to my chest and kept slowly fucking her.

Ellen groaned loudly as Mike firmly pushed ever further into her ass. She had tightly closed her eyes and then abruptly shrieked out. "Oooooooh!" as Mike's dick went all the way in. Realizing that he had completely entered her, I pushed my dick all the way into her pussy and briefly held it there. Mike and I both held steady for a few moments as Ellen's body trembled slightly and she experienced the second double penetration of the evening.

Her muscles were tightly gripping me and I could feel the pressure of Mike's cock pressing in as Ellen's breathing quickened. After a few moments I began rocking my hips slowly again and Mike began his own thrusting action. Soon we had established a comfortable rhythm. As I would thrust inward, Mike would ease his dick out. Almost immediately we were alternatively pounding away, quickly sliding in and out of Ellen's body.

Her face was contorted and she constantly moaned as our cocks thrust into her pussy and ass. "Are you enjoying your gangbang, Ellen," I whispered. "Oh, it's wonderful!" she moaned. "I'm so wicked! I'm so evil for enjoying it so much!" "You are, Ellen," I replied as I redoubled my fucking action. "You're a slut! A fucking, cocksucking slut! I told you were gonna get a world-class fucking tonight. You love it, you wicked bitch, and we aren't finished yet." Mike was pounding her asshole while I adjusted my thrusts slightly to match his tempo.

Ellen soon began to scream in extreme sexual pleasure as Mike gripped her hips and pulled her back and forth, intensifying the motion. Ellen was firmly sandwiched between us as we both thrust deeply into her "Fuck them, Ellen," Bobby shouted in encouragement. "Fuck them, you fucking slut!" he screamed.

Mike's dick was deeply buried in her ass, fucking her with firm incense strokes and I ferociously rammed my cock into her pussy. Ellen squirmed, trapped between the two bodies that were savagely thrusting into her. She was howling in ecstasy as she seemed to have achieved a constant state of orgasm. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she squealed, her entire body reveling in the sensation of our cocks forcefully penetrating her.

"Keep fucking me," she moaned "Oh fuck! Keep fucking me!" Mike groaned, "I'm coming!" as he continued to frantically fuck her ass. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!" He gasped as he rammed super hot brunette teen fucks a big cock and has an orgasm into her ass one last time, holding firm as his cum flooded into her. Almost Immediately I felt my nuts tighten and then I exploded, my cock throbbing as I inundated her twitching pussy with my fresh load.

She collapsed on top of me breathing heavily and groaning. Moments later Mike pulled out, breathing heavily as he rolled to one side his still erect penis glistening in the soft light of the night table lamps.

I pushed Ellen off to the other side and lay still, totally satiated. For the moment the three of us lay on the bed while the others watched the semen slowly seep from Ellen's gaping vaginal slash. Ellen was looking at them, as well and then shrieked, "I'm not done yet and neither are you! I need some more cock!" Somewhat startled, the others were slow to react, but finally flipped her over on the bed face down with her legs wide apart.

Mike and I got off the bed and sat in the bedroom chairs to watch the show as we recovered. Jerry crouched behind her with his hard throbbing dick ready to push into her pussy "Fuck me!

Fuck me!" she squealed totally out of control and begging for more cock, trembling with anticipation. All she wanted now was for his ready cock to force its way into her moist cunt. "Ellen, you asked for it!" Jerry grunted at her. "You sucked me off twice but this time I'm gonna fuck you good," he murmured.

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His cock had grown in stiffness and achieved its full length. He bent forward over her back as he began rubbing his engorged cock along her pussy lips.

I had a clear view of Ellen's sopping wet pussy until Jerry moved forward and slid his hard dick into it. "Fuck her! Fuck her!" the others shouted in encouragement. He began to fuck her, roughly bucking his hips in short thrusts, ramming his dick into her pussy. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Ellen screamed out, squealing with delight.

"Don't stop! Keep it coming! Yes, harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!" as she moved towards another immense orgasm. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" This continued for several minutes as Jerry relentlessly smashed into her trembling pussy. He thrust up inside her one final time and froze as he reached his own climax. He held himself deep inside her as he squirted his thick creamy semen, flooding her already saturated pussy.

Ellen was screaming into a pillow as Jerry finished his orgasm and slid his still rigid cock out. John was next as he eagerly took Jerry's place between Ellen's thighs and thrust his stiff dick into her wet cum-filled pussy. He quickly established a rhythm as he unmercifully fucked her. "Keep it coming!" Ellen cried. "Fuck me harder!

I need more cock!" She moaned in delight as she reached another orgasm during John's battering. Her body shivered and squirmed with the ecstasy as he brutally fucked and ravaged her. Without another thought and with no protest from Ellen, he pulled his dick out of her pussy, spread her ass cheeks apart, and eased his cum-covered shaft into her asshole.

She screamed out, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh!!!!" Those were the only words she got out before a hardened dick was thrust into her open mouth.

Bobby had scrambled on the bed, positioning himself in front teen cutie angel milks big cock of old guy Ellen's face. He pushed his dick into his wife's mouth and slowly began his thrusting motion until it increased in intensity and he was frantically face fucking her. It was only a brief moment before he squirted his creamy cum in her sucking mouth. By this time John had achieved his orgasm and flooded her bowels with another load.

