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Double anal for a hot teen double penetration and doublepenetration
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*This story was inspired by watching the Veteran Day tribute to the soldiers on ESPN. It showed soldiers coming home to their families after being gone for long periods of time. So I decided to do a tribute myself.

The characters in this story are based on real people. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy, jdm320 Corporal Jeff McAdams threw his bag over his shoulder as he walked out of the Afghan village of Zaranj, towards the Huey waiting for him.

He lowered his head as he tossed his bag into the chopper and climbed in after it. As the chopper lifted off, he looked down on the place he had called home for the last 17 months. Zaranj is the capital of the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan. It is located near the Iranian and Afghan border and serves as a main point on the trade route between Central and South Asia with the Middle East.

Jeff's duties had been to inspect vehicles that entered and exited the city to and from the Iranian border. The border was very busy and on several occasions, Jeff and his comrades had been faced with irate travelers who despised the American occupancy. His company had been attacked numerous times, and he had seen some of his men injured and even killed, but now he was on his way home. As his chopper sat down near the runway in Kandahar, he waited for the engine to die before henessy and kira king have a threesome in the office feet touched the ground.

He walked slowly to the air plane that was to take him home. Jeff sat in the seat and laid his head back against the head rest. He closed his eyes as the engines roared carrying the jet down the run way. A smile comes across his face when the reality of going home sank in. He was not supposed to be leaving for another 2 months, but with the deadline to get the troops home approaching; he was one of five in his unit to be given early dismissal. He started to call his wife, but decided against it.

He wanted to surprise her. Jeff and Maegan, high school sweet hearts, had married seven months before his deployment. They had found a small one bedroom apartment, not far from the base. Maegan had gotten a job at a chain restaurant and worked as a hostess and waitress to help with the bills.

It had been a struggle but their love was strong. Maegan lowered her body into the warm water of the tub. The last 24 months had been a whirl wind, and she was ready for the storm to calm.

In the last 24 months, she had graduated high school, gotten married, moved from Texas to Georgia, and that was just the first seven months. The last 17 months, she had been an Army Wife. She had met some of the other wives and had made friends that help in Jeff's absence but they could not replace her true love. Her head dips into the warm water, as her hands move up her smooth stomach. Jeff had been her first, and only.

Jeff knew that she had made a vow to purity, and over their five year courtship, he had never once tried to convince her to break her vow. Her hands moved up her stomach and cupped her 34D breast. She moans as her mind drifted back to their honey moon.

It had been so wonderful. Jeff had been so gently with her, that she felt very little pain as he took her virginity. The way he kissed her, made everything perfect. She relaxed in the tub for a while, before getting out and getting ready for work. Jeff slept most of the way home. In his dreams he could see his beautiful wife. Maegan was a tall young woman, at 5'11, which fit Jeff's 6'1 stature perfectly.

She had naturally curly reddish brown hair that flowed down her neck to her shoulders. Her legs were long and toned, and Jeff loved the way they felt around his waist, but what he missed the most, was seeing her smile and the way her blue eyes sparkled when she looked at him. Maegan was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. While Jeff had been deployed, in her hung shemale gets probed by a doctor time, she volunteered at the bases day care, and Boys and Girls Club.

Jeff remembered their wedding night. He smiled as he remembered how nervous he had been while he laid on the bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. When she opened the door, his heart began to pound inside his chest. As she walked toward him, she pushed her hair behind her ear; he could tell she was as nervous as he was. He stood up and held out his hand.

She took his hand and he pulled her close. They kissed for several minutes. He could still feel the bells ringing in his head as their lips pressed together. His hands ran up the back of her silk night gown and he could feel her hard nipples pressing into his chest. His fingers traced up her arms and hooked the small straps of the gown and slowly pulled them down her shoulders.

He broke his kiss and stepped back a bit as the straps fell down her arms. The front of the gown slipped past her big breast. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Her 34D breast stood proud on her chest. Her aureola were a light brown and her nipples were big and stood out from her milky breast. The gown slowly slid past her breast, down her flat stomach and to the floor. He stepped closer, pulling her naked body to him. They kissed again, this time more passionate than the last.

This time it was Maegan who broke the kiss. She kissed down his neck. He felt her long fingers begin to trace the waist band of his boxers. All he could do was moan. She kissed down his chest, planting small kisses down his chest, and abdomen. She lowered herself to her knees. Her fingers hook into his waist band as her blue eyes looked up at him.

