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Xxx one on teen dad
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Clara slowly came to her senses. She gasped softly as cool air brushed against her skin. The petite girl nervously opened her eyes. Where was she this time? Clara was horrified to discover that she was naked again, tied down to a cold metal platform. Her hands and feet were restrained by heavy metal clamps built into the platform, and her legs were spread apart in a Y-shape. Clara tried to pull her wrists and ankles free of the painful metal manacles, but it was no use.

She was stuck fast. Clara looked around the room she was in. It was a larger chamber, more darkly lit than any room so far, with a pair of giant fans at either end. The fans spun menacingly, blowing cold air through the room. On the other side of the room was a metal chair.

Sitting in the chair, her wrists and ankles constrained the same way as Clara's, was Amy.

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She was naked, all apart from a curious pair of metal panties which covered up her groin area. The panties were grey in colour, with several multi-coloured neon lights built into their surface. A black visor had been placed over the redhead's eyes, acting as a blindfold.

"Amy? Amy, can you hear me?" Clara called out across the room. "Clara!" Amy exclaimed, her chest heaving up and down. "Where are you?" "I'm on the other side of the room," Clara explained. "We're both tied down." "Bastards," Amy spat.

"Can you see me?" "Yes, I can see you," said Clara. "I don't know what they've got in store for us, but.we're both naked." Amy shivered, her bare breasts jiggling slightly. "I thought it was cold in here. Where are we?" "We must be in some other part of the ship," Clara replied. "I'm not sure where. You're wearing something." "What?

What am I wearing?" Amy squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. "I.I don't know," Clara said, slightly embarrassed. "It looks like a pair of metal knickers. I'm not sure what it's for." "I know," Amy said grimly. "We both know what's going to happen to us." "Maybe they're going to let us go," Clara said, trying to keep her spirits up.

"Maybe the Doctor is going to save." "The Doctor isn't coming," Amy snapped at the brunette. "If he was, he would've been here by now. Face it, Clara- we're on our own." Amy's words echoed through the cavernous industrial chamber. All of a sudden, a wide round portal opened up in the middle of the floor.

Clara felt her body tense in fear- what was going to come out of it? Clara nearly burst into tears when a long, snakelike tentacle slithered out of the hole. It was exactly the same as the tempting moka mora gets pounded by a big black cock which had ravished her in front of Amy, back in the control room.

The tip of the tentacle was a gleaming silver penis, twitching and throbbing with arousal. "What is it?" Amy asked, listening intently. "Clara, what can you see?" "It''s one of those tentacle things that raped me in the control room," Clara said, almost sobbing. "It's moving, Amy! It wants me again!" The tentacle approached Clara's platform, slathering its sexual juices onto the metal floor. Clara became hysterical, screaming and desperately trying to pull her hands and feet free.

"Clara, Clara!" Amy called out. "Can you get away?" "Amy, I can't! I'm tied down, I'm. The rigid tentacle lunged forwards. Clara's eyes nearly popped out of her head as the invading metal appendage slammed through her defenceless pussy walls, forcing itself deep into the core of her femininity.

"Ooooooooh!" Clara moaned out loud. The artificial cock started to pull slowly in and out of the brunette's tight cunt, quickly making it wet with sexual fluid. At the same time, Amy felt a very odd sensation.

It was like something had just slid into her pussy too! Something large, and hard, and wet. The redhead whimpered softly, wondering what was happening. She couldn't see anything through the visor eclipsing her vision, but there was no doubt about it- a prick had just entered her! Or had it? Amy remembered about the special knickers that Clara had said she was wearing. What if the knickers were connected somehow to the metal tentacle currently abusing Clara?

Perhaps there was some kind of psychic link between the two, so that whatever Clara felt, Amy felt it too. Amy yelped as her fiery twat was violated by the large invisible penis. It filled her up instantly, thrusting itself as far as it could up her taut, grasping channel. Her pussylips opened without resistance and clamped down hard on the monstrous psychic pecker. Meanwhile Clara was suffering the real thing.