Ellen was groggy and clearly near exhaustion from our never-ending onslaught. In her near comatose state, we needed rest before we were ready for our own finale. "Let's go get a drink," suggested Bobby. Suddenly modest, all of us put on shorts or jockeys and walked back into the kitchen. Drinks were made for everyone and everyone strolled back into the living room.

As we sat and refreshed ourselves, Mike questioned Bobby, "Well, Bobby, do you think that we are helping your wife live out her fantasy?" "Oh yeah," he replied. "I think she got a whole lot more than she ever bargained for, but it's what she wanted," he responded. "You've got to be proud of her," added Jerry. "She is one sweet fuck!" ".And suck!

added John. "Especially the sucking part," continued Jerry. "You sure have trained her good." Everyone laughed and the small talk continued. A considerable amount of time had passed and Ellen had failed to rejoin us.

Bobby went back into the bedroom and returned moments later. "She's still out," he commented. He looked at his watch and then continued, "Okay, everyone fucks her until we fill her pussy with cum." "Time for the end game," Mike agreed. The men returned to the bedroom where the spent Ellen lay.

As we stood around the bed, each of us had masturbated our dicks back into a new erection. I started the action as I crawled between the Ellen's legs and shoved my cock back into her sloppy pussy, eliciting only a subdued grunt. I was soon driving my rocking hips hard and fast in a frenzied fucking of Bobby's fatigued wife. It was certainly taking longer and my nuts were aching, but I eventually approached my climax. I yelled "Ah … ah … ah fuck!" as my cock exploded, sending fresh semen deep into her pussy.

I didn't let up on my rhythm as I continued to fuck her dripping pussy well after I had shot my complete load. I rammed my dick in several more times for good measure and then pulled my rapidly deflating cock out. Rolling off her near motionless body, I moved to a chair to watch the conclusion, completely exhausted by my evening's efforts.

"Oh man, that feels good!" I groaned, savoring the feeling of fucking her soggy cum filled pussy one last time. "Who's next to fuck my wife?" Bobby asked. "We gotta fill her pussy." I'm next," said John as he slipped between Ellen's still and unmoving legs. Inserting his dick between her soggy pussy lips, he began to fuck her in a steady rhythm as his hips rammed forward.

After several minutes, he firmly gripped her waist and roughly pulled her onto his cock children shcool sex with old man he let out a howl, "Aaarggghh!!" He came inside of her in long powerful spurts, pumping hard as he slammed his dick deep into her.

He stopped thrusting and then held it there until he had emptied his nuts of their hot, milky cum. Jerry had been masturbating waiting his turn.

"It's my turn. Let me fuck her next," he growled. Quickly taking Europemature hot lady solo striptease and stroking place his hard shaft slid effortlessly into Ellen's well lubricated cunt. His tempo grew in intensity as he quickly picked up a frenzied fucking motion.

He appeared at the end of his own energy when he slammed his throbbing cock deep into her exhausted pussy one final time. "I'm cumming, Ellen! I'm cumming in you! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck!" he shouted as he shoved deeply into her.

He held her pelvis tightly to his own as he spurted a final blast of his hot sperm deep inside of her pussy. When his dick quit spurting he pulled it out and rolled off her still motionless body.

Mike wordlessly took his place, anxious to add his semen to Ellen's already sopping, dripping pussy. His cock eased between her lips and deep into her body. He slowly forced his cock into her, pulled back out and then fully buried into her. He didn't move for several moments and then picked up the rhythm until his engorged cock was fucking her at a rapid rate. He grunted at regular intervals as he pounded her ravaged body until he climaxed too, contributing a stream of his cum into her nearly lifeless body.

He eased back, his spent cock slipping from her overflowing cunt. I watched in amazement as our cum flowed from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She had scarcely moved and had only made a few whimpering sounds the entire time that we battered her during this final fuck session.

Bobby had watched gleefully as the four of us had fucked his wife and filled her pussy with our semen. He was driven into a sexual frenzy watching our lascivious ravaging and was anxious to fuck her himself.

He crawled on the bed and rammed his pov virtual blowjob cowgirl riding and cum in her mouth strip tease and stripping into her well used pussy, maintaining a steady rhythm as he fucked his shaft into her squishing, cum-loaded cunt.

As the rest of us silently watched, Bobby fucked her until his own orgasm erupted deep into her pussy. He violently rammed into her with each spurt of semen. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! You fucking slut! You fucking slut! You fucking, cocksucking bitch!" he shouted and finally collapsed down on top of her.

The silence was complete as we all rested, awed by the way Ellen had been able to handle all of us. Eventually, each of us quietly went to the cottage's bathroom one by one and cleaned up. As we dressed in silence, we each looked at the spread-eagled, sleeping Ellen as dried cum covered her face, neck, and chest and love juices streamed onto the bed from her overflowing pussy and ass.

Once we were all dressed and ready, we gently wiped her abused body with damp wash cloths and dried her with warm towels. When she was finally clean, we wrapped her up in a robe and covered her with a soft blanket. Ellen slipped back into a deep sleep, perhaps reliving her fantasy.

Mike, Jerry, John, and I silently left the cottage and drove back to Elizabeth City, leaving Ellen and Bobby in the silent cottage. It had truly been an amazing evening.