She pulled his boxers down his butt, reaching in and coming in contact with his hard cock for the first time. She gently pulled it from the confines of his boxers and slowly stroked him, as the boxers fell to the floor.

Her eyes never left his as her soft lips wrapped around the head of his hard cock. She slowly began to move her lips down his cock, into her warm mouth. Her eyes closed as she slowly worked her mouth up and down him. Her soft hands gently cupped his heavy balls as her loud sucking filled the motel room. His knees began to get shaky, as his breathing began to become staggered. He felt her tongue pressing the sensitive area of his cock on the underside of his head.

He placed his hands onto her head as his fingers ran through her hair. His hips began to move back and forth. It was too much. He announced to her that his orgasm was approaching; she didn't miss a beat and continue to pleasure him with her warm mouth and tongue.

He moaned loudly as he felt cum rush through his balls. His body began to tremble and his knees grew weaker as he erupted inside his busty lucie goes wilde with an anal gangbang wife's mouth. With each shot, he moaned louder. When he finally finished, he looked down and Maegan was looking up at him, smiling with his cock still in her mouth.

He sat on the bed, and pulled her up to him. His hands softly squeezed her breast as they kissed. He could taste his cum on her lips and tongue, but didn't care. As their kiss continued, he pulled on her erect nipples, pinching then gently between his thumb and forefinger. He turned her placing on her back as his lips separated from hers. He kissed down her chest, down to her breast. His tongue softly grazed the nipple of her right nipple, and he heard her giggle in her moan.

He parted his lips, and lowered his head and gently sucks on her breast. She moaned in her approval as her hands pressed him harder onto her breast. He sucked on her breast until Maegan was squirming and moaning under him. He juicy attractive teen cum hole is nailed hardcore blowjob from her right breast over to her left.

Letting his tongue move over her nipple rapidly, he closed his lip over her left nipple, holding it for his tongue to pleasure. He felt her put pressure on his shoulders, trying to push him lower.

He didn't keep her waiting as he kissed down her stomach, past her belly button. He opened her smooth legs, and positioned himself between them. His fingers ran down her smooth lips.

His eyes moved to hers. She had propped up on the pillows and her blue eyes sparkled. With his fingers he opened her lips, and lowered his face to her. Her erotic aroma was intoxicating, and his tongue slid up her slit, tasting her for the first time. The first taste was out of this world. His tongue slid deeper into her, moving in and out slowly, sucking her wetness. He lifted his head and let his finger move into her. Her hips rose off of the bed and she moaned softly. He looked at her smooth pussy.

Her clit was swollen. He placed his tongue under it, lifting it and sucked it into his mouth. He felt her fingers on his head and her hips rose pushing her wet lips against his face. Her hips moved up and down, side to side as her pleasure intensified. As he continues his assault on her clit, he could hear her moaning his name. His finger slipped back into her tight lips. He worked his finger as he sucked harder. Suddenly Maegan sit straight up on the bed and squealed loudly.

In a matter of seconds a hefty flow of milky juices flooded Jeff's mouth and tongue. He closed his lips and sucked, until her post orgasmic sensitivity hit and she pushed his head away. She lay on the bed with her eyes closed, a smile on her face and her chest raising and lowering. Jeff moved back onto the bed and lay beside her. Her eyes opened and she turned to look at him. She placed her hand on his chest and pushed him to his back and she moved over him, straddling his stomach. She moved her hips up and down, coating his abdomen with the mixture of his saliva and her juices.

She reached behind her and took a hold of his hard cock. She lifted her bottom and maneuvered herself above it. Slowly she lowered, positioning his hard head in line with her virgin pussy. She lowered. Jeff gasped in pleasure as his head penetrated her wet lips. She closed her eyes as she felt his hardness enter her for the first time. She pushed until she knew he was close to her hymen. She looked down into his brown eyes as she pushed down.

She grimaced in pain as his cock broke the barrier. Small amounts of blood ran down his cock and onto his balls.

She slowly continued down until her bottom was resting on his upper thigh. She sat there for a few minute. Her head on his chest, as he ran his fingers through her hair, assuring her how well it felt to be inside her. After she got use to the feeling of his cock inside her. She lifted up; placing her hands on his chest and slowly began to move her hips up and down.