The vast ten inch cock pushed deeply into her sopping clunge and then retracted, pulling out almost to the crown. Then it slowly pushed back into her again, repeating the cycle over and over again while maintaining a steady speed and rhythm. For the first time since she had been brought here, Clara was starting to feel a modicum of pleasure. The way the cock was fucking her reminded her of Danny Pink's technique.

Like Danny, the cock was a slow but passionate lover, more concerned with giving her pleasure than any instant gratification for itself. The cock seemed to know where her most sensitive areas were, and it scraped and rubbed against them constantly, making Clara flush with excitement. The petite brunette bucked her hips, grinding her pussy forwards to meet the throbbing metal member.

Everything Clara was feeling, Amy felt too. The thought of watching her cute brunette friend being fucked like this made Amy wet with arousal. She too bucked her hips, taking the invisible cock as deep as she could inside of her flaming, red-hot snatch.

Amy moaned and groaned, imagining in her mind how Clara would look with a slow hard cock inside her. If only she could take the damn visor off. Clara felt her a married man sneeks intwoods and gets fucked grow hard and her knees start to tremble, and she knew it would soon be time. She was going to cum.

She bit her lip, trying to keep the noise from reaching the ears of her captors, but she knew it was a pointless gesture. This was going to be the first time she had orgasmed in over a year, ever since Danny had died.

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She still remembered their final night together, when he had kissed her so romantically, and she had opened her legs for him, gladly taking his huge black rod into her. The thought of the steamy night they had shared was enough to nearly send her over the edge. The robotic penis continued to powerfully thrust into Clara's moist cunny, which was by now soaked with her glistening pussy juice. A couple more thrusts and Clara could feel it building up inside of her.

It was like a volcano waiting to erupt. She couldn't hold it any longer. It was coming, any second now, any second. Clara came. The young girl shrieked as her whole body tensed and waves of pure pleasure washed all over her. The most intense orgasm Clara had ever felt in her life rocked her from head to toe. Her limbs tensed and her metal bonds bit into her wrists and ankles. Tingling sensations, like tiny snowflakes falling on her naked flesh, ran up and down her legs.

Clara blushed as she felt small squirts of cum spray out of her stunning donna gets nailed in the gym aroused pussy, coating the alien penis.

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"Aaaaaah.aaaaaaaaaaah.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Clara screamed, her voice echoing around her new prison cell. At the same time, locked into feeling whatever Clara was feeling, Amy came too.

The redhead opened her mouth, breathing heavily, as an unexpected climax suddenly took hold of her consciousness. Amy wriggled and writhed in her seat, her bound body overtaken by a surging, swelling feeling of sexual bliss.

Her red pussy became slick with juices and her nipples hardened in the cool air of her unknown prison. Amy felt the invisible cock twitch several times in her fiery cunt before it disappeared completely, and how Amy wished it had been a real cock, fucking her just as it had fucked Clara.

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"Nnnnnnrgh.nrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…yessssssss!" Amy hissed in pleasure, her pussy spurting like a cum fountain. There was a loud squelching sound as the metal tentacle speedily withdrew from Clara's pussy. It coiled backwards until it had vanished into the hole in the floor.

Then the hole closed over it, locking into place with a heavy click. Both Amy and Clara were exhausted again. The two captive girls said nothing to each other.

They almost didn't want to spoil the moment, the first bit of pleasure either of them had received since they had been brought onboard the enemy spaceship.

The redhead and the brunette reclined in their chairs, happy and content after a very satisfying session of lovemaking. The only sounds either of them could hear was the whirring of the fans and the gentle drip of their cum falling from their pussies onto the prison's metal floor. It didn't take long for Amy and Clara to fall soundly asleep. They didn't ready legal age teenager accepts a cock when the two white robots entered the room, carrying a tray of instruments.