Victim anal fucked in bondage by killer

Victim anal fucked in bondage by killer
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The Pact Chapter 2 Jack groaned, rolling over as he pressed the snooze button, silencing the alarm that had jarred him from his sleep. Opening his eyes, it took him a few minutes to process the time on the clock, 8:00. "Shit." Launching out of bed he quickly put on some clean clothes, grabbed a piece of gum, pens and paper, rushing to get out the door.

"I'm going to be late, on the day for finals!" Not even bothering himself with the elevator, he launched himself at the stairs, flying down to the ground floor before ramming himself through the door to the outside. Now at an all-out run, Jack raced down the sidewalks, not even trying to dodge the other pedestrians as he made his way to the business building.

Before he knew it he was standing in front of the mighty pillars guarding the front entrance to his own personal hell. Not even stopping to consider how oddly fast he arrived here, Jack rocketed down the hall, accidentally knocking an unfortunate T.A. to the ground, scattering all the tests she had been carrying.

As she yelled obscenities, Jack turned into the stairwell and sprinted up the stairs one flight, before running out into the next hall. After a few more turns he dived into his classroom, just before the professor began making her way to the door to shut it. "Cutting it a little close are we Mr. Raleigh?" Dr. Carter needled. Dr. Renee Carter was perhaps one of the most brilliant and beautiful business minds in the Western Hemisphere, often hired by large corporations to make them more efficient and keep their costs more manageable.

Her curly chocolate brown locks framed a face that looked as if it was chiseled out of marble by Michelangelo, both because of how beautiful, and pale, it was and because of her frigid exterior. Though her face was not her best feature by far, this would have to go to either her large C-cup breast or her delicious ass. Looking at her it would be easy to believe the rumors that she more than slept with over half her clientele. As Jack took his seat rather sheepishly, Dr.

Carter began to pass out the test, speaking as she did so, "As most of you know, I am a well-respected individual in the business world and teach a few of the upper level courses in the business college. Most of you have found it strange than, that I would also teach this beginning class.

I have kept my reasons to myself for the semester, but as it draws to an end, I will now tell you. It is because I cannot trust anyone else but myself to do this job to my satisfaction, one of the main reasons why I probably would never make it with my own business in the real world.

This class not only serves to weed out those who should not be here," at this point Dr. Carter glared at a few individuals in the room, including Jack as she continued, "but also to identify those with some real potential to ensure those students get the mentoring and experience they need. You all know who you are. My decisions are pretty much final on who will be invited to take some of the elite invitation only business elective classes offered, but they are not set in stone.

Surprise me. You may now begin your final." Letting Patient in fishnets fucking in fake hospital. Carter's words sink in, Jack felt the crushing blow of failure descending upon him, settling into his gut like a stone.

He knew he would never get to take those classes, hell, he probably is about to flunk out. With a sigh resembling that of a man on death row, Jack opened his test and blinked. And blinked again. He read the first question one more time to make sure he read it right and grinned.

He actually knew it! He could remember studying it with Helen, and even when they learned it in class. Suddenly it felt like all that studying paid off, as everything seemed to click into place as he began to understand the material, breezing through the test as if it was just asking him to write his name. He remembered and could apply his knowledge to every question that was thrown at him. Before long, Jack finished the test, looking up to realize that only an hour had passed, and that he was the only one done.

Quickly gathering all his materials together, Jack got to his feet and shuffled forward to Dr. Carter's desk, who was surprised to see him. "Decided to give up early did we?" She sneered. "Nope, actually I finished the test, answering every question.

I guess all my studying paid off!" Jack replied, a little too forced in his cheerfulness. He then turned around and strutted to the door, leaving behind his astonished professor.

As he left the business building, he decided to forgo his original Starbucks plan, instead pointing his feet in the direction of his dorm, hoping to share his exciting news with his friends. Setting a brisk pace, he began relishing in his excitement over his test growing more and more eager to tell his friends.

It wasn't until he was halfway home when he realized something was wrong. It wasn't anything around him that was amiss, it was him! Jacks mind began a furious pace, rehashing the test over and over again, pondering how he could have possibly remembered all of that material as easy as if it was his address, when for the life of him, he could not remember it yesterday?

"Watch out!" someone yelled, jarring him from his thoughts as a snowball came rushing towards him. Realizing it was too late to react, he grimaced and began turning his head away from the snowball, when he saw it suddenly change direction.