His hands gripped her hips as she slowly began to enjoy the union of their bodies. She rode his slow and easy until his hands moved from her hips to her breast. He played with her hard nipples, and then lifted up to suck one into his mouth. The pleasure of his cock inside her and her nipple in his mouth was a little to much. She began to grind and hump on his cock faster as her moaning and breathing increased. She grabbed his head holding him closer as her back arched and her body trembled.

Her body convulsed several times before she exhaled a loud moan and her head rested on his shoulder. He slowly shifted, placing her on her back. He positioned himself between her legs, and inserted his cock back into her silky love tunnel. He pushed his cock all the way inside her and began to slowly thrust in and out. She continued to moan as her legs wrapped around his waist keeping him in place.

He kissed her lips passionately as he made love to her. He felt his balls begin to tingle and increased his thrust. He gripped the sheets and drove his cock deep inside her and began to shoot sexy immature amateur gf suck big cock and swallow cum seed deep inside her.

He collapsed on top of her. Jeff's dream was interrupted by the announcement to buckle seat-belts for landing. He looked out the window to see America for the first time in a long time. There was no big welcome home parade.

It was just him and four others so things were pretty calm as they exited the air plane and headed through the terminal. As they walked through the air port, he and his friends were welcomed by random people, telling them how much they had appreciated them for what they did. In front of the air port, he and his friends loaded up in a Hum V for the short ride to the base. Once at the base he received his paper work, was taken to the big parking lot where his truck had been stored.

He climbed in and for the first time in 17 months, he was headed home to his young beautiful wife. Maegan looked at her watch.

She still had two hours left on her shift and she was so tired and aggravated. The kitchen had gotten an order wrong and this old guy had blessed her out. The restaurant was unusually busy and others were complaining about the slow service. Her boss assured her she was doing a good job, but she was ready to go home, and relax in a hot bath. She continued to work and tried not to let the rudeness of the customers upset her too much. She went to one of the tables to take the order of the family sitting their.

Once their orders were taken, she turned to take it to the kitchen. She smiled as she heard the little boy at the table tell his mother that he thought the waitress was pretty.

A tear swelled in her eye. She had not heard any one tell her she was pretty since Jeff had left. God she missed him. Jeff slowly drove by the restaurant that Maegan worked. He spotted her car in the parking lot and slowed down to turn. As he waited at the traffic light, he noticed that the parking lot was full and decided to go to their apartment and wait for her.

When the light turned green, her eased out of the turning lane and drove past. When he arrived at the apartment complex, he decided to park across the street instead of the parking lot that he normally parked in.

He parked, got out of his truck and went inside. He put his things in the bedroom and sat down in the living room. He picked up the phone and called the restaurant.

Just his luck, Maegan answered the phone. He disguised his voice the best he could and asked for the manager. Apparently she didn't recognize him and told him to hang on, and then put him on hold. He sat for a few minutes listening to elevator music and the promotional ads from the restaurant, and then he heard the manager's voice. "This is William," the manager stated. "Bill, this is Jeff. Is Maegan close by?" "Ah…no she is busy.

Does she know you are home?" "No, I want to surprise her. Is there any way you can let her go early?" "We are pretty busy, but I will see what I can do." "Thanks I appreciate it." "It's not a problem, welcome home." "Thanks, glad to be home." Jeff laid the phone in the cradle and sat on the sofa. The set up of their apartment was simple.

When you walk in the door, you walked into the kitchen and dining room. To the right was the living room and to the left was the bedroom. The bathroom was in the back corner of the kitchen, with two doors, one that opened to the kitchen, the other to the bedroom.

In the living room were two arm chairs and a sofa. The sofa was not visible from the door, but when you walk into the kitchen there was a serving bar, and an opening that allowed you to see it. Jeff decided that he would stay on the sofa. When Maegan comes home, she will come in the door, and then hang her keys up on the key hook on the kitchen wall, and then she would hot milf stepmom fucked for the last time by a stepson him.

The crowd at the restaurant was dying down. Maegan looked at her watch; she still had 45 minutes left. She ran her fingers through her curly hair.

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Then she heard William call her name. She walked back to the office. When she arrived, he told her that it had been a long day, and she could go ahead and go home. She protested, because she knew going home early meant she would loose that time in pay, plus the tips she would receive. William insisted and told her it wasn't a request.

She frowned and untied her apron and turned to leave. As she past the table with the family sitting, she stopped and told them good night. The little boy, who had complimented her, stood up and gave her a hug.

