Private chateau the struggle for power

Private chateau the struggle for power
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Matt put an arm sunny lione and johnny sins his 17 year old daughter Anna as they stared out their hotel room window at the lights of Seattle below.

They had returned from a Christmas party they had attended with Anna's mother Connie and her 15 year old sister Katie. Katie had started drinking cocktails at the party, got sick, and begged her mother to drive her home, which left Anna and Matt alone in the hotel room that night.

Matt began to use the arm he had around Anna to tenderly caress her back and side. Ever since his daughter began developing breasts and dressing in sexier clothing he had cautiously admired her.

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He was a good father and loved his family, but sometimes his libido got the better of his thoughts and he found himself wondering what Anna's pussy looked like or how her breasts black dick watch story alpha porno feel in his hands. He never gave any thought to actually doing something inappropriate with her it was a fantasy he vowed to keep secret and under control.

But over the years he enjoyed many unnoticed glances at her body. She was 5'6 with shoulder length wavy blonde hair and strikingly dark blue eyes. She had a cute small nose and just below a mouth of red lips, bright white teeth, and a tongue she liked to stick out at people teasingly. He knew from her bra tags that her breasts were 32Bs they looked larger though, and she frequently flaunted them in the lesbian milf jewels bares her huge tits and nipples masturbation pornstars tank tops that showed a lot of cleavage.

She had tight and toned abs, skinny legs and a perfectly formed, small butt. Anna enjoyed her father's caresses, the apparently platonic display of affection and scooted closer to her father, pressing the side of her body into his. Anna had always liked her father more than her mother, but his work had him flying around the country nearly every other week and she rarely got to spend moments like this with him. Encouraged by Anna's response Matt caressed his daughter's back a little harder and in bigger motions.

Up her back onto her shoulder blade, down until his fingers grazed the top of her skirt, up her side until suddenly Matt realized his fingers were on the side of his daughter's breast. Under the smooth, tight lycra of her shirt he felt the soft, warm flesh of his little girl's almost-fully developed chest. She wore no bra underneath. It lasted for a mere fraction of a second, but it sent a sexual jolt through his body and he felt his penis start to enlarge.

He quickly moved his hand away, returning it to the safer territory of her back. He was afraid of how his daughter would react, but she only nuzzled closer as if she hadn't noticed. Anna had felt the same sexual jolt as her father. When she felt his fingers graze her tit her clit began to tingle and her nipples hardened.

As she pressed herself further into her father's muscular body she suddenly wondered what his dick looked like.

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Was it long? How thick was it? Did it have bulging veins? Anna glanced down at Matt's crotch and saw that his dick was beginning to enlarge. Matt was emboldened by the thought that his daughter either hadn't noticed or hadn't cared about his touch. At 40 years old it had been a long time since he had felt the taught body of a teenage girl or fondled such firm breasts, and his body ached with sexual desire. That his desires were for his own daughter only heightened his arousal.

Matt stole a glance at Anna's breasts and was stunned to see her hard nipples very clearly stretching out the lycra shirt. He couldn't stand it; he needed to feel her breast again. Just a quick feel, no longer than the last time. His hand, which had been more timidly caressing her the whole time, returned to Anna's side. He cautiously moved his hand up and down, well beneath her breast, feeling her body in an entirely different way.

Each bump of her ribs brought images of her naked body to mind, and the contour of her body just in front of her hip the one which ran down into her panties made him imagine how soft and tight her young pussy must feel. How tight and smooth the skin of her mound, how small and pink her pussy lips.

The feel of her father's hand was driving Anna crazy. He was no longer caressing her platonically, she was being felt up by her father and she was loving it. She wished he would just grab her tit and give it a squeeze, or slide his hand underneath her panties and rub her clit.

Matt could sense a change in his daughter. She was breathing heavier and deeper, and a quick glance revealed she was flushed from her face down her neck and to her cleavage.

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And horny. But Matt was still timid in his caressing. What if he was misreading her? What if she rejected him, horrified at his perverted desires for his own daughter? Or what if she let him fondle her breast just how far was he willing to take this?

Once again his fingers briefly slipped over the side of her breast, and besides a quick, subtle inhalation Anna once again pretended she hadn't noticed. Another short brushing of his fingers against her breast. Soon Matt's hand was moving in smaller motions, spending more time close to her tit. Eventually Matt's hand came to a stop, the butt of his palm on her back with his fingers wrapped around her side, just barely touching the side of her boob.

Her large, firm, hard-nippled teenage tit. His daughter's. Matt was scared at how she might react if he went any further. Everything he had done up to this point could be excused as accidental or harmless, but if he moved his hand any further around there would be no doubt for either of them sunny leone free online sex stories porn he was fondling his young daughter's breast.

He was paralyzed. Anna was dying to feel his hand wrap around and grab her tit. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive it almost hurt, and her clit was no longer merely tingling it was burning for attention. As her frustration mounted she realized his hand was going no further; she would have to make the next move.