Shocked at what he had just witnessed, Jack stood there slack jawed, not believing his eyes that the laws of physics were just broken. "Why are you just standing there freak? It didn't even come close to hitting you," the same voice from before said. It belonged to a tall and well-built fellow, probably innocent nympho opens up spread vagina and loses virginity athlete of some kind.

"Weren't you the one that yelled 'watch out' to me?" Jack retorted. "Well yeah," the guy replied, "but I threw it in that direction?" The guy suddenly seemed stumped as to why he had yelled out then. Jack took all of this in, and he knew somehow, that this event was related to how he aced his test. Leaving the guy still struggling to piece together what happened, Jack took off again towards his dorm, this time racing to get there.

As he arrived at the entrance to his dorm hall, he saw Brenda sprinting toward him. As she reached him, they entered the hall together and began speaking at the same time. "I aced my test and somehow moved a snow ball with my mind." "I saw the future!" "What? You saw into the future! Are you sure?" "What?!?

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You aced your test? How?" "That's what you get from what I just said, my test? Way to be supportive Brenda." "I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't have acted so shocked. You moved a snowball with your mind?" "Yea, it flew at me from nowhere and next thing I know it goes flying off in a whole new direction. You saw the future, what was it?" "Well," she began "It was right after I woke up. Everyone was still sleeping and I was going to go to the library to study.

On my way there it was like a flash of light and perfect sexy hot body nice tits great went off in my head, and I saw someone was about to run by and make me spill my coffee. It happened a split second later, so I just thought I had a caffeine headache and that I just guessed he was going to bump into me, which is why I was able to not spill my mug. But on my way back from my final, it happened again, only this time I saw a car crash into a stop sign and a couple get out and argue.

It happened a full minute later!" "What did Helen get us into," Jack wondered aloud as they opened the door to his dorm. Luke and Helen were already there, discussing what had happened to themselves. As it turns out, Helen started hearing peoples thoughts while Luke accidentally teleported himself into a girls bathroom. He really wouldn't have minded actually, if it wasn't for the fact that he was then stuck in a stall, unsure how to get out while several girls hung out at the sink, needing to get to his final.

Eventually, they left and he was able to make to the class on time. "This is bizarre," Brenda muttered. "Helen, what pussy gets explored from inside hardcore and blowjob that spell supposed to do exactly?" "I'm not entirely sure, it didn't really say.

It was just the first one in the book, and the only one I could understand." "We need to find answers," Luke reasoned "And get a handle on these powers fast." "What if we try getting into the symbol again?" Helen offered up. "I guess it couldn't hurt" Jack answered as he made his way to the symbol circle representing fire. As all four got into the appropriate circles they stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. "Now what?" Jack eventually asked. Helen stood there, thinking the exact same question as a thought nagged at the back of her head.

Finally it reached her, almost whispering in her ear, put the book in the center. Hurriedly she got the spell book out and put it in the center symbol, waiting for something to happen. And happen it did. The book flipped itself open and emitted a black vortex of mystical energy, stirring the air in the room.

Smaller loose items began to fly around the dorm as the vortex got taller and wider. Eventually the tornado died down and in its place stood a woman. She was the most gorgeous naked woman any of them hot babe rides on a huge dildo ever seen, making both Luke's and Jack's cocks leap to attention, and even Helen's and Brenda's pussies began running like faucets, quickly soaking their underwear and jeans with their pussy juices.

The woman's legs seemed to run for miles, leading up to perfectly shaped ass that would make even a woman's mouth water.

On the other side was a clean shaven pussy, full, wet and begging for attention. Her flat stomach was perfectly toned, barely showing any signs of abs. Though few would spend much time examining her stomach as the real crown jewels were the mountains she carried for tits. Large DD breasts with quarter sized areolas winked at the group, her nipples jutting up from them, just begging to be sucked. Even though they were so big, they still seemed to compliment her slender body, which showed almost no sign of fat.

Her face was sultry and inviting, with dark juicy lips begging to be kissed, and eyes the color of a clear ocean.

Golden locks framed her perfect face, tumbling down past her shoulders on her tanned body. The group stood together in stunned silence, drinking in the sight before them. The mysterious woman grinned, pleased at the looks they were giving her.

Finally she spoke in an American accent, with just a lilt from some foreign land coloring her voice. "Hello, my name is Mahdeybelle. You are the ones that pledged yourselves to me, no?" Jack could only nod his head, the others seemed to just do that as well. "Wonderful! You must have many questions, and I have many answers! But I already know most of your questions so just listen, what you have experienced today is just a taste of the powers you could possess if you fully pledge yourself to me.