She smiled and left. As she got in the car to drive home, she was relieved but also depressed. She knew that all that was waiting on her at home would be loneliness. Jeff was on the field so there would not be any video chat tonight, so she decided to go home, take a long bath and turn in for the night. Maegan pulled into the street side parking spot that was assigned to hung shemale gets probed by a doctor apartment.

She put the car in park and got out. Just her luck, when she closed the door, the strap to her purse got caught in the door, and as she walked away, she almost fell. Nearly in tears, she thought to herself that the day could not get any worse. When she walked into the apartment complex, her luck worsened. There was a sign hanging on the elevator door that read "Out of Order". In disgust, she opened the door to the stairwell and started the four flight climb. When she reached her floor, she gave a breath of relief.

She opened the door and exited the stairway and headed for home. She put the key in the door turned and unlocked the door and walked inside. She placed her purse on the table, and examined the damage the car door had made.

Then she turned to place the key on the holder and stopped dead in her tracks. Tears swelled in her eyes as she ran from where she was standing to the living room. Jeff met her and she jumped into his arms and hugged her tight, never wanting to let her go.

She wept uncontrollably. They stayed in their embrace for several minutes, the whole time she was asking if she was in a dream.

He sat her down and pushed back from their hug and lowered his head and their lips touched. The same bells went off in his head, just as every time before. His arms pulled her closer to him. Their tongues passionately entwined together, as her salty tears ran down her face. When their kiss broke he looked into her beautiful blue eyes. "It is not a dream baby, I am home," he said. He reached down and picked her up in his arms. They kissed as he carried her toward the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom he laid her on their queen sized bed.

He stood, looking her in her eyes. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it off. He then pulled his tan t-shirt over his head. His hands moved down unbuttoning his pants, and then pushing them down, kicking them in the pile of his clothes. Before getting on the bed, he reached and pulled off Maegan's shoes and socks, she was very ticklish, and she giggled in her constant sobbing. Her pink toe nails, wiggled as they were free, and he leaned up unbuttoning her black pants, he pulls her sis vs mom and son down her long legs and off her feet.

He starts kissing down her leg, just above her ankle, down to her thighs. Sitting on his knees between her legs, he reached down and took her hand pulling her into the sitting position. She planted soft kisses on his chest as he reached and pulled her black shirt over her head. He looked down at his wife. Seeing her in her black bra and pink boy shorts, she looked like an angel. He put his feet back onto the floor and pushed his gray boxers to the floor.

When he straightened he saw her with her arm to her back unhooking her bra. He watched as her beautiful breast came to view.

A smile came across his face as he sees the lustful sparkle in her eye. He reached down and pulled her panties down her legs, and notices the damp spot in the crotch of the panties. He climbed onto the bed, between his wife's legs.

He wanted to taste her, feel her lips around his cock, but there would be plenty of time for that. He needed to feel himself inside her. He positioned the bitchy latina stepdaughter ruby rayes fucks pe teacher of his cock at her wet opening and slowly pushed in. Maegan let out a gasp of pleasure as he entered her.

He was the only man to be inside her, and for the last 17 months her fingers were her only source of sexual pleasure, but not now.

Her husbands hard cock slid into her wetness and she loved every inch of it. As Jeff pushed all the way in, he held her tight.

With out moving, he just laid there. He felt her velvety walls contracting around his shaft. He closed his eyes. All the months of blood shed, violence and fear was now replaced with the love he was feeling from his wife. He slowly began to move his hips. He rose up on his hands and looked down at Maegan. The tears had stopped and her eyes were swollen, but she was looking into his soul.

Her hands rubbed the sides of his face, as he continued to make love to her.

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Her eyes rolled in her head as he began to pump harder. She had missed his gentle touch. Jeff began to pump harder. The months of absence was taking a hold and he could feel his orgasm building but he wanted more.

Her legs tightened around his waist as her orgasm approached her back arched as she released around his cock, the tightening around his cock was too much. He began to thrust his hips harder. Her fingers gripped into his back as he thrust one last time. Wave after wave of cum filled her tight pussy.

The pressure pushed her to another orgasm as she pulled him down on top of her, pressing her breast into him. Exhausted he rolled off of her and lay on his back breathing hard.

Maegen propped up on her elbow and kissed his lips. "Welcome home darling", she said while laying her head on his chest.