But what could she do? What if he wasn't really feeling her up, what if his boner had nothing to do with her? Would he think she was a perverted slut for throwing herself at him? Anna slowly began to twist her upper body back and forth. Imperceptible at first, slow, barely increasing how kc concepcion sex scandal on paris she twisted each time. Each time her father's fingers went a little farther around her breast.

A little farther. Soon his fingers began to round the curve from the side of her breast to the front. Anna's heart raced as she felt her father's fingers near the erect nipple of her tit, caressing over the smooth and tight lycra. Matt was breathless she was slowing swaying her breast against his hand, a little more each time.

He concentrated on the contours of her tit, letting his fingers explore his little girls chest. He slowly shifted his hand lower to let his fingers cup the roundness of the bottom of her breast, and back up to feel the concavity where her breast just begins to protrude from the top of her chest.

His cock was throbbing now, bouncing in his pants with each of his pounding heartbeats. And then it happened. He touched the hardcore forced rape painful crying group abuse nipple of his teenage daughter's tit. He felt the texture of her bunched up skin around the nipple, and the way it half folded over when his finger ran over it. Anna stopped twisting and took a short, quick breath, letting it out slowly.

They both froze. There was no doubt what they were doing now. It was no accident. Anna was getting groped by her horny father, and she had encouraged it. She felt dirty and depraved, but more than that she felt the burning in her soft young pussy. She needed more.

Matt's dick was nearly bursting out of his pants, and the pounding of his heart filled his brain. He was fondling his daughter, his sweet little girl who he had seen develop from a skinny bookish grade-school girl into a cute, sexy teenager. And she was letting him.

Matt gently squeezed her breast she gave out a barely audible moan. He rolled her nipple around with his finger, lightly pinched it. He couldn't believe his daughter was letting him play with her tit. Anna slowly turned toward her father and looked into his eyes the first time they had made eye contact since Matt put his arm around her and she spoke just above a whisper when she said "I love you, daddy". Still locked in their eye contact, Matt said "I love you too, sweetheart".

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Anna leaned forward and stood up on her toes, whispering to him so close he could feel the warm moistness of her breath in his ear. "I want you to fuck me, daddy". Matt's cock lurched in his pants, and a little pre-cum had soaked through. When he looked back at his daughter's completely hot exotic veronica rodriguez is hungry for cock exotick, radiant face the desperate look on her face showed just how aroused she was.

She would do anything, and this realization made Matt's cock lurch in his pants again. Anna's hand floated towards Matt's crotch and rubbed his dick. He almost came right then. She continued stroking his dick through his pants as she grabbed his hand and guided it onto the mound of her pussy, groping it through her skirt.

Still locked in eye contact, she begged "Please, daddy, I need it. I need you to fuck me. Fuck your little girl". Hearing these words erased the last bit of reason in Matt's mind and he gave in completely to his sexual desires. He pushed his hips into Anna's hand, grinding his cock in her palm.

Eyes still locked on each other, Matt slowly slipped his fingers under the top hem of her skirt.

He was shocked to find that in addition to not wearing a bra his daughter was not wearing panties either. As his hand continue to slide under her skirt he encountered no pubic hair, only the perfectly soft and smooth skin of her teenage pussy mound. His sexual tension reached a crescendo as his middle finger ran over her clit and he quickly leaned forward and kissed his daughter aggressively. Backing her into a wall he pinned her against it with his weight and forced his tongue deeper into Anna's mouth.

He slipped his middle finger between the slick folds of her pussy and squeezed hard, forcing a moan out of his daughter. Anna fully submitted to her father's ravaging. She reveled in the realization that she had his full sexual attention, and was not being treated as a daughter but as a piece of flesh for carnal pleasure.

She pushed her mouth harder into his as she unbuttoned his pants, unzipped the fly and pulled out his throbbing dick. Matt inserted his finger into his daughter's wet hole as Anna began stroking his cock. Breaking off their kissing he used his free hand to slip the strap of her tank top over her shoulder exposing her medium sized, firm left breast.

He quickly took her rock hard nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard and rolling her nipple around in his mouth with his tongue. Anna's breathing quickened as she felt her father finger her cunt harder and faster.

The overwhelming sensations of his assault on her washed over her in waves and the burning of her clit radiated out over her whole body. In an instant she was shaken by an orgasm so powerful she feared she might faint.

Waves of tingling heat throbbed through her body, each accompanied by a screaming moan so saturated with the aura of lust it nearly made Matt cum. As her orgasm withdrew, the throbbing waves of pleasure fading from Anna's limp and satisfied body, they began kissing again more tenderly. Anna continued stroking her dad's cock, softly and slowly, as their tongues intertwined and Matt gently rubbed her pussy.

Anna had had sex many times before. Her first time was when she was 12 years old and a 30 year old picked her up as she was hitchhiking home at night.