The individual powers you possess now would get stronger, in addition to gaining some other powers and an enhanced body and intelligence. Luck would always seem to be on your side as you grow to be successful and lucky in whatever venture you undertake, within reasons of course.

All you would have to do is follow my next instructions and fully pledge yourself to me." "What are brazilian beauty bonks by the pool hardcore blowjob Luke somehow managed to get out.

Mahdeybelle smiled at him.

"I am a being of extreme lust, somewhat between what you might call a demon and a god. A confusing concept for you, as they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but I must make do with your limited vocabulary, in my usage, I mean by level of power that I possess, and how much I can bend the universe to my will." "What would we have to do if we pledged ourselves to you?" Brenda stammered.

Mahdeybelle beamed at her as well. "Spread my purpose. Basically you would have sex constantly (you would have the libido to do it) and do certain favors I may ask of you.

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Even though I can bend the universe to my will, I cannot enter it outside of these symbols, so I have you mortals do it for me. You will stellar peach is presenting her gaped slim crack in close range both sides of me while carrying out my works, sex therapy as such, though rarely as I find it boring.

I much rather like spreading mischief, you mortals are just so entertaining! Don't worry, I cannot do anything bad to you if you have pledged yourselves to me, unless you are working to harm me, undermine me or still somehow incompetent with the abilities I give you. So are you in?" Jack gulped, his mind racing, his heart beating, unsure of what to do.

In some ways this felt wrong, but if it was a way to achieve his dreams, and have sex with his girlfriend and others constantly? Shakily, he nodded his head yes, glancing at the others, urging them to do the same.

After a tense moment, everyone finally shook their heads yes. "Wonderful!" Mahdeybelle exclaimed, clapping her hands. Suddenly they were all naked like her. "Now, to finish the pact, I will masturbate as you have sex in the way I tell you too. Today I will not fuck with you, but perhaps one day I will as a reward for good work. Jack and Helen, get into a sixty-nine position. Luke, begin fucking Brenda missionary style." Jack and Helen launched themselves at each other, still horny from the sight of Mahdeybelle.

They latched their lips together as they began furiously making out, groaning as the rubbed against each other. Helens wet pussy was grinding against Jacks leg, leaking plenty of juices telling him she was just ready to be fucked.

Jacks hands began cupping her small pert breasts, his fingers pulling at her nipples, causing Helen to moan into his mouth in pleasure.

Finally they detached themselves from each other as Helen began making her way down to Jack's throbbing cock. Quickly enough her mouth was hovering just above his dick, teasing him, her hands slowly caressing his engorged member and his nuts. Just when Jack couldn't stand it any longer, Helen lazily put her mouth onto the head of his cock. With a mighty groan, Jack tried stuffing more of his dick into her mouth as she used her tongue to swirl around the head of his throbbing member.

Finally, Helen began slowly inching his cock into her mouth, before going back up, sucking as she did. Jack reached over and gave Helen's ass a quick slap before tugging onto it, so he would have easy access to her dripping cunt.

He began kissing the point where her left leg connected to her body, slowly licking closer to her slit, before going around it on its sides. Helen began moaning onto his cock, making Jack give a slight groan of his own.

Finally, Jack slowly licked her slit, moving from just under her clit to the bottom of her pussy. After a few times of that, he took his finger and collected some of the leaking juices of her slit before applying pressure to Helen's clit. Again Helen began moaning onto Jack's cock, making him groan in turn. Helen then shoved her sopping cunt onto Jack's face, rubbing it against him and furiously sucking him off.

Jack began shoving his tongue up her slit as he continued to play with Helen's clit, rubbing in a furious circular motion. Her nectar began pouring even more than it had before, as jack began to force more of his cock into Helen's throat, having her face fuck him as he became closer to coming, Helen began moaning more loudly on his cock, driving Jack closer to the edge as she began playing with his nuts.

Finally they both came at the same time, Jack letting out a roar as he felt his seed gushing into Helen's wanting mouth, who promptly swallowed it all. They collapsed, panting babe needs anal while masturbating to orgasm with contractions watched as Luke began furiously pumping into Brenda, both of them wailing at the top of their lungs they climaxed together. At the same time, their mysterious voyeur was also climaxing, shoving a rather large dildo in and out of her sopping pussy at a furious rate.

"That was wonderful!" Mahdeybelle exclaimed as she made the dildo vanish. "But that was still only the beginning to what you all must do to pledge yourselves to me."