When he pulled over and started fondling her she was scared and she knew what he was doing was technically child rape, but at the same time it made her feel dirty and sexy and she willingly submitted, excited by the thought that her body was being used for sexual pleasure. Since then she had mostly had sex with other guys from junior high and highschool, and when she was 15 she had sex with a 13 year old girl who was drunk and half passed out. At none of those times did she have such an earth shattering orgasm as she had just experienced.

She would let Matt do anything to her, to use her in anyway if she could feel that again. Eager to please, and to find out what her horny father would do with her fully submissive body, she stopped kissing him and gradually descended to her knees until his cock was right in front of her face.

She examined his 7 inch, fiercely throbbing dick as she continued to jack him off. She saw that pre-cum had flowed out of his slit and onto her hand. Switching hands she looked up into the eyes of her father and sister brother xxx on force slowly began to lick it up, making sure she got all of it. Matt couldn't believe how sexy his daughter looked just then.

Her brilliant blue eyes looked up into his seductively and her face was still flushed red and awash with a post-orgasmic glow as she lapped up his pre-cum from her hand, his cock just inches from her soft wet lips.

His daughter licked her lips as she finished licking her hand and turned her attention to his cock. She put her mouth less than an inch in front of his cock head and Matt felt her exhale hot abigail dupree preview of anal loving with bbc and deepthroating onto it, which sent a jolt through his dick.

Left hand still jacking him off, her right hand pulled up his balls and she began to lick underneath his sack, sliding her tongue down almost to his asshole and then back up to his testicles.

She took one and then the other into her mouth, then exhaled hot breath once more onto his throbbing dick. She played with his balls with her right hand and leaned forward; and very, very slowly she licked the base of his cock.

Sliding her soft moist tongue futher up the bottom of his dick she slid her middle finger down onto Matt's asshole. She licked his cock all the way to the tip, paying extra attention to the spot just below his head, and then gently engulfed the head in her hot, wet, velvety mouth. Matt was in ecstasy and once again took control.

He placed his right hand behind her head and slowly guided his dick further into her mouth and then out again. A little deeper. A little deeper. Matt soon found himself astounded as his daughter's nose pressed into the top of his belly his entire cock was buried in his little girl's warm mouth!

Grabbing some of her hair in his hand he slowly began to rock his hips, moving back and forth just a little to keep his dick deep in her throat. She never gagged or showed any signs of strain, and Matt felt his anger rise upon the realization that his daughter had obviously done this before. Some other man had put his dick into his daughter's young mouth! He probably even filled her mouth with his cum. Did Anna spit or swallow? He couldn't believe his daughter would allow herself to be used like that.

Slut. His little girl had been fucking behind his back, and Matt's anger now became directed on his daughter his slut of a daughter, who even now had her face impaled on a dick. Matt began sliding his cock in and out of her mouth harder, pulling her hair back and then pushing her head back down onto his dick.

Picking up speed he rammed his cock harder and harder into her throat, until he was violently fucking her face. Anna was thrilled that her father took control of her, and was immensely turned on at the thought of being a sex toy for him. Her eyes watered from the pain of her hair being pulled and the force of his dick slamming into her throat; she felt dirty and used and extremely horny.

She realized that her pussy was now absolutely soaking, and she reached a hand under jenna leigh and step mom threesome fuck big dong hem of her skirt and up to her wet panties, and began to rub herself and her father continued to impale her face on his cock. When Matt saw his daughter, his little girl whose mouth was full of her father's throbbing dick, clearly getting off on his violent treatment he lost it.

He pulled his dick out of her hot mouth and forced her face underneath his dick head. With his free hand he jerked off, his cock well lubricated with his daughter's saliva. He looked down into his daughter's watery eyes, tears running down her face as she licked her lips in anticipation. He started cumming; the first spurt coated her left cheek, the next several went onto her lips and waiting tongue, and the last two collected on her chin. Facing directly upwards she drew her tongue and all the cum that was on it into her mouth, closing her lips.

She then spit it back out and it ran down both sides of her face and dripped onto her chest some onto the material of her tank top, and some onto her still-exposed left breast. Matt reached down and cupped her left breast, feeling the slickness of his cum as his palm made circles on his daughter's nipple.

Removing his hand from her breast he began wiping up the cum on her face with his index and middle fingers, sticking them into her mouth until she sucked and swallow all the cum off of them, and then wiping up more from her face. Before he could finish feeding her all of his cum she layed herself down and spread her legs, exposing her panty-less, hairless pussy to her father. She wiped up the rest of the cum from her face and brought her hand down to her mound, rubbing the cum into her pussy. She stopped rubbing and spread her pink pussy lips apart exposing her hole.

As Matt saw his cum dribbling down from her pussy to her asshole he heard his little girl say "Fuck me daddy. Please, I need to feel you in my pussy. Let me worship your